Dota 1v1 matchmaking

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News Featured News. Dota 2 General General. Official Off-Topic General Discussion. Strategy Simple Questions, Simple Answers. Community General. On casting and improvement. What would be the ideal format for 1v1 matchmaking. Post a Reply. With the compendium going up so fast I Dota 1v1 matchmaking its almost guaranteed that we will get 1v1 matchmaking. What would be the ideal 1v1 format? What there is to look at: Heroes: Only SF? A few selected heroes? Mirror only? A few selected matchups? A BO3 with 1v1 SF to decide 3rd game? Theres a lot of possibilities. Runes and bottle: Keep the runes?

Keep bottle with bottle crowing? Courier: Auto-upgrade or have the player spend gold for it? Allow rune scouting at lvl 1 if runes are in? Win condition: 1 kill? Items: Allow all items? Soul ring, Helm of the dominator, wards, smoke, buckler, meka Neutral camps and ancients would be removed for sure since its not balanced.

And also allow players to gg out since its 1v1. Theres also 1v1 Ranked which I would like to see, but I think a lot of people are against it, mostly by the same motives they were against ranked MMR. Theres probably other important things that I missed out. Many people look foward it and I really want Valve to put good effort into making 1v1 MM a good game mode, and not just a half-assed one that no one ends up playing, this is a hard one to implement.

I'm sure they can make a good one if they want it. The second for a BO3 with a few selected matchups, where players can veto X matchups depending how many there are available like puck vs qop, one round player 1 plays with puck, second he plays with qop with 1v1 SF to decide 3rd game if needed.

Similar to fistful of tangoes. And the third more similar to TI3 format, where each player pick a hero and they play a mirror match with each of them, if needed a SF 1v1 to decide. Courier would be upgraded automatically at 3min mark. XP might be good for tiebreaker as well but I'm not sure. I would guess a few select matchups, 2 kills, 1 tower, bottle crowing banned and runes allowed would be best but idk. If I was deing it could be crazy but bear with me : Dota 1v1 matchmaking 20 Second vote when both players load in to enable Mirror match-up.

On May 12 ReignSupreme. I never realized all these possible variations on the game mode since I play support or offlane typically, but my friend plays mid and he'd just dying to play this so I hope its implemented well. Its an awful lot of work to do all the compendium stretch goals already fulfilled lol. I'm not optimistic regarding the timeline on this. I also don't really know how they plan on setting the rules but I'm guessing they Dota 1v1 matchmaking an idea since they put it as a stretch goal.

No runes, no bottle. They make the match last longer. Even without bottlecrow 1v1 can last a long time if people are passive. My only desire is that they allow you to queue for this and other modes at once. Anything that divides the pool any more is a disaster IMO. I think there should be the option to choose at the beginning, before you search a match, the hero you want to play with, and some rankings with each heroes 1v1, that would be interesting.

People come up with all these stupid shitty formats for selecting heroes in 1v1, when a perfectly legitimate draft format has existed for a long time in DotA. It's not complicated, it works like normal drafting, and it's more fair than a lot of weird shit people come up with. Either some common matchups, or same heroes that are chosen from a pool of the common mid heroes.

I guess a 2 kill difference or tier 2 tower kill should be the deciding point, maybe creep kills after 15 minutes if none of the criteria happens.

On May 13 TheYango wrote: People come up with all these stupid shitty formats for selecting heroes in 1v1, when a perfectly legitimate draft format has existed for a long time in DotA. Dota 1v1 matchmaking just allow 1v1 same hero. Some people just turtles when they lost the game after the first creep wave, especially SF vs SF match up since you can't take towers unless you have a massive lead. Last time I 1v1 unvouched somebody in ixdl the score was at 10mins and cs was 63 vs I even charge high ground without vision to bait him to commit but nope.

Allowing bottlecrow makes a lot more sense than allowing runes. NEL 1v1 tournament was neither I believe, but then you just end up ferrying salves anyway, bottlecrow with no runes is the most realistic. Live Events No Live Events. No Upcoming Events. Liquipedia Completed. Remember Me. Post a Reply 1 2 3 Next All. BO3 would be too much I think. A rematch option would be ideal. CS rule is ridiculously stupid and only exists because tournaments have time constraints. For normal matchmaking this isn't an excuse.

Erm, followed by picks seems retarded since whatever hero gets picked first is almost guaranteed to have hard counters available. Also 2 kills 2 towers sounds more reasonable but iunno. Agreed CS rule is dumbbbbbb. Please log in you can use your steam or reddit ! No Live Events [ Submit Event ].

Dota 1v1 matchmaking

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What would be the ideal format for 1v1 matchmaking