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The 15 Best Tennis Bags of 2024

Our list has a bag for all player types, from beginners to pros.

tennis bags for travel

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Brian Kopinski

You’ve gotten your hands on a racquet, you’ve invested in a pair of tennis shoes. Now all you need is a tennis bag to carry everything to and from the court. Sure, you could throw your racquet into a regular backpack or tote bag, but it won’t be comfortable to carry, and you’ll miss out on the protection a tennis bag provides.

“Carrying a racquet in a tote bag might be efficient, but when your racket is covered, it can help protect it from the elements and extreme temperatures,” says Diana Vlad, a tennis pro at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola, Florida, who knows firsthand how harsh humidity and heat can be. “A tennis bag really helps protect the frame, the strings, and the grip of your racquet.”

Which tennis bag is right for you depends on what type of player you are. Vlad, who played tennis and later served as assistant coach for the University of West Florida women’s team, says that college athletes and other elite players might carry anywhere from three to 12 racquets to a tournament, as well as shoes, extra strings, and a change of clothes. Beginners won't need nearly as much space. We chose the best tennis bags for all types of players.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Babolat Tennis Bag Case Backpack

Best Budget: Ytonet Tennis Bag

Best splurge: vessel racquet bag, best for beginners: acosen tennis bag, best racquet bag: wilson tennis bag, best tote: geau sport tennis tote bag, best high-capacity: babolat pure drive rh x12 bag.

  • Most Versatile:   Wilson Foldover Backpack

Best Compact: Athleta Courtside Bag

Best for city dwellers: dsleaf tennis bag, best overall: babolat tennis bag case backpack.

This backpack-style tennis bag wins our top award for its versatility: it can carry anywhere from zero to three rackets and is comfortable for any type of commute.

This backpack lacks a side compartment for your water bottle.

What you want from a tennis bag is highly personal, but if you aren’t sure where to start and just want a great carry-all, opt for the Babolat Pure Drive 3-pack Backpack Bag. A jack of all trades, this Babolat backpack serves a wide range of players. The insulated racquet compartment protects up to three racquets from the elements, but a fold-up flap allows you to carry it as a regular backpack when you aren’t on your way to play. This bag is particularly well-suited to people who hit the court after work, since the bag is big enough to hold a pair of tennis shoes (with a separate shoe pouch) and a change of clothes and also features a laptop compartment. Well-padded shoulder straps and a chest strap make the Pure Drive extremely comfortable, whether you’re walking or biking to the club or trekking from court-to-court during a weekend tournament. Our only complaint is the lack of a water bottle pocket.

The Details: 35 percent recycled polyester, 50 percent virgin polyester, 15 percent PE | 3 racquets

This bag features lots of thoughtful extras in a lightweight, low-priced package. 

The main compartment isn’t very large and can get overstuffed very quickly.

Weighing just over 1 pound, the Ytonet Tennis Sling Bag has several thoughtful features in a compact package, including a hook (for storage or hanging on a fence), a water bottle sleeve, and lots of pockets. Designed to carry up to two racquets plus extra balls, this sling bag is affordable enough that you won’t feel bad when you outgrow it. It’s available in six colors. 

The Details: Polyester | 2 racquets

Vessel Golf

This hearty bag is both high-end and high-tech. 

At 4.25 pounds, this bag is heavier than most. 

While most tennis bags are crafted from nylon and polyester, relative newcomer Vessel uses synthetic leather and neoprene for its golf and tennis bags, including this hearty Vessel Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag. Designed to be worn as a duffel or a backpack, this splurge is incredibly durable and practical for travel. It carries up to six racquets and offers ingenious pockets, including a thermal-lined racquet sleeve, an insulated water bottle pouch, and a microfiber lined pocket for gadgets and sunglasses. 

The Details: Premium synthetic leather, neoprene shoulder straps and back padding | 6 racquets

This backpack fulfills the beginner’s basic needs for an affordable price.

This bag won’t stand up to lots of wear and tear, so you’ll probably want to upgrade to an intermediate bag after a while. 

Let’s say you’ve just started playing tennis and aren’t sure you’re going to stick with it, or you’re still going back and forth between tennis and pickleball. The Acosen Tennis Backpack can hold one to two tennis racquets or pickleball paddles, making it perfect for beginner players. This low-profile, lightweight bag carries everything you’ll need for a tennis lesson, including balls, a bottle of water, and other necessities. But the investment is low enough that you won’t feel bad upgrading to a more advanced bag or ditching tennis entirely. 

This tried-and-true classic is ideal for players whose primary need is carrying racquets. 

The more extra gear you pack, the fewer racquets you can bring. 

Though backpack-style tennis bags have gained in popularity in recent years, if you’re typically driving to the tennis club, you’ll probably just want a traditional racquet bag, and the Wilson Advantage II Triple Bag is a classic for a reason. Designed to hold up to three racquets, this slim-profile bag also has a deep front pocket for personal items like your phone and keys. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to carry using the handle or the padded shoulder strap. 

The Details: Polyester | 3 racquets

This smart bag solves a common problem with tennis totes; it won’t tip or slouch. 

The shoulder straps force you to store all the weight on one side. 

With metal feet on the bottom and a sturdy design, Geau’s Stance Tote is designed to sit upright and stay upright (and it also has a hook for hanging). Though it only holds two rackets, this tote bag has plenty of room for everything else, especially shoes. But unlike some tennis totes, which can feel like a dark abyss, this bag is lined inside with silver fabric. The Stance has lots of smart pockets and pouches, including a water bottle pouch and an outside front flat, to keep everything organized.

The Details : Nylon with water-repellent treatment | 2 racquets

This 12-racquet bag has backpack straps for long hauls and a grab handle for quick trips.

Only college athletes and highly competitive players need to travel with this many racquets.  

Designed for highly competitive players who travel with lots of racquets, the Babolat Pure Drive 12-pack Bag features two primary compartments: one with thermal protection for five racquets, and a middle compartment that you can use for even more racquets or all of your gear. We especially like that it has a vented pocket for storing sweaty gear or dirty shoes, which isn’t a feature of all high-capacity racquet bags. We also like that you can use the backpack straps to save your strength for the court, but the grab handles are ideal for traveling from court to court .

The Details: 40 percent recycled polyester, 30 percent virgin polyester, 20 percent PE, 5 percent TPE, 5 percent EVA | 12 racquets

Most Versatile: Wilson Foldover Backpack

The muted design makes this a great tennis backpack but also an excellent everyday backpack.

With a two-racquet capacity, this is designed for casual rather than highly competitive players. 

We really like Wilson’s Lifestyle line, which includes tennis bags that don’t look much like tennis bags. This backpack will keep your racquets secure, but if you’re traveling to a non-tennis destination, the Wilson Lifestyle Foldover Backpack behaves (and looks) just like a regular backpack. If you’re an afterwork tennis player like us, you’ll appreciate that the laptop sleeve keeps your computer away from the removable shoe bag. 

The Details: 100 percent recycled PET polyester | 2 racquets

This compact tennis bag comfortably fits more petite frames. 

The slim sling bag holds only one racquet and won’t fit bulkier shoes.

Like lululemon, Athleta is getting in on the tennis game with designs that set their gear apart from traditional tennis brands. This sling-style bag fits smaller bodies better than some of the bigger backpacks on this list, though you do sacrifice capacity. The Athleta Courtside Bag holds just one racquet and doesn’t accommodate larger shoes. That said, for casual players, this sling bag is comfortable, chic, and low-profile.

The Details: Yulex natural rubber | 1 racquet 

A clever triangle strap keeps your racquets secure while you’re walking, biking, or taking public transportation.

The shoulder straps aren’t as padded as some of our other picks.

If you’ve ever tried to carry tennis racquets in a regular backpack, you know they have a tendency to lean away from your body and maybe even onto the ground. The DSLeaf Tennis Bag solves that problem. This bag is styled like an ordinary backpack, except with a clever triangle-shaped strap that holds your racquets flush against the bag. A separate shoe compartment and hanging hook make this particularly good for city commuters. 

The Details: Nylon | 2 racquets

Best for Weekend Mixers: Ytonet Tennis Backpack

The insulated drink pocket and two-racquet capacity combine to make this a weekend tourney winner. 

The color options are limited, and this bag isn’t as durable as some others on the list. 

If you’re playing in a tennis mixer all weekend, you’re going to need some snacks, some cold drinks, and maybe even a beer or hard seltzer for when you’re done. We love that this Ytonet Tennis Backpack comes with an insulated pocket for drinks and snacks, plus plenty of other nooks and crannies for whatever you need to play all day: a sunscreen , a lip balm, a change of socks, a change of shoes, and your phone. 

Best Backpack: Wilson Tour Backpack

This versatile and sturdy backpack will satisfy players who compete in lots of different locations. 

The two-racquet capacity won’t be enough for highly competitive players.

Admittedly, this list features a lot of backpack-style tennis bags, but if you’re looking for a classic, basic tennis backpack, the Wilson Tour Backpack is a solid bet. Available in forest green, this lightweight, compact bag holds two racquets and a laptop and features dedicated pockets for a water bottle and dirty clothes. The comfy shoulder straps make this bag ideal for players who travel to different clubs or take tennis-centric vacations , though it may not be enough for highly competitive athletes. 

The Details: Polyester | 2 racquets

Best Storage: Geau Sport Axiom Racquet Bag 2.0

Complete with adjustable shelves, this innovative bag is like a wearable locker. 

The size and weight of this bag (29 inches tall and 5.1 pounds) may overwhelm petite bodies.

High-capacity racquet bags aren’t usually designed to store other items efficiently, but the Geau Sport Axiom Racquet Bag 2.0 is an exception. You can opt to carry four rackets and fill the interior with other supplies — using soft, adjustable shelves — or you can remove the dividers and store up to five more racquets in the main compartment. The oversized bag contains a carnival of pockets, including a leak-proof pouch for storing wet gear and shoes and three outside pockets for quick access to all your little necessities.

The Details: Materials: Cordura and polyester | 9 racquets

Best Convertible: Think Royln Champion Tennis Bag

Think Royln

The detachable racquet bag transforms this tote into a roomy weekend bag.

This bag is quite large overall but only holds two racquets.

This playful, puffy tote comes in three retro colorways, but all of the features are thoroughly modern, including magnetic closures and detachable everything. The Think Royln You Are the Champions Tennis Bag features a removable racquet bag that, when removed, transforms it into a practical, roomy tote. We particularly like that it has two carry options in handles and a cross-body strap. 

Best Color Variety: Ame & Lulu Tennis Backpack

With 13 colorful, eye-catching prints, this backpack stands out in a crowd.

This bag could use more pockets, inside and outside, to make smaller items easier to locate.

Ame and Lulu’s Game on Tennis Backpack looks playful but still means business. Available in stripes, tie-dye, ombre patterns, and preppy white, this backpack is as comfortable and practical as it is cute. The padded straps and lightweight nylon make this backpack very well-suited for smaller bodies, and we like the dual side pockets for holding a water bottle or can of tennis balls. You can also get yours monogrammed for an additional fee. 

Tips for Buying a Tennis Bag

Identify the style you want.

Tennis bags typically come in three shapes: racquet bags, which are designed to contain entire racquet(s) from top to bottom; backpacks, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes; and totes, which contain only the face of your racquets and let the handles stick out. Which style works for you depends on how you’re using it. Are you driving to the court? Then a racquet bag or tote should suffice. Players who commute via walking, biking, or public transport will probably prefer a backpack-style tennis bag. 

Prioritize comfort

By making sure your tennis bag is as comfortable as possible, you ensure that you’re saving the hard work for when you get on the court. Before you purchase a bag, check that the shoulder straps are comfortable, even when the bag is full, and that the size of the bag feels like a good fit for your frame.  

Know how much storage space you need

Again, this depends a lot on how you’re traveling to the tennis court. If you show up in tennis clothes and just need your racquet, then a smaller bag will suffice. If you’re going straight from work, you’ll want room for shoes and maybe even a laptop. If you’re playing casually, you’ll just need a racquet or two and some extra storage, but if you’re competing in weekend-long tournaments, you’ll need room for more essentials. Players who travel with more than three racquets will want a high-capacity bag. 

Most tennis bags can be easily spot-cleaned to keep them looking nice for longer. There is no need to replace your bag unless it’s showing signs of wear and tear, such as ripped linings or seams. 

A tennis racquet is an investment, and a bag keeps it looking good and playing well. Tennis bags protect your racquets (including the strings and grip) from the elements like rain and heat. That’s why many bags feature an insulated racquet lining and water-resistant outer coating. Securing your racquet in a tennis bag (versus letting it bang around in a traditional tote) will keep it from getting scratched and dinged and make it more comfortable to carry.

Again, this depends on where and how you play tennis. Think about what you need to carry to the court (hat, sunscreen, balls) and make sure your bag will hold everything. If you play on clay, you need to pay extra attention to shoe storage. Says Vlad, “Some of the bags have a nice shoe compartment or a separate shoe bag, which you really need if you play on clay, so it doesn’t get mixed in with your clothes and your towels.”

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure contributor Nancy Einhart started playing tennis at age 6, took a hiatus for a couple of decades, and now plays at least once a week. For this article, she drew from her years of playing tennis and her extensive tennis community. She also spoke to Diana Vlad , a tennis teaching professional at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola, FL.

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The 12 Best Tennis Bags and Backpacks: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Will Boucek · January 5, 2024

When you buy a product through our links below, we may earn money from our affiliate partners to help support the site. However, this does not affect our evaluation or recommendation of each product.  See our list of partners & how we get paid here . You can also learn our process for reviewing tennis gear here .

Tennis bags come in several different styles.

  • The best traditional tennis bag is the ADV Pro V2 .
  • The best tennis backpack is the Geau Sport Axiom Backpack .
  • The best tennis tote bag is the Vessel Baseline Tennis Tote .

However, you may want a different bag based on your goals, the number of racquets you carry, style preferences, budget, and more.

Below, I’ve compiled everything you should consider when choosing a tennis bag and reviewed 12 great bags. Whether you’re an advanced tennis player with six racquets or a complete beginner, you’ll be able to find a bag that can carry your tennis gear below.

Each bag on our list was tested and reviewed based on several factors, including  racquet capacity, organization, portability, durability, design, comfort, and overall functionality .

List of the Best Tennis Bags

The table below has our picks for the top 12 tennis bags by category. We reviewed traditional bags, tennis backpacks, and tote bags below.

Click the links below to order from Tennis Warehouse or Amazon.

Reviews of the 12 Best Tennis Bags

Below are our picks for the top twelve tennis bags on the market. We’ve tested and reviewed bags from all the major brands to help you find the perfect tennis bag.

6 of the best tennis bags and backpacks

In each review, you’ll see the following criteria for each bag.

  • Racquet Capacity | How many racquets the bag can hold?
  • Price | Scale from 1-3 dollar signs.
  • Style | Traditional, Backpack, Tote, or Duffel Bag.

#1 – ADV Pro V2 Tennis Bag

A brand that doesn’t make tennis racquets , ADV Tennis has created a fantastic, innovative bag for adult club-level players.

My favorite features of this bag are the insulated, built-in-cooler, and the hidden storage pocket underneath the bag to keep wet clothes separated. This bag also comes with two hooks that you can use to hang the bag on the fence, keeping it off the hot tennis court surface.

The center compartment provides space to store tennis balls , sunglasses for tennis , food, or other equipment. The outside pockets are great for organizing your small items like grips, keys, phone, and other accessories. The ventilated shoe storage is helpful for players who don’t like to wear shoes for tennis off the court.

The new version has been updated to hold up to 6 racquets and extended frames with added length for a better fit. It features detachable shoulder straps and plenty of storage and pockets for organization. The bag has it all including great capacity, durability, racquet protection, and more. The only downside is it’s not the most affordable tennis bag, but worth the price in my opinion.

Watch my video review below.

Price | $$ Racquet Capacity | 6+ Style | Traditional

  • Stores up to 6 racquets
  • Built-in cooler for water & sports drinks
  • Separate, hidden pocket for clothes
  • Ventilated shoe storage
  • Plenty of pockets for organization
  • Hooks to hang the bag from the fence
  • Often sold out. The best alternatives are the Geau or Vessel bags above.

ADV Jetpack Tennis Bag 2.0

Other Sellers:

#2 – Babolat Pure Drive 6-Pack Tennis Bag

A great traditional bag for players with a lower budget is the Babolat Pure Drive 6-pack tennis bag.

This Pure Drive bag is one of several bags from Babolat that all have similar functionality with different colors, accompanying the most popular Babolat tennis racquets . These include the Babolat Pure Drive , Pure Strike , and Pure Aero .

This bag is a good size for most players with the capacity to carry six racquets, a ventilated shoe compartment, and outside pockets for extra storage. The two main compartments can store 3 racquets each. Since most players don’t carry more than 3 racquets, however, you can use the second compartment for tennis balls, towels, clothes, or other large items.

The outside accessory pockets can fit smaller items like strings, tennis overgrips , your phone, keys, etc.

The adjustable shoulder straps are designed to hang comfortably on your shoulders, so you can wear it like a backpack. The two grab handles make it even more mobile.

Price | $$ Racquet Capacity | 6 Style | Traditional

  • Ventilated pocket for shoes
  • Isothermal protection for string maintenance & racquet protection
  • Adjustable shoulder straps to wear it like a backpack
  • Outside pockets for extra storage & organization
  • Reasonable price
  • Also available as a 12-pack for more advanced players
  • Pure Aero version available as well
  • If you have a different brand of racquets, this won’t match

Babolat Pure Drive RH x6 Tennis Bag

#3 – Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag

Vessel is a luxury bag brand that originally made golf bags but is starting to use its expertise in tennis. Their racquet bag is perfect for club players who have two to four racquets and want a high-quality bag.

The bag has two large compartments that fit a total of six tennis racquets. The smaller of the two is insulated to keep your racquet frames and tennis strings protected in warm or cold weather. The bag has four exterior side pockets, two on each side, to keep smaller items. These outside pockets have well-designed pouches for organization. There is also a ventilated shoe compartment that has plenty of room no matter your shoe size.

The adjustable shoulder straps, made of nylon and synthetic leather, have unmatched comfort. You can easily remove these too if you prefer to carry the bag by one of the two carrying handles.

This bag is the best luxury tennis bag you’ll find. Its high-quality materials and modern design make it one of the top new bag brands on the market.

Read our full Vessel Tennis Bag Reviews .

Price | $$$ Racquet Capacity | 6 Style | Traditional

  • Very high-quality materials
  • Two large compartments to fit up to 6 racquets
  • Four outside pockets for organization
  • Very large, ventilated, shoe compartment
  • Modern design & plenty of storage space
  • Not for players who carry 6+ racquets
  • Not a well-known tennis brand

Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag

Stop paying full price for tennis gear! Get deals on shoes, racquets & more up to 70% off .

#4 – Geau Sport Axiom 9-Pack Tennis Bag

Geau Sport is a newer company in the tennis bag industry and they’ve quickly become a favorite for competitive adult and recreational players.

Their Axiom 9-Pack Tennis Bag has a unique design that stands up on its own on the tennis court. This makes it easy to quickly access your water, phone, or anything else on changeovers.

It is designed with two outside pockets that each carry up to two racquets. The main interior compartment has velcro dividers that can act as shelves to store clothes, tennis balls , towels, and more. Removing the dividers allows you to store more racquets. There is also a shoe compartment on the top that can be used to store anything you need quick access to on the court.

Two padded and adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to carry. It also comes with a grab handle on the top of the bag.

Read our full Geau Tennis Bag Review .

Price | $$ Racquet Capacity | 6+ Style | Traditional (but the only bag on the market that stands upright)

  • Brilliantly designed bag that stands upright on the court
  • High quality, weather-resistant materials
  • Easily holds 4 racquets in the outside pockets
  • Removable dividers inside act as shelves
  • Plenty of storage capacity
  • Large, breathable shoe storage compartment on top
  • Not great for more than 4 racquets
  • Runs out of stock fast (see other sellers)

Geau Sport Axiom tennis bag version 2

  • Tennis Warehouse

#5 – Geau Sport Axiom Tennis Backpack

Geau Sport makes our list for the second time with a thoughtfully designed backpack for tennis players.

Geau Sport Axiom Backpack on the court

If you carry two racquets and prefer a backpack-style tennis bag, this is the best option for you. This backpack easily holds two racquets close to your back that are secured with a zipper. There is good padding to protect them as well. The inside of the bag has plenty of room to keep towels, tennis balls, grips, and other gear. There is even a divider to help with organization. The top pocket is very easy to access for personal items.

On the side, you’ll find an external pocket that is leakproof for shoes or wet clothes. This backpack has adjustable straps and a sternum strap for extra support. There is also an extra hook next to the grab handle for hanging it on the fence.

Price | $$ Racquet Capacity | 2 Style | Backpack

  • 2 colors available
  • Easily holds two racquets with a padded compartment
  • Fantastic dividers & pockets for organization
  • Great storage capacity for a tennis backpack
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Hook to hang it on the fence
  • Shoe storage takes space from the main compartment

Geau Sport Backpack v2.0 tennis bag

#6 – Vessel Baseline Tennis Tote Bag

In addition to their traditional tennis bag above, Vessel makes a very high-quality and stylish tennis tote bag.

This bag has plenty of room for all your tennis gear including a padded, waterproof pocket to protect up to 2 racquets or a laptop. Inside the main compartment are five total pockets (including a few with zippers) to store your phone, sunglasses, grips, and other belongings. There’s also a clip to secure your keys and make them easy to find.

On the outside, you’ll find two pockets for water bottles or a can of balls. Like everything from Vessel, this bag is made of durable, weather-resistant, premium materials. This bag looks great with some of the best tennis skirts too.

Price | $$$ Racquet Capacity | 1-2 Style | Tote

  • Easily fits two racquets or a laptop
  • Pockets for water bottles
  • 5 internal pockets for organization
  • Stylish on or off the court
  • 4 styles available
  • No over-the-shoulder strap
  • Not great for competitive players carrying 3+ racquets

Vessel Baseline Tote tennis bag

#7 – Geau Sport Axiom Tennis Duffel Bag

Geau Sport makes the list for a 3rd time and for good reason. They’re making very high-quality bags with features that tennis players need.

The Axiom tennis duffel bag excels in its customizable organization and premium, durable materials. Externally, there is a small pocket for your phone, wallet, keys, and other small items. There is also a larger pocket where you can keep your extra grips, strings, sunscreen, etc. A third zipper on the end of the bag provides access to shoe storage.

In the main compartment, there are four dividers that you can add or remove as needed. This allows you to keep your racquets protected and tennis balls, clothes, and other gear organized.

The shoulder straps are also removable and adjustable. This is a unique feature I haven’t seen in other duffel-style tennis bags. You can choose to carry this duffel as a backpack, with one shoulder strap, or remove the straps and use the grab handle.

Overall, this new tennis duffel bag from Geau Sport outperforms others on the market in every category.

Price | $$$ Racquet Capacity | up to 9, or 4 with room for gear and clothes Style | Duffel

  • Premium, durable weather-proof materials
  • Totally customizable organization inside the main compartment
  • Ventilated shoe pocket on the end
  • Two external pockets for easy access to phone & smaller items
  • Very comfortable, removable & adjustable shoulder straps
  • High-end product comes with a premium price, but well worth it for serious tennis players who travel

Geau Sport Axiom Tennis Duffel Bag

#8 – ADV Jetpack Tennis Backpack

The ADV Jetpack Backpack is a high-quality and versatile backpack designed specifically for tennis players. With its sleek and stylish design, this backpack is made from high-quality materials that are both durable and lightweight, making it easy and comfortable to carry.

It features a spacious main compartment with internal pockets for organization. The backpack can fit up to three tennis racquets, shoes, and more. There is a built-in, insulated cooler on the side to store an ice pack with Gatorade, water, or snacks.

The Jetpack Backpack has comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps, plus two grab handles to make it easy to carry. There is also optional grip protection for your racquets which is rare for a backpack. The capacity is slightly smaller than other tennis backpacks but the innovative features are second to none.

Watch Our Video Review .

Price | $$$ Racquet Capacity | up to 3 Style | Backpack

  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Ventilation system to keep gear dry and odor-free
  • Built-in cooler
  • Shoe storage
  • Grip protection
  • Spacious main compartment and multiple pockets for organizing smaller items
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Limited color options
  • Shoe storage takes up lots of space from the main compartment

ADV Jetpack Backpack

#9 – Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag

Combining functionality with affordability, the Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag is next on our list.

This bag offers a large amount of storage space and features two insulated pockets for racquets that protect your tennis strings from extreme weather conditions. The front pocket on top offers an easily accessible storage space for shoes or dirty equipment.

This bag is a great alternative for players who are looking for a brand different from their racquets or equipment. However, Adidas does make some of the best tennis dresses , tennis shorts , and shoes .

Since it offers most features that a high-end bag would offer, this bag is a great choice for intermediate-level players looking for a lower-cost bag. 

Price | $ Racquet Capacity | 12 Style | Traditional

  • Two insulated compartments to keep a total of 6 racquets protected
  • FreshPak vented compartment in the front
  • UltraRide padded shoulder straps
  • Best budget bag
  • Many intermediate players complain that it is unnecessarily large, or bigger than shown in pictures
  • Over time, the design may slightly cave in in the middle

Adidas Tour Tennis 12pk Bag

#10 – Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

Sharp and smooth, the clean exterior and matte colors of the Federer DNA Backpack reflect the aesthetic of one of the greatest tennis players ever.

This tennis backpack’s classy style and supreme quality surpass other top-line backpacks. The racquet compartment offers room for up to 2 racquets, while two main chambers give enough room for other tennis gear like clothes, balls, or strings. The felt-lined pocket offers a safe place to store phones, wallets, or keys. Another larger thermal-lined pocket keeps your sports drinks or food cold.

This backpack is perfect for all levels of tennis players and can easily function as a great school or work bag too. It has a padded back and padded straps for extra comfort.

  • Felt-lined zipper pocket for phone or wallet
  • Thermoguard pocket for drinks or snacks
  • Screened image of Roger Federer’s signature
  • Two large compartments for tennis gear or balls
  • Comfortable & padded shoulder straps
  • Two color options
  • Slightly more expensive than other backpack options
  • No shoe compartment

Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

#11 – Head Gravity Sport Bag

With the duffel design, the Head Gravity Sport Bag offers maximum capacity for tennis players who travel.

This bag has enough space to carry up to six racquets plus clothes and gear for a weekend tournament. It has an external shoe compartment with a small vent. There is also an external side zipper pocket for smaller items like strings, grips, and personal items. Inside the bag, there is a padded divider to help keep your racquets protected.

There is a grab handle on the end that makes it easy to pick up. However, my favorite part of this bag is the comfortable adjustable shoulder straps. When I use this bag, I typically carry two racquets plus clothes and shoes for on and off the court.

Price | $$ Racquet Capacity | up to 6 Style | Duffel

  • Great for travel
  • Plenty of space for gear and racquets
  • External tennis shoe compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder straps are very comfortable
  • Padded divider protects 2-3 racquets
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The internal divider can’t hold more than 2-3 racquets so carrying 6 racquets will mean some are exposed

Head Gravity Sport Bag

#12 – Geau Sport Stance Tote Bag

One of the best tennis tote bags on the market, Geau’s Stance Tote Bag offers great specs while not compromising style.

It comes with room for 2 racquets, and a main storage compartment for large items. It also has several smaller pockets for valuables and an exterior pocket for a water bottle. Additionally, the rear hanging hook and metal feet make sure your bag stays clean and off the ground. All of this is complemented by its sturdy construction and shape to make sure the bag doesn’t slouch or fall over.

This bag is designed for ladies seeking a bag with style, but it’s a great bag for any player. 

Price | $ Racquet Capacity | 1-2 Style | Tote

  • Room for 2 racquets and a main storage compartment for large items
  • Several smaller accessory compartments for personal items
  • 2 different color options
  • Inexpensive compared to other tennis tote bags
  • Less options and space compared to similar bags

Geau Sport Stance Tote Bag

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose the Best Tennis Bag for You

There is no perfect tennis bag for everyone.

The best bag for you will depend on the number of racquets you carry, other tennis gear you need to store in the bag, and your personal style preference.

Here are a few questions you’ll need to answer.

  • What style of bag do you want?
  • How many tennis racquets will you carry?
  • Do you need to carry shoes in your bag?
  • Will you travel with your tennis bag?

Competitive players who travel will need a bigger bag that can carry four or more racquets, shoes, towels, and other gear. Country club tennis players may only need to bring two racquets to the court along with a few small items and can choose a backpack or tennis tote bag.

Fabio Fognini and Simone Bolelli with Babolat and Head tennis bags

Below, we’ll help you understand all your options.

What Style of Tennis Bag Do You Want?

There are four primary types of tennis bags, traditional style, backpacks, tote bags, and duffles. I’ll explain each below.

Traditional Tennis Bags

Traditional tennis bags are often in the shape of a tennis racquet and carry anywhere from two to 12+ racquets. They usually have two shoulder straps so you can wear the bag like a backpack. The smaller bags may only have one shoulder strap.

  • Best Overall Traditional Tennis Bag: ADV Pro V2 (discount code: TRIBE)
  • Best Low-Cost Traditional Tennis Bag: Babolat Pure Drive 6-pack

Tennis Backpacks

Tennis backpacks usually carry two racquets and have room for small items like towels, clothes, grips, and other gear. Some may come with a shoe compartment but that reduces the capacity for other gear when used.

  • Best Overall Tennis Backpack: Geau Sport Axiom Tennis Backpack

Tennis Tote Bags

Tennis tote bags have become increasingly popular over the years. They are shaped like a normal tote bag or large purse, but have a built-in pocket for racquets that keeps them separate from other items. They usually store a maximum of two racquets with the handles angled back behind you while you carry it.

These bags often have a surprising amount of storage capacity and pockets for organizing your smaller tennis items inside.

  • Best Tennis Tote Bag: Vessel Tennis Tote

Shop more Tote Bags at Tennis Warehouse .

Tennis Duffel Bags

Tennis duffel bags are great for the traveling tennis player. They offer racquet storage and protection alongside room for clothes, shoes, and other gear. Most come with two backpack-style straps and grab handles on the outside for easy carrying.

I typically carry two racquets, shoes for tennis, and normal travel attire all in my Geau Sport duffle bag. You can carry this bag on the plane as well.

  • Best Tennis Duffel Bag: Geau Sport Duffle Bag

Geau Sport Axiom Duffel Bag packed with tennis gear

How Many Racquets Do You Need to Carry?

The number of tennis racquets you have will determine which bag you choose as well.

Recreational Players Who Play Locally Can Choose a Smaller Bag

If you’re a recreational or beginner player with only one or two racquets , a tennis backpack, tennis tote bag, or small traditional bag is best. In this case, you probably play tennis locally and don’t need shoe storage or room for much extra gear.

Comptetitive Players Who Travel for Tennis Should Choose a Large Bag or Duffle

On the other hand, if you’re a serious player who has four or more racquets and travels for tournaments often, you’ll need a larger bag. You’ll want to consider several factors like comfortability, storage capacity, organization, and more.

Large traditional tennis bags or tennis duffles are a great investment for the competitive player. They provide plenty of space, are comfortable on your shoulders for carrying through airports, and are built to last.

If you like to travel light, read our  Cancha tennis bag review . The bag was created by a former pro player specifically for travel.

ADV Jetpack 2.0 Tennis bag

Features of Tennis Bags

Tennis bags come in many shapes and sizes, but they all share similar features that you should know before purchasing a bag.

Racquet Storage

Racquet storage is probably the most important feature of a good tennis bag. Some bags only carry two racquets, while the largest tennis bags can carry up to 15 racquets.

The Interior

The interior of tennis bags can come in different design options. Some bags simply have a huge compartment with no organization. Others come with dividers and pockets, making it easy to separate your racquets from clothes and other tennis gear.

The Exterior

The exterior of the bag can be made of different materials, and it’s important to choose something durable. Some exteriors are weather-resistant, like the Geau Sport bags, while others are made of polyester and other fabrics.

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage isn’t important for everyone, but is crucial for competitive tennis players. The shoe compartment is usually at the bottom, or on the end of the bag, and often has some ventilation system.

Accessory & Gear Pockets

Accessory & gear pockets are important to store smaller items like tennis balls , water bottles, or personal valuables. You want something with secure zippers and enough space for your needs. Some bags have these pockets on the outside of the bag, while others have them on the inside wall for extra protection.

Racquet Protection

Most tennis bags have large pockets that keep your tennis racquets separate from the rest of your gear. Many bags offer extra padding to these pockets to protect the frames of your racquets.

Some bags also offer temperature protection to help maintain string tension in hot and cool climates. Most players don’t need to worry about this, however. All the bags on our list provide good protection for your racquets.

What Should You Keep in Your Tennis Bag?

Storage space is an important aspect of tennis bags, regardless of player level. To determine how much storage space you need, you should ask yourself what you want your tennis bag to hold.

Here are a few items people often keep in their tennis bags:

  • Tennis Gear: Racquets, Shoes , Clothes, Strings
  • Tennis Accessories: Balls, Overgrips , Water Bottle, Sunglasses
  • Personal Valuables: Phone, Wallet, Keys, Laptop, iPad
  • Other Items: Sunscreen, Supplements, Athletic Tape, Tennis Elbow Brace

If you’re someone who needs to carry a spare change of clothes for work or practice, then you would probably be interested in a traditional or duffel-style bag, which has enough space for both dirty clothes and shoes for tennis .

If you only need to hold smaller tennis items , then a backpack bag could be the style for you. The backpacks we reviewed above have great storage space, and can even double as a work bag. The sleeve for racquets can provide a safe place for a laptop, even on the tennis court.

If you’re an advanced player with 3 or more racquets or are looking for a larger bag to travel with, then the traditional style is the best choice for you. Depending on how many racquets you carry, you might need a 6, 9, 12, or even 15 racquet bag.

Note: A “15-racquet bag” is rarely used to carry 15 racquets. Most tennis players keep 4-8 racquets and use the extra space for clothes or other items. 

The Best Tennis Bag Brands

For many players, another deciding component is whether their bag’s branding matches that of their racquets. For example, someone playing with a Babolat Pure Drive might want a Babolat tennis bag.

If you are a player who appreciates matching brands, then an interesting alternative might be choosing a bag type not associated with tennis racquets at all, like ADV, Geau Sport, Nike, or Adidas.

You can shop for any of the best tennis bag brands below.

  • Shop Babolat Bags
  • Shop Wilson Bags
  • Shop Nike Bags
  • Shop Adidas Bags
  • Shop Tecnifibre Bags
  • Shop Geau Sport
  • Shop Vessel Bags
  • Shop ADV Bags

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Tennis Bag

With so many choices on the market, it can be challenging to determine which tennis bag is best for you. Many factors make a good tennis bag, and depending on your gear and skill level, some of those might be more important than others.

Things like capacity, protection, durability, and comfort might be more important for serious and high-level players who travel. However, functionality and style may be more important for intermediate or beginner players who play locally.

For us, the best overall tennis bag is the ADV Pro V2 tennis bag. However, players on a budget should choose the Babolat Pure Drive 6-Pack Tennis Bag . The Geau Sport Axiom Backpack is the best option for recreational players who want a smaller bag that’s easy to carry. The Vessel Baseline Tennis Tote is a great bag for ladies who prefer tote-style bags.

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About Will Boucek

Will Boucek is the Founder & CEO of Tennis Tribe. With over two decades of experience playing & coaching tennis, Will now works as a doubles strategy analyst for ATP & WTA tour players and coaches. Will helps tennis players at every level play better doubles through smarter strategy. He also has expertise in tennis racquets & gear, testing the latest products from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, and other tennis brands.

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28 Best Tennis Bags to Ace Your Style Game

By Laura Lajiness Kaupke and Gaby Keiderling

28 Best Tennis Bags to Ace Your Style Game in 2024

All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, we may earn affiliate revenue on this article and commission when you buy something.

The best tennis bags aren’t exclusive to those on the grand slam circuit. For many players, half the fun of tennis is the exquisite fashion that comes with the sport, from stylish tennis dresses to bags for toting extras like balls, a towel, a water bottle , and beyond. Sure, you could certainly get away with a sports duffle or roomy gym bag when bringing these essentials to the court. But why not lean into the country club aesthetic in full force by shopping the best tennis brands for a comprehensively thought-out look, proper tennis bag, and all?

Vogue ’s Guide to the Best Tennis Bags

  • The Editors’ Pick: Tory Burch convertible stripe tennis tote , $395
  • The Canvas Pick: Ame & Lulu women's Hamptons tennis tour bag , $162
  • The Everyday Ease: MZ Wallace Metro racquet sling bag , $195
  • The It Girl Bag: Vuori V1 Convertibale Tote , $188
  • The Fashion Pick: L'Etoile Sport x Corroon racket cover , $295
  • The Big Haul: Wilson Super Tour 6 Pack , $119

If you’re an elite player, you’re probably all for shoulder styles that can hold several rackets at once, plus all your other gear, from court-approved sneakers to accessories like a visor and sweatbands. However, you can go the racket cover route on the simpler end of the spectrum. Or, for a bit more carrying space to accommodate a change of clothes , a top-handle bag or backpack with a designated racket pouch or strap will feel perfectly sporty and chic. Like with a yoga mat bag , it’s all about function and figuring out what works best with your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Keep scrolling to discover 28 tennis bags as practical as they are stylish, from sleek black to sporty striped accents and beautifully modern and light iterations crafted of leather and raffia. Plus, customizable styles—who doesn’t love a good monogram ?

tennis bags for travel

convertible stripe tennis tote


Simple and spacious, this bag is perfect to tote to country club courts. The front pocket fits two racquets, which you can even remove for non-tennis days.

tennis bags for travel

Brother Vellies

Matchpoint tennis club tote


Raffia contrasted with a leather trim makes for one of the most sophisticated styles out there. It's also available in canvas if that suits you better.

tennis bags for travel

raffia tennis tote


If you’re looking to play while on vacation, stick with raffia for a coastal feel. The linen interior features a mix of pockets and pouches for convenient storage as well.

tennis bags for travel

large tennis Metro tote

MZ Wallace’s signature quilting makes an appearance in tennis form, with a front compartment for your racquet and removable pouches for balls and other accessories inside.

tennis bags for travel

the Over the Shoulder tennis tote bag

The extended handles of this tote bag allow you to, as the name says, sling it over your shoulder for easy commuting. Minimalists, this one’s for you.

tennis bags for travel

logo canvas tennis bag

Standout stripes in a Wimbledon green ensure that you look the part when you step onto the court. Two internal zipped pockets also keep your belongings safe and secure.

tennis bags for travel

tennis quilted duffel

This lightweight duffel has it all. There’s an insulated pocket for two racquets, tennis ball, and water bottle pockets, and a removable crossbody strap.

tennis bags for travel

Two-a-Day leather duffle

For an investment that only gets better with, this Wilson bag is the way to go. With one main pocket and smaller exterior ones, efficient organization has met its prime.

tennis bags for travel

Anya Hindmarch

tennis regenerated-nylon travel bag

Cheeky labels and clever storage solutions is what Anya Hindmarch is known for. The detachable pouch will come in handy for any additional “bits and bobs.”

tennis bags for travel

tennis quilted backpack tote


This tote bag turns into a backpack for ease and versatility. Plus, it can fit two racquets, so you’ll always have a spare in case your strings break. Alternatively, you can carry your opponent’s if they also happen to be your partner!

tennis bags for travel

canvas tennis tote bag

Monogramm this canvas style to create a bag that is as personal as it as practical.

tennis bags for travel

Ame & Lulu

Hamptons tennis tour bag


A classic pick, notable features include two mesh interior pockets to fit your tennis balls and water bottle, plus a zip pocket to stow valuables.

tennis bags for travel

Oliver Thomas

24 + 7 tennis backpack


If versatility is the name of the game, you’ll love this convertible backpack that you can easily take on the road—a travel essential if we ever saw one.

tennis bags for travel

Game Time tennis backpack

Padded straps and two side compartments make this a daypack that gets the job done. The pop of color on the front zipper adds a fun touch.

tennis bags for travel

the Sport backpack

Upon first glance, this might not appear to be a tennis bag. But look a little closer and you’ll see all the thoughtful, sporty details that make this Béis style as desirable as they come: a front pocket to house your racquet, a cinched opening and buckle for secure carrying, and two side water bottle holders.

tennis bags for travel

V1 convertible tote

Whether you choose to wear this as a tote bag or backpack, it will get your tennis belongings from your home to the court and back. The water-resistant fabric means it can hold its own against the elements as well.

tennis bags for travel

Original tennis bag

One word: Sleek. Handmade in Italy, the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail is what sets this style apart.

tennis bags for travel

US Open Junior tennis bag

If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect intro bag. It holds two racquets while still leaving room for other accessories, all in a streamlined silhouette.

tennis bags for travel

L'Etoile Sport x Corroon

printed textured-leather tennis racket cover


Just looking to bring a racquet and that’s it? Go for this chic graphic-printed cover.

tennis bags for travel

MAD tennis racket bag

From the perforated leather to the clean stripes throughout, this one’s all about luxurious touches. An adjustable and detachable shoulder strap allows for easy transport.

tennis bags for travel

Louis Vuitton

Suzanne racket pouch


Keep it simple(-ish) with this racquet holder featuring attached pouch to hold your tennis balls.

tennis bags for travel

L'Etoile Sport

racquet cover

No, it's not transparent. The illusion is printed onto a vegan leather body, and there’s an interior zip pocket to hold your keys and phone.

tennis bags for travel

leather racket cover

Wilson’s contemporary black leather racquet cover has a striped strap for a colorful accent.

tennis bags for travel

Bespoke Walton tennis raquet cover


Personalization is back, this time in bold capital letter form, with a bonus tennis ball pouch and zip compartment for keys and wallet.

tennis bags for travel

Parker Thatch


Zip two racquets into the front of this bag and fit a change of clothes in the spacious interior. Two side pockets inside also help to separate your belongings.

tennis bags for travel

Metro racquet sling bag

This simple sling is made even more useful with an exterior pocket for easy access of small belongings.

tennis bags for travel

Alpha tennis bag

Known to go from the office to the court? Tumi’s tennis bag is ultra-professional (keep it by your desk, no prob!), featuring convertible straps and a water bottle compartment. Oh, and it holds up to 12 racquets.

tennis bags for travel

Super Tour 6 pack

The notable red makes this bag nothing short of a courtside icon. Take six racquets with you as you make a bright statement.

Vogue Shopping

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tennis bags for travel

25+ Best Tennis Bags 2024

Racquet, Backpacks, Duffels, & Totes

We hope you love this article. Just so you know, TennisCompanion may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page to help keep this site running. Learn more .

tennis bags for travel

By Jon Crim TennisCompanion

Beyond offering players a convenient way to carry their racquets, tennis bags often function as lifelines, containing the equipment, gear, and fuel necessary to hit the court, have fun, and win matches.

Of course, what works for a competitive athlete won’t necessarily be ideal for the weekend warrior or recreational player, so it pays to research to discover a bag that meets your specific needs.

To help, I created this guide to share everything you need to track down a bag you’ll love, including a breakdown of the different types of bags, an overview of popular brands, and my picks and reviews of the best tennis bags for 2024 in every category to inform your research and decision.

Article Contents

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The Bags I’m Using Now

Types of tennis bags, features to consider, how to choose a bag, popular brands, racquet bags, duffel bags, new to tenniscompanion.

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The Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag I'm Using Now Side

Having tested what feels like an endless number, it’s one of the questions I frequently get from my readers. However, beyond that, it’s helpful to showcase that the best bag is the one that meets your specific needs and that you feel good about using.

The Racquet Bag I'm Using Now Racquet Compartment

When I want to bring extra gear, I grab the Vessel Baseline racquet bag , while the Geau Sport Axiom Backpack 2.0 is my go-to pick for trimming things down to the essentials for a more casual hit. Let me explain.

First, I’m a bag nerd, so I appreciate quality design and craftsmanship, and both of these bags meet those criteria in spades.

Although the Baseline Racquet Bag is one of the pricier on my list, it checks all the right boxes for me and has a few extra bells and whistles you won’t find in other bags.

Here are some of its strong points:

  • Very stylish
  • Plenty of storage
  • Excellent organization
  • Strong durability
  • Extra comfortable

Beyond its functionality, I’m a big fan that it doesn’t have overt branding. Instead, it’s super subtle. Although entirely unnecessary, I like my gear to match, so regardless of the racquet I bring to the court or the clothes and shoes I choose to wear, it fits right in and looks great.

The Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag I'm Using Now Top

It’s worth noting that this bag wouldn’t have been a good fit when I was competing in tennis, primarily because it wouldn’t have been nearly large enough to fit all the gear I’d travel with regularly. It also wasn’t something I could have reasonably afforded at its price.

Although I still carry more than the average person in my tennis bag, I’ve trimmed things down a bit, so I don’t need as much space. Notably, I only carry a few racquets when competing these days. I used to have four in my bag, and now I take two.

The Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag I'm Using Now Standing Up

It’s the perfect racquet bag for me, but like most players, my needs change periodically, which is why I love Geau Sport’s Axiom backpack as a lightweight option without the added bulk.

Geau’s backpack is equally impressive, more affordable, and offers a tactical style, a unique contrast to Vessels. Here’s why I dig it:

  • Lightweight yet durable materials
  • Creative organizational storage
  • Thoughtful one-of-a-kind features
  • Impressive capacity for a backpack
  • Comfortable padding and straps

Like Vessel’s, I also appreciate Geau’s subdued branding, which isn’t too in your face, letting the bag do the talking.

The Geau Axiom Tennis Backpack I'm Using Now Front

Another considerable benefit worth underscoring is that I use this bag for more than tennis. It easily and safely stores my 16″ MacBook Pro when I’m working remotely, and it’s one of the first bags I reach for when hitting the gym or traveling, as it’s the perfect size for a carry-on.

Ultimately, that means you’re getting more bang for your buck because although it’s a tennis-first purchase, its use isn’t narrow. As much as I love racquet bags, they’re awkward for everyday use.

The Geau Axiom Tennis Backpack I'm Using Now Hanging

As you can see, I have my priorities regarding tennis bags, which may or may not look like yours, so I’d encourage you to prioritize what’s essential to you when selecting your next bag. Luckily, there are many options to consider, so I’m confident you’ll find one you love.

Each bag serves a specific purpose for different players, and there’s no right or wrong answer to which kind any given player should be using – it’s a personal preference.

However, specific bags cater to distinct player needs and preferences with features they’d appreciate.

Types of Tennis Bags Racquet

Although I could technically classify all four bag types as “racquet” bags, this category offers fully enclosed space for holding between 3 and 15 racquets, depending on the size.

Of course, more often than not, players will buy a racquet bag to hold 3-6 racquets and then use the remaining space as storage for extra gear.

The easiest way to spot a tennis racquet bag is by its design, which mirrors the shape of a tennis racquet. They’re larger and often rounded toward the front and tapered toward the back, so racquets fit snugly in place without much room to move unnecessarily.

Tennis racquet bags cater to competitive players who own multiple tennis racquets and need a convenient way to store them, along with a slew of other accessories and gear they bring to a tennis match.

Types of Tennis Bags Backpacks

Backpacks, wildly popular for everyday use, are also available with unique tennis-specific features, such as carrying racquets and other smaller essentials like shoes, water, tennis balls , and a towel.

These bags offer less storage space than racquet bags but travel well and are super portable.

Typically, tennis backpacks will store one or two tennis racquets in a dedicated compartment and offer a more substantial main section for storing additional equipment.

Tennis backpacks are ideal for teens and adults learning to play tennis , recreational players who hit the court periodically, or coaches looking for something minimal to store and bring their equipment for practice or a lesson.

They also work well for players who want a smaller bag or those who don’t have enough racquets and gear to warrant the size of a racquet bag.

Types of Tennis Bags Duffel

If you’re a competitive tennis player who travels frequently, a duffel bag is ideal for storing a few days worth of gear. However, keep in mind that not all of them will be large enough to stash your racquets.

Players often pair their duffel bag with a racquet bag they’ll bring to the court, but you might find some of the most competitive and tour-level players bringing both to the court for extra storage.

These bags offer storage and organization ideal for tennis players and their equipment, but they can work well for any travel a few days in length, such as a weekend getaway.

If you play tennis and want to show off your affinity for the sport, a tennis duffel bag is an excellent option, as they usually offer prominent labels or branding. Of course, it’s worth noting that you’ll need to carry the bag as most don’t come with wheels.

Types of Tennis Bags Tote

A popular tennis bag for women , tennis totes are a perfect option for a smaller yet convenient bag to bring to the court. My favorites are large enough to store a racquet or two while having enough room to carry other small essentials, such as a towel, balls, or an extra pair of shoes.

While most of the other tennis bags tend to feature sporty designs, you’ll find stylish bags in the tote category with a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns that suit various player preferences.

They feature handles to carry, which are large enough to throw over your shoulder, depending on how much you bring, and they make an excellent alternative to tennis backpacks for a more stylish look.

Key Features to Consider

There are hundreds of tennis bags, so narrowing down the best for your needs can be overwhelming.

To help simplify the selection process, here are a few features that are the most important to consider when deciding.

Racquet Storage & Compartments

Some bags allow you to store more racquets than others. Although backpacks and totes are limited to one or two, tennis racquet bags can store up to 15, depending on the model. Here are the most common sizes:

As you consider which bag is right for you, remember that you’ll likely need extra storage for equipment. How many racquets and extra gear you would like to bring will help determine the best size.

Most competitive players will use either a 9 or 12 racquet bag, which, for the most part, is plenty of room for a day at the courts.

Some of the best tennis bags offer thermally insulated racquet compartments to protect your strings’ tension by maintaining a more consistent temperature and limiting exposure to humidity.

Large temperature swings or humidity changes can impact your strings’ tension and lifespan, which will likely be more or less important, depending on your level of competition.

Gear & Accessory Storage

Competitive tennis players often bring a lot of gear to the court in preparation for various unexpected scenarios that might prevent them from performing at their best during a match.

To some, overgrips , an extra pair of shoes, a change of clothes, multiple towels, a hat, sweatbands, and more might feel overkill. However, in some cases, this extra equipment can save a match.

Different bags offer varying storage capacities for your match essentials, with specialized compartments for organization, so keep that in mind as you compare one bag to the next.

I tend to air on the side of more storage to bring everything I need to handle whatever a match throws at me.

Shoe Storage

After a long tennis match, you’ll want to swap out your tennis shoes for something more comfortable. Plus, it’s best to avoid putting extra wear on your shoes if you can avoid it.

You’ll probably change your shoes at home if you play at the public courts down the street from your house.

However, if you’re traveling to tennis matches in high school or college or playing tournaments, you’ll likely want to swap your tennis shoes before leaving the court. It’s also a great idea if you’re playing indoors and heading home while it’s raining or snowing.

Although you could toss your shoes in any tennis bag I’ve covered, tennis racquet bags and backpacks frequently offer dedicated shoe compartments with ventilation, perfect for the task.

Let’s be honest. Your tennis shoes after a match aren’t delightful, so this way, you don’t need to carry them around separately, but you can also prevent them from getting other equipment dirty or smelly.

Helpful Tip If you buy a bag that doesn’t offer a dedicated shoe compartment, you can always buy an inexpensive shoe or laundry bag to keep your used gear separate from the rest.

I grew up playing tennis in New England, where it rains often, and the winter throws just about everything at you. When I leave the courts, I like to swap out my tennis shoes for something more appropriate for the weather, which helps keep my shoes looking fresh.

More often than not, your tennis bag will end up on the court, and for many of us, that means the abrasive surface of a hard court or the messy dirt of a clay court. Furthermore, it will take a beating as you travel, whether tossing it in the trunk or stacking it in the back of the van or bus for an away match.

With that in mind, you’ll want to look for a durable bag to withstand the wear and tear from everyday use.

Two areas to keep an eye on are the material and zippers. Higher-priced tennis bags will tend to feature thicker and more durable fabrics and reliable heavy-duty zippers that hold up to frequent use.

If a zipper breaks or stops working, it doesn’t matter how good the materials are, so pay close attention to these and always read reviews to see if other players have had issues.

Helpful Tip Keep an eye out for warranties that cover materials and workmanship, protecting you from unexpected product flaws, i.e., sewing that comes undone, a broken zipper, etc. Although uncommon, a few bag companies offer warranties, including Geau , Vessel , and Cancha .

Depending on the size, type of bag, and the amount of gear you’re carrying with you, comfort may be a worthy consideration.

For example, tennis racquet bags typically feature a single shoulder strap or two straps you can wear as a backpack. If you opt for this style bag, make sure the padding on the straps that go over your shoulder(s) is sufficient to ensure comfort when it’s full of gear.

The same holds for tennis backpack straps, but you should also ensure ample padding for your back so the frame of your racquets doesn’t cause any discomfort. As a bonus, backpacks offering sternum straps will offer added comfort when your bag is full.

How to Choose a Tennis Bag

Now that you know some of the essential features to watch when searching for a tennis bag, let’s look at a few factors you may want to consider to help narrow down your options.

Although these may not all apply to you, if you find one or two that are important, you’ll significantly narrow your options, making the selection process much more manageable.

A natural place to start is your budget. The price of tennis bags can vary from under $50 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the style and brand you’re interested in purchasing.

Luckily, each type of tennis bag I’ve discussed is available at a wide range of price points, so you should be able to narrow your options by deciding how much you’re willing to spend.

Here are some price ranges to consider:

  • $50 – $100
  • $100 – $150

The vast majority of tennis bags will cost less than $150, but a handful of premium tennis bags, such as the Baseline Racquet Bag from Vessel, have a price just below $300.

Beyond that, you’ll find plenty of tennis totes from designer brands that will cost a few hundred dollars, but those are fashion statements as much as they are functional, so they carry a higher price tag.


Another great way to select a tennis bag is by considering how portable you’d like it to be. Roughly speaking, here’s how they stack up in size:

Tennis racquet bags and duffels are the least portable for everyday use and tend to get heavier, but they offer the most storage capacity.

For that reason, many players find racquet bags overkill and opt for a backpack or tote, which travels easily and is discreet.

If you’re buying for kids or a young teenager, backpacks are some of the best options because they’re the easiest to handle and make great companions for riding bikes to the local courts.

Generally, players should buy the smallest bag they can reasonably use to store their essential gear. An excellent place to start is to take inventory of what you usually bring to the court and ensure you can comfortably fit those items.

Give yourself enough room so you don’t have to play Tetris whenever you fill your bag. On the other hand, don’t buy a bag that’s so big that you’re looking for things to fill the space. It’s a balance.

More often than not, tennis players are inclined to buy the same brand bag as the racquet because it’s what their favorite pro uses or they like their gear to match.

If that’s you, you’ll have narrowed your options significantly because each brand offers a limited selection of bags.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning a Wilson bag and playing with Babolat racquets.

I’ve always been the kind of player who likes their gear to match. In the past, if I were using Babolat racquets, I’d likely buy a Babolat bag, and the selection could have been better, which was frustrating.

However, a few new brands have entered the market with subtle branding in the past few years. These companies don’t manufacture racquets, giving me extra options.

As a bonus, most of them, like Geau , Vessel , and Cancha , focus exclusively on bags, resulting in more robust offerings.

Level & Frequency of Play

If you play a lot of tennis and compete, the demands you put on your bag will likely be more significant, and a tennis racquet bag is ideal.

You’ll have extra tennis racquets and equipment you like to carry with you in preparation for anything a match throws at you, so it’s unlikely that a tennis backpack or tote will have enough room.

On the other hand, if you play casually, for fun, or to get some exercise, a tennis racquet bag will likely be overkill because you won’t have enough gear to warrant the extra size. In that case, a backpack or tote might be a better option.

The best tennis bag is the one you enjoy using, so if you have an affinity toward a specific type, independent of whether it’s practical, that’s likely a terrific option for you to consider.

When I was younger, I started using racquet bags because I thought they looked cool before I needed extra space or was necessary. However, I used the bags religiously, so it worked out great.

Popular Tennis Bag Brands

As you search for the perfect tennis bag, you might be curious about the brands available for consideration.

In this section, I’ve rounded up some of the most popular and the types of bags they currently offer.

Specialty Brands

The following companies are some of my favorites for tennis bags. From racquet bags to backpacks, duffels, and totes, you’ll find a bit of everything, with some of the most innovative offerings in the space.

Traditional Tennis Brands

Each of the following brands has a significant presence in the tennis world, and they’re a great place to look for traditional bags.

Non-Racquet Athletic Brands

The following brands emphasize shoes and apparel, yet they offer a selection of general-purpose bags that work well for tennis players.

As the most popular style of tennis bag for competitive tennis players, virtually all major tennis racquet brands offer them.

Although some larger companies like Wilson offer inexpensive and premium tennis bags, most sell at least one bag that I’d consider high-end with roughly the same feature set.

As a result, the design or style distinguishes many of the best racquet bags, which ultimately boils down to personal preference.

*All measurements rounded to the nearest centimeter

Vessel Baseline

Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag

The Baseline racquet bag from Vessel takes things to a whole new level with premium features that are a cut above the rest.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, Vessel introduced their first line of tennis bags in 2019, which I shared with the TennisCompanion community in October when they were first released.

Although relative newcomers to the tennis world, they’re no strangers to the bag game, designing golf bags, luggage, backpacks, and more, so when I heard they had a tennis bag in the works, I couldn’t wait to check out what they had planned, and it doesn’t disappoint.

As far as features go, the bag checks all essential boxes. There’s plenty of storage for racquets, with one thermal insulated compartment to help keep your strings fresh and a secondary main compartment for extra racquets and gear.

There’s also a ventilated shoe compartment, four exterior pockets for all your small accessories, one thermal-lined, and even a velour-lined pocket for keeping delicate items like sunglasses well protected.

Its materials are durable, the zippers offer reliable waterproof protection, and comfort wasn’t an afterthought with neoprene-lined shoulder straps and a compression-molded back panel.

It comes in two colors, black and grey tech, and for perhaps my favorite part – it’s racquet brand agnostic, so if you’re a Wilson user today and a Babolat user tomorrow, there’s no need to switch up your bag.

Of course, the bag isn’t perfect, but it’s the closest I’ve found to date.

Why I Love It

  • Premium materials
  • Thermally linked racquet and snack compartments
  • Dedicated shoe compartment with ventilation
  • Lots of small pockets or accessories
  • High-quality zippers
  • Super comfortable removable straps and back panel
  • Velour-lined pocket for valuables

Areas for Improvement

  • It would be nice if the bag were slightly wider for extra storage
  • I’d prefer both main compartments to offer thermal-protection
  • A hard-case section for added protection of delicate essentials like sunglasses would be awesome

Geau Sport Axiom 2.0

Geau Sport Axiom 9 & 12 Pack Tennis Racquet Bags

One of the best bag makers in the game, Geau Sport offers a top-of-the-line racquet bag jam-packed with technical features that helps redefine what tennis players should expect for their money.

For starters, their racquet bag comes in two sizes: the standard nine-pack and the larger twelve-pack, each referring to the maximum number of racquets you can store in the bag. Most recreational and competitive players will do well with the standard size, which is spacious. However, I appreciate the option Geau provides with an impressive twelve-pack perfect for players requiring maximum carrying capacity.

Each offers two roomy racquet compartments, one on either side of the bag. The nine-pack holds up to two extended-length oversized racquets, while the twelve-pack pushes the threshold to three on each side. Keep in mind that for optimal fit, you’ll need to cross your racquet handles in these compartments, as Geau recommends. That’s because racquet butt caps are the widest point, taking up extra space.

The main center storage compartment has plenty of room to store all the essentials, including extra clothing, balls, a water bottle, and even bulkier items like a muscle massage gun if needed.

Hands down, my favorite part about the main compartment is the two adjustable internal dividers, which give the bag rigidity while offering better organization, which is missing in most racquet bags.

The floating velcro pockets and compression packing cubes (sold separately) are thoughtful additions for organizational geeks like me.

At the top of the bag, you’ll find a ventilated pocket for stashing your shoes or a wet towel and clothing that’s also leakproof to protect items on the bag’s inside. On the plus side, it’s a big pocket, so you won’t struggle to squeeze your shoes in. The only downside is that using this compartment eats into your main compartment’s storage.

All bags with these compartments work the same way, but if you plan on stashing a fair amount of gear in this pocket, you’ll want to consider that, which is a case for bumping up to the roomier twelve-pack.

Outside these bags, you’ll find three zip pockets. The two at the bottom are surprisingly stretchy, adding flexibility to what you can fit. The third pocket has two slots lined with felt for stashing delicate items like your phone and sunglasses. For reference, one of these slip pockets easily fits my iPhone 13 Pro in a case.

Additional features include:

  • Premium zippers
  • Durable branded zipper pulls
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • An integrated hook for hanging your bag on a fence
  • Durable polyester throughout

Undoubtedly, the Axiom racquet bag is one of the best on the market, pushing the envelope for this category of bags, and well worth considering if you’re in research mode.

  • Clean design
  • Two colorways
  • Storage capacity
  • Organizational features
  • Generous shoe compartment
  • Durable materials
  • Hanging hook for a fence
  • Stands upright when needed
  • Third carry handle on the bag’s front side
  • Metal vs. plastic shoulder strap adjusters
  • Thermal-lined compartments for racquets*

*Geau did some testing on this front , which is fantastic, and I’d encourage you to read it. Few companies take their bags this seriously. Still, I’ve found these compartments effective when made with quality materials, resulting in more consistency in string tension, as experienced in how my racquets feel when hitting.

Cancha Pro + Wet Dry Bag

Cancha Racquet Bag

Developed by former professional tennis player Jack Oswald, the Cancha Pro racquet bag is a new take on tennis bags.

The racquet bag is relatively compact as far as racquet bags go, storing up to six racquets with a small divider to help prevent the racquets from clanking together on the go. On the bag’s front, you’ll find a small accessory pocket; on the back, you’ll find two backpack-style straps for easily carrying your racquets to the court.

It’s an ideal choice if you want to have your racquets fully enclosed in a racquet bag, but you don’t want something too bulky or overly complicated.

However, what sets Cancha’s offering apart is its modular design that allows you to attach smaller bags, such as a dry bag or day pack containing extra items.

I’m a fan of the wet-dry bag, which provides extra storage, including a separate internal roll-top bag for wet clothes or shoes. Alternatively, the day pack is another simple option for giving yourself extra storage space when needed.

My favorite part about this bag is that Jack and his team think differently, offering a refreshing take on what a tennis racquet bag could be. I’d love to see other companies follow suit with innovative designs.

  • Unique modular design
  • Durable waterproof material
  • Multiple color options
  • Quality zippers
  • Extra racquet dividers in the main compartment
  • Size options

Babolat Pure 9

Babolat Pure 9 Tennis Racquet Bag

Babolat offers its nine racquet bags in blue and yellow to match its Drive and Aero line of racquets and a grey option for those looking for a subtler style – the latter is my favorite.

In terms of features, this bag has plenty of space with three main compartments to hold up to nine racquets – the center section is ideal for storing extra gear and apparel. As a bonus, one of the main racquet sections of the bag is Isothermal lined to protect your strings from excessive heat and humidity.

On one side of the bag, you’ll find a larger pocket that extends the entire length with internal pockets for keeping organized. You’ll find a smaller pocket for additional accessories on the other side of the bag, which has a shell to protect more delicate items.

At the top of the bag, you’ll find a dedicated shoe compartment that’s ventilated, and it also comes with a removable sack for dirty items like worn clothes, wristbands, socks, etc. I love this small addition.

The bag features three handles for carrying – two in the middle and one at the top near the shoe compartment. You’ll also have adjustable backpack straps for carrying all your gear around.

Lastly, the bag features a name tag to write your contact information if it’s misplaced or checked during travel – this is a nice touch, and I would love to see other bags include it.

  • Not too big or too small – just right
  • Thermal racquet compartment
  • Dedicated shoe storage
  • Removable sack for dirty items
  • Backpack straps for easy carrying
  • Reliable zippers that last
  • Molded side pocket for protecting delicate items
  • I would prefer it if both main side compartments were thermal lined
  • It would be nice if the backpack straps were removable
  • Molded side panels to keep their shape would be a nice touch
  • I’d love to see Babolat offer a slightly more subtle option where the bag doesn’t scream the branding

Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff 15

Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff 15 Tennis Racquet Bag

Launched in 2020 to coincide with the release of the thirteenth generation of the Pro Staff line, the Super Tour Pro Staff 15 is an exceptional tennis bag that nails the essentials.

Overall, it’s a stylish bag. I appreciate the understated design that will match Pro Staff racquets, including red and yellow racing stripes at the top near the carry handles. However, its simple black color will work well for players using any Wilson tennis racquets.

The Wilson Super Tour offers three main compartments with enough storage for up to 15 racquets, a handful of frames, and all your other gear, which is how I’d use it.

You’ll find the Wilson logo printed in black on both sides of the bag, and I love how the outside panels are reinforced for extra protection while also helping the bag keep its shape. Each side also features a large accessory pocket that’s divided.

The two main compartments toward the outside edges are thermal lined to protect your racquets and maintain a more consistent temperature to help prolong the life of your strings. A third compartment in the center is perfect for all your extra gear.

This bag also offers backpack straps, which are adjustable, padded, and velcro together for shoulder carry. At the top of the bag, you have a loop for grabbing the bag or hanging it, and at the bottom, you have a ventilated shoe compartment.

  • Simple black design
  • Lots of room for all your gear
  • Dual thermally insulated racquet storage
  • Sturdy side panels help it keep its shape
  • Removable backpack straps
  • Extra internal organization

Wilson Federer DNA 12

Wilson Federer DNA 12 Tennis Racquet Bag

The Wilson Federer DNA racquet bag stands out in Wilson’s deep lineup of tennis bags. It’s one of the best-looking bags and has plenty of space to stash up to 12 racquets and extra gear.

It features two main Thermogaurd lined compartments for your racquets and equipment, which is a huge plus. Often, racquet bags only line one of their main compartments with insulation, but it’s great to help protect your strings and any other essential gear from higher heat and humidity.

You’ll also find an exterior pocket for extra storage and smaller items on each side of the bag.

The Wilson Federer DNA racquet bag also has handles to pick up the bag and backpack straps to carry it around comfortably.

Finally, the bag features updated zippers, which have improved over the previous generation. Poor zipper design was a common complaint, so seeing their designers pay attention is a bonus.

  • This bag looks fantastic and keeps its shape with molded sides
  • Thermal-insulated main compartments to protect your gear
  • Dedicated shoe storage would be nice
  • It could be a bit wider – tight for a 12-racquet bag
  • Wilson has improved the zippers, but they still need some work
  • It would be nice if the backpack straps were on the top of the bag instead of the bottom since that’s where I place it on the ground – plus, I’d prefer if they were removable

Tecnifibre Team Dry 12R

Tecnifibre Team Dry Racquet Bag

A relatively new addition to the Tecnifibre lineup, the Team Dry 12 racquet bag is a worthy option if you’re shopping for a new bag.

I’m a big fan of the durable outer tarpaulin material that coats the bag, which is UV and water-resistant and gives it a clean aesthetic.

The bag offers a fairly standard setup for this size, including three compartments, which can store up to four racquets each. Alternatively, you can use one or two of the compartments for racquets and stash additional gear in the others with plenty of extra space.

On one side of the bag, you’ll find a small accessory zipper pocket, and then, on one end of the bag, there’s a ventilated compartment for shoes or dirty clothes, which is double-lined to protect other items in your bag.

The bag offers attached padded backpack straps for carrying, which you can also use to throw the bag over one shoulder.

  • Stylish black design
  • Durable and sturdy tarpaulin material
  • Dedicated shoe compartment
  • Ample storage
  • Thermal-lined racquet compartment
  • Extra internal organization pockets
  • Detachable backpack straps

Head Core 6R Combi

Head Core 6R Combi Tennis Racquet Bag

Head’s Core 6R Combi is an economical offering with plenty of storage for up to six racquets or any other gear you like to carry.

The bag features two large main zipper compartments with enough space to hold up to three racquets each. However, most players store a few racquets in one of these compartments and the rest of the gear and accessories in the other compartment.

For carrying the Head Core 6R Combi, you have two options. You can use the quick grab handles at the top, which velcros together, or the padded straps for wearing as a backpack or carrying on one shoulder.

On the outside of the bag, you’ll also find a small accessory pocket perfect for stashing your keys, wallet, or phone and quickly accessing those items on the go.

The bag is nearly 29.5″ in length, 12.5″ tall, and 10.5″ wide, providing players of all ages and levels with adequate storage for a competitive match or day at the courts.

  • Mid-range size with plenty of room for gear
  • Economical price point
  • Shoulder straps for carrying larger loads
  • Internal pockets for organization
  • An additional external pocket for smaller accessories
  • Dedicated ventilated shoe compartment

Prince Tour Slam 12

Prince Tour Slam 12 Tennis Racquet Bag

The Prince Tour Slam 12 is an excellent racquet bag with plenty of bells and whistles to keep any competitive player happy.

For storage, you’ll find three main compartments. The two primary enclosures at the edges of the bag are ideal for racquets. One offers a thermal lining for storing up to five tennis racquets, while the other can stash additional racquets or gear.

Both sides of the bag have large accessory pockets with a handful of mesh pockets for storing smaller items.

At the bottom of the bag, you’ll find a dedicated and ventilated shoe compartment, while the top offers another similar pocket that’s thermal lined and makes a great spot to store a water bottle.

Uniquely, this bag includes a laptop compartment, which students and coaches might appreciate.

The bag also has handles at the top and removable backpack straps so you can more easily tote the bag around.

  • Ideal size for carrying racquets and additional gear
  • Extra thermal cooler pocket at the top of the bag
  • Removable backpack straps for travel
  • Sturdy materials help the bag keep its shape
  • It would be ideal if both side racquet compartments were thermal lined
  • I’d love to see Prince offer a slightly more subtle option where the bag doesn’t scream the branding

Yonex Pro Series 9

Yonex Pro Series 9 Tennis Racquet Bag

The Yonex Pro racquet bag is an excellent option for a mid-sized racket bag with plenty of racquet and gear storage.

Like many other bags on my list, it contains three main compartments. The two at the edges of the bag are ideal for racquets, one of which is thermal lined to protect your strings from the heat.

You’ll find a large zippered accessory pocket on one side of the bag with a single mesh inner pocket for stashing small items.

At the bottom of the bag, you’ll find a dedicated shoe compartment, which is great for keeping shoes and any dirty gear separate.

The Yonex Pro Series also offers a carry handle at the bottom of the bag and two removable backpack straps with plenty of padding so you can easily carry all your gear.

  • Good overall size with plenty of storage
  • The thermal pocket is large and fits up to five racquets
  • An extra accessory pocket on the side of the bag would be nice
  • The thermal lining feels cheap compared to other bags
  • The dedicated shoe compartment doesn’t offer ventilation
  • There are no carry handles at the center of the bag, and I’d prefer the handle at the bottom of the bag to be at the top

A backpack is practical whether you play tennis or not, so it’s no surprise that more companies offer them than any other bag.

Here are my picks for the best tennis backpacks.

Geau Sport Axiom v2

Geau Sport Axiom v2 Tennis Backpack

You may not know the name, but the Axiom tennis backpack is

a high-quality and feature-rich alternative from established brands.

Founder and tennis player Chris Pageau spent years developing products for the outdoor industry. After rediscovering his passing for the sport, he recognized a gap in the market for tennis bags – and I’m glad he did.

Enter the Axiom tennis backpack. The company isn’t a racquet brand, so its clean black design will never clash with your racquet of choice.

For materials, you’ll find durable 420D polyester fabric for the bag’s body, while the bottom uses 500D Cordura fabric for maximum durability and abrasion resistance.

The backpack takes a creative approach with racquet storage for up to two frames. Instead of your standard pocket, it’s a sleeve that unzips from the side to slide in your racquets easily, and the back panel has plenty of cushioning to help maintain comfort with or without racquets.

The bag’s main compartment is roomy, offering a moveable divider to help keep all your gear organized or wide open for larger items. It also has a practical application in maintaining the bag’s shape when not packed to the brim. On the side, you’ll find a waterproof and ventilated pocket to stash wet clothes or a pair of shoes.

The Axiom backpack offers organization through a handful of internal pockets, including one of my favorites, a crush-resistant zone to help protect valuables like your sunglasses or phone. On both sides of the bag, you have pockets for storing a water bottle and a can of balls, which are magnetic for maintaining a clean look when not in use.

As you’d expect, the bag offers adjustable shoulder straps with plenty of padding for comfort, and there’s a standard carry handle at the top.

Finally, another unique feature is a hook at the top of the backpack for hanging it on a fence when you get to the court, making it quick and easy to access your gear between changeovers.

As someone who’s struggled with back issues, this is a nice bonus as I don’t have to bend down to look through my bag.

  • Holds two racquets
  • Clean all-black design
  • Non-racquet brand
  • Waterproof side pocket that fits shoes
  • Magnetic side pockets
  • Crush-resistance valuables pocket
  • Hook for hanging on a fence
  • Thermally lined racquet compartment
  • Removable sternum strap

Vessel Baseline Tennis Backpack

The Baseline tennis backpack from Vessel is a high-end backpack offering almost everything I look for in this style bag.

The racquet compartment can fit two racquets, and it’s the only insulated one on my list to protect your strings from heat and humidity.

The main compartment has plenty of storage for essentials and two internal zippered pockets lined with velour for stashing valuables like sunglasses and cell phones.

There are also two additional non-zipper pockets to organize a few smaller items. You’ll also find another pocket for other accessories at the front of the bag, and there are two side pockets for storing a can of balls and a water bottle, which stay flush when not being used with magnets.

The bottom of the bag has a generous ventilated compartment to store your shoes or dirty clothes, and it zips wide open for easy access.

Finally, the bag has a compression-molded back panel and ergonomic shoulder straps with a sternum strap that hides away when unused.

  • Top-notch design and materials
  • Carries up to two racquets
  • Thermally insulated racquet compartment
  • Ventilated shoe compartment
  • Multiple pockets for smaller accessories
  • I’d enjoy a secondary thermal pocket for a drink or snack
  • Wider side pockets to accommodate larger water bottles

Wilson Federer DNA

Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

The Wilson Federer DNA is Roger Federer’s signature backpack that works great for any player who likes to pack light while still having plenty of room for the essentials.

The bag features a main racquet compartment that can hold up to two racquets with locking zippers, which means once zipped up, they hold their place, so they won’t accidentally open up.

The main compartment is reasonably spacious and large enough to carry a few items like a change of clothes, towel, and can of tennis balls. It also offers a laptop compartment and a few organizational pockets for smaller items.

At the front of the bag, you’ll find another compartment to store items such as your shoes and keep them separate from other gear.

There are also two smaller zip pockets on the sides of the bag. One is thermal lined for keeping a drink and snacks cooler on a hot day, and the other is fleece lined to keep valuables like your phone or sunglasses safe.

Lastly, the backpack straps offer plenty of padding, and there’s a handle at the top of the bag for quickly picking it up.

  • Sleek all-black design
  • Thermal side pocket for a drink and snacks
  • Fleece-lined side pocket for valuables
  • Ventilation for the front compartment would be a nice touch since it’s ideal for shoes or dirty gear as well

Babolat Pure

Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack

The Babolat Pure backpack is an excellent option for tennis players who don’t need as much space as a racquet bag but still want plenty of storage for a day at the court.

The bag can carry up to two racquets and offers excellent padding for your back to ensure comfort.

The larger main compartment is ideal for all your primary gear and includes a section for storing a laptop or tablet.

At the front, toward the bottom of the bag, a dedicated shoe compartment with ventilation also stashes dirty gear.

There are two smaller side compartments, and the bag also features generous shoulder straps and a chest clip to keep the bag steady when it’s heavier or riding a bike or skateboard.

  • All-black design
  • Lots of plush padding at the back for comfort
  • I’d love a thermal pocket for keeping a drink or snacks cool
  • A few additional smaller inside storage compartments for smaller items would be an excellent addition

Tecnifibre Team Dry

Tecnifibre Team Dry Stand Backpack

More recently, Tecnifibre has released some excellent tennis bags, and one of my favorites is their Team Dry Bag.

The bag’s durable, UV, and water-resistant material is called Tarpaulin. In black, it offers a sleek, tactical-looking style that I’m a big fan of, in addition to the benefits of the material.

The backpack offers a large racquet compartment that can fit up to three racquets, while others usually store a max of two. You can also use the included grip cover to protect your racquets fully.

Then there’s the large main rolltop compartment with a velcro divider that you can use to separate things for a bit more organization. Two open mesh pockets are on the front inside the main enclosure for extra internal organization.

You can also access the main compartment quickly without using the rolltop from both sides of the back, which is a super handy feature, mainly because roll tops can be annoying to open and close when you need something quickly.

Below the main compartment, you’ll also find a vented tunnel for dirty clothes. Unfortunately, it’s not quite big enough for shoes, so consider buying an inexpensive dry bag, which you can place in the main compartment if you like.

On the front of the backpack, there’s a small vertical zip accessory pocket for quickly accessing items, and then on the back of the bag, you’ll find generous padding for your back. The straps are well-padded and include a sternum strap to keep the bag secure and improve comfort when fully packed.

Finally, the bag offers a carry handle at the top, and directly beneath, there’s a small zip accessory pocket for items like your keys or a phone.

  • Durable, water-resistant material
  • Carries up to three racquets
  • Vented pocket for dirty clothes
  • Quick access side pockets
  • Removable racquet handle cover

Yonex Pro Tennis Backpack

The Yonex Pro is a sporty-looking tennis backpack worth checking out if you’re into this style of bag.

It can comfortably store up to two tennis racquets in the dedicated racquet compartment, while the main enclosure can hold the remainder of your gear, such as a change of clothes, water, a towel, and one or two cans of tennis balls.

For your accessories, there are two zippered pockets at the sides of the bag, but you’ll also find a convenient pocket at the top for quick access to essentials like your keys.

At the bottom, the bag has a dedicated shoe compartment that stores dirty clothes.

Last but not least, the bag offers standard shoulder straps with a sternum strap and a grab handle at the top.

  • Clean black design
  • Hidden dedicated shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag
  • Three accessory pockets: two at the sides and one at the top
  • It would be nice if it had a laptop slot
  • I wish the shoe storage had ventilation

Nike Court Advantage

Nike Court Advantage Tennis Backpack

The Nike Court Advantage backpack is a stylish offering with essential storage for your gear.

The main racquet compartment has enough room to store one or two racquets and is the only backpack on my list to use a separator so that the racquets don’t rub or bump against each other; it’s a nice touch.

The main compartment is spacious for keeping all your gear together, and there is a ventilated section at the front of the bag for keeping your shoes or dirty clothes separate.

There’s a small zippered accessory storage area at the front, and you’ll find two side pouches for a bottle of water or can of balls.

The bag has generous straps, a comfortable chest buckle, and a convenient carry handle at the top.

Last, but not least, it’s worth noting that the bottom of the bag has a coating for extra durability and a bit of protection from moisture.

  • Great style
  • Separator for racquets so they don’t hit each other
  • Ventilated compartment for shoes or dirty gear
  • I’d appreciate a laptop slot
  • Back padding could be improved
  • It would be nice if side pockets were zippered

Head Core Tennis Backpack

The Head Core backpack is another solid offering with all you’d expect for a day at the courts.

Depending on your needs, the dedicated racquet compartment has room for one or two tennis racquets.

The minimalist main compartment is plenty large and offers space to bring some of your essentials, and there’s also a zip pocket at the front of the bag for smaller items.

The bottom of the bag has a dedicated shoe compartment with ventilation, and you’ll find accessory pockets at the sides.

Finally, the bag offers standard backpack straps that join at the top for a convenient carry handle.

  • Three accessory pockets: two at the sides and one at the front
  • A dedicated shoe compartment would be ideal

Whether you’re looking for maximum carrying capacity, taking a trip for a tournament, packing for vacation, or needing more space to stash your gear, a tennis duffel bag is an excellent option with more storage for all your essentials.

Here are my top picks for the best tennis duffel bags.

Geau Sport Axiom

Geau Sport Axiom Tennis Duffel

The Axiom duffel is the newest member of the Geau family of bags with excellent capacity that can fit up to ten racquets.

Of course, more than likely, you’ll end up storing a few racquets along with a bunch of extra gear, which is where this bag excels because it offers one of the best internal storage systems of any duffel.

For storing oversized items, you can take full advantage of the main compartment, which measures 31″ long, 12″ deep, and 17″ tall. Alternatively, manually place four internal dividers to customize the bag’s organization. The rigid dividers are heavy-duty with extra strong velcro, so you can be confident your setup will stay put.

You’ll find one of two ventilated waterproof compartments within the bag’s lid, ideal for items like dirty clothes or towels that will lay relatively flat when stashed in that pocket. On the bag’s end, you’ll find the other ventilated waterproof pocket explicitly designed for shoes, which shares space with the main enclosure and is worth keeping in mind as you set up your internal dividers if you plan on using it.

On the bag’s front, you’ll find two zippered pockets, one large with three internal mesh pockets for organizing accessories and another smaller pocket for quick access to items like your phone, wallet, or keys.

For carrying, the bag is rock solid. There are three grab handles, one on top and two on either end. There are also two padded shoulder straps for wearing the duffel like a backpack. You can use both for a traditional setup and adjust the width and length of the straps as needed, and there’s an adjustable sternum strap for supporting a heavier load. Alternatively, you can go with one strap for carrying the bag at your side over one shoulder, or you can remove the straps altogether for traveling.

The bag’s lightweight construction is also top-notch, using heavy-duty water-resistant polyester to resist abrasion, rips, and tears, along with premium zippers that pull smoothly and hide the zipper teeth when closed for added protection and a clean look.

Helpful Tip If you’d like to enhance the bag’s internal storage, check out Geau’s compression packing cube and floating pockets , which are the perfect addition if you’re like me and obsessed with organization.

Overall, Geau’s Axiom duffel breaks the mold for what players should expect from this style bag, delivering generous storage and organization for competitive players who demand extra space.

  • Perfect size for a duffel, not too big or small
  • Thoughtful organization in the main compartment
  • Two vented waterproof pockets for shoes and gear
  • Two external pockets for organization
  • Durable materials to resist wear and tear
  • Customizable shoulder straps
  • Three grab handles for carrying
  • Metal instead of plastic hardware for straps
  • A more robust zipper pull for the main compartment
  • A crush-resistant pocket for delicate items like sunglasses

Head Gravity

Head Gravity Duffel Bag

The Head Gravity duffel is an excellent option that provides some of the best features for players looking for extra space. For 2021, the bag has a new colorway to match the refreshed line of Gravity racquets.

The main compartment of this bag is spacious and has the right length to store racquets and any gear you’re planning to bring.

This section also features an adjustable Velcro storage system that you can use to break it up into smaller compartments for organization. Plus, there are two internal zipper pockets for smaller items. You can stash up to six if you’re using this section to store racquets.

One of my favorite parts about this bag is a dedicated racquet compartment lined with Head’s CCT+ thermal lining technology to help protect your strings from extreme temperatures and humidity, which can comfortably hold three racquets. Using this compartment for your racquets will free up extra space within the main enclosure.

At one end of the bag, you’ll find a vented shoe compartment to keep them separate from your clean gear and an external accessory pocket at the other end of the bag and on one side for quick access to a few essentials.

Last but not least, this bag offers two padded shoulder straps that you can wear as a backpack to carry easily and a grab handle at one end of the bag for quickly picking it up on the go.

  • Excellent size for a duffel
  • The main compartment organization system
  • Two external zipper pockets for quick access
  • Removable shoulder straps for travel
  • An extra grab handle on the other side

Nike Brasilia 9.5

Nike Brasilia 9.5 Duffel

The Nike Brasilia 9.5 duffel bag is an excellent large-sized option for tennis on and off the court.

With a 95-liter carrying capacity, the bag offers ample storage for all your gear. The main compartment has room for oversized items, including racquets, extra clothing and shoes, and all your training essentials. There’s also a small zip internal pocket for things you want to keep safe, such as your wallet or cell phone.

A second internal pocket offers sizeable storage toward the bag’s bottom, perfect for keeping worn clothing, towels, and shoes separate.

You’ll find an external zip pocket at one end of the bag for quick access; on the other, there’s a non-zipper mesh pocket for placing some items loosely, such as a water bottle or can of balls. A second external zip pocket is directly below the main compartment, ideal for smaller accessories, including grips and strings.

You have two options for carrying the Nike Brasilia 9.5. You can use the two carry handles at the bag’s side or the padded detachable shoulder strap. Overall, it’s an excellent full-sized companion for bringing to the court or training.

  • Huge amount of storage
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Dedicated compartment for shoes and dirty clothes/towels
  • Durable construction and protective coating on the bottom
  • Extra internal organizational features

Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag

The Nike Court Advantage duffel bag is another one of my favorites. It’s an excellent mid-sized option and is my pick for one of the most stylish tennis duffels.

It’s not the largest bag, but it offers ample storage for your gear in the main compartment with two dedicated and padded slots for stashing two tennis racquets. It’s worth noting that much of the bag’s storage capacity is vertical in this bag. There are also two smaller mesh internal pockets for storing smaller accessories.

You’ll find a small vertical zip accessories pocket near the Nike Court logo on the front of the bag that can store items like your keys and cell phone.

At one end of the bag, you’ll find a dedicated shoe compartment that’s ventilated; on the other, there’s a non-zipper pocket for placing some items loosely, such as a water bottle or can of balls.

There are two longer carry straps at the top of the bag and buckles at either end to secure the top at the sides.

  • Style – this bag looks great
  • Plenty of storage for a mid-sized bag
  • Padded sections for two racquets
  • The main compartment zipper isn’t my favorite for packing or accessing gear – my preference would be “U” shaped for easier access
  • A shoulder strap would be a positive addition
  • A larger external accessory pocket would be nice

Babolat XL Tennis Duffel Bag

The Babolat XL duffel bag offers fantastic storage potential, a great-looking design, and plenty of practical features.

The main compartment is one of the largest on my list, with more than enough storage when traveling. Inside, you’ll find a detachable center three-section organization storage compartment, so you can either use it or remove it if you prefer.

You’ll find a large accessories pocket on one side of the bag for quick access to smaller items.

You can carry the bag by hand using the two straps at the top. However, they also double as backpack straps if you’re looking for an easier way to transport your gear.

The straps are removable if you’re traveling, and the bag has two simple carry handles at both ends of the bag, so you can quickly grab it on the go like you would at an airport’s baggage claim.

  • Perfect size for all your extra gear
  • Organizational storage system
  • Removable straps for travel
  • Internal zipper pockets for organization
  • An extra external accessories pocket
  • Thermal insulation for racquets

Tecnifibre Team Dry Duffel Bag

The Team Dry Duffel by Tecnifibre is a compelling option I’d encourage players to check out.

The bag’s outer material is called Tarpaulin. It’s water and UV-resistant, extra durable, and looks great too.

On the outside of the bag, you’ll find a front zip pocket for small accessories and quick access. Then, on one end of the bag, you’ll find a ventilated shoe tunnel for stashing your shoes and another small zip pocket on the opposite end of the duffel.

Inside the main compartment, you’ll find enough storage to carry eight tennis racquets or a ton of extra gear. I’m a fan of the padded separator inside the bag to divide your equipment for better organization.

Inside the bag’s zippered top, you’ll also find two mesh zipper pockets to help keep a few smaller items or accessories organized.

  • Large capacity
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • The right size, not too big or small
  • Inclusion of a standard shoulder strap
  • Extra external zipper

Wilson Tour

Wilson Tour Tennis Duffel Bag

The Wilson Tour duffel bag is an excellent option for players who want the extra storage offered by a duffel but want something manageable.

The main compartment for this bag has two main sections, and it’s long enough to carry your tennis racquets. You can split one of the sections with a Velcro divider for extra organization, and there are two internal pockets for keeping some smaller items – one of them is zippered.

On the outside of the bag, you’ll find a smaller zippered pocket for stashing anything that needs extra protection, like a cell phone or pair of sunglasses.

At one end of the bag, you’ll find a dedicated shoe compartment, and for carrying, there are two adjustable shoulder straps with a padded Velcro grip for throwing it over your shoulder when needed.

  • Large enough to store multiple tennis racquets
  • Internal organization features
  • Felt-lined accessories pocket for valuables
  • It’s a bit smaller than I’d prefer for a duffel, but that may be a plus for some players
  • An extra external pocket would be a plus

Prince Dufflepack

Prince Dufflepack Tennis Duffel Bag

Although the Prince Dufflepack is more a backpack than a duffel bag, it’s a worthy alternative for players looking for a smaller option with a unique main compartment modeled after a duffel bag.

The bag features a dedicated and well-padded racquet compartment for storing two tennis racquets, and you’ll find a smaller zipped pocket for storing a laptop or tablet next to it.

You access the main compartment by lying the bag on its back through a center zipper compartment as you would when opening a duffel bag, which has space to stash some of your essential gear.

There’s a dedicated shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag, and on the sides, there are two zippered pockets with organizational storage for all sorts of accessories and snacks.

You’ll also find two open mesh pockets on either side of the bag, which can easily fit a water bottle and a can of tennis balls.

A felt-lined pocket at the top of the bag is perfect for storing valuables that need extra protection, such as cell phones or sunglasses. For carrying, the bag has your standard backpack straps and three grab handles – one at the top and bottom and another at the side.

  • Ample compartments for organization
  • Laptop compartment
  • Felt-lined pocket for valuables
  • I’d love to see Prince increase the size for something more along the lines of a bag you’d take backpacking
  • A thermal side pocket would be an excellent addition for keeping some items like a drink or snacks cool

Yonex Pro Tournament

Yonex Pro Tournament Tennis Duffel Bag

Yonex offers a smaller, no-frills bag to stash your racquets and gear with their Pro Tournament duffel.

The bag features two main zippered compartments that carry six tennis racquets each. They’re not the largest, but if you only store a few racquets, there’s still plenty of room for your equipment.

On the outside of the bag, you’ll find a large accessory pocket that runs down the entire side, and at the top corner, there’s another smaller pocket that you can use to stash some extra gear.

You can join the two longer grab handles with a Velcro strap when carrying the bag during travel.

  • Simple no-frills offering
  • Large accessory pockets
  • I’d love it if the bag were a bit larger
  • A shoulder strap would be a bonus
  • Extra internal organization would be ideal

Style, size, and price are the main factors distinguishing tennis totes. Here are my favorite picks for the best in 2024.

Vessel Baseline - Tennis Tote

Known for its premium bags, it’s no surprise Vessel’s tennis tote impresses with a stylish design and essential features.

The Baseline microsuede synthetic leather tote comes in four colors and is durable, heat resistant, and easy to clean.

There are two slip pockets on the outside – the perfect size for a water bottle and can of balls. A third pocket functions as a sleeve for the handle of your carry-on luggage, which means this bag is just as well suited for traveling as it is the court.

On the inside, there are two main compartments. One is padded and dedicated to carrying up to two tennis racquets with a zipper. The other main compartment also features a zipper and is large enough to fit all your daily gear.

I love that there are five interior pockets for organizing accessories and daily essentials. One of them is a velour-lined pocket for valuables like your cell phone or sunglasses.

As a bonus, there’s a key clip, so you don’t lose them at the bottom, and a removable nylon shoe bag for carrying your shoes without getting everything else dirty.

Last but not least, the Vessel Baseline tote has two straps that can go over your arm or shoulder, depending on your preference.

  • High-end materials
  • Perfect size
  • Clean and simple design
  • Lots of organizational storage
  • Dedicated and padded racquet compartment
  • Removable shoe bag
  • Handy key clip
  • A thermal-insulated pocket would be a nice touch

Geau Stance

Geau Sport Stance Tennis Tote

The Stance tote is one of the latest additions to the Geau Sport lineup. It’s a sporty shoulder bag for ladies with plenty of storage, stable construction, and practical features for a day at the court.

The bag comes in black or sapphire blue and can store up to two oversized tennis racquets in the main compartment.

Opposite the racquet storage, there’s a section for placing larger items, including a light jacket, a change of clothes, or a pair of shoes. It also includes a pocket designed to fit a can of tennis balls while working well for a water bottle if you want to stay upright.

There’s a sturdy main compartment zipper to keep your items secure in case the bag falls over and an additional magnetic closure that folds over the top to provide easy access when the zipper is not in use.

On the bag’s outside, you’ll find a sizable front pocket, which is felt-lined to protect delicate items and valuables, along with plenty of slip pockets for storing your phone, sunglasses, and smaller accessories. A key clip and an additional full-height zip pocket inside the front pocket provide even more organizational storage.

At the front of the bag, there’s one additional pocket perfect for your water bottle and roomy enough for a can of balls. The Stance tote also features five metal feet that prevent the bottom from touching the ground when setting it down to keep it clean. Alternatively, you can use the integrated hook at the bag’s top to hang it on a fence for quick and easy access without bending, one of my favorite features.

If you’re looking for a fair-priced premium bag with a sporty design that stands tall and delivers excellent organizational storage, then Geau Stance Tote will be a perfect match.

  • Space for two racquets
  • Mid-range size, not too big or small
  • Front pocket organizational storage
  • Easy access magnetic closures
  • Sturdy construction that stays upright
  • Integrated hanging hook
  • Durable, lightweight design
  • Additional external pockets on the back and side Extra organization in the main compartment More colors/patterns

Wilson Tote

Wilson Tennis Tote

One of my favorite tennis totes is an affordable option from Wilson that offers everything you need to hit the court.

The design is sporty, sleek, and available in several colors to suit various styles. You’ll find a subtle floral print for a bit of extra style throughout the inside of the bag.

Two zippered and ventilated pockets on the outside are great for smaller items or dirty towels and clothes.

The main compartment is zippered to help keep everything in place and has enough room to store two racquets in a padded enclosure that includes a clasp to help keep the racquets secure.

Inside the bag, you’ll find one zippered pocket for keeping valuables safe and a thermal insulated pocket to hold a drink or snack while keeping them cool. There are also a few additional slip pockets for storing other smaller items and a mesh sleeve to securely hold a medium-sized water bottle.

I love the removable zippered shoe bag. You can place your shoes inside and toss them into your tote without worrying about getting everything else dirty.

Last but not least, the Wilson tote has two long shoulder straps with a padded velcro clasp for easily carrying everything with you.

  • Ventilated side pockets
  • Thermal-insulated internal pocket
  • Dedicated racquet compartment
  • Adjustable straps would be a nice touch

Court Couture Monte Carlo Tote

Court Couture Monte Carlo - Tennis Tote

One of Court Couture’s latest editions to their high-end tennis bags, the sleek-looking Monte Carlo is a multi-functional bag with a sporty twist.

Court Couture designed this tote with Saffiano cross-grain faux leather for a classic yet durable look, which works just as well for the court, a day out with friends, or a trip to the office.

The bag has three large storage compartments. The two on the outside have snap buttons to keep them closed when not in use. One has two slip pockets for organization, while the other has a zipper pocket and a water bottle holder.

The center compartment is large enough to store two racquets, including oversized frames with a slot at the side where the handles come through for a clean flush look.

Finally, the bag comes with a matching wristlet or accessory bag for your daily essentials, from makeup to sunscreen. The Court Couture Monte Carlo tote is available in Black, Fuchsia, and Ivory.

  • Quality materials
  • Stores two racquets
  • Removable accessory bag
  • Removable shoe storage bag
  • External zipper pocket on back for quick access

Maggie Mather Tote

Maggie Mather - Tennis Tote

The tennis tote from Maggie Mather is another excellent option to consider when buying a new tote.

The outside of the tote features a simple, sporty design that’s durable and water-repellent. One of my favorite parts about the bag is the extensive color section that caters to various preferences.

On the front of the bag, you’ll find two large open slip pockets for stashing a few accessories. Above these two pockets, you’ll find the main racquet compartment outside the bag with a durable lining for storing two tennis racquets.

On the back of the bag is a smaller zip pocket to secure valuables, such as your keys and a cell phone for quick access. There are two more open slip pockets on both sides of the bag – one shorter and one taller for a can of balls or a water bottle.

The bag’s main compartment is large and deep to store a bunch of gear for a day at the courts, and it also includes a single inside zippered pocket to keep a few smaller items safely stored.

Lastly, the handles are wider for sitting comfortably on your shoulder and adjustable for customizing the perfect fit.

  • Wide-range of colors
  • Lots of deep storage
  • Adjustable handles
  • Outside racquet compartment
  • A few extra internal accessory pockets

Glove It Tote

Glove It Tennis Tote with Print

The Maggie Mather and Glove It totes share a similar functional design, with one main difference in that the Glove It bag stores your racquets inside the main compartment.

The outside of the bag is a durable material, and like the Maggie Mather tote, Glove It’s bag has a wide selection of color and print options.

On the front of the tote, you’ll find three open slip pockets to stash all your accessories. On the back, you’ll find a zipper pocket for keeping valuables that you want to stay safe yet accessible.

The bag’s sides feature slip pockets perfect for carrying a water bottle and a can of tennis balls.

Inside the bag, there’s one main compartment that offers plenty of storage for two racquets and the rest of your gear, and a small internal zippered pocket has room for some extra small essentials.

Glove It’s wider handles will sit comfortably on your shoulder and adjust in length so you can customize the perfect fit.

  • Wide-range of styles

cinda b Tote

cinda b Tennis Tote

Next up, the cinda b tennis tote is my pick for the cutest option.

The bag comes in a handful of different colors, and I love the stylish quilted design, which also happens to be water and stain-resistant. You’ll also find the inside of these totes offers various prints for an extra fun touch of style.

Store up to two tennis racquets in the outside zipper compartment with your racquets resting at an angle so they don’t get in the way.

Both sides of the bag have two smaller slip pockets that can easily stash a can of tennis balls or water bottles.

Inside the main zipper compartment of the bag, there’s lots of room to store all sorts of gear, as well as a smaller internal pocket for any other daytime essentials.

The bag also comes with two ways to carry – a set of smaller handles for holding at your side or on your arm and an adjustable shoulder strap that’s also removable.

  • Style and quilted design
  • Plenty of space for storing gear
  • Carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap that’s removable
  • An external zipper pocket on the back would be a nice touch

Hadaki Tote

Hadaki Tennis Tote

The Hadaki tennis tote shares many similarities with the cinda b tote, including many stylish colors and prints.

The tote stores two tennis racquets on an angle at the bag’s front with a dedicated zipper pocket.

On the back of the tote, you’ll find a large open slip pocket and a small zip pocket for storing a few valuables you want to keep safe.

Inside the main zipper compartment, the tote offers storage and an internal zip pocket to keep any smaller items you want to carry with you.

Last but not least, the tote has two mid-size handles for carrying at your side or over your shoulder.

  • Stylish design
  • External pockets on the back
  • Adjustable straps would be ideal
  • Side pockets would offer some additional convenient storage

Tory Burch Tote

Tory Burch Canvas Convertible Stripe Tennis Tote Beige

Tory Burch offers one of the most stylish and high-quality tennis totes with a hefty price tag that shouldn’t be surprising if you’re familiar with the brand.

The bag has two colors: a coated canvas with a bold maroon stripe or a navy blue faux leather option.

Although similar, the totes have slightly different features, so I’ll cover the canvas option, my favorite of the two.

For starters, the tote carries up to two racquets in a detachable front zip compartment that, once removed, converts it to a stylish bag with a simple design that’s perfect for summer.

On both sides of the tote, you can store a can of balls or a water bottle, and there is a third exterior pocket for stashing items that you might need to access quickly on the go.

The Tory Burch tennis tote opens at the top with a magnetic closure. Inside, you’ll find a mesh zip pocket with a card slot for quick access, and then there’s another wall zip pocket with two pen holders.

One of my favorite parts of the bag is the shoe or laundry compartment with zip closure, so you don’t have to mix these items with anything else you’re carrying.

Finally, the bag has two top handles with an 8.75 in (22 cm) drop and a removable cross-body strap adjustable up to 26 in (66 cm).

  • Stylish convertible design
  • Spacious yet manageable
  • Additional internal pocks for organization

Ame & Lulu Tote

Ame and Lulu Tennis Tote

Last but certainly not least, the Ame & Lulu tennis tote is another of my favorites, offering a stylish design that works just as well on the court as it can off.

The outside of the bag is minimalistic, with a single front zipper pocket for stashing a few daily essentials or accessories. You’ll also find two smaller open slip pockets on the sides of the bag, which are large enough to hold a can of tennis balls but won’t fit a larger water bottle.

Inside, there’s a dedicated racquet compartment with a zipper to store two tennis racquets and plenty of extra space to keep all your gear for a day at the courts. The bag also offers great internal organizational storage with three pockets – one zipper and two open slip pockets.

Two simple medium-length straps work well for holding the bag at your side or over your shoulder for carrying the tote.

  • Lots of storage
  • Internal organizational pockets
  • Dedicated internal racquet compartment
  • Side slip pockets could be larger
  • Adjustable straps would be nice

What I Keep in My Bag

Throughout this guide, I’ve mentioned the range of items tennis players might keep in their bags to ensure they have fun and perform their best on the court.

To help add context for the types of items tennis players keep in their bags, I’ll share what I carry around when I’m competing, which will also help give you a sense of why I often use a larger racquet bag.

  • Three strung racquets: I’ve always been a string breaker, so I need a few racquets on hand. I carried five in college, but I’ve gone down to three since then. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to playing and breaking your strings and having to stop playing, whether competitive or for fun.
  • Overgrips: I love the feeling of a fresh overgrip and apply a new one almost every time I play, so I always have a pack on hand. I install a new one whenever my grip starts to slip or lose traction. The longer I play, the more likely I’ll change it during a match, especially in warmer conditions where perspiration is a factor.
  • Towel: I never carried a towel when I was younger, but I started using one in college and never looked back. I use it to wipe the sweat off my face and arms between points, giving me a bit of a reset whenever I do so. I’ll usually keep 1-3 towels on hand, depending on how long I play.
  • Hat: I’ve never been a hat wearer on the court, but sometimes, when playing in sunny conditions, I’ll break out a hat to give my eyes a bit of cover, mainly when serving or playing into the sun.
  • Extra shirts: If I’m sweating faster than I’m drying off, I’ll swap my top for a new one. I’ll also change my shirt between sets to give myself a fresh start.
  • Extra socks: Much like changing my shirts, I like to have extra socks on hand to change into a fresh pair when it’s hot. I don’t always change them, but it makes a world of difference when it’s needed.
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt: Growing up playing in New England, where the weather and conditions can change quickly, it pays to have a light jacket or sweatshirt I can throw on if my body is cooling down too fast between points. I always perform better when my body is warm and gets tight and less fluid when cold.
  • Shoes: I only ever bring one pair of tennis shoes to the court, but I always have comfy running shoes that I wear to the court and change into when I leave. Many tennis shoes aren’t the most comfortable for general wear, and I love putting on something more relaxed after playing.
  • Shoelaces: I broke a pair of shoelaces playing tennis once and didn’t have any backups. I had to makeshift tie them back together, and it was a pain in the butt. Since that happened, I have kept a spare pair in my bag.
  • Sunglasses: I don’t wear sunglasses on the court but frequently do off the court, so they’re always with me and have a spot in my bag.
  • Headphones: I like to listen to music before playing tennis. It helps get me in the zone and pumps me up.
  • Notepad and pen: Every time I’m on the court, it’s a learning opportunity, so I like to take notes. It might be about an area for improvement, a situation where I did or didn’t perform well, or something about my opponent that I want to remember. I could use my phone, but things commit to memory better when using pen and paper.
  • Roller stick: I use The Stick to massage my leg muscles and lower back immediately after playing tennis. It’s a simple, lightweight device that easily fits my bag and helps reduce pain and muscle fatigue, which works best right after playing. It’s an excellent stopgap to use before stretching when I get home.
  • Sunscreen: Anytime I’m in the sun during the spring, summer, or fall, I apply sunscreen to protect my skin. It’s a small investment that pays enormous dividends, even when only hitting for 30-60 minutes.
  • Deodorant: Sometimes, after playing tennis, I might hang out to catch up with friends or run an errand before heading home, so I keep a bottle of liquid deodorant handy. Anything else will melt in the sun and be useless.
  • Lip balm: I find dry or chapped lips incredibly distracting playing tennis, so I always keep lip balm handy to prevent it.
  • Tiger balm: Muscle and tendon pain is simply part of the game, and while I’m always looking to prevent it by caring for my body before and after tennis, I find Tiger Balm to be a lifesaver when discomfort strikes, especially on my back.
  • CBD lotion: After a match, if I have any pain or discomfort, I’ll apply CBD lotion to the area to reduce pain and inflammation. It’s subtle acting, but I always feel better the next day when I use it.
  • Tissues: Pretty straightforward, but most helpful when playing in cold conditions, and my nose tends to run.
  • Water bottle: I usually bring a gallon-sized water bottle to the court, which doesn’t fit my bag. However, I always have a second smaller water bottle in my bag, which I can use to mix up a hydration pack during or after a match.
  • Snack bars: I do my best to fuel properly before and after tennis, but if I play for an extended period, I’ll often take small bites of an easy-to-digest snack bar between changeovers. Otherwise, they’re great for refueling immediately after playing.
  • Hydration packs: Products like Liquid IV or LMNT are excellent for quickly rehydrating your body during or after a match. I use them often, especially after playing.
  • First aid kit: Nothing fancy, but a simple first aid kit, especially for blisters or minor scrapes, can be super helpful. I like to have a few bandaids on hand and some adhesive mesh for my fingers.
  • Advil: Again, pretty straightforward. When I have some mild pain or discomfort, it can be distracting. Using a common pain reliever can help me play with added comfort.
  • Kinesiology tape: I sometimes use it if a muscle bothers me, but it’s not bad enough to take a break from tennis. It improves circulation and blood flow to aid recovery and provides added support for the area.

These items always stay in my bag, but depending on the day, I may include others.

Some people might think I’m crazy for carrying all of these things, but I use many of them regularly, and for those I don’t, I’m always glad I have them when needed.

It’s worth noting that I usually take the smallest quantity of each item. For example, I don’t bring a bottle of Advil or a box of tissues. I’ll carry two single-serve packs of Advil and a small pocket-size package of tissues. Although it sounds like a lot, it can all be packed easily into a racquet bag.

Hopefully, you find what I carry somewhat insightful or, at the very least, interesting for consideration on how to pack yours. If you’re buying a tennis bag as a gift , consider pre-packing it with some of these items, which are helpful and fun to open.

Wrapping Up

Tennis bags are ideal for storing and organizing your gear regardless of your experience, frequency of play, or skill level.

Luckily, there’s something for everyone, from racquet bags to backpacks, duffels, and tennis totes.

Hopefully, this guide has helped shine some light on the best tennis bags to narrow your options and find something you’ll love.

Of course, if you have any questions – I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Heading to a tournament or a weekend tennis getaway, the right tennis travel bag is crucial to make your travel enjoyable and winning. Choosing the right tennis bag depends on a few factors – why are you traveling, how many racquets you need to transport, the size of the racquets, and whether you want to bring along your tennis clothes, shoes, and gear or store them in separate luggage.

We Carry the Best Tennis Travel Bags

Volkl Fire Tournament Tennis Bag is a popular choice for the tennis player who travels often. Outer compartments are made to store a racquet and the two smaller outer pockets hold grips, balls, or other accessories. Roomy enough to pack clothes and tennis gear, the German-designed, best-selling Völkl tennis duffle can be used as a carryon as well.

Babolat thought of everything the frequently traveling tennis player needs in a tennis bag. Comfortable and durable, the Babolat Team Competition Bag has adjustable padded shoulder straps, a reinforced bottom, and an outside pocket perfect for easy access to accessories, keys, phone, or iPod. Keep shoes in their place with the separate shoe compartment, accessible from the outside of the bag. Perhaps the most innovative feature is the separate compartment on one of the bag, which is great for storing dirty, sweaty, wet shirts, towels, and socks away from your other tennis gear. The slightly larger Babolat Club Line Tournament Bag has similar features to the Team Competition Bag, with one shoe pocket, a ventilated pocket for clothes, a wide accessory pocket and an adjustable foam padded shoulder strap.

The economically priced, feature-packed A4 Two-Color Athletic Duffle is a best seller which brings useful design and no-nonsense styling to the court. The bottom is reinforced with a removable black board and the exterior is protected with five rubber feet for improved durability. The padded, adjustable, removable shoulder strap and four exterior zippered pockets make it a great bag when on the go on short notice; throw everything in the bag and roll!

Travel duffle bags, like the Diadora Pallone Bag, are versatile in their ability to be carried either as a duffle or backpack, and feature plenty of pockets for storing tennis balls, water bottles, and an inner zippered shoe pocket.

Explore our Wide Selection of Tennis Duffel Bags

Head Tour Team All Court Tennis Duffel Bags are used on tour by the HEAD Pro players. The Head brand is recognized and respected as a leader in tennis racquets and accessories, a reputation earned with the quality and durability inherent in Head tennis racquets and bags. The Head Tour Team tennis bag features a very roomy main compartment with a mesh accessory pocket. The innovative racquet compartment easily holds two to three racquets. Racquets are given extra protection from extreme temperatures with climate control technology (CCT), a thermal foil that reduces the risk of damage to racquets during travel. Both the Head Classic Line All Court and Head Elite Series All Court tennis bags feature CCT as well. Additional racquet storage available in the large side pockets, a separate wet clothes bag, and dedicated vented shoe compartment make this a great bag to take along on tournament weekends.

Viking makes traveling with your tennis gear easy and efficient. The Viking SB-6 Sports Bag touts a roomy center compartment which fits several racquets, plus towels, clothes and more. The Viking tennis duffle bag is durable, with nylon construction and double-stitched seams.

Whether traveling to a tournament, or heading out for a short vacation with tennis on the itinerary there’s bound to be a travel tennis bag perfect for all of your tennis gear. The wide variety of tennis bags priced for every budget, all offering quality and durability, make tennis travel easy and fun and enhance your presence on the court.

Tennis Travel Duffel Bags

Shop Do It Tennis for All Your Pro Performance Tennis Gear

Tennis racquets.

Shop our huge selection of the Best Performance Tennis Racquets on the market featuring all the best-selling frames from all the top brands! Check out the most current technology in Babolat tennis racquets used by Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz, and Leylah Fernandez; Head tennis racquets , used by Novak Djokovis, Jannik Sinner, Alexander Zverev, Coco Guaff, and Bianca Andreescu; Wilson tennis racquets , used by Stefanos Tsitsipas, Grigor Dimitrov, Karen Khachanov, Borna Coric, and Madison Keys; Yonex tennis racquets , used by Stan Wawrinka, Casper Ruud, Nick Kyrgios, and Jessica Pegula; and Tecnifibre Tennis Racquets , used by Daniil Medvedev, Iga Swiatek.

For help discovering which tennis racquet is right for your style of play, check out our tennis racquet F.A.Q. page .

Tennis Shoes

Take the wear and tear off of your knees and hips with a brand-new pair of tennis shoes designed for the high-impact nature of tennis. Don’t take just any pair of tennis shoes out on the court. Treat your feet right with tennis shoes made for your style of play. Get the latest technology for injury prevention with a Michelin outsole found in Babolat tennis shoes , the Ortholite Sock Liner found in K-Swiss tennis shoes , the DynaFit Upper found in Asics tennis shoes , the Adaptive lacing system on Adidas tennis shoes , and the Quicklace system specifically designed for Wilson junior shoes .

We also offer an extensive collection of shoes for pickleball , and shoes for padel .

Do It Tennis carries the industry's largest selection of tennis, pickleball, and padel court equipment. Keeping your court in good condition, all year long, is easy when everything you need is at your fingertips. We sell tennis and pickleball court equipment packages ; har-Tru, Edwards, and Douglas tennis netss and posts; Bakko and Rally Master backboards for individual training be sure to check out our selection of Lobster, Sports Tutor, and Playmate tennis ball machines . The Playmate tennis ball mower makes cleanup time a breeze. If you are a professional or hoping to play professionally, you can keep your racquet performing longer with your very own tennis stringing machine .

Building it yourself? Then see our tennis court installation page for more information.

Tennis Bags

Keep it all with you whenever and wherever you need it. Order your new pro bag, 6-pack or tournament bag today! Check out all the latest Pure, Team and Club Babolat tennis bags ; Radical, Djokovic and Gravity Head tennis bags , the Rackpack and All Vision Tecnifibre tennis bags , Pro and Team Yonex tennis bags ; and the Federer and Advantage Wilson tennis bags .

A Large Selection of Tennis Apparel

It's not just about tennis racquets....

At Do It Tennis, our focus is to help you get the most out of your purchases so that you look and perform your best on the court. We offer a wide array of performance tennis apparel at great prices. The apparel brands we carry offer cutting edge technologies that are designed to provide a dynamic fit, all around protection and superior ventilation. Our women's tennis apparel collection includes women's tennis skirts, tennis shorts, shorties & tights, polos, dresses, tanks and warm-ups. Our men's tennis apparel collection includes tennis polos, tennis shorts, t-shirts, crew neck's, warm-up's and jackets. If you are looking for team tennis uniforms, we offer discounts up to 20%. You can see our selection and prices in our team section .

For those that are looking for a deals on last season’s tennis apparel, check out our Clearance Sale Section with plenty of discounts on apparel items.

Read our Tennis Blog

Product reviews, tennis how tos, and tournament news.

Long gone are the days of walking into your local Pro Shop and discussing each product with the owner. At Do It Tennis our commitment to our customers doesn't stop at checkout. Get the most out of your online shopping experience by visiting our tennis blog for up-to-date information on the latest products written by our team of tennis players who want you to get the right product for you budget, your game and your playing style.

Also found on our blog is a complete list of product videos . Images on the web often lack depth and perception, so our team of professionals endures the lights and camera to explore each product with you, describing the technology, advantages and/or disadvantages as they apply.

We always encourage our customers to participate, leave comments and provide suggestions on our blog, or visit our social media pages to join others in the tennis conversation.

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Get great deals and offers on all the best tennis gear.

We know that there are many places online to purchase your tennis gear. What makes Do It Tennis stand out from the rest, other than our stellar customer service and our commitment to knowledge is our constantly rotating promotions and offers .

From free shipping to free tennis bags, and 20% off to BOGO, this is your place to see what deals are running right now, what products on sale site-wide and what products have just been released.

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Cancha Luggage & Bags Racquet Bag Pro Tennis Racket Bag - Water-resistant Tennis Racket Backpack - 6 racket Capacity - Best Tennis Racquet Bag - Cancha Bags

6-Racket Capacity, Weatherproof, & Customizable

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Discover the ultimate bag that does it all. Our core collection of game-changing backpacks are perfect for any adventure, from the court to the great outdoors or cross-continental travels. Customize and tailor your perfect fit.

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Racquet Bag Voyager

I bought the original and needed some room so I decided to buy the voyager. I also bought the wet dry bag for my shoes and these two are awesome together. I can fit my two racquets, towel and my tennis accessories.I love the cancha brand and now have 5 bags (the back pack, day bag, cancha original, wet dry bag and the cancha voyager

Day Bag XL

Using this as my everyday work backpack is great! And when I want to go hit after or go to the gym, I attach the tennis bag, using it either as tennis or gym bag :)

Paddle Bag Mini

Incredible quality and function. What’s not to love?

First of all fantastic customer service! It's been a pleasure dealing with your company. The voyager bag, is excellent its a perfect size, it's fantastic quality, it looks stylish and doesnt have logos stuck all over it!! Also I have the wet and dry bag which I can add on and gives me exactly what I need for my shoes etc. Well worth it!!

Wet-Dry Bag

Love the overall concept of being able to customize your sports bag, the wet and dry bag is perfect for sweaty shoes shirts etc.

Chick and sporty to carry the laptop, easy to plug and remove. Help me carry the stuff to office witbout the need of a heavy bulky tennis bag

Amazing to carry the gear dry, easy to plug and remove. Help me carry the stuff to office witbout the need of a heavy bulky tennis bag

Nicest tennis bag I’ve had and I’ve had a lot!

If you travel, this bag was made for you. This wet/dry bag is an athletes dream. You can separate your shoes in the bag, as there is an orange separate wet bag inside, for your sweaty clothes.

This is my second Cancha bag. I upgraded as I needed more space for up to 4 racquets. I have been nothing but 100% satisfied with my Cancha bag. It is elegantly designed, with practical innovations you won't find in other tennis bags. The material is durable and aesthetically pleasing. I am a big fan. The multiple attachments are excellent for dialing in the bag exactly for your personal needs.

Just the right size, usual Cancha robust quality, enough for Padel racket, tube of balls, drink and some spare clothing.

Original Racquet Bag (25L)

I have had the smaller tennis bag for a few years and I LOVE it. But while I am no pro, I do travel for tennis tournaments and need a bit more gear for those days I’m stuck at the court and unable to run back to the hotel. Enter the Racquet Pro Bag. So much extra room and with the additional storage bag inside, I will NEVER worry about not having whatever I need on the court! Bravo Cancha!

The bag looks even better in person, everything you need nothing more!

Excellent fit and great build quality.

A great bag which I would highly recommend!

"Beautiful, practical and thoughtfully designed, Cancha Bags are worth every bit of praise"



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I started Cancha after a decade of competing and travelling as a professional athlete. With over 20 years of combined sporting and design experience, our team crafts gear for modern adventurers and athletes, driven by the ethos that both you and the planet deserve better .


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The 13 Best Tennis Bags for Your Next Match, Including Sloane Stephens’ Favorite

With designs that will make you love all

tennis bags for travel

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People / Marcus Millan

While you might play tennis purely for the adrenaline and sport, the fashion is another element of this game that’s been keeping players on their toes since the 12th century. Whether you’re a fan of tennis giants like Serena and Venus Williams or Rafael Nadal , or you actually play yourself, you’ve probably noticed the equipment, which includes ever-present tennis bags.

“A tennis bag is a key piece of equipment,” tennis star Sloane Stephens exclusively tells PEOPLE. There are endless designs to choose from, so beyond looks, you should also consider qualities like storage for one or more racquets, organizational compartments, durable materials, weight, and portability. 

Read on for our favorite tennis bags, including those that Stephens rocks on and off the court.

Best Overall

Wilson tennis bag.

This is a versatile and affordable option that would work for many different needs and levels

It might be too bulky for some who want a more stylish bag

What makes a great tennis bag is durability, capacity, and versatility — this bag embodies all three, while still being affordable. From trusty tennis brand Wilson, this tennis bag is made with durable polyester, so it’s easy to clean and won’t easily tear during travel. There’s enough capacity for up to three tennis racquets, with a large compartment for other essentials such as a towel, water bottle, and tennis balls.

This isn’t necessarily the most glamorous bag, but it’s pretty versatile since you could use it as a travel bag to store one racquet and other belongings or bring it out to the courts for a day with several racquets. It’s super functional and rings in under $50. Plus, it comes in three colors — a neutral black and white, a black and white with red trim, and a red one. Considering the value and price, we believe this is a highly versatile bag for tennis players of any level.

Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 28 x 3.5 x 12 inches | Fits: 3 Racquets | Colors: 3

Best Budget

Acosen tennis bag.

This is a great budget-friendly tennis bag that’s great for a day at the courts

It might not be as great for plane travel because the racquet handle wouldn’t be protected in transit

This tennis backpack from Acosen offers great organization and easy transport to the courts. It’s made with a durable polyester and has enough space to fit between two to three racquets as well as other tennis equipment like towels and balls. There are quite a few small compartments for items like water bottles, as well as your keys, wallet, and phone. This bag comes in six colors (featuring bright and neutral options), and is easy to tote around given the backpack design. And for added measure, it’s quite budget-friendly compared to many of the others on our list.

Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 15.8 x 7.8 x 20.8 inches | Fits: 2–3 Racquets | Colors: 6

Best for Professionals

Head tour team 6r bag.

Dick's Sporting Goods

This bag is ideal for professional tennis players because it can hold up to six racquets and has thermal technology to keep them protected

It just might not be necessary for beginners, or those who only use one or racquets

This Head bag is durable and spacious, yet quite lightweight, making it ideal for a professional player who travels to matches all over the world. “I use the Head Tour Team 6R because it fits all the racquets I'd need for a match, but isn't too bulky,” Stephens says. It can fit up to six racquets and has climate-control technology to protect them from extreme temperature. 

“I try to always carry my racquet bag on flights because it would be a big problem if I checked it and it got lost on the way to a tournament,” says Stephens. “You never know what the overhead storage situation is on a plane, so I try to not have too big of a bag.” Despite its compact size, this bag still has good organization with several mesh and zippered pockets to store extra essentials. Plus, it comes in several eye-catching colors like aqua blue and black, as well as a solid black design with orange accents. Made with polyester, this bag is durable, water-resistant, and not likely to tear — a bag built to last from one tennis season to the next.

Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 78 x 34 x 26 inches | Fits: 6 Racquets | Colors: 2

Best for Travel

Nike brasilia 9.5.

It’s good for use as a checked or carry-on bag to store your rackets, as well as a travel bag for road trips

It can only hold a few racquets, so if you need more space, you should try another bag on our list

This sturdy duffel from Nike is a great travel bag for tennis players because it can store your racquets, shoes, and other essentials with room to spare. You can carry it by the handles or the shoulder strap, depending on what’s most comfortable, and the polyester material should fare well against the wear and tear of travel. It comes in a basic black color that won’t show dirt, but you can easily wipe down the material should it need cleaning. There are also several pockets and compartments for storing any smaller items you might need (such as grip tape, terry cloth wristbands, etc.).

Material: Recycled polyester | Dimensions: 28 x 14 x 14 inches | Fits: 2–3 Racquets | Colors: 1

Best Unconventional

Fp movement quilted carryall.

Free People

This is a great bag for one racquet as well as a change of clothes, or other things you might need

It wouldn’t protect a racquet in transit as well since the handle would stick out

Stephens says she carries the FP Movement Quilted Carryall on the court with her to “keep spare outfits, lip balm, and things like that.” This durable Free People bag is quite spacious, so should you want to use it to carry extra racquets, it can comfortably fit one (maybe two maximum). The quilted fabric adds a fun design element, and the bag comes in three fun colors — jade and neon greens, as well as a burnt orange color. This is another versatile bag that could be used for tennis as well as other outings.

Material: Quilted fabric | Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 6.5 inches | Fits: 1–2 Racquets | Colors: 3

Best Backpack

Adidas tour tennis 12 racquet bag.

This is a great backpack for those who need lots of storage

It’s not necessary for beginners or those carrying fewer than three racquets

This Adidas backpack has ample storage and comfortable straps to carry everything you need on the go. With a capacity that can fit up to 12 racquets, this backpack could work well for a professional player as well as a coach, or someone who needs ample backup options for their racquet. It comes in two neutral colors — black with silver metallic accents and black with red accents. The bag is made with water-resistant and durable polyester, so it could work well for traveling to different matches if you play in a league. Plus, the padded straps make it comfortable to carry for longer journeys if you’re traveling by plane.

Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 31.5 x 14 x 14 inches | Fits: 12 Racquets | Colors: 2

Best Design

Wilson lifestyle racket bag.

This bag is ideal for those who equally prioritize fashion and function

It might be too pricey for those who want to spend less than $50 on a tennis bag

This chic tennis bag offers a color block design — forest green, cream, and black sections — sophisticated on and off the courts. It’s made with durable but lightweight polyester with some mesh accents, so it’s pretty functional as well. While this bag can fit up to four racquets, you can store one or two and then carry other items like towels, tennis balls, headphones, a water bottle, and anything else you might need for your outing. At $100, this bag would work for some, but not all budgets.

Material: 100 percent recycled PET polyester | Dimensions: 29 x 7.5 x 13 inches | Fits: 4 Racquets | Colors: 1

Best Duffel

Lululemon wunderlust large duffle bag.

This bag is ideal for travel should you want a protective covering for your racquet

It’s not as conducive to a day at the courts, since it’s more bulky than a smaller tennis bag

This lululemon duffel bag is large enough to carry a tennis racquet should you want a more durable bag for travel. Let’s say you need to check your bag and don’t want your racquet to get dinged by sticking out of a smaller bag — this bag is a good solution. It’s made with recycled polyester, so it’s water-resistant, fairly tear-proof, and comes in a classic black color. The beauty of this bag is its versatility, so if you need a duffel for non-tennis occasions, too, this can work for both purposes.

Material: 100 percent recycled polyester | Dimensions: 21.7 x 9.8 x 10.8 inches | Fits: 1 Racquet | Colors: 1

Best Lightweight

Ame & lulu hamptons tennis tour bag.

Saks Fifth Avenue

This is a great bag for country club tennis because it’s lightweight so you can bring it to different neighborhoods for matches

It might not be as effective for those who need space for multiple racquets

This stylish and lightweight bag is perfect for country club tennis leagues because it is easy to tote around for matches, not too bulky if you want to ride your bike to the courts, and has storage for your wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, lipstick, and more. It only holds one racquet, but for most players this isn’t a huge issue, unless you’re a professional who needs multiple racquets (due to risk of breaking your strings mid-match). Plus, it comes in three whimsical colors — hot pink, spring green, and bright orange.

Material: Canvas | Dimensions: 16 x 6  x 16 inches | Fits: 1 Racquet | Colors: 3

Best Monogrammed

Mark & graham sporty stripe tennis tote.

Mark & Graham

This bag is great for those who want a touch of personalization with a monogram

It’s not super spacious, so it won’t work for those who need lots of storage

This cute tennis bag is the epitome of sporty spice — with the added personalization of a monogram. It’s made with a nylon exterior and polyester lining that’s easy to clean and will hold up against rain, as well as general wear and tear. The design offers three color combinations — white with pink trim, white with navy trim, and navy with white trim. While it only fits one racquet (and therefore might not work for professional players needing several racquets), it’s a lightweight and stylish bag that’s great for a casual day on the courts.

Material: Nylon exterior, polyester lining | Dimensions: 16 x 5 x 17 inches | Fits: 1 Racquet | Colors: 3

Best for Storage

Babolat pure aero 12 pack bag.

Tennis Warehouse

This bag is ideal for coaches, or those who need to carry a large number of racquets

It’s not necessary for beginners, or those who need to travel with a lightweight bag

If you need storage, the Babolat bag has you covered, as well as anything you want to carry with you to the courts. With three huge inner compartments — two of which have temperature control protection — this bag can store anywhere from 10 to 12 racquets, plus other tennis essentials. There’s also a large ventilated pocket for dirty clothes or shoes, and smaller pockets for items like your keys, wallet, cellphone, and headphones. And if you’re not carrying that many racquets, you can use the center compartment (the non-thermal one) to store other larger items like a water bottle or sunscreen. In terms of travel, you can carry this bag as a duffel or backpack, depending on which handles or straps you prefer.

Material: Not listed | Dimensions: 30 x 16.5 x 14 inches | Fits: 10–12 Racquets | Colors: 1

Rothy’s The Lightweight Mega Tote

This tote is great for those who want a versatile tennis bag that can be used for other purposes too

It won’t work for those who need to carry five or more racquets

While Rothy’s created a limited edition Tennis collection last year with recycled water bottles from the U.S. Open, we think this tote works as a good carry-all on and off the courts. This tote is quite sizable, so it can fit several racquets, other tennis essentials, and your favorite water bottle. It’s made from recycled marine plastic (a sustainable bonus!) and is completely machine washable for easy cleaning. It comes in six fun colors, including a navy stripe twill pattern that will catch the eye. And as a tote, it can be used as a versatile bag for many occasions besides tennis.

Material: Recycled marine plastic | Dimensions: 13.6 x 19.7 x 7.4 inches | Fits: 1–2 Racquets | Colors: 6

Best Investment

Vessel baseline racquet bag.

This is good for a serious player who needs to carry multiple racquets for tournaments and keep them protected

It’s not necessary for a beginner or anyone who just plays casually

This is a top-of-the-line bag, but we'll be honest: It's expensive. It has a thermal-lined compartment that can fit two racquets, smaller pockets, and a larger chamber that can fit up to four more racquets or other tennis essentials you might need while traveling for tournaments, like towels, balls, drinks, and more. It’s made with a combination of synthetic leather, nylon, and neoprene materials which creates water and tear resistance and can last for many years, making this a bag worth investing in. You can choose from four sleek color designs and carry it as a duffel bag or backpack, depending on which straps you use.

Material: Engineered mesh bonded synthetic leather, premium nylon, and neoprene straps | Dimensions: 34.5 x 13 x 12 inches | Fits: 6 Racquets | Colors: 4

How to Pick the Right Tennis Bag

Tennis is an expensive sport, especially considering the cost of league memberships, tournament travel, equipment, and apparel. So while there is a range in pricing for tennis bags, it’s not uncommon to spend several hundred dollars on a quality bag. We’ve compiled a list with more budget-friendly options on the lower end of this range, like the ACOSEN Tennis Bag Tennis Backpack , and other picks under or close to $100 — with a few outliers if you’re willing to invest a little more. 

Considering tennis is primarily an outdoor sport, chances are your bag will face some rain, fluctuating temperatures, and other weather conditions, so you want a durable material. Nylon and polyester are the most common materials used for tennis bags. You can also look for bags that offer thermal insulation that can help prevent the racquet’s strings from losing their shape and firmness — as the Babolat Pure Series 12 Pack Tennis Bag has.

How many racquets your bag can store is also a quality to consider depending on your tennis level. Usually for beginners or fairweather players, you’ll probably only use one racquet. In this case, capacity isn’t as important, and you might look toward style and other design elements instead. But capacity is essential for professional tennis players and others who need five or more racquets on hand. The bags with the most capacity on our list include the Vessel Baseline Racquet Bag , Babolat Pure Series 12 Pack Tennis Bag , and Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag .

Yes, you can bring a tennis bag inside the airplane cabin as a carry-on bag as long as it fits inside the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

What could be considered a tennis “essential” depends on your level in the sport. For instance, professional players usually carry multiple racquets, extra shoes, clothing layers, sweatbands, hair ties, hats, sunglasses, sweat towels, water bottles, extra balls, grip tape, and more. And everyday players might need some of these depending on how hard you hit the ball, what the weather is like, and how long you’re on the courts for that day.

Insulated sections are designed to protect your tennis racquet from fluctuating temperatures. Essentially, the strings on your racquet can lose their tension and become brittle in extreme heat ir become too tense in extremely cold weather, which can cause breakage.

Madison Yauger is a seasoned commerce writer who’s tested hundreds of lifestyle products across all categories. With a background in news and lifestyle journalism, she has a wide network of expert sources. For this story, she spoke to tennis star Sloane Stephens, as well as heavily researched the market of tennis bags to determine the best picks for different needs.

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The 10 Best Tennis Bags Reviewed (with Pros & Cons)

Are you a tennis player on the hunt for the perfect bag to carry all your gear? With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

To help you make an informed decision, we have reviewed the 10 best tennis bags on the market, highlighting their pros and cons.

From backpacks to tennis bags, we have included a variety of options that cater to different needs and preferences. So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro player, keep reading to find the perfect tennis bag for you.

Our Top Pick Tennis Bag: Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack

tennis bags for travel

The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack is our top tennis bag choice. This bag holds up to 12 rackets and features specific compartments for racquets, shoes, and accessories. On top of that, this bag also has thermo-lining to keep your racquets and strings from overheating or freezing in extreme weather.

Before reading reviews, you can see our list of the best 10 Tennis Bags here.

  • Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack Bag – Best Overall
  • Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack – Best Duffle-style Tennis Bag
  • Geau Sport Axiom 9-Pack Racquet Bag – Best for All-day Capacity
  • Volkl Tour Combi 6-Pack Bag – Best Care for Rackets
  • Tennis Warehouse 6-Pack Racquet Bag – Best Budget Tennis Bag
  • Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag – Best High-end Tennis Bag
  • Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 3-Pack Backpack Bag – Best Mid-sized Bag
  • Court Couture Cassanova Perforated Bag – Best Tote Bag for Women
  • Geau Sport Axiom Backpack 2.0 – Best Travel Tennis Backpack
  • Yonex Pro Backpack Large Bag – Best Large Backpack

What We Look For In A Tennis Bag

When it comes to what makes a great tennis bag, we look for one with enough room to hold a couple of rackets, balls, sunglasses, sunscreen, shoes, strings, and anything else you need on and off the court.

One major difference between a good and bad bag is how deep they are constructed. Since you will likely put everything you need for practice or a game inside: the bag you purchase has to hold those items comfortably.

The more your tennis bag can tote: the better you’ll enjoy it.

1. Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack Bag

Our favorite tennis bag comes from Babolat, their Pure Aero Rafa 12-Pack Bag. This bag has two compartments with Isothermal Protection that hold five rackets each. In addition, this bag has a middle compartment for more rackets and gear.

The Pure Aero Rafa Bag is unique because it has a vented pocket for dirty gear and plenty of other pockets for small-item storage. This is the perfect bag for tennis players traveling to tournaments or simply sharing with a couple of other people.

  • Large storage capacity (12 rackets comfortably)
  • Three main compartments, two featuring Isothermal Protection
  • Exterior, ventilated tunnel pocket ideal for shoes or dirty gear
  • Large side accessory pockets
  • This bag might be difficult to carry when full
  • Some customers can’t fit 12 normal-sized rackets inside

2. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack

tennis bags for travel

One of the more popular duffle-style racket bags for tennis players is the Tecnifibre Rackpack. This design is simple yet packs a punch in terms of storage and usability. One standout feature of the Tecnifibre Rackpack duffle bag is that it is broken up into sections to separate specific gear.

This bag holds four rackets comfortably and comes with straps so you can easily carry it between home and the court.

  • Has a deep, duffle-style design
  • Holds four rackets and two pairs of shoes
  • Features two mesh pockets for smaller gear
  • Made with lightweight material
  • Velcro closure on the bag might be an issue when it’s full
  • Relatively thin padding inside the bag

3. Geau Sport Axiom 9-Pack Racquet Bag

tennis bags for travel

The next tennis bag that should be on your list is from Geau Sport. This bag has a main compartment featuring a duffle opening, where players can store rackets and bulky gear. Another standout is this bag has an internal divider system to keep your items protected and separated.

The Geau Sport Axiom 9-Pack Raquet Bag also boasts a ventilated waterproof pocket that holds wet items, keeping the rest of your things dry. Shoulder straps are also included, making this the perfect mid-size bag for any tennis player.

  • A large main storage compartment with additional dividers
  • Waterproof pocket to store wet/damp items
  • Several exterior pockets for small-item storage
  • The top compartment lid is poly ripstop for a more durable construction
  • Moisture inside the bag may not always be contained.
  • Bags made before 2/1/22 will have a mesh top compartment lid.

4. Volkl Tour Combi 6-Pack Bag

tennis bags for travel

The next best tennis bag for tennis players comes from Volkl and is their Tour Combi Bag. This bag features a large compartment with a climate-control lining to protect rackets and strings.

Furthermore, the bag offers a second large compartment to hold up to six rackets and gear between them. The bag also features a pocket on the bottom for shoes or dirty clothes, perfect for travel.

  • Two large main compartments will hold up to six rackets
  • It has a compartment with climate control technology
  • It is nice for travel, with a shoe compartment at the bottom.
  • Includes a padded grab handle
  • Is more expensive for its mid-sizing
  • Doesn’t have waterproof technology in all compartments

5. Tennis Warehouse 6-Pack Racquet Bag

tennis bags for travel

The next tennis bag to consider is the Tennis Warehouse 6-Pack Racquet Bag, a great budget option. This bag features two main compartments (one with thermal lining) and can easily store six tennis rackets.

Another huge plus to this bag is its mesh-lined shoe tunnel on one end and smaller pockets for accessories.

  • It holds up to six rackets comfortably
  • affordable price
  • Features pockets for small items
  • Has thermal lining to protect gear
  • Isn’t as fancy as name-brand tennis bags
  • It only comes in one color.

6. Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag

tennis bags for travel

The next best bag for tennis comes from Vessel, and is their Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag. This tennis bag can hold up to six rackets and has plenty of storage for strings, towels, membership cards, and accessories. On top of that, the bag features thermal-insulation to protect your rackets from extreme weather conditions. The removable straps might also come in handy while traveling

  • Ample storage space and compartments for accessories
  • Holds up to six rackets in a thermal-insulated compartment
  • Removable straps for easy travel
  • Personalization with your name or logo
  • This bag is on the pricier side
  • The synthetic leather material might make a player hot while carrying it.
  • The bag weighs nearly five pounds

7. Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 3-Pack Backpack Bag

tennis bags for travel

Another high-quality tennis bag for players is the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 3-Pack Backpack, a signature piece from the brand. This bag features a front compartment built for your rackets and a back compartment offering two other areas for gear storage.

This bag is smaller, making it ideal for traveling and single-person use. Additionally, this bag has a removable shoe sack and an accessory pocket on the front: so it packs a punch for storage ability.

  • This bag holds up to three rackets
  • Features two extra gear storage compartments
  • Removable shoe sack
  • Great for storing smaller items
  • Doesn’t contain moisture-repelling compartments

8. Court Couture Cassanova Perforated Bag

tennis bags for travel

For anyone looking for a luxury tennis bag, the Cassanova Perforated Bag from Court Couture is a highly-recommended choice. One of the standout features of this tennis bag is its top-notch craftsmanship and materials. Made with faux patent leather, this bag holds up to two rackets.

It also has a large main compartment with inner and outer accessory pockets, giving your items plenty of space. This is an easy-to-carry shoulder-style bag, so it’s great for people on the go.

  • This bag is easy to carry: lightweight
  • Made with premium materials
  • It holds up to two tennis rackets
  • Has metal feet to prevent damage
  • This may not be ideal for tournaments/long travel
  • kind of expensive

9. Geau Sport Axiom Backpack 2.0

tennis bags for travel

The next best tennis bag to consider comes from Geau Sport and is their Axiom Backpack 2.0. This tennis bag stands out because of its padded racket compartment, capable of holding up to two rackets. Additionally, this tennis bag has a waterproof vented pocket perfect to hold shoes or sweaty gear. Although it’s a smaller tennis bag, the Axiom Backpack 2.0 is incredibly versatile and should be perfect for a single player.

  • Offers thick padding to protect gear
  • Keeps smaller accessories well organized
  • Comfortably holds two standard-size tennis rackets
  • This bag is on the premium side price-wise
  • You might only be able to store one racket inside.

10. Yonex Pro Backpack Large Bag

tennis bags for travel

One of the best tennis backpacks is the Yonex Pro Backpack Large Bag. With this bag, you can hold two rackets comfortably and store other gear and small accessories. This bag features a pocket on the bottom for keeping your shoes or sweaty gear: always a nice touch.

Furthermore, the Yonex Pro Backpack offers three smaller pockets and padded straps for easy transport.

  • Comfortable design for carrying heavy equipment
  • Made with durable, weather-tolerant materials
  • Bottom compartment for dirty shoes and clothing
  • Only can hold two rackets.
  • Might be better suited for practice, not tournaments

How To Choose The Perfect Tennis Bag

tennis bags for travel

When choosing your next tennis bag, focus on storage, quality, material, and size. From our list, we went over bags ranging from two rackets to 12, so there are options for everyone.

Your tennis bag should protect your racket(s) and any other gear you bring. On top of that, it might be nice to find a tennis bag with a separate compartment for dirty clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The more pockets and compartments: the better!

Who Makes The Best Tennis Bags?

Although this can be subjective, major brands in the tennis world, like Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, and Tecnifibre, are all known for their high-quality products. Of course, the brand doesn’t always matter for long-term durability, which we learned from Tennis Warehouses’ many great bags.

Generic bags and brands can also make incredibly durable products for tennis players (at a much lower price, too).

How Many Rackets Should A Tennis Bag Hold?

Most tennis bags will hold two or more tennis rackets. However, you only sometimes need to purchase a bag that holds 12 rackets. Your bag should store as many rackets as you play with, whether that means 1-2 or 10-15.

What Is The Best Brand Of Tennis Bags?

Babolat is one of the best brands for tennis bags. Between its quality, storage capacity, and features, bags from Babolat typically outshine the competition.

Conclusion: Our Top Pick

In this article, we uncovered the ten best tennis bags for this year and offered specs, pros, and cons of each product. Our top choice for tennis bags went to Babalot, with the Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack Bag , which has enough storage for an entire team.

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13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Federer with Wilson RF DNA tennis bag

Tennis bags are an important piece of equipment that all players must have. They are in charge of storing your rackets, clothes, shoes, and a variety of other items that you will need when you step onto the court.

But with so many options to choose from, how can you know what tennis bag is best for you?

Luckily I have created this complete buyer’s guide on the best tennis bags in 2023 as well as a breakdown of the different types of tennis bags and what to look for in a tennis bag so you can ensure you are making the right decision.

Let’s get into it!

Quick Summary

Reviews of the 13 best tennis bags in 2023, 1. vessel baseline racket bag.

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$$$ | Type: Traditional | Racket Capacity: 6

  • Premium quality
  • Many accessory pockets
  • Dedicated shoe compartment
  • Thermal insulation

If you’re looking for a luxury racket bag, look no further than the Vessel Baseline Racket Bag.

Vessel originally started out creating luxury golf bags but recently moved into the world of tennis and let me tell you, they do not disappoint.

The bag has plenty of storage for rackets with two large main compartments that can fit up to six rackets. The smaller compartment can fit two rackets and is thermal insulated so it can protect your tennis strings in extreme temperatures. The second compartment of the two is not thermally insulated however offers plenty of room for clothing, towels, or up to four rackets if needed.

A ventilated shoe compartment is also included as well as four exterior pockets, one thermal-lined and one velour-lined perfect for keeping your water bottle and valuable items.

The entire bag features waterproof zippers throughout and is made out of a durable synthetic leather and nylon combination so you can take this racket bag anywhere.

When testing out the bag, I was very impressed with how good the quality was, especially coming from a brand that doesn’t specialize in tennis. Combine this with the various other features on offer, it is no surprise that the Vessel Baseline is one of the best tennis racket bags on the market.

But it does come at a premium price. However, if you’re willing to make the investment you won’t be let down.

2. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack L

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$ | Type: Duffel | Racket Capacity: 4

  • Plenty of storage space
  • Dedicated shoe tunnel
  • Easy to travel with
  • Customizable main compartment
  • Rackets aren’t thermally insulated

If you’re looking for a switch up from your traditional racket bag then I’d recommend the Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack L.

The Endurance RS Rackpack L is Tecnifibre’s go at creating a duffle bag made for tennis. And they’ve done a great job! The bag features a middle compartment that can hold up to four rackets with either side of the middle compartment offering plenty of storage for other equipment.

This bag also comes with two mesh pockets on the inside compartment that can fit a reel of strings as well as all your miscellaneous items. Plus, there is a large shoe compartment on the side of the bag that can fit up to two pairs of shoes.

However, my favorite feature about this bag is the ability to reorganize the main compartment as the sections are all connected by velcro. This gives you the option to hold more rackets if you wished.

This tennis racquet bag was my bag of choice for many years and I must say, it did not let me down. The only downside I have is that the compartment for storing rackets is not thermally insulated, which may be an issue for you if you live in a cold country or travel frequently.

That being said, this is definitely my favorite tennis duffel bag out there. There is also an XL version of this bag available if you’re looking for something bigger.

3. Babolat Pure Drive 12 Racket Bag

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$$ | Type: Traditional | Racket Capacity: 15

  • Lots of room for storage
  • Fits 15 rackets
  • Great organizational features
  • Too big for beginner/intermediate players
  • Can be awkward to carry

The Babolat Pure Drive 12 Racket Bag is the perfect tennis bag if you need some extra space.

This bag has three main compartments with two of them fitted with Isothermal Protection to help protect your strings from warm and cold weather. The name of this bag is misleading as it can actually hold up to five rackets in each compartment for a total of 15 rackets! A ventilated tunnel pocket is included which is perfect for tennis shoes or dirty gear.

There are also two exterior pockets with one containing internal organizational features ideal for overgrips , headbands and any other items you may use.

The Babolat Pure Drive 12 Racket Bag is currently my bag of choice as it goes perfectly with my Babolat Pure Drive. I have lots of tennis gear and tend to travel frequently which means that having a bag with plenty of storage space is very important. However, this bag can be quite awkward to carry around due to how big it is.

4. Babolat Pure Aero 3 Pack Backpack

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$| Type: Backpack | Racket Capacity: 3

  • Easy to carry
  • Protects rackets
  • Very comfortable
  • Chest straps for cyclists
  • Only fits 3 rackets
  • No shoe tunnel

The Babolat Pure Aero 3 Pack Backpack is a very practical tennis bag perfect for beginner to intermediate players.

It has a foldable main compartment that can hold up to three of your rackets and covers the length of the racket so they stay protected from the weather. This bag also features two more compartments that can fit plenty of gear as well as an accessory pocket for valuable items.

The adjustable backpack straps are padded making them extremely comfortable which is why I think this bag is perfect if you walk or cycle to the tennis court.

However, if you’re an advanced player who has lots of rackets, then this bag may not have enough storage space as it can only fit three tennis rackets.

5. Geau Sport Axiom 9 Racket Bag

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$$$ | Type: Traditional | Racket Capacity: 9

  • Plenty of storage
  • Excellent quality

Geau Sport is another new company in the tennis industry that is competing with some of the top brands.

The Geau Sport Axiom 9 Racket Bag features two side panel compartments that can hold two rackets each. The main storage compartment contains two internal dividers that can be adjusted or removed to your liking. This is ideal for storing clothes, towels, balls or even more rackets if you so choose. There are also three external pockets around the bag made for storing your smaller items.

On top of the bag, there is a ventilated section for keeping your tennis shoes as well as extra clothes.

The entire bag is made out of a durable waterproof material keeping all your gear protected. This would be a great travel bag for your tennis tournaments.

A unique feature I liked when testing out this bag was its ability to stand up on its own making it a lot easier to access all of your gear. However, it is on the expensive side.

6. Yonex Team Racket 6 Pack Bag

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$ | Type: Traditional | Racket Capacity: 6

  • Great price
  • Good storage space
  • Comfortable to carry
  • May not be enough room for intermediate/advanced players

Yonex produces some of the highest quality tennis gear which is why it is no surprise they are one of the most popular brands among pros with the likes of Tommy Paul , Nick Kyrgios and Denis Shapovalov being sponsored by Yonex.

The Yonex Team Racket 6 Pack Bag is their entry-level traditional tennis bag perfect for intermediate to advanced players. There are two main compartments that will hold up to 3 rackets each as well as an accessory pocket on the front for your smaller items. A zippered shoe compartment is also included giving you the option to store a pair of tennis shoes.

I found the adjustable shoulder straps had lots of padding, making this bag comfortable to walk around with even when filled with plenty of gear.

7. Head Pro X Duffle Bag XL

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$$ | Type: Duffle | Racket Capacity: 12

  • Very durable
  • Lots of storage space
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Thermally insulated
  • Quite expensive

The Head Pro X Duffle bag XL is the perfect travel bag for tournament players offering plenty of storage space and great durability.

The bag features a huge main compartment with lots of storage space for all your clothes, towels, extra rackets and any other gear you may need. This section also has a velcro flap that can be put into place to create a separate section if needed.

Outside the bag, there is a specific compartment that is lined with Climate Control Technology built for storing and protecting up to four tennis rackets. Alongside this compartment is a vented shoe tunnel as well as a large pocket for all your valuables and accessories.

Not only are there adjustable shoulder straps, but you also have a grab handle making this bag easy to pick up and carry.

I must say, the dark grey and black color design looks very cool in person. The only downside I have about this bag is that it is very big, which some people may find uncomfortable to carry around.

8. Vessel Baseline Tennis Tote

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$$$ | Type: Tote | Racket Capacity: 2

  • High quality
  • Different color options
  • Great for everyday use
  • Lacks storage space

Vessel is known for creating luxury tennis bags which is why it’s no surprise that they’ve created a premium tote bag with some impressive features.

The Vessel Baseline Tennis Tote comes in a range of colors: Neo Mint, Rose Gold, Pebbled Black, Pebbled Navy and Pebbled Stone. The bag is made out of high-quality synthetic leather that not only keeps you looking stylish but has great durability, water resistance and is easy to clean.

Within the bag is a padded compartment that can hold up to two rackets and can even be used as a laptop compartment when you’re not playing tennis making this a great bag for everyday use as well. You also have a large main compartment, five interior pockets and two exterior pockets offering plenty of storage space that can fit all your playing gear and personal items.

Finally, the bag comes with two straps that can go over your shoulder making it easy to carry.

The Vessel Baseline Tennis Tote is definitely one of the most stylish tennis bags on the market. However, when it comes to tennis tote bags, I find they are very impractical. If you’re only goal is to look stylish, then this bag is ideal for you.

9. Tecnifibre Team Dry Backpack

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$$ | Type: Backpack | Racket Capacity: 3

  • Lightweight
  • Only holds 3 rackets

The Team Dry Backpack is another exceptional tennis bag made by Tecnifibre.

It features a large compartment that can hold up to three rackets (grip covers included) and a main compartment that can fit all your gear. It even has a flap within this main compartment that you can use to create different sections to separate your gear.

The main compartment features a roll top design giving the bag a stylish look as well as the option to fit extra items. Also, Tecnifibre has made it so you can access the main compartment from the top or side which is super handy as roll tops can be annoying when you need something quickly.

A vented tunnel can be found at the bottom of the bag which is great for storing your tennis shoes or dirty clothes.

The bag is made out of tarpaulin which is a very durable, lightweight and water-resistant material so you can tackle any weather!

10. Wilson Super Tour 15 Racket Bag

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$$ | Type: Traditional | Racket Capacity: 12

  • Thermally insulated compartments
  • Fits 12 rackets
  • Cool design

The Wilson Super Tour 15 Racket Bag is one of the largest tennis bags on this list making it perfect for any player that needs lots of room for their gear.

This bag has three main compartments, two with Wilson’s Thermoguard Technology which is aimed at protecting your tennis strings from extreme temperatures. Each section can hold up to four rackets which is plenty even for the pros.

On either side of the bag, there are two large accessory pockets made for storing all your other items. On the end, there is a vented shoe tunnel that is great for storing either tennis shoes or dirty clothes.

The bag has a color-shifting bronze design that matches Wilson’s newly released Wilson Pro Staff v14.

The Wilson Super Tour 15 Racket Bag is ideal for competitive tennis players who are looking for a high-quality tennis bag they can travel with. But if you’re a beginner/intermediate player who plays recreationally, then this bag would be too big for you.

11. Wilson Lifestyle Tote Bag

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $$ | Type: Tote | Racket Capacity: 2

  • Many different accessory pockets
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Padded compartment for rackets
  • Only fits 2 rackets

The Wilson Lifestyle Tote Bag is a great tennis bag that keeps you looking stylish on the court.

This bag has a padded compartment that can hold up to two rackets as well as a large main compartment that can fit plenty of gear. Within the main compartment are two zippered pockets, one with thermal lining, that can fit all your valuables and keep them protected. There are also several other outer pockets that are ideal for fitting water bottles, tennis balls and any other items you may need.

The Wilson Lifestyle Tote Bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps as well as a padded velcro grip to transport the bag with ease.

12. Head Tour Team Backpack

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Price: $| Type: Backpack | Racket Capacity: 2

  • Plenty of pockets
  • Only holds 2 rackets

The Head Tour Team Backpack is a great option if you’re looking for a good quality tennis bag at a great price.

It includes a racket-specific compartment that can hold up to two rackets and a main compartment that is large enough to hold all of your gear. There’s also a front accessory pocket that is useful for storing your valuables as well as elastic mesh pockets on either side of the bag which are perfect for your water bottle or a can of balls.

On the bottom is a zippered pocket that can be used for storing your shoes.

While it may lack the features of some of the other tennis bags, the Head Tour Team Backpack will always be a solid option.

13. Wilson RF DNA

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

  • Organizational features
  • Has RF’s signature
  • No vented shoe compartment
  • Gets dirty quick

Inspired by the great Roger Federer, the Wilson RF DNA is an excellent tennis bag for people with a lot of equipment.

Much like the Wilson Super Tour 15 Racket Bag, this bag has three main compartments, two with Wilson’s Thermoguard 2.0, that can hold a total of 12 rackets. The bag also has large accessory pockets on either side that include interior organizational features for storing various items.

A cool design feature I like about this bag is that they’ve included a screened image of Roger Federer’s signature so you can truly embody the maestro every time you step on the court.

One thing I did find with this bag when testing it out was that it got dirty very quickly due to its color. While it can easily be cleaned, it is still quite annoying. Plus, I would like for them to include a vented shoe compartment so I can separate my tennis shoes from my other gear.

Types of Tennis Bags

The type of tennis bag that’s best for you depends on a variety of factors. Here I’ve discussed the 4 main types of tennis bags:


13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

The traditional tennis bag, also known as pro racket bags, is what you’ll see most tennis players using.

This style of bag offers the most amount of storage and will typically hold between 6 and 15 rackets. The bag is shaped in the style of a tennis racket which is why they are the most practical for storing your rackets. They have multiple different compartments that tend to be thermally insulated to help protect your strings from extreme temperatures and keep them in the best condition possible.

Other features that you may find with these bags are vented shoe tunnels and several different accessory pockets.

If you’re a competitive player that has multiple tennis rackets and needs plenty of storage space then I’d recommend the traditional tennis bag.

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Backpacks are also very popular in the tennis world, especially amongst beginners, due to their practicality and ease of carrying tennis rackets.

Although they offer less storage space than traditional tennis bags, they are easy to carry around and are perfect if you walk or cycle to the tennis court.

Another reason I like tennis backpacks is that they are great for everyday use as well as a tennis bag.

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Duffel bags have become way more popular in recent years with many of the top tennis brands releasing their own duffel bags made for tennis players.

If you’re a tournament player that frequently has to travel, then you’ll understand why duffel bags are so useful. They are great for storing large amounts of gear and tend to have excellent organizational features. They can also hold several rackets and some can even hold up to 12 rackets such as the Head Pro X Duffle Bag XL.

You’ll tend to see many pro players bring both a traditional bag and a duffel bag on court with them as they need the extra storage for all their gear.

13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

Tote bags are a popular choice among female tennis players because they are both fashionable and practical for use on the court.

The focus with these bags is mainly fashion-driven as they tend to only be able to hold a couple of tennis rackets. Most of the time they’ll come in a variety of colors, designs and patterns so the player can find one that suits them. However, they will provide enough room for storing your smaller essentials such as clothes, towels, water bottles and shoes.

How to Find the Tennis Bag for You

Finding the right tennis bag for you isn’t easy. That’s why I’ve covered the basics below to help you get started:

How Often You Play

An important factor to help you decide what tennis bag is best for you is how often you play.

If you’re a beginner with only one racket who practices once every couple of weeks and doesn’t travel to tournaments then a backpack would be best suited for you as they aren’t expensive and would have enough storage space for all your gear.

However, if you’re a serious player who trains and competes regularly and has 3+ rackets you’ll want something with lots of storage space and is comfortable to carry around. This means that a traditional tennis bag or duffel bag would be best suited for you. Making the investment in a high-quality bag is important as this is what will protect all your equipment wherever you travel to.

Storage is a factor you have to take into account when buying a tennis bag.

There is lots of gear that tennis players need such as tennis rackets , tennis shoes , strings , balls, towels, overgrips and much more. This can take up a lot of storage space.

If you’re an advanced player it is likely you will have much more gear which means you need more storage space. It is typical for serious players to have anywhere from 3-9 rackets which is why they tend to have traditional tennis bags so they can fit all their rackets as well as other equipment.

If you’re a beginner who only needs to hold smaller items and plays with one racket then a backpack would be perfect as they are more affordable and easier to carry.

For many tennis players, an important factor is making sure their tennis bag brand matches their racket brand. Even I’m guilty of doing this.

Your options will become more limited as a result, as each brand will only offer a certain number of bags. However, if you’re not bothered about your brands matching then you’ll have a wider variety of bags to choose from.

In recent years a few new brands that don’t manufacture rackets, such as Geau Sport and Vessel, have entered the tennis bag scene which has given players more options to consider.

Of course, a vital factor you have to consider is price.

Tennis bags can come in a range of prices anywhere from $50 all the way up to a few hundred dollars depending on the brand and style.

If you’re someone who only plays once or twice a fortnight then I wouldn’t go spending more than $100. However, if you play competitively and train frequently I would recommend spending $150+ on a premium bag as this is what will store and protect all your gear.

What Tennis Bag Do I Use?

Currently, I am using the Babolat Pure Drive 12 Racket Bag as I needed a lot of storage space and wanted a bag to match my Babolat Pure Drive .

I train around 5-6 times a week and compete regularly which means I needed a good quality bag to keep all my gear in. I have been very impressed by the Babolat Pure Drive 12 Racket Bag as it offers much more space than I realized and the thermally insulated compartment is perfect for protecting my four tennis rackets.

Also, I have been surprised by how comfortable this bag is to carry considering it contains a lot of equipment.

The reason I didn’t rank this bag No.1 is because I don’t think a bag of this size is necessary for everyone and believe there are more practical options out there.

Final Words

Tennis bags are important for storing all of your gear but with so many options out there it can be hard to find the right one for you. There are many factors you have to consider such as price, storage, brand, skill level and more.

But hopefully, after reading this guide you now have a better understanding of what to look for in a tennis bag and have found some options that suit you.

Now it’s time to get out there!

Image Source: Man’s World India

' src=

Rory has been playing tennis for 10+ years and has competed in many tournaments around the world. This has led to him creating Tennis Bulldog so he can share his knowledge to help inspire the next generation of tennis players.

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Remove Product?

Travel bags.

Pro Wheelie Bag


  • Description
  • Customer Reviews

Go anywhere with your Solinco Tennis Travel Bag with Wheels in Black.  This tennis travel bag can store  all of your tennis equipment. It has one large main compartment and seven organizational compartments. The handles and wheels are retractable and it has a hard bottom to for sturdy, upright standing. Can also be carried with its exterior straps.

  • 1 large main compartment
  • 7 organizational compartments
  • Retractable handles & wheels
  • Exterior straps
  • Hard bottom

Dimensions : 31" x 17" x 14" (78 x 44 x 36 cm)

Color : Black

Visit our blog for more useful tennis equipment & accessory information:

What to Put in Your Tennis Bag

Closet Check - Love it OR Let it Go

No Specs Available.

Our staff has not reviewed this product yet.

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Select adjustment

Coming soon.

Tennis-Point largest tennis showroom and tennis warehouse in the Midwest...

  • 800-334-4580
  • 3 Pack Racquet Bags

Wheeled Travel Tennis Bags


Roni The Travel Guru

Moscow Metro – Part 2

' src=

Have you been to Moscow ? In all seriousness, they have the prettiest metro stations I have ever seen and I still can’t believe how immaculate and lovely every station was. There are several different stations pictured below and this is the second of several posts where I will show you the beauty of the Moscow Metro. Did you see part 1 ?  There really isn’t much to say because I think the pictures speak for themselves. I have so many more pictures to share with you!

moscow metro

Have you ever been to Moscow? Is it someplace you have thought about visiting?

' src=

She speaks fluent English, French and Spanish, and works for a major airline. And guess what? She’s also a licensed elementary teacher and has an MBA.

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Times Square Of Accra, Ghana

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Day Tour From Dublin, Ireland

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This is the train STATION?? Oh my god… So gorgeous. Moscow has never even crossed my mind as a possible travel destination but this is gorgeous…Hmmm… LOL

I know, right? We spent several hours in the metro, just marveling at the beauty of each one. Thanks for stopping by!

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Things to Do in Elektrostal, Russia - Elektrostal Attractions

Things to do in elektrostal.

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  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

tennis bags for travel

1. Electrostal History and Art Museum

tennis bags for travel

2. Statue of Lenin

tennis bags for travel

3. Park of Culture and Leisure

4. museum and exhibition center.

tennis bags for travel

5. Museum of Labor Glory

tennis bags for travel

7. Galereya Kino

8. viki cinema, 9. smokygrove.

tennis bags for travel

10. Gandikap

11. papa lounge bar, 12. karaoke bar.

  • Statue of Lenin
  • Electrostal History and Art Museum
  • Park of Culture and Leisure
  • Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Museum of Labor Glory

Elektrostal Attractions Information

tour x xiv st golf bag

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Tour X XIVst 14-Way Stand Bag

This item is temporarily out of stock. If you would like to be notified when it is back in stock, please enter your email address below

Product Description

  • 14-way divider top
  • Padded dual shoulder strap
  • Lined Valuables Pocket
  • Insulated beverage pocket
  • Velcro for external glove attachment

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Product Details

Pinseeker tour x stand bag.

The Pinseeker Tour X Stand Bag is one of the most valuable golf bags you will ever buy. Very durable and meets all your golfing needs.

  • 4 Way handle top
  • Umbrella holder

Pinseeker Tour X Stand Bag '21

tour x xiv st golf bag





Roger Dunn Golf Shops

Pinseeker Tour X 14-Way Cart Bag

tour x xiv st golf bag

This product qualifies for FREE economy shipping

Contact local store for availability


  • 14-Way Divider Top w/Dual Hand
  • 2 Large Garment Pockets
  • Cooler Pocket
  • Velcro Glove Attachment
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Weight 3.35 lbs.
  • Reference ID: 320000563

Shipping & Returns

tour x xiv st golf bag

90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction in every way for 90 days from the date of purchase

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  • The GolfWorks Micro Gripping Stand-GW0132
  • Pro Plus Butane Micro Torch
  • 6″ Measuring Scale-GR
  • Auditor Designer’s Loft & Lie Gauge-GM1001

Pinseeker Tour X Org XIV ST Stand Bag '21 -Golf Clubs Elegant store 9883519 800 auto

Pinseeker Tour X Org XIV ST Stand Bag ’21

$ 139.99 $ 95.99

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tour x xiv st golf bag

  • Description
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The Tour X Org XIV ST Stand Bag is a great choice for your golf bag. It has three vibrant choice of colors while providing multiple uses for one bag. All the needs you’ll need on the golf course such as towel ring and valuables pockets will be included.

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tour x xiv st golf bag

Used Men's Tour X Standing Golf Bag

314 related listings in standing bags.

Used Men's Tour X Standing Golf Bag

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Top brands in golf clubs and equipment.

tour x xiv st golf bag

Used Men's Pinseeker Tour X Org XIV Standing Golf Bag

This item is in excellent condition. It may have some minor visible signs of limited use but it is in fantastic shape and has been well maintained. Our items typically ship within 1 business day. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message. Product Specs: Condition: Used Color: Blue Gender: Men's Height: 33”

Join more than 1 million athletes buying and selling on SidelineSwap. Save up to 70% on quality new and used gear, sold by athletes just like you.

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tour x xiv st golf bag

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Merchants of Golf Tour X SS Golf Stand Bags

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CHAMPKEY Lightweight Golf Stand Bag | Professional Pitch Golf Bag Ideal for The Driving Range, Par 3 and Executive Courses

Tour X SS Golf Stand Bags-Black/Charcoal

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What does an elektrostal' home stager do, what should i consider before hiring an interior staging company, questions to ask potential real estate staging companies in elektrostal', moscow oblast, russia:, find home stagers near me on houzz, how do i find a local home stager in elektrostal'.

  • Reach out to the pro(s) you want, then share your vision to get the ball rolling.
  • Request and compare quotes, then hire the Home Stager that perfectly fits your project and budget limits.

What is a home stager?

A home stager is a professional who prepares a house for sale, aiming to attract more buyers and potentially secure a higher selling price. They achieve this through the following techniques:

  • Rearranging furniture to optimize space and functionality.
  • Decluttering to create a clean and spacious look.
  • Making repairs to address visible issues.
  • Enhancing aesthetics with artwork, accessories, and lighting.
  • Introducing new furnishings to update the style.

Their goal is to present the house in the best light. Home stagers in Elektrostal' help buyers envision themselves living there, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

What services do Home Stager companies provide in Elektrostal'?

  • Home Staging
  • Decluttering
  • Furniture Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Art Selection
  • Accessory Selection

What are the benefits of Home Staging?

Benefits of the home staging in Elektrostal':

  • Attractive and inviting: Staging creates a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers.
  • Faster sale: Homes sell more quickly, reducing time on the market.
  • Higher sale price: Staging can lead to higher offers and appeal to a wider range of buyers.
  • Showcasing best features: Strategic arrangement highlights positives and minimizes flaws.
  • Stand out online: Staged homes capture attention in online listings.
  • Emotional connection: Staging creates a positive impression that resonates with buyers.
  • Easy visualization: Buyers can easily picture themselves living in a staged home.
  • Competitive advantage: Staging sets your home apart from others on the market.
  • Affordable investment: Cost-effective way to maximize selling potential and ROI.
  • Professional expertise: Experienced stagers ensure optimal presentation for attracting buyers.

How many Home Stagers are in Elektrostal'?

Business services, connect with us.

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tour x xiv st golf bag

BAG Tour Cup

2023 tournament schedule.

Race for the BAG Tour Cup

tour x xiv st golf bag

2023 BAG Tour Cup: Standings

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Watch: 2023 BAG Tour Invitational

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Tour News More Tour News

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Fore-ward Momentum: BAG Tour takes on SC

BAG Tour heads to Palmetto State

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Tour Championship Race

2023 Tour Championship Preview

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2023 Tour Index Breakdown

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Sticky Post

2023 points system.

New Points System for 2023

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OnPoint Golf: Make More Putts

OnPoint Golf and BAG Tour extend relationship through 2023 and beyond.

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Brights Creek: Results

Detailed results for the 2023 Championship at Brights Creek

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2022 Peninsula Club Championship

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Jacob Shell named Content Creator of the Year

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tour x xiv st golf bag

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THE 10 BEST Resorts near Electrostal History and Art Museum, Elektrostal

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Property types

Hotel class.

  • 50 mi from Electrostal History and Art Museum

Gostinitsa Kazanskiy Vokzal in Moscow

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Search 22 Elektrostal' home & house stagers to find the best home stager for your project. See the top reviewed local home stagers in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia on Houzz.

BAG Tour Cup 2023 Tournament Schedule. Race for the BAG Tour Cup. BAG Tour Cup 2023 BAG Tour Cup: Standings. Media Watch: 2023 BAG Tour Invitational. ... OnPoint Golf and BAG Tour extend relationship through 2023 and beyond. By Commissioner. BAG Tour Cup / 2 months ago. Tour Championship Race. 2023 Tour Championship Preview.

First S-400 btln, Elektrostal Moscow.

Resorts near Electrostal History and Art Museum, Elektrostal on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews, 640 candid photos, and prices for resorts near Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal, Russia.

Company LKKA is an enterprise producing various springs for different Russian industries including military industry over 13 years. While producing our springs we use raw materials only of high quality or analogues from European manufacturers.

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Best Bags for Tennis & Pickleball Players

So, you started playing pickleball… we like to think that means you can start calling yourself an amateur athlete now. Tired of having balls, paddles, and who knows what else floating around your car, house, and bags? Every tennis fanatic or pickleball player should have a game-ready bag designed specifically with sport in mind. When you’ve got to make it to that 8 AM court slot, we know you don’t want to be rummaging around to try to find where you left your set this week. Yep, we’re pickleball people — here are a few of our top choices for sport-ready bags!

Women holding a pickle ball bag with a tennis racquet inside standing in front of a tennis net


It’s in the name. You can truly fit it all in this  pickleball bag — gym shoes, paddles, and even an outfit for after if you have to head straight from the court to your next commitment. This tote is great as a bag that functions perfectly for the gym, but also looks sleek for your errands after. Plus, it fits perfectly under an airplane seat so you can pack it for a vacation, then have your sport bag ready to head out to the courts when you get there. True pickleball people never take a day off (JK… we love how chill yet competitive this sport is!). Our favorite part? The draw-cord pockets in the front are the perfect easy-access spot for storing extra balls! 

Beige beis backpack with a tennis racquet inside On top of a beige suitcase on a tennis court


More of a backpack person? We’ve got you. We like to think of this like those matching sport backpacks we used to carry to practice in high school… with a fashionable twist. You can still fit everything you need (and more), but the clean look and modern design make it feel all grown up. It comes with a front equipment pocket that makes it perfect as a tennis backpack , and it has a water bottle holder on each side so you stay hydrated and at the top of your game. 


  • Durable material: Our nylon is sleek, lightweight, and durable, so you get the best of both worlds when it comes to fashion and function. 
  • Easy organization: Pockets, pockets, pockets. From adjustable cord closures to zipper sections and more, there’s a spot for everything (because you should never have to worry about your workout clothes getting dirt all over your laptop). 
  • Travel-ready additions: It wouldn’t be us if there weren’t intuitive features that can take you from court to carry-on in a breeze. Our trolley pass-throughs make any bag the perfect travel partner (in case you’re tired of playing doubles and need a little solo vacation). 


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Norilsk: The city built by gulag prisoners where Russia guards its Arctic secrets

Environmental activists are frustrated by how authorities handled a diesel spill which poured into two Arctic rivers in late May.

tennis bags for travel

Moscow correspondent @DiMagnaySky

Friday 3 July 2020 23:41, UK

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Arctic suffers worst ever industrial spill

The drive from Norilsk airport to the city takes you past mile after mile of crumbling, Soviet-era factories.

It looks like an endless, rusting scrapyard - a jumble of pipes, industrial junk and frost-bitten brickwork. If you were looking for an industrial apocalypse film setting, this would be your place - but you're unlikely to get the permissions.

Norilsk was built in Stalin's times by gulag prisoners. This gritty industrial city is a testament to their endurance both of the cruelty of Stalin's regime and of the harsh polar climate. There were no thoughts then on how to build to protect the environment, just to survive it.

Norilsk in Russia. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Vasily Ryabinin doesn't think much has changed, at least in ecological terms. He used to work for the local branch of the federal environmental watchdog, Rosprirodnadzor, but quit in June after exposing what he says was a failure to investigate properly the environmental impact of the gigantic diesel spill which poured into two Arctic rivers in late May.

At 21,000 tonnes, it was the largest industrial spill in the polar Arctic .

Despite the Kremlin declaring a federal emergency and sending a host of different agencies to participate in the clean-up, just last week Mr Ryabinin and activists from Greenpeace Russia found another area where technical water used in industrial processes was being pumped directly into the tundra from a nearby tailing pond. Russia's investigative committee has promised to investigate.

"The ecological situation here is so bad," Mr Ryabinin says.

"The latest constructions such as the tailing pond at the Talnack ore-processing plant were built exclusively by Nornickel chief executive Vladimir Potanin's team and supposedly in accordance with ecological standards, but on satellite images you can see that all the lakes in the vicinity have unnatural colours and obviously something has got into them."

Nornickel Plant and container (on the left) which had the leak. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Mining company Nornickel would disagree. It has admitted flagrant violations at the tailing pond and suspended staff it deems responsible at both the Talnack plant and at Norilsk Heat and Power plant no 3 where the diesel spill originated from.

On Thursday it appointed Andrey Bougrov, from its senior management board, to the newly-created role of senior vice president for environmental protection. It has a clear environmental strategy, provides regular updates on the status of the spill, and its Twitter feed is filled with climate-related alerts.

But what investors read is very different to the picture on the ground.

21,000 tonnes of diesel oil has spilled into two rivers in Norilsk

Norilsk used to be a closed city - one of dozens across the Soviet Union shut off to protect industrial secrets. Foreigners need special permissions approved by the Federal Security Service (FSB) to enter the region. It would take an invitation from Nornickel to make that happen and, for the past month since the spill, that has not been forthcoming.

Unlike in Soviet times, Russian citizens are now free to come and go. That's why our Sky News Moscow team were able to fly in and travel around the city, even if getting to the spill site was blocked. What they were able to film provides a snapshot of the immense challenge Russia faces in upgrading its Soviet-era industrial infrastructure, particularly at a time when climate change is melting the permafrost on which much of it was built.

The Russian city of Norilsk. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Just downwind from one of the rusting factories on the city outskirts is a huge expanse of dead land. The skeletal remains of trees stand forlorn against the howling Arctic winds. Sulphur dioxide poisoning has snuffed the life out of all that lived here. Norilsk is the world's worst emitter of sulphur dioxide by a substantial margin.

"For 80km south of here everything is dead," Mr Ryabinin says, "and for at least 10km in that direction too. Everything here depends on the wind."

Sample took by Vasily Ryabinin near the Nornickel plant in Norilsk, Russia, on the day of an accident. Pic: Vasily Ryabinin

Immediately after the spill, Mr Ryabinin filmed and took samples from the Daldykan river just a few kilometres from the fuel tank which had leaked. By that point the river was a churning mix of diesel and red sludge dredged up from the riverbed by the force of the leak. Norilsk's rivers have turned red before and the chemical residues have sunk to the bottom, killing all life there. Nothing has lived in those rivers for decades.

In his capacity as deputy head of the local environmental watchdog, Mr Ryabinin says he insisted that he be allowed to fly further north to check the levels of contamination in Lake Pyasino and beyond.

Nornickel at the time claimed the lake was untouched by the spill. Mr Ryabinin says his boss encouraged him to let things be.

"I can't be sure I would have found anything, but this sort of confrontation - making sure I didn't go there with a camera, let alone with bottles for taking samples, it was all very clear to me. It was the final straw."

Rosprirodnadzor refused to comment to Sky News on Mr Ryabinin's allegations or suggestions that the agency was working hand in hand with Nornickel.

The Nornickel plant and the place where diesel meets red water (polluted by other chemicals). Pic: Vasily Ryabinin

Georgy Kavanosyan is an environmental blogger with a healthy 37,000 following on YouTube. Shortly after the spill, he set out for Lake Pyasino and to the Pyasina River beyond to see how far the diesel had spread.

"We set out at night so that the Norilsk Nickel security wouldn't detect us. I say at night, but they've got polar nights there now, north of the Arctic Circle. So it's still light but it's quieter and we managed to go past all the cordons."

He is one of the few to have provided evidence that the diesel has in fact travelled far beyond where the company admits. Not just the 1,200km (745m) length of Lake Pyasino but into the river beyond.

He says his measurements indicated a volume of hydrocarbons dissolved in the water of between two and three times normal levels. He thinks after he published his findings on YouTube, the authorities' vigilance increased.

Greenpeace Russia have spent the last two weeks trying to obtain samples from Lake Pyasino and the surrounding area. They have faced difficulties getting around and flying their samples out for independent analysis.

They are now waiting for results from a laboratory in St Petersburg but say the samples remain valid technically for just four days after collection and that they weren't able to make that deadline due to the authorities' actively obstructing their work.

Vasily Ryabinin and Elena Sakirko from Greenpeace. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Elena Sakirko from Greenpeace Russia specialises in oil spills and says this has happened to her before. This time, a police helicopter flew to the hunter's hut where they were staying and confiscated the fuel for the boat they were using. Then a deputy for the Moscow city parliament tasked with bringing the samples back from Norilsk was forced to go back empty-handed.

"We were told at the airport we needed permission from the security department of Nornickel," Ms Sakirko says. "We asked them to show us some law or statement to prove that this was legal or what the basis for this was, but they haven't showed us anything and we still don't understand it."

Nornickel announced this week that the critical stage of the diesel spill is over. The company is now finalising dates for a press tour for foreign media and for other international environmentalists.

Mr Ryabinin thinks this should have happened weeks ago.

"If we don't let scientists come to the Arctic region to evaluate the impact of the accident, then in the future if anything similar happens, we won't know what to do."

A spokesperson for Nornickel said the company "is actively cooperating with the scientific community and will meticulously assess both the causes and effects of the accident."

The Russian city of Norilsk. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Nornickel considers permafrost thawing to be the primary cause of the accident, but is waiting for the end of investigation before making a final statement, the spokesperson said.

They added that the company "accepts full responsibility for the incidents on its sites these past two months and holds itself accountable for any infrastructural deficits or poor decisions by personnel.

"The imperative is to do everything to clean up our sites, instil a stronger culture of transparency and safety in our workforce, and ensure that such situations do not occur in the future."

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Travel Rolling Tennis Pro Wheel Bags

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    TORY BURCH $390 NET-A-PORTER Simple and spacious, this bag is perfect to tote to country club courts. The front pocket fits two racquets, which you can even remove for non-tennis days. Brother...

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    Types of Tennis Bags 3 Features to Consider 4 How to Choose a Bag 5 Popular Brands 6 Racquet Bags 7 Backpacks 8 Duffel Bags 9 Totes New to TennisCompanion? Create a free account and explore my latest videos below The Bags I'm Using Now

  6. Buy the Perfect Tennis Travel Duffel Bag

    Dunlop Pro Wheelie Tennis Travel Bag (Black) $199.99 Backordered. Ships 6/25. Compare FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING Sale Babolat Explore 1 Week Tournament Tennis Travel Bag (Black/White) $179.95 |$169.95 Compare Sale FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING Babolat X-Large Tennis Duffel Bag (Blue/Acid Green) $84.95 Compare FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING

  7. Tennis Travel Bags & Large Duffels

    Tennis Travel Bags & Large Duffels Sort New Wilson Super Tour Shift Duffel Bag $69.00 New Nike Brasilia Medium Duffel Bag Print $47.00 New Prince Hydrogen Lady Mary Duffel Bag $79.00 New Prince Hydrogen Random Duffel Bag $79.00 New Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Duffel Bag $69.00 New Volkl Primo Duffel Bag Black/Charcoal $79.99 Sale -20%

  8. Amazon.com: Tennis Bag

    1-48 of 678 results for "tennis bag" Results Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag Series 3,849 200+ bought in past month $2900 FREE delivery Wed, Jan 31 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon More Buying Choices $24.10 (6 used & new offers) Overall Pick +7 colors/patterns

  9. Shop Travel & Lifestyle Tennis Bags

    Tennis Bags Travel & Lifestyle Tennis Bags All Bags Performance Recreational Kids Filter Category Series Bag Type Racket Capacity Size Price Color 17 Results Sort By Showman Leather Tennis Bag Add to bag Pro Staff V14 Super Tour Duffel Add to bag Shift Duffel Add to bag Lifestyle Foldover Backpack Add to bag Lifestyle Racket Bag

  10. Cancha

    Cancha Bags are premium, waterproof tennis & travel bags that transform to accommodate the full scope of living; play, work and travel. Our mission is to provide tools that empower active individuals to pursue their passions.

  11. The 13 Best Tennis Bags of 2024

    Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag at Amazon ($101) Wilson Lifestyle Racket Bag at Wilson.com (See Price) lululemon Wunderlust Large Duffle Bag at Lululemon (See Price) Ame & Lulu Hamptons...

  12. The 10 Best Tennis Bags In 2024 [pros & Cons]

    Check Latest Price Our favorite tennis bag comes from Babolat, their Pure Aero Rafa 12-Pack Bag. This bag has two compartments with Isothermal Protection that hold five rackets each. In addition, this bag has a middle compartment for more rackets and gear.

  13. Tennis Bags

    6 Pack Bags 8-12 Pack Bags Designer Tote Bags Backpacks Tennis Travel Bags & Large Duffels Tournament Pro Bags (rectangular bags that hold racquets) Shop Tennis Bags by Brand Babolat Wilson Head Prince Yonex Tecnifibre Nike adidas Dunlop Volkl Ame & Lulu Maggie Mather Tennis Warehouse Solinco Cinda B Cortiglia Court Couture Glove It Cancha

  14. 13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023 (Backpacks, Duffel Bags & More)

    Table of Contents. Quick Summary. Reviews of the 13 Best Tennis Bags in 2023. 1. Vessel Baseline Racket Bag. 2. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack L. 3. Babolat Pure Drive 12 Racket Bag.

  15. Travel Bags

    Tennis. Rackets FX Series SX Series LX Series CX Series Mid Range & Juniors ... Travel Bags 4 Results Filter Pro Wheelie Bag - Black. $199.99 Pro Hold All - Black. $119.99 CX Series Wheelie Bag - Red. $99.00 ...

  16. Solinco Tennis Travel Bag with Wheels

    Go anywhere with your Solinco Tennis Travel Bag with Wheels in Black. This tennis travel bag can store all of your tennis equipment. It has one large main compartment and seven organizational compartments. The handles and wheels are retractable and it has a hard bottom to for sturdy, upright standing. Can also be carried with its exterior straps. Features: 1 large main compartment 7 ...

  17. Wheeled Travel Tennis Bags

    Tennis Racquets Tennis Racquet Specials Tennis Shoes Tennis Apparel Tennis Balls Tennis Strings Tennis Bags Tennis Accessories Tennis Court Equipment. Tennis-Point offers a variety of tennis bags, including wheeled travel bags convenient for heavy tennis gear. Get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49.95!

  18. Babolat Travel Bags

    Babolat Travel Bags. All 3 Packs 6 Packs 9 Packs 12 Packs Backpacks Shoe Compartment Climate Protection. Sort. Babolat EVO Court S Bag. $69.95. Babolat Duffel M Classic Bag Yellow Lime/Blue. $59.95. Babolat Duffel Bag XL Blue/Yellow Lime. $84.95.

  19. Best Bags for Tennis & Pickleball Players

    THE FULL LIST. When it comes to court sports, we've got tons of options for pickleball and tennis bags that work for your life. From small slings to full-size duffles, our bags come with our trusted trolley pass-throughs, padded straps for comfort, and interior organization for laptops and more. We won't blame you if you end up wanting one ...

  20. Moscow Metro

    Ihere is something special about seeing art and beauty while hundreds of feet underground. The metro in Moscow is breathtakingly beautiful, don't you think?

  21. THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Elektrostal

    1. Electrostal History and Art Museum. 2. Statue of Lenin. 3. Park of Culture and Leisure. 4. Museum and Exhibition Center. 5.

  22. tour x xiv st golf bag

    Order Status; My Golf Ball Subscription; Return Policy (800) 372-2557 [email protected] Tour X XIVst 14-Way Stand Bag. This item is temporarily out of stock. If you would like to

  23. Best Bags For Pickleball & Tennis Players to Carry Your Gear 2024

    THE FULL LIST. When it comes to court sports, we've got tons of options for pickleball and tennis bags that work for your life. From small slings to full-size duffles, our bags come with our trusted trolley pass-throughs, padded straps for comfort, and interior organization for laptops and more. We won't blame you if you end up wanting one ...

  24. Norilsk: The city built by gulag prisoners where Russia guards its

    Norilsk was built in Stalin's times by gulag prisoners. This gritty industrial city is a testament to their endurance both of the cruelty of Stalin's regime and of the harsh polar climate.

  25. Travel Rolling Tennis Pro Wheel Bags

    Travel Rolling Tennis Pro Wheel Bags. Sort. New. Head Tour Team Travel Bag. $149.00. Yonex Pro Trolley Bag. $174.99. Back to Top. Special Offers 4 Offers.