Safari Zone

There is also a pokemon center around there. Heal up and head through the next gate up North.

For P500 you'll get 30 safari balls to play in the safari zone. When you use all the balls you have then your game ends and you go back to the start. Either use all your balls or head back to the entrance yourself and ask to end the game. To catch pokemon you can only use the balls, bait, and mud. Mud makes pokemon easier to catch but may make them flee. Bait makes the pokemon harder to catch but makes them stay longer. The obtainable pokemon in the safari zone depends on the area you're in.

When you first go in the old man Baoba will ask if you want to take a test. All you have to do is catch a geodude in the safari zone. Once you have one in your party show it to Baoba and he'll say there's a second part to the test but you may have to wait till later. Three hours later he will call you and ask you to catch a Sandshrew with the area customization. You'll have to add a desert section to find the Sandshrew. You can now switch around the different areas of the Safari Zone. Each area has certain pokemon that show up in that area.

You'll eventually be able to place items or blocks in the safari zone that allow even more pokemon to be obtainable!

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HeartGold / SoulSilver Safari Zone Efficiency Guide

  • Thread starter Giant Octopodes
  • Start date Apr 21, 2020

More options

Giant octopodes.

  • Apr 21, 2020

Johto Safari Zone - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

  • I understand this is an old thread, but want to reply anyway

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Diehard GameFAN

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver – Safari Zone Strategy Guide

In the original Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal , when your Trainer traveled to Kanto you found that the Safari Zone had moved out of Fuchsia City. This meant no Safari Zone Pokemon for your character. In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver , the Safari Zone is back… just in a brand new location. It’s the biggest and most complex Safari Zone to date, so let’s take a look at what all you’ll have to go through to catch ’em all.

First of all, the basic premise has stayed the same – you are given thirty Safari Balls and you have a limited number of steps to catch Pokemon with. Your play ends when you run out of either steps or Safari Balls. This new Safari Zone is a lot more Trainer friendly however. Remember in the old games where you’d have to waste half your steps just to get to an area where you could hopefully find a Chansey? Well, now the Safari Zone is customizable. By using your DS stylus and the touch pad, you can move around the order of the six Safari Zones. This means if all you need to complete the Pokedex is say, a Smeargle, you can set it up so that the Field area of the Safari Zone is right at the entrance, giving you a better chance of catching it. Each of the six zones features distinctly different Pokemon, so you’ll have to visit them all eventually.

The Safari Zone Warden will also have tasks he will assign to you. The first is to get him a Geodude. In return, he’ll activate the customization ability mentioned in the previous paragraph. After that, he will ask you for a Sandshrew. Once you bring him one he’ll activate a new level of customization. This will involve special items that can attract Pokemon that would otherwise not appear in the Safari Zone. Each of these special Pokemon will require a set number of items to be laid down in the Safari Zone in the area they would show up in. Now you can only have 30 items out at a time, and some Pokemon like, say, Carnivine require 25 Grassland item to be laid out in the Desert area. That leaves you only five items to place elsewhere in the zone. The good thing is that the longer you leave these items out, the more experience those items will get, and they will level up like a Pokemon. These items will eventually be worth up to seven times their original value (based on how long you leave them out for), so things will get easier to catch all the Pokemon possible in the Safari Zone. Some rarely occurring Pokemon will not only requires items to be set out, but will also require those items to sit in the area for a length of time before they appear. Remember Carnivine in our item example? Well you’ll also have to leave those items in the Desert for ten straight days before he’ll begin to appear. Because of this, you might want to consider looking for Carnivine in the Marshlands where he requires only 18 points of items, but he will then take 20 days to appear. It’s up to you.

Here now is an easy to read table of each Pokemon and the requirements you’ll need to make them appear within the Safari Zone.

Alex Lucard

30 responses to “Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver – Safari Zone Strategy Guide”


Where can you find a ghastly or a Haunter?

Where can you catch a ghastly/Haunter here?

Alex Lucard Avatar

Sprout Tower at night.

Brendan Avatar

i was thinking…you know that u have 2 wait a certain amout of days for sum pokemon 2 appear…can u jus like change the date on your DS so that it makes the game think that say 20days have gone past??? any one know?

Sean Avatar

@brendan, no i don’t think it will work like that, if you change the date on your ds it takes at least 24 hours in order for anything time related to happen, as far as changing it 20 days and than waiting 24 hours i’m not sure but personally i wouldn’t waste my time trying


@Brendan, might work, changing the time from 1pm to 1am makes it night so I don’t see why not. Worth a try, it takes 2 mins to do. it’s a stupid thing to put in a game anyway, the majority of people beat the elite 4 in less than 2 weeks, then they’re done with the game, not going to sit around for 110 days for some shit pokemon to appear.


no you cant change the date but if you forward your clock to 23.29 and wait a minute then save then repete for an extra day each time thats how i got riolu

Thom Avatar

Is there anyway you can tell if you have made the rarer pokemon appear??

J-Man Avatar

@Shadow Shaymin – Why 23.29, and not 23.59? I’m gonna try what you recommend.

rye Avatar

need help to find dragon type pokemon realy strong to beat 9 gym

There is no ninth gym. There are two sets of eight.

Someone Avatar

@Shaymin: Are you just BSing? I’ve tried the same approach for bagon and then shelgon and both times was unable to catch one.

I should add that the time to set the clock to (and the time that I used) is 23:59

luke Avatar

the date changes work for me in the safari zone as do they for the bug catching contest(tho i dont recomend jumping ahead because it records the days you do the contest i would only do that for days you missed)

on another note the the best way to get any pokemon is to have the other versions. thats how i did it i legitimantly have seen caught and curently own every pokemon in all ther evolved forms thats the best thing i can recomind because yes the waiting is bs when i can just do in 5 min on another vesion and trade over what its making me do in like 100+ days

Spyder0 Avatar

Now if it says have 18 rocky items, do you have to have exactly 18 items or can you just wait till it counts as 18 rocky items?

Judas Avatar

@Luke, not everyone has 2 DS’s to trade the stuff over. I have 100% pokedex in diamond, but there’s not much I can do about it with one ds.

hanksy Avatar

how dow you get safrizone items

pokefan n.1 Avatar

thanks so so much for the floatzel cheat it really helped!!!

thnxxxxxxxxxxxx so much now i have flotzel thank you loads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blubbermonkeysxMUDKIPS Avatar

WTF I NEED a shelgon so i can pwn the world! help me please???

Kicking Bird Avatar




james bickford Avatar

i need a garchomp i will trade you a lv 70 mewtwo

look for the name black

Boykes Avatar

I know, there are 6 areas I see, but why are there more places :S

Allison Avatar

I’m confused about the itemssss thing??

ceejay Avatar

How can I get a bagon its so hard I already placed the items down and waited 120 days and it still did not show up

thidal Avatar

this always works bait mud bait mud ball mud ball mud ball mud ball mud… works evey time and if it flees its just not worthy to be in your party and a little secret your DS goes off of the time on it so dont wait months just change the date

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How to Catch Pokémon in Safari Zone

Last Updated: May 21, 2023 References

This article was co-authored by Madeleine Flamiano . Madeleine Flamiano is a Role-playing Game Enthusiast based in Berkeley, California. She has over 20 years of gaming experience and is an avid gamer in all parts of her life—she's especially fond of tabletop board games and the world of Pokémon. Pokémon Crystal Version is her favorite game in the franchise. Some of her greatest feats were evolving Eevee to a Level 99 Umbreon and collecting every legendary bird Pokémon. Her professional path started at NaNoWriMo, where she scripted a summer-long world-building series and hosted its Virtual Write-Ins. She has written seven books for DDCO Publishing, which specializes in LitRPG and is operated by New York Times Bestseller JA Cipriano. She has ranked in the Top 100 list for Dark Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, and Fantasy Romance. She was voted by her peers as "The Perfectionist" on Roleplay Adventures, a SERP for forum roleplaying. Madeleine graduated from Mills College with a B.A. in English with a concentration in Literature and a Minor in Philosophy. This article has been viewed 104,820 times.

In the Pokémon series of games, Safari Zones are special unique areas in each game where rare Pokémon that don't appear anywhere else in the game can be caught. Safari Zones always operate with different rules than the rest of the game world - instead of battling Pokémon in the wild like you normally would, you'll need to carefully use baits and deterrents to get Pokémon to let down their guards so you can catch them. This can be quite challenging, so knowing the ins and outs of Safari Zone mechanics in each game is vital for success.

Navigating the Safari Zone

Fighting and capturing pokémon.

Step 1 Be aware of the modified combat mechanics for the Safari Zone.

  • Note that the "run away" option functions as normal, so we won't be discussing it.

Step 2 Use bait to make a Pokémon less likely to run.

  • However, using bait will also make the Pokémon more difficult to catch in a safari ball. Thus, striking a balance here can be difficult — the longer you get the Pokémon to stick around for, the harder it will be to actually capture it.

Step 3 Use rocks to make a Pokémon easier to catch.

  • However, there's an important downside: using rocks will also make the Pokémon more likely to run away. In fact, after taking more than a few rocks, a Pokémon is virtually guaranteed to run away — some will exit the battle sooner. Thus, once again, using rocks means striking a delicate balance as you try to capture your Pokémon.

Step 4 Use safari balls to attempt to capture Pokémon.

  • Note that you only have a limited supply of safari balls (depending on the game, usually 30), so save them for Pokémon you want to catch. It's generally the best use of your time to use your safari balls for Pokémon that are only found in the safari zone.

Step 5 In general, go for capture attempts after one or two rock throws.

  • Note that safari balls are weak compared to the pokéballs you can use in the rest of the game. In addition to this, especially rare Safari Zone Pokémon are extra-difficult to catch. [2] X Research source This can lead to some very frustrating situations — for instance, it can easily take 20 or more tries to catch an exceptionally rare Pokémon like Clefairy.

General Tips

Step 1 Use your limited steps carefully.

  • Bulbapedia, an online user-supported Pokémon encyclopedia, has extensive information about each game's Safari Zone, including maps and guides covering where to look for the Pokémon in each zone. See the Bulbapedia Safari Zone article to get started. [3] X Research source
  • Note that there is no step limit in the Safari Zone in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. [4] X Research source

Step 2 Be prepared to pay the entrance fee.

  • Across all of the games in the series, the entrance fee has stayed the same: 500 P . This includes the Great Marsh in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which is not technically a Safari Zone but behaves very similarly.
  • One smart strategy is to save your game before you enter the Safari Zone. This way, if you don't catch any Pokémon you want, you can re-load to avoid paying the entrance fee again.

Step 3 Consider exploring the math of capture mechanics.

  • As an example of the sort of equation used in the games to determine whether certain Pokémon are captured, consider the equation from the Generation games (Gold and Silver): a = max((3 × HP max - 2 × HP current ) × rate modified / (3 × HP max ), 1) + bonus status where HP max is the Pokémon's maximum HP, HP current is the Pokémon's current HP, rate modified is the catch rate of the Pokémon modified by the ball used (every Pokémon and every ball modifies this in a certain way, and bonus status is the modifier for any status condition (sleep and freeze are 10, all others are 0). [5] X Research source When you throw a ball, a random number between 0 and 255 is generated. If this number is less than or equal to a, the Pokémon is caught.

Catching Pokémon in the Kanto Safari Zone

In the following sections, we'll highlight the rare Pokémon in each Safari zone and give specific advice where applicable. To keep these tables to a reasonable size, we've included only the rarest Pokémon in each area — for exhaustive information, consult the Safari Zone guides at and Bulbapedia.

Catching Pokémon in the Hoenn Safari Zone

Note that the Generation 4 Hoenn Safari Zone (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire) won't be covered here as the player is allowed to engage in ordinary battles in this zone.

Catching Pokémon in the Sinnoh Great Marsh

Though Sinnoh's Pokémon preserve has a different name, it functions virtually identically to Safari Zones in other regions.

Catching Pokémon in the Johto Safari Zone

Note that the Safari Zone is not available in Generation 2 (Gold/Silver) but is available in the Generation IV games that visit Johto (HeartGold/SoulSilver). Note also that in this Safari Zone the player can arrange the six different areas in any arrangement desired. Finally, many of the areas in the Johto Safari Zones have Pokémon appearance rates that are not yet known — only data for the known areas has been included. See Bulbapedia for more information. [6] X Research source

Expert Q&A

Video . by using this service, some information may be shared with youtube..

  • Once again, the data in the tables above only deals with the most noteworthy Pokémon in each area. In fact, many more Pokémon appear in each Safari Zone. Thanks Helpful 3 Not Helpful 2
  • Remember — you have a limited number of steps inside the Safari Zone, not a limited amount of time. Thus, you can take as long as you like if you control your movement carefully. Thanks Helpful 1 Not Helpful 3

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Object Arrangement

As mentioned before, the objects that Baoba give you may draw out certain Pokemon not normally found in a particular area. An object can draw out Plains Pokemon, Forest Pokemon, Rocky area Pokemon and Water-side Pokemon, or none of the aforementioned, in which case it is there for asthetic purposes only. Rarer Pokemon will start appearing if you place enough objects that meet the requirement for that area; examples of requirements could be 3 Plains objects or 7 Water objects.

Each area keeps a counter of the number of days it has been used. Over time, the objects in a particular area will upgrade in effectiveness towards the requirement. This means that instead of counting as one object, it can count as multiple objects - thus the area requirement is more easily achievable.

For example, if the Savannah Area has been in use for 27 days, then a Plains object placed there will count as 2 Plains objects, a Forest object will count as 2 Forest objects but a Rock object will count as 1 Rock object.

The following is a list of all the objects available.

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  • safari zone tips?
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safari zone tips heartgold

  • XB Series X

safari zone tips heartgold

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver – Safari Zone Strategy Guide

  • Add Alt Source

Diehard GameFAN writes, "In the original Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, when your Trainer traveled to Kanto you found that the Safari Zone had moved out of Fuchsia City. This meant no Safari Zone Pokemon for your character. In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the Safari Zone is back… just in a brand new location. It's the biggest and most complex Safari Zone to date, so let's take a look at what all you'll have to go through to catch 'em all."

safari zone tips heartgold

Unveiling the Dark Side of Pokemon: 10 Shockingly Disturbing Creatures

COG: Discover the top 10 most surprisingly disturbing Pokemon as we rank them based on their unsettling traits and designs.

safari zone tips heartgold

Adorable Pokemon Holiday Decorations Revealed

The Pokemon Company has revealed the line-up of Adorable Pokemon Holiday Decorations for 2023, wherein Snorlox & Munchlax take centre stage.

safari zone tips heartgold

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Part 2 Releasing on December 14

The Pokemon Company have just announced the release date for the second part of the DLC content for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

safari zone tips heartgold

game is trash and so is the dlc

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Pokemon Map Shows Where Nearly Every Region is Found in Japan

Japanese police & nintendo bust massive counterfeit pokemon card operation - dexerto, pokémon nuzlocke rules: the fan-made hard mode, call of duty: modern warfare iii | fortress of solitude review.

safari zone tips heartgold

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Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Safari Zone Guide


  1. Pokémon Heart Gold

    safari zone tips heartgold

  2. POKÉMON HEARTGOLD [#061] Die Safari Zone ist eröffnet!

    safari zone tips heartgold

  3. Pokémon HeartGold

    safari zone tips heartgold

  4. Pokémon HeartGold Walkthrough Part 23: Exploring Route 47 & Safari Zone

    safari zone tips heartgold

  5. Pokemon Heart Gold

    safari zone tips heartgold

  6. [LIVE] Shiny Voltorb HeartGold Safari Zone [Repel Trick + Safari Week

    safari zone tips heartgold



  2. Auf zur Safari Zone

  3. Pokemon HeartGold Walkthrough Part 27

  4. Como capturar o Larvitar antes da Elite 4 no Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

  5. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

  6. Safari Zone Gate [Pokémon: HeartGold & SoulSilver]


  1. Safari Zone

    Heal up and head through the next gate up North. For P500 you'll get 30 safari balls to play in the safari zone. When you use all the balls you have then your game ends and you go back to the ...

  2. Best catching method in safari zone?

    Go to Mt. Silver and walk in, run around for a few minutes and then you have a Larvitar. The best catching method in the Safari Zone... does not exist. There is no good catching method because the Safari Zone is the Pokémon equivalent of having stepped in dog feces. The only way to best use the Safari Zone is to not enter at all.

  3. Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver

    In Heart Gold & Soul Silver, we have found where the Safari Zone has moved to , it is now in the new area found west of Cianwood. The Safari Zone works in a similar manner to the previous Safari Zones with you being given 30 Safari Balls and sent into the Safari Zone with only a limited amount of steps. There are six areas in the Safari Zone ...

  4. Pokemon HeartGold Version

    To do this, head over to the computer in the Safari Zone entrance area. Select the desert map and swap it with the plains area. This will let you enter straight into the desert area. Go to the grassy areas and continue searching until you find a Sandshrew. To catch it, just throw Safari Balls until you catch it.

  5. What is the best way to catch pokemons in the safari zone?

    The Onix line is the only multi-stage evolutionary family which can be completely acquired with in-game trades. This is only possible in this game, as the player can trade Bellsprout for Onix in Violet City and any Pokémon for Steelix in Olivine City.

  6. Any tips for Safari Zone?

    I don't think there is any defined "technique" for the Safari Zone. It's all pretty self explanatory. Throwing bait keeps pokemon in the "battle" longer, while making them harder to catch; mud makes them a bit more eager to flee, but makes them easier to catch. I typically go in order of bait -> mud -> mud -> ballA+B DOWN.

  7. HeartGold / SoulSilver Safari Zone Efficiency Guide

    The Basics. To catch Pokemon in the Safari Zone, you may need to have a given number of objects of the correct type placed in the appropriate area. Up to 30 objects can be placed, but some Pokemon require more than 30 objects before they appear. Thus the only way to have those Pokemon appear is to have that area active for a number of days, to ...

  8. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

    In the original Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, when your Trainer traveled to Kanto you found that the Safari Zone had moved out of Fuchsia City.This meant no Safari Zone Pokemon for your character. In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the Safari Zone is back… just in a brand new location.It's the biggest and most complex Safari Zone to date, so let's take a look at what all you'll ...

  9. 5 Ways to Catch Pokémon in Safari Zone

    Located to the northeast of Area 1. Kangaskhan 4%, Scyther (Red only) 1%, Pinsir (Blue only) 1%, Parasect 5%. Area 3. Located to the northwest of the rest house in Area 2. Tauros 1%, Chansey 4%, Rhyhorn 15%, Dratini 25%. To catch Dratini and the other high-value aquatic Pokémon in this area, use a Super Rod. Area 4.

  10. Safari Zone Day Trick

    It is supposed to be a way to get the number of days requirements for a pokemon to appear faster, but i can not get it to work. You can abuse the number of days passed - however the game will only register if the DS clock ticks past midnight on it's own. This means you can set the time to 23:58/59 (58 might be better, gives you a bit more time ...

  11. How exactly does the Safari Zone in HeartGold/SoulSilver work?

    After receiving this call, the player will then be able to place one block at a time of any of 5 categories of blocks inside of the Safari Zone, up to 30 blocks in one area at a time. Baoba will continue to call the player another three times after this giving the player 6 new blocks each time. There are 24 blocks in total, three of which are ...

  12. Safari Zone Tips and Tricks Help.

    For Pokemon HeartGold Version on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Safari Zone Tips and Tricks Help.".

  13. A Guide to Safari Zone HeartGold's Most Exciting Adventure

    Here are some tips for catching Pokemon in the Safari Zone: 1. Make sure you have lots of Pokeballs ready so that you don't run out mid-hunt. 2. Throw rocks first - this will agitate the Pokemon ...

  14. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver :: The Johto Safari Zone

    POKEMON HEARTGOLD AND SOULSILVER SAFARI ZONE. Located to the west of Cianwood City and accessible through Routes 47 and 48, the Safari Zone is a new addition to the region of Johto, and boasts many Pokemon from all four regions in the series. The Safari Warden, Baoba, has added innovative features to make this incarnation of the Safari Zone ...

  15. How to get to the Safari Zone hints and tips for Pokemon Heart Gold

    Added: Mar 27th 2011. To get to the Safari Zone, you have to gain access to route 47 and 48 and make sure you have Rock Climb, Surf, and Waterfall (so you can get there easily and grab all the items.) Theres loads more info this game, right here, with some cheats and tips, answers and Pokemon Heart Gold walkthrough.

  16. Questions about Safari Zone in HeartGold : r/pokemon

    Questions about Safari Zone in HeartGold. We all know that changing the time forward a couple of months can get you that riolu you always wanted, but what about the objects needed for the pokemon? In order to unlock those objects you have to play the game for 3 hours on and on to actually get all of them. My questions are - is there a way to ...

  17. A Guide to The Pokemon Heart Gold\Soul Silver Safari Zone

    The safari zone in HGSS can be very confusing and difficult to understand. In this video i try my best to explain how tp access all the areas, objects and th...

  18. Safari Zone Tips?

    Does anybody have any good safari zone tips that they can share? Other than "just throw the ball"!!! One of my tips is what I call the bait, double mud technique. It doesn't work with a lot of pokemon, but it still gives you a higher catch rate. what you do is throw a bait, throw mud twice and then throw the ball.

  19. safari zone tips?

    Boards. Pokemon HeartGold Version. safari zone tips? ealstan 13 years ago #1. i can't catch anything = (. "Daigo is like the rest of us, he puts his pants on one leg at a time, just that he gets a FADC in there somehow." - A wiseman. FarmerGeddon 13 years ago #2. Just stick to the Safari Balls, that's what I did.

  20. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

    Diehard GameFAN writes, "In the original Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, when your Trainer traveled to Kanto you found that the Safari Zone had moved out of Fuchsia City. This meant no Safari Zone Pokemon for your character. In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the Safari Zone is back… just in a brand new location. It's the biggest and most complex Safari Zone to date, so let's take ...

  21. Pokémon HeartGold Walkthrough Part 22: Safari Zone

    This is the HeartGold walkthrough from the Pokémon Traveler's Guide. In this part we travel to the newly opened Safari Zone, located northwest of Cianwood Ci...

  22. Pokéarth

    South Exit: Safari Zone Gate. The Johto Safari Zone is the most unique Safari Zone ever existing in the games. This Safari Zone has 12 areas, which you can customise at will. Only six areas are accessible at any one time, with you able to switch them around. As you progress through the Safari Zone, you can place blocks in the various areas ...

  23. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

    Go to the grassy areas and continue searching until you find a Sandshrew. To catch it, just throw Safari Balls until you catch it. If it runs, find another one and repeat the process. After you catch the Sandshrew, put it in the first slot of your party and talk to Baoba. You can now customize the Safari Zone at will.