Dating a girl who had cancer

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Health and wellness touch each of us differently. Well, that was my life during cancer treatment. As a pharmaceutical representative for a major international pharma company, I was already spending most of my time at the hospital.

Sure, some of the men I met would come over to my apartment to eat all my food and leave the toilet seat up.

He was a definite no for me. But others would just talk to me, or walk my dog with me, even after a night shift. Almost every night shift. That was my ICU doctor. He gave me a new perspective on life. And I think I gave him a new perspective, too. Life after cancer is great.

This is my opinion, and you can have your own.

Because by going through cancer treatment, you lose yourself. Goodbye, I lost myself! The first year of treatment is such a roller coaster.

Your mind is almost completely caught up with the fact that the future is so unknown. You almost died. You were basically poisoned. A lot of insecurity comes with this. This is all OK. This is all normal! It will get better. During remission, you find out what you want your life to be about. You have to learn to be your own hero, because no one is going to come in and save Dating a girl who had cancer.

You have to stand on your own two feet. You have to learn how to stand on your own two feet again. I just see life very differently than most, which makes dating difficult. I value my time more, I value life more, I value myself more. I know how short life is. The last guy I dated was very nice. But at the end of the day, this thought was always in the back of my mind: If I were to get sick or die tomorrow, would this be the person I want to be with?

Would I have just been killing time? I want to make them feel alive. Life is meant to be lived. Something that us cancer survivors have over the rest of the world is that we all understand how short life is, how important it is to be happy. Your knight in shining armor will come, and mine will, too. Life is just too short for that. After receiving her diagnosis, she found that no real guidebook for people with cancer existed. So, she resolved to create one. DeCristofaro, a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, lives in Miami, Florida, where she works as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

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Dating a girl who had cancer

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Dating After Cancer, a Piece of Cake, Right? Right…