Dating websites for double dates

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Meet Fourplaythe double dating app that lets users team up with a selected friend and match with other pairs. The aim? To allow users to encounter twice the singles in half the time and never feel unsafe again. How does Fourplay work and where does the idea for this app come from? Screen Shot spoke to co-founders Julie Griggs and Danielle Dietzek to find out exactly what the app is all about.

A post shared by Fourplay — For Social Singles fourplaysocial. Griggs and Dietzek are both healthcare providers practising primary healthcare in New York, one of the two cities where Fourplay is available for now, along with London. As a result of that, and although the dating app was first launched with its fun and sociable aspect in mind, the more they thought about it, the more they realised that yes, double dating is different, but it is also way safer than your typical one-on-one date with a near stranger.

The Cold Shoulder lets you block, report, or simply ignore other Fourplay users. Why, you ask?

So, if not for safety reasons at first, where was the idea for Fourplay born from? While on a six-week rotation for school, Griggs went to New York to stay with Dietzek. Soon enough, Griggs and Dietzek realised that not only had they found the key to meeting double the people in New York in half the time, but that this new approach to dating may well be a game-changer. Someone they knew said that they should make an app out of it, and Fourplay was born. We just want people to connect and feel included.

You can go on a date and find love, great! Or maybe not, but you can also find a friend or even someone you could have a business relationship with!

There is a lot that can come from a Fourplay match. When both teammates agree on a match—the interest has to be unanimous in order to create one—the double date gets organised, and then what? In order to take that pressure off, Fourplay lets users find out whether there is any chemistry by themselves, making double dating with two strangers suddenly less panic-inducing than it sounds.

Fourplay pushes users to grow and challenge their relationships, both with new encounters and long time friends your teammateby giving them free reign over who they agree to meet. The more, the merrier, as they say—and we all have a lot of catching on that part before the end of Fourplay will give you an extra ego boost for being a good friend. The first online dating site, Match. We agree to give them access to some parts of our lives to an extentand they guarantee to provide us with better matches and more interesting dates than the ones we usually get. Dating apps also reveal the potential of sharing your private information with an algorithm in the name of love—a small price to pay to meet the right person, right?

In a study conducted on 4 million users of an unnamed dating site sounds like Tinder to meElizabeth Bruch and Mark Newman from the University of Michigan found some that anyone with dating experience would find predictable. For men, desirability peaks around 50 and then declines. For men, a woman with an undergraduate degree was most desirable, whereas for women, further education was always more appealing. Keeping all these in mind, it makes sense that dating apps and dating websites are under quite a lot of pressure to make sure you are matched with the right person for you.

Even before the Big Data boom—when we are finally able to store large amounts of data automatically—users of online dating sites were required to fill in online questionnaires and profiles. Now, algorithms can collect more data on you than you can imagine like your location, your bio, your Facebook profile, and images to easily predict your next match of Dating websites for double dates day, without you having to answer a set of lengthy questions, or even do anything at all.

Algorithms can use our online behaviour to learn the real answers to questions we might lie about otherwise. The report was a sort of tipping point for big data collection and our understanding of it; it revealed how apps can work out our personalities and lifestyles through our social media activity, our likes, our Spotify playlists, and Instagram photos.

While many find this type of data mining an invasion of privacy, others look at it as the only real way to find their perfect relationship. Dating apps promise to connect us with people with compatible traits. But there are a few steps still missing in the quest for this. Still, few ask users for the outcomes of actual dates. So how come, with all this data out there for grabs, dating apps continue to overlook the importance of not only whose profile photos we like but also who we felt chemistry with in person.

It is clear that dating apps have the possibility of changing our dating lives for the better by using even more of our information and data.

With ameliorated algorithms, the future of online dating looks bright. But maybe the delay in improvement is not coming from the technology apps are using but from the CEOs themselves—because finding love is big business, and as long as we keep searching for and not finding our perfect match, these founders are only getting richer. Fourplay is the double dating app that lets you meet twice the singles in half the time.

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Dating websites for double dates

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