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Join Our First Gigafactory in Europe

Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg is Tesla’s first manufacturing location in Europe and our most advanced, sustainable and efficient facility yet. Slated for completion this year, it will manufacture hundreds of thousands of Model Y vehicles and millions of battery cells.

We’re currently hiring across a wide variety of skill and experience levels—no automotive experience necessary. Join us at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg to solve the next generation of engineering, manufacturing and operational challenges as we accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.


Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will be the first location in Europe to manufacture cells in-house together with electric vehicles. With generous benefits starting day one, competitive compensation and on-the-job training, Tesla will provide you with what you need to help us build the future of sustainable energy.

Supervisor (m/f/x)

Apply to lead and develop a team of manufacturing associates to achieve daily quality and production goals

Maintenance Technician (m/f/x)

Apply to improve the reliability of our devices, equipment and systems to keep our lines up and running


From powerful battery systems to high-performance drive units and in-car technology, our goal is to rethink what a car can be. Create the future of sustainable transportation by designing new Tesla products or improving our current lineup.


Our existence relies on a refusal to do things the way they have always been done. That requires continuously adjusting how we build products—from concept through mass production. Tesla has big production goals. It will take a talented team and exceptional work to realize them.   


With 20 disciplines available, plus 10 dual-track university-level fields, we will become the largest apprenticeship employer in Brandenburg. Our programs typically start in September.

Image of Gigafactory

Rethink the future of sustainable energy

tesla factory tour germany

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Tesla to Offer Giga Berlin Tours After Main Building & Visitor Area Fully Completed

Sep 11, 2022

Tesla to Offer Giga Berlin Tours After Main Building & Visitor Area Fully Completed

Photo:  @Gf4Tesla /Twitter

Tesla Giga Berlin is one of the manufacturer's newest factories and builds vehicles using the latest technology. As soon as the construction of the main building and visitor area are completed, Giga Berlin will open tours for visitors. Built in record time by German standards, Giga Berlin continues to ramp up production. The factory has several times opened its doors to visitors and held a few events, including informational events outside its walls. To be even more open to the public, it looks like the company is planning to open the factory for tours that will help anyone familiarize themselves with the latest manufacturing processes used to build cars. On September 11, Tesla held an information event in Germany. 40 employees of the company shared important information with the public at 10 booths. These include the factory's water consumption, logistics, the battery plant that Tesla is currently building, and more. All this information was extremely important for local citizens, since the factory is located in their country. However, @Gf4Tesla /Twitter, who also attended the event, drew attention to information that would be of interest to everyone, regardless of their country of residence. Giga Berlin will offer public tours of the factory to visitors once the main building and visitor area are fully completed. The Tesla employee did not provide any more information, so any additional details will be announced later.

#Factorytour for all of you who keep asking permanent, #GigaBerlinBrandenburg will also offer public factory tours, but only when the main building is no longer a construction site and the visitor area is completed.......sooooooon... ;-) — Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg 🇪🇺🇩🇪 (@Gf4Tesla) September 11, 2022

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tesla factory tour germany

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Tesla Will Soon Allow You to Tour Giga Berlin, Here's What Gave It Away

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tesla factory tour germany

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Watch: You Can Now Take a Drone Tour of Tesla’s New Berlin Gigafactory

Viewers can see how a model y is made first-hand..

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After an eight-month delay, Tesla finally opened the new Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg last month. Now you can take a tour inside—virtually anyway.

The marque has just released a video of the the monolithic German plant via a new FPV drone. As the acronym suggests, the FPV drone provides a unique, first-person view of Elon Musk’s $5 billion factory and the EV manufacturing that occurs within.

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Piloted by Ferdinand Wolf of Skynamic, the drone starts off outside showcasing hundreds of finished Model Ys, before entering the Gigafactory to demonstrate how the car is made. Throughout the three-minute clip, viewers will witness the massive machinery in action as hoods, doors and other parts come to fruition. The tour concludes with a shot of a long line of completed Model Ys. (To recap, the fully electric, mid-size SUV promises a range of 320 miles and will set you back around $60,000.)

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

The new Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg spans 1.2 square miles.  Twitter/Elon Musk

The first European hub for the firm opened officially on March 22, with the first 30 Model Ys rolling off the line the same day. The Gigafactory, which is expected to employ some 12,000 workers, will eventually churn out 500,000 Model Ys each year. It will also produce millions of batteries annually at a rate that exceeds all other plants in Germany , according to the automaker.

Closer to home, Musk held a “Cyber Rodeo” on Thursday to mark the official start of production at Tesla’s new Giga Texas plant in Austin. The Tesla CEO says this will be the country’s biggest factory by size and will also be the highest-volume US auto plant when fully ramped up.

According to Musk, Giga Texas, which marks Tesla’s fourth assembly plant, will produce at least 500,000 vehicles annually from 2023. The factory will initially focus on the Model Y, before commencing production on the long-awaited Cybertruck next year. A new version of the Roadster sports car  and the Tesla Semi is also in the pipeline.

There’s no tour of Giga Texas yet, but you can check out the Cyber Rodeo in full below:

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Tour Tesla's New Berlin Factory In Amazing Fly-Through Video

Seeing how the tesla model y gets built is just a bonus..

Tesla Berlin Giga Factory Fly-Through Video

Tesla has finally opened the Gigafactory Berlin. It's the automaker's first European production hub, backed by the biggest investment in a German car factory in recent history: €5 billion or around $5.5 billion.

To celebrate the momentous event, Tesla wants us to tour the newest factory through a video uploaded on its YouTube channel. However, instead of giving us a snore-fest of a presentation, the California-based company gifted us with an amazing fly-through video that could rival Hollywood's finest films ever.

We embedded the video atop this page for your viewing pleasure.

Gallery: Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair in Germany (October 10, 2021)

The three-minute video didn't only give you a tour of the massive production facility; it also showed a close look at how the Tesla Model Y gets built. The supposed drone used in the video went in and out of the machines as they worked to assemble the electric crossover . It was surreal, which could make you wonder how this video was produced in the first place.

The opening of the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin was eight months delayed due to environmental and bureaucracy issues. It received the green light to open the factory on March 4, 2022. According to Reuters , German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and other high-ranking federal and local authorities were in attendance during the opening ceremony.

Tesla Moving Forward:

electric car registrations soar february

Tesla wants to recruit 12,000 people at its Grunheide vehicle assembly and battery complex, making it Brandenburg's largest employer. It will make 500,000 electric vehicles per year and create 50 GWh of battery power when it reaches full capacity, outperforming all other similar factories in the country.

JPMorgan forecasts that the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin would build around 54,000 cars in 2022, ramping up to 280,000 in 2023, and then to 500,000 by 2025.

Source: Tesla via YouTube

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tesla factory tour germany

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March 13, 2021

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Elon Musk invites residents and members of the public to take a tour of Tesla's new Gigafactory in Germany

  • Elon Musk said Tesla's new factory in Germany will be open for a tour in October.
  • The tour will prioritize residents but the general public will also be invited, he said.
  • During his visit to the site this week, he said car production should kick off there in October.

Insider Today

Elon Musk on Friday invited residents and the general public to a tour of Tesla's new Gigafactory outside of Berlin, Germany.

"Giga Berlin-Brandenburg county fair & factory tour on 9 October!" the Tesla CEO tweeted .

Musk said Tesla will prioritize residents of Brandenburg and Berlin for the tour around the battery and electric vehicle plant, but the general public will also be able to visit.

—Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 13, 2021

Tesla didn't immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

The billionaire announced the Gigafactory tour on the same day that he met with German leaders and visited the site in Gruenheide, east of Berlin.

During his trip, he said he hopes Tesla will start producing cars at the factory in October, according to a Reuters  report.

"We're looking forward to hopefully getting the approval to make the first cars, maybe in October if we are fortunate," Musk said, per Reuters.

Tesla is still waiting for the green light from Brandenburg's environmental authorities to open the site, Insider's Hannah Towey reported on Friday.

The Gigafactory was supposed to open on July 1  but environmental activists , permit delays , and lizards on the site put its opening date behind schedule. 

Since Tesla started building the factory in early 2020, Grüne Liga, a local environmental group, has argued that the site could threaten the area's drinking water .

"This region has so much water, look around you," Musk said on his visit to the factory on Friday, per Reuters. "It's like water everywhere here. Does this seem like a desert to you?" he said.

tesla factory tour germany

Watch: Why China Loves Tesla

tesla factory tour germany


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