Is just for men safe to use

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Filed by plaintiffs from Louisiana, Florida and North Carolina, theeight-count lawsuit against defendants Combe Incorporated and Combe International LTD revolves around both a specific chemical ingredient found in Just For Men dyes and the hour skin allergy patch test users are suggested to undergo before using the product. This specific chemical ingredient is p-phenylenediamine—PPD—a coal tar dye that the complaint says was once sourced from coal tar but is now derived from petroleum products.

The case specifies early on that there is an important distinction between irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. According to the complaint, Just For Men hair dyes are not labeled with the above warning, and instead display the following:.

That being the case, the lawsuit says, the FDA has some thoughts on the matter. From the complaint:. Whereas the T. Another vital distinction the lawsuit points out is that the T. Test is, well, a true patch test in that an area of the skin is covered with a patch to protect from deterioration or contamination. The patch is removed after a specified time period, the suit says, and the skin is examined again usually by a doctor after 72 to 96 hours. Because Just For Men hair dyes come with the suggestion that users repeatedly test themselves for an allergic reaction before each use, proposed class members are consequently exposed to increased levels of PPD, the lawsuit says.

Notwithstanding other potential effects of prolonged exposure to skin allergens, the case focuses on vitiligo, or the depigmentation of the skin. More troubling, the case continues, is that Just For Men users are also unaware vitiligo can spread to areas that were never even exposed to the dye. From the lawsuit:.

All in all, Just For Men hair dyes are more dangerous than an ordinary user would expect, the lawsuit says. The suit proposes to cover a class of consumers across the United States who bought a Just For Men hair dye product for personal use and experienced an allergic or irritant reaction within 96 hours of using the product. This browser does not support PDFs. Before commenting, please review our comment policy. Share View Comments.

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Is just for men safe to use

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