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Vintage jewelry is jewelry that is at least 30 years old, while antique jewelry must be older than a century. This means that there are many different types of vintage and antique jewelry based on fashion trends, manufacturing styles, popular materials, and jewelry stamps.

One of the most telling ways to identify your jewelry is by its style, which can correspond to a specific time period or area. This cute little snake ring has a pair of ruby eyes and a diamond head.

This beautiful filigree bow piece embodies the Edwardian aesthetic. This brass ring shows typical Art Nouveau detailing; note the nude woman and the flowing, organic lines. This white gold art deco ring is set with diamonds. In addition to these historical styles, there are also some regionally-specific types of jewelry:. This Black Hills ring shows off the ature multicolored gold look, with grape leaves. While manufacturing methods drastically vary, certain components and details are very telltale when it comes to dating the jewelry.

Dating costume jewellery instance, hand engraving is indicative of a piece dating at least to the s, especially if it is on a et ring. Incredibly intricate, small, and lacy filigree work, in combination with white gold or platinum, will often point to Edwardian or Art Deco jewelry. Even stones can be affected; machine stone cutting was introduced in the early s, which created the round brilliant cut that is still the most popular diamond cut today.

Prior to that, jewelry from eras were set with old, hand-cut gems, such as the rose cut for Georgian and Victorian jewelry and the European cut for Edwardian and Art Nouveau jewelry. Countries have different standards for their metals as well, which will allow you to figure out where your item is from.

As an example; the United States does not consider anything less than 10k In the UK, however, 9k gold is very popular and this is a common indicator that the item was manufactured there. Aside from gemstones and metals, different materials were introduced to jewelry at certain points in time.

A short list of these materials include:. A vintage pendant made from camphor glass. This beautiful pair of earrings was made from two century-old rhinestones. This piece, probably of Mexican Dating costume jewellery, has a more contemporary foil opal. Some manufacturers were in operation up until a specific year, and other manufacturers change their company hallmark over time.

Metal stamps, such as 14k, 18k, for sterling silverand PLAT or for platinum can also help you identify the material.

For instance, the United Kingdom has very well-established assay marks, or metal stamps Dating costume jewellery other symbols that indicate where the item was tested and certified for its metal content. This ring is made from 9k gold Not all vintage or antique-looking jewelry is actually vintage or antique!

Be careful of fakes or revival jewelrywhich are pieces that emulate older jewelry styles. It can be difficult to tell, but cheaper materials are usually a dead giveaway. Taking it to an appraiser or a jeweler will also allow you to determine if the piece is legitimate or not. Now you should be set to do some jewelry investigating on your own after reading this antique jewelry identification guide! After 10K is shows LC inside a symbol that looks like the superman shape and a small crown symbol inside a large letter C.

What do these symbols mean. The is a metal stamp that may correspond to Soviet-era jewelry. This info was so helpful to me. I collect antique and vintage jewelry. I have over pieces and it amazes me at what i have. I have Marion Haskell, Hollycraft, etc. I also have some vintage wrist watches. I really would like to sell alot of it. Where r u located do u have pics of what u want to sell? I might be interested? U can me at reina hotmail. Light sliver or platinum light weight circle with leaves that you can extend out. Clear crystals or glass also in a circle. Beautiful peice. She was from Philidelphua but moved to St.

Lois as a Rosie the Riveter. I assume this to be a mix of gold and platinum?

There is no other hallmarking or reference to its age…any ideas? Hi Jen, there are similar rings with the same markings for sale with vintage and antique dealers.

Any info on this? It looks vintage! I have a ring that is stamped with 14Kb and other writing that has been worn off. Looks like it says DIA. My mom gave me a ring that has a lot of filigree on the metal, 2 round stones they are not the exact same size, but close with 4 smaller diamonds each on the top and bottom, and 4 on the sides of different sizes, all of which surround the 2 middle larger diamonds.

Is very detailed and dainty. I recently bought an oval brooch with flowers painted the Porcelain … it has the sc in a circle and stamp with a upside down U. I searched online via google photo search and found a similar looking one and made out the words 12 KT Gold Filled… there were some letters WINA which was blocked partially. Any idea about the origins of this brooch? Can you roughly date it? I have a wedding ring set with markings, 14k, D and I have no history as I bought it on conment.

Any insight would be wonderful. These pieces are incredibly made and still look new. How can I come their worth. Hi there, we actually have an appraisal service here at Quick Jewelry Repairs. Jewelry Appraisal Let me know if you have any other questions! It has a hollow front that the stones are set into with Dating costume jewellery bridging pieces on the sides and has no other markings.

Can anyone help me with these markings on my grandfathers ring that was left to me thanks sure could use the help. Hi All. I have no idea what it is. Can you help?

Any thoughts on this ring. We Know nothing about it other than it was my father in laws. It says sterling 10K in side. There is a man and woman on face of ring. The man is wearing a helmet, a total of six fish 2 pairs, 2 singlesa ship on each side 3 mast with a flag on each mast, what looks like a tree below each ship. The gears are see through in the back Dating costume jewellery a glass cover.

If u have any diamonds on the ring the 36 could mean the clarity or size of the diamond. I have a ring the gem was changed out for an aquamarine gem. But the stamp on it say thailand So it has 3 separate stamps upon it and the person who gave it to me said it was his grandmothers engagement ring. The second ring i have is 14k and I cant figure out the gems that are in it.

It has no other stamps so im confused on the Era and type ot could be I think it could be no more than a decade or Dating costume jewellery at most. An stamp on jewelry indicates that the piece is made from gold and is 19 karats. Also it looks more like a K than a 15 to me. So Your ring must be white gold. Or it could say and just the 9 is squashed making it look like an 8? Which would make it sterling silver But it does look like an 8…. There are no marks. My problem with this is that my ggmother owned property in multiple states, all landlocked, so what is the ificance of the shell??

Also, I have a beautiful beveled black stone bracelet with a fancy clasp. Can you tell me anything about that? Thank you and thanks for the informative posts! I have a ring that seems to be of Edwardian style. It only has a purity mark of PT? Is this possible for an Edwardian ring or could it be a reproduction? The center stone is an old European cut diamond. I am in the US. I have a pair of old goldish hoop earrings that have a stamp on them that says Spain.

How can I identify if this ring is precious metal? It has SIL and 2 on the inside. Short of having it tested, I am asking for help here. Hi Veronica, it looks like it could be a lapis! For a confirmed evaluation, I do suggest getting this appraised through us. I thought lapis was blue with golden specks or chunks? I was wondering about this ring what style anything really says s on inside not sure how to tell age. I am too fond of jewellery. Loved your jewellery. Keep writing such so that i get to know more. Thanks for such amazing writeup. I have what I assume is a hand made Persian turquoise cluster dome ring with a stamp of 14A and another symbol please see attached picture.

When I tried to look up the symbol I could only find one and it stated it meant ? Has anyone seen 14A and this symbol before???

Dating costume jewellery

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Collecting Costume Jewelry : The Basics of Dating Jewelry, by Julia C. Carroll (, Perfect, Illustrated edition)