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I graduated from Alfred G. Berner in Massapequa in !!! Moved away from Long Island to another state and married. I am happy where I live now I guess so. It's been over 20 years or so, but I will never forget Massapequa. I try to visit when I can and catch up with some old friends and family. I will always be proud of Massapequa and miss it very much but don't miss the snow. I miss Jones Beachparks, etc I miss the food, All American hamburgersthe local pizza and Chinese restaurants, the ice cream shop on Broadway near the train tracks I catch up with old friends and family, and one thing is for sure: my Long Island accent will always stay with me.

And I am proud of it because where I live now, everyone knows I am from up north So that is something to talk about around the water cooler here where I live. I would of never guess that 20 years or so I was gonna leave, but I have made a new home. But Massapequa is my one home. So if anyone is from class of and you are still living either on your old street or still in Massapequa some where Good for you. Just keep protecting our beautiful town.

I'll see ya soon Average Rating. Grade crossing, Massapequa Park, circa Jul 21, Rating people from Massapequa NEW by: Gerry My parents moved away from Massapequa Park in when I was away in college and never really been back except for an occasional visit and i am always amazed at how many people I run into who are from Massapequa or who have family members from there, you would think it was the biggest town on the Island.

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Jul 18, Rating crazy train NEW by: brian ok jimwe are pals now ihope , i lived in pequa throughout teh 50's - it was a distinct era. I certainly didn't mean to offend you in any way although, I guess, it sounded as if I did. Your 'folksy' way of speaking, after reading it all again, is actually growing on me. My older son's name is Brian also. I was always afraid that the kids in school would call him "Cryin' Brian' but I don't think they ever did. Anyway Brian, take care and carry on with your memories as they go back a little further than mine. Jul 17, Rating in teh days before faabreeze NEW by: brian if your curiousity warrentsyou can actually walk the streets of the unqua rd area using google street view - is more fun than reminising endlessly abt an egg cream Jul 17, Rating off the rails NEW by: brian well jeff how many times can you read abt the pizza at dick and dora's?

Jul 17, Rating off teh rails NEW by: Anonymous well jeff how many times can you read abt the pizza at dick and dora's? Jul 17, Rating Just Saying I do want to add, especially for those who no longer live in Massapequa, that the long running 4th of July Parade down Park Blvd still exists and once again put on a great show. Always nice to see. Jul 16, Rating massapequa slang NEW by: brian before it slips my mind - allhambra beach was affectionatly known as " mud fly " beachadditionally and unrelatedwhen i was new in class i had to stand and state my name Jul 16, Rating bad idea NEW by: brian a major flaw in teh school system at that point in time was that a dumbell [ today known as a dumbass ] could be left back THREE times!

Jul 16, Rating bounty hunter NEW by: brian in teh mid s there was established a bountyi Italian seeking an exotic or Commack female of 2 cents on qualifying glass bottles Jul 16, Rating two guys becomes a legend - NEW by: brian welli plowed thru teh whole thing - and it was a pleasure to do so - thank you almighty webmaster!! Jul 16, Rating teh lovley miss linker eeeyaaaaa NEW by: Anonymous and how can i forget " mr finger "?

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Jul 16, Rating mr blake 5th grade unqua NEW by: Anonymous 5th grade unqua school circa - mr blake - he hated his job and wasnt fond of me either. Jul 16, Rating fourth grade unqua school NEW by: Anonymous had mrs lebowitzshe was just a great teacherand being teachers pet didnt hurt either - except for getting in fights because of it Jul 16, Rating Mr. Bell and Mr.

I remember Mr. Belavigna the principal. Wasn't Mr. Elder his vice principal? Elder also supervised summer recreation at Unqua in his sandals and high socks. Jul 16, Rating my burden [ one of many] NEW by: Anonymous 3rd grade unqua school - mid 's miss annecelli - prettyyoungwith nice didposition - dark redlong hairalways nicly dressedwith full skirtwhite blouse - was school artist , got repremand for selling " majic pencils - seems someone noticed that a few kids were short on lunch money -had a " lauren " in teh class.

Jul 16, Rating mrs belevenia NEW by: Anonymous 2nd grade at ungua - early fiftys mrs Beleveniai think her husband was the principal - poor mrs bel Jul 16, Rating the " anex" NEW by: brian very interesting! Roseann mentioned Miss Nancy Lefffert teaching 5th grade, I had her and remember her well.

Probably too well, considering she is now in her late 80's if she is still alive.

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She was gorgeous, at least this 5th graders ideal of a tall leggy NYC woman! But what did I know at 11 years old! Jul 06, Rating Great South Bay NEW by: Anonymous Jim, Thanks for the update on the bay, So Italian seeking an exotic or Commack female, I recall that we used go out to the flats at low tide off of Harbor Green and pick up clams and sell them to the neighbors for gas money for our outboard engines, and there was great fluke and flounder spots by Sandy Island to the east of the Wantagh Parkway Bridge.

The building collapse in Surfside is an immense tragedy for all involved, it maybe a combination of bad structural de and terrible maintenance that caused the area by the pool to give way and the building was then compromised. We are now watching the tropical storm to our west blow by this part of Florida and taking a deep breath.

I recall LI hurricanes in the lates 50s and 60s and they were no fun especially if you had a boat. Be safe and well. Jul 05, Rating Tony: Mrs. I had her for 1st grade in '' You have been gone from here a long time! I think for the most part the eel grass and brown tide are under control right now. We do have spots like Florence Beach, which I'm sure you knew, which is often under bacteria watch and no swimming is recommended. We took a big hit with Hurricane Sandy and changed a lot of the seascape. Many of the tinny little islands have changed in size or are now barely above water.

My friends and I never did a lot of fishing but we did a lot of clamming! I remember jumping out of our boats into waist high water during low tide maybe yards or so into the bay and stepping right on a bed of buried clams and filling our buckets with them. I know that was stopped for awhile and now it's restricted times,locations and quantity.

I was and still am a big Tobay guy. Thank God the town has always taken care of the beach through the years. The concession stand was rebuilt a couple of times due to storms and is now much larger than the original one. Just this year they dredged a lot of sand to increase the width of the beach and it still has that home town feel. I hope this helped your curiosity a little. Stay well in Plantation- Florida I assume.

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Tragic about that condo not far from you. My deceased brother who had a troubled life would occasionally reference it and there was an element of a group shower where boys were given shower caps? Any insight? Not looking for a name just anyone who might confirm a similar experience? Out of state since How is the bay doing with the eel grass and fishing, read somewhere that brown tide did a job on the bay? Fahiman or Faigman. Terrible spelling. I have such great memories of her as a great teacher and very kind. She was the best teacher from my days at Unqua.

Road Rally by: Anonymous Does anyone remember? A road rally that started at Massapequa HS I think Drivers and passengers were given clues and had to solve riddles to reach the next check point on a carefully mapped out course around town, one check point was a stop at a grocery store where teams had to buy food and supplies before racing off to the finish line that was at an upstate camp ground. That does seem more urgent. Good luck to her.

Italian seeking an exotic or Commack female

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