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Aleyda Mobile Spa redefines luxury by bringing the spa experience to your doorstep. As such, our home massages are personalised, and grounded on the scientific principles of therapeutic massage. Their professional home massage is unlike any other! I should make this a regular! We offer a variety of packages that cater to different needs and budgets. Enquire after your first session with us. The treatment table is crucial to every ALEYDA full-body home massage, to ensure that your treatment is effective and comfortable.

It has a face hole that allows you to rest face down with your neck in the neutral position. It is also firm, unlike your house mattress which sinks easily when put under pressure. Post-massage soreness is typical of a deep-tissue massage.

The feeling is similar to soreness after intense exercise, which should subside within Home service massage singapore hours. If you do not wish to feel pain or soreness, do let the therapist know so that she can adjust her manipulation. Everyone has a different preference for massage, in terms of pressure, areas of focus and manipulation.

Feel free to give feedback to the therapist to get the most out of your session. All our therapists are English-speaking and respond well to feedback. We only require five minutes for setup and packing up our equipment. If this is your first time having a home massage with us, please allow another five minutes for client consultation. The setup and packing times are not part of the treatment duration. If you wish to cancel or postpone your home spa appointment, please inform us via telephone, WhatsApp or text message at least three hours before your appointment time.

By submitting, you agree that we collect your personal data for marketing purposes. Mobile Team with Full Equipment. Expert Care of Highly Qualified Therapists. Excellent FB Rating of 4. Our booking lines are open! Voice Call. Newly Launched! Tranquility Spa Retreat Organic coffee scrub, relaxing aromatherapy and a luxurious 90min full-body massage.

Choose from gentle, relaxing Swedish strokes to strong, targeted Deep-Tissue techniques.

Shiatsu Massage Our ature Shiatsu style is firm yet soothing, effective in relieving tight knots in the neck, shoulders, back and glutei. By applying pressure to specific meridien points, the internal flow of energy chi is rebalanced, leaving you energized and rejuvenated. After that, move over to our ergonomic monkey chair for targeted remedial work on the neck, shoulders and back. Prenatal Mommy Care Our prenatal massages are performed by caring, empathetic and skilled therapists.

Prenatal massage is recommended from week 20 onwards but can be performed well after the first trimester.

Postnatal Mommy Care Professional and safe postnatal massage that your gynaecologist would approve of. Our experienced postnatal therapist will take care of you throughout your puerperium to facilitate recovery to pre-pregnancy condition. Body Scrub The occasional deep exfoliation is necessary for skin nourishment and slows down the effects of aging. Certified organic, our body scrubs are hypoallergenic and real food for the skin. Available as an add-on to a full-body home massage.

Aromatherapy Perfect if you're not in the mood for rigorous muscle-work, this treatment uses the restorative properties of therapeutic essential oils, custom-blended by our in-house aromatherapist on demand. Magnesium Therapy Add-On This add-on treatment incorporates magnesium oil into our deep-tissue massage for rapid relief from aches and pains, accelerating muscle repair, improving t mobility and promoting sleep.

The massage session was amazing!

Lily and her magical hands know the exact spots to work on. Complete with the calming ambience at the comfort of our own home. Thank you so much! Their professionals are really empathetic and know exactly what you need. They are very flexible and great at communication.

I will continue to use them for as long as I can!

Samitta A. First time trying home spa and definitely not going back to anything else! It was perfect from start to finish - booking made through WhatsApp which they replied to really fast, provided all booking timings. The driver helped set up which took less than 5 minutes and they brought all the equipment requiring me to not provide anything.

They also provide a speaker with spa music which is soo calming and soothing. For students like me who spends most of the time on campus and comes back home late I love the fact that they provide later slots at night. Love the setting, ambience and the therapist!

Been to many spa but a first time trying out mobile spa that comes over, massage exceeded expectations! Lina was my masseuse and she did a great job of massage. She applies the right amount of pressure and I feel so much more relaxed after the massage.

Have been enjoying Aleyda Mobile Spa's services for quite a while now and they never fail to provide awesome service. Booked a session for right after a short trip and am so glad the therapist was able to work out all the tightness in my shoulders.

Thank you!! I'd been suffering from body pains and achy shoulders for the past couple of years since the birth of my third. I tried massages and various other treatments but the effects have been modest at best. At one point, I could not even lift my right arm. After three sessions with Aleyda, I'm feeling so much better and can go back to light exercises again.

We have now ed up as members so we can enjoy a great massage at our convenience. I booked a massage for my mum and she was very impressed! Home service massage singapore definitely go the extra mile! She loved the concept of bringing the whole 'spa experience' into your home. I was thrilled that my mum enjoyed her birthday treat so much and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Just had a deep tissue massage for 2 hours, it was the best massage I've ever had, and I must have had a hundred over. Came around to my place on a Friday eve after a long week and setup the table on my balcony Thank you! My first time to try Home Massage here in Singapore and I really love it.

They will provide spa bed in your own home with relaxing music. They are on time. I feel much better after the massage. Thank you. Want to enjoy lower rates? How should I prepare for my home massage? Please ensure you set aside ample space for our massage equipment.

We will bring the linen, oils and everything else needed for the massage. Body massage: 2. Otherwise, you can opt for PayNow or online payment. Can the massage be performed on my own bed instead of your portable bed? Will I feel sore after your home massage?

Home service massage singapore

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