I just moved to Lexington want to cuddle

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Creed is the larger kitty with a white belly. He is named after Creed Bratton from The Office, and he has the unpredictable and hilarious personality to match. Arya is named after Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. She also matches her TV character because her little six pound self is fearless.

They both love to play, as long as it doesn't interrupt their nap schedule. She's a girl, so she doesn't have the red belly. Daisy enjoys "hanging around" with me while I do my chores around the house! Taj Submitted by Michael Hart '17 Taj is a shih-poo and just turned 2-years-old! He loves attention and play fighting with his older kitty brother.

He dislikes being told what to do, even though he definitely knows what you want. He was rehomed on Thanksgiving and has been the bested friend since then. His owner named him "HeBe" because "HeBe peeing all the time. HeBe loves the beach and French fries. His favorite activity is showing off his lowriding ability on walks and returning with a messy belly! Cooper Submitted by Jennie Clark '20 Cooper is a 10 month old golden doodle. He is all white, which is very uncommon.

He is full of energy, but so easy to love. He has become my very best friend! She enjoys snacks, treats, and playing in the snow, but she hates baths. She misses her girl who went off to the Centre Class ofbut she loves it when Anya brings her Centre friends over during breaks.

Tehpig hangs outside with them around the fire pit, and she isn't afraid to get her paws muddy! Gizmo Submitted by Jamie Schaefer '98 Gizmo is demanding, playful, and loves to snuggle at 2 am.

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The sun streaming through the door created a perfect sun diaper. Now he is Gizmo "Captain Underpants. Moose Submitted John Rivers '11 Moose is 1 year old and we don't know what kind of mix he is. We adopted from the KY Humane Society. We think he looks like a shrunken Golden Retriever.

He enjoys long walks, meeting new dog friends, and constant attention. His Instagram is moosedistilled.

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Crash Submitted by Carrie Christensen '99 Crash is our 9 month old manx kitten who thinks this water bottle is a perfect toy! Daisy Submitted by Mary Cundiff '16 Daisy! She's always ready to play and loves to go on adventures.

It's Daisy's world and we are all just living in it :. She loves telling me exactly what's on her mind. In this picture, she's saying "turn it up! She is tiny but fierce, weighing just under 2 lbs. She is very adventurous and playful her orange ball toy is her favorite.

This little kitten has a big personality! Tucker Submitted by Morgan Babey '18 Tucker is a 13 week old Tri-color Pembroke corgi who loves long naps on the couch and giving lots of puppy kisses. He loves to play hide-and-seek in the bushes and gets super excited when he meets someone new!

She is a velcro dog who is very good at judging me and my choices. But she has helped us get through family deaths, divorce, and a pandemic. Best dog baby ever! She's smiling at the first snowfall in Wisconsin this winter!

Gatsby Submitted by Amy Parker '84 Gatsby is my co-pilot to and from work two days a week. Today we were listening to the Conversation with Stacey Abrams as we drove. She is a delight and is enjoying the snow in Michigan. He loves long walks, good friends, cheese, milk, and yogurt.

Fen Submitted by Garret McCorkle '20 Fen is a rescue kitten we brought in after he had been thrown from a car window. As such, his name is short for "defenestrate. Named in honor of a relative who passed away and always wanted to name a puppy Ollie and never had the chance to. She is a 12 week old Miniature Australian Shepard. She runs the suburbs of Louisville with her crystal blue eyes and fierce cuteness. He is a Brittany Spaniel and proud dogtor.

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When he's not working long hours, his favorite activities are napping and chasing lizards. She is VERY energetic, and loves the outdoors! Indigo Submitted by Mackenzie Robinson This is Indigo Indieshe is 1 year old and loves to chase cats, cuddle with her moms and sit with us during our online classes! Waffles Submitted by Emma Comery '16 We recently adopted Waffles from a shelter where he spent 3 months after being given up by his owners.

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Waffles was running out of time at the shelter, and we count ourselves lucky to have found him. He instantly stole our hearts with his playful and affectionate spirit! He loves running in the park as much as he loves cuddling aka squishing you. Finn is deaf and relies on Daisy to know when food is going in the bowl and when we come home. They love playing with each other and are inseparable. She is a Daddy's girl, her older brother Finely Wayne's biggest pain in the butt, and lives for ruining her Mom's beloved couch by lounging on the top cushion to daydream out the window.

She likes to enjoy a cold one ice cube on Friday nights and can't wait to eventually spend them under the lights at Amend Field cheering on Centre Men's Soccer! Frankie was the biggest surprise no one saw coming but was definitely a bright spot in the year Russell Submitted by Mary-Carter Downing '20 Russell would go down in history as the fastest flame runner.

He lives in Pittsburgh, PA and loves to play in the snow in the winter and swim in the summer. He loves everyone and making new friends. He has his own instagram, too dasher. Pepper Submitted by Abby De Jager I just moved to Lexington want to cuddle Pepper is a 5 yr old cocker spaniel who needed a new home when his owner couldn't keep him.

He ed our family just before lockdown in South Africa. He loves laying by my feet, playing with our girls, and barking at anyone walking by. He's loyal and sometimes obedient. Full of energy. I've had him since March. He had been left on the side of the road in Rockcastle Co. Simba Submitted by Sarah Cotterell '09 Simba ed the family at the tender age of four weeks when he was discovered walking out of the nearby woods. Simba is smart, sweet, and sassy. He loves to talk and is quite opinionated. He is a hard-worker. He supervises his family while they work remotely from home and is often greeted by name during conference calls and zoom meetings.

When Simba is not working he enjoys playing with curly qs and his stuffed lion. He loves catnip, cuddling with his humans, and musicals - Sound of Music is his favorite! Simba is obsessed with bowties and hopes to add a Centre bowtie to his collection soon.

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Simba is the cat's meow. She is a little over a year old and she loves to play fetch with a tennis ball or football. She also loves playing with the kids and taking naps on my chair.

I just moved to Lexington want to cuddle

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