Is adult friend finder legitimate

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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. AdultFriendFinder has a consumer rating of 2. Consumers complaining about AdultFriendFinder most frequently mention fake profiles, customer service and gold membership problems. AdultFriendFinder ranks th among Dating sites. I'd say that AFF is probably above average, there's definitely worse out there and it has the most important thing - a bunch of women. Id say it's not got as many as hookuphangout. There are occasional time wasters but overall i like this site a lot and will be taking a longer subscription when my month trial runs out.

Happy days. I found only three real females out of nearly This is a complete scam of your time and money. Please stay away, you have been warned. After having so much fun on XCams4You. The site is geared to rip you off. You never know who is real on AdultFriendFinder. I had only one date via AFF. The woman claimed to be 30 years old. Her pics were overphotoshopped and perhaps taken 15 years ago. In fact she was in her 40's, very overweight with body odor, dressed like tramp. That was when I finally stopped wasting my money on AFF.

AFF tries to rip you off at every opportunity: when they overcharge you or ban your profile for no reason right after you paid them, customer service gets non-existent. If you wanna watch naughty girls - there is always something better, cheaper and safer. It can also be used if you wanna get laid, I used to hook up with some chicks from there.

But I have never gone on a real date through AFF, neither of their girls wanted a real thing, but they all wanted me to send them money right off the bat. Unless your on a coast, in a major city, a couple, or gay, don't waste your money! Single, straight guy in the Midwest?

Yeah it's useless! Except for maybe some sis eye candy. AFF "gold" member, to maybeif I don't just delete a few weeks early! I added a screenshot of proof see for yourself before you up. I hope that by saying this I have saved a few guys some money. Semper Fi. Does not matter what you do. This Aff sites sells everything you have to hundreds of sex sites.

There are dead women on here from years ago! There are child abusers here and rapists. You won't get a date. Most profiles are fake or are just folks wanting your money. If you are lucky you can get a slut for a nite but even the sluts. Don't want to play with a bunch of losers!

The biggest racketeering scam I am ever seen. If you like self mutilation. They got it! You wanna see drugged women be sexually molested? They got it. You want to find a real date. Ain't gonna happen. They took my identity and I am plagued with perverts on my Facebook and Instagram along with many others. This site is where disgusting old white men basically try to pay you to have sex with them. I like that it is upfront about what you are really looking for That is a plus however, the choices are truly horrific.

Just imagine your grandpa taking a full nude body shot showing his fat stomach and shriveled penis. You want to throw up. Red light warning: be wary of AFF, they are money hungry rogues. They have lots of sneaky methods for getting your money without providing any service.

One click pay and auto renewals are especially dangerous! I've already found my "adult friend" elsewhere but I'm still struggling to stop AFF from billing me. They say the auto pay box was checked which is not true. I'm always very aware about such things and security on the net.

But AFF just do whatever they want with impunity milking people for money. They get away with scamming people. Don't fall victim to their fraud. Nothing but FAKE money scam artists and the site is a total rip off who wants your money for nothing! Everytime you turnaround anything that was free now costs money. Well I tried ing up for this website that was recommended by PH. In less than one week, was deleted, and billed without consent even auto pay was turned off.

Not sure how that's a 2-day free trial, so I just waited for any matches to pop up that I selected during those 10 minutes. Because everything is blocked by a paywall other then names, so it wasn't worth it when there were other apps available. Couple days later, added a photo to get verified, didn't log in long, just ed an image. Wrote an about my complaint, looks like they just copied and pasted their "common issues. Tip for consumers: Have your bank notify you of any suspicious activity to avoid unsuspected billing without your consent?

I was a young guy, about 19 years old.

Within a week, an older boy at my college took screenshots of me online pretending to be a date, and showed them to everybody. Teachers, my classmates, and people in other programs. He even was nice enough to show them to people who were prospective employers. I had to take up odd jobs over the years so that I could get into another field.

Not to mention even as a gold member I can't see people who have viewed me. It's a complete waste of money and time I would not recommend. I ed AFF last week. Maybe ive been spoiled by HookupHangout but for me this site isn't all that yet. Yes their are women and yes they seem real which is good.

But im struggling to get all that many replies yet. I concede that its still early days and I have heard a lot of good things about AFF but its one week gone and still no sex. Will see what next week brings. I was on the site 12; years ago and it couldn't get much better, if I wanted to I could hooked up with women or couples every night of the week, but between then and something happened to the what I thought best hook up site ever. I reed a month ago and paid for one month and as soon as I ed had 20 flirts, messages, and views but everyone one was a fake profile except one and she was a prostitute.

Every day that I log in it was fake after or these Asian women trying to get you to come to another site. I messaged customer service and tried calling but no response, then two days ago there was one girl who I thought was real chat with me for a hour or so and soon as I felt comfortable with it, they offered me CHILD PORN. I blocked and reported it to AFF, and posted on site message board about this. But what they did next really pissed me off, they didn't follow up on this but deleted my.

I contacted the sheriff department and they said it's going to be hard without my profile messages since they deleted it. So I hope someone re this before ing because it's a very unsafe site. Fake profiles men are married women are married or hookers look up wit the better business bureau!

Here is a fake for an example. Site is more cam watching and sex chat site than hookup site. I was looking Is adult friend finder legitimate casual hookups from single females.

Left messages and flirts with at least 30 different members. I can say almost positively that most of my views and all of my flirts came from cam models looking to direct me to their video sex chat rooms. If not there they were leading me to other websites. After two weeks I had not one promising connection. To find how to unsubscribe was a nightmare.

Hidden from clear site with no directions on how to find. Navigating mobile app was terrible. This site seems to be for women trying to make a buck off tips. Or scammers trying to get your e mail address. Unless you just want to watch video porn this site is useless for serious hookups.

Is adult friend finder legitimate

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Adult Friend Finder Review: I Paid For a Gold Membership To See How Well Their Site Works