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Best travel insurance UK 2023 guide

travel insurance uk price

In this guide

Find the best travel insurance options, types of travel insurance in the uk, finding the best travel insurance with covid cover, tips for selecting the best uk travel insurance packages, add-on options, best travel insurance deals and discounts, best holiday insurance summary, frequently asked questions about the best travel insurance uk packages.

Travel insurance protects you financially if your trip away doesn’t go as planned and you incur unexpected expenses for delays, losses or medical treatment.

All travellers can benefit from travel insurance. But travel insurance is particularly important if you are going on an independent trip without a tour operator because if something goes wrong, you will have no other help.

To find the best UK travel insurance, compare policies before you go to ensure you get the right coverage for you and the specific trip you are planning.


Things to compare

When comparing policies to find the best  taking insurance for you, compare the cost, excess (how much you’ll be expected to pay out yourself before the policy will cover you), amount of medical coverage, limit on baggage claims and coverage for specific sports and activities.

The best travel insurance companies will offer you comprehensive coverage across all types of claims. It’s easy to compare the best travel insurance deals using a comparison website.

Medical coverage

This covers you for medical expenses you incur if you become ill or have an accident while away. The best UK travel insurance will have a high level of medical coverage.

For example, medical coverage will pay for any necessary treatment if you come down with severe food poisoning or you fall through a window and have to be taken to hospital in an ambulance.

  • Avoid hefty bills or debt for medical assistance outside the UK
  • Access better treatment – for example, at private vs public hospitals
  • Often, as long as you declare existing conditions or pending treatment or tests, you are covered if you fall ill during your trip (check policy exclusions)
  • Even the best travel insurance companies will likely charge you more if you have a pre-existing medical condition
  • You might have to pay part or all your medical expenses first, then claim on the policy afterwards
  • Even the best travel insurance companies do not cover events that happen after you have consumed alcohol excessively or taken recreational drugs or other substances

Trip cancellation/interruption

This insurance pays out the cost of your missed trip if you have to cancel or cut your holiday short due to unforeseen circumstances.

Young woman in international airport looking at the flight information board, holding passport in her hand, checking her flight

Interruption insurance covers you if you need to cut your holiday short ( Adobe )

For example, cancellation insurance would normally pay out if you broke your leg just before you were due to travel and had to cancel your trip.

Interruption insurance would cover you if you had to come home early for certain reasons beyond your control – for example, if the area you were staying in was engulfed in wildfires.

  • Money you would have lost on pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses is paid to you under the policy
  • It can be especially valuable if the trip you are planning is very expensive, as this is money you would lose if you couldn’t go
  • You’ll usually only be covered if your trip is cancelled or cut short for specific reasons listed in your policy
  • You usually won’t be covered if you miss your flight because you are held by customs or cancel because of a work issue or a pre-existing medical condition that is not covered

Baggage cover

This insurance covers the cost of replacing your luggage if it is lost or stolen.

For example, if an airline loses your luggage in transit or your suitcase is stolen from your hostel while you’re away, you can make a claim for the cost of replacing its contents.

You may also be able to claim for costs related to baggage delay if the airline temporarily misplaced your baggage.

  • You can claim for the actual cash value of your belongings or the cost of replacing them (whichever is less)
  • High-value items, such as jewellery or sports equipment, can be very expensive to replace without travel insurance
  • Standard policies usually place per item and total limits on claims.
  • If you are taking very expensive items away, check your policy carefully to ensure that you’re covered (and potentially get a separate policy)
  • Some items could be covered by your home insurance policy, so check your policy carefully to see what is any isn’t. It’s also important to note that, should a lost item be covered by both policies, you can only claim once; an attempt to claim twice would be considered fraud

Personal liability

This insurance covers you if you are held responsible for harming another person or damaging their property.

For example, it covers you in situations where you cause serious damage to your holiday accommodation or accidentally stumble into someone else, causing them to need medical treatment.

  • The cost of defending yourself in a legal case or repairing/replacing damage could be extremely costly without travel insurance
  • Your travel insurance company will take over dealing with a foreign legal system
  • You’re covered for the cost of any compensation (up to certain limits)
  • Not all travel insurance provides personal liability as standard
  • Policies may exclude personal liability while you partake in adventure activities
  • Claims related to you committing a crime or damage by wilful negligence won’t be covered
  • You likely will not be covered if you admit liability or make an offer to pay before talking to your insurer

Looking for the best travel insurance with Covid cover? Many travel insurance policies now include cancellation cover for reasons related to Covid. This often applies within two weeks of being due to travel, according to the Association of British Insurers, but individual policies can vary.

To make a claim, insurers often require proof in the form of a medically approved positive Covid test. A lateral flow test or self-diagnosis is usually not accepted.

What Covid-related cover to look for

The best travel insurance with Covid cover should include the following:

  • Cover if you can’t start your trip because you tested positive for Covid before travelling
  • Cover if you or family members cannot return home because you/they test positive for Covid during the holiday
  • Cover for additional costs, such as alternative flights, accommodation and Covid tests
  • Cover if you cannot reach your final destination during transit due to Covid-19

Travel insurance providers with comprehensive Covid cover

Looking for the best travel insurance providers with Covid cover? Most travel insurance policies now offer some kind of Covid cover, but Churchill, Direct Line, M&S and Aviva have some of the most comprehensive offerings, with cover for cancellations and expenses related to Covid.

travel insurance uk price

  • Covid covered as standard on travel insurance policies
  • Cover for trip cancellations if you, a close relative or a travelling companion is diagnosed with Covid-19 or another pandemic disease
  • Cover if you or a person you’re planning to stay with must quarantine (abroad or in the UK)
  • Cover if you can’t use pre-booked and pre-paid accommodation affected by Covid-19
  • Cover for quarantine or where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advises against travel within 28 days of departure
  • Cover for emergency medical expenses abroad due to Covid-19

Direct Line

travel insurance uk price

  • Cover for travel to a destination where the FCDO is advising against all but essential travel 
  • Cover for medical expenses if you catch Covid-19 while you’re away 
  • Cover for additional accommodation and transport if you have to quarantine due to Covid
  • Cover for cancellation costs if you or a close relative get Covid-19 before you go
  • Cover for quarantine or if the FCDO changes its advice after you book your trip
  • Cover if you have to cut your trip short if the FCDO changes its country advice unexpectedly

travel insurance uk price

  • Cover for emergency medical expenses if you catch Covid-19 during your trip
  • Cover for unrecoverable costs up to £6,000 if you must cancel your trip or return early, including if you have to self-isolate or quarantine before you travel due to Covid-19
  • Cover for if you need to cancel your trip due to a positive Covid-19 test or if the FCDO advise against travel to your destination in the 31 days leading up to your trip
  • Providing you haven’t travelled against FCDO advice, you’ll also be covered if you catch Covid-19 while abroad

travel insurance uk price

  • Coverage of up to £5,000 per person if you must cancel your trip due to getting Covid (you’ll need to provide confirmation and evidence of a positive test result)
  • Cover for Covid-related emergency medical treatment and expenses while away
  • Cover if you unexpectedly need to quarantine, including extra travel and accommodation costs to get home (provided a return trip was booked) 
  • Cover for costs for any accommodation and excursions unused due to getting Covid where the costs can’t be recovered elsewhere
  • No cover you if you travel against FCDO advice*
  • No cover if you can’t travel because you don’t meet the entry requirements of a country (such as having had Covid vaccinations)*

* It’s worth noting that these clauses are not unusual and the majority of providers will have something similar

Need some help picking the best UK travel insurance packages to make sure that you get the best travel insurance deals? Here are some tips for picking the best policy features for you.

Coverage limits

When looking for the best travel insurance companies to go with, check coverage limits. These are the maximum amounts your travel insurer will pay if you need to claim. You’ll see when you compare travel insurance policies that coverage limits vary for each type of claim and between policies.

The government-backed MoneyHelper website recommends that the best UK travel insurance should have the following minimum coverage for each type of claim:

  • Medical: £1m or more for travel to Europe and £2m or more for the US
  • Cancellation/interruption: £2,000 or more
  • Missed departure: £500 or more
  • Delay: £200 or more
  • Baggage cover: £1,500 or more
  • Personal liability cover: £2 million or more


Deductibles, also known as the excess, is the amount you have to pay out of your own pocket before your travel insurance will start paying for your claim.

You have to make a trade-off when it comes to choosing the excess and the best travel insurance policy for you.

The lower the excess on a travel insurance policy, the better for you if you have to claim because you will have less to pay from your own pocket (or, more often, deducted from your claim).

But lower excess travel insurance policies are more expensive because the insurer knows it has more to pay out if you claim. Higher excess policies are cheaper, but you’ll have more deducted from your claim.

An exclusion on a travel insurance policy is an event the policy will not cover you for.

Common exclusions on a standard travel insurance policy may not be obvious. According to the ABTA – The Travel Association, these include:

  • Incidents that occur after drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs
  • Theft of unattended possessions
  • Sports, extreme sports and activities such as skiing, white water rafting and bungee jumping
  • Medical treatment resulting from existing medical conditions you have not declared or conditions preventable by vaccine or advisable medication, such as antimalarials
  • Medical costs if you stay abroad after your doctor says you are fit to return to the UK
  • Strikes and industrial action if it was known when you booked your trip
  • Rescheduled flights where the airline has cancelled and then rescheduled your flight
  • Travel to destinations where the FCDO advises against all but essential travel

To get the best travel insurance deals, one way around some of these exclusions is to buy add-ons for adventure activities. In addition, make sure to declare all pre-existing conditions and keep an eye out for any travel disruptions before you book.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions are illnesses or medical conditions you have and are aware of before you travel.

Travel insurance companies will ask you to disclose any pre-existing conditions. If you use a comparison website, it will be among the first questions you’re asked before it shows you quotes. It’s important to be honest.

Some travel insurance companies, but not all, will offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions, while others will offer cover but exclude any claims arising from that medical condition. This will depend on the person being covered and the medical condition.

Most price comparison websites include an option to show insurers who do offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, so that would be a good place to start.

The following are likely to be considered pre-existing conditions you should disclose, according to the government-backed MoneyHelper website:

  • A condition where you are on a list for an operation
  • A condition where you are waiting for test results
  • Anything you have been to the doctor about in the last year, including minor things
  • Any serious conditions you’ve ever had – for example, cancer, heart trouble, respiratory problems or a mental health breakdown

A good tip for everyone, but especially if you have a pre-existing condition, is to buy your travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. If your condition gets worse and forces you to cancel your plans, you’ll be covered from the day the policy starts.

On family group policies, the cost will be determined based on the riskiest traveller (according to insurers), which could be someone with a pre-existing condition or an older individual. In this case, it is often cheaper for the group for that person to get a separate policy.

Add-ons are extras you can purchase in addition to a standard travel insurance policy. They cost a bit more, but you may find you’re not covered without them. 

Gadget insurance

This covers things that a standard policy may not, such as your mobile phone or laptop. If these items are covered, you may find the claim limits are far less than the cost of replacing them.

Close-up of a person holding a phone taking a picture of a beaut

Gadget insurance costs relatively little but could be worth for peace of mind ( Adobe )

Before you add this option to your travel insurance, check your home insurance policy, because you may already be covered.

Winter sports/adventure activities

Riskier activities, such as skiing or white water rafting, often require extra holiday insurance because insurers think that you are more likely to need to make a claim doing these things.

Winter sports/adventure activities cover is worth getting, or you may find you are not covered for medical expenses if something goes wrong.

Standard travel insurance is generally meant for land-based holidays so you’ll need to opt for a specialist cruise policy if your holiday is a cruise.

European FCDO travel advice extension

Most standard travel insurance policies are invalid if you travel when the FCDO advises against “all but essential travel”.

This add-on allows you to travel to Europe with a valid travel insurance policy, even if the FCDO has advised against it.

This can be an expensive add-on, but if you really must travel to a risky area, you will need this extension in order to make sure you have cover.

Looking for the best travel insurance deals from the best travel insurance companies? In most cases, the easiest way to find the best travel insurance deals is to use a comparison website. Travel insurance comparison websites let you compare costs and coverage side by side to find the best UK travel insurance.

The four main comparison websites – Moneysupermarket, Comparethemarket, Confused.com and GoCompare – also often have certain deals and discounts when you buy travel insurance from them, offering some of the best travel insurance deals on the market.

Moneysupermarket : Find the same deal for less, and it will price match and give you a choice of a £20 gift card. Only on annual travel insurance.

Comparethemarket : 2 for 1 cinema tickets with Meerkat Movies and savings at restaurants when you dine out or order pizza in with Meerkat Meals, as well as 25 per cent off coffee and pastries at Caffè Nero every day of the week through the Meerkat app.

(In July 2023, Confused.com and GoCompare had no deals or discounts for travel insurance).

Price is obviously a big consideration when you are looking for the best travel insurance – you’ve probably already spent a lot on your holiday. But you may be able to get much better coverage for just a few pounds extra, so it’s worth scrolling down the comparison site’s list of providers before buying.

Medical costs abroad will undoubtedly be the biggest expense you face if you fall ill abroad, so don’t scrimp on those.

Then think about your next biggest expense (probably cancellation/interruption of your trip) and make sure that you have high-value coverage for that.

If you find you can get much higher coverage (the maximum amount you can claim per type of claim, such as medical or baggage) for not very much more money, go for the slightly more expensive option.

Going direct

Comparison sites won’t always find you the cheapest deals, however. For example, Direct Line offers some of the best travel insurance with Covid cover and is not on comparison websites.

Some of the best travel insurance companies also offer discounts for buying directly from them, as follows:

Direct Line : Get 20 per cent off annual European travel insurance.

LV : 15 per cent discount when you buy travel insurance online.

Tesco : Clubcard members get a 10 per cent discount when buying direct. There’s also 10 per cent off travel insurance when you buy Tesco travel money.

Co-op : 10 per cent online discount for Co-op members.

AA : 10 per cent off when buying direct online. Plus, AA members pay no excess.

M&S : 10 per cent discount for new policies purchased online.

Bundled coverage options

When looking for the best travel insurance for your holiday, it can make sense to buy a bundle of coverage under one policy.

Comparison websites will often offer add-on gadget cover, winter sports cover or cruise cover all under the one policy. If you need that extra cover, it is typically cheaper to buy your travel insurance this way rather than as separate policies.

Choosing the right travel insurance is an essential part of enjoying peace of mind while you are on holiday.

When looking for the best travel insurance deals, don’t just pick the cheapest policy. Instead, look for the cover limits that match your requirements. For example, baggage cover of £5,000 isn’t worth having if your baggage is worth £1,000; cancellation cover up to £10,000 isn’t worth having if your holiday cost you £2,000.

The easiest way to compare the best travel insurance is usually by using a travel insurance comparison website.

Think about the sort of activities you’ll be doing while you’re away. You may need extra holiday insurance for things such as winter sports or scuba diving or if you are going on a cruise.

Be honest about any pre-existing conditions when buying your travel insurance, or you won’t be covered if you have to claim.

The best travel insurance is a safety net for you and your family to enjoy your trip away stress-free, knowing that you’re covered for everything from medical expenses to cancellations if things go wrong.

Is travel insurance necessary for domestic travel within the UK?

Even where medical costs in the UK are covered by the NHS, a sudden illness could lead to other expenses, forcing you to cancel your trip, the costs of which travel insurance would cover.

Lost or stolen luggage and broken gadgets or other claims for damage can just as easily occur in the UK as abroad.

What is annual travel insurance, and is it a good option for frequent travellers?

Annual travel insurance is a policy that covers you for multiple trips away within any 12-month period. It is often cheaper than buying a separate policy for each trip if you are planning to go away multiple times in one year.

Annual travel insurance is also useful if you are planning a long trip visiting several countries, as often insurers require you to buy travel insurance before you leave the UK rather than abroad mid-trip.

Are there any travel insurance companies that specialise in certain types of trips or travellers?

Specialist travel insurers cater to specific groups of people. It can make sense to seek out travel insurers that cover your needs.

Adventures Insurance, Sports Cover Direct and Snowcard tailor their travel insurance to those who enjoy activity holidays and extreme sports, for example.

Senior travellers are the focus of policies from All Clear, Avanti, Co-op Insurance Services, Free Spirit Flex, Good 2 Go Extra, Goodtogo Insurance, Saga, Staysure and Total Travel Protection.

Insurers offering business trip cover include Allianz, Direct Line, Coverwise and Insure & Go.

How do I make a claim with my travel insurance company?

To claim on your travel insurance while you are away, make sure that you take your policy number with you and the emergency number for your insurer. If you are travelling abroad, take any international numbers too.

Call your insurer as soon as you realise you need to make a claim. Keep all receipts and medical expense forms. If you are travelling with other people, make them aware of your policy details and the insurer’s phone number in case they need to call on your behalf.

To make a claim when you return home, check the following:

  • You haven’t left it too late to make a claim
  • What you’re claiming for is covered
  • The excess is not more than the value of your claim (if so, it’s not worth claiming)

Notify your insurer as soon as possible for a claim form, send it back fast and keep a copy of it. You should also include copies of paperwork to support your claim, such as receipts or medical certificates (keep copies of the originals in case your claim is queried or refused).

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How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost UK (2023)?

Compare Cheap Travel Insurance

Save money. Compare 20 providers.

Travel insurance for a single, week-long trip starts from around £11 for a trip to Europe (or £30 for a trip to America); cover for multiple trips throughout the year starts from around £11 if you're only going to Europe (or £29 if you need worldwide cover)—but prices are higher for older travellers , if you want worldwide or USA cover and for families . How much will you pay?

  • Single Trip vs. Multitrip Policy Costs
  • Cost of Travel Insurance by Age
  • Cost of Travel Insurance by Destination
  • Budget vs. Premium Travel Insurance

Cost of Travel Insurance for a Family

How much does travel insurance cost single vs. annual multitrip.

Surprisingly, research by NimbleFins found that annual, multitrip travel insurance policies can be cheaper than buying cover for a single trip—depending where you're going, and for how long. Keep this in mind if you're considering buying a single trip policy, and check quotes for annual policies as well since these can cover additional trips over the coming year.

Annual policies covering Europe may cost the same as single trip travel insurance. For example, to buy a budget plan covering Europe, Brits would pay from around £10.90 for a single-trip policy to cover a 10-day trip—and the same for an annual multi-trip policy. This means that if you’ll travel more than once per year , multitrip travel insurance should be more economical for you; but this won't be the case for all providers.

In fact, cover for a single trip to the US can be more expensive than buying an annual, multitrip policy with worldwide cover, including the US. Our research showed that the average cost of the 10 cheapest plans available for a 10-day US trip was £29.9—which is more expensive than the result for the cost of an annual policy with worldwide cover. So before buying cover for a single US trip take a look at multitrip plans, especially if you plan to travel again within the year.

chart Comparing Average Costs of Single and Annual Multi-Trip UK Travel Insurance

Note: Figures represent the average of ten cheapest quotes found for a 30-year-old solo traveller. Single trip is for 10 nights.

A good travel insurance plan can help alleviate the financial repercussions and worries of a holiday gone wrong. While cover varies from policy to policy, most basic policies will include medical emergencies, cancellation cover (e.g., if you fall ill and can’t travel), personal liability, flight delay (e.g., due to weather) and baggage (e.g., loss, theft or damage to personal belongings).

Average Cost of Cheap Travel Insurance by Age

The cost of travel insurance is a bit high for younger travellers aged 20, then prices come down are are relatively stable for people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. By 60 years of age price rise around 40-50%. But by the time you're 70 or 80 years old prices really jump up.

A healthy 80 year old would pay around 10X as much as a 30 year old—add in some pre-existing conditions and prices will be even higher. This premium for older policyholders has risen since the onset of the pandemic—80 year olds used to be 7X more expensive to insure than 30 year olds. It's not surprising considering the potentially high health costs associated with at-risk older passengers.

Prices below reflect the average of the 10 cheapest plans found for different ages; reflects plans that have cover equivalent to 3 out of 5 stars or more.

Chart showing the cost of UK travel insurance those in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost by Destination?

The cost of travel insurance can vary greatly depending on the geographic area(s) covered by a policy. Generally speaking, travel insurance for Europe will be cheapest; countries in North America are the most expensive . For example, a solo traveller going to a European country like France can pay as little as £10 to cover a 10-day trip; cover for America would be more than 3X the price, around £30. In the following table and chart you can see the average price of cheap travel insurance by destination for single trip policies (below that we show costs for annual, multitrip policies).

chart Comparing Average Costs of Single Trip UK Travel Insurance by Destination

Similar to single trip policies, when buying an annual, multitrip policy you're likely to pay the most if you include cover for America, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. These countries are typically bundled together when buying annual, multitrip travel insurance. For example, a 30-year-old traveller pays around £12 for Europe but £28.5 for Worldwide Cover (including USA).

chart Comparing Average Costs of Single Trip UK Travel Insurance by Destination

Insurance to the USA is expensive largely due to the high cost of medical treatment in America. Travel insurance to Europe is cheaper in part because many travel insurance providers require you to have an EHIC card before traveling—an EHIC card provides free or reduced-cost health care to residents of the EEA and Switzerland as they travel within the region. Since Brits can have health care in Europe covered through the EHIC programme, insurers expect lower medical costs for European travel and can reduce premiums as a result.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost: Basic vs Premium Policies

Buy cover to protect your holiday today!

Some insurers offer an array of policies, from the most basic coverage to comprehensive coverage with all the bells and whistles. All else being equal, a policy offering a higher coverage amount typically costs more, and may charge a lower excess should you need to claim. In addition, premium policies may include additional coverage categories that are not included in cheaper, more basic policies. For example, SAFI or ESF , passport replacement, delayed departure, valuables, etc. are more likely to be found on more premium plans.

Should you pay more for a premium plan? Besides the additional coverage features you might find on a premium plan, it's worth noting that the additional price you pay for larger coverage amounts is usually small relative to the additional coverage. For example, plans with £5,000 of cancellation cover don't cost 5x as much as plans with £1,000 of cancellation cover—in fact, you'd usually pay less than 2x as much for a £5k cancellation plan as you'd pay for a £1k plan on average.

chart Comparing Average Costs of UK Travel Insurance by amount of cancellation cover

Insuring a family of four luckily doesn't cost 4x as much as insuring a solo traveller—it costs around 2-2.5x as much, give or take. For example, cheap multitrip travel insurance with worldwide cover for two children and two adults costs around £89 per year (vs. £40 for a solo traveller).

chart costs of cheaper travel insurance for a family of four

Paying for Extra Cover

Travel insurance add ons like golf, winter sports , weddings, cruises , etc. will increase your premium.

In some cases features like Travel Disruption cover need to be purchased as an optional add on, if available. This can be key cover to protect against events like the coronavirus outbreak .

You are also likely to pay more for travel insurance if you have any pre-existing medical conditions .


To determine the average cost of travel insurance for UK consumers, we first collected hundreds of travel insurance quotes. To get an idea of the true cost of a "cheap" policy, that is, how much someone might need to pay to secure cover, we averaged the 10 cheapest quotes to reflect costs for a range of policies at the low end of prices.

Other than the "age" section, our sample traveller was 30 years old and healthy with no pre-existing conditions.

Erin Yurday is the CEO, Co-founder and Editor of NimbleFins. Prior to NimbleFins, she worked as an investment professional and as the finance expert in Stanford University's Graduate School of Business case writing team. Read more on LinkedIn .

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars**
  • Quotes from 20 providers

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Compare travel insurance quotes

Search for single-trip, annual and specialist travel insurance,, with money.co.uk and uswitch travel insurance options..

travel insurance uk price

What is travel insurance?

Woman wearing sunglasses

Travel insurance is a policy that can protect you should an accident or loss occur, prior or during your trip in the UK or abroad.

The protection can cover you in case your flight is cancelled, your hotel is unavailable, you fall sick or are injured while you are away. Or your belongings, gadgets or money are lost or stolen. 

You can buy individual, couple or family travel insurance, and you can choose from a single trip to a named destination, or a multi-trip policy which lasts for a year.

You might need to take out a specialist policy or specify if you plan to undertake water sports or skiing, if you're going on a cruise, or if you have any existing medical conditions.

How it works

Enter your details.

Enter your details Tell us a bit about your business – such as name, industry and turnover.

Compare covers

See how much different types of insurance would cost you.

Apply or save

Start your policy straight away, or save your personalised quote for 30 days.

COVID-19 and travel insurance

It's important to get travel insurance to cover a range of risks, and find out how much you insurer will provide for COVID-19 related issues.

If you decide to travel against government advice or to a country that the FCO advises against travelling to, then you will not be covered by a travel insurance policy.

Do I need travel insurance?

Young kids in travel costumes

It's not a legal requirement to have travel insurance, but is a very good idea. Firstly, you will be covered if your holiday is cancelled or your hotel is unavailable.

You will also be covered for medical expenses, which is very important when you are outside the UK as most countries do not offer free healthcare.

If you were to need urgent medical treatment in the US or Europe, you would be charged for your care. That could run into hundreds and maybe thousands of pounds.

What our customers say

Types of travel insurance, single trip travel insurance.

Single trip travel insurance , covers you just for one holiday to one destination and is the cheapest option if you just have one trip arranged.

Annual travel insurance

Annual travel insurance , covers multiple trips abroad during a 12-month period. You will need to specify what countries you are planning to visit. For example, if you are only planning to travel within Europe it will be cheaper than a worldwide policy.

Worldwide policy

If you're travelling outside Europe, you will need to buy a worldwide policy. The price will depend on where you are going to visit. For example, a trip to the US will increase the cost of your travel insurance because medical care there is very expensive.

When to take out travel insurance

When you book a trip it's a good idea to book travel insurance at the same time

Be prepared to change your travel plans and/or cancel

Flexible flights or holiday packages make it easier to make alternations in the future

At this point in time, no one can reliably predict how travel rules and regulations might change this summer.

Although travel insurance can cover you for some risks, it will not cover every possible problem connected with the coronavirus.

What is the best travel insurance to get?

Mother and daughter in pool

The best type of travel insurance is the one that best fits the holiday you are going on.

If you're making a single trip and don’t plan any more holidays this year, a straightforward policy to the country you are visiting will be most suitable.

However, if you're planning a couple of holidays, or have an itinerary with multiple trips, you may be better getting an annual travel insurance policy. 

The whole process should only take a couple of minutes:

put in the details of your party


dates of travel

When you have chosen which cover you would like to buy you can filter the results based on medical cover, cancellation cover, baggage cover or the amount of excess you need to accept.

What cover is there for healthcare post Brexit?

Many people may still have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which entitles UK citizens to healthcare within the EU. It is not a substitute for travel insurance, but it does cover you if you are ill or have an accident in an EU country. The Brexit agreement means that the EHIC cards can still be used until their expiry date. They cover pre-existing medical conditions and there are an estimated 27 million in issue.

Once your EHIC has expired, or if you have never had a EHIC, you will need to apply for a new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). Unlike the EHIC, the GHIC does not cover medical treatment in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. The GHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance as it does not cover repatriation, cancelled flights, or problems with your accommodation.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance can help cover your costs or reimburse you if:

You fall ill or are injured while you’re away

Your possessions are lost, damaged or stolen

Your trip is cancelled or abandoned for a specified reason

Depending on the type of policy you choose, you could be covered for extras such as delayed baggage, loss of travel documents, missed excursions and many more.

You might need to take out a specialist policy or specify if you plan to undertake any extreme or winter sports, if you are going on a cruise, or if you have any existing medical conditions.

Some policies exclude more dangerous activities such as riding jet skis or scuba diving.

You can take out a travel insurance policy for just yourself, joint cover for you and partner, or insurance for your whole family or group.

Find more details on  what travel insurance covers .

Why would you need travel insurance?

In the UK we are used to having free healthcare and free treatment at hospitals for Accident and Emergency, but this is not the case in the rest of the world.

Many countries ask people to pay for medical treatment and this can end up being very expensive if you need medical help while you are abroad particularly in the United States with some medical bills reaching tens of thousands of pounds. Some private hospitals will refuse to treat you unless you can prove that you will be able to settle your medical bill, or you have travel insurance policy documents to show them.

A travel insurance policy will mean that you can claim back any costs that you incur if you are sick or injured while you are away, as well as the cost of flying you home if you need further treatment in the UK.

A holiday insurance policy also covers you if your flight is cancelled or your hotel is not available, and if you lose valuables or money during your trip. It gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your holiday

When should I buy travel insurance cover?

It might be tempting to put it off until your suitcases are packed, but it’s advisable to get travel insurance as soon as your holiday is booked.

If you buy travel insurance with cancellation cover, you’ll be covered from the moment you buy the policy, rather than the start of your trip. That means you can claim if your flight or holiday is cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control.

It’s worth checking the policy details as most insurers will lay out specific circumstances in which they will pay out on cancellation cover, for example if you can no longer travel because you fall ill, become unemployed, or have to deal with the death of a family member.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Cover could cost as little as a few pounds for a short trip in Europe, for example, but the cost will vary depending on how comprehensive the policy is and any extras that are included.

The price will depend on many factors including where you are travelling to, your age, and how much cover you need.

You might find it’s more expensive to cover cruises, winter sports and existing medical conditions — but it’s important to weigh up the value of the cover compared to the cost of your holiday. You should also consider the cost of receiving emergency medical care, as this can quickly build up to thousands in the worst case.

You can find out how much travel insurance will cost you by getting a quote below. It takes just a few minutes and you don’t need to provide many details.

How to compare travel insurance

Don’t just choose the cheapest travel insurance. Use our travel insurance comparison tool to look at the options available and select the best travel insurance for you based on where you are going and what cover you will need.

Getting a travel insurance quote

Our travel insurance comparison tool means when you need to compare travel insurance, getting a quote is simple and easy. Firstly, put in where you are going and for how long, then provide details of yourself and the other people in your party. You will need to let us know if anyone has a pre-existing medical condition. Once you have put in all the details, we will give you a quote or a range of quotes. The whole process should only take a couple of minutes. When you have chosen which cover you would like to buy you can filter the results based on medical cover, cancellation cover, baggage cover or the amount of excess you need to accept.

If you have a pre-existing condition, you can still get a quote. These conditions could include cancer, stroke, serious heart, respiratory and terminal conditions.

Some insurers might not cover you if you already have a serious medical condition, or if you have a number of conditions. Others might only offer insurance at a much higher price. If you're unable to find suitable cover, the Money and Pension Service (MaPS) has also set up a directory of insurers willing to cover customers with pre-existing medical conditions.

You can contact the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) or you can telephone 0800 138 7777.

Then when you have chosen the right travel insurance cover for you, you can buy online by clicking through. It is that simple!

COVID-19 restrictions

Am i covered for covid-19 by travel insurance.

A travel insurance policy should cover you if you're unable to travel because you have tested positive for COVID-19. You'll likely need to provide proof of this when you make your claim.

However, each insurance policy will be different, therefore, it's important to look at the small print when you are comparing policies.

What if my destination goes into lockdown or won’t admit me?

UK travel insurance companies will most likely follow the advice of the Foreign Office regarding travelling abroad if there's another lockdown.

If the Foreign Office advice is not to travel, your UK travel insurance will probably not cover you for travel. In this event you may be able to rearrange flights for a later date or different destination.

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travel insurance uk price

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travel insurance uk price

Find out if annual travel insurance (also known as multi-trip cover) is the best choice for you. All your questions answered, plus tips for getting the best deal.

travel insurance uk price

Holiday checklist for your finances

This is a holiday checklist with in a difference; instead of telling you what to put in your suitcase, it tells you what you need in your wallet.

Privacy policy

Suitcase full of clothes

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Last updated: July 27, 2023

travel insurance uk price

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On This Page

  • Key takeaways

Europe travel information & requirements

Do i need travel insurance to visit europe, what does travel insurance for europe cover, what isn’t covered by european travel insurance, how much does travel insurance for europe cost, how to get the best travel insurance for europe, europe travel insurance faqs, related topics.

Europe Travel Insurance: Your Essential Coverage Guide

Leigh Morgan


  • Based on our research, o ur top picks for travel insurance for Europe come from Tin Leg, Generali, and Seven Corners.
  • If you have an emergency while traveling overseas, your insurance plan can reimburse you for some of your losses.
  • American medical insurance doesn’t cover the cost of receiving health care in Europe , so it’s especially important to get medical and medevac insurance when traveling in Europe.
  • In addition to medical costs, a comprehensive travel insurance plan can also help cover costs associated with cancellations, delays, lost baggage, and more.
  • While cheap insurance with basic coverage can cost as little as $1 per day, you can expect to pay around $8 to $11 per day for more extensive travel insurance.
  • To compare plans and find the right policy to suit your needs, we recommend using an online comparison tool .

From the luxury resorts of Monaco to the sauerkraut in Germany, Europe has a little something for everyone.

If you’re planning a getaway, it’s important to have travel insurance before embarking on your European adventure. This type of insurance reimburses your prepaid expenses if you’re injured, come down with a serious illness, or experience other problems outside of your control.

To help you plan a trip that goes off without a hitch, we put together this guide to traveling to Europe from the United States. Find out about the visa and passport requirements, discover why it’s so important to have travel insurance for Europe , and learn more about our top picks for comprehensive coverage.

Consult the table below for a quick overview of the requirements for traveling from the United States to Europe

Are there COVID-19 restrictions for entering Europe?

As of September 2023, most countries have eliminated their COVID-19 screening requirements. However, the situation may change at any time, as SARS-CoV-2 mutates regularly. It is there for advisable that you take out a travel insurance policy that offers COVID-19 coverage .

Do I need a visa to travel to Europe?

In most European countries, including the  27 countries in the Schengen Zone , you don’t need a visa for trips lasting 90 days or less. You do need a visa if you plan to travel to Turkey or the Russian Federation, regardless of how long you plan to stay.

If you plan to stay in the country for more than 90 days, you may need a Schengen visa or a country-specific visa. The Schengen visa allows you to travel between countries in the Schengen Area without going through a check at every border crossing.

The table below shows the tourist visa requirements for European countries.

Standard European travel insurance usually covers every country in the European Union (now excluding the UK ) and the Schengen Zone. If you plan to travel to either country, make sure your insurance plan will cover you. If you plan to travel to a non-Schengen, non-EU country, ask your agent to write a custom policy that includes every destination on your itinerary. Alternatively, you can purchase an annual insurance plan that covers you for multiple trips and destinations. 

Although you don’t have to officially buy travel insurance unless you plan to apply for a visa, it’s wise to buy coverage even if it’s not required. Travel insurance protects against losses associated with medical emergencies, travel delays, lost or stolen luggage, and a wide range of other travel-related problems as we can see below.

Risk of falling victim to street crime

Instances of pickpocketing, general theft, financial scams, and street muggings are not uncommon throughout Europe, as highlighted by the European Crime Prevention Network . Such acts of opportunist theft often happen throughout major European cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, and Rome, places where there are a high number of visiting tourists with their guard down. Therefore, it’s important that you keep your valuables out of sight and secure, especially when visiting popular tourist sites and traveling on public transport.

Purchasing a travel insurance policy that covers you for loss of items can go a long way to relieving any stress you receive from falling victim to pickpockets and thieves during your vacation to Europe.

Risk of terrorism 

Much like the rest of the Western world, Europe remains on high alert for the risk of terrorist attacks, especially in recent years, especially from Islamic and political extremists - as seen in the official Europol data . Although Europol and local law enforcement strive to keep the risk of attack relatively low, it is not without basis that attacks can happen.

Therefore, it’s important for US citizens to take out travel insurance that covers them for emergency medical coverage and emergency evacuation coverage, should the worst happen while they are on their European vacation.

Political unrest

Political demonstrations, industrial strikes, and even riots are not uncommon across many European nations, especially in the nation’s capitals. As seen in the recent Paris riots in 2023 , these demonstrations can spill out across the city and cause chaos to both tourists and locals alike.

Having an insurance plan that covers you for any trip interruptions, cancellations, and medical coverage for any unforeseen accidents you may face is ideal when traveling across Europe.

Outdoor activities

Visitors to Europe can enjoy a huge range of outdoor activities. Whether this is hiking through the foothills of the Alps, scaling the numerous mountains scattered across the continent, swimming and boating along its endless shores, or an exciting mix of all - this all comes with its own particular risks.

If you plan to enjoy the endless opportunities of the great outdoors while vacating in Europe, it’s essential that you have a travel insurance policy that covers you for sporting and adventure pursuits. 

Risk of a driving accident 

Generally speaking, driving in Europe is a safe affair. However, it is important to remember that each country has its own unique driving conditions and rules, as can be seen on the official website of the EU . It’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules and driving customs of any European country you are visiting.

If you are planning to hire a vehicle while vacating in Europe, you should consider taking out rental care travel insurance that covers accidents, theft, and vandalism. Also, considering the general risks while driving on unfamiliar roads, emergency medical coverage is a must.

European travel insurance usually bundles several types of coverage into a single policy. Here are some of the most common types of travel insurance available:

Trip cancellation insurance

If you have to cancel your trip for no fault of your own, trip cancellation insurance reimburses you for all prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses up to the limit outlined in your policy. For example, this type of travel insurance may cover the cost of flights, prepaid hotels, and prepaid excursions. Some policies will also offer cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage . This allows you to cancel your trip for any reason and claim back between 50% and 70% of your total prepaid travel expenses.

Trip delay insurance

These days, flight delays are common. It’s also possible for a cruise ship, ferry, or bus to depart later than scheduled, causing you to miss your connection. If this happens while you’re traveling in Europe, trip delay insurance will cover meals, lodging, and other expenses incurred due to the delay. To use this type of travel insurance, you must be using a common carrier, which is a company that provides transportation services to the public.

Trip interruption insurance

It’s no fun ending a trip early, but it’s even less fun if you lose money on prepaid lodging, meals, and other expenses. Trip interruption insurance takes the sting out of this situation by reimbursing you for the unused portion of your trip.

Travel medical insurance

Your American health insurance won’t pick up the tab if you need medical care while you’re in Europe. Therefore, it’s important to buy travel medical insurance . A travel medical insurance policy covers lab tests, X-rays, and other medical expenses. This type of insurance also covers the cost of repatriation, which is when you leave Europe and return to the United States.

Medical evacuation insurance

In addition to your travel medical insurance, you should have medical evacuation insurance , better known as medevac coverage. It would be convenient to get sick less than 1 mile away from a hospital, but many emergency situations occur in remote areas without immediate access to medical care.

This type of travel insurance pays to transport you to the closest suitable medical facility. For example, if you sustain serious injuries while skiing or hiking, your insurer will cover the cost of having a helicopter transport you to a trauma center.

Insurance for personal items

Comprehensive travel insurance usually covers baggage loss, baggage theft, and damage to the personal items in your luggage. For example, if your duffel bag gets stuck in a machine at the airport, your travel insurance may cover the cost of replacing some of your damaged belongings.

Rental car coverage

If you plan to travel around town in a rented vehicle, consider getting rental car coverage for extra peace of mind. This type of insurance covers accidents, theft, and vandalism.

Our top picks for Europe travel insurance

Tin Leg

Seven Corners

Generali global assistance.

Standard travel insurance covers many things, but it usually excludes the following:

  • Intentional acts:   If you damage a rental car on purpose, your travel insurance won’t pay a dime.
  • Pre-existing conditions:   Travel health insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, which are health problems that you have before you travel to Europe. For example, if you’ve had hypertension for 10 years, your travel insurance won’t pay any medical expenses associated with a hypertensive crisis. If you are aware of any ongoing illnesses, it is advisable to purchase insurance for pre-existing conditions .
  • Reasonably foreseeable events:   An emergency is a serious, unexpected event, so you don’t know when it’s going to occur. With a reasonably foreseeable event, there is some indication that an emergency might happen. If you choose to travel anyway, your travel insurance won’t cover any costs associated with trip cancellations, trip delays or trip interruptions.
  • Injuries caused by risky activities:   SCUBA diving, skydiving, and mountain climbing are risky. Standard travel insurance doesn’t cover medical expenses associated with these activities, so you’ll need to buy a policy that includes coverage for adventure sports.
  • Government travel restrictions:   Your insurance company has no control over how a government conducts its business. Therefore, if one of the countries you’re visiting decides to implement new travel restrictions during your trip, travel insurance won’t cover any of the associated costs.

Travel insurance for a trip to Europe can be as cheap as around $1 per day for very basic coverage. For a comprehensive policy, you can typically expect to pay $8 to $11 per day.

To give you a better idea of how much travel insurance for Europe costs we got price quotes for a trip to Ireland from three different insurance providers.

For each quote, we applied the following travel details:

  • Age: 35 years old
  • Destination: Ireland
  • Trip Length: 7 days
  • Trip cost: $2,000

This table displays three quotes for basic travel insurance plans where plans don’t reimburse the full trip costs:

If you want to purchase more comprehensive travel insurance that covers trip cancellations and interruptions, your premium will be more expensive:

It’s important to understand that many factors influence the cost of travel insurance.

  • Age:   Older people have a higher risk of developing serious injuries. Travel insurance providers account for this risk with higher prices. However, there is also the opportunity to purchase specific travel insurance for seniors - these policies are designed with elderly travelers in mind.
  • Trip length:   The longer your trip is, the more money you’re likely to spend. Insurers charge more for long trips to account for the increased cost of reimbursing you for delays, cancellations, and other problems.
  • Destination:   Some destinations are a bit riskier than others. Insurance companies charge higher premiums to avoid losing money on claims.

To get the best travel insurance for Europe, follow these tips:

Plan your itinerary carefully

The cost of travel insurance depends on your destination and the type of transportation you plan to use.

Purchase extra coverage if you plan to participate in adventure activities

Most travel insurance plans don’t cover adventure activities, so be sure to purchase additional protection if you plan to take part in such plans

Think about how much flexibility you want

If there’s a good chance you’ll experience an unexpected hiccup, consider purchasing a comprehensive policy rather than a basic one

Do I need travel insurance for Europe?

In most cases, travel insurance isn’t required, but you should get it anyway. This type of insurance gives you extra peace of mind in the event you experience a delay, cancellation, or other problem outside of your control.

Is travel insurance for Europe worth it?

Absolutely, travel insurance is worth it . You never know when you’ll come down with a serious illness or experience some other type of emergency. It’s good to have travel insurance to reimburse you for your losses.

How much does travel insurance for a trip to Europe cost?

It depends on your age, destination, and trip cost. For the most basic coverage, you can purchase a policy for as little as $1 per day. A more extensive travel insurance policy for Europe will generally cost between $8 and $11 per day.

Can I use my U.S. health insurance in Europe?

No. Your U.S. health insurance won’t cover any medical expenses incurred in Europe

Leigh Morgan is a personal finance writer with 15 years of freelance experience. She specializes in topics like zero-based budgeting and emergency fund development. Before writing, she managed a real estate portfolio of rental properties worth $34 million.

In the last 5 years, she’s authored over 300 articles for credit unions, digital banks, and financial professionals. Morgan is also the author of “77 Tips for Preventing Elder Financial Abuse,” a book focused on helping caregivers protect the elderly from financial scams.

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Enjoy Even More Peace of Mind with Our New & Improved Princess Vacation Protection

Life can be unpredictable but you can rely on princess vacation protection.

One of the most common questions we hear from our guests is, ‘Should I buy travel protection?’ If you want to spend more time relaxing and less time worrying about the unexpected, the answer is ‘yes’. That’s why we offer Princess Vacation Protection (PVP), which provides a cancellation fee waiver1 plus travel insurance benefits2 and 24-hour worldwide CareFree™ Travel Assistance 3 . Help protect in the event of unforeseen illness, including COVID-19, trip delays, baggage issues and more. It’s a convenient way to help ease your worries before setting sail.

Your benefits just got better – and you can still enjoy low prices!

New improvements:.

  • Increased benefits up to 150% of vacation cost for Trip Interruptions.
  • Increased Emergency Evacuation benefits up to $50,000 for the standard plan and $75,000 for the platinum plan.*

Benefits at a Glance

Cancel for any reason 1.

Cancellation Fee Waiver 1  (Non-insurance features provided by Princess Cruises) Life is unpredictable… but you can rely on Princess Vacation Protection. If you need to cancel for specified reasons outlined in the Cancellation Fee Waiver section of the plan, you’ll receive a refund of your cancellation fees. If you need to cancel for any reason not listed in the plan, under the “Any Reason” Cancellation Enhancement feature, you’ll receive 75% of the cancellation fee amount in the form of future cruise credits under our Standard plan and 100% under the Platinum plan.

travel insurance uk price

Trip Interruptions

If you need to interrupt your trip due to a covered reason such as an illness or injury, you are eligible for reimbursement of prepaid cruise/land arrangements made through Princess and/or the cost of one-way airfare to get you home.

travel insurance uk price

Medical Evacuation

Princess Vacation Protection also provides coverage in case your medical condition requires emergency evacuation to an appropriate medical facility.

travel insurance uk price

Medical Expenses

Most medical expenses are covered in case you become sick or injured during your trip.

travel insurance uk price

Trip Delays

If you are delayed starting your trip or returning home, you may be reimbursed for expenses that were not arranged through Princess – including meals, hotel, and transportation.

travel insurance uk price

Personal Belongings

Your baggage is also covered in the event it is damaged, lost, stolen, or delayed to your destination.

travel insurance uk price

24/7 Support

Need help? You will have access to 24/7 worldwide assistance for travel, medical, and emergency services.

The plan terms, conditions and exclusions are available online:

Princess Vacation Protection Pricing

Princess Cruises offers two levels of PVP – Standard & Platinum. Both products include a Cancellation Fee Waiver and Cancel for Any Reason Credit Feature 1  plus travel insurance benefits 2  and 24-hour worldwide CareFree™ Travel Assistance 3 .

Captain’s Circle Loyalty Benefit

Available in both a Standard and Platinum plan, choose the plan you want based on the coverage and plan price that works best for you. Captain’s Circle members who have achieved Ruby, Platinum or Elite status who elect to purchase Standard PVP automatically receive a complimentary upgrade to PVP Platinum; we’ll pay the difference in plan cost on your behalf.

3 Ways to Purchase Princess Vacation Protection

Princess Vacation Protection can be purchased at the time of booking or up until final payment. You are considered enrolled as soon as the plan cost has been paid.

  • When you  Book your Cruise  on Princess.com
  • Call 1-800-Princess or contact your Travel Advisor
  • Already Booked Guests can purchase in  Cruise Personalizer

Product Details

Cancellation Fee Waiver 1 (Non-insurance features provided by Princess Cruises)

Life is unpredictable… but you can rely on Princess Vacation Protection. If you need to cancel for specified reasons outlined in the Cancellation Fee Waiver section of the plan you’ll receive a refund of your cancellation fees. If you need to cancel for any reason not listed in the plan, under the “Any Reason” Cancellation Enhancement feature, you’ll receive 75% of the cancellation fee amount in the form of future cruise credits under our Standard plan and 100% under the Platinum plan.

Travel Insurance Benefits 2 (Underwritten by Nationwide®)

Sail through your vacation with less to worry about.

Trip Interruption:  Up to 150% total trip cost reimbursement for missed, prepaid cruise arrangements and/or the cost of one-way airfare if you must start your vacation late or need to come home early due to illness, injury and more.

Trip Delay:  Up to $500 for any pre-cruise trip delay expenses and/or post-cruise trip delay expenses up to $1,500 (not to exceed $1,500 for both pre- and post-cruise delays) for meals, hotel and transportation.

Baggage Delay:  Up to $500 if your luggage is delayed during travel.

Baggage/Personal Effects:  Up to $1,500 ($3,000 with the Platinum plan) if your stuff is lost, stolen or damaged.

Accidental Medical Expense:  Up to $10,000 ($20,000 with the Platinum plan) if you become injured while traveling.

Sickness Medical Expense:  Up to $10,000 ($20,000 with the Platinum plan) if you become sick while traveling.

Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation: Up to $50,000 ($75,000 with the Platinum Plan) in the event your medical condition requires emergency medical transportation to an appropriate medical facility or in the event of your death, provides coverage to transport your mortal remains.

24/7 Worldwide Travel Assistance Services 3 (Non-insurance services provided by LiveTravel)

Need help while you travel?  Assistance is there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.

Princess Vacation Protection can be purchased while booking your next cruise vacation on princess.com, by contacting your travel agent, by calling 1-800-PRINCESS, or on Cruise Personalizer. It is available for purchase up until final payment for your trip on all Princess Cruises, Princess Cruisetours, Princess Alaska Land Tours and Princess Canadian Rockies Land Tours, and is available at two levels: Standard or Platinum. Princess Vacation Protection is not in effect until the plan cost has been paid to Princess in addition to any required cruise deposits or payments.

1  Non-insurance feature provided by Princess. WA residents only, Trip Cancellation benefits are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, Ohio (NAIC #23787).

2  Travel Insurance Benefits are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, Ohio (NAIC #23787).

3  Travel Assistance services are non-insurance services provided by LiveTravel International.

This plan provides insurance coverage that applies only during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home and automobile policies. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer, insurance agent or broker.

Princess Vacation Protection – Standard  To obtain your state-specific Certificate of Insurance providing the terms, conditions and exclusions of the certificate, visit  PVP Standard .

Princess Vacation Protection – Platinum  To obtain your state-specific Certificate of Insurance providing the terms, conditions and exclusions of the certificate, visit  PVP Platinum .

Note that Princess Vacation Protection is not available to residents of the state of New York, British Columbia, Quebec, Puerto Rico, or Mexico.

Need to file a claim?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 and need to cancel the day before my cruise? A:  Like with any illness diagnosed and treated by a medical professional, if you test positive for COVID-19 after purchasing the plan, you will be eligible to receive a refund to your original form of payment. If you do not have an official medical diagnosis, but feel unwell, you will receive a Future Cruise Credit.

Q:  What if my spouse gets COVID-19 right before the cruise and we can no longer sail? A:  You will be eligible to file a claim for a cash refund if you, your traveling companion or a member of your immediate family is diagnosed and treated for COVID-19, which causes you to cancel your cruise.

Q:  What if my mother, who isn’t sailing with us, gets COVID-19, and we may have been exposed? A:  Princess Vacation Protection has you covered! Even if they are not traveling with you, if someone in your immediate family is diagnosed and treated for an illness, you may request a refund to the original form of payment. If they are ill but are not diagnosed or treated, you may call us and receive a Future Cruise Credit for the cruise fare.

Q:  What if I find out I was exposed to someone either on my way to my cruise or during the cruise, and I end up being isolated in my cabin for part or all of the voyage? A:  PVP provides reimbursement for the days you are confined to your cabin if the confinement is ordered by a medical professional.

Q:  Does PVP cover my medical expenses if I get COVID-19 during my cruise? A:  Yes, PVP provides reimbursement for eligible medical expenses for any illness, including COVID-19.

Q:  What if I want to cancel my PVP coverage? How does that work? A:  PVP is refundable until final payment is due. For new bookings made within final payment, the PVP plan cost is only refundable within 10 days of purchase provided the person hasn't departed on the trip nor filed a claim.

Q:  Am I protected by my Princess Vacation Protection plan if my mother, who is not traveling with me, develops pneumonia and I have to cancel my trip to care for her? A:  Yes! Princess will refund the cancellation fees (up to the full value of the cruise vacation) if you have to cancel your trip because of a specified reason such as illness, injury or death of yourself, a traveling companion or either of your immediate family members.

Q:  If I have a heart condition and am on continuing medication, am I protected if my heart condition flares up during my vacation? A:  Yes! Princess Vacation Protection provides reimbursement for conditions that are stable during the 60-days prior to purchase, so if you have had no changes in your health (even if you are on continuous unchanged medication), you would be protected.

Q:  What if my condition did change prior to purchasing Princess Vacation Protection? A:  Rest assured, emergency evacuation benefits are still provided in the event of a medical emergency. Also, if you cancel your cruise vacation and do not qualify for cash reimbursement due to an unstable medical condition prior to purchase, you will have the benefit of cancel-for-any-reason protection from Princess.

Q:  If my pet becomes ill and I have to cancel my trip as a result, will Princess Vacation Protection reimburse me? A:  Although you would not qualify for cash reimbursement, as an added feature for purchasing Princess Vacation Protection, Princess will provide a credit toward a future cruise equal to 75% of the cancellation fees imposed (100% if Platinum Vacation Protection is purchased) if you choose to cancel for an ineligible reason. This benefit is provided by Princess Cruises and/or Princess Tours.

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travel insurance uk price

When will relentless car and home insurance price hikes end?

  • Drivers and homeowners have seen a slew of premium hikes during 2023
  • Experts warn that higher prices are not going away any time soon 

By Sam Barker

Updated: 02:22 EST, 10 November 2023

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Households are struggling under the weight of rising car and home insurance premiums - and no sign of when prices are likely to fall again.

The average driver paid a record high of £561 a year for car insurance  in the third quarter of 2023.

Meanwhile a typical homeowner pays £329 for buildings and contents cover, according to the latest figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) trade body for April to June this year.

Insurance costs are rising for a number of reasons, including higher claims, increased costs to insurers and the compounding effect of tax on soaring premiums.

Piling up: Increased claims costs are part of the reason for higher car insurance premiums

Piling up: Increased claims costs are part of the reason for higher car insurance premiums

But the soaring cost of insurance has come at the worst possible time, as Britons already face inflated bills for gas and electricity , food and mortgage repayments , among others.

Some motorists even report being quoted insurance premiums of £1,000 a year  - even careful older ones. 

Others are seeing  insurance price hikes of almost 500 per cent .


travel insurance uk price

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Will car and home insurance prices keep rising.

In the short term, it is very likely - though the only insurer to say this explicitly is the UK's largest car insurer, Admiral .

Admiral chief executive Milena Mondini de Focatiis told the Times in August: 'We expect to continue to increase prices.'

The UK's largest home insurer and second-largest car insurer, Aviva, would not comment and said the issue was a matter for the ABI.

But the ABI would not rule out further insurance price rises either.

An ABI spokesman said: '  Each insurer will determine their own prices which will be based on a number of factors. 

'Above-inflation material and repair costs, delays for parts, the costs of personal injury claims and insurance premium tax, are all placing pressure on premiums.

'While the majority of these costs are outside of insurers’ control, we have suggested ways in which some of them - and the resulting pressure on premiums - can be reduced. 

'For example by cutting insurance premium tax, which would result in an immediate reduction of up to 12 per cent in costs.'

Why are insurance premiums going up?

Car insurance 

For car insurers, increased repair costs are a massive problem, and one that has been swiftly passed on to consumers.

During the pandemic, fewer cars were on the road. As a result, car insurance premiums fell, as there were fewer crashes to pay out for.

travel insurance uk price

With a surge in driving after lockdowns ended, insurers face more claims.

Not only that, but the cost of recent car insurance claims has soared.

Car repairers have faced a big hike in their costs, which they have passed on to insurers, and in turn to drivers.

For example, this year repairers saw a 300 per cent rise in energy bills compared to before the cost of living crisis began in 2021.

The cost of providing a courtesy car has risen 30 per cent, and paint and part prices by 16 per cent.

The ABI reported a 33 per cent rise in the cost of vehicle repairs earlier this year.

Home insurance

There is a similar trend for high insurer costs in home insurance too - and for these to be passed on to consumers.

The ABI said home insurers paid around £8.6million every day in claims during Q2 of this year. The typical claim was £4,300 in the period, a rise of 24 per cent.

The increase has been partly driven by a rise in subsidence claims following last summer's record-breaking heatwave, which have taken time to investigate and settle.

Subsidence payouts were £54million for the period, up 21 per cent on the £45million paid in Q2 2022.

Around £782million was paid out in fire, theft, weather, escape of water, subsidence and accidental damage claims.

Hidden tax bills

But as premiums rise, so too does the tax bill policyholders pay on top.

Consumers pay insurance premium tax (IPT) on most cover they are likely to buy, with the exception of life insurance and some forms of health insurance.

IPT is 12 per cent on car, home and pet insurance, and 20 per cent on travel insurance and add-on cover for cars and household appliances.

While this is technically a tax on insurers, in practice the tax is applied to the 'real' cost of insurance and then passed on to consumers as higher overall premiums.

This means that as insurers begin to put up prices, there is a compounding effect to the public from IPT, as it is then charged on a larger figure.

The tax adds £55 a year to the average car insurance premium of £561, which would be £501 without IPT.

Likewise, the typical buildings and contents insurance cost of £329 a year would be around £294, or £35 a year cheaper, without the tax added on top.

Compare home insurance, car insurance, travel and pet insurance

travel insurance uk price

Beat the renewal blues and compare the best deals for home, car and travel insurance.

Every year, these bills can creep up and the best way to save is to shop around to make sure your loyalty doesn't cost you.

Prices tend to be similar across most comparison sites but may vary enough to make it worthwhile to check a couple. 

Affiliate links: If you take out a product This is Money may earn a commission. This does not affect our editorial independence.

We suggest:


Before you start, you will need to know your home's rebuild cost for buildings insurance, plus details of previous claims. For contents you need to know the overall sum to be insured and any high value or special items.


Compare cheap home insurance from 60 brands


Get a quote in less than 8 minutes

Free £250 excess cover, terms apply

See what you could save on your home insurance

  Mail Finance

  £15 Amazon voucher with every policy purchased  

Also check Direct Line and Aviva that do not appear on comparison sites.


New Financial Conduct Authority rules are meant to stop insurers bumping up renewal quotes, but it still makes sense to check for better deals on the comparison sites. We suggest:

Mail Finance  

Plus  Direct Line and Aviva  that do not appear on comparison sites.


It's a foolish traveller who departs without insurance, even if it only covers medical emergencies. Compare before you buy with:

Compare deals from 35 leading providers

See how much you can save from a few days to an annual policy  

Also try  Direct Line  that does not appear on comparison sites and if you have previous serious medical issues consider a specialist insurer or broker.


Mail Finance 

Our sister company Mail Finance has teamed up with Quotezone.co.uk to provide readers with a £10 Amazon voucher with every policy purchased

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travel insurance uk price

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travel insurance uk price



  • Car, home, travel insurance Three most popular types of insurance


travel insurance uk price

LATEST ON HOUSEHOLD Cost of living & bills

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Car insurance premiums hit record levels due to rising costs

The Association of British Insurers says the government could help remove some of the additional financial pain by reducing a tax on premiums in the looming autumn statement.

travel insurance uk price

Business reporter @SkyNewsBiz

Wednesday 8 November 2023 13:35, UK

Pic: iStock

A rise in costs including for energy and repairs has contributed to annual car insurance premiums hitting a new record high, according to an industry body.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported a 29% leap in paid-for average comprehensive cover during the third quarter of the year compared to the same period in 2022.

The £561 average figure marked a 9% rise on April to June's sum.

It reflected, the ABI said, continuing hikes to cover insurers' costs, which took off last year.

The body highlighted a study by accountancy giant EY that showed for every £1 motor insurers received in premiums last year, they paid out £1.10 in claims and operating costs.

Insurers' financial results since have showed little let-up in that pressure during 2023.

Insurers reported that the cost of paint increased by 16% and spare parts by 11% year on year during the third quarter.

Other bills, largely driven by the price of energy, were up by 46%, the ABI's report said. They included delays in repair and supply chains and the fact that increasingly sophisticated car technology made repairs more expensive.

Rising premiums are not only another financial headache for drivers and businesses to bear during the continuing cost of living squeeze but also risk a growing number of motorists driving without insurance.

There were an estimated one million of them on the roads last year, according to the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme.

Such drivers also pose an increased risk to premiums.

The ABI said the government could help ease the financial burden by reducing the rate of Insurance Premium Tax at the looming autumn statement mini-budget.

It currently accounts for £60 of the average premium.

Mervyn Skeet, director of general insurance policy at the ABI, said: "We appreciate that another quarter of increased motor insurance premiums will be concerning for households who are already grappling with rising costs in other areas.

"Insurers continue to do all they can to keep motor insurance as competitively priced as possible, despite facing substantial increases in costs outside of their control."

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travel insurance uk price

Read more from Sky News: Oil costs drop to lowest level since July M&S restores dividend after half-year profits surge 75%

He added: "We're bringing together representatives from across the sector to discuss issues such as vehicle safety and security. However, the government could help drivers with an immediate reduction in costs by reducing Insurance Premium Tax.

"If your insurance is coming up for renewal, we would always recommend shopping around and find the best policy for you.

"But be sure to choose a policy that meets your needs, not just based on price. If you're struggling to pay your premium, speak to your insurer who may be able to help."


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    Domestic vs. International Trips. Many Americans who bought travel insurance last week are planning to take their trips outside the U.S.: 89% of travel insurance sales were for international trips ...

  23. Princess Vacation Protection

    Princess Vacation Protection Pricing. Princess Cruises offers two levels of PVP - Standard & Platinum. Both products include a Cancellation Fee Waiver and Cancel for Any Reason Credit Feature 1 plus travel insurance benefits 2 and 24-hour worldwide CareFree™ Travel Assistance 3. Note: Effective with new bookings made on or after August 1, 2023.

  24. When will relentless car and home insurance price hikes end?

    The average driver paid a record high of £561 a year for car insurance in the third quarter of 2023. Meanwhile a typical homeowner pays £329 for buildings and contents cover, according to the ...

  25. Car insurance premiums hit record levels due to rising costs

    The £561 average figure marked a 9% rise on April to June's sum. It reflected, the ABI said, continuing hikes to cover insurers' costs, which took off last year. The body highlighted a study by ...