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Modern dating is extremely traumatizing. In casual sex culture, attachment is a vice. It is not crazy to get attached to someone who you have had this kind of relationship with. Likewise, the path toward a lifelong relationship is just not as clear as it once was. We need to stop pretending like it is.

The standard for decency now is essentially not cheating and being able to care for oneself in simple ways, perhaps even showing affection now and again. Because the possibilities are limitless and nobody wants to miss out. A few generations ago, your dating prospects were limited to who your family knew or who was within your community. Today, you can connect to anyone, anywhere, within the right age range and filtered through your top preferences and deal-breakers.

It is understandable that we would all generally feel a little less secure in ourselves. If those are the wrong pronouns for your particular situation, please feel free to swap them out — but the point still stands.

You have probably devoted at least some part of your youth in an attempt to turn a person who absolutely was never going to commit to you into the dream partner you wanted them to be. The fact that everyone comes home from a long day at work and spends the following hours scrolling on their phones.

It is not healthy to be constantly inundated with new content that sets higher and higher expectations for what your life should be, and yet, it is normal. The only way we are going to ever achieve the true levels of intimacy we as human beings really need is if we put down the distractions and actually spend time with a person. Good relationships are not something we find, they are something we build.

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Dating thought catalog

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