About Next Generation Travel Group

We are the innovative parent company and driving force behind the UK’s fastest growing educational travel brands; offering unique, immersive tours to young people from 10 -21 years, designed to open minds and empower learning.

What Makes Us Different

We passionately believe that by  investing in people we will drive the success of our business through long term relationships and that the best way to learn is to explore.   

Over our 35 years of operating educational tours, we have brought learning to life through rich, first hand experiences, creating unforgettable adventures for young people at each stage of their educational career.  

We are committed to continually invest...

  • in the knowledge of our team to ensure they can deliver the best possible solutions for customers. We empower them to go the extra mile.
  • in business relationships with like minded partners to safeguard our business, our products and our customers
  • in young minds to support the future of our next generation.

To be the trusted partner of choice for a broad range of high-quality educational tours and experiences.

Our Mission

To enhance educational outcomes for young people through inspiring, content-rich learning experiences, created by experts who care.

Our Approach

We focus on balancing learning and personal development. We believe experiences away from home for young people are essential for not only improving knowledge, but also offering much-needed bonding time and confidence boosts for young people

Our Leading Educational Travel Brands

Unforgettable educational experiences, expertly designed to broaden horizons for primary and secondary school pupils, tailored to your curriculum, learning objectives and your students’ needs.

Expertly designed tours discovering seminal moments in History, brought to life through live, guided storytelling and real personal stories, all linked to the curriculum and exam board accredited.

Tours tailored to course learning goals, designed to broaden students knowledge, expand their perspectives of the world through travel, whilst reinforcing their career aspirations.

Inspiring events, expertly designed to broaden horizons through unique seminars and tours, bringing classroom learning to life with expert speakers.

Sporting events and tournaments offering fantastic tour experiences for groups, bringing competition to life with inspiring settings and experts designed to motivate & ignite a passion for Sport.

Ready to plan your trip?

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400 years of trip planning experience

As a six-time winner of Best School Tour Operator and having been operating school tours for over 35 years, we make sure you get the very best service throughout the planning and booking process of your school trip.

Our specialist team, with over 400 years' combined experience creating inspiring educational tours, have extensive knowledge of our destinations, and will work with you to get the very best out of your experience.

Our expert team will work with you to build the ideal trip for your students, enabling you to build their confidence and develop passion for their subject, alongside fulfilling that all important goal of meeting learning objectives to help them excel in their studies.

Next Generation Travel are the UK's Best School Tour Operator

Every year we are humbled by the feedback we receive from our customers and are constantly learning how we can make life easier, adapt to their new learning outcomes and create even better unforgettable experiences to inspire young minds

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WST Partners & Accreditations


Anglia Tours Partners & Accreditations

Anglia ATOL

FHT Partners & Accreditations

Study experiences partners & accreditations, sport experiences partners & accreditations, the history of next generation travel.

Founded in October 2010, the key to our success is having an experienced, dedicated and committed team who are totally focused on delivering high quality educational travel experiences backed up by the very highest levels of personal service.

By November 2010 had acquired WST, followed by the acquisition of FHT in August 2013 and by January 2017 Anglia Tours had joined our portfolio. October 2018, saw the acquisition of Study and Sports Experiences with Galina International Study Tours became part of the group in 2019.

Our highly experienced team has gone from strength to strength. Passenger numbers have grown from less than 5,000 in 2010 to over 60,500 passengers

Latest News and Articles

Our Learning Outcomes Mind Map highlights where learning outside the classroom can prove an effective means of achieving educational aims...

To give you a taste of how learning outside of the classroom can help your pupils grow, we’ve collated just a few benefits of educational visits.

It’s clear that now is the time to fight the stigma surrounding mental health. One way this can be done is by encouraging participation in sport.

Taking a group of children out of school may seem daunting, so how do you make sure your trip is a successful one? Here are our top tips.

Contact our trip planning experts

There are lots of ways to get in touch with the NGT team, who are always ready to help:


Tour Directors: 

WestWorld Tours is always on the lookout for quality Tour Directors. While we prefer to hire Tour Directors with a few years experience exceptions to this rule have been made for those special few who have such a dynamic personality that we know they would be a great asset to the WestWorld family.

To apply for the Tour Director position send a current resume with a picture to –  [email protected]  

Just some of the requirements/attributes for Tour Directors:

  • Manage from start to finish all on-tour operations 
  • Communicate directions and tour commentary to tour members in a fun, clear and concise manner 
  • Have (or be willing to complete) St John’s Ambulance First Aid, CPR & AED Certification.
  • Handle various problems and emergencies related to tour members and tour conditions
  • Communicate with tour suppliers and company office personnel
  • Travel for long periods of time away from home
  • Have a basic understanding of computers and Microsoft Office (Word and Outlook)
  • Have or be willing to learn and use social media on behalf of the company while on tour
  • The ability to read maps
  • Be available to assist tour members in case of emergency, while directing a tour 24/7
  • Perform other duties and tasks as deemed necessary by Operations 
  • Have the ability to create interesting commentary including historical facts.
  • Have an enjoyable personality that people gravitate towards you
  • Possess a caring, open, understanding and respectful attitude to all types of people regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Maintain proper dress at all times – Business Casual
  • The ability to walk on a moving motorcoach to assist passengers.
  • The ability to sit for a minimum of three hours.
  • The ability to lift suitcases (an average of 50 pounds) on and off a motorcoach/airline ramp.
  • The ability to walk, bend, sit, stand, climb as needed while conducting sightseeing tours.
  • The ability to travel on airplanes, cruise ships, trains, motorcoaches and other vehicles and modes of transportation as needed.
  • The ability to recognize and point out sites of interest while on tour.
  • The knowledge and ability to respond to tour members questions.
  • The ability to assist tour members on and off motorcoach 
  • Valid Passport
  • Pass a criminal record check

Motorcoach Drivers: 

WestWorld Tours does not own motorcoaches. We charter coaches from reliable motorcoach companies, those companies supply and employ the drivers. WestWorld is not involved in the hiring of drivers.

Office staff:

No current opportunities

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  • Backpacking Europe
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Stoke Wants You!

The time to travel, to dance, to get together, to socialise, to explore, to eat, drink – to basically live our best lives – is back.

Now’s the time to start thinking about doing things that please you. To take a sabbatical to do things for YOU, to bounce around the world’s greatest festivals living only for fun, or to maybe finally take that plunge and move abroad and work in a place where the sun constantly paints your face and long lunches and even longer nights are the norm.

Basically there’s never been a better time to get involved in Europe’s disruptive youth travel company, whether across our suite of events and experiences, or more permanently based in our Barcelona HQ.

Our philosophy is that we can’t possibly create, market, sell and operate inimitable, outrageous, progressive and inclusive youth travel experiences unless we live that life every day, whether that’s in office, working on site, from home, or in our spare time.

Surround ourselves with legends and do cool shit. That’s the Stoke Brands formula.

Right now we’re looking to fill a range of positions, from permanent roles in sales, marketing, IT, content production, and surf house managing, to more casual, seasonal, internship and semi-permanent roles again in content creation, festival crew, tour guides, brand ambassadors – basically anybody! If you’ve got a passion for life, love travelling, are easy going, and can handle an occasional hangover, then we’re going to get along just fine.

Scroll down for volunteer positions, internships, ambassador roles, or something more permanent, and let’s get the next best stage of your life started!

Looking for something permanent can you see yourself in barcelona, festival crew (legends of the fest).

What’s a festival without the festival crew? What’s Stoke Travel without our beloved Stokies? We are aways looking for Legends of the Fest to help us make our experiences amazing,…

Sales Weapon for all Stoke Brands

We are now moving into the next, exciting phase of our long-term plan. Our focus for this phase is to become the lead operator of festivals and events across Europe…

How about combining business with pleasure?

wst travel careers

Festival Crew

The main reason why Stoke Travel’s guests rave about our experiences and always come back for more is because we have – by far – the most epic crew in the business. Our crew are passionate about travelling, partying, but mostly being with people. They’re always the last ones at the party and the first ones awake in the morning, with a smile that belies the hangover that they’re probably dealing with.

If you want to travel to Europe’s wildest festivals and craziest destinations (Ibiza, Barcelona, Oktoberfest, San Sebastian, a whole bunch of Spanish festivals, amongst others) and are passionate about, have skills in, or can learn hospitality, tour guiding, reception, handyperson work – basically anything – then hit us up. Most of these positions are volunteer (in exchange for accommodation, food, unlimited access to our open bars, and bottomless good times), but there are some paid roles for the right people too. Hit us up!

wst travel careers


You’re at the point in your life when you’re not quite ready to commit to a full time job, or to jump into a career, but you also don’t want to sit idly by without getting some experience under your belt. Problem is, most internships are borrrrrring – and who is learning anything while making coffee, doing filing, getting the boss’ laundry? Well, interning with Stoke Travel is nothing like that. We’ll show you how we do things, get you creating your own work, but most importantly we’ll be asking YOU what YOU think. Encouraging you to contribute, to share your ideas and experiences, and then put them into practice together. You will be based in Barcelona full time and you will get the chance to travel with us throughout Europe, for free of course. We’re currently looking for people passionate about creating content (writing, photography, videography, design, influencers), social media, bookings, customer service – all aspects of the youth travel industry. Oh, and maybe 70% of Stoke Travel staff started off as interns, so, you know, maybe we can make this a little more permanent…

wst travel careers


Do you have a knack for influencing people? Do you want to travel for free? Make some money? Well, Stoke Travel is looking for Stoke Ambassadors to help spread the good times and crazy fun that we plan on having. You can do this from wherever you are… whether it be studying at uni or from your bed (or someone else’s) or while working at your local pub or cafe to save your pennies to come traveling again.

If you’re a blogger, an influencer, have an easily influenced group of friends, or just want to stand on the street corner pesting strangers, you can get the VIP treatment at Stoke Travel trips and a pocket full of euros to help you enjoy it.

Doesn’t matter where you’re from, where you are, or where you plan to be, if you like our trips and want to join us on them, then what are you waiting for?

Live your best life

Meet amazing people, travel to the world’s greatest festivals, literally drive your friends and family wild with envy – working with Stoke Travel certainly qualifies in the “dream job” category. We guarantee, your workmates will become friends for life.

Grow with Stoke

We’re a young company that’s always excited to bring new talent onboard. With Stoke Travel there is plenty of scope to create the role that you’re passionate about – we’re constantly looking for new ideas.

Relax, we are

We work hard, but we enjoy ourselves even harder. We’re pretty sure that we can’t treat travellers to amazing experiences if the Stoke team is uptight, and so we take the same lighthearted approach to work that we do to our trips.

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wst travel careers

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Other ( 5630 )

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East West Travel And Tours Jobs

  • Radiography
  • Product management
  • diabetology
  • Dermatology
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Territory sales
  • Sales management
  • Territory sales management
  • Ticket Booking
  • Holiday Packages
  • Travel Sales
  • Travel Management
  • Visa Processing
  • Travel Desk
  • Corporate Travel Management

10-15 Lakhs

  • travel sales
  • Media Sales
  • Hospitality Sales
  • Concept Selling
  • Internet Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Event Sales
  • Ground Staff Activities
  • Hospitality
  • Ground Handling
  • Travel Agency
  • Communication skills
  • International
  • Travel sales

Mumbai (All Areas)

  • Coordination
  • International Ticketing
  • Travel Agent Activities
  • Domestic Ticketing
  • Hotel Management
  • travel management
  • hospitality
  • Tour Packages
  • travel process
  • customer service
  • travel tourism
  • inbound voice process
  • Business Development
  • Hotel Sales

Tata Capital

PNB MetLife

Deutsche Bank

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Travel Process
  • Hotel Booking
  • Reservation
  • Inside Sales
  • Guest Relationship
  • corporate retreat

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A Leader in Per Diem Nursing Jobs , Travel Nursing Jobs , Cardiac Cath Lab Jobs , Allied Healthcare Jobs , Pharmacist Jobs , Pharmacy Technician Jobs and USA Nurse Sponsorship .

Westways Staffing Services, Inc.

  • Travel Nursing

Traveling nurses gain rich experience, both personally and professionally – strengthening their own skills and management abilities. Even more so, traveling nurses receive great pay and benefits in exchange for their flexibility, skills, and knowledge.

Local and Out-of-State Travel Assignments

Positions are available for qualified nurses both in your local area and out of state. You choose where you’d like to be. And whether you’re an RN seeking a first travel assignment or a seasoned traveler, Westways is the company for you.

Travel Nursing Benefits

  • Top Industry Pay
  • Health/Dental Insurance
  • Direct Deposit
  • Weekly Pay Checks
  • Holiday Pay
  • Referral Program
  • Private Housing
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Opportunities in all 50 States
  • Completion Bonuses
  • Free CEU’s
  • Friendly and Experienced Travel Recruiters
  • Priority attention to all payroll issues
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Online Testing
  • Continuing Education Classes
  • Professional Liability and Workers Compensation
  • Over 30 Years of Healthcare Staffing Experience

*Benefits vary depending on assignment and location. Please call your local branch office for more details.

Your Ideal Traveling Nurse Job is Waiting.

We have RN travel assignments available for all acute care specialties . Please fill out the form below and one of our friendly Recruiters will contact you shortly.

  • Desired Employment Type * - Select Type - USA Nurse Sponsorship Per Diem Travel Per Diem and Travel Allied (Per Diem and Travel) Cath Lab (Per Diem and Travel) Pharmacy (Per Diem and Travel)
  • Desired Employment Location - Select Location - Arizona California - Bakersfield California - Central California - Long Beach California - Los Angeles California - Northern California - Orange County California - Palm Desert California - Palm Springs California - Riverside County California - San Bernardino County California - San Diego California - Southern Colorado Florida Illinois Maryland Nevada New Jersey New Mexico Oregon Pennsylvania Texas Virginia Washington
  • Desired Employment Location - Select Location - Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California - Bakersfield California - Central California - Long Beach California - Los Angeles California - Northern California - Orange County California - Palm Desert California - Palm Springs California - Riverside County California - San Bernardino County California - San Diego California - Southern Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
  • Desired Employment Location - Select Location - Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
  • Certification - Select - RN LVN/LPN CNA NA Other
  • Certification RN
  • Certification - Select - CT Technologist Medical Assistant Medical Biller Medical Coder Medical File Clerk Medical Receptionist Medical Secretary Medical Transcriptionist Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapist Assistant Phlebotomist Physical Therapist Physical Therapist Assistant Radiologist Radiology Technician Respiratory Therapist Speech Therapist Surgical Technologist Ultrasound Technologist X-Ray Tech Other
  • Certification - Select - RN Cardiovascular Technologist Radiologic Technologist Other
  • Certification - Select - Pharmacist Pharmacy Tech Other
  • Specialty - Select - Cath Lab Clinic Corrections CVICU Dialysis Endoscopy ER Home Health ICU Interventional Radiology L&D LTAC MS NICU Oncology OR PACU PCU PEDS PICU Post Partum Psych Rehab SNF TELE Other
  • Specialty - Select - Acute Care Hospital Clinic Corrections Home Health LTAC Rehab SNF Other
  • Years of Acute Care Experience in the United States * - Select - None / Not Applicable 0 - 1 Year 1 - 2 Years 2+ Years
  • How did you hear about us? - Select - Coworker Facebook Facebook Group Facility Friend Google Indeed Instagram LinkedIn TikTok Twitter Other
  • Attach Resume (Not Required) Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Comments This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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"Great staff!"
"They are very professional and have great personalities...best medical staffing agency in the south."
"Very professional and make me feel like part of their family. Great company that I am proud to work for!"
"Westways has the love of its nurses at heart. Thanks to all the office staff, you go out of your way to please everyone. You are awesome!!"
"Awesome company very friendly...love love love them."

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SkyWest Airlines is Your Career Destination

At SkyWest you’ll enjoy unlimited opportunities to grow in a career you’ll love with access to unmatched benefits. SkyWest is the premier regional airline and our team of professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional service on every flight. 

We operate in a team-based environment and are committed to the success of our people. SkyWest employees enjoy top-tier pay and an array of excellent benefits, including 401(k) matching, profit sharing programs, multiple health care options, and discounted travel worldwide. 

Find out why over 13,000 aviation professionals have chosen SkyWest as their employer of choice. Apply today!

wst travel careers

A&P Mechanic

12 04 OOBEphotoShoot 179

Flight Attendant

avionics 123

Crew Support

08 28 SLCramp 9

Airport Operations Agent

SkyWest HDQ2

Direct Entry Captain

PRO SingleEngine icon

Pilot Pathway Program

Careers Rotor icon Chinook

Rotor Transition Program

Amt pathway program.


Airport Baggage Handler

Cross utilized agent, ticket & gate agent.

Be aware that fraudulent websites may attempt to acquire your personal information. When applying for a position at SkyWest, we recommend you always start at www.skywest.com and skywest.com/careers . Keep in mind:

  • • SkyWest Airlines will not ask you to share sensitive information through social media messages.
  • • SkyWest Airlines does not require mobile facial identification.

Recruiting Events

Career Benefits

Employees and eligible family members have unlimited space-available travel privileges on SkyWest’s vast route system and the opportunity to travel at substantially reduced fares with other carriers. 

Health Insurance

All full-time SkyWest employees have the opportunity to select a health plan from a number of options including a PPO and consumer-driven health plans with HSA. Dental and vision plans are also available. Click here for UnitedHealthcare’s Transparency in Coverage. 

SkyWest offers 401(k) plans with generous matching, a stock purchase plan and quarterly companywide Performance Rewards program that allow employees to share in the Company’s operational and financial success. 

Disability and Life Insurance

SkyWest provides all eligible full-time employees with life insurance at no cost to the employee. Additional life insurance options are available. SkyWest also protects employees during unexpected situations when they may be unable to work due to illness or injury. They have a long term disability program that is paid entirely by SkyWest, as well as two optional short-term disability programs.

Time Away From Work

SkyWest provides eligible employees with a variety of resources that promote scheduling flexibility and allow them to take paid time away from work, including user hours, vacation hours, and leave of absence programs.

Employee Assistance Program

SkyWest provides an employee assistance program at no cost to employees. The plan confidentially assists you and your family members is overcoming problems that may affect you at home or work such as drug or alcohol dependency, marital difficulties, financial counseling or psychiatric care.

Employee Spotlight

wst travel careers

Captain David Lund

SkyWest CRJ Captain David Lund exemplified SkyWest’s guiding principles of showing respect and providing excellent service by turning a bad day for a passenger into his best flight ever. After forgetting an item while going through security, the passenger did not realize his mistake until he was boarding his flight. After notifying the flight attendant – who then notified the gate agent – TSA confirmed they had the passengers missing item. However, there was not enough time to go back for it. That was until Captain Lund found out about it and sprinted through the airport to pick up the item with just seconds to spare. Captain Lund not only went the extra mile, but made a lasting impression on the frequent flyer who noted that he’s “rarely seen such an act of amazing customer service.”

wst travel careers

Alexander Garcia

Job Application Support

If you experience any difficulties submitting a job application, please follow the link below to review system requirements and some frequently asked questions.

Equal Opportunity Employer

SkyWest is a committed equal opportunity employer and was recognized by the Human Rights Campaign in the 2016 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) as a top employer for workplace equality. We do not hire employees based on identification or supposed identification with any group of people. Instead, it is our goal to base hiring on a prospective employee’s character, attitude, skills, work record, training, experience and education. Further, our commitment to diversity encompasses employment of individuals who may be disabled.

SkyWest maintains an Affirmative Action Plan, including active employment of minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities. SkyWest makes positive contributions to the communities we serve, and encourage our employees to do the same. SkyWest internship programs, scholarship programs and our participation in various civic and charitable activities are of paramount importance.

SkyWest is committed to maintaining a working environment of satisfying employment and mutual respect for all of our employees, regardless of race, color, national ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, religion, medical condition, disability, pregnancy, age or military status. We have specific training plans and programs in place to maintain such an environment.

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