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Home ยป how to see who likes you on tinder. If you landed here, chances are you want to know who liked you on Tinder. Whether you have a ton of matches or a few, there is a desire to know. Here are the three main ways in which you can see who likes you on Tinder. You get quite a lot with your Gold membership besides the see who liked you feature.

The price for me to gold is the following. To see if this is the best route for you, you should check out my article to see if Tinder Gold is Worth it for you. The following two methods are ways you can see who likes you without paying.

When you get the Secret Admirer card, you get a screen with four question marks. Behind each of these question marks is a woman who has already liked your profile. If not, swipe left. It gives you the satisfaction of seeing who likes you, and to have the feeling of getting an instant match. Anyways, for it to show, you need to have four girls that likes you within your radius. It also shows up about once a week. You can read the full article here: Tinder Secret Admirer. A while back, a TikTok user found a way to see Tinder Likes on your web browser for free. You can only match if you have a Tinder Gold membership, so if you like what you see, you can always upgrade.

Bonus tip: if you control F for blur, you can Find out who likes you the blurred images faster. Now you should be able to see the first 10 images of girls that have liked your profile. Change dating apps. Hinge for instance does allow you to see who liked you. Hinge has a lower daily limit of how many people you can like until you have to pay up.

Note that Hinge has the same parent company as Tinder, the Match Group. Instead of being hookup focused, Hinge focuses on relationships. On Hinge, you can see 1 profile at a time that liked you for Free. If you want to see them all, you have to upgrade for a membership. Also, there is a limit on the amount of profiles you can like daily. And the profiles on hinge give you a lot more information than Tinder. You can check out the full breakdown of Hinge Vs Tinder here. They will not all show in your deck because women will travel outside of your radius.

The will then decrease by one. Only Gold members have access to see who likes you on Tinder. To unblur the likes on Tinder, you can use the free method from up above or buy a Gold membership. Grab my free profile hack here. Once you follow the guide, you will get more likes to your profile.

There are three main reasons why Tinder will show no likes. Instead customize the message or use an opener that works. You can grab my openers here. At the end of the day, if you want to see who likes you on Tinder, go with the paid option Tinder Gold. You waste more time unblurring profiles instead of swiping. Whether you have a ton of matches or a few. Many guys struggle with talking to girls on Tinder. Often confused or overwhelmed, they go from. Writing a powerful Tinder bio is the last push you need to do to get a girl to swipe right on your profile.

While most. Hinge is picking up popularity in the online dating market. More and more users are making profiles everyday.

It was developed as the long term. This site has no affiliation with any dating app. De by ZD Creative. 27, guys who get online dating tips right in their inbox. The Pick Up Pros. Twitter Facebook Instagram. Online Dating. Game Changing Tinder Opener. Table of Contents. And if you want to know, you are about to find out. There is a paid way to know all your matches. And some free ways which have limitations. One of its main features is to see who liked you.

There is one caveat though. Anyways, here are the steps to seeing the profiles. And Click on the blurred face with a. Now you should see a bunch of blurred profiles. Right click the first blurred profile. Select inspect element Now you should be in the developer tools section Delete the blur 12px code. Repeat for all the other profiles.

For the best free option, I would go with Hinge.

Yes, you do have more than 99 likes. Also, some are inactive or rarely go on Tinder. Likes do not expire. They go down for three reasons. A women deletes her profile You swiped left on the profile that liked you You match with a profile that liked you The will then decrease by one. Messaging MAtches After you match with a girl, you want to message her. They will elicit a response.

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Find out who likes you

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How to see who likes you (for free)