Michigan state football: 2023 official visit tracker, share this article.

The 2024 recruiting class will be a pivotal class in Mel Tucker’s continuing tenure at Michigan State. Securing a strong class to keep the positive momentum he has built will be of the upmost importance.

In order to put together a strong 2024 recruiting class, the Spartans will have to have a strong performance throughout their host of official visits.

An offer for Spartans fans

With official visit season starting in June, fans are starting to gain clarity about who will be visiting East Lansing.

Check out who will be officially visiting East Lansing with Spartans Wire’s official visit tracker:

4-star LB Dylan Williams

East Lansing. — Dylan Williams (@Dwill_2024) April 24, 2023

3-star TE Eric Karner

One of the top TEs in the 2024 recruiting class is coming to East Lansing on an official visit — SpartansWire (@TheSpartansWire) April 24, 2023

4-star WR Jordan Ross

2024 four-star WR Jordan Ross will take an official visit to #MichiganState on the first weekend of June, he tells me. @Jordan__Ross1 , a top-175 prospect from California, has offers from Notre Dame, Washington, Auburn & others. Article w/ quotes (VIP): — Justin Thind (@JustinThind) April 16, 2023

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On the 48-hour clock: Inside an official visit weekend for recruits with Michigan State's football program

msu football visits

EAST LANSING – There are multiple ways to gauge how a highly touted football recruit's official visit to a school went.

One way is looking at his social media postings during and after the visit. Another is to parse post-visit interviews given to reporters. But there's another, lesser-known method, according to Michigan State football recruiting guru Saeed Khalif.

Ask the prospect about his waistline.

"When people leave here, they always joke about gaining 15 pounds. If we did that, we did our job," said Khalif, MSU football's general manager and executive director of player personnel, roles in which he's tasked with directing the program's recruiting efforts. "That means the food offerings were good and they kept eating."

Given recent results, the proof is in the pudding: Recruits like what Michigan State is offering. And they keep coming back for more — in the form of commitments.

Since the calendar flipped to June, when official visits are allowed to begin, the Spartans have landed five commitments for their 2023 class: defensive backs Jaylon Braxton (Frisco, Texas) and Chance Rucker (Denton, Texas), linebacker Jordan Hall (Bradeton, Florida) offensive lineman Clay Wedin (Tampa, Florida) and wide receiver Demitrius Bell (Murfreesboro, Tennessee). All five are four-star prospects, making MSU one of the nation's hottest teams on the recruiting trail.

FROM LSJ COLUMNIST GRAHAM COUCH: Mel Tucker's flurry of recruiting momentum is unlike anything MSU football has ever experienced

MSU has another huge batch of visits on tap for this weekend — the final one in the all-important recruiting month of June. According to 247Sports, another eight highly-ranked prospects will be on campus, including five four-star players.

Official visits — ones in which the school foots the bill — are critical to the recruiting process. Schools are permitted 56 official visits per year. (Occasionally, there are exceptions for schools to carry over a handful of unused official visits to the following year.) Khalif wishes he had a few dozen more at his disposal. As it is, with the recruiting run the Spartans are on, there are more interested prospects than available visits.

Michigan State's philosophy with official visits is to have its top targets come to town as soon as possible.

"We use the evaluation period when we go out on the road to shore up the kids who want to come, or who we want to come," said Khalif, who joined MSU last year after spending four seasons (2017-20) as Wisconsin's director of player personnel. "We don't get all of them that we want to come here — but we've gotten a good bunch who have a high interest in our program.

"We just know if we can get them here and let them feel who we are, let them learn about us, they're going to leave here with a sensation that this is a place they want to be."

So what's an official visit to East Lansing like for an ultra-talented football player?

It's two days chock full of food, football, socializing and more.

Arrival and the 'fun day'

No matter where a prospect lives, MSU will find a way to get him to town. That begins, Khalif said, with arranging for a car service to pick up a prospect and his family and deliver them to the airport. Players in rural areas of the country might be hours from a major airport, so the transportation costs can be expensive. But when chasing the most talented players, that's just the cost of doing business.

"Recruiting is competitive," Khalif said. "So no matter where they come from in South Georgia or Florida or Texas or California or Washington, it's the same," he said. "Some people are sending limousine services and things of that nature to get them. We're going to stay with the standard, 'What's fair, reasonable and affordable?' "

RELATED:   For Michigan State and its athletes, NIL is changing the game

Prospects are flown into Lansing, Detroit or Grand Rapids. Here, it's more about time than money. On a 48-hour clock in which prospects are allowed to be on campus during official visits, time is of the essence. Players and their families arrive on Thursday nights. Once again, a car service gets them from Point A (the airport) to Point B (hotels in the East Lansing area). Normally, a reception awaits.

"It's a hospitality-suite type of deal, so you've got something to eat, something to drink," Khalif said. "You break the ice with some of the other families and that kind of stuff."

These receptions don't include anyone from the football program. The 48-hour clock countdown begins in one of two ways: the moment a prospect steps foot on campus or the second MSU's staff initiates conversation.

"As long as they're off campus, and they're not interacting with us, then the clock doesn't start," Khalif said. "So that's why Thursday night works. We don't interact with them at all. Friday morning, it starts when the staff comes over for breakfast."

Friday, Khalif said, is dubbed the "fun day" for visiting recruits. They learn about academics, sitting down with advisors from Student-Athlete Support Services, which gives a presentation to recruits and their families. Recruits also visit the Clara Bell Smith Student-Athlete Academic Center during the day. They'll absorb information about the strength and conditioning program and the overall culture of MSU football. They also meet the coaches and support staff.

After lunch, they'll "talk a little ball," Khalif said, but again, that's not the primary focus of the day. Visitors tour the campus before heading to dinner and enjoying more entertainment, whether it's go-karting, watching a movie or heading to a party.

"The kids get with their hosts and they want to go hang out with other college students," Khalif said. "And parents hang out with coaches and get to know them a little bit. So we usually find a place where they can do a parent reception on a Friday night."

Saturday: The 'football day'

As soon as recruits wake up Saturday, football takes center stage. It's not a coincidence, Khalif said.

In college football, Saturdays are gamedays. 

This is when the coaching staff sits down with recruits to go over film, diving into how the players will fit with the Spartans on the field. 

"They're going to see highlights. They're going to see position stuff," Khalif said. "They're going to find how we are going to use them. They're going to find out what our offensive and defensive and special teams philosophies are. "

It's not limited solely to film breakdown or on-field analysis, though.

"We're going to get them in uniforms, do full photo shoots where they're actually in equipment, and they can do helmet swaps and jersey swaps and things of that nature," Khalif said. "So we start talking about building their brand — starting with good, solid photos that you use."

The night — and the visit — normally concludes at coach Mel Tucker's house, which, Khalif says, "is fully set up" to be a one-stop shop for recruiting excellence.

"He has a gigantic yard," Khalif said. He also has a basketball court and movie theater, pool tables and pinball machines.

"You name it, it's happening over there," Khalif said. "There's a lot going on."

MORE:  Alcohol sales at Spartan Stadium? MSU AD Alan Haller hopes that's on the way

At Tucker's house, the interactions with recruits are laid back. Prospects are able to lounge around for a while before they head off with their hosts for the second consecutive night. Parents stay behind for a reception.

"(Tucker) usually wraps it up with some music," Khalif said. "When somebody's on a mic doing some singing or something? That's when we know the night's coming to an end."

'Under construction'

Come Sunday morning, the official part of the visit is over. But a prospect and his family still need to get back home. That's why a strong bond with the transportation company is essential.

"That's the risk we take," Khalif said. "You might have a driver who's having a bad day — and we can't have a bad day with recruits."

As well-oiled a machine as the MSU football recruiting operation has become, there are some things even beyond its power. What are common things that can go wrong?

"The weather," Khalif said. "Or they might have flight delays going home. These aren't things that we control, but it impacts the impression of the weekend. What's the last thing they remember about you? 'Man, that flight was delayed and I sat in the airport.'

"It's no fault of ours. But it's part of the overall experience."

In Khalif's mind, schools have to use what they have on hand during official visits. And what the Spartans own in spades, he said, is "great people." That's what helps recruits and their families look beyond what they see at the Skandalaris Football Center right now: dust and dirt, missing walls and floors. The Spartans are in the middle of the first phase of renovations.

When it's done, MSU will have a new lobby, an expanded locker room and equipment room and updated weight rooms and team meeting rooms. In addition, there will be new player lockers and areas for dining, nutrition, health and wellness and recovery.

"People have just got to recognize that our road to success is under construction," Khalif said. "(But the people in this building) are the conductors of that train and that movement."

RELATED:  Michigan State football 'trying to get better at everything' during offseason workouts

Regardless of when construction is complete, MSU just focuses on what it can control — providing the best possible experience for visitors.

"These official visits are no different than taking any other trip and and expecting good hospitality, good accommodations and good food," Khalif said. "We have to provide those things."

Contact Ryan Black at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @RyanABlack.

Spartan Avenue

Spartan Avenue

msu football visits

Michigan State's head coach Mel Tucker signs autographs for fans on Saturday, April 16, 2022, during the spring game at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing. 220415 Msu Spring Game 037a

Michigan State football: Official visit season is perfect opportunity to bounce back

Official visit season is almost upon us and Michigan State football is in a familiar place: sitting with just a few commits heading into the busiest time of the recruiting schedule.

Mel Tucker is no stranger to building classes quickly and I can see him knocking official visit season out of the park because, well, he needs to.

The head coach lost his top two commits in Nick Marsh and Jamari Howard but both are planning official visits to East Lansing in June. Return trips can have them re-think their decommitments and jump back on board. Or it could be the closure they need.

But Michigan State fans are hoping that the official visits that are scheduled will yield great results.

A year ago, the Spartans hosted a number of five-stars and four-stars but came away with a modest haul. They swung for the fences and hit a double.

Tucker has a more attainable crop of recruits showing up in June.

Michigan State football has a chance to make some noise

With official visit season just a couple of weeks away, there’s a good chance that the 2024 class will grow a bit in June.

And each week will see some top prospects taking trips to East Lansing.

Here are the four-stars visiting each week.

  • Jaylen Thompson, CB, No. 402 (committed to MSU)
  • Kahnen Daniels, RB, No. 345 (committed to Florida)
  • Mario Buford, CB, No. 325
  • Kwazi Gilmer, WR, No. 272
  • Jordan Ross, WR, No. 235
  • Marcellus Barnes Jr., CB, No. 226
  • Xadavien Sims, DL, No. 203 (committed to Oregon; rumors circling that he may cancel)
  • Brauntae Johnson, ATH, No. 161
  • Jamari Howard, CB, No. 98
  • Caden Durham, RB, No. 128
  • Dylan Williams, LB, No. 171
  • Nathan Roy, OT, No. 187
  • Jason Brown, RB, No. 62
  • Nick Marsh, WR, No. 99
  • Anthony Carrie, RB, No. 254

There are also a number of top three-star targets visiting like Tra’Mar Harris (June 23), the Luniewski twins (June 23), Jason Cross (June 23), Decker DeGraaf (June 16), Reggie Powers (June 9), Syair Torrence (June 9), Justin Denson (June 2), and Eric Karner (June 2).

This is the perfect opportunity for Tucker and Co. to reverse course and get back on track.

  • Published on 05/23/2023 at 6:00 PM EST
  • Last updated on 05/23/2023 at 6:00 PM EST
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msu football visits

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Spartan Stadium

msu football visits

Feel the excitement when you visit the home of legendary MSU football — Spartan Stadium!  

Ask any student, and they’ll say it’s one of their favorite places on campus. The Spartan Stadium, home of Michigan State football, ranks as the 20th-largest college-owned structure of its kind (designed solely for football) in the nation and the fifth largest in the Big Ten.

Home of Spartan football for nearly a century

On any regular Saturday in the fall, Spartan Stadium holds more than 75,000 Spartan football fans cheering on our home team to victory. 

Since its opening in 1923, Michigan State has won 70% of its games played in Spartan Stadium. MSU hosted our 500th game at Spartan Stadium in 2013, our team was the Rose Bowl Champions in 2014, and we were the Big Ten Champions and Cotton Bowl Champions in 2015. 

The field is comprised of nine strains of Kentucky bluegrass.

Over the years, millions of dollars have been invested in the quality, expansion and modernization of the stadium — from concessions, seating and bathrooms to new playing surfaces, luxury suites and a campus-wide media center. MSU is proud to have some of the most loyal fans and some of the best game day atmosphere in college football!

Go green! Go white!

Spartan Stadium holds more than 75,000 Spartan football fans.

msu football visits

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5 tips for attending a michigan state football game.

Here in the heart of Michigan, fall means trees displaying a riot of color, apple picking, and cider sipping. As the weeks pass, the weather turns cool and for Michigan State University football fans, it’s the season of tailgating and the satisfaction of a good Spartan victory. Listen carefully and you’ll hear not only the bells of Beaumont Tower but the rallying cry of “Go Green!” followed by the answer of “Go White!” Some may argue that THIS, this season right here, is the most wonderful time of the year.

If you’re coming in to town for Spartan football, there are a few things to note. We’ve provided some basics below, but please note that policies may change or get updated so be sure to utilize the links for the latest information.

Sign up and get the most up-to-date game day information by texting SPARTANFB23 to 888777

Arrive early and be prepared to walk. 

Also, keep in mind that the streets surrounding Spartan Stadium are closed to vehicles unless you have a valid parking pass.

Public parking on campus is available at:

  • the Southeast corner of Harrison and Wilson
  • the ramp at the intersection of Red Cedar Lane and Trowbridge Road (by the Communications, Arts & Science Building)
  • the Grand River ramp (accessed by Grand River Avenue)
  • Ramp 1 on Shaw Lane (just east of Abrams Planetarium)
  • Commuter lot on the corner of Mt. Hope and Farm Lane

Public game day parking is available for $30. Lot 89 (commuter lot) parking is $20 and a shuttle starts two hours prior to game and returns a reasonable amount of time after the game.

Accessible parking is available in Lot 48, Natural Resource Building. Enter from Trowbridge extension off of Red Cedar or Farm Lane. Parking in this area is $20, which includes shuttle transport to the northeast corner of Spartan Stadium. The shuttle starts two hours prior to kickoff and returns for a reasonable amount of time after the game. The shuttle bus returning to accessible parking is accessed from the northeast stadium gates.

Timing is everything. Tailgating lots will now open on campus at 7 a.m. for noon to 4 p.m. kickoffs and 11 a.m. for night games. These times apply only to Saturday games.   All fans are encouraged not to arrive before these times as traffic lineups will not be permitted.

MSU Football

Michigan State Football Parking Information

Learn more about where to park on MSU Game Day!

East Lansing Street with people walking

City of East Lansing - Parking Ramps

Park at the City of East Lansing ramps and enjoy a walk through campus on the way to the game.

2. Stadium Rules

Welcome to Spartan Stadium! Spartan Stadium is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023 as the home of Michigan State football. Since its opening in 1923, Michigan State has won nearly 70 percent of its games played in Spartan Stadium (all-time record: 383-166-13, .693). The Spartans hosted their 500th game at Spartan Stadium on Oct. 12, 2013, against Indiana on Homecoming.

Fans are allowed to bring clear bags into Spartan Stadium. In accordance with Michigan State Athletics security guidelines, the only bags, packages or containers permitted to be carried by fans as they enter the stadium are the following:

  • Bag that is clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and does not exceed 12" x 6" x 12"
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar)
  • Small clutch bag, camera and binocular cases, not exceeding 4.5" x 6.5", with or without a handle or strap

If the weather’s threatening, you can bring some wearable rain gear but no umbrellas. 

The gates open 1.5 hours before the game starts or 2 hours if you’re heading to a suite.

New this year inside Spartan Stadium : MSU concessions will include alcohol sales by the Sept. 16 game versus Washington and then at each of the final three homes games this season. Alcohol sales will begin one hour before the game and end with five minutes remaining in the third quarter. Fans will be able to purchase two drinks per transaction.

Note that all tobacco products are not allowed anywhere on campus.

3. Accommodations

Make your reservations as early as possible. Rooms for home game weekends fill up fast and may require a minimum two night stay. The newest AC by Marriott and Hyatt House co-joined properties on Michigan Avenue are within 1.5 miles to the stadium. The newer Graduate East Lansing, SpringHill Suites by Marriott, Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center and the East Lansing Marriott at University Place are within walking distance to Spartan Stadium. But there are others in close proximity, too.  

Hotels Within Walking Distance

Graduate East Lansing

Graduate East Lansing

Across the street from the scenic Michigan State University campus and overlooking Spartan Stadium, this 194 room hotel mixes classic style and…

SpringHill Suites by Marriott - East Lansing

SpringHill Suites by Marriott - East Lansing

The SpringHill Suites University Area offers a stress-free stay for campus visitors looking for exceptional value. Conveniently located near…

Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

Extraordinary Comfort, Convenience and Service Michigan State University's on-campus hotel and conference center in East Lansing, Michigan. Enjoy…

Marriott East Lansing at University Place

Marriott East Lansing at University Place

The perfect mix of business and pleasure . . . 181 guest rooms designed for the business traveler, Executive Lounge with concierge services, high…

AC Hotel Lansing University Area

AC Hotel Lansing University Area

Now open! The new AC Hotel by Marriott Lansing/University Area offers the brand’s intuitive and timeless European-inspired travel experience to…

Hyatt House Lansing University Area

Hyatt House Lansing University Area

Now open! Hyatt House is an extended-stay hotel with unique amenities ideal for guests visiting for a couple of days as well as multiple months…

4. Enjoy Your Stay

Plan on a weekend getaway and take in some other points of interest in Michigan’s capital region. You’ll find great shopping , attractions and dining.

Want to check out where some of the students hang out?

Besides the still-going-strong Pinball Pete's arcade, you can grab a meal at Crunchy’s, The Peanut Barrel, Harrison Roadhouse, HopCat or Jolly Pumpkin. Seasoned alumni will remember old favorites like Beggar’s Banquet and Coral Gables.

You'll definitely want to check out both the Lansing Experience Pass and the Lansing Craft Beverage Pass while you're in town! These free digitized passes give you curated lists of all the fun things to see and do in the region plus allow you to check in, accumulate points and redeem those points for some fun swag. The Lansing Experience Pass lists close to 50 attractions, museums, entertainment centers and recreation spots throughout the area. Find categories like Don't Miss, Free Things to Do and more. Then when you're feeling thirsty, the Craft Beverage Pass lists the nearly 20 local craft breweries, wineries and distilleries that are sure to please your palate.

Things To Do After the Game

Dinosaur exhibit at the MSU Museum

Things To Do

MSU's campus is home to a nationally recognized museum, beautiful gardens, Big Ten athletics, one of the nation's largest cafeterias and…

March Madness Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe

Restaurants Near MSU

The dining scene in East Lansing is just as bold and dynamic as the 50,000 students who call the region home. 

Art District sign in Old Town

Downtown Shopping Districts

Check out downtown Lansing's shopping districts. Shop until you drop while browsing local Lansing boutiques and specialty shops. Shop small…

Person on bike

Outdoor Recreation

If the outdoors is beckoning, then listen and get outside! Your momentum doesn’t need to slow down or stop but can keep you moving despite…

Lansing Brewing Company


Greater Lansing is "Alive After Five!" Trade in your workday attire for something with a little more flair, then head out to discover…

Group of people taking a photo

Experience Passes

Lansing has multiple online "experience" passports to help guide you through the region like a local. No need to download or install an…

5. Don't Miss the MSU Dairy Store

Remember that a visit to Michigan State University campus is never complete without stopping to get Dairy Store ice cream. No matter what flavor you prefer, this is the best ice cream you’ll ever taste. The MSU Dairy Store is located at Anthony Hall on Farm Lane just south of Shaw.  

Photo Credits: 

  • Sparty - Michigan State University
  • Sparty & Spartan Stadium – Tom Gennara
  • East Lansing - GLCVB
  • Spartan Stadium - GLCVB
  • MSU Dairy Store  - James Lenon

Lori Lanspeary

Lori Lanspeary, CTA

Lori has been an enthusiastic cheerleader for the Lansing area for 15+ years. She still gets excited about all the fun things there are to see and do in her adopted hometown yet hasn't quite figured out how to fit everything she wants to do into a weekend. Favorite things include a fall afternoon tailgating and cheering the Spartans on to victory, a great classic car show like Car Capital in July, a stroll through one of the many beautiful horticulture gardens at MSU and a delicious dinner shared with family and friends at a local eatery. Her goal? Simple. It's to inspire people to love Lansing as much as she does! #LoveLansing

msu football visits

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'Didn't come here to quit': MSU football still sees something worth fighting for

msu football visits

Columbus, Ohio — It would’ve been easy, and understandably really, for Michigan State to give up Saturday. 

Down 35-3 to No. 3 Ohio State at the half, the Spartans could have coasted through the second half and accepted the outcome for what it was. 

But that’s now how this Michigan State team functions.

During the break, the message within the locker room was heard loud and clear.

“Just keep fighting,” sixth-year linebacker Aaron Brule said. “We didn’t come here to quit or lay down (for) whatever they had to bring to the table.”

After surrendering 360 yards of total offense in the first half, Michigan State held Ohio State to 170 yards and allowed only three points in the final two quarters. The Spartans got critical stops, including one in the red zone, that led to the Buckeyes kicking a field goal rather than scoring another touchdown. 

“We’ve had a few games with some adversity this season, so I mean it wasn’t really hard for us to keep pushing through hard times,” Brule said. “And I think we were able to do that for the majority of the game no matter what was going on.” 

The Spartans still lost 38-3 and have been eliminated from bowl game contention. Still, though, Michigan State is digging deep to find reasons to keep fighting. 

“Even after the game, we still have a no-quit mentality,” Brule said.

It’s rather impressive, really. There’s been plenty of opportunities for Michigan State to throw in the towel over the last two-plus months.

The team has been trying to stay afloat since Mel Tucker’s dismissal after Week 2. The Spartans have lost seven of their last eight games. Four of the six players who’ve left the team over that span have entered the transfer portal and more could be joining them after the conclusion of this season. The roster is banged up with several key positions running low on depth.

Still, Brule said the team is remaining overall positive. 

“We want to fight,” Brule said. “Guys that’s here really want to be here. Guys coming back, guys that may be leaving, who really knows. But the guys that's here right now, they want to play so I mean our mentality going into those last two (games) is we want to win.”

Back in 2014, then-Michigan State defensive backs coach Harlon Barnett spent the bye week repeating the mantra “November is for contenders” to the Spartans, who were ranked No. 8 in the College Football Playoff rankings.

Fast forward to now and Michigan State (3-7, 1-6 Big Ten) is in a wildly different situation. And yet Barnett, currently serving as the team’s interim head coach, is still hammering home the same phrase.

Barnett said “November is for contenders” after Michigan State ended October by falling to Minnesota, which extended the team’s losing streak to six games. 

“Contending,” in Barnett’s eyes, meant to go undefeated in November and possibly earn a bowl game berth — a lofty goal considering the Spartans were scheduled to play two top-10 teams in the final three weeks of the season. 

Michigan State beat Nebraska last week, marking Barnett’s first win since he took over for Tucker. But the Spartans were steamrolled by Ohio State on Saturday and from the outside looking in are running out of bulletin board material.

In the aftermath of another disappointing loss, Barnett said he doesn’t want his team to lose the fighting spirit.

“We were contending for 4-0, a bowl game and personal pride, so now there’s the personal pride part,” Barnett said. “Guys should go out there and compete and try to get better throughout the course of the week or practice. When we go out there and play Indiana and Penn State, now you’re competing and you’re contending for personal pride — just pride in your performance.”

Barnett and his staff have praised this group’s resiliency throughout the season. 

As Brule sees it, the players who have remained with the team through everything here all have something worth fighting for. 

“At the end of the day, we’re all men. You don’t want to let your pride and dignity be taken from you,” Brule said. “I think that it’s in everybody’s best interest to finish as strong as you can whether you want to stay (or) you want to put film for the coaches that are here or whatever the case may be, and if you’re trying to leave, you still want film.

"I mean, to each his own, but I feel like if you want to be a good player and you have aspirations to go to the next level, then you want to play as hard as you can and it doesn’t really make sense to stop playing as hard as you can right now.” 

[email protected]

OSU football recruiting: visitors for the Ohio State, Michigan State game

msu football visits

Office of Admissions

MSU’s green campus is 5,300 acres of beautiful scenery, academic and sports facilities, performance spaces and more. Experience it for yourself!

Visit options.

An MSU campus tour group gathered around the Beaumont tower listens to a student tour guide

Prospective first-year events

For students who have not yet been admitted to MSU.

msu football visits

Admitted first-year events

For first-year students who have been admitted to MSU.

MSU's mascot, Sparty, with his arm around a girl in a graduation cap facing Beaumont Tower.

Transfer student events

For students who are transferring from another university.

msu football visits

Group tours

Group tours are available for groups of 20-60 high school students of any age. 

Virtual experiences

Take a virtual tour, meet with your admissions counselor, academic department visits, video tours, experience campus highlights through the videos on this playlist., chat with a current student, virtual first-year programs, these events allow prospective first-year students to attend a virtual tour and an overview of the admissions process..

msu football visits

Maps and directions

Get directions, download a campus map and learn where to park.

msu football visits

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College football on TV: Michigan-Penn State is the game to watch

msu football visits

The over-under total for Saturday’s Rutgers-Iowa game is 28.5 as of this writing, which would be the lowest Football Bowl Subdivision total since 2000 . The five lowest totals over that span all have featured the Hawkeyes, and all five took place either this season or last.

Offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz, son of Hawkeyes Coach Kirk Ferentz, already has been informed he won’t be back next season , but Iowa must be doing something right. It’s No. 22 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings and sits atop the Big Ten West.

Here is Saturday’s schedule of college football games on television.

All times Eastern.

Michigan visits Penn State , giving Nittany Lions Coach James Franklin yet another chance to prove that his teams don’t wilt against top competition. Penn State is just 3-16 against top-10 teams with Franklin as its coach, and two of those wins took place seven years ago. He is also only 3-6 against Michigan and has never beaten the Wolverines when his team was ranked lower at the time of the matchup. Penn State’s offense fell flat in its first game against a top-10 team this season, a 20-12 loss to then-No. 3 Ohio State in which the Nittany Lions punted nine times, averaged only 3.5 yards per play and scored its only one touchdown with 29 seconds left and the game out of reach. Michigan’s defense is at least on par with the Buckeyes’ and probably better: The Wolverines are No. 1 nationally in yards allowed per game and are the only team in the country giving up fewer than 10 points per game. But Penn State’s defense is right up there in those categories as well, and we could be in store for a rock fight. …

The Tennessee-Missouri loser can forget about representing the SEC East in the conference championship game. The winner’s hopes might be over as well (see below). The Tigers’ offense would take a big hit if Luther Burden III — one of the nation’s receiving leaders — can’t go because of an injury suffered in the second quarter of last weekend’s loss to Georgia. Coach Eli Drinkwitz said this week he’s “concerned” about Burden’s status for the game against the Volunteers, whose pass defense struggled in recent games against Alabama and Kentucky. … Utah, which plays Washington on Saturday , averaged only 16.3 points per game over its first four contests against Football Bowl Subdivision opponents this season but has since found some life, scoring 34, 34 and 55 points in recent wins over California, USC and Arizona State. The Utes have rushed for at least 247 yards in three of their past four, and that could be the key to beating Washington. The Huskies gave up a season-worst 7.5 yards per carry in last weekend’s win over USC and rank 124th in defensive rushing success rate this season. …

As hinted at above, if Georgia beats Mississippi, it will lock up the SEC East crown and book yet another conference championship game trip to Atlanta — its sixth in seven years. The Bulldogs have yet to string together consecutive strong performances this season. In Georgia’s latest bout of inconsistency, it waltzed past Florida on Oct. 28 but then trailed Missouri midway through the third quarter last weekend before pulling away. Mississippi is in kind of a weird position. The Rebels could win out, fail to make the SEC championship game (it would lose the tiebreaker to Alabama) and yet still have a strong case for a College Football Playoff berth at 11-1, obviously depending on how things shake out elsewhere. But Mississippi first would have to pull off the upset of Georgia on Saturday, a tall task even with the Bulldogs’ uneven play. Georgia hasn’t lost at home since a stunning double-overtime loss to South Carolina in 2019. It hasn’t lost at home in regulation since 2016, Coach Kirby Smart’s first season between the hedges.

  • College football on TV: Michigan-Penn State is the game to watch Just now College football on TV: Michigan-Penn State is the game to watch Just now
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College football picks, schedule: Predictions against the spread, odds, top 25 games in Week 11

A closer look at the top games for the 11th week of the 2023 college football season.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Auburn

It was just a week ago when what was being called "Separation Saturday" fell a bit short of living up to that monicker. Sure, some teams in the College Football Playoff top 25 rankings took losses, but those teams truly in contention for the College Football Playoff largely remained unscathed. So, let's go ahead and call this "Separation Saturday II: Electric Boogaloo." That's a fair label when there's a pair of top 10 matchups on deck, including one to start the day's festivities.

No. 10 Penn State hosts a No. 3 Michigan program embroiled in controversy. Will the Wolverines get over the absence of coach Jim Harbaugh (via suspension) and continue their march toward the CFP, or will the Nittany Lions bounce back from their tough loss to Ohio State and create the possibility of a three-way tie in the Big Ten East?

The evening slate is led by No. 2 Georgia looking to continue its three-peat aspirations while hosting a No. 9 Ole Miss team that should easily be the Bulldogs' toughest test of the season. Brock Bowers is expected back to help fuel the Dawgs offense, while coach Lane Kiffin undoubtedly has some wrinkles the Rebels plan to throw at Georgia coach Kirby Smart's defense.

Surrounding those games are plenty of high-quality contests, including No. 14 Missouri hosting No. 13 Tennessee in a big-time SEC East battle on CBS and a pair of true Pac-12 separation games with No. 18 Utah visiting undefeated No. 5 Washington and unranked USC seeking a major bounce back at No. 6 Oregon.

Be sure to stick with CBS Sports all day Saturday for college football coverage from the opening kickoff onward. Let's take a look at our expert picks for the best games in Week 11.

Odds via SportsLine consensus | All times Eastern

No. 9 Ole Miss at No. 2 Georgia

7 p.m. | ESPN,  fubo  (Try for free) --  Ole Miss' path to victory on the road against the two-time reigning national champions is narrow, and Lane Kiffin knows it. Thus, you can expect the Rebels to get aggressive, eschewing punts and field goals to keep his offense on the field in risky situations for the sake of pursuing every possible point. It's the mindset required to pull a monumental upset, but it can also backfire. Once things start snowballing against a team like Georgia, it can be hard to get back on track. Look for the Bulldogs to pull away in the second half after Kiffin's creativity runs dry.  Pick: Georgia -11  --  David Cobb

USC at No. 6 Oregon

10:30 p.m. | Fox,  fubo  (Try for free) --  I know this number seems outrageous, but 74 total points feels like a given considering the way these two offenses produce. Like last week against Washington, it's the kind of game that can see three or four touchdowns scored in just a couple of minutes, which is why you don't want any part of the big spread (though the lean would be the underdog Trojans there). Take the over and buckle up for a wild late-night ride.  Pick: Over 73.5  --  Chip Patterson

No. 13 Tennessee at No. 14 Missouri

3:30 p.m. | CBS,  Paramount+ with Showtime , ,  CBS Sports App  --  This one will be a nail-biter. Both of these teams have dynamic offenses, so Brady Cook and Joe Milton should lead their teams up and down the field in what will look like the college football version of a ping-pong match. Tennessee's tempo will give the Volunteers the edge at the end. The sheer number of plays will wear down the Tigers defense, and the Vols rushing attack will dominate the final five minutes to earn the critical road win.  Pick: Tennessee -1   -- Barrett Sallee

No. 18 Utah at No. 5 Washington

3:30 p.m. | Fox,  fubo  (Try for free) --  The Utes have given almost every one of their opponents a major blow but struggled to keep pace with a feisty Oregon team. The Huskies are closer talent-wise to the Ducks and should be able to physically outman the ailing Utes at home. Michael Penix Jr. needs a get-right game against a good defense, and Washington should be able to find some creases against Utah's top unit.  Pick: Washington -9.5   -- Shehan Jeyarajah

No. 3 Michigan at No. 10 Penn State

Noon | Fox,  fubo  (Try for free) --  I have no doubt in my mind this will be the roughest game of the season for Michigan's offense. Forget their overall strength of schedule, the Wolverines haven't faced a defense nearly as good as that of Penn State. (Few teams have.) I fully expect the Nittany Lions to slow Michigan down just like they did Ohio State. The problem for Penn State is how many points it can realistically expect to score against Michigan. Ohio State's defense smothered the PSU offense and pressured quarterback Drew Allar constantly. Michigan's defensive line might be better than that of Ohio State, and while Penn State has Olu Fashanu, the rest of its offensive line has not been great. Penn State also has one of the least-explosive offenses in the country, and nobody has been able to put together long scoring drives against Michigan.  Pick: Michigan -4.5  -- Tom Fornelli  

Which college football picks can you make with confidence in Week 11, and which underdogs will win outright? Visit SportsLine to see which teams will win and cover the spread -- all from a proven computer model that has returned well over $2,000 in profit over the past seven-plus seasons -- and find out.

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msu football visits

College football picks, schedule: Top 25 games, Week 11

msu football visits

CFP Rankings: Georgia jumps Ohio State for No. 1

msu football visits

Overrated, underrated in CFP Rankings

msu football visits

Examining the real problem for Penn St.

msu football visits

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