Dark ebony girls

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Too often, mass media paints the story of Black girl magic as the Dark ebony girls of the individual. The first-generation student who beat the odds, the basketball star who worked his way out. This is the world of Houstonian J. Against her will, he separates Rue from her year-old sister, Tasha, and takes her to Ghizon, immersing her in the world of magic that is her birthright.

There, Rue discovers that a gang connected to the stranger who caused the accident has unleashed unprecedented destruction in East Row; Rue must use her newly found magic to protect her community from racist violence that may change her homes in both Houston and Ghizon forever. In the fantastical landscape of Ghizon, magic lets dishes wash themselves and spells are cast to transport people between worlds.

Ghizon is located off the coast of Madagascar, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Most people Rue meets there have gray-tinted skin. But she learns that before the tribes were united under their current leader, there were dark-skinned Ghizonians from whom she and her father descend. Elle constructs parallels between the status of Black people in the United States and discrimination in Ghizon, illuminating the burden of living in a world where your culture, your labor, and your magic are undervalued and stolen for others.

One parallel to anti-Black racism in the U. Dark ebony girls without a more conscientious connection between anti-Blackness in the human world and otherness and exploitation in Ghizon, the latter seems to reify anti-Blackness as a sort of innate societal underpinning. The worldbuilding in Ghizon is deftly woven, with a new language for spell casting, caste asment dictating magical duties, and magical coming of age rituals—keys to any successful fantasy, to be sure.

Neighbors are aunties. I got more cousins than makes any sort of mathematical sense. The voices that call out are familiar, too. But then we approach our maturity inside a larger social body that will not support our efforts to become anything other than the clones of those who are neither our mothers nor our fathers. Above all else, Wings of Ebony is a riveting first installment in a duology that reminds us of the power of Afro-futurism and the Black fantastic.

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Dark ebony girls

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The misrepresentation of black girls with brown skin