How to Create a Custom Travel Itinerary to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

Planning for trips...you either love it or you hate it!

Some travelers enjoy the process of planning out a trip just as much as the actual adventure itself (hey, it’s all about the journey, not the destination, right?). Whereas others get an intense feeling of dread about the mere thought of planning something so major (“are we there yet??”).

No matter which side you land on, having an itinerary of some kind is important to keep organized and maximize what you are able to see and do on your trip. And as they say, failure to plan is planning to fail. But there are simple methods of planning that allow you to leave room for flexibility and fun too!

Whether you’re planning a long weekend getaway, a 15 day road trip or a 6 month journey around the world, these tips will all be relevant. Let’s get started:

1. Establish a budget

First things first, it’s important to decide how much money you are willing to spend on this trip. That depends on both your destination and your travel style. Are you more of a luxury level traveler or do you need to stick to more budget-friendly options?

For example, when visiting Europe, you could visit a Western European city such as Paris and spend 2-3x as much as visiting an Eastern European city such as Prague. You could spend a lot of money on four star restaurants and five star hotels or stick with local favorites and Airbnbs or hostels.

Once you set a rough budget, you can estimate what your expenses will be and then adjust your plans accordingly to fit the budget. Major expenses to consider include airfare, transportation, accomodations, entertainment, food, and more.

If you want to dig deeper on this topic, we offer tons of valuable money saving tips on airfare and accommodation here , as well as some great budgeting help here .

2. Choose a destination

Next up, you have to know where you are going! Revisit your Bucket List top 3 to help you decide on the destination you are itching to visit most.

If you plan to travel at a specific time of year, this may affect your choice. It’s a good idea to take advantage of these sweet spots that aren't peak tourist season. It is not always ideal weather during these times, but you’ll enjoy smaller crowds and lower prices on flights and accommodations. USTravelNews has great recommendations on the best time to visit tons of destinations around the world.

3. Decide on the length of your trip

If you follow our guide to prioritizing travel , you will be able to set aside the time you need for a fulfilling trip… whether that’s a long weekend, a week, or longer. So take that PTO, hire that pet sitter, and get going!

4. Gather inspiration

One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a Pinterest vision board with photos and blog posts about your desired destination. This could be pins of city itineraries, where to stay, where to eat, budgeting, top must-dos in your destination, and more.

While reading travel blogs or surfing booking sites, use the Pinterest browser button to create a pin for it on your board and add it to your itinerary. This way, you can keep your relevant trip information and your pictures, restaurant recommendations, and activity suggestions in one place.

You can ask for advice and recommendations on your target destination in our Facebook community For The Love of Travel . It is also helpful to explore destination hashtags and geotags on Instagram related to your destinations to find the most picture-worthy spots and hidden gems.

5. Find affordable flights

Since airfare is typically the most expensive (and least flexible) part of your trip, you will want to book it as soon as possible. Reminder: If you can afford to be flexible with your travel dates, you can find cheaper airfares.

Don’t forget to search for flights in incognito mode so prices don’t jump on you and use your travel rewards if you have them!

Check out more money saving tips here .

6. Decide on your mode of transportation

It’s important to figure out how you will get around once you have arrived at your destination. Is everything walking distance? Do you need to rent a car? Are you roadtripping and already going to have a car with you? Will you take public transportation if it’s a city with a solid bus or train system? Or maybe rideshares like Lyft or Uber?

7. Outline your trip

A good spot to do this is on GoogleDocs so it is easily editable, shareable, and hosted on the cloud (so it’s available from any device you sign into). Make a list of all of the activities you want to do on your trip, including sights to see along the way, restaurants and local food to try, and potential photo ops with their addresses. Research local events and holidays for even more seasonal ideas.

Never lose sight of the fact that your trip is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, so don’t make your itinerary too rigid or plan every last detail down to the second. Factor in a free day or two that you can use to explore, rest, or use if something flops in your travel plans and needs rescheduled. Also, have a couple of Plan B options for each activity. 

If you’re traveling with other people, be sure to get feedback and ideas from them as well so the itinerary fits everyone's interests.

8. Find your accommodations

Depending on your travel style, there are a bunch of accommodation options these days - something for every budget. Resorts are typically the luxurious and expensive way to go, with room service, all inclusive packages, pools and restaurants on site.

Hotels offer comfort and convenience with tons of amenities. Short term rentals like Airbnb offer a more personalized and unique experience and can be slightly more affordable than hotels.

Hostels are dorm-style rooms which range from $10-$100 depending on if you book a private or shared room. They can be fun for the social aspect and meeting new people.

And now for the cheapest options of all - FREE! Couchsurfing is where you can stay on a local’s couch or extra bedroom. A great way to meet new people and learn about other cultures! Homestays are similar but you get assigned to a host family and there is a small fee attached.

And lastly, housesitting allows you to connect with a homeowner whose house and/or pets need to be taken care of while they are away.

9. Organize your itinerary

It’s important to collect the key information for your trip all in one place and keep it handy. This includes flight numbers, hotels, car rentals, restaurant reservations and tour or activity confirmations. Record your check in times, confirmation numbers, hotel names, and any other information you might need. You also want to include directions to your hotel from the airport.

Digital is the way to go! If you really are set on good ol’ fashion pen & paper, that works too, but if done digitally you can store it on your mobile device for easy access. Plus you can have links to everything you need to access further info.

10. Pin it on GoogleMaps

GoogleMaps is a great tool to make a custom itinerary for several reasons. You can plan your trip efficiently by grouping activities together on your itinerary that are close in proximity on the map.

It’s a good idea to first break your map into categories before adding pins. Ideas include food and drink (or further broken down into restaurants, cafes, bars), accomodations, sites and activities, shopping, essentials (grocery stores, pharmacies) and more. You can then create a separate map layer for each category.

For each activity, estimate the length of time it will take to get there, and how long you will spend in the location. For each pin on your map you can see additional location information such as a website, phone number, address, reviews, and website when you add it to your custom map. You can also add your own extra details when planning in the notes of each pin.

You can then plan your driving route by creating a layer with directions. This way you know how much time and gas money each leg of the trip will be. Other customizations like categories, color coding, icons, etc. give you the ability to personalize your map and make it work best for your needs. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the most of your GoogleMap.

If you are trip-planning for a group, you can easily share your custom map with friends and give them edit access to make it collaborative.

At the end of the day, don't forget to enjoy your trip and be adaptable! Having an itinerary and keeping organized will reduce your stress and allow you to live in the moment more, but it is not a binding contract. Flexibility and spontaneity are the spice of travel! Sometimes the most memorable experiences are the ones we didn’t plan for at all!

Now here's a quick quiz to see if you’ve been paying attention: What was the first thing we told you that you needed to figure out?

DING DING DING! It's choosing a destination!

And the best way to know where you plan to visit next is by pinning all of your "yet to explore" destinations up on a push pin map !

Which is where we come in. We provide personalized push pin maps so that you can keep your adventurous spirit alive with a visual reminder of all the places you can’t wait to visit! The excitement of changing a pin on your map from “yet to explore” to “past adventures” can’t be beat!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your map and you will be on your way to traveling more and making the most of your time here on earth!

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10-Step Guide for Planning a Trip

Home | Travel | 10-Step Guide for Planning a Trip

When traveling abroad, get a policy from one of the  best travel insurance companies . Y ou can get a  5% discount   on Heymondo , the only insurance that pays medical bills upfront for you, HERE!  

Planning a trip can be stressful if you’re not sure where to start or you’re afraid you’ll forget something important.

I have to admit that I love travel planning , but part of that is because I use a detailed checklist and the most helpful websites. So, if you don’t know how to organize a trip and you want to avoid feeling overwhelmed, I’ll help you out with this guide. Below, I’ll share the steps I typically follow as well as the best apps and websites to book your flights, tours, and accommodation so you can travel cheaply .

Guide to planning a trip in 10 easy steps

These are the steps that I always follow when I’m planning a trip , although I might skip one or two depending on the type of trip and where I’m going:

  • Search for flights
  • Apply for a visa
  • Book the accommodation
  • Set up your transportation
  • Decide which attractions to visit
  • Book a tour
  • Get travel insurance
  • Apply for a commission-free credit card
  • Buy a SIM card
  • Pack your suitcase

Remember that, depending on the destination and your reason for traveling, you may not need to do all these steps. So, rather than worrying about checking off a long to-do list, enjoy the process of planning your trip itinerary . For me, making a travel plan is almost as much fun as traveling itself!

Things to do before planning a vacation

Before I give you a detailed look at my checklist for planning a trip , I want to point out that choosing your destination is the real starting point. Not only is deciding where to go an important part of any travel plan , but it’s also a good idea to learn some crucial information about it. For example, you should research things like the best time to visit and what the weather will be like when you go.

Once you’ve chosen a destination and you have a solid timeline for when you’ll visit, you can begin the trip planning process. If you want some travel inspiration, here are some beautiful places to go, as well as some information about them:

make travel planning a breeze

Best Countries in Central America

make travel planning a breeze

Best countries to visit in Africa

make travel planning a breeze

Best countries in South America

make travel planning a breeze

Best Caribbean Islands

1. Search for flights, the first step to planning a trip

Once you’ve chosen your destination and travel dates, one of the first things to do to organize your trip is to look for flights. This is usually one of the most tedious steps, but you can make it much easier by reading our guide on how to find cheap flights .

Passenger waiting in airport terminal, planning for a trip

We always use Kiwi and Skyscanner since they make it super easy to find the best prices on flights. Moreover, if you’re not sure where you want to travel but you want to take a cheap trip, you can choose the “Anywhere” option and see the best deals, listed from the lowest price from your selected airport.

Kiwi and Skyscanner also show you the cheapest dates to travel, which is extremely useful if you have flexibility in your trip plan calendar . Don’t forget to activate flight alerts to receive notifications when a ticket price changes. That way, you can jump on the best deal before it runs out.

While I hope you don’t have to use it, AirHelp is a handy website to turn to if your flight is canceled or delayed. This company handles the claims process for you, although they will take a commission fee from your compensation. You can learn more about how to get compensate for delayed flights  in our guide, where I show you how to get up to $600 in compensation .

2. Apply for a visa, a must-do when planning a trip abroad

Step number two of planning a trip is to check what type of documentation you’ll need to enter the country you’re traveling to. Even if you already have the proper paperwork, double-check that it won’t expire before or during your trip.

Passport and boarding pass, how to plan a trip

For example, if you’re planning a vacation to Europe, you should be fine with a valid passport, and travel insurance for Europe . The same applies if you’re visiting Australia, New Zealand, and most countries in South America. But be aware that most countries in Asia and Africa require a visa.

For those cases, I highly recommend going to the iVISA website to check what kind of documentation you need for your destination. We’ve used iVISA several times without any problems and consider it to be one of the best travel planning websites .

3. Book the accommodation, an important step in any trip plan

Another crucial part of organizing a trip is booking your accommodation. There are lots of trip planning apps to help with this, although we almost always use Booking . Here, you can find hotels, villas, apartments, and other types of lodging to suit any budget, which is why we consider it to be one of the best options.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort, best travel planning website

The main advantage of using Booking.com to plan our travels is that we can pay right on the website, and cancellations are usually free until 24 hours before the trip. Also, if you use the website frequently, you can upgrade to the Genius plan, which offers the best deals and discounts. So, if you want to find cheap hotels anywhere in the world, even if you’re planning a multi-city trip , I highly recommend Booking.com .

4. Set up your transportation, an essential part of any travel plan

The next step in this trip planning checklist is to think about transportation once you get to your destination. You can either use public transportation or rent a car.

We prefer renting a vehicle because it grants us more freedom to explore places that might be off the beaten path. That said, some cities and countries have very good public transportation systems, so it’s up to you. When creating your travel itinerary , think about the destination and what you want to do during your trip. That should help you decide whether or not to rent a car.

Friends on a road trip, create travel itinerary

If you decide to go with a rental, I recommend going through RentalCars . Without a doubt, this is the best option for renting a car, especially if you’re not used to organizing road trips . A nice thing about RentalCars is that it shows you a comparison of different rental websites, so you’re guaranteed to find the cheapest rental cars .

Of course, if your planned travel route is more like a cross-country trip, take a look at Motorhome Republic , which offers the best prices and conditions for motorhomes. We’ve used this app several times to plan trips around Iceland and the United States, and it’s always been a positive experience.

Again, many cities and countries have great public transit networks, so if you plan on getting around by bus or train, you can get low ticket prices on Omio . Simply enter your destination, and the website will compare bus and train tickets from different companies to find the best deal for you. You can even search for the cheapest or fastest route. Flixbus is often listed on Omio since its prices are some of the lowest and they operate all over the world. We’ve used Flixbus on several trips around Europe, but you can also use Flixbus in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and more.

Caleta de Sebo, La Graciosa, how to plan an international trip

Public transportation or renting a car, tips for planning a trip

Finally, you may be planning your vacation to an island destination like the Canary Islands, where ferry transport is more common. In that case, I recommend getting your tickets through Direct Ferries , which offers excellent ticket prices for all kinds of time slots. We’ve used this site for our trips to the Canary Islands and Indonesia.

To sum up, organizing your transportation can be a bit stressful, but these travel planning tips and websites will streamline the process for you .

5. Decide which attractions to visit, the most fun part of planning a trip

Among all the steps for planning a trip , choosing which attractions to visit is one the most enjoyable. Step number five in this travel planning checklist is looking at which attractions and activities (free and paid) are available at your destination.

If you’re going to see a show or a concert, Hellotickets can be useful in reserving tickets in advance. That said, if you’re visiting a city that has lots of things to do and offers attraction passes or cards, I recommend getting one. This way, you can access several top attractions while getting the maximum savings. So, if you’re visiting a popular city, check if it offers the Sightseeing Pass , the City PASS , or the Go City pass.

Statue of Liberty, how to plan a road trip

Depending on the destination, some of these cards may also include certain tours or tickets for the sightseeing bus . So again, I highly recommend this option, especially if you’re planning a vacation in a metropolitan city.

Regardless of where you’re going, I suggest making a list of all the tourist attractions you want to visit to better organize your trip . Remember, it’s usually better to focus on seeing things that really interest you, rather than trying to cram as many attractions as possible into your itinerary or planner .

6. Book a tour, a key step in many tourist plans

The next thing to do when planning for a trip is to book any tours you’re going to take at your destination. A tour or excursion can help you discover little-known places and learn more history about the city you’re visiting.

While not every destination calls for a detailed tour plan , some places are known for incredible excursions, like seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, or taking a walking tour through New York.

Northern Lights, plan a trip or tourist plan

When we’re creating a travel itinerary and we know we want to take a tour, there are two websites we use. First, Civitatis offers interesting excursions and some free tours around the world, while GetYourGuide has an extensive list of tours in practically any destination.

Using these online trip planner websites is super easy since all you have to do is enter your destination and hit the search button. You can filter the results by category, price, duration, and more, so they’re two of the best trip planning apps out there.

You don’t want to skip this step, especially if you’re not sure how to plan a trip or you’re visiting a place for the first time. Booking a tour or two will help you make the most of your trip, and since a guide will lead you, it’ll be an informative and entertaining experience.

7. Get travel insurance, something you can’t forget when planning a trip

Another must-do when you’re travel planning is to get travel insurance coverage.

Canadian Rockies at sunset, how to plan a vacation

No one likes to think about it, but unforeseen events can and do happen while traveling, and in those moments, having travel insurance makes all the difference. The worst-case scenario would be getting sick or hurt while abroad and not having any of your extra medical expenses covered.

Currently, we have annual multi-trip insurance with Heymondo , which is the best travel insurance on the market with the best coverage-to-price ratio. You can even get a travel discount with Heymondo just for being our reader.

Holafly logo

5% OFF your travel insurance

In addition to medical assistance for injury or illness, Heymondo covers baggage loss or delay, medical quarantine expenses, and more. You’ll also have Heymondo’s 24/7 chat, which is available to help you should you run into an emergency while abroad.

I can’t recommend travel insurance enough, and while it’s probably the least enjoyable part of planning a trip , it’s the most important. This is particularly true in countries like the U.S. or Japan, where medical treatment is very expensive. Plus, if you opt for trip cancellation insurance , you’ll be covered if an unforeseen event prevents you from traveling.

make travel planning a breeze

Best travel insurance

make travel planning a breeze

Cheap Travel Insurance

make travel planning a breeze

Annual [multi-trip]

make travel planning a breeze


make travel planning a breeze

Europe travel insurance

make travel planning a breeze

Travel insurance for the USA

make travel planning a breeze

Medical Travel Insurance

The best only medical travel insurance

make travel planning a breeze

Cancel for any reason insurance

The best cancel for any reason plans

Mount Fuji, best internet in japan

Pre-existing conditions

Best insurance for pre-existing conditions

La Playa de la Señora es una de las playas más remotas en Morro Jable donde pasar el día junto al mar

Best travel insurance for seniors

make travel planning a breeze

Best family travel insurance

Best insurance for traveling with kids

8. Get a no foreign transaction fee credit card, another important part of your trip plan

Another important thing to remember when planning your itinerary is to get a travel credit card . If you’re going abroad, you’ll want a card with no foreign transaction fees , so you can make payments or ATM withdrawals without the pesky currency exchange fees. Fortunately, you can take advantage of some great options on the market.

Passport and map, planning for a trip or tour

We use the Revolut debit card, which you can get for free and use at ATMs and stores around the world. With Revolut, you can withdraw up to $1,200 a month from foreign ATMs without fees, as well as exchange up to $1,000 a month.

We also carry a Wise credit card with us, which comes in handy when we need to withdraw more money and want to avoid extra fees. With Wise, you can spend money in over 50 currencies.

For more information about the Revolut card and the Wise card , I recommend reading our full reviews of each .

9. Buy an international SIM card, a must-do when you plan to travel

One of the most common concerns we hear about how to plan a trip is related to mobile data. We’ve looked at all the possible options for getting Internet for travel , and have found Holafly to be the best solution.

The Holafly eSIM card, which you can get here , is a prepaid digital SIM card that you can use to get Internet while abroad. It’s cheap, quick to arrive in your email inbox, and allows you to keep your number on WhatsApp and other mobile apps.

Person using phone in the mountains, how to plan a vacation

All you have to do is select the country you’re planning a trip to and choose the eSIM card that best suits the number of days you’ll be there. Depending on the destination, you can find cards for five to 90 days. After selecting your eSIM, you’ll receive the digital card via email, and you can scan the QR code to activate it. This means you can even buy it when you’re already abroad, so it’s the most convenient option.

There’s no doubt that the Holafly eSIM card is the best mobile data option, but you can learn more about it in our full review.

Holafly logo

5% OFF your international eSIM card

10. Pack your suitcase, the last step when planning a trip

Now that you’ve done all the tedious steps to plan your itinerary , all that’s left to do is pack your suitcase. If you’re traveling for the first time or you need new luggage, you’ll have no problems finding backpacks and suitcases on Amazon .

For longer trips, we’ve been using this large suitcase (30 inches) for years, and it still holds up. When we’re planning a trip for the weekend or the short term, we use this small suitcase (21 inches) and this carry-on bag .

If you’re curious about how we plan for a backpacking trip , we follow the steps above and depend on this backpack (80L), which is ideal for longer trips. If you’re taking a backpacking trip and want some tips, check out our guide on how to prepare a backpack for long-term travel.

Luggage set, how to organize a trip

Whether you’re packing a suitcase or a backpack, remember to check the temperatures at your destination so you can bring the appropriate clothing and footwear. Also, don’t forget your toiletries and a small first aid kit since even getting ibuprofen while abroad can be difficult. Other essentials you can’t forget while planning your trip include your passport, wallet, phone charger, and power bank.

These days, you can keep most documents on your phone, but I still recommend bringing along physical copies of your boarding pass, reservations, and insurance policy just in case.

Finally, if you find yourself in a scenario where you don’t have a place to keep your suitcase and you don’t want to drag it around the city with you, you can opt for a luggage storage service. We’ve used Nannybag and Bounce a few times and it made all the difference in how enjoyable our trip was. I also recommend keeping Apple Airtags in your luggage so you can locate it in case it gets lost or stolen.

Bonus step: Pack your photography gear, an essential part of our tour planning

One of the best parts of traveling is seeing amazing landscapes and architecture, which brings me to my bonus travel planning tip . If you love photography as much as we do, don’t forget to bring your camera and other gear with you. We always pack the essentials, especially for our photo tours , and we always keep our equipment well protected.

Photography gear, how to plan a family trip

If you don’t have travel photography gear , you have two options. You can buy what you need on Amazon or B&H Photo , or you can rent the equipment from LensRentals , which I recommend if you’re only going to use it for that trip.

You can get all the details on where to rent camera gear in the U.S. in our guide. I think renting the equipment is a great idea if you’re not a dedicated photographer and don’t plan on using it too much. Plus, you save 15% in LensRentals with our code ATLAS15.

photography gear camera and lenses rental

Other tips when planning for a trip

Now you have all the top tips for planning a trip from start to finish. Before I say goodbye, I want to recommend some trip planning apps that can make organizing your trip even easier.

Maps.me has become a must-have for us, even on our weekend getaways. This online travel planner app gives us maps of places all over the world, which we can access even when we lose Internet connection.

Another great tool is TravelSpend , which makes planning a trip with friends super easy since you can organize the travel expenses and determine who pays what.

Of course, travel planning is a process that takes time and effort, but if you follow the advice in this guide and use the websites I mentioned, it’ll be much easier. If you have any questions or want to share your trip planning experiences or tips, leave me a comment below. I’d be happy to hear from you!

Until then, good luck, and have fun planning the trip of your dreams!

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make travel planning a breeze

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How to Plan a Trip: 10 Easy Steps to Make Travel Planning Less Daunting

  • 1 June 2021 14 April 2023

True or false: planning a trip is enjoyable, fun, and easy to do? If you answered false, listen up — there is a way to make it less stressful! As someone who loves trip planning (almost as much as the trip itself), I decided to come up with this list to explain how to plan a trip from start to finish . Read on for a step-by-step guide with flight attendant-approved travel tips that will make planning your next trip a breeze!

How to organize your dream destinations

Visa requirements, flight booking tips, best websites to book accommodation, best places to book transportation, how to plan a trip while staying organized.

How to plan a trip: Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan at sunrise from above

Step 1: Decide where you want to travel

This is seemingly the easiest step, but I actually find it quite difficult! There are so many incredible places on this Earth that it becomes pretty challenging to narrow them down. Here are a few questions I ask myself when deciding where to travel to next:

  • How much time do I have? I don’t want to plan a trip somewhere across the globe when I only have a few days.
  • What kind of trip do I want to have? Am I looking for a chill, all-inclusive beach vibe ? Or do I want to go to museums and explore city streets?
  • Who will I be traveling with? When I’m solo , I like to choose a relatively safe and easy place to navigate. With a group of friends , I’ll look for somewhere with good nightlife and restaurants.
  • Where have I not been yet? Going to the same destinations over and over again is great for some people, but I usually prefer to go somewhere new.
  • What will the weather be like when I want to go? It’s probably best to avoid booking a trip to the tropics during hurricane season. Likewise, you may have certain activities you want to do that are only available at certain times of the year.

Travel inspiration

  • Blogs : Like the one you’re reading now! I love reading other people’s blogs because it’s like having a conversation with a friend who’s already been there.
  • Girls LOVE Travel : This is a women-only Facebook group with over 1 million members. People post about their trips and share their itineraries and travel photos.
  • Instagram : A classic for visually appealing destinations. I like searching for a location I’m interested in and exploring all of the pictures that were taken there.
  • Youtube : Travel vlogs are a great way to visualize a spot before you visit. My favorite channels recently are Daneger & Stacey , Fearless & Far , Backpacking Bananas , and ExpLaura .
  • Google Maps : My holy grail of trip planning. Anytime I hear about an interesting attraction, restaurant, hotel, etc. I make a list on Google Maps for that country. You can then share your lists with other people, save them offline, and refer back to them when you need directions. I find that this is the best way to keep myself and my millions of recommendations organized. After all… if something’s not on Google, does it even really exist?
  • Pinterest : Pinterest is great because most of the travel pins you’ll see link back to a travel blog. You can organize your boards and sections by destination or type of travel (or any other way you’d like!).

How to plan a trip: Screenshot from Google Maps showing blue pins all around the globe

Step 2: Decide when you want to travel

Sometimes, this will obviously be dependent on when you are able to get time off. If you have some flexibility, however, here are some questions to consider before deciding:

  • Are there any events I want to be there for? If you want to see the Christmas markets in Germany , for example, you’ll have to schedule your trip for December.
  • What kind of weather can I tolerate? Because booking a hiking trip to Arizona in July does not sound enjoyable.
  • Do I want to book during the shoulder seasons to save money? Usually, you can score lower prices on flights and accommodation if you book your trip over the slower months. The downside is that the weather may not be as pleasant and fewer things could be open.

For me, steps 1 and 2 (the where and the when ) are often swapped. I’ll look at my schedule for the next month and choose a destination based on how many days off I have in a row. This can be a good way to go about it if you know that you want to go somewhere but don’t have a specific place in mind.

Step 3: Look into travel restrictions & visa requirements

Nowadays, this can be one of the most difficult parts of knowing how to plan a trip. With border closures and travel restrictions changing (literally) daily, it’s always best to consult the official travel website of the country you’d like to visit. They’ll have the most up-to-date information and instructions on what you need to do before you go. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  • A negative COVID test before and/or after arrival
  • Proof of recovery from COVID and/or positive antibody test
  • Daily health check-ins via text or email
  • Contact tracing via app download
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Self-isolation or quarantine (at home or at a government-approved facility)
  • Make sure that any bookings you make are fully refundable and/or changeable . With so much uncertainty right now, it’s important that you can change your plans easily if you need to.
  • If you’re vaccinated, make a copy of your vaccination card in case you lose the original. I also like to scan any important documents with the Notes app scanner on my phone.
  • Before traveling anywhere, make sure that you’re familiar with your destination’s mask and curfew regulations. You should always respect their rules and cultural norms.

⇉ Is pandemic travel irresponsible? My opinion on travel shaming

For better or for worse, the nationality on your passport determines where you’re able to travel freely. The number of countries you’re allowed to travel to without a visa is called your passport’s mobility score . Always double-check the visa requirements of the country you’re traveling to before getting on your flight.

Generally, there are three different categories a country may fall into:

  • No visa required : You’re free to enter without any visa requirements.
  • Visa on arrival : This can either be free or paid on arrival. Make sure you have enough money in the local currency to pay for any visa you might need.
  • Visa required : This is the type of visa you need to apply for online before your trip starts.

⇉ How to Get a New Zealand Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

How to plan a trip: passport stamps in front of a passport case

Step 4: Book your flights

If you’re not driving to your destination, you’ll probably need to book flights to get there (unless you live somewhere where trains are a thing — lucky you!). Here are some questions to mull over when choosing flights:

  • Do I want the most comfortable flight or will I settle for the cheapest option? I would personally never pay extra to be comfortable on a flight. Give me that long overnight layover and middle seat in the back of the plane for $10, hell yeah! (I love you Ryanair .) I know most people would probably disagree with me here, and that’s fine — choose whatever feels right for you.
  • Do I want to arrive in the morning or in the evening? Unless I’m paying for early check-in at my accommodation, I usually try to arrive at my destination in the early afternoon.
  • Am I loyal to a certain airline? If you fly with one airline or alliance religiously (or have their credit card), it pays to book with them. You’ll usually get some sort of benefits, like free checked bags or priority boarding.
  • Do I have miles to use? Travel hacking is a massive topic in and of itself. If you’ve earned a lot of miles with a certain airline, that could influence the routes or dates you choose to fly.

Best websites to book flights

  • Directly from the airline — this can sometimes be cheaper than a third-party website!
  • If you’ve searched for how to plan a trip before, you’ve probably come across this tip already — but that’s because it works! Make sure your browser is in incognito mode when searching for flights. Websites use your cookies, or browsing data, to affect the prices you see. Incognito mode makes sure that your cookies aren’t being stored and used against you later.
  • Use a VPN set to a different country. If you’re booking a roundtrip flight from the USA to Canada , for example, try setting your VPN to somewhere in Canada. For some reason, this is often cheaper than booking without a VPN.
  • Check out Skyscanner’s article on the best times to book a flight .

Step 5: Book your accommodation

There are so many different types of accommodation to fit any style of traveler. Whether you want something bougie , something instagrammable , or simply a place to rest your head at night, choosing between all the available options can be difficult. Here are some questions I ask myself before booking a place to stay:

  • Do I want privacy or do I want to be social? This helps me decide whether I want private or shared accommodation.
  • Am I looking for something unique or different? Glamping , treehouses, and cabins in the woods all fall under this category. If I’m in a particularly special place, sometimes I like to get a funky Airbnb to go with it.
  • What amenities do I absolutely need? If I’m somewhere hot, this includes a pool. Somewhere cold, maybe an outdoor hot tub. Think about the amenities you value in your own home — a dishwasher, a large bed, a washing machine, etc.
  • Will I be doing a lot of cooking or will I be eating out? This helps me decide if I need a place with a kitchen.
  • Airbnb and VRBO for whole houses/apartments and unique accommodation
  • Booking.com for classic hotels
  • Hostelworld for hostels
  • Directly from the hotel

If you’re a flight attendant or pilot, you can also choose to book through one of our many industry discount pages. Ones I use frequently include Staff Travel Voyage and ID90 .

make travel planning a breeze

Step 6: Book your transportation

The type of transportation I book for a trip depends on what kind of trip I want to have. Here’s what I would do based on where I plan to go:

  • Staying in one city : I’d use public transportation, walk, or pay for Ubers.
  • Going to multiple cities/backpacking : I’d use buses, trains, or flights if they’re readily available. Otherwise, I’d rent a car.
  • Anywhere without reliable public transportation/off the beaten track : I’d rent a car.
  • Exploring National Parks /going on a road trip : I’d rent a car or campervan .
  • Staying at a resort : I’d book transfers to and from the airport.
  • Kayak for car rentals
  • Escape Campervans (USA) and Britz or Jucy (New Zealand) for campervan rentals
  • Sixt and Hoppa for airport transfers

⇉ How to plan the perfect New Zealand road trip

Step 7: Start planning your itinerary

Here comes the really fun part! Planning a trip itinerary is both an art and a science — you want to make sure you fit in everything you want to do while leaving yourself enough time to rest and explore. Here are some tips on how to plan a trip that’s balanced and manageable:

  • Don’t underestimate travel time : Driving and public transit times can vary wildly from one place to the next. Winding or gravel roads, low speed limits, and traffic can all slow you down considerably. Even two points that look close together on the map can take a long time to get between because they’re separated by mountains! I like to map out my route on Google Maps while planning my trip to make sure that my estimates are realistic.
  • Don’t overestimate your physical ability : On the flip side, it’s important to be aware of your own limitations as well. Scheduling a full day of sightseeing might sound good in theory, but it can also be exhausting. Factoring in jetlag, culture shock , and lots of food and drinks makes it possible that you won’t accomplish as much as you think you will. Be sure to schedule some relaxation time into your day.
  • Notion : Notion is my newest organizational obsession. It’s basically like a cuter, more functional version of Google Docs. You can make lists, spreadsheets, tables, calendars, and so much more — it’s extremely powerful. I’m a visual person, so I like making interactive schedules with pictures to plan out my trips. If you share your pages with other people, they can also contribute and make changes.
  • My.flightradar24 : This is my favorite way to keep track of what flights I’ve been on. You enter your flight number, date, and any relevant details. The website then puts all of your trips on a map and gives you fun statistics.
  • Whenever I get a confirmation email, I screenshot it and add it to a trip folder in my photos. That way, I have everything I need in one place and I don’t have to dig for it.

make travel planning a breeze

Step 8: Book your excursions, tours, & activities

Once you’ve started planning out your itinerary, you should have a general idea of whether or not you’ll want to book any excursions or tours . Depending on where you’re going, some of these things can be booked last minute. If you know you’ll be somewhere on a certain date or think the event will sell out, it can be comforting to book in advance. Here are some ideas of things to think about booking:

  • Multi-day group tours or retreats
  • Single-day group tours
  • Walking tours
  • Boat tours/day cruises
  • Personal tour guides/drivers
  • Event tickets: concerts, plays, operas, museums, sports games, etc.
  • Cooking classes

Step 9: Book restaurant reservations

This might seem a bit extra, but sometimes booking a restaurant reservation in advance is necessary. Generally, you should book ahead for places that are really fancy, are Michelin-starred, or are extremely popular. This goes double if it’s a holiday or long weekend.

You can search for restaurants and make reservations on OpenTable or Tock .

Step 10: Purchase travel insurance

One of the most boring but necessary parts of trip planning. Good travel insurance will cover unfortunate events like illness, injury, emergency evacuations, lost or stolen luggage, and canceled flights. Nowadays, it’s extra important to make sure you have coverage for any unexpected travel interruptions.

World Nomads is highly regarded as one of the best companies for travel insurance.

Thanks for reading this guide on how to plan a trip! Look out for more travel tip posts coming soon.

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10 Of The Best Travel Apps For Android That Make Trip Planning A Breeze

Airbnb app showing a cabin in Ohio

Travel is about as easy as it's ever been. You can hop on a plane, go anywhere, find accommodations once you're there, and even hail a taxi with just a few clicks or taps. Prices can be quite reasonable as long as you're keeping your expectations in check. It's not unusual for folks to take a weekend trip somewhere for no reason other than to just get out of the house. Luckily, there are plenty of good travel apps for Android to help with planning.

A smartphone has plenty of utility in a space like this. You keep it on you all the time, even on airplanes, so it's not a bad place to store your itinerary. People are relying on their smartphones a lot more for travel compared to even just a few years ago. Apps for things like hotels and transportation booking have improved by a large amount over the last five years or so. Additionally, new tools have made their way to the market. 

In some cases, you may not even need an app. For instance, Google Travel is an aggregate website that includes flights, hotels, rentals, and discovery features for when you arrive in your destination city. Apps tend to be a little more reliable, though, so let's take a look at some good ones.

Airbnb is a popular travel app that lets you rent out establishments that are usually owned by real people. There are a few benefits to this approach. For starters, it's a vastly different experience than the same old hotel stay that we all know and tolerate. There are also a variety of properties available for rent in most regions, including cabins, beachfront properties, and other interesting accommodations. It's a nice way to spice up your trip without changing your itinerary too much. It's not a leap in logic to assume that a beach trip would be more fun in a beach house rather than a standard hotel.

However, there are some downsides to Airbnb. It's generally more expensive than a traditional hotel stay, especially if you go for something more exotic. For instance, we found a wonderful cabin in Ohio that costs over $700 per day to rent. That's a $2,100 weekend before taking any other expenses into consideration. Additionally, you can find the occasional horror story about owners and tenants causing drama. A little vigilance and some patience can help avoid such complications. 

There aren't many apps like Airbnb, although some are trying. They include Vrbo, Booking.com, Hipcamp, and a few others, but none are as established as Airbnb. The app is free to use, but rentals obviously cost money.

Citymapper is a unique app for travelers. It sources its map information from Google Maps, so you're not using something entirely different from what you'd normally use. Where Citymapper excels is in its depth of choice. Let's say you want to go from West Side Market to the Agora Theater in Cleveland, Ohio. Citymapper not only gives you directions but also gives you options for your transportation. You can walk, take the bus, rent a scooter, or hail a cab. There is built-in support for Uber, Lyft, and several other transportation companies for cab service and scooter rentals. There are even bus schedules to help plan your day around local transportation. 

Yes, it is possible to recreate a lot of this in Google Maps. However, Citymapper is built specifically for this function, so the layout of the app makes a little more sense for folks who don't often use these types of services. The only real downside of Citymapper is the lack of support for many U.S. cities. For example, in Ohio the app supports Cleveland but not Cincinnati or Columbus. That's a bit of an oversight, although there is always Google Maps to fall back on if you're somewhere without official Citymapper support. 

Citymapper is free to use with advertising. You can remove the advertising with a $1.49 per month subscription.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an excellent choice for obvious reasons. It features near-ubiquitous support for most places you'd want to go, a laundry list of features for all sorts of activities, and even competes favorably with Yelp for user reviews. It's a go-to, all-in-one solution that nullifies a lot of its competitors. You can even download maps for offline use if you expect to be out of range of an Internet connection. Otherwise, most people know how Google Maps works. You can get navigation to just about anywhere. There is also support for walking, public transportation, and more.

What makes Google Maps special are a lot of the smaller, less-used features . For example, you can share your location with a friend or family member. They can use Google Maps to find your location and get to you if needed. You can also adjust your routes to save gas and search for the cheapest gas near you. The gas station prices aren't always exactly current, but it gives you a good idea. It'll even show you the speed limit when used with Android Auto. Not every feature is supported everywhere, so your mileage may vary. 

Google Maps has a lot of competition in this space, such as Apple Maps. Some alternatives, like Maps.me and OsmAnd, use OpenStreetMap as a source, which can occasionally be more reliable than Google Maps and may also include some extra hiking trails or paths that Maps doesn't. Otherwise, Google Maps stands alone at the top.

Google Translate

Google Translate is another excellent app for travelers. After all, not everybody has the time or capability to learn a new foreign language for each trip they take. Google Translate is good at a number of things. You can easily type in whatever you want into the app and translate it to your language of choice. That's the main function, and it's perfectly usable in day-to-day applications. Other features, however, may see more use in practice, such as the ability of the app to take a picture of a menu or sign and translate it for you. 

Perhaps the most useful feature is the conversation mode. You simply choose the languages you want and speak into the app. The app uses speech-to-text to translate what you said so the other party can read it. They can then do the same in reverse. This lets you have full conversations with people who don't speak your language. You can also use the app offline provided that you downloaded the languages you need first. 

The great part about it is that it just works without much of a learning curve, so most people should be able to figure this out relatively quickly. Google Translate doesn't have a lot of competition. Microsoft Translator and DeepL Translate are making strides, but they aren't quite there yet. 

Kayak is one of many apps to book travel accommodations. It lets you search for flights, hotels, and rental cars for your trip, all within essentially the same experience. For flights, you input your start and end destinations and dates, which leads the app to pull up available flights. There is then a process that sorts them by the cheapest so you can find the best deals. Looking for hotels and rental cards is the same. You input your destination and dates, and the app tries to find you the best deals. 

There are some extras that make life a little easier. Kayak's app layout is functional and quite easy to read. Many competitors do this as well, but Kayak just has a good feel. Additionally, you can surf for alternative ideas like ridesharing for car rentals or vacation homes instead of hotel accommodations. There are plenty of filters to nail down exactly what you want. Booking accommodations through the app is a fairly simple process and not much different from most other apps.

Kayak has a ton of competitors in this space, including Priceline, Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com, and at least a couple dozen others. Choosing one is a lot like choosing a grocery store — different services have different sales at different times. You should use the one that saves you the most money at the time you plan your trip. 

Polarsteps is a travel tracker app, although it is more recreational than it is functional. The app lets you plan your trip and then log the trip as you take it. You can store things like photos, notes, and other memories along your journey. The app shows you all of those memories on a neat world map. It's an overall nice way to visualize your trip after you're done taking it. In addition, you can share your trip with family and friends so they can keep track of you as you progress while commenting on your photos and memories. 

The app works quite well in practice. Photos and other content upload quickly, and the social elements are done well. The only real downside of the app is that it is for recreational purposes only. You can't manage an itinerary, book hotels, or do any actual planning with Polarsteps. This is only for capturing memories.

Polarsteps also gives you the option of ordering a travel book with memories of your travels. You can also revisit old trips through the app if you decide to keep it for multiple trips. Polarsteps is free to use. You only have to spend money on the travel book if you want it. 

There are many apps that do variations of this same thing. FindPenguins is an up-and-coming app in this space that does a lot of the same stuff as Polarsteps. 

TripIt is an all-in-one travel planner. It starts by having you create a trip in the app. From there, you add in your itinerary, travel plans, and other information. Everything is manual, so you don't have to worry about syncing anything. You can enter everything from flight numbers to hotel reservation confirmation numbers. There is also an alerts system for reminders about those flights and hotel reservations. It's a nice overall package that takes most types of travel into consideration. The app has a clean look, and it shouldn't take long to get the gist of how everything works.

There are a variety of other features as well. You can store travel documents like passports, Visas, and driver's licenses. There are whole sections for alternate modes of transportation such as cruise ships, trains, and public transportation. The navigation feature integrates directly with Google Maps for easy storage of your road trip directions. Those who opt for the optional $48.99 per year subscription also get access to a point tracker for your loyalty programs as well as an Inner Circle feature to invite other people to plan trips with you.

Like other travel apps, this one has a lot of competition. RoadTrippers, Passporter, and TripCase are a few decent examples. TripIt does the job better and with less hassle than most of its competitors, so it's a great place to start. 

Uber is a must for travelers. It's ubiquitous in the U.S. at least, and almost everybody knows how to use it. It's a ridesharing service that operates similarly to a taxi service — you hire a driver to take you from point A to point B. There's a rating system for both passengers and drivers to keep everyone honest. 

Otherwise, it's a fairly straightforward endeavor. The app is easy to use, and you can schedule rides for the future if needed as well. At this point, Uber has been around long enough that most people have used it at least once. There aren't many surprises here. 

Uber has consolidated a lot of its functions within its main app. That means you can order food and have it delivered to your location without using the Uber Eats app. There are also options for pharmacy, alcohol, retail, and grocery delivery. You can even have a driver deliver a package from your location to its destination if you need it there quickly and don't mind paying extra for it. Rounding out the features is a car rental service partnership with Hertz that allows you to rent a car if you prefer. 

Uber has competition all around the world. Lyft is its biggest competitor and it's good as a ridesharing service. Other countries may have services specific to that location. You'll want to do some research if you're traveling abroad. 

Vio is a hotel deal comparison app. Earlier, we talked about Kayak and how it had tons of competitors in this space. Vio, and apps like it, aggregate prices from many of those places so you can price shop across services in a single spot. The app shows you the best deal it was able to find, even if that deal wasn't directly from Vio, by sourcing prices from over 100 travel sites. The app also boasts millions of hotel options around the world. Pair that with a solid UI that doesn't feel overly cluttered, and you have an app that ends up feeling easy to use. 

All you have to do is input your destination city to start browsing. Once you find a hotel you like, you can view more details within the app. From there, there are two things that can happen. You can continue booking the hotel from the app if the deal is directly from Vio. Otherwise, the app throws you to the other service to complete the process. For example, if you find a good deal using Booking.com, the app will send you to that website so you can claim it. 

There are a variety of services that do something similar. Trivago is another popular option for comparing hotel prices, and you can use either one as they both work about the same and compare the same data. 

Wanderlog is a travel planner app. It offers an all-in-one solution to essentially the entire experience. You can plan the trip by inputting your various reservations, itineraries, and other plans. The app keeps track of everything for easy recall later. In addition, Wanderlog has a ton of little extras that can help make things easier. 

For instance, you can compare hotel and flight prices. There is also a collaboration feature that is available for free. You can add people to your trip so they can see all of the information as well. It might seem a bit cluttered at first but it gets easier the more you use it. 

In general, Wanderlog is easy to use. There are a lot of distracting elements as the app sends you deals and coupons for various travel-related services. Some of those are genuinely useful, so it's not the biggest deal. The app requires an internet connection to use if you're on the free version. You can get offline support along with Google Maps support, fewer restrictions, and even more deals for an optional $39.99 per month. The subscription isn't necessary unless you intend on using the app very heavily.

What makes this app unique is that it's a mix between an aggregator service like Vio and a travel planner like TripIt. You can find this same experience across two or three apps if you want to.

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10 Best Travel Itinerary Templates That Will Make Planning Your Next Trip a Breeze

If you're anything like me, then you love to travel. But even if you're not a travel enthusiast, planning a trip can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider: where to go, what to see, how to get there, and on and on. That's why having a travel itinerary template can be so helpful.

A travel itinerary template will help organise your thoughts and make planning your next trip a breeze! In this blog post, we will discuss 10 different travel itinerary templates that you can use for your next vacation. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

The following are the 10 best travel itinerary template

1.  Travel Destination Poster

Travel Destination Poster is a great template for highlighting the beauty of your chosen destination. It will provide stunning visuals that will give viewers the perfect glimpse into where you're headed.

2.  Fresh Travel Guide Brochure

Fresh Travel Guide Brochure is ideal for providing comprehensive information on all aspects of travel, from accommodations to transportation and more.

3.  Travel Style Trifold Brochure

Travel Style Tri-fold Brochure is a great way to neatly present your travel itinerary template in an organized format.

4.  Simple Travel Voucher

Simple Travel Voucher is perfect for creating vouchers that you can give out to friends, family or travelling companions.

5.  Travel and Food Poster

Travel and Food Poster is the ideal template for showcasing the delicious local cuisines you'll find along your journey. Every element on this travel itinerary template is easy to customise and simple to use.

6.  Fresh Free Travel Album

Fresh Free Travel Album will help you document all your favorite moments during your trip. You can customise this template easily.

7.  Travel Agency Poster

Travel Agency Poster is perfect travel itinerary template for highlighting the services and resources that an experienced travel agency can provide.

8.  Orange Travel Newsletter

Orange Travel Newsletter will make it easy to keep up with the latest news from around the world.

9.  Tavel Egypt Postcard

Travel Egypt Postcard is ideal for capturing the breathtaking sights of ancient Egyptian monuments. You can edit every element on this  travel itinerary template easily.

10.  Travel Guide Business Post Card

Finally, Travel Guide Business Post Card will help make sure your business stays top of mind for anyone looking for travel assistance.

No matter what kind of trip you're planning, these 10 travel itinerary templates are sure to make the process easier and more enjoyable. Whether it's a quick getaway or an extended vacation, having a well-organized plan will ensure that your journey is stress-free and enjoyable. So, get creative and start planning your next trip today! Good luck!

Now that you've seen these 10 amazing travel itinerary templates, why not make your next trip-planning experience even easier by downloading WPS Office ? Also, visit our website With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, WPS Office is the perfect tool for creating professional-looking travel itineraries in no time. Download it today and start planning your dream vacation! Find more Samples online for your next file!

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  • 2. Top 10 travel itinerary excel templates
  • 3. 9+ Well Organized Free Excel Travel Itinerary Template
  • 4. Top 10 travel itinerary excel templates
  • 5. 9+ simple travel itinerary template Excel free download
  • 6. The 10 best travel itinerary template Word: how to organize your trip

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.

a packed life

Travel * Lifestyle * Planning

  • Travel Planning
  • Trip Planning

10 Ways To Make Planning Your Next Trip A Breeze

  • Saturday, Jun 17th, 2017

make travel planning a breeze

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of knowing a big trip is on the horizon.  For me, trip planning is just as much a part of that excitement.  Remember that moment in Rocky Horror when Tim keeps us dangling in antici…………pation!  That’s how it feels.  So here are ten steps to help making the planning of that big trip as easy and as much fun as possible.

Define The Trip

We had set aside time last October for a Big Trip.  We’d had a lot of fun individually looking at all the options and deciding which adventures we liked the most.  Then we brought the options to the table one Sunday over breakfast.  It was time to work our way through the respective merits of the Galapagos and a US trip focused on Tennessee and Mississippi.

You may have gathered from other blog posts here that we opted for the Delta Blues this time round.   This was partly because we both preferred this option, and also because in reality, trips to the Galapagos need planning earlier than we had envisioned.  It wouldn’t have been impossible, but it would have involved more compromises than we wanted to make.

Set The Rules: What’s non-negotiable for the trip

Having decided on a destination, we then started to thrash out exactly what the trip would look like.  What did we want to see, and what things did we think were essential?   We finalised our dates and got a rough budget in mind.  We knew that the trip needed to cover Nashville, Memphis and Clarksdale.   Plenty of live music was essential.  We wanted to build in a road trip to reach Clarksdale and the Mississippi delta.

Our accommodation choices were flexible, but being self-catering for at least some parts of the trip would help with the budget.  We were less willing to compromise on specific places we wanted to visit, like the Stax Museum, Sun Studios and the Civil Rights Museum.

Do Your Research and Formulate a plan

Some intensive clacking around the table found us suitable flights, going open jaw via Newark to Nashville, and back from Memphis via Chicago and Frankfurt to home*.  We decided that we were going to rent apartments for the stays in Nashville and Memphis.  Not only would this give us more local colour, but we could also avoid eating out constantly.

We’d use motels and hotels for the drive down to Mississippi, which would take in Brownsville as a stopover and two nights in Clarksdale, before the drive back up to Memphis.  Car hire with a pickup at Nashville airport and a drop off at Memphis was easily sorted.

We looked at the distances between the various stopovers and decided that they were achievable without putting us under time pressure.  As we’re both suckers for seeing something interesting and wanting to stop, we wanted an easy schedule.  I saw that taxis were difficult to get, so signed up to Uber, as recommended by many of the local accommodation providers.

Break The Rules and live a Little Dangerously

Although we’d never done it before, we decided to book airbnb for the two apartment stays.  The painful prices for hotel rooms in Nashville encouraged us, and also the opportunity to manage some dietary needs more easily.

It was a long time since we’d driven in the USA, but we needed to drive for this itinerary.  So we opted to pick up and drop off at airports, thinking it would make our drive easier.  And we made sure to book a car with SatNav.  That turned out to be a really good decision.

Explore Your Options

Having sorted the beginning (Nashville) and the end (Memphis) of the trip, we explored some options for the time in Mississippi.  This helped us identify a drive via I40 to Brownsville, where we could spend a night, and then onto Clarksville for two days to take in a night at Ground Zero blues club, and a trip to Dockery Farm, home of the Blues.  We checked out I40 on YouTube, and found it a rather quiet dual carriageway.  This didn’t quite prepare us for the six lane joy that was south Memphis.

Refine Reviews

We spent a lot of time, noses pressed to screen, looking at reviews for accommodation and things to do on our proposed route.  Some things about our accommodation were non negotiable, such as a small kitchen, and wifi access.  Other factors weren’t so critical.  We knew we needed a car, but our only criteria was that we didn’t want anything so massive it needed its own zip code.  We were helped in that there were few (if any) accommodation options in Brownsville and Clarksdale, which simplified that part of the trip.

We also had a list of the places we wanted to visit: the Ryman and Main Street in Nashville, Ground Zero in Clarksdale, Dockery Farm in Mississippi and a whole list of museums in Memphis: Rock and Soul, Stax, Sun Studios and the Human Rights Museum.  This helped us work out the length of time we were going to stay in each place, and build in a bit of chillout time following the drive.

Get Booking

One memorable morning we cranked up the laptops, opened all the windows, and started booking.  Flights first, then airbnb at both ends of the trip, then the motel in Brownsville, the hotel in Clarksdale, and the car hire.  Then on to travel insurance, as we were both due our annual renewal in the month before the holiday.

It helped having the two of us sitting together to check dates and remind one another of the route and timescales we’d scribbled down.  The order in which we booked made sense too, as we knew we could flex around everything except the flight dates.

Cover Your Bases

We had a Plan B in Nashville and Memphis if our airbnb choices hadn’t worked out.  There was no other option of a place to stay in Brownsville, so we would have to drive elsewhere if the motel had been full on the night we planned to stay there.  Clarksdale offered just two options, one of which was outside the city limits.

Get Ready And Go

We ended up having our house rewired while we were away, so there was a long list of extra work involved in planning this trip.  Despite that, we managed to keep the anticipation high by reading more about the places we’d be visiting, and making trip playlists.

What did we learn for future Trip Planning

Most of what we did in our planning worked out really well.  I loved Nashville more than I’d ever imagined, and Memphis was full of interesting places.  But the surprise jewel in the crown for me was Mississippi.  We visited during the hottest October in recent history.   Cotton ball clouds floated in an endless blue sky and cotton was growing in the fields alongside empty roads.  Definitely places for the ever-growing return list.

The only thing that I would have done differently would have been to read the reviews of our first airbnb with more thought.  The reviews mentioned trains nearby.  We live near a train line, so it didn’t seem important.  But just as UK trains are settling down for the night in a cosy siding, the Great American Railroad is beginning to lurch into action.  Nashville passed in a sleep-deprived haze. There was hooting and whistling and rumbling taking place seemingly in the next room and at soul-destroying intervals all night.  That’s an assumption we won’t be making again.

*Then there was my rookie error.  The original routing promised a 747, giving us a pair of seats rather than a three for the overnight home, and a chance to get some sleep.  We ended up with a change of kit and three abreast, meaning that we could have cut out one of the legs and returned via Newark.  Ah well…

make travel planning a breeze

Author: Bernie

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Breeze Airways 4+

Breeze airways, designed for ipad.

  • #89 in Travel
  • 2.6 • 804 Ratings



Make flying a breeze when you search, book, track and manage your flights from the palm of your hand. Check-in with ease and skip the lines with your mobile boarding pass. Features include: • Search and book flights on the fly • Manage your existing bookings including changes and cancellations without needing to talk to a person • Keep track of your BreezePoints ® and update your account profile • Stay up to date on flight status We will be updating our app frequently as we bring Breeze service to more and more destinations in the coming months. Please rate, review and let us know how we can create an even better Breeze experience for you!

Version 1.118.0

Feature Updates Bug Fixes

Ratings and Reviews

804 Ratings

Fly round trip in one day App

The breeze way app is a terrible. You can get tickets at a low price but you have to enjoy being confused and frustrated. I flew Breeze airways several months ago searching for flights is straight forward but selecting a Departure and Return flight date is only possible if you blunder into it. I did save on airline tickets so today I tried Breeze app again and it was the same thing. The problem with the App is it won’t allow you but only one date to fly round trip. If you want to return back on some other date it’s not allowed. Now if you’re persistent and keep clicking away you can get the dates you want but how that happens seems random it just happens. I struggled getting a simple round trip for about 45 minutes. I went to the Hopper App and was able to book my flight in less than 10 minutes. I paid more but it was worth it just to lower my blood pressure. Fix your Breeze app. You shouldn’t have to spend 90% of your time figuring out the App. The only reason I gave 2 stars is that your ticket prices are lower.

Can’t wait for the HPN-SJU route to start!!!

The app certainly does its job. I’ve flown the airline a handful of times and haven’t had any major issues of note. I’ve had some delays (weather related, not mechanical) and chalk that up to the pitfalls of flying. They aren’t the best communicators when it comes to why there are delays - I tend to use other apps and flight tracking sources to try to figure it out. And, I do find them to be a bit slower than, say, Delta in timely app updates. However, I’ve got to say that they have opened up a new world of leisure travel quick hops for me and my family because of the secondary airport point to point services. I’m loving HPN-ORF right now, and rumor has it that there may be a HPN-SJU flight in the works that will be a game changer. A few of my friends who fly private even said that they’d use it (don’t get me wrong - they are probably lying and don’t really care that the price of the ticket will be less than the Uber from New Canaan to HPN!!!). In sum - I give the Breeze App an aspirational 4-stars. I’ll come back later to up it once things continue to improve.

Summer Breeze!

This 2023 summer, I have flown several times on Breeze. Extraordinarily impressed with the ground and in-flight crews, the planes and the online app. Everyone I’ve met who is an employee has been welcoming, friendly, professional, and appears to enjoy their respective careers. That is a huge improvement over other airlines. The boarding process has been orderly and calm. The flight crew are cheerful and efficient. When a delays happen, the ground crew gets us lined up once the plane is ready, so that the time it takes to board is reduced. All of the planes I have traveled on have been clean and comfortable…well, as comfortable as coach class can be. All-in-all, I am a huge fan. Background: I have flown well over a million miles throughout my career, domestic and international, on many different airlines. Retired now, but still travel. Thank you Breeze, for offering the short flights and making them comfortable and affordable! Looking forward to seeing your flight offerings list expand.

App Privacy

The developer, Breeze Airways , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Financial Info
  • Contact Info
  • Identifiers
  • Sensitive Info

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

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The Secret for Making Travel Planning a Breeze

(ARA) – The holiday season is upon us and you’re probably traveling somewhere to see family and friends. While some Americans still turn to travel agents to do trip planning, most are now doing it themselves online. According to a new report from the travel industry research group, PhoCusWright Inc, more than half of all U.S. travel will be booked online this year.

The Internet puts a wealth of travel information at your fingertips, but once you have all the information in hand, it can be a real challenge to stay organized. Well, now you can throw away that bulky manila folder filled with print-outs of all your flight, hotel, rental car, maps, directions, weather, and travel notes. There’s a free online service available from TripIt (www.tripit.com) that automatically organizes all your travel information into one master travel itinerary that you can share with the people who need to know — no matter where you’ve booked the different parts of your trip.

Based in San Francisco and founded in October 2006, TripIt’s mission is to simplify the online travel experience. By automatically creating master itineraries with all your critical trip information, this unique online service helps do-it-yourself travelers organize their travel plans so that their trips go more smoothly. Better yet, TripIt enables friends, family and co-travelers to share travel details and work together to plan new trips.

‘We came up with the idea for TripIt because we were frustrated do-it-yourself travelers ourselves and know firsthand that using the Internet to make travel plans and organize the details is time consuming and difficult,’ says Gregg Brockway, TripIt’s president and co-founder. ‘TripIt can do a lot of the ‘dirty work’ of organizing travel. Our goal is for TripIt to be like a great personal assistant and take care of all the details so that travelers don’t have to.’

Here’s how TripIt works: A traveler simply forwards their travel confirmation e-mails — TripIt will work with most any travel service — and the TripIt ‘Itinerator’ instantly incorporates them into their master itinerary. Then, TripIt puts that information to work on the traveler’s behalf by automatically anticipating basic needs to make the trip easier, such as adding daily weather reports, local maps and directions, helpful destination information and more by using information pulled from a variety of other popular websites. Travelers can then print out all their bookings neatly in a single document to take on their trip. The information is always available online, safe and secure.

Once the itinerary is created, TripIt helps solve the coordination and communication challenges of keeping in touch with the people who need to know about it. ‘With TripIt, it’s really simple to share travel plans and collaborate on new trips with friends, family and colleagues,’ says Brockway.

To set up a free account with TripIt, visit www.tripit.com or just email any of your travel confirmation emails to [email protected] and a master itinerary will be waiting for you to make your holiday travel just a little easier this year.

Courtesy of ARA content

Events Dining Guide

Classifieds, audio programs.


Packing for Travel – 6 Tips to Make Your Trip a Breeze

Written By: The Planet D

Travel Gear

Updated On: January 26, 2023

We’ve received a lot of messages about people asking us for our  packing for travel tips. With winter in full swing and people wanting to escape to warmer weather, we thought we’d share some of our best tips to pack smarter.

Dave and Deb’s Packing for Travel Tips

Want more Packing Tips? We have several comprehensive articles to help you out.

  • The Best Anti Theft Travel Bags and Accessories
  • Best Travel Organizers for Smarter Packing
  • The Best Travel Gear and Travel accessories for 2021
  • The Ultimate Camping Gear List

You see, Dave and I have been travelling for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until this past year or so that we really focused on packing smart. We used to fly away to hot destinations in the middle of the Canadian winter and spend our time on a tropical island of some kind with nothing more than some board shorts, sarongs and flip flops.

You don’t need a lot of organization when you are heading to the tropics. But now that we’ve added more city destinations into our itineraries, we find that we need to think about our wardrobe and plan more for our trips.

In the past 30 days we’ve been to the snowy Rocky Mountains of Alberta to New York City and then onto the heat and sunshine of Australia. That’s a lot of different climates and a lot of different wardrobes.

All-Season Travel Packing 

We do purge a few items between trips like our winter parkas or snow boots, but for the most part, we keep a core list of clothing and travel gear with us at all times and dump items off at our car parked at the airport or for a longer term at my parents basement. Check out our travel specific packing post on How to Pack for European Travel. 

1. Choose the right bag

We’ve tried many bags over the years and have finally settled on a system that works great for us.

From Backpack to Rolling Duffle

Once upon a time we swore by backpacks, but as time goes on, we’ve wanted to look more sophisticated at the airport and in hotel lobbies, so we’ve switched to rolling duffels. For a long time, we enjoyed our TravelPro rolling duffel, but found they were too large and toppled over whenever we put them down.

We’ve recently switched to  Eagle Creek’s 28′ Road Warrior rolling duffel which is the perfect size, it stands up on its own with ease and it is made for stacking packing cubes and wardrobe envelopes. For the first time in a decade, we’re organized and can find everything.

2. Mix and Match Clothing

This is something that expert travellers stress regularly, but often don’t explain what they mean. Sure, you mix and match your clothes but how much do you bring with you? Well, that is completely up to you. We like to keep things light, but we don’t like going the carryon only route.

I like to have a choice of clothes to wear and I like to have certain pieces of gear at my fingertips. So while we keep our bags light, we do have a lot of options to choose from.

Packing for Travel – A Quick Overview of our List

Packing list for women.

I usually fly in a pair of comfortable jeans and a tank top with a lightweight blouse over top with a pair of flat ballet shoes. That way I look smart for walking around but I’m completely comfortable on a long haul flight. When I pack, I keep things to a minimum, but I make sure that everything can be worn together. Read: 7 of the Best Mix and Match Travel Clothing for Women

Packing list:

  • 2 pairs of pants – black leggings and a pair of lightweight pants that can dress up or down.
  • 2 pairs of shorts – for city walking
  • 1 pair of hiking/board shorts for the beach and for hikes
  • 1 pair of zipoff trekking pants. I am still a fan of zip off pants for hiking. I often wear them as shorts and when on a hike, I start off in the early mornings with full length pants and then transfer to shorts.
  • 3 blouses – I can pack 3 because my lightweight travelsmith tunics are so small and light, I can put several into a sac and hardly know they are there. They can dress up a pair of shorts or I can wear them out at night with a skirt or pants.
  • 1 skort – I’ve become a huge fan of the skort. I can wear it around town sightseeing during the day wearing a t-shirt or use it as a skirt at night when switching to a nicer top.
  • 1 skirt – I like dressing up. When going out to dinner, I enjoy wearing a skirt.
  • Shoes – So I already told you that I wear ballet flats when traveling and they can dress up a skirt or shorts, but I also bring hiking shoes, flip flops and sometimes a wedge heel. The ballet flats and flip flops take up no space.
  • Hiking shoes or boots – are a must for our type of adventure travel and the wedge heel is an unnecessary item, but I like the way it makes my legs look.

Packing Tips For Men

Dave also travels in jeans when flying and wears his dressier sneakers on the flight with a short sleeve button down shirt. Check out: Looking Smart in Men’s Travel Clothing

His packing list

  • 4 button down shirts – 1 long sleeve for trekking and 3 short sleeve for every day use. The long sleeve can also be used for a nice dinner or cooler evenings.
  • 2 T-shirts – You may be saying, 6 shirts, wow!
  • But these 6 shirts all fold neatly into a packing envelope that takes up very little space.
  • The 3 short-sleeved shirts are microfibre and lightweight and can be mixed and matched with his pants and shorts. 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of lightweight slack
  • 2 shorts dressier for sightseeing and cities – his TravelSmith Jimmy Buffet reversible are a huge benefit for two shorts in one
  • 2 board shorts for the beach
  • Shoes – hiking shoes, dressier sneakers, flipflops

3. Layering for Travel

Often when traveling to Europe, you are going to need more than just flipflops and a bathing suit, so it’s important to pack lightweight layers to help keep you warm.

I always carry a wrap or large silk scarf for the plane and for cool evenings out. We both also always have a merino wool sweater for hikes, mountains, or cool outdoor days. And we both always have an outer weather resistant jacket for rainy and windy days. These items are good for all weather (except for cold winter conditions)

  • Winter travel is a completely different set packing for travel tips – You can check out our articles 6 Winter Layering tips for the Winter Deep Freeze and  Packing Tips for Winter Travel

4. How to Pack Light

Yes, it’s obvious that you want to pack less to keep your suitcase light, but I’m talking about keeping your gear light. Our Eagle Creek rolling duffel is a fraction of the weight of our Travel Pro. Our clothing is all lightweight, microfiber or nylon material. We keep away from heavy cotton fabric.

Even our underwear is Exofficio and very lightweight. Fibres can make all the difference between a heavy suitcase or light and carefree travel.

  • Know someone special who loves to travel? Check out out Favourite Gifts for Travel

5. Use the right Packing Gear

Packing cubes are all the rage since being developed a few years ago. Before they were invented, Dave and I always used large ZipLock freezer bags. So we were thrilled to find out that we can pack our clothes in reusable nylon sacks that can even be compressed for bulkier items.

Bags for Organizing

Toiletry bag – Dave and I used to have a bunch of different bags for our toiletries but we now keep everything in one foldable travel tote . It takes up less space and keeps everything organized.

We mentioned the packing envelopes above and we swear by them. Even if you have wrinkle resistant clothing, they can still look rumpled when you unpack them. The packing envelopes help to keep everything crisp, organized and your clothing takes up less space.

Want more packing for travel tips? Read our post 8 Great Travel Organizers for better packing

6. Size Matters

It’s important to think about the size of everything you bring. Right down to choosing your suitcase. Sure, the large suitcase looks promising because you can fit everything into it easily, but the larger the suitcase, the more useless items you will bring. Instead, choose a smart and classy smaller rolling duffel and you won’t have the option to pack more than you need. It’s lightweight and easy to roll and you will be happier boarding trains, planes and buses, or lugging them upstairs in places like Europe.

Leave the large shampoo bottles at home. We put shampoo, conditioner and lotions into smaller GooToobs that fit into our toiletry bag. We barely even have to break out our own shampoo as most hotels now offer nice boutique shampoos and lotions for guests to use. We just use their stuff wherever we go. Really, just think small.

Now is not the time to take the big Costco bottles of headache medications or sunscreen with you, when you put everything into small bottles you’ll be a happier traveller.

  • Packing more than just clothes? Read our Travel Photography Gear Guide

So there you have it. Our Packing for Travel Tips to make your next vacation happier. Do you have a tip? We’d love to hear from you.

  •   The Most Complete Travel Packing List You’ll Ever Need
  •   Travel Photography Gear Guide
  • Travel Tips for Winter Packing
  • 5 Winter Layering Tips to Dress for the Deep Freeze

Travel Planning Resources

Looking to book your next trip? Why not use these resources that are tried and tested by yours truly.

Flights: Start planning your trip by finding the best flight deals on Skyscanner

Book your Hotel: Find the best prices on hotels with these two providers. If you are located in Europe use Booking.com and if you are anywhere else use TripAdvisor

Find Apartment Rentals: You will find the cheapest prices on apartment rentals with VRBO . 

Travel Insurance: Don't leave home without it. Here is what we recommend:

  • Allianz - Occasional Travelers.
  • Medjet - Global air medical transport and travel security.

Need more help planning your trip? Make sure to check out our Resources Page where we highlight all the great companies that we trust when we are traveling.

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About The Planet D

Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil are the owners and founders of The Planet D. After traveling to 115 countries, on all 7 continents over the past 13 years they have become one of the foremost experts in travel. Being recognized as top travel bloggers and influencers by the likes of Forbes Magazine , the Society of American Travel Writers and USA Today has allowed them to become leaders in their field.

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7 thoughts on “Packing for Travel – 6 Tips to Make Your Trip a Breeze”

I travel a lot and while packing my things i always tend to forget my accessory’s. So now i started using checklist and organisers which i bought form yazzii website to stay on track.

Great blog. A helpful one for a traveller like me, I discovered roadeavour portable pill case water bottle, i can bring it wherever i go!

Awesome packing tips! Very helpful information about how to travel and pack smart. I always pack my stuff in one suitcase with my husband in order to save space.

This post has a very useful information! Thanks for that!

I used visit your blog regularly and thank you so much for such wonderful ideas 🙂

Hey, your blog is great. I will bookmark it and I plan to visit regularly.

This is a excellent post of travel tips. It provides many important information about travel.

make travel planning a breeze

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8 awesome technologies that help make travel planning a breeze


In this article

Okay, everyone knows this – travel can be a fantastic experience. Flying to unplanned places, meeting curious people and discovering new palates is exhilarating.

However, travel is a double-edged sword and can be full of unforeseen pitfalls. Wasted time at a tourist trap, unexpected data charges, seedy hotel rooms, exorbitantly priced restaurants or a red-eye flight crammed in the middle seat are all negative experiences threatening to ruin a perfect getaway. So, to guarantee a better trip you should always plan thoroughly ahead.


Here are some websites and apps that can help you with that planning.

1.) Hipmunk


Promises to make flight search suck less, Hipmunk has a clean, fresh and intuitive web user interface. Hipmunk is famous for letting you filter flights by agony. The “agony” is evaluated by a combination of price, shortest lengths and layovers, and is usually accurate in recommending you your best options.

hipmunk mobile

Have a destination you’re eyeing on? You should definitely sign up for their flight alerts, so you can get email updates whenever there’s a lower fare. If you’d like to monitor flight rates yourself, consider checking on weekdays (flight analysts that adjust prices work five-day weeks too) and booking flights 3 months out when prices usually lower.

Website: www.hipmunk.com


This is an amazing web and mobile app that is a godsend for someone like me who hates inconvenience. If you find yourself forgetting hotel vouchers, air tickets and transfer coupons, TripIt can help.

Simply send your email confirmations of flights, hotel bookings to [email protected] and entries will magically appear in your TripIt dashboard where you can get access to all your important travel info in one place.

tripit mobile

Tripit’s Auto import function takes automation one step further. It reads your emails, recognises hotel and flight bookings, and automatically adds it to your dashboard. I think it’s a fantastic feature that saves me time in forwarding emails, but if you find it too creepy it can be easily disabled under your app settings.

Website:  www.tripit.com

3.) Packing pro

packing pro

(Image credit: prweb.com)

I’ve always had the problem with packing for trips, a process I’ve always hated. I never know how much clothes I need, and always forget important things. Packing Pro lets you build custom, reusable packing lists to suit your needs.

The most useful feature here is the “expert list” that churns out packing lists based on the number of people going, destination climate and trip duration so all you have to do is to follow suit. This is especially useful when you have are lacking in time, are travelling in a group, or are travelling to a new destination.

Website:  www.quinnscape.com/PackingPro

4.) Wi-Fi Finder

wifi finder

Unexpected overseas data charges can really get out of hand, that’s why everyone looks out for free public WiFi. If you are a WiFi junkie like me, Wi-Fi Finder is your best buddy here with its directory of over 550,000 WiFi hotspot locations worldwide.

A quick tip: Download offline databases of public WiFi hotspots before going overseas or at your hotel, so you don’t need to rely on internet connection when using the app on your travels.

5.) TripAdvisor


The world’s largest travel review site hardly needs an introduction. Their partner app grants you access to over 50 million user-generated reviews and guides. Review photos are usually not taken professionally, and this is a good thing – it helps paint an accurate picture of real conditions.

I usually read up extensively on reviews before making hotel bookings. Quick tip that works for me here is to read reviews from Singaporean, Malaysian or Hong Kong reviewers. More often than not, their expectations are similar to an average Singaporean like me.

Also read:  EXCLUSIVE look inside TripAdvisor APAC HQ’s new office in Singapore

6.) OpenRice


When you are looking for dining options, consider OpenRice. They have a simple interface that works as any F&B app should – allowing you to search for restaurants or get recommendations on where to go based on categories. You can filter the restaurant suggestions based on cuisine, average price and locations and access all the info you need to get there.

You’ll have to download a localised app based on the market you going to, which makes it a pain, but OpenRice’s footprint is undeniably amazing and is available in nine destinations across Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand).

Also read:  The Ultimate Guide to restaurant discovery sites in Singapore

7.) Hotel Quickly

hotel quickly

Treat yourself to a nice hotel at cheaper rates (on average 28% cheaper than any other site online) thanks to this same day booking app. Although it was just launched a year ago, Hotel Quickly has amassed a respectable reach in Asia, partnering up to 2000 hotels in 12 markets around Asia (most partner hotels are in Thailand, Indonesia and Australia).

Website:  www.hotelquickly.com/app

8.) Google Maps

google maps

This is a no-brainer for me. Navigate anywhere in the world with detailed instructions and live traffic conditions. There’s also a function for indoor maps if you are on the android platform so you can find your way around shopping malls. I know, you know all of these already, but did you also know you can save maps to use offline when you travel? Simply find the place you are planning to visit before the trip and type “Ok Maps” into the search bar to save the map for offline use.

Do you know of any other websites or apps that has served you well on your travels? Let me know in the comments!

Also read:  [COOL] Google Maps now lets you find and catch wild Pokémon!

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make travel planning a breeze

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Pace card

S’pore BNPL firm Pace undergoes liquidation, cites inability to continue due to “liabilities”

make travel planning a breeze

Michelin has added 14 new KL & Penang spots to its Bib Gourmand list, here’s who they are

make travel planning a breeze


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By [email protected] | on July 05, 2023


There are many travel tips and tricks, but none pertaining to fit your needs exactly. Whether it is a trip to see family or just a retirement getaway, traveling can be stressful. Here are some tips and tricks to follow along your packing and travel journey:

Invest in travel insurance. Travel insurance can be the difference between getting your belongings or flight tickets back or not. Travel insurance can cover anything from accidental death and dismemberment to baggage delay or loss and trip cancellation. This can ease a lot of the heartache that comes with the price of travel.

Luggage locks: Airports and cruise ships are not always the most trustworthy places on Earth. Luggage locks will keep people from getting in and out of valuable items. Luggage locks can be found anywhere including stores like Walmart or Target and online on Amazon.

Doctor clearance: If you or someone traveling with you has medical needs, it is important to get clearance from your providing physician to ensure your safety. If the doctor does not advise traveling in a certain condition, it is going to be best to reschedule the trip.

Finding senior discounts: Discounts for seniors are available at hundreds of restaurants across the country, as well as a few retail stores like CVS and Walgreens. Save some cash and shop smart.

Manage medications: If there are certain medications you must take while traveling, be sure to bring them along. With bringing them along, it is important to remember to take the medication. Set an alarm on your phone or keep a log that documents when they need to be taken.

Arriving early: Whether it be a flight, cruise, or road trip, try and leave early to arrive early. Arriving early can save not only time, but it saves the stress that comes with trying to beat a deadline.

Plan ahead: Create a schedule or outline of events and things you have planned to do on vacation before arriving. Trying to figure out what to do when you are already there can be a pain. When everything is figured out beforehand, the only thing to do upon arrival is get to certain locations you had picked out.

Packing list: Making a packing list before you start packing leaves little room for forgetting to bring something. If there is a physical list in front of you, you should have everything laid out before departure time.

Traveling can often be stressful, even when it is supposed to be relaxing. Making sure everything is in place before departure makes arrival and time spent at the destination even more enjoyable.

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make travel planning a breeze

[email protected]


Tracy Hollis ~Travel  Advisor/Owner

Cell-(321) 830-0971

CTA-Logo-Transparent-2k (1)_edited.png

Certified Travel Associate

Start your next adventure with breeze travels, making travel a breeze.

Our passion is traveling! We believe in providing a personal touch beyond just making your reservations. All our agents have traveled extensively and have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we book. We’re in the business of making your travel arrangements hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.


Our travel expertise allows Breeze Travels to find all the best deals for customers depending on their personal needs and requirements. Exclusive specials and customizable packages are available thanks to our years of experience as a travel agency and the partnerships we’ve made with others in the travel industry. Check out the current deals available and give us a call when you’re ready to book.

Enjoy your Holidays

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Are you ready to experience moments that will last a lifetime? Get in touch with Breeze Travels to learn about our exclusive Caribbean Getaways. We are excited to set you off on one of the best trips of your life. Get ready to create some unforgettable memories and don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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Are you ready to experience the Big City? Get in touch with Breeze Travels to learn about our exclusive Urban Holiday deals. We are excited to set you off on one of the best trips of your life. Get ready to create some unforgettable memories and don’t forget to send us a postcard!

Exclusive Tours

Get in touch with Breeze Travels to learn about our exclusive Shore Excursions and Tours. We are excited to set you off on one of the best trips of your life. Get ready to create some unforgettable memories and don’t forget to give us a shout on social media #Breezetravels!

It all starts with the  boldest cruise ships  at sea — and ours have won awards for everything from world class dining and spectacular entertainment, to record-setting onboard thrills and groundbreaking innovation. Whether you’re traveling solo or vacationing with the whole extended family, you’ll have all kinds of ahh-inducing  cruise rooms  to choose from, like affordable connecting staterooms that are perfect for groups, romantic rooms for couples craving rejuvenation and relaxation, and even a thrill-filled Ultimate Family Suite with a private game room and in-suite slide.

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Breeze unveils 7 new cities and 14 new routes

Ben Mutzabaugh

Editor's Note

Breeze Airways' route map is set for a major overhaul.

The startup carrier announced seven new airports Wednesday as part of a broader 14-route expansion.

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The new airports being added:

  • Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport (BTV) in Vermont
  • Evansville Regional Airport (EVV) in Indiana
  • Grand Junction Regional Airport (GJT) in Colorado
  • Madison's Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) in Wisconsin
  • Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) in South Carolina
  • New York Stewart International Airport (SWF) near Newburgh, New York
  • Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport (AVP) in Pennsylvania

The destinations expand Breeze's reach across a large swath of the nation.

Among the most interesting additions:

New York Stewart International Airport (SWF)

Breeze's expansion is a boon for SWF. The airport is about 60 miles north of New York City but has struggled to hold on to traditional airline service. Currently, SWF is only served by Allegiant's flights to a handful of beach destinations, by Play flights to Iceland and by Atlantic Airways flights to the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic.

Breeze will fly from Stewart to Charleston, South Carolina, and Orlando, giving the airport one new destination (Charleston) and the possibility for a few connections.

Stewart also beefs up Breeze's presence in the greater New York City area. It already flies from the Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) east of the city and from Westchester County Airport (HPN) north of the city.

Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport (BTV)

News of Breeze's expansion to the city comes just a week after JetBlue announced it would leave the airport after nearly two decades of service there. Breeze's flights to Orlando and Tampa won't backfill all of the connecting opportunities JetBlue offers via its New York hub. However, the outgoing and incoming carriers do share one link: They were each founded by serial airline entrepreneur David Neeleman.

Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR)

It's no surprise that a leisure-focused airline like Breeze might look to the beach and golf resort of Myrtle Beach. It will become one of few airports outside Florida to be served by both Breeze and fellow startup Avelo. With service to Providence, Tampa and Charleston, West Virginia, the airlines won't compete head-to-head on any routes from Myrtle Beach — at least not for now.

Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport (AVP)

Small airports like the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in northeast Pennsylvania have struggled to maintain airline service this decade. They certainly don't often land new services on startup budget carriers, but that's what's happening at AVP now. Breeze will become just the third airline to serve the airport (alongside American and United), and its flights to Orlando will become the longest regularly scheduled service there.

One route cut

Breeze will end its nonstop service between Tampa and Charleston, West Virginia. However, Breeze will still serve Tampa from Charleston via a one-stop "BreezeThru" service with its new route from the West Virginia capital to Myrtle Beach; it will continue on to Tampa.

A full list of the new routes is below:

  • Orlando: Begins Feb. 14. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Tampa: Begins Jan. 31. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday (seasonal).

Charleston International Airport (CHS) in South Carolina

  • Newburgh: Begins Feb. 14. Flights operate Monday and Friday.

Evansville Regional Airport (EVV)

  • Orlando: Begins Feb. 23. Flights operate Monday and Friday.

Grand Junction Regional Airport (GJT)

  • Orange County, California: Begins Feb. 6. Flights operate Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • San Francisco: Begins May 22. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday (seasonal).

Madison's Dane County Regional Airport (MSN)

  • Orlando: Begins Feb. 14. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday (seasonal).
  • Tampa: Begins Feb. 7. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Charleston, West Virginia: Begins May 10. Flights operate Monday and Friday (seasonal).
  • Providence: Begins Feb. 15. Flights operate Thursday and Sunday.
  • Tampa: Begins May 10. Flights operate Monday and Friday.
  • Charleston, South Carolina: Begins May 10. Flights operate Monday and Friday (seasonal).
  • Orlando: Begins Feb. 15. Flights operate Thursday and Sunday.

Orange County's John Wayne Airport (SNA)

  • Grand Junction: Begins Feb. 6. Flights operate Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

  • Burlington: Begins Feb. 14. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Evansville: Begins Feb. 23. Flights operate Monday and Friday.
  • Madison: Begins Feb. 14. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday (seasonal).
  • Newburgh: Begins Feb. 15. Flights operate Thursday and Sunday.
  • Wilkes-Barre/Scranton: Begins Jan. 30. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday.

Plattsburgh International Airport (PBG) in New York

  • Tampa: Begins Feb. 2. Flights operate Monday and Friday (seasonal).

Providence's Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport (PVD)

  • Myrtle Beach: Begins Feb. 15. Flights operate Thursday and Sunday.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

  • Grand Junction: Begins May 22. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday (seasonal).

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

  • Burlington: Begins Jan. 31. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday (seasonal).
  • Madison: Begins Feb. 7. Flights operate Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Myrtle Beach: Begins May 10. Flights operate Monday and Friday.
  • Plattsburgh, New York: Begins Feb. 2. Flights operate Monday and Friday (seasonal).

West Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW)

  • Myrtle Beach: Begins May 10. Flights operate Monday and Friday (seasonal).
  • Main content

Low-cost startup airline Breeze is launching 2 new routes from Southern California

  • Breeze is launching its 100th route, a new transcontinental flight from California to Florida.
  • Breeze plans to expand service at the slot-constrained John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

Insider Today

Upstart airline Breeze is growing again. It's adding a new nonstop route from Orange County's John Wayne Airport to Orlando International — the only airline to fly direct from the home of Disneyland to the home of Walt Disney World.

It will fly once-a-day service from Orange County's SNA airport to Orlando's MCO using Airbus A220 jets with two classes of service.

Breeze said it also would add a new non-stop route from John Wayne to Provo Municipal Airport in Utah — the home of Brigham Young University that's about 50 miles from Salt Lake City.

The upstart's new routes fit into the Breeze model of connecting leisure-heavy locations without nonstop service. Most major airlines serve John Wayne and Orlando, but none are direct. Provo was listed among the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas in recent Census data.

Flyers traveling from Provo will also be able to continue on to Orlando without getting off the plane, if they choose. Breeze calls this its "BreezeThru" service, a service it has offered on other routes.

The addition of John Wayne will bring Breeze Airways' national footprint to 34 cities – more than double what the rapidly-growing startup carrier founded by aviation entrepreneur David Neeleman launched with in May 2021.

Correction November 9, 2022: An earlier version misstated the direction of the "BreezeThru" service and implied a route the airline does not fly. It flies from Provo to Orlando with a stop in Santa Ana.

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Ryan Robinson highlining Looking glass arch

Ryan's Story

Highlining in Moab

Ryan Robinson takes you for a ride in the passenger seat of his RV, off the grid, deep among the dramatic rock formations of the Utah Desert. Robinson and friends chill by the fire, tell stories, and of course, rig a one of a kind highline over the Looking Glass Arch in Moab, UT.

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RVing With Dogs 8 Campgrounds With Awesome Puppy Parks

6 Trip-Planning Apps for RVing

Setting out for unfamiliar territory on an RV trip is exhilarating and loads of fun, but it does require some advanced planning and preparation.

Jeremy Puglisi

Share this experience

Setting out for unfamiliar territory on an RV trip is exhilarating and loads of fun, but it does require some advanced planning and preparation.  How will you find the right campground for you and your rig? How can you find good stops along the way and places to refuel or pick up necessary supplies? While the best road trips do require a bit of homework, there are many great apps that can help make trip planning a breeze.

Smartphones make it easy to access all of the information you need to plan your stays and stops. You can even make campground reservations right from the road (but not while driving, of course!). Here are six of the best trip-planning apps for RVing:


Roadtrippers has long been a favorite for travelers looking for amazing roadside attractions. The website has cultivated a collection of the best cultural, historic, and natural sites, each with colorful descriptions. The app offers navigation and allows you to also search for campgrounds and a variety of RV service locations. Upgrading to the Pro version gets you extra features, including the ability to save maps offline, collaboratively plan trips and avoid ads. Roadtrippers can be used as a stand-alone app, but it is also part of the Togo RV app, which has a robust set of offerings for RV maintenance, news, and more.

Campendium App

Campendium bills itself as being “created by campers for campers.” Whether you are seeking a free off-the-grid site or a high-end resort, Campedium’s website or app can help you find it. In addition to listing amenities, each park profile also includes information about cell signal availability, something today’s travelers will appreciate, especially those working or schooling from the road. Readers contribute reviews and photos, helping you get a full picture of each campground. The website also includes links to blog posts, which is another way to get more insight into a park. In addition to listing campgrounds, Campendium helps users find dump stations and parking.

KOA Camping App

With over 500 campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada, KOA Kampgrounds is North America’s most prolific campground chain. In addition to great parks located near popular destinations, KOA also has a network of roadside parks, perfect for convenient overnight stays. The KOA Camping app makes it easy to find both. Search by name or by location, or use the handy map feature. Park profiles include pertinent details about the amenities. Plus, you can book directly from the app or easily call the campground. In addition to trip planning features, the KOA app makes it easy to track your Value Kard rewards.

Travel Trailer at campground

Jellystone Park App

Like KOA, the Jellystone Park chain has locations across the U.S. and Canada, with over 75 locations dedicated to family fun. The Jellystone Park app helps you find campgrounds and explore which recreational opportunities are featured at each. In addition to finding parks, the Jellystone Park app is useful while you are onsite, offering campground maps, as well as activity and character appearance notifications, ensuring you don’t miss out on a moment of the fun. It also allows you to track your Club Yogi rewards and includes fun games to keep kids busy on long rides to the campground.

Travel Trailer at campground

Billed as “the fastest-growing camping app on the web and mobile,” the Dyrt offers a robust search feature, much like other apps. What makes it stand out from the others is its new Pro Trip Planner, which has unique options, such as recommended trips and the ability to export a trip to Google Maps. The Pro app offers off-the-grid accessibility. You can save maps of trails, roads, camping trips, and more. In order to crowdsource more reviews, the dyrt offers fun incentives, with the chance to earn gear and win prizes. More than just an app, the dyrt is creating a vibrant and interactive camping community.

Roadside America

No road trip is complete without a stop at some quirky roadside attraction, like the World’s Largest Ball of Twine or the Cadillac Ranch. To find the best, check out the Roadside America app, which makes it easy to search for unique stops along your route. Even if you don’t make it to every recommendation, you can find hours of entertainment just by reading the humorous descriptions. Only one travel region is included in the initial download; in-app purchases are required for additional regions.

app on phone

Author and co-host of the RV Atlas podcast

Jeremy Puglisi is the co-host of the RV Atlas podcast and the co-author of See You at the Campground: A Guide to Discovering Community, Connection, and a Happier Family in the Great Outdoors , and Where Should We Camp Next: A 50 State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and other Unique Outdoor Accommodations. He loves nothing more than hitching up and heading out to the next campground with his family.

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Breeze Airways Is Adding 7 New Cities and More Than 10 Nonstop Routes

They're starting service as early as january 2024..

Published on 11/8/2023 at 5:16 PM

myrtle beach south carolina

It seems like Breeze Airways just can't stop expanding . The low-cost carrier just announced it is adding seven new cities and a whopping 14 new nonstop routes to its schedule.

Starting in early 2024, the airline is starting service from a slew of new locations. Passengers will soon be able to fly Breeze out of Burlington, Vermont; Evansville, Indiana; Grand Junction, Colorado; Madison, Wisconsin; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Stewart/Newburgh, New York; and even Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania.

If that wasn't enough, Breeze is also adding 14 new nonstop routes, as well as a new Florida destination from Plattsburgh, New York . They'll feature both seasonal and year-round service. Check out the new routes and details on when each route begins service below:

From Burlington, Vermont to:

  • Tampa, Florida—Starting on January 31, 2024
  • Orlando, Florida—Starting on February 14, 2024

From Stewart/Newburgh, New York to:

  • Orlando, Florida—Starting on February 15, 2024
  • Charleston, South Carolina—Starting on February 16, 2024

From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to:

  • Providence, Rhode Island—Starting on February 15, 2024
  • Charleston, West Virginia—Starting on May 10, 2024
  • Tampa, Florida—Starting on May 10, 2024

From Evansville, Indiana to:

  • Orlando, Florida—Starting on February 23, 2024

From Grand Junction, Colorado to:

  • Orange County-Santa Ana, California—Starting on February 6, 2024
  • Provo, Utah—Starting on February 6, 2024
  • San Francisco, California—Starting on May 22, 2024

From Madison, Wisconsin to:

  • Tampa, Florida—Starting on February 7, 2024

From Plattsburgh, New York to:

  • Tampa, Florida—Starting on February 2, 2024

From Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania to:

  • Orlando, Florida—Starting on January 30, 2024

As an extra treat, if you act fast enough you can benefit from introductory fares on the new routes. Prices start from $39 one-way if you purchase tickets by November 14, 2023 for travel by September 3, 2024. And keep in mind that Breeze is currently having a flash sale offering 35% off on all of its flights and routes—you have until tomorrow to snag the deals!

"Breeze is continuing to spread our 'Seriously Nice' service to more underserved markets deserving of nice, nonstop flights," Breeze Airways President Tom Doxey said in a statement provided to Thrillist. "In 2024, we will be adding even more dots to our expanding network while connecting the dots between existing cities across the US so more and more people can experience our unique hospitality and affordable yet premium product offering."

For more information and to grab your tickets, you can visit Breeze's website .

Want more Thrillist? Follow us on Instagram , TikTok , Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , and YouTube .

A Jetset Journal

A Jetset Journal

Amazon Products You Need to Get for Your Next Cruise

Posted: November 13, 2023 | Last updated: November 14, 2023

If you buy something through my links, I may earn a commission .

If you’re planning a cruise, you know that packing can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you have everything you need without overpacking. Luckily, Amazon has a range of products that can make packing for your cruise a breeze. Here are some must-have items that will make your next cruise more comfortable and organized.

Amazon Products for Cruises

Are you tired of losing your keys or ID badge? These durable retractable lanyards from Wisdompro are the solution! Not only are they functional and waterproof, but they also come in a variety of stylish designs that will appeal to fashionistas. Use them for the pool or to accessorize your outfit on a night out.

Cruise Luggage Tag Holders

These Cruise Luggage Tag Holders are a must-have for anyone going on a cruise. They’re made of high-quality steel and are designed to securely hold your cruise tags on your luggage. The locking mechanism ensures that your tags won’t fall off, even if your luggage is mishandled. These holders are also reusable, so you can use them on future cruises.

Magnetic Hooks for Hanging Items

These Magnetic Hooks are a fantastic way to keep your cabin organized. They can be used to hang towels, hats, and other items that you want to keep off the floor. The magnets are strong enough to hold up to 10 pounds, so you can use them to hang heavier items as well. Plus, they’re small and lightweight, so you can easily pack them in your luggage.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

A Hanging Toiletry Bag is a great way to keep all of your toiletries organized and easily accessible. This particular bag has multiple compartments for different items, as well as a hook that allows you to hang it up in your cabin bathroom. It’s also made of durable materials and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks.

Portable Charger

A Portable Charger is an essential item for anyone going on a cruise. You don’t want to be caught with a dead phone or camera when you’re out exploring. This portable charger has a capacity of 10000mAh, which is enough to charge most smartphones several times. It’s also lightweight and compact, so you can easily pack it in your carry-on bag.

Laundry Sheets

Up next, we have the Laundry Club Eco-Friendly Laundry Sheets. These sheets are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their clothes clean and fresh during their cruise while also being mindful of the environment. The compact size makes them ideal for travel, and the natural ingredients ensure that your clothes will be gentle on your skin.

Medicine Organizer

Next up, we have this Medicine Organizer. This compact and elegant organizer is perfect for keeping your accessories and medicine organized during your cruise. With its clear-panel design and plenty of compartments, you’ll be able to bring all your necessary medicines without worrying about losing them. Whether you’re looking to organize your smaller items or just want to be prepared for any medical needs during your vacation, the BAGSMART Double-Sided Jewelry and Medicine Organizer is a must-have accessory for your cruise.

Magnetic Clips Set

How cute is this Mi Metty Refrigerator Clips Set? This set is perfect for keeping track of your cruise itinerary and activities while also displaying your favorite vacation photos.

These items, will help you stay organized, comfortable, and connected on your next cruise. They’ll help you stay organized, keep your luggage secure, and make packing and unpacking a breeze. So, make sure to add these items to your packing list before you set sail. Happy cruising!

Check out my Amazon Storefront

As always the thoughts and opinions shared here are strictly my own. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns via the contact page  here .

The post Amazon Products You Need to Get for Your Next Cruise first appeared on A Jetset Journal .

If you’re planning a cruise, you know that packing can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you have everything you need without overpacking. Luckily, Amazon has a…

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Prosecutors seek emergency protective order in Trump case after video disclosure

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2023 holiday travel season will be 'busiest ever,' TSA anticipates

Tsa has already recorded its busiest travel day ever this year, on june 30.

Lyft CEO David Risher says the company will credit the requester if a driver is late for airport pickup on 'The Claman Countdown.'

Lyft CEO reveals plan to make holiday travel less stressful

Lyft CEO David Risher says the company will credit the requester if a driver is late for airport pickup on 'The Claman Countdown.'

The Transportation Security Administration announced Monday that it is expecting the upcoming holiday travel season to be "the busiest ever." 

The declaration comes after the TSA recorded seven of its ten highest volume travel days in its history so far in 2023, with the 2,884,783 passengers on June 30 being the most on record. 

"We expect this holiday season to be our busiest ever," TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in a statement. "We are ready for the anticipated volumes and are working closely with our airline and airport partners to make sure we are prepared for this busy holiday travel season." 

The TSA says the holiday season begins with a Thanksgiving travel period between this upcoming Friday, Nov. 17 and ending on Tuesday, Nov. 28. 


Atlanta airport security TSA

A TSA dog is seen with his handler at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on June 30, 2023, in Atlanta. That day was the busiest in TSA history. (Elijah Nouvelage/AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)

"During the 12-day period, TSA expects to screen 30 million passengers. Historically, the three busiest travel days are the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving and the Sunday afterward," it added. "TSA is projecting to screen 2.6 million passengers on Tuesday, Nov. 21; 2.7 million passengers on Wednesday, Nov. 22 and 2.9 million passengers on Sunday, Nov. 26, which will likely be the busiest travel day." 

Pekoske said the agency will do its best to "maintain wait time standards of under 10 minutes for TSA PreCheck lanes and under 30 minutes for standard screening lanes." 


Denver International Airport travelers

Travelers are seen lining up at a Transportation Security Administration security checkpoint at Denver International Airport in Colorado on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023. (Bing Guan/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

Prior to this year’s record on June 30, the last time the TSA processed more than 2.88 million passengers in a single day was in December 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic . 

The most recent highest volume day was on Oct. 15 when 2,797,326 passengers were processed – amounting to the fifth highest all-time, according to TSA data. 

AAA also said Monday that it is projecting 55.4 million people will travel 50 miles or more over a Thanksgiving travel period between Wednesday, Nov. 22 and Sunday, Nov. 26.

"The travel volume this year reflects an increase of 2.3 percent over last and marks the third-highest Thanksgiving travel since AAA began tracking in 2000," it said.

To help travelers get through security and to where they need to be, the TSA recommends to "pack smart" and start with empty bags to decrease the likelihood of bringing a prohibited item through the checkpoint. 

Los Angeles, California-area traffic

Brake lights shine red as northbound 405 traffic backs up on Nov. 23, 2022 in the Encino area of Los Angeles, California. The AAA is expecting its third busiest Thanksgiving travel period on record this year. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images / Getty Images)


It also said to have your identification ready as you enter the screening lane and arrive two hours prior to your plane’s departure for adequate time to be processed by agents. 

FOX Business’ Jake Gibson, Marc Smith and Stephen Sorace contributed to this report. 

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    3. 4. 1. Search for flights, the first step to planning a trip. Once you've chosen your destination and travel dates, one of the first things to do to organize your trip is to look for flights. This is usually one of the most tedious steps, but you can make it much easier by reading our guide on how to find cheap flights.

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    17 Travel Tools To Make Your Trip Planning a Breeze By stephaniepletka - July 26, 2017 0 Mark Twain once said, "Twenty years from now, you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the ones you did do." Planning a trip can be such a hassle. Strollers, car seats, laptops, car rentals, ski equipment.

  7. Travel Apps to Make Vacation Planning a Breeze

    To help enter the vacation state of mind, new smartphone apps can help - from planning to keeping track of trip memories. Packing appropriately for a destination's variable weather while accommodating children's or other family member's requests can lead to an over packed suitcase.

  8. 10 Best Travel Itinerary Templates That Will Make Planning Your Next

    But even if you're not a travel enthusiast, planning a trip can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider: where to go, what to see, how to get there, and on and on. That's why having a travel itinerary template can be so helpful. A travel itinerary template will help organise your thoughts and make planning your next trip a breeze!

  9. The Future of Travel: AI-Powered Apps That Make Planning a Breeze

    The travel business is continually changing, and artificial intelligence (AI) is essential in this evolution. AI-powered travel applications make it simpler than ever to plan and book trips, and ...

  10. trip planning

    10 ways to make planning your next trip a breeze. Travel hacks for getting ready to hit the road with ease. Independent travel research and planning.

  11. 5 FOOLPROOF STEPS to make travel planning a BREEZE

    Planning a trip can be a big task, but if you follow my 5 sure-fire trip planning steps, it can be stress-free. There are lots of practical planning tips he...

  12. The 6 Best Travel Planning Tips for the Upcoming Season

    1) Create an Itinerary. Not every minute of the day needs to be planned, but you should have a general idea of what you'd like to see or do, plus maybe some activities you have signed up or ...

  13. ‎Breeze Airways on the App Store

    Make flying a breeze when you search, book, track and manage your flights from the palm of your hand. Check-in with ease and skip the lines with your mobile boarding pass. Features include: • Search and book flights on the fly. • Manage your existing bookings including changes and cancellations without needing to talk to a person.

  14. The Secret for Making Travel Planning a Breeze

    According to a new report from the travel industry research group, PhoCusWright Inc, more than half of all (ARA) - The holiday season is upon us and you're probably traveling somewhere to see ...

  15. Packing for Travel

    Packing for Travel - 6 Tips to Make Your Trip a Breeze Written By: The Planet D Travel Gear Updated On: January 26, 2023 We've received a lot of messages about people asking us for our packing for travel tips. With winter in full swing and people wanting to escape to warmer weather, we thought we'd share some of our best tips to pack smarter.

  16. 33 Easy Tricks to Make Trip Planning a Breeze

    Make sure smoke alarms and fire extinguisher are in working order Remove excess grease build-up from the kitchen's cooking vent/hood. Give a once over to towing or hitch equipment. Schedule a service appointment to have belts, hoses, tires, lights, signals, brakes, engine, transmission, and…

  17. How To Make Belize Vacation Planning a Breeze

    on February 3, 2022 Last updated: 10:00 PM ET, Thu February 3, 2022 Planning a trip to Belize? Dig into the details, and you'll soon uncover an array of challenges that make visiting this Central American nation - and getting the full experience - more complicated than it seems.

  18. 8 awesome technologies that help make travel planning a breeze

    Okay, everyone knows this - travel can be a fantastic experience. Flying to unplanned places, meeting curious people and discovering new palates is exhilarating. However, travel is a double-edged sword and can be full of unforeseen pitfalls. Wasted time at a tourist trap, unexpected data charges, seedy hotel rooms, exorbitantly priced restaurants or a red-eye flight crammed in the middle seat ...

  19. Breeze

    Breeze replaces over 20 of your single-purpose apps — so you can focus on fun, not friction. Get your air and hotel itineraries, personalized tours and activities bookings, destination weather, time, duty-free shopping, restaurant recommendations, loyalty and rewards benefits, eSim connectivity (digital SIM card), currency exchange rates, packing guides, and travel journal, all in one place.


    There are many travel tips and tricks, but none pertaining to fit your needs exactly. Whether it is a trip to see family or just a retirement getaway, traveling can be stressful. Here are some tips and tricks to follow along your packing and travel journey: Invest in travel insurance. ... RELAX, MAKE TRAVEL PLANNING A BREEZE. Tips and Tricks ...

  21. Home

    At Breeze Travels, the sky's the limit in terms of creating your next travel itinerary. Our knowledgeable and experienced agents are waiting to plan every last detail of your upcoming trip, so all that's left for you is to enjoy it. We work M-F: 8am-8pm, but you can send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

  22. Breeze Travel

    WELCOME! Your exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits are within your reach. Login to Explore A World Of Savings. Remember Me. Breeze Travel.

  23. Breeze unveils 7 new cities and 14 new routes

    One route cut. Breeze will end its nonstop service between Tampa and Charleston, West Virginia. However, Breeze will still serve Tampa from Charleston via a one-stop "BreezeThru" service with its new route from the West Virginia capital to Myrtle Beach; it will continue on to Tampa. A full list of the new routes is below:

  24. Breeze Is Launching Two New Routes From Southern California

    Breeze aircraft at Las Vegas. Breeze is launching its 100th route, a new transcontinental flight from California to Florida. Breeze plans to expand service at the slot-constrained John Wayne ...

  25. 6 Trip-Planning Apps for RVing

    6 Trip-Planning Apps for RVing. ... While the best road trips do require a bit of homework, there are many great apps that can help make trip planning a breeze. Smartphones make it easy to access all of the information you need to plan your stays and stops. You can even make campground reservations right from the road (but not while driving, of ...

  26. I visit Las Vegas every summer. Here are 10 things I always tell new

    Fortunately, the city's compact layout and extensive public transportation make getting around a breeze. Save money by opting for alternatives like taxis, rideshares, or the convenient monorail ...

  27. New Airline Coming To Stewart International In 2024

    Stewart will make the fifth New York airport for Breeze Airways. Schumer said he fought to increase service at Stewart and is proud Breeze Airways decided to come to Orange County.

  28. Breeze Airways Is Adding More Than a Dozen New Routes for 2024 Travel

    The low-cost carrier just announced it is adding seven new cities and a whopping 14 new nonstop routes to its schedule. Starting in early 2024, the airline is starting service from a slew of new ...

  29. Amazon Products You Need to Get for Your Next Cruise

    They'll help you stay organized, keep your luggage secure, and make packing and unpacking a breeze. So, make sure to add these items to your packing list before you set sail. Happy cruising!

  30. 2023 holiday travel season will be 'busiest ever,' TSA anticipates

    AAA also said Monday that it is projecting 55.4 million people will travel 50 miles or more over a Thanksgiving travel period between Wednesday, Nov. 22 and Sunday, Nov. 26.