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virtual tour software adobe

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In this 4 min. tutorial, I’d like to show you my Captivate workflow to create interactive virtual tours in three easy steps.

In the last weeks, I tried out different ways to build virtual tours with Captivate and collected valuable feedback from this forum. Thank you for your remarks and ideas!

In this 4 minute tutorial, I’d like to show you my Captivate workflow to create interactive virtual tours in three easy steps: https://youtu.be/Q0stFYyLe_I

Vlog YouTube Thumbnail-2

  • organize 360 footage
  • place guiding hotspots
  • insert educational content

You can play the final eLearning here:  Lisbon 360 Virtual Tour + Quiz

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thank you for sharing!!

this was a great tutorial

i was overwhelmed, but this helped me out!

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virtual tour software adobe

virtual tour software adobe

Assemble the perfect shot.

Early Black Friday deal: Get Stager in the Substance 3D Collection plan, and save 50% for the first six months. Just         ​. Ends Nov 17.  See terms .

Are you a business? Call us for a consultation: 800‑915‑9425

Showcase your projects with all the benefits of a real-world photoshoot.

virtual tour software adobe

Lighting made easy

Enhance lighting with the environment lighting editor or add physical lights to your scene manually.

virtual tour software adobe

Diverse format support

Enjoy support for a variety of formats from CAD, to USD, gLTF, and more.

virtual tour software adobe

Physics awareness

Set up realistic collisions between objects during positioning and transformation.

virtual tour software adobe

Showcase projects

Import a project from Painter to Stager with a single click.

virtual tour software adobe

Interactive workspace

Switch between real-time rendering and interactive path tracing while keeping high visual quality.

Find the plan that’s right for you.

Substance 3D Collection for Individuals


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Substance 3D Collection for Teams

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Substance 3D Collection for Students and Teachers

Model, texture, and render 3D assets and scenes.  Learn more

Purchase by phone:  800‑915‑9425

Are you a business? Request a consultation

Higher Education Schools and Universities:  Substance 3D apps are now included with our education plans

Explore the Substance 3D family of apps.

Substance 3d modeler.

Intuitively sculpt 3D models on desktop and in VR.

Substance 3D Sampler

Transform photos into 3D models and materials.

Substance 3D Designer

Design parametric 3D assets with full control and infinite possibilities.

Substance 3D Painter

Texture 3D models in real time with this industry-standard app.

Substance 3D Stager

Compose and render state-of-the-art 3D scenes in your own virtual studio.

Substance 3D Assets

Select from a curated, growing high-end 3D asset library.

Frequently asked questions.

Virtual staging software allows you to import 3D assets, then arrange and stage them to build a scene. Users can add lights to further customize the appearance of the scene. Commonly, virtual staging software uses a camera-based system to allow users to set up shots for rendering. Substance 3D Stager is Adobe’s solution for photorealistic 3D rendering.

Adobe Dimension is a general purpose 3D application. While Substance 3D Stager has many similarities with Dimension, Stager was designed to include more advanced tools to complement Adobe Substance 3D’s multiple apps. Stager uses the updated Adobe Mercury Render Engine, which offers stunning and photorealistic image quality. Stager also includes advanced features like collision during staging and ray tracing.

Substance 3D Stager supports Apple ARM (M1) devices in emulation mode only. Emulation mode may impact the performance of the application. We do not currently have a release date for native support.

Substance 3D Stager uses the Adobe Mercury Render Engine. Mercury is a mixed technique renderer, allowing users to switch between real-time rendering and ray tracing. Each option has shared settings for seamless transition between modes. Real time rendering prioritizes interactive frame rates while still striving for the best looks possible, making it a great choice for test renders, mock ups, and quick turn arounds on projects. Ray tracing is a powerful rendering technique that shoots digital light rays through a scene to more accurately obtain scene information and mimic real-world lighting scenarios.

Currently, Substance 3D Stager has direct connection with several Adobe apps, making it easy to work between apps. Connected apps currently include Substance 3D Painter , Substance 3D Sampler , Substance 3D Designer , and Adobe Aero . Some of these apps have plugins available for third party applications such as Unreal Engine.

Deliver designs that pop with Substance 3D and Illustrator.


Adobe Substance 3D

Model, texture, and render 3D assets and scenes.



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    In this 4 minute tutorial, I’d like to show you my Captivate workflow to create interactive virtual tours in three easy steps: https://youtu.be/Q0stFYyLe_I. organize 360 footage; place guiding hotspots; insert educational content; You can play the final eLearning here: Lisbon 360 Virtual Tour + Quiz. Enjoy 🙂. Matthias

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    Adobe Substance 3D Stager is a 3D rendering software used to create 3D scenes with real-time 3D visualization and high-quality renders for virtual staging. Assemble the perfect shot. Early Black Friday deal: Get Stager in the Substance 3D Collection plan, and save 50% for the first six months.