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10 Amazing Train Tours in the U.S.

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Looking to see some incredible sights from the comfort of a train? These tours include both short and long journeys that you can work into vacations to incredible destinations in the USA. Some of these routes may even be available as a part of railroad vacation packages that include excursions and more.

Durango and Silverton Narrow-Gauge Railway

The name of this railroad indicates a special feature that sets it apart from most other train rides: The tracks are placed closer together in a narrow gauge. That means this silver-train-turned-tourist-attraction hugs closer to the rock face of the mountains it winds through, taking riders around sharp turns through the Colorado Rockies.

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Amtrak Cascades

Connecting major Northwestern cities like Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and Seattle and Bellingham, Washington, this Amtrak ride allows you to combine scenic beauty with big-city tourism. Whether it’s Oregon forests or the spectacular of Washington’s Puget Sound, you’ll get to see a lot of natural exquisiteness on this ride.

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White Pass and Yukon Route

This historic Alaskan railway offers a few different excursion options, all of which take you from the town of Skagway into the heart of wild northern beauty. No matter which route you choose, you’ll see unspoiled Alaskan beauty at its warm-weather peak.

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Amtrak Sunset Limited

If you want to be able to enjoy the great beauty of the American Southwest without having to do the driving yourself, Amtrak’s Sunset Limited route may be the perfect choice. It runs from New Orleans to Los Angeles, giving riders the opportunity to glimpse some incredible sunsets over rugged terrain as the train wends its way west.

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Grand Canyon Railway

Riding the Grand Canyon Railway will allow you to follow in the footsteps of travelers from more than 100 years ago, for whom this train line was one of the only ways to access the scenic beauty of the canyon. The train includes sleeper cars and other amenities that can help make your adventure more of an experience.

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Cass Scenic Railway

Departing from Cass, West Virginia, in the months of May through October, this passenger rail train takes riders through an old coal country route. If you want to experience the unspoiled beauty of Appalachian forests, especially in autumn when the colors are at their peak, this is a must-do train tour.

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Amtrak Adirondack

Anyone looking to escape the urban rush of New York City and enjoy the beauty of upstate mountains should consider taking the Adirondack route, which stops in Saratoga Springs and Montreal, Canada. You don’t have to go all the way to Montreal to enjoy the beauty of the Hudson River Valley, which offers beautiful natural scenery that changes with the seasons.

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Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

This Bryson City, NC, railway offers passengers several ways to explore the Smokies. In addition to two separate routes, the railway includes features like narration cars and different train ride themes that can help you get the right kind of experience based on your interests and travel style.

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Strasburg Rail Road

Though this railway’s route through Amish country is short, it’s a charming throwback to the Gilded Age. If you want to ride in plush comfort while enjoying the Pennsylvania countryside on a nine-mile steam train ride, the Strasburg Rail Road has everything you need.

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Cape Cod Central Railroad

Cape Cod offers natural beauty aplenty, and you’ll get to enjoy both the coast and the wonders of rural Massachusetts, including cranberry bogs, when you take this short journey. This route offers a laid-back way to see different sights across Cape Cod, even in peak tourist season.

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Old Bergen Museum

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In the 1800s Bergen was Europe’s biggest wooden city, a distinctive city environment with closely spaced wooden buildings, busy streets, markets and alleys. How did it look? What did people talk about?

In Old Bergen, the whole family can experience life in the “old days”. Here you can stroll and look in the houses, feed the birds, climb the trees and, not least, visit the Civil Servant´s  family in 1826 and the Merchant’s family in 1886. On the square, short plays are played throughout the day, and in between it all the children can join in the fun and games. Traditional cinnamon buns , ice cream and soft drinks are sold in the museum kiosk.

The Living Museum

At old Bergen open air museum you can experience some of this atmosphere, with houses from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Actors makes history come alive. What did it look like? What did people talk about?

In the cobbled streets of the Old Bergen Museum, you are welcome to come into the houses and explore on your own, or maybe have a chat with one of the people who “live” here? In close proximity to the city center and scenic surroundings, you can meet both lords and servants from times gone by. You can peek in through the windows, enter the houses to look at exhibitions and historic interiors. Inside the house you will find information with brief information about the history of the houses.

And not least, we look forward to welcoming you to our new café on the square!

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Old Bergen becomes a museum

The museum was opened in 1949 and is built around the summer house “Elsesro” which shipbuilder Rasmus Rolfsen built for his wife Elsebe. The property was owned by the Rolfsen family from 1784 to 1903. Here, the family built a shipyard and a summerhouse, and later a park in the style of a formal English garden. Old Bergen foundation succeeded in establishing the museum as a safe haven for Bergen’s old buildings, which were threatened with being torn down. The houses which you will find at the museum arrived between 1945 and 1981. The open air Museum has today 55 wooden houses, most of which originally stood in the centre of Bergen.

Take a stroll in the surrounding english park which is ideal for peacefullness, inspiration. Open to all visitors. Maybe it’s tempting to take a dip in seaside bathing facility at Elsesro (Sandviken Sjøbad)? Just remember that grilling and the use of open fire is prohibited in the museum area.

The area can be visited all year round!


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The website uses cookies, also called cookies. Read more about cookies.

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The Responsible for processing Director is, on behalf of the City Museum in Bergen, responsible for processing the company’s processing of personal data. Organization number: 988 212 024.

Collection and processing of personal information: On the website we collect personal information through registration for events, competitions or other contact with the City Museum in Bergen. The basis for this treatment is Article 6 (b) of the Privacy Ordinance. Where you have consented to it, the information is also used to provide you with information, offers and service in newsletters, e-mail, telephone and SMS. The basis for this treatment is the Privacy Ordinance Art 6 (a). You can at any time refuse to receive such information from us, or withdraw your consent.

The Collections, documentation and research: City Museum in Bergen also collects personal information in connection with our social mission. This may be personal information that accompanies objects, photographs, interviews, gifts, donations, etc. This data is collected only to the extent necessary for the sake of the social mission and the public interest. The data processing takes place in accordance with the Archives Act .

Job applicants In connection with employment, the City Museum in Bergen receives personal information from applicants. This information is processed in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Personal information on our website:

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Storage and disclosure of information Personal information registered on our websites is not available to other visitors to the website. The information will not be shared with third parties unless this is necessary to deliver the service that has been ordered and you have given consent.

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Information registered in connection with events is stored in accordance with the law. They are not used for anything other than the event. The information will not be shared with third parties beyond this, unless you have given your consent to this when filling out the form.

If you are applying for a job at the City Museum in Bergen, we store your application and personal information as long as the recruitment process is ongoing. Then all your data will be deleted, unless otherwise agreed and active consent to this has been given in writing.

Personal information that is registered in connection with collections of documentation and research is stored on a separate server, in a lockable cabinet and in magazines.

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It can be complained to the Data Inspectorate about processing in violation of the rules.

Contact information Inquiries about what information is registered, correction and deletion can be sent to [email protected] or the City Museum in Bergen, PO Box 4052 Sandviken, 5835 Bergen.

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I made my shed the top rated restaurant on tripadvisor, oobah butler's guide to faking your way to the top, setting up "the shed at dulwich" – april, 2017.

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Things are getting a bit out of control.

The author during his Skype call with the PR agency


Lonely at the top, the big night.

Trevor with a chicken


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