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Huffington Post Elliott is supremely practical and behavioral i Getting past your past blog her approach to how to avoid getting sucked back into a dysfunctional relationship. Elliott, J. Life Experience: Asshe was given up to the foster care system and at the age of 8 was adopted into an abusive, alcoholic home. Later in life, her world came crashing down when her very toxic marriage ended and she was forced to face her unresolved losses, low self-esteem, raging codependency and overwhelming attachment and abandonment issues. She had PTSD from being in abusive relationships for so long.

She was treated for trauma and clinical depression, which led her to seek help from a variety of sources, heal her wounds, build a new life as a single, working mother, become a therapist and an attorney, and find real love with the most wonderful man. Professional Experience: She has dedicated the past 25 years to writing, teaching, recording, and speaking, as well as consulting on media projects to help others find their way from horrific heartbreak to a fabulous new life. Elliott has done many speaking engagements, has had much media exposure as well as over 25 years of field experience with women, men, couples and families.

Her personal experience, professional experience and education is unparalleled. She is THE relationship and breakup expert. Her groundbreaking work on the interplay between unresolved grief and difficulty ending relationships has helped thousands of people let go of a bad situation and find their way to happiness after heartache. Though GPYB is deed to help anyone going through a breakup, she specializes in working with people with attachment disorders, former partners of the personality disordered and domestic violence victims.

Media Experience: Elliott is a media commentator who has appeared on national and local NYC television, local, national and international radio, and has been featured in numerous publications. She has consulted on numerous media projects and has consulted with other authors, mental health and legal professionals. She is d to practice law in the state and federal courts of New York and Texas, but does divorce coaching in all 50 states and in Canada.

She counsels people from around the world via Zoom video sessions though she keeps her client list small and it often closes, sometimes for years at a time. Please her HERE to inquire about the podcast, counseling, workshop offerings, boot camps, legal representation either as an attorney or divorce coachfor an interview or speaking engagement. Jul 19, featurednarcissistnarcissistic personality disorderpersonality disorderreal loverelationships.

Jul 14, boundariescodependencydysfunctional family systemsfeaturedGetting Past Your Breakup. Jun 25, featured. To see a partial list go HERE. This book has been by my side since my boyfriend and I broke up about a month and a half ago. When reading this book I know that I am not going through it alone. The author, Getting past your past blog J. She explains the phases of grief, the importance of No Contact NCBuy this book. Buy it because you're sick and tired of feeling this way. Buy it because you know something has to change, and you sense that this all goes deeper than you realize, but the pain is so heavy that you don't even know where to start.

Buy it because you appreciate the accessibility of an author who has spent her entire life building the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is written in these s - she learned this all herself This is a great book for anyone going through a ificant breakup.

I bought this book after my boyfriend of seven years suddenly dumped me out of nowhere and I was devastated. This book contains so many useful tools to enable emotional healing, and provides specific examples of common setbacks such as recycling, …. Facebook Twitter Instagram. For more media reviews and to see our incredible — over — 4 and 5 star reviews from our readers See below.

Featured Books. Getting Past Your Breakup. GPYP Power! Affirmations Booklet. Getting Back Out There. Susan J. The Tools of the Program:. Unlike most self-help books and programs, GPYB is gender neutral, sexual orientation neutral, and length of relationship neutral so the message can be disseminated to everyone who needs it. Blog Posts.

GPYB has been here since We have published over articles, but only a small percentage is available due to book contracts and copyright piracy. If you want to request a rerun of a post or ask for a subject, please us using the form below. Thank you. Courses, Workshops and Groups. So as I muddle through my husband's affair and other misgivings, I must assume that we probably won't reconcile our marriage. But oh my goodness this book. I am sooooo grateful that I found it.

There's much introspection that needs to be done by the reader and I'm only on 30but what a great resource. You will not be sorry Like us on Facebook. Subscribe to Our Channel! Pinterest Us. Follow Us On Instagram. Subscribe to our newsletter for special offers. Thank you so much! Name Submit. All original content on these s is fingerprinted and certified by Digiprove.

Getting past your past blog

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10 things I learned from the book “Getting Past Your Breakup” by Susan J. Elliot