Dating during residency medicine

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Maintaining those relationships, particularly romantic ones, can be at odds with the demands of residency. Here is a look at how they made it work. Once every week or two, Taylor George, MD, takes a little time to catch up with her husband as they savor some wine—over Skype. For Dr. George, a second-year emergency medicine resident at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, this interaction qualifies as a digital date night.

Her husband is also a physician, working miles away in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. George says. The two of us are both working on a sommelier certification. George and her husband were married prior to her beginning residency.

Now a third-year pulmonary and critical care fellow at New York University, Kathleen Doo, MD, was in a long-distance relationship with her now-husband from the outset of her residency. Doo was at the University of Southern California while her husband, also a physician, was at a program in Boston. Since we were both really busy with our residency schedules, it worked out really well. After a few years of cross-coastal dating, the two ended up at fellowship programs at NYU and then were married.

In both long distance and close proximity, relationships require compromise and effort, Dr. Doo said. When two physicians date, there is an almost implicit level of understanding about the demands of the job. It might be harder to find that kind of consideration and support from a non-physician. Amy Brown, MD, a third-year neurology resident at Loyola University Chicago, knows those demands as a resident who works hour shifts.

Her husband, Dating during residency medicine teacher, does what he can to help her succeed on the long days. Brown said. Brown and her husband met during her final year of medical school, and they married during her second year of residency. In those early days, her schedule was less rigorous than it is now. Not that I exclude [her husband], but it's just hard for him to fully grasp my experiences. Adapt to circumstances. Related Coverage 4 building blocks for a successful medical marriage.

Make time to communicate.

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Dating during residency medicine

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