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England has handed us some of the most beautiful women in the world. Sure, California girls tend to get the most attention with their tanned skin, daisy dukes, and Katy Perry songs --But they're overrated. True glamour comes from the old country.

They're who set the stage. But the women on this list are the ones that English boys are desperately trying to keep for themselves. Well, it's because they're some of the youngest, hottest, and most sought-after stars currently on the planet. Without further ado, here are 20 Britsh babes that English dudes want for themselves. She's everywhere. Honestly, Sophie Turner has somehow become one of the biggest stars in the world. We should definitely thank Game of Thrones and the X-Men prequels for her rapid star growth.

But it's also because the tabloids eat her up. They want to know everything about her and Joe Jonas, where her tattoos are, and what hair color she's currently rocking. Oh, and the fact that she's a total fox. Sophie Turner isn't the biggest thing to come from Game of Thrones Nope, that would be London-born Emilia Clarke. After all, she's plastered on Hot babes england bedroom walls of an entire generation of nerds. The Khaleesi was a central figure in all of their wet dreams and probably will be until their last days.

Even with what the show did to her character by the end. The fact that she's also been in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Terminator Genisys doesn't help her escape being the focus of the acne-ridden basement dwellers. Well, holy F! Jude Law and Sadie Frost really gave us a friggin diamond with year-old Iris. Chanel certainly thinks so. After all, they offered her a six-figure salary to model with them in Her Hot babes england and growing Insta following is also backing this British beauty. She was genetically predisposed to being an utter babe.

Her dad is a handsome dude and her mom's a rocket. So, this shouldn't be surprising. An entire generation grew up with Emma Watson, effectively making her the girl-next-door that we all eventually fell in love with. It was practically impossible not to. Even those who weren't attracted to Hermione Granger's book smarts couldn't deny her ridiculous physical transformation by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fir e. Everyone thinks of Lily Collins as a State-side beauty.

And she is. After all, she spent most of her time in Canada and the States.

But she was born in England to a very famous English musician, Phil Collins. So, yeah, even if this eyebrow-queen isn't known for it, she's a Brit through-and-through. And we thank England for it! Okay, okay, one more Game of Thrones star for you! Nathalie Emmanuel is best known for her multi-languaged role on the show.

Her posh English accent is one of her most attractive qualities, although she's also ludicrously fit which definitely doesn't hurt matters. Sultry and seductive seem to be appropriate descriptive words for Ella Purnell. She's best known for her role on Starz' Sweetbitterwhich shows off her adventurous, wild side. There's no doubt, that we love her in it. Those remarkably stunning natural lips and cat-like eyes cue her up to take on the role of Selina Kyle At least, we hope so!

Yep, Princess Jasmine is an English babe that the boys across the pond want to keep for themselves. But she's not having it. She's too busy making moves in Hollywood that will Hot babes england solidify her as one of the biggest stars of her generation. Of course, she's also known for her characters in Terra Nova and Power Rangers.

There's literally no-stopping this beauty-queen. Yeah, let's keep Pete Davidson away, shall we? He has a type and Lily Mo Sheen falls into that category She's been in a couple of her mother's movies as well as modeled, but she's most famous for her social media presence.

That and being Hot babes england arguably more attractive younger version of her gorgeous mom. It's nothing short of amazing how Ellie Bamber is so famous given the fact that she's only been in a few big roles. But she's famous for her heart-stopping good looks. That, and dating Richard Madden for a hot minute. That's because she takes risks. Most of the time, they pay off. Regardless, she doesn't give a F! And we love her for it. The gorgeous Carnival Row, Paper Townsand Suicide Squad star is one of the most interesting looking talents around.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is best known for her work as a Victoria's Secrets lingerie model but also as the star of two movies And only two movies. Maybe it's because she's dating Jason Statham? The world is going nuts for Adwoa Aboah. She's outspoken, bright, passionate, and also naturally gorgeous.

Her unique look is what attracts people to her. Frankly, we're looking forward to seeing more of this Gurls Talk founder.

Dakota Blue Richards has come a heck of a long way since her role in the so-so Golden Compass. English fans know her from the latter seasons of Skins which you can see on Netflixwhere she Not only did she become a stunner, but she also took on more complex roles in Endeavour and Beecham House. Her unique looks come from being a bit of a mix. Nerdy awkward girls for the win! Although Jessica Jessy Barden doesn't always play them, followers on her social media s know that this is a bit of an odd duck.

It makes her infinitely more attractive. Her acting ability doesn't hurt things either.

Kaya Scodelario may just be the best thing to come from Skins. She's, by far, one of the most engaging actors. But, more obviously, she's easily one of the most beautiful women around. She has such a naturally gorgeous and yet highly seductive look that makes us fall to our knees.

Basically nobody knows that Emily Ratajkowski was born in London. Seriously, this girl is aesthetically blessed It's a little intimidating actually. Of course, The States have claimed her for their own given that fact that neither of her parents are English. This one's a fluke, people. Gemma has the face of the actor you know you recognize but can't remember the name of.

So, let us properly introduce you. We should all know her name and all be really thankful to Gravesend, Kent, England for her.

Hot babes england

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