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if you're planning group trip

if you're planning group trip, Falcon Tour & Travel's charter bus rental is the way to go. They made our corporate outing efficient and comfortable.

Date of experience : September 29, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Wrong pickup location.

Do Not book Falcon Tour if You have an important event like your wedding. I booked Falcon Tour for my wedding day. 30 person Bus with Bathroom, pickup from my house. At 10 am when the bus was suppose to arrive, it did not show up. Called the driver and was told that the driver did not have the correct information. Not only the driver's paperwork said 10:30 am pick up, but also his pickup location was the first location we were suppose to reach. I had to take 2 cars on my wedding day to drive 50 miles to reach my first stop. The bus of course had no Bathroom, even though i was assured over the emails from the sales that it will have a bathroom. The bus barely fit 17 people and we could not accommodate more people that we planned to bring onto it. At the end of the night the driver demanded $600 tip as he said it was 20% of the bus price. Falcon did not even provide the bus but sold the contract to another company. I made a claim with Venmo to get my second payment refunded since the services that I booked were not provided as in the agreement, but the first half of the payment went through zelle so nothing could be done about that. Do Not Use Falcon if you want to have a stress free event. They are unprofessional and incompetent to run a bus company. Be Aware !

Date of experience : August 19, 2023

I highly recommend Falcon Tour & Travel…

I highly recommend Falcon Tour & Travel for charter bus rentals. They were prompt, and the bus was well-equipped for our long-distance journey.

Date of experience : September 08, 2023

Great service with great vehicles to choose from, driver was very nice, and I booked it last week for my sons birth day, probably one of the best birthdays ever.

Date of experience : March 31, 2023

No show on wedding day, no deposit refund

They didn’t show up on my wedding day. Called the driver’s phone number provided and he clearly had no idea They’ve gone silent since asking for my deposit to be refunded. Seem like good people!

Date of experience : February 11, 2023

It was very horrible and still hasn’t…

It was very horrible and still hasn’t been rectified.

Date of experience : August 16, 2023

They are the most lowlife people on the…

They are the most lowlife people on the face of the earth any time you order a bus they give you the wrong bus they overcharged me and subbed out another company I would never recommend these lowlife dirty Lowlifes

Date of experience : April 03, 2022

Extremely professional service from…

Extremely professional service from beginning to end of our night. No hidden fees, great communication and responsive. Great sound system! Made our daughter's 21st birthday night safe.

Date of experience : March 26, 2022

Took the bus for a friend’s birthday…

Took the bus for a friend’s birthday and loved their service, mad helpful staff. Would definitely go with them again.

Date of experience : February 14, 2023

Fantastic service at a reasonable price.

Date of experience : April 02, 2023

Falcon Adventure

falcon travel reviews

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falcon travel reviews

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Falcon Adventure - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Falcon adventure information.

Falcon Tour Travel

Photo of Falcon Tour Travel - Fresh Meadows, NY, US.

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Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Auburndale, Flushing

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About the Business

Falcon Tour & Travel is a worldwide chauffeured services. With plenty of experience in handling trips and tours of our valued clients with excellence and top notch quality, we are committed to meet all your travel needs. Our protocols and SOP's make sure each client gets VIP treatment. We make sure before each ride that our chauffeur is properly dressed and vehicle is smoke-free, neat and clean. Our chauffeurs are very professional, friendly and very experienced. We choose our chauffeurs through background checks and all our vehicles are insured. Experience our prompt and efficient chauffeured service anywhere in the world. …

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Photo of Cherished M.

Unfortunately, Falcon responds immediately until there is a problem day of and suddenly there is limited if no communication. Zelle deposit payment on time and easy, day of zelle payment was determined because of miscommunication and party bus leaving from a different location then first agreed to on the phone and email by dispatcher only then I find out the job is outsourced and the other company did not want to move the bus until cash was received. The children on the bus were concerned and disappointed and the whole mood changed . Warm water on the bus ( response was "the guy forgot") even after arriving for the return trip the guys could have tried to get ice from somewhere within the 2 hour wait. The bus was ok older model but not as advertised and nothing like what Falcons team stated including help on the bus for technical support getting the music to play. Dispatchers from the other bus company stated "that's not our concern" The company that provided the service stated "that's what you get when you do third party" Falcon has yet to return my call as stated in 3 business days it has been 30 days. Terrible . I ordered Falcon for a reason that was deceptive advertisement. The company that was sent I already know in NJ and could have gone there directly. Also, Falcon did not tell the other company about the plan to set up balloons on the bus before the kids got on. It is onnthe email and conttact. Falcon (Nick) agreed there was an error but things got worse from there especially knowing I could have called the local company directly or as the driver stated, "you should have just stopped by" You cannot miss them because their name is branded all over their vehicles. Do not do online booking!!

Photo of Alisa C.

I reached out to Falcon Tour & Travel for transportation for my mother's 60th birthday. We settled on a stretch SUV limo, I paid the deposit and all seemed well. I was told multiple times that I could pay the remaining balance day of via Zelle. We also wanted to bring champagne for the ride so I asked about cups/ice on the limo and was told "All our vehicles are supplied with a wet bar, ice, paper cups, bottled water, napkins, iPod/Bluetooth connectivity, and a friendly chauffeur." When the limo arrived the driver told me I had to pay the remainder in cash, even though I was told I could pay through a secure cash app (Zelle). He then said he just needed whatever we could do in cash for tolls and gas (also not sure why we needed to stop for gas on the way up, that should have been done before the limo got to us) and could pay the rest through Zelle. Inside the limo there was no ice, no cups, no bottled water and it was filled with trash from the last party. There were empty water bottles, soda cans, and solo cups half filled with whatever they were drinking. Once we were in the limo the air barely worked and the limo stalled about 3 times before we made it to the end of the block. We asked the driver if, when we stopped for gas, we could also get some cups and ice. Between the ride up and during dinner we were on the phone with them three times explaining the situation, trying to figure out why they sent us a limo with all the above issues, and especially why they would send us one that hasn't been cleaned/sanitized properly before it got to us during COVID times. We were told we could discuss and pay the remainder on Monday once certain people were back in office. However once back in the limo for the ride home, the driver first pulled over on the side of the road saying he needed payment before he could move, then proceeded to drive 40mph down the NJ Turnpike with hazards on again saying they needed proof of payment, after being told we could settle this up on Monday. The driver also, multiple times, was talking on the phone (not bluetooth or anything) while driving. Before booking I saw that they had decent reviews on Google, but I really wish I had looked at the terrible reviews on Yelp beforehand. All more or less describe the disorganization and mismanagement of this company that my family and I experienced this past weekend. Please take your money elsewhere and don't get scammed like my family did.

Photo of Michele R.

This company is an absolute JOKE. I ordered a "22 passenger party bus" for my sisters bachelorette party for 17 of us. I was very particular when doing research on which party bus I'd choose as I wanted it to be a fun experience with all the fancy bells and whistles. It turns out the city we had the party in didn't have too many party bus options so I settled for the stretch navigator limo which they still called a "22 passenger bus" but I decided to go for it as it looked pretty nice and would fit all of us. The day of the event they were running a little late (no biggie) and finally the bus (NOT limo) pulls up and it's the size of a short bus meant for about 10-12 people max. It had none of the fancy lights and wasn't even comparable to the photos they sent me below. It was literally just seats and that was it. I asked the drivers why I was sent something different than what I ordered and they were clueless. unfortunately I didn't really have time to worry about it as we were running late. Meanwhile, about 4 people had to sit on the floor, others had to stand and some of us just sat on each other's laps being that we had a 10 person bus for 17 people. It was not only embarrassing but we had all paid $85 a person for the piece of sh*t. My dad had to come meet us and drive some of the girls the rest of the day since people were claustrophobic and car sick. Also, the drivers would drop us at our destination and then leave every time which was bothersome for my group if they wanted to go back on the bus to grab their jacket or something. We paid them for 6 hours so not sure why they thought they could leave each time they dropped us off. The worst part of this whole experience is how incompetent their customer service has been. I've called them at least 10 times in the past 3 weeks and keep getting the answer of "ive filed your claim and we wIll call you tomorrow". So they are just giving me the run around at this point and not planning on doing anything to remedy the situation. So glad I learned to never use this company again being that I have several other parties coming up and now all my friends know not to use them as well.

What I was supposed to receive

What I was supposed to receive

Business owner information

Photo of Kimberly G.

Kimberly G.

Business Manager

Jun 14, 2021

Hi Michele, Your feedback is important to us and we would like to apologize that our service did not meet your expectations. We set a high standard for our services and are truly sorry to hear that standard was not met. Please contact us so that we may rectify this situation (800) 579-6911.

Photo of Cori Y.

BEWARE DO NOT BOOK: cancelled on my party of 20 people two hours before they were supposed to show up and showed no remorse whatsoever

Photo of Tonimarie T.

NEGATIVE 20 STAR RATING IF I COULD! Falcon Limo company is the WORST! it was an entire NIGHTMARE! Nick, Frank and the entire crew are SCAM ARTIST! this place needs to be shut down! THEY HELD US AGAINST OUR WILL ON THE SIDE OF THE NJ TURNPIKE AT MIDNIGHT DURING A THUNDERSTORM DEMANDING MONEY ....OR ELSE! ok now that I have your attention, The booking process was easy and friendly .We were promised a package that included a "party style BUS" that included ice, water and cups for the ride there and back. We booked about a month in advance and my cousin called to confirm all the above details the day before and was assured the same. However when FALCON LIMO(not a party bus) picked us up (15 people ) for our trip to NYC from central NJ the car was filthy and scratched up on the outside, and the inside was still dirty FROM THE PARTY BEFORE OURS(photos included)Decor on the windows, half drank cups of beer, dirty napkins on the floor to name a few. VERY UNSANITY ESECIALLY IN LIGHT OF THE COVID CRISIS AND THE DISINFECTION POLICIES ALL COMPANYS SHOULD BE FOLLOWING The driver approaches my cousin and tells her he needs the balance IN CASH (mind you she had already paid almost $1000 via secure payment platforms)so he can use it for gas a tolls (there was an easy pass VERY VISIBLE in the window)The car shut off TWICE before we got to the end of the street. The driver didn't know how to work the lights or radio and the partition kept getting stuck. We spoke to Nick "the boss" , than Frank "the dispatcher" with our concerns and they assured us they would "make it right". Frank told us to contact Nick on Monday regarding balance and discounts. Fast forward to our ride home where the driver PULLS OVER DURING A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM ON THE NJ TURNPIKE AND SAYS IF WE DONT PAY THE BALANCE HIS BOSS WONT LET HIM DRIVE US HOME!!!! WHAT??????? FALCON LIMO WAS HOLDING 15 PASSENGERS HOSTAGE ON THE NJ TURNPIKE DEMADING MONEY WE ALL AGREED WOULD BE DISCUSSED ONTHE NEXT BUSINESS DAY! Not to mention the driver kept texting and calling his boss while driving which is ILLEGAL WE PAID -because we were tired, aggravated and a little bit scared BUT this is not over! FALCON LIMO has got to be held accountable for their bad business practices ,unorganized business, shameful customer service and out right bullying of the people they are supposed to be taking care of and providing a service for ! FALCON LIMO BROKE SO MANY LAWS THAT NIGHT ALONE I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE THIS HAS HAPPENED TOO

falcon travel reviews

I don't know how this place stays in business. We ordered and paid for a 22 person bus for 17 people and were given photos of the vehicle. When it arrived it was a very small vehicle which only fit approximately 10 people and was not even close to the photo they sent of the vehicle we agreed upon. People had to sit on the floor and stand which is not only dangerous but everyone was getting car sick. The drivers were hired for a 6 hour time but would drop out group off and leave to go do other things. They have been completely ignoring us since, and won't return phone calls. Completely illegal to bate and switch when we spent over 1,000 plus gratuity.

Jun 4, 2021

Hi Lauren, We're sorry about the experience you describe in your review, here at Falcon Tour and Travel we take pride in providing our customers with great travel options for groups. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss this matter further.

Photo of Amanda T.

Beware! This company was very deceiving with their photos and description! We booked a limo SUV but instead a VERY small van arrived for our group that day. It looked nothing like the photos they had sent us!!

Hi Amanda T., I would love to make this right. I believe there is some sort of communication issue here. If you could please call (800) 579-6911. We would like to resolve the issue and create a better impression than the one that you previously have had.

Photo of T H.

Absolutely awful. We needed stretch limo for 12 people for ride to wineries about an hour away. They sent picture of Navigator. Then they tried to stick us with a bus kind of like a rental car bus and said it was normally more expensive than the limo. Then we end up with a Chrysler 300. One of our party was unable to make it at the last minute so we ended up with 11. The 11 could not fit in the seats. One or more had to sit on the shelf where the drinks are stored. Those in the seats were crammed together much tighter than in an airplane. Classic bait and switch. Gave the driver credit card to pay for balance of trip at the end of the ride and then they sent me an email asking for more the next day. Hmmmm. I don't think so.

Hi T H., We always strive to provide our customers with the best service possible and we're sincerely sorry we did not leave you completely satisfied. We would like to make it up to you! Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Photo of Greg C.

Don't ever use this company. I would not even call them a company because they're a scam. We reserved a 10 passenger limousine for our daughter's wedding and despite an email confirmation, the limousine never showed. Haven't been able to collect our deposit yet either.

Greg, we take all feedback seriously and we're truly sorry you did not have a better experience. Please contact us so that we can help rectify the situation at (800) 579-6911.

Photo of Jermel S.

Stay away from this company. I had reservations for a party bus and no one showed up. No one called to give me heads up that the driver would be late. They just never showed up. 30 minutes after the time they were scheduled for pickup I called them and was told that the heat caused the party bus to break down. The dispatcher said over and over he would get another vehicle in route. After waiting 2.5 hours, a vehicle still NEVER showed up. I had to scramble and put 20 people in 4 different UberXL's to get everyone to the venue. We missed out on several activities we had planned. I lost my deposit with a photographer and couldn't travel in the Ubers with materials we had for the venue. They literally ruined my wife's birthday celebration and didn't even follow up afterward to apologize. Very inconsiderate and overall a terrible experience. I would've paid the extra $100-$200 for better service. It wasn't worth the stress.

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Falcon Tour & Travel Corp Reviews

Falcon Tour & Travel Corp Reviews

Excellent - based on 395 reviews.

ayisha shahid

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Thank you for satday best minibus/coach company we’ve used well be back soon.

Dear Falcon Travel, I write to advise the shuttle bus service to Buttershaw will not resume. On behalf of Yorkshire Water may I sincerely thank you for the service you provided. In the event of us requiring a travel services in the future we will contact you. Thanks Julie

Brilliant Service all the time. I use this Company for its 49 Seater Coach Service to Manchester Airport and Birmingham Airport.  They are always on time and very pleasant. Very Clean Coaches

Brilliant Service all the time. I use this Company for its 49 Seater Coach Service to Manchester Airport and Birmigham Airport.  They are always on time and very pleasant. Very Clean Coaches.

Thank you so much for all very very kind and precise in all. Top 100% Well done.

Thanks for doing a great job yesterday we will use you on all our trips cheers.

The coach turned up in good time, was spotless and comfortable. Our driver was unflappable despite real traffic problems around Headingley, with closed roads and almost standing traffic. He reassured us that he would get us to our destination and he did, returning again in good time to take us home. We had a brilliant evening and would not hesitate to use Falcon Travel again to get us to and from our venue.

We used Falcon on Friday for a trip to dogs. The driver was very good and everyone had a good time.

I would just like to thank Falcon Travel, we used them to go to Manchester Greyhound Track on Saturday.  The driver was very friendly and helpful, the coach was very clean and comfortable.  We were picked up on time and dropped off at home.  Very good, would certainly recommend them.

Hi Maz,  Thank you for your services over the past couple of days. Thanks

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