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Score the Best Deals on Airline Tickets: Hopper, Kayak, & Other Price Trackers

kayaking camping trips near me

Technology has not only made traveling convenient, but it has also made it undeniably easy to book and takes away most of the complications involved in planning your trip. Much more than relying on a travel agent’s wisdom, you could embrace the flexibility technology offers by using flight tracker apps. Some pre-planning is always worth it to have the most fun and exciting trip that delivers the benefits of travel.

These easily downloadable and helpful software apps are the perfect answer to all your travel needs. They track your flight info and give you much-needed, up-to-date tracking information on take-off or landing at the airport. And they can also save you time and money. Here are some tips on scoring the best deals with various apps to ensure you know what you’re signing up for while looking for cheap airline flights online. 

5 Flight Tracker Apps You Should Consider

Hopper is one of the oft-mentioned apps for traveling, and it’s designed to make the whole process much easier for you. Hopper prides itself on providing innovative technology that’ll save you money on flights, hotels, and rentals. You can download this exclusive mobile app on both iOS and Android devices.

  • The focus is to make you spend less while making the most out of your journey.
  • They emphasize indicating prices and nightly rates, making it open for you to decide the best fit for your journey within your budget.
  • Hopper can give you time and room to plan — your fares and fees can be held until you’re ready to proceed with your arrangements.
  • Given that the services provided by Hopper are only on mobile apps, the lack of a sound system for customer support is often mentioned, as customer support is solely through email and is available to people who have made a purchase. Unfortunately, this means you can’t easily ask questions about anything if you haven’t used the services before.
  • There have been reports of unfavorable travel packages and bugs in the app.

Booking Holdings owns and operates this online travel agency and metasearch engine, and Kayak’s mobile apps and website are available in over 18 languages. Kayak offers you the opportunity to find, compare, and book flights, hotels, and car rentals.

  • One great point that makes Kayak stand out is its booking flexibility, making it easy for you to search, filter, and sort out the suitable travel options for you.
  • You can change flights at no charge, and hotels, rentals, and even car rentals are available with free cancellations, comfortable seats, and affordable deals.
  • It takes stress off travel planning by providing over 900+ sites to compare and filter options; you can easily search, filter, and book a rental car that suits your trip and explore new destinations within your budget.
  • Reviewers note they’ve experienced fluctuating customer service and errors in hotel descriptions that they then noticed upon arrival.

3. Google Flights

Google launched Google Flights in 2011 as a part of Google Travel’s plans to facilitate online flight-booking search services. This allows open-ended searches for flights based on criteria rather than a destination. In addition, it works within your budget, enabling you to spot the cheapest date to fly to your destination.

  • Google Flights boasts a fast flight search engine.
  • It allows you to see results for tickets and reservations up to 12 months in advance.
  • It affords you the opportunity of traveling within the cheapest of budgets while having direct contact with the airlines rather than third parties.
  • You can find and book round trips; use the interactive calendar and price graph to find the best fares; and filter your flight search by cabin class, airlines, and the number of stops.
  • It’s lacking in the number of available airlines.
  • It also lacks customer support, which means you are left on your own to figure out answers to your questions when you have them.

4. FlightStats

FlightStats is a free, real-time flight-status and airport-tracking app that allows you to check your flight status online. It’s ideal for tracking booked flights, seeing whether your flight is delayed, and monitoring your trip.

  • It affords you the opportunity to track flights anywhere in the world via a specific flight number, route, or airport.
  • It allows you to share your flight right from the flight overview screen and get in-depth descriptions and essential information on current airport conditions and all travel activities.
  • The information obtained after searching for a flight is saved in the My Flights tab and can be easily accessed at any time.
  • Reviewers provide an indication of dissatisfaction, especially with some basic functionality lacking in certain areas of the app.

5. FlightRadar24

As you can probably tell from its name, FlightRadar24 is an app that provides the service of showing you your aircraft as you move around the world. Selecting a flight reveals information that includes its route, speed, altitude, and estimated arrival time.

  • Provides flight-tracking information.
  • Provides information on take-off locations and destinations.
  • Information on aircraft types and flight numbers is available.
  • As a rule, the data source for tracking the airplane is to be obtained from the airport website, which sabotages the entire idea.
  • There is also a problem with the promptness of status updates and a lack of clarity on what the airplane might be doing at a particular time.

Our lives and the world have been revolutionized by technology that has created amazing tools like these tracking apps that make things easier, better, faster, and more fun. Using one of these apps or sites could help save you time and money, make your tracking of an airline flight a lot easier no matter where you are, and even help you find cheap travel tickets within your budget.


kayaking camping trips near me

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Best Kayak Camping Trips – 5 Places for Your First Overnight Kayaking Trip

Love heading out on the lake with your friends, family, and a couple of kayaks? 

Or maybe you just finished a Kevin Bacon movie marathon that ended with White Water Summer and you’re feeling a little inspired to take a kayak camping trip?

Whatever your reasons, choosing the right place for an overnight kayak trip is just as important as making sure you’ve packed your kayaks properly with all your needed gear.

Choosing the right destination can help ensure your first overnight trip is a fun and relaxing journey where you become “one with the waterways” and not your personal reenactment of Adrift .

Now that you’ve got some movies to add to your next marathon (you know you gotta start with White Water Summer!) let’s check out a few tips that’ll help you choose the right place for your first kayak camping trip.

Then we’ll check out my list of 5 places you can use as inspiration when choosing your destination.

best spots for first overnight kayak camp trip

How To Choose the Best Place for Your First Overnight Kayak Trip – So You Know You’ll Have a Blast!

The U.S. is a big place and you might not live near some of the places on my list. So don’t feel like you absolutely HAVE to go to one of those places. 

What makes a destination a good choice for your first overnight kayak trips aren’t just the scenic locations. It’s really more about choosing a place that lets you ease into overnight kayaking and the specific challenges it presents.

So here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing where you’ll take your trip!

kayak trip should be short and simple for first overnight

1. Keep Your Kayaking Trip Short and Simple

Sure, it’d be fun to head out on the open ocean for a week to paddle to some remote islands. But it’s best not to have to deal with long distances, strong currents, and extra packing on your first trip.

So don’t push it. 

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going. 
  • For your first time overnight with a kayak, stick to just a one-night trip. That way if you don’t pack enough or forget an essential item (like the wine bottle opener), it won’t be such a big deal.
  • Stay on calm water and/or slow-moving rivers
  • Make sure you have clear weather… really who wants to be kayaking when it’s raining?

How many miles should you cover on your first overnight trip?

A lot depends on your kayaking experience. Experienced paddlers might be able to cover 20 miles or more in one day on still water. But us newbies should plan for about 10 miles or less per full day of paddling on still water. If you’re going downstream on a river, then you can add a few more miles. 

That should give you plenty of time to take it easy, rest for lunch, and even explore a little. And your arms won’t feel like jelly the next day!

2. Choose a Place That’s Not Too Far From Home

If you’re a beginner kayaker on your first overnight kayaking trip, it’s best to stay relatively close to home and not venture too far out into the wilderness.

It’s not that kayaking on calm bodies of water is an extreme sport (it does have its dangers), but since your first trip will be short, it’s nice to spend more time kayaking and less time driving. 

dont go too far from home on first kayak trip

Plus, if you happen to forget something like your life jackets, it’s easier to run home and get it before you head out on the water.

3. Choose a Well-Traveled Kayak or Canoe Trail

Your first overnight kayaking trip will be way easier to plan if you follow a well-known route. As you’ll see a bit later with some of the destinations on the list, some parks have well-marked routes with established campsites for boaters.

There are tons of online maps for these areas. Plus, possible dangers like rough sections of a river are usually well-marked so they’ll be easier for you to avoid.

* Want some more tips for planning your first kayak camping trip? Don’t miss my Complete Guide to Your First Kayak Camping Trip (+Packing List ) . 

So now that we’ve covered a few things that’ll help you choose the best place for your first overnight kayak trips, let’s look at some more specific destinations that should be on your radar.

5 of the Best Kayak Camping Destinations to Inspire Your Next Trip

  • Paddle in Campgrounds

French Broad River Trail, North Carolina/Tennessee  

  • Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

San Juan Islands, Washington

  • Kayak Camping Tours

Paddle-In Campgrounds

Paddle-in campsites or paddle-in campgrounds are a great place for first-time kayak campers. Depending on the park, they’re usually well-marked, maintained, and may even have some bathroom facilities. 

paddle in campground ideas

If you want a more established campground with at least some basic amenities, try something like Nancy’s Boat to Shore Campground on Raystown Lake , Pennsylvania. 

It’s a campground that can only be accessed from the water and is located on the popular Raystown Lake. With the vault toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings, you’re pretty much living in the lap of luxury (as far as kayak camping goes). 

Kayaking to a place like this is a nice way to work out the kinks with your kayaking gear without being too far out in the middle of nowhere. 

To find similar places like this near you, just google “paddle-in campgrounds near (location)”. Or try one of the other destinations below.

Another nice option is to choose a destination like the French Broad River Trail in North Carolina and Tennessee.   

kayaking camping trips near me

Paddle along the French Broad River and stop at one of the strategically placed Paddle Trail Campsites and Campgrounds. The campsites are strategically placed along the river trail to make it easier for kayakers and canoers to find a campsite.

They even provide suggestions for 1-5 night trips along with suggested routes, campsites, and distances between them. 

It’s also a nice place for experimenting with longer kayak trips since there are plenty of towns along the 140-mile length of the trail where you can stop off to get supplies. 

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota

This beautiful and somewhat remote area extends along the US-Canada border and should be on your list of kayak camping locations to try.

  • Over 1,000 miles of kayak and canoe routes!
  • Over 2,000 designated campsites (see one of the campsites in the picture below)
  • Maps of the boating routes and portage trails

kayaking camping trips near me

Plus, it’s a perfect location for animal lovers since wildlife sightings are common in the park. Get ready to see deer, beavers, otters, and even moose!

Learn more about this kayaking destination here .

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Lake Tahoe is famous for its recreational activities. There’s just tons of fun stuff to do in that area year-round, including kayak camping. 

kayaking camping trips near me

Paddle on the crystal clear blue waters with beautiful views of the lake on Lake Tahoe’s Water Trail. There are 13 different campgrounds around the lake, and they even offer pre-planned kayaking routes with maps and info to help make your trip a success. 

Get more info here:

  • Lake Tahoe Water Trail

If you want a place where you can try sea kayaking without venturing too far out into the open waters or far away from civilization, the San Juan Islands are for you.

kayaking camping trips near me

They’re a group of islands located in northwest Washington, right at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. They have a nice combination of isolated islands ready for exploration combined with established harbors and even a resort retreat . (Why not get a massage and soak in a hot tub before heading back to your glampsite?)

And if you need to rent gear or want to take a guided tour, there are plenty of outfitters in this area.

Speaking of guided tours, why not try one for your first overnight kayak trip?

Guided Kayak Camping Tours

Many of the top destinations for kayak and camping destinations will usually have outfitters in the area where you can rent kayaks, camping gear like tents and sleeping bags, or even book guided tours. 

If you’re not completely set up with all the gear you need for kayak camping and aren’t really sure if you’ll want to do it again, a kayak tour is a wise choice since you won’t have to worry about planning your route and packing your gear. Just show up and paddle!

A Few Other Places to Consider

Want some more options? Here are a few other destinations to consider with well established paddling trails.

  • Everglades National Park : A bunch of established paddling trails and wilderness campsites on elevated platforms above the water. Some even have porta potties!
  • The Grand Canyon : Definitely not a place for your first trip, but one to put on your list. You’ll need to get a non-commercial river permit (done through a lottery) and a backcountry camping permit . You could also book a guided tour.
  • Channel Islands : Another amazing sea kayaking destination.
  • Hudson River Greenway Water Trail : A great place for a scenic river trip not too far from New York City. Plenty of launch points, campsites, and other places to stay along the route.

Bucket List Places for Kayak Camping

Once you’ve tried some of the above places, why not venture beyond U.S. borders and go for a real kayak camping adventure! 

Experience the fjords of Norway like never before, cruise around the Greek islands in a kayak , or visit some deserted South Pacific islands on a guided kayak tour .

kayaking camping trips near me

Where Will You Go On Your First Kayak Camping Trip?

So now that you’ve got some inspiration for choosing your first kayak camping destination, where ya gonna go? Should I look for you on the clear waters of Lake Tahoe? Or maybe on a remote Greek island? 

Whichever place you choose for your first overnight kayak trip, remember…

  • Start with a short and simple trip
  • Choose a well-traveled location 
  • Watch White Water Summer before you go
  • Plan ahead carefully
  • And… HAVE A BLAST!

Don’t forget to check out my other kayak camping guides that’ll help you with planning your trip.






best spot for first kayak camp trip overnight

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kayaking camping trips near me

HI! I'm Stacy, AKA “The Crazy Outdoor Mama”

I'm the voice behind the website, and I hope you've found what you needed! I'm an outdoorsy married mother of three from Wyoming, and I LOVE creating resources that make camping and other outdoor activities easier!

kayaking camping trips near me

Paddle and Overnight Camping Trip


Sleep on the River, Wake up to the Smell of Wood Smoke and Frying Bacon

Paddle and Camp Rates

Island Ford Camping Trip- $70.00 per person

3rd Person in Canoe- $40.00

Hap Simpson Camping Trip- $85.00 per person

3rd Person in Canoe- $50.00

Trip Fees Include:

Canoe or kayak, life jacket, paddle, shuttle service to and from the river, a river map, river information & safety orientation, parking, and use of camping facilities at Hannah Ford.

Paddle & Camping Trip Overview

Looking for a great way to spend some family time in the great outdoors or perhaps a quick weekend getaway? Kids love canoe camping! Come canoe camping on the French Broad River.

A canoe camping trip with Headwaters Outfitters on the scenic French Broad River is the perfect way to get outdoors and introduce your friends and family to the joys of canoe camping. Fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the river, then wake up to the smell of wood smoke and frying bacon.

We make it easy for you by providing all the essential paddling gear, as well as transportation to and from the river. You can even set up your campsite before you get on the water! Whether you’re a Boy Scout Troop or a father-son duo, now is the time to discover our overnight canoe camping trips in the mountains of Western NC.

Headwaters Outfitters offers you and your family two options in canoe camping. Both options are the same on the first day; a scenic 8 mile / 3 hour paddle down the first few miles of the French Broad River. The difference is your take-out location on day 2. Island Ford Canoe Camp-Out gives you a 2 mile / 1 hour paddle the second day. Hap Simpson Canoe-Camp-Out gives you a 12 mile / 5 hour paddle the second day. Either way, you’re paddling through some of the prettiest scenery to be found in Western North Carolina, past old homesteads, farm fields and woods.

Bring your camping gear and food; leave the rest to us!

kayaking camping trips near me

Paddle and Camping Trip Day One:

8 mile / 3 hour paddle to our privately owned campground at Hannah Ford

1. Arrive at Headwaters Outfitters’ river shop to complete pre-trip check in. Everyone will need to read and complete a release form, and our 12-minute safety video must be watched by your entire party.

2. For your convenience, you may then drive your vehicle to the campground and set up camp before getting on the river. Folks love this! Please note, your vehicle must remain at the river shop while you are on the river. Upon completion of your river trip, you may return to the campground with your vehicle to gather your gear.

3. Once your campsite is set up, you return to the river shop no later than 1:30pm, dressed in your river clothes and ready to get on the water by 2pm.

4. Everyone will be outfitted with all paddling gear, which includes life jackets, paddles and canoes or kayaks. 

5. We then depart via our vans on a short 1-mile drive to our private river access. After reviewing some river paddling and safety techniques, you launch your canoes or kayaks and are off on your own to paddle three hours downstream to Hannah Ford River paddle-in campground.

6. Arrive at Hannah Ford and spend the evening around the campfire. If you wish to start your camping trip at another time of the day there may be an additional $25 fee added to the total trip cost. You must be on the water no later than 3pm.

kayaking camping trips near me

Paddle and Camping Trip Day Two:

2 mile / 1 hour paddle to Island Ford – OR – 12 mile / 5 hour paddle to Hap Simpson Park.

On day two of your adventure wake up to the sounds of the river! For those of you choosing the Island Ford take-out you will have a short 2-mile, 1-hour paddle before meeting your river host. For those of you paddling on to Hap Simpson take-out you will have a full 5 hours, 12 miles of paddling under your belt before you meet your river host. Either trip is a great way to get outside!

Camping Area Includes:

  • Multiple tent sites, picnic tables, grills, lantern holders and fire rings.
  • Central drinking water is available as well as a port-a-john.

Canoe or kayak, life jacket, paddle, shuttle service to and from the river, a river map, river information & safety orientation, parking, and use of facilities at Hannah Ford.

Important Canoe/Kayak Camping Information

Prior to your launching, we will agree upon a time to meet you and bring you back to the river shop. Plan to arrive at your designated take-out point on time to avoid late fees.

  • This is a paddle-in only camping area. No vehicle parking allowed.
  • Please no alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Campers are responsible for all gear.
  • Pack out everything you bring, including trash.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Hannah Ford River Access is private property of Headwaters Outfitters and is the location of our canoe-in camping facilities. It is available by river to our guests, only by reservation.

To get the most out of your trip we ask that you review our policies (above), FAQ, and river tips information.

Select Your Trip Below to Book Now

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kayaking camping trips near me

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kayaking camping trips near me

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kayaking camping trips near me

Early May Bass Fishing Report

kayaking camping trips near me

May Fishing Tips & Tricks

Trout fishing trips.

  • Trout Wade Trips
  • Trout Float Trips

School of Trout Program

  • Premier School of Trout (101, 201, 301)
  • Advanced School of Trout Headwaters Series

Specialty Trips

  • Smallmouth Bass Floats
  • Musky Floats
  • Lake Bass Charters
  • Meet Your Guides
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  • Local Rivers and Creeks
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Latest Fishing Report

Paddling trips.

  • Daily Self Guided Paddle
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  • Shuttles & Rentals

Paddling Adventure Resources

  • Tips for a Great River Trip
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Guided Paddling Trips

  • Signs of Spring
  • Bear Lake Kayak
  • Colors of Fall
  • Discovery at Dusk
  • Cruise Then Booze with Oskar Blues

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15 campsites in the UK perfect for canoeing and kayaking

For a camping holiday that makes a splash in the great outdoors, it doesn’t get much better than canoeing and kayaking directly from your tent pitch.

From Loch Lomond to the Norfolk Broads, we take a look at the best campsites for canoeing

If you love pitching your tent beside a river or looking out over a gleaming lake, it doesn’t get much better than finding a good campsite directly beside the water. Thankfully, Cool Camping have already got a full collection of waterside campsites , some beside canals other beside vast lakes or Scottish lochs, and we also have a dedicated guide to riverside campsites . There are some truly special spots, however, that have boat launching facilities, slipways and good river access that make them particularly good for canoeing, kayaking and river boating. Here we’ve taken our pick of just 15 very special place to go camping in summer that just seem ready made for a family canoeing adventure…

Canal Camping, Norfolk

‘Blyton-esque and Ransomian’ is how Canal Camping was described by a recent guest who added to its growing list of five-star reviews. If that Five-Go-For-A-Paddle, Swallows-and-Amazons feel is what you’re after – you couldn’t do much better. The site offers tents-only camping in a field (bring your own or hire one of their bell tents) with a place to launch canoes and kayaks. You can paddle along quiet waterways looking out for wildlife before hitting the busier parts of the Broads . And when you return to your canal-side pitch you can enjoy a hot shower and the crackle of a campfire. Pure bliss.

Racquety Farm, Powys

Want to canoe? Then, get yourself over to Racquety Farm which has family ties to a canoe-hire company named for that very question. Situated on the fringes of literary town, Hay-on-Wye, you can hire a canoe to take to the river – or bring your own and take advantage of the campsite’s private launching point. Tents are pitched where you please within the farm’s organic orchard and there’s glamping too if that’s what floats your boat. Choose from one of five simply furnished geo-domes and a shepherd’s hut.

Lee Valley Almost Wild Campsite, Hertfordshire

If you live in London and want a quick camping-and-kayaking getaway – Lee Valley Almost Wild Campsite might be for you. It’s a riverside campsite that’s keeping it simple with composting loos and a cold water tap, just a 30-minute train ride from Liverpool Street. Campfires are allowed, caravans are not. Its 17 pitches are for tents and hammocks only. You can launch your canoe or fish from the banks and if the meandering River Lee is too tame for you – get yourself over to the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

Whitlingham Broad Campsite, Norfolk

Wish there was a waterway at the bottom of your garden? Book a holiday at Whitlingham Broad Campsite and there can be (for a week or a weekend at least). This campsite, within an 80-acre country park in The Broads, neighbours an outdoor activity centre where kayaks, canoes and paddleboards are for hire. The centre also runs taster sessions and courses in all manner of activities from windsurfing to climbing. The campsite has two fields, one car-free, a couple of bell tents and a pair of shepherd huts too. Despite the countryside-feel, it’s within hiking or biking distance of Norfolk.

Frome Meadow, Dorset

Forget selfies and get the Polaroid out if you’re going to Frome Meadow. Somehow, only a vintage camera seems appropriate in this charming classic campsite. Popping up for just a month in the summer, its location on the River Frome is perfect for pond dipping, wild swimming and kayaking. The meadow is part of a dairy farm and occupied by cows until August comes around. Off grid, eco-friendly with composting loos and campfires, this tents-only idyll is just a 20-minute drive from Dorset’s glorious Jurassic Coast .

Badrallach, Ross-shire

You don’t have to go the Amazon to paddle to remote communities – head instead for the Highlands. Stay at Badrallach campsite, eight miles from the nearest main road, and launch your kayak or canoe to paddle a further five to reach Scoraig. This little village is one of the most remote in Britain. There’s no road access so walking and water are the only options. This is Little Loch Broom – there are seals on the shores and mountains reflected on its surface. The campsite at Badrallach is a short stroll from the waters edge, has 20 grass pitches, immaculate facilities, a communal kitchen and incredible views.

Side Farm, Cumbria

For lakeside camping in the Lake District it’s hard to find a better campsite than the one at Side Farm. On the shores of Ullswater, this place has plenty of pitches for tents, campervans and small motorhomes. Dogs are allowed but campfires are not – but it’s a small price to pay for the location. Facilities include a shower block, loos, washing machines, dryers and an on-site tea room to refuel after a paddle on the Lake District’s second largest lake or a walk on the fells.

Digeddi Wildlife Camping, Powys

Pitch up at Digeddi and you can launch straight in to the water from its riverside beach. With a bow-top gypsy wagon and a French-style roulotte, there’s glamping here too and all of it comes with views of Wye Valley countryside. There are canoes for hire and they’ll pick you up after a paddle downstream. It’s also a great spot for walking with Offa’s Dyke footpath nearby providing a handy route to Hay-on-Wye two miles up the track.

The Pig Place, Oxfordshire

This adults-only, canal-side campsite near Banbury puts you at the heart of an Oxfordshire smallholding. Unsurprisingly, given the name of the place, the pigs are the stars of the show at feeding time for both animals and campers. There’s a farm shop on site and home-reared bacon butties at breakfast as well as a horse box bar from where you can watch narrowboats chugging by.

Cashel Camping, Dunbartonshire

You can launch kayaks and canoes straight in to Loch Lomond, Britain’s largest stretch of freshwater from Cashel Camping. It’s a big site where all are welcome, with campervans, motorhomes and caravans alongside traditional tent campers in more than 160 pitches. But, fear not, the views of mountains and Munros are epic – big enough to share without feeling crowded. Facilities are ample and there’s a shop and a children’s play area too.

Ferrygate Lane Camping, Norfolk

With a name like Ferrygate Lane and a location in the heart of The Broads National Park, it’s no surprise that water is important at this tents-only campsite. Martham boat dyke is next to the campsite and you can canoe or kayak from this narrow channel straight in to Hickling Broad. It’s also only a mile walk to the village of Martham and under four to the beach at Winterton. Campfires in off-ground fire pits are allowed.

Kingfisher Lakes, Yorkshire

Camping and kayaking are made easy at Kingfisher Lakes in Yorkshire. You don’t need a tent as it’s glamping only and you can leave kayaks behind too as they’re available to hire. The site’s choice of accommodation includes yurts, safari tents and a lakeside log cabin with a hot tub. Each is furnished and has a log-burning stove and firepit can be hired for campfires too. Toilets and showers are shared between tents – but the log cabin has its own en suite.

Rushbanks Farm, Suffolk

You can paddle from pitch to pub if you choose a stay at Rushbanks Farm. This charming campfire-friendly site in the Dedham Vale is the only one on the banks of the River Stour. It’s been run by the same family for three generations so they know how to keep campers happy. A pair of riverside bell tents are available for glampers while campers share a grassy meadow with a pitch-where-you-like policy. Bring your own canoes and kayaks and launch straight in to the river or hire a canoe on site.

Low Wray, Cumbria

Camping on the shores of Lake Windermere is offered at Low Wray. This Lake District gem occupies a spot on the quieter, western shore. The lakeside pitches are, of course, in high demand so there’s an extra cost – but everyone is welcome to launch kayaks and canoes directly from site. With 144 pitches for campers as well as glamping pods and safari tents, it’s not a tiny site but there are plentiful facilities including a great shop and a thrice-weekly pizza tent.

Ardgualich Farm, Perthshire

Nab a loch-side camping pitch at Ardgualich Farm to enjoy a royally incredible vista. Queen Victoria is said to have loved Loch Tummel – and there’s a nearby beauty spot to make sure modern visitors don’t miss The Queen’s View. Pitch your tent at Ardgualich Farm and you can wake up to something similar – with a place to launch kayaks and canoes too. Behind you are basic facilities and places for caravans and static homes but it’s views not loos that make this a top spot.

And finally…

From Scottish lochs to southern locks – a special mention goes to the Environment Agency Campsites on the Thames; Pinkhill Lock , Cookham Lock and Rushy Lock . These three back-to-basics campsites can only be reached by foot or by boat – so if you’re paddling along the Thames they make for perfect places to stay.

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The recommended water flow should be above 800 cfs. you can check the usgs water flow by . clicking Here Learn more!

Ability: experience required for unguided trip Difficulty: moderate Duration: 4-7 days Price: varies with services required

kayaking camping trips near me

Moosehead Lake offers a wide variety of canoe trip options for wilderness camping. Moosehead lake is almost 40 miles long and has hundreds of miles of shoreline to explore with the majority of that natural and undeveloped. You will find numerous inlets ,islands and remote coves, to visit and explore. There are dozens of public campsites available to pitch your tent. There are many wildlife viewing opportunities and it is very common to spot Loons, Osprey, Deer, Bald eagle, and of course the Maine Moose. There are several ways to do this canoe trip, you could just go to Sugar Island for a night or spend a week camping paddling and exploring.

Ability: experience required Duration: 1-5 days

kayaking camping trips near me

2-4 days! This is a great convenient trip for those of you that are looking for a overnight canoe or kayak short wilderness experience. We can offer this from 2 day 1 night trip to a 3 night 4 day trip for those short on time the overnight version of our popular West Outlet day trip. It adds camping to a great family outdoors adventure. We provide your gear and transportation. The remote wilderness campsites offer on-the-water camping. You provide the camp fire stories.

Duration: 2 days/1 night 3 days/2 nights 4 days/3 nights

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Looking to get away? You can’t get much farther from your cares than when paddling to a remote Virginia island or scenic shoreline and overnighting under the stars. And here in Virginia, you have a wide variety of places to put in your kayak or canoe then paddle to an island or shoreline and camp. The next day – or the next week -- paddle back to the put-in at your leisure. You can take a sea kayak to a barrier isle in the Atlantic Ocean, such as Mockhorn Island, or canoe out to an isle on a freshwater reservoir, such as Buggs Island Lake, then pitch your tent on a lake island. Head to the beautiful banks of the Potomac or Rappahannock Rivers. You can even camp on an island on a mountain river. Read on, find your Virginia paddling paradise and paddle into camp.



Photo Credit: Cameron Davidson

Nearest Town: Oyster

The Camping: Primitive, no facilities

The Adventure: Sea kayak out from the Eastern Shore community of Oyster to this barrier island, a state of Virginia wildlife management area. The low-lying marshy place is riddled with channels and sloughs of its own. Though Mockhorn Island is uninhabited now, paddlers and campers visiting the isle will see old structures and concrete walls that belie the island’s past as a hunt camp and military post. Paddlers leaving Oyster can cross Mockhorn Bay then head south along the west side of Mockhorn Island. The farther south you go the less marshy the isle. Watch for limited landing spots before cutting through channels to enter Magothy Bay. You will eventually reach the southern tip of the island with small beaches and the former inhabited area. It is about 10 miles one-way from Oyster to the southern tip of Mockhorn Island. Here, concrete walls kept an inland area freshwater. The land was once farmed and cattle ran here. You’ll see relic buildings. The camping is completely primitive, pitch your tent and explore the shore and history. Skidmore Island and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge stand to your southwest. Additional day paddling possibilities abound.


Photo Credit: Rachel Stevens

Nearest Town: Saxis

The Adventure: Saxis Wildlife Management Area is the setting for this paddle to small shoreline beaches suitable for camping. The area is located on the upper end of the Eastern Shore near the Maryland state line, part of Chesapeake Bay. The wildlife management area covers over 5,000 acres of mostly marsh but the aforementioned small beaches making paddle camping possible. Several boat ramps allow you to pick your point of entry then hit the water. A recommended trip leaves the ramp on Starling Creek at Saxis, then winds westerly. If the winds are calm, circle around the beaches of Tunnel Island opening into Beasley Bay. Head easterly toward South Point and aim for a small southwest facing beach on Rock Gut. It is about 7 miles one way if you circle around Tunnel Island, though you can shorten it by 3 miles by taking small creeks and a more direct route. A shorter trip leaves Saxis and heads northeast around Northend Point then to a small northwest facing beach in Robin Hood Bay. This is 3 miles one way. Nearby Jacks Creek begs exploration from this spot. The Saxis WMA map will help keep you on their lands, where camping is permitted.



Photo Credit: Henry Saint-Jean

Nearest Town: Austinville

The Camping: State park island camp with facilities

The Adventure: This is but a short paddle to a cool island in the middle of the New River. Part of New River Trail State Park , you reserve a site on Baker Island, then paddle your own kayak or canoe a short distance from the state park boat ramp to pitch your tent on primitive Baker Island. Seven designated tent sites are available. Reserve your site ahead of time. The canoe/kayak landing is on the south side of Baker Island. From there, take a short trail to the designated sites, each with a tent pad and fire ring. Two pit toilets stand on the island. Bring your own water. Swim, fish or just listen to the river flow. Land based activities can be found near the launch ramp. Visit historic Foster Falls village, bicycle the New River Trail, a converted rail line, or paddle a gentle segment of the New River from Austinville to Foster Falls.



Photo Credit: Chad Williams, @echadwilliams

Nearest Town: Martinsville

The Camping: Designated sites, each with fire ring, lantern post and picnic table. Camp area has water and toilets.

The Adventure: Philpott Lake is a big scenic impoundment of the Smith River. The reservoir has many inlets divided by wooded ridges and islands. Deer Island came to be after the damming of the Smith River. Today, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages the island as a primitive boat-only accessible campground . To get a permit you must stop by either Salthouse Branch Park or Bowens Creek Park. During the off-season camping permits are available at Ramp 1 and Goose Point. The closest paddle is from Salthouse boat ramp – less than a half-mile, though paddlers can easily lengthen the trip by starting at one of the many lakeside ramps on Philpott. It is about 3.5 miles from the ramp at Bowens Creek. You can explore the lower part of the lake before landing on the north side of Deer Island. The campsites are situated in three clusters 1-7, 8-14, and 15-20. Coveted campsite 21 is situated all by itself. Each cluster has a toilet and the island offers two water spigots. Explore the lower part of Philpott Lake by day, making forays into adjacent waters bordered by wooded shores.



Photo Credit: Lori Dusenberry

Nearest Town: Port Haywood

The Camping: Stay at an on-water inn situated on a tidal creek.

The Adventure: Sick and tired of your auto commute? Change the game entirely with an overnight experience at The Inn at Tabbs Creek . It’s called paddle commuting – and there’s no traffic and gorgeous scenery at every turn. You can paddle to The Inn at Tabbs Creek from the town of Mathews. Put-in at Put In Creek. It is about 5 miles one way to the inn. Trace the slender channel of Put In Creek, keeping south, opening onto wider water. Pass Town Point landing then enter the North River, which connects to Chesapeake Bay. However, you will turn east into intimate Tabbs Creek before entering Chesapeake Bay. The Inn at Tabbs Creek stands on a point overlooking the creek, with its own dock. Alternatively, you could carry your stuff in the boat or simply drop it off at the inn before you start. Or, you could just drive up to the inn, set up your “camp” then make a paddle commute into Mathews. Hop out of your kayak, then stroll on over to the White Dog Bistro or Southwind Pizza for a meal, then return to The Inn at Tabbs Creek. How’s that for fun? It puts a whole new spin on commuting. Plenty of other waters to explore in the region, as Mathews County is home to the Mathews Blueway , a series of 5 water trails covering over 90 miles of paddling pleasure.



Photo Credit: Mike Zorger

Nearest Town: Weedonville

The Camping: Reservable paddle-in or hike-in only campsites at state park

The Adventure: This park features 6 developed backcountry campsites on the south shore of the tidal Potomac River. Call the state park to reserve your site in advance. The sites are nice, situated at once was Stuart’s Wharf, now part of the state park. Each of the camps features a picnic table, fire ring and lantern post. The camp is part of the greater Captain John Smith Water Trail, though backpackers also access the camps by a four-mile hike. Paddlers are challenged by a limited number of public boat ramps in the immediate area. However, Dahlgren Wayside Park, at the US 301 bridge crossing from Virginia into Maryland presents a convenient launch point but no overnight parking. It is a 10-mile paddle as you skirt the Virginia shore, heading north until Mathias Point, where you and the Potomac River turn west. Stay along somewhat rural shore then reach the camp, located a little west of Metompkin Point. You will be on big waters the whole way so watch the winds and the tides. An alternate but longer paddle starts at Aquia Bay Marina. Here, you paddle east out of Aquia Creek, then into the Potomac, passing the community of Fairview Beach, making about 14 miles one way. Caledon State Park does not have a boat launch.



Photo Credit: Trevor Frost, @tbfrost

Nearest Town: Sandbridge

The Camping: Designated backcountry campsites with picnic table

The Adventure: This adventure requires a little planning, but you can do it. Campers must call ahead or go online and make reservations. Bring your own kayak or canoe and start at Start at Little Island Park , a Virginia Beach city park astride the Atlantic. Leave the park and launch into Back Bay. Paddle south through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge to South Inlet and primitive campsites at False Cape State Park. Its 7-9 miles one-way to the camps. Campsites at the park are in four distinct areas - Barbour Hill Bay, Barbour Hill Ocean, False Cape Landing Bay and False Cape Landing Ocean. The bayside sites are canoe and kayak accessible. The others require an additional walk. While here, walk the beach or hike the 15 plus mile hiking trail system.



Nearest Town: Warsaw

The Camping: Reservable, designated backcountry campsites with picnic table

The Adventure: Belle Isle State Park is an underused destination with excellent paddle-in camping opportunities as well as other activities, including drive up camping. The park is located on the banks of the lower tidal Rappahannock River. You can rent a canoe or kayak here by the day, or overnight. There are two launches at the state park, a canoe & kayak launch on Mulberry Creek and a full-fledged boat ramp on Deep Creek. The shortest route to the paddle-in camp starts at the canoe and kayak launch – only about a mile. Leave the launch and follow widening Mulberry Creek then open onto the big Rappahannock River. Reach a small beach on Brewer’s Point and land your craft. A short trail leads to a pod of nice campsites in a mix of sun and shade, with a fire ring, picnic tables and tent pad. Bring your own water. Alternatively, you can start at the park boat ramp on Deep Creek for a 3 mile outing. Open onto the big, wide Rappahannock. Take time for a side trip into Porpoise Creek. Hike along natural shores of the Rappahannock then make your way to Brewer’s Point. There’s plenty of other waters to explore should you desire to stay a few days.



Photo Credit: Nicole Warner

Nearest Town: Woodbridge

The Adventure: Leesylvania State Park is located on the tidal Potomac River, on the southern outskirts of Metro D.C. A historic destination rife with American history, water accesses and hiking trails, the park also has established four paddle in tent only campsites, part of the Captain John Smith Water Trail. The camps were built next to the park’s group campsite. The park’s canoe & kayak launch is mere feet away. However, the main park boat ramp is a half-mile away, making for a longer paddle. Overnight parking options in the area are limited, therefore I recommend launching at the park, setting up your paddling camp, then exploring the nearby waters. Circle around the north side of the park, passing bluff where Confederates placed cannon overlooking the Potomac. Heading south from the park leads you into bigger waters. Enjoy the land trails of Leesylvania State Park as well.


Photo Credit: Sam Dean, @sdeanphotos

Nearest Town: Pembroke

The Camping: Privately owned islands on the lower New River

The Adventure: Take a one-way downriver trip on Virginia’s biggest, most boisterous freshwater river and some will argue most beautiful mountain river. In certain sections of the lower New, camping options are limited by insufficiency of public lands upon which to camp. Therefore, if going down this part of the New, it is best to go on a guided trip with Tangent Outfitters , for they either own the islands or have permission from the landowner to camp on them. Looking for a one-night trip? Let Tangent take you from 17 miles from Claytor Lake Dam down to Whitehorn, camping on an island overnight mid-trip. This is a good float for those who desire calmer water or just want to fish for the famously large smallmouth bass that ply the New. A more whitewater intensive float – also with an overnight camp on an island -- takes you from the VA 114 Bridge to Eggleston, also 17 miles. However, this float is mild at first then builds to a few Class II rapids, with one Class II-III rapid.

Johnny Molloy

kayaking camping trips near me

Maple Pecan and Walnut Crusted Salmon

Pond Fishing vs Lake Fishing: 4 Differences You Should Know

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Home > Take Me Fishing Blog > April 2021 > Best Places to Take a Kayak Camping Trip

kayaking camping trips near me

Best Places to Take a Kayak Camping Trip

Kayak camping trips can be low-key adventures that give you the opportunity to relax, unwind, and spend time with your family outdoors. When you want to find a quiet spot to decompress in the midst of nature, away from the hustle and bustle, check out a few camping and kayaking vacation spots like these.

Brunet Island State Park, Northwest Wisconsin

Brunet Island State Park, on the Chippewa and Fisher rivers, consists of over 1,300 acres of picturesque landscapes and recreational opportunities. Quiet freshwater lagoons and channels are excellent for kayak fishing and wildlife watching. The park has two campgrounds (one with electricity and one without), and links to the Old Abe State Trail which runs from Cornell to Chippewa Falls. Bring your kayak camping gear and target a variety of fish species including northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, catfish, crappie, and yellow perch.

Koreshan State Park, Southwest Florida

A peaceful refuge near Fort Myers, Koreshan State Park has 60 campsites with electricity and water, picnic tables, and fire rings. Kayak camping trips to Koreshan State Park give you a glimpse into the lives of a unique pioneer community that once made its home on the banks of the Estero River. Since the brackish tidal river leads to Estero Bay, its calm waters provide the ideal environment for relaxing kayak adventures.

Nancy's Boat to Shore Campground, in the central region of Raystown Lake, fits the true definition of a secluded getaway camping and kayaking spot because it’s accessible only by boat. Located near the James Creek and Aitch Boat Launch areas, the primitive campground is situated on the shoreline with a maximum of two tents per campsite. You can kayak fish for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, muskellunge , striped bass, and brown trout.

Tomoka State Park, Northeast Florida

The waters of the Tomoka River are known for kayaking, canoeing, boating and fishing. Surveys by the Florida Marine Research Institute have identified 90 different species of fish in the river, including red drum, black drum, sheepshead, spotted sea trout, common snook and tarpon – making it a fantastic place to go fishing from a kayak. Each of the park's 100 campsites has a picnic table, grill, electric hook-up and water.

If you’re wondering about the best kayak for camping, the most important thing to consider is that your fishing kayak is properly suited to the conditions you’ll be paddling in. For example, shorter and wider kayaks are generally better for creek or river paddling since they offer more stability and storage space for camping gear.

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Debbie Hanson

Debbie Hanson

Debbie Hanson is an award-winning outdoor writer, women’s sport fishing advocate, IGFA world record holder, and freshwater guide living in Southwest Florida. Hanson’s written work has appeared in publications such as Florida Game & Fish Magazine, BoatUS Magazine, and USA Today Hunt & Fish. To learn more about her work, visit shefishes2.com or follow her on Instagram @shefishes2 .

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Maple Pecan and Walnut Crusted Salmon

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kayaking camping trips near me

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You FOUND it! Welcome to sand bar camping on the Wisconsin River and the best river trips in the Midwest! Many of our first time customers start with an overnight canoe or kayak camping trip to get a taste for what could become a serious addiction – multi night camping adventures on the wide, shallow, sandy Wisconsin River . Below are our two day trip options.

To make your trip more comfortable, and drier, we have several items that you can add to your rental to make it more comfortable and drier. These items can be added during checkout when paying for your canoe or kayak rental.

PRO TIP: You’re better off starting with a shorter trip because we’d rather you finish and wish you’d done more than bite off more than you can handle and need to call us for an early pickup (and the fee for doing it).


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