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How Does Travel Insurance Work?

worldwide travel insurance barclays

Travel insurance is a must have for traveling the world and keeping peace of mind. This applies whether you are traveling for fun or taking a business trip to another area. The benefits of travel insurance include more than just peace of mind, however.

Having travel insurance can save you money on a range of costs in case your trip is interrupted. In the absence of insurance, you could be out of pocket for travel tickets purchased and other expenses that you had prepaid.

Below, find out how travel insurance works, and what it benefits are for the individual traveler.

Types of Travel Insurance

If it’s your first time buying travel insurance, you may be confused at the variety of offers from travel insurance companies. The numerous types of insurance products for travelers is partly responsible for the complexity.

Travel insurance comes in the following broad categories:

  • Trip cancellation – Covers the interruption and cancellation of your trip.
  • Medical and evacuation – Will pay medical costs such as for sudden illness and evacuation to a treatment center
  • Baggage – Covers lost or stolen baggage

You can also buy hybrid insurance plans that cover all aspects of your trip.

Buying Travel Insurance

Before buying travel insurance, you need to determine the right type of insurance for your needs.

If you are traveling close to home, chances are you won’t need medical and evacuation cover. However, if you are traveling to a far off country and engaging in high-risk activities such as sports, injury insurance cover, for example, might be in order.

Once you decide on the right type of travel insurance, check with the major travel insurance providers for your state. Compare multiple providers to make a well-informed selection.

Understanding the Benefits Included in a Plan

When you buy a travel insurance plan, make sure to educate yourself on all the included benefits. This will make sure you know what is available and can make use of the benefit if need arises.

Typical benefits to check out include trip cancellation, lost baggage, and medical assistance. For each benefit offered in your plan, make sure you understand what amount the benefit will provide. Trip cancellation benefits, for example, may cover all or part of your ticket and hotel expenses.

How Travel Insurance Claims Work

When you go on your trip, make sure to bring with you your travel insurance policy credentials. This includes your policy number and any other proof that you are actively enrolled in the policy.

Alert your travel insurance company immediately if the need arises to file a claim. This might be in the form of lost baggage, a cancelled trip, or medical events.

Collect any receipts and documentation that will be necessary to support the claim. This includes, for example, a police report in case of stolen baggage.

Once you submit the claim forms with documentation, the insurer will assess your claim. Check with them after a reasonable time for progress on your claim.

Costs and Fees Associated with Travel Insurance

Costs for insuring your trip depend on the total trip cost. This is true, for example, for vacation packages that cover all your travel expenses such as on a cruise. The travel insurance company might charge anywhere from 5% to 10% of the total trip cost in insurance fees.

Optional add ons such as “cancel for any reason” will cost extra. You may save some money by selecting a higher deductible for your travel insurance plan. Be careful with this, however, as you could end up paying more out of pocket if something goes wrong on your trip.


worldwide travel insurance barclays

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How Much Is Travel Insurance?

worldwide travel insurance barclays

Going on a dream vacation sounds like paradise, but sometimes, life happens and your plans just don’t work out. Purchasing travel insurance can give you some peace of mind and guard against the unexpected. Travel insurance plans work differently than other forms of insurance . They also have distinct, and often confusing, pricing models. Let’s clear the air about travel insurance policies before you take to the air.

What Does Travel Insurance Really Cover?

Travel insurance coverage varies from one carrier to the next. The most popular type of insurance that travelers purchase in North America is Cancellation & Interruption protection. This covers the non-refundable costs of your trip if you can’t travel due to unforeseen circumstances such as an illness or financial issues of your travel carrier. This plan also covers you if you (and your family, if applicable) would happen to fall ill during your trip and have to return home. You can purchase insurance to cover other aspects of your trip as well, such as protecting against potential flight issues and lost or damaged baggage.

What is the Average Cost for Travel Insurance?

The peace of mind afforded to travelers does come at a cost. The price is dependent on which insurance provider you choose for coverage and how much coverage you desire. If you choose a comprehensive policy, you will generally spend between four and eight percent of the total trip price. This means if your dream getaway costs $8,000, you can expect to pay between $320 and $640 to insure it.

Is Travel Insurance Worth Getting?

Many consumers are unaware that they may already have some hidden insurance benefits. Many credit cards offer coverage for lost luggage. Some even have insurance benefits for trip cancellation (up to a pre-determined limit). Check with your credit card issuer to see what benefits they have for travelers . Also, be sure to know what your health insurance already covers. If it provides you with benefits when traveling out of the country, there would be no need to double up and spend the money on additional coverage through a travel insurance policy.

Why Should You Purchase Travel Insurance?

Having peace of mind while traveling is worth the price for many commuters. Protecting your financial investment in your trip and that warding against unforeseen events are just a couple of the reasons why travelers choose to insure their trips. When the unexpected occurs, it’s better to be prepared with trip insurance.

How Can You Get Travel Insurance?

The best way to get the insurance you desire is to shop around. You may be offered insurance automatically when you book your flight online. Some companies, like Expedia, that offer vacation bundles, will also insure parts of your vacation or the whole package . This may not be the most cost-effective option for you, and it’s always wise to stop by or call a travel agent and see what he or she is able to offer you. There are also plenty of websites that offer free price quotes from several different insurers, all based on your customized needs.

If you can’t bear the thought of your best laid plans falling apart, you can always fly by the seat of your pants with some last minute travel .


worldwide travel insurance barclays

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Does travel insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?

If you’re looking for travel insurance but you're worried that you won’t get cover because of a medical condition, we can put you at ease. Our travel insurance can cover lots of different medical conditions.

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