S & J Tour & Bus

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185 Canal St

New York, NY 10013

Walker St & Mulberry St

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Photo of Anne E.

Excellent, professional and caring school bus service. Thank you to Casey and the great drivers. Very satisfied.

Photo of Linda Y.

https://www.sjtourbus.com/ A business with NO INTEGRITY. Very unfriendly service to parents who are using their school busing services; slow and reluctant to respond to parent's inquiries; unprofessional staff; unreliable in fulfilling their contractual obligations. Yet, the contract makes you pay upfront for FULL YEAR service fee with ZERO REFUND policy. This was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when there was still a great level of uncertainty as to the reopening status of NYC schools. It's simply unfair the business drafts the contract to protect themselves from all odds that could cost the business but fails to fulfill their contractual obligation. The contract validates "one primary pick up in the morning...". With regard to 10/13/21 "to school" pick up, 9th/12th graders are instructed not to arrive at school earlier than 12:15pm due to PSAT testing day for upper class-men. The bus company should provide an alternative "primary" "to school" pick up to fulfill the contractual obligation for all 9th/12th grade students. But instead, they have been ignoring the group's inquiries via phone calls and emails. They don't bother to address parent's inquiries. The world would be a better place IF people do business with integrity. All students are entitled to ride on the bus to school, as validated in the contract. In situations where the school has multiple school bell schedule arrangements, such as the 10/13/21 situation where students who are not eligible to take the exam are instructed by school not to arrive earlier than 12:15pm, the bus company is fully responsible to provide busing services to address the need for ALL students to go to school. The bus company was notified and has been given more than a week to sort out this "no-one-size-fits-all" situation and to come up with an appropriate arrangement. Yet they chose to ignore the group not eligible to take the exam. The bus company uses the same tactic--letting parents compete among themselves for "majority / priority" votes--when "no-one-size-fits-all" situations arise. The way they conduct their business is simply wrong, incompetent, unreliable, unprofessional, and not trustworthy; It's the opposite to what they advertise on their business website.

Photo of Ann S.

I am speaking as a student who currently takes the S&J bus to and from school. S&J Tour & Bus is an extremely unprofessional company. It is unreliable and slow in responding to concerns about schedules and bus times. Emails from the company are vague and it takes days for staff to respond to questions. They offer three buses: one in the morning and two in the afternoon. The one in the morning is extremely early- I myself have to wake up at 5:30 am to catch the bus. There are two buses in the afternoon, one at 3:50 pm and one at 6:15 pm (though it never leaves at the designated time and we always stay for at least 10 minutes past the supposed time). The one at 6:15 pm is often too early for sports (they can take up until 7 pm) or too late for clubs (usually end around 5 pm). It is simply impractical for students who have clubs to wait for one hour somewhere around the school, and not to mention dangerous, since students are not permitted in the building after 5 without a faculty member. Frankly, I would not feel safe waiting at 5 pm (especially during the winter when sunset is at around 4) outside of my school waiting for a bus service. We are not asking for much. For reference, the LIRR and subway takes half as long and also costs half as less- and most importantly, it is more reliable than this company. I would not recommend riding with S&J Tour & Bus. It is not worth the amount that my parents nor other parents have paid for me to ride this bus.

Photo of Vicki S.

I am writing as a parent of a student that takes the school bus. Considering this is the first year that S&J is offering this service, I'm giving them 5 stars based on what was promised and what all parents knew we were signing up for. Covid was still at full force and vaccines were just being approved for those age 16+ around March 2021. We were looking for a safe way for our kids to get to school and back. No one knew what their schedules were going to look like. S&J had the basic periods 1 to 10 covered. That's what we all paid for. Its also what a lot of parents are forgetting. Anything else is a bonus. So any child that did not have a 1st period would be early, any child ending at 7th would have to wait for the 10th period bus. I say deal with it. There have been some complaints that the AM bus is too early in the morning. I believe our bus was a few minutes late twice so I have no complaints about it being too early. For clubs and teams, there were no accommodations included. No one even knew if these activities were going to be in effect. As we neared the school year, S&J offered a complimentary late bus. This would be the second PM bus. As there are differing needs, the time is decided by survey. Personally, my vote would be a late bus to accommodate kids on teams who leave later due to practice. Recently, other parents have voted to push the late bus time to the earliest possible time. However, only 20% of those kids actually utilize the late bus services basically cutting out the kids that need a real late bus. That part is just sad. S&J did offer a modest discount if a child chose to decline regular PM service. It was a clear option. S&J seems to be getting some heat due to buyers remorse as some kids are taking public transportation home. Nothing beats free metrocard. But if we were in a worse covid environment, the period 10 bus probably would be the prime option and viewed as a lifesaver. In terms of communication, S&J picked up my phone calls or called me back within 10 minutes.They addressed any questions I had and listened to any suggestions I offered. They try to get parents to vote on edge cases and end up with angry parents that don't get their vote. Maybe S&J is better off announcing the service decision they are providing based on calls they receive. S&J will need to use year 1 as a learning curve to have a better year 2. Good luck!

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S & J Tour & Bus Inc.

When an enterprise has a necessity to perform work that can not fall within its expertise, it is best to rely on business services. If you own a business, you will S & J Tour & Bus Inc. is there to help. It is a passenger auto and electric transport enterprise. By outsourcing services you can increase the working efficiency, avoid many risks and save greatly.

People left 11 comments and rated this organization with 4.6 on average.

You can pay a visit to the organization at: United States, New York, NY 10013, 185 Canal St. To explore other facts try using the phone number: (718) 921—4246. S & J Tour & Bus Inc. is accessiblle at: 24 hours a day. The official website: www.sjtourbus.com.

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9 photos S & J Tour & Bus Inc.

Prices s & j tour & bus inc., reviews about s & j tour & bus inc..

  • Peter L. December 11, 2022, 4:46 am Superb service! Our group used S&J for our annual trip to Boston and as always, the drivers were professional and on time. I would recommend S&J to all. 0 0 Reply
  • long l. December 5, 2022, 1:15 am Great service! 5 stars. 0 0 Reply
  • Na J. November 27, 2022, 10:04 pm Top notch buses and excellent customer service. Casey was such a dear and helped us make our college tour a huge success. You can’t go wrong with using S&J. 0 0 Reply
  • Ben F. October 31, 2021, 1:11 am First, the bus service is extremely expensive. On top of that, their customer service is ridiculously horrible. This company barely responds and if there is an emergency, good luck trying to reach them. Even if you do reach them, you won't get an answer. They are unprofessional and talk to customers as if we are peasants. If there are any problems, they will just say to see them in court. Please do not sign their contract, it will be the worst decision you will ever make for your child. 0 0 Reply
  • R L. October 31, 2021, 12:31 am Extremely poor customer service. I will not recommend using this company to anyone. 0 0 Reply
  • Dwayne C. October 19, 2021, 9:41 pm New buses, super clean. Very pleased with our experience 0 0 Reply
  • Andre P. October 16, 2021, 6:09 am Excellent company! I rented a bus for our football game. Everything went well and the driver was courteous and on time. 0 0 Reply
  • Laura T. October 15, 2021, 5:17 am Our previous bus company fell through last minute. So glad we found S&J. Super responsive and quick. All three of our buses were on time for our wedding and clean. Would definitely recommend. 0 0 Reply
  • jingsheng z. October 15, 2021, 5:08 am If you are looking for a luxury coach experience, S&J is the place to go. The driver was professional and punctual. The bus was beautiful. 0 0 Reply
  • Tamara B. October 13, 2021, 6:09 am Great driver! Great company! Had a wonderful experience on my trip. 0 0 Reply
  • Tom K. September 26, 2021, 5:56 pm In this time of Covid-19 and Anti-Asian crimes, it was such a blessing that S & J launched its Stuyvesant High School bus line!!! My son is safe and gets to take a nap commuting to school and back. Most importantly, my wife and I have peace of mind all throughout the day. The buses are plush and have phone charging ports. The bus operators are courteous and know how to get around the city during both rush hours! The S & J office staff are high-speed, high-tech, young, smart professionals. T hey respond quickly to parents via email and phone. Most impressively, the team pays close attention to the needs of the children! S & J provides an additional late bus every day that picks up the kids who have after-school activities. They even put out a weekly survey to monitor the ever-changing schedules in the lives of these busy teenagers! The S & J team works hard to be organized, efficient and constantly improving its service. They are currently working on College Campus Tours!!! (I'll go just to have a weekend excursion!) … – show 0 0 Reply
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  1. S & J TOUR & BUS - 185 Canal St, New York, New York - Yelp

    Oct 12, 2021. First to Review. https://www.sjtourbus.com/. A business with NO INTEGRITY. Very unfriendly service to parents who are using their school busing services; slow and reluctant to respond to parent's inquiries; unprofessional staff; unreliable in fulfilling their contractual obligations.

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    Excellent, professional and caring school bus service. Thank you to Casey and the great drivers. Very satisfied. More. Linda Y. 10/12/21. https://www.sjtourbus.com/ A business with NO INTEGRITY. Very unfriendly service to parents who are using their school busing services; slow and reluctant to respond to parent's inquiries;... More. Ann S. 10 ...

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    S&J Tour & Bus Inc. is a leading tour and bus company that is committed to providing the safest, most reliable, and finest charter services to you and your party. We provide extensive services ranging from group transportation to and from airports & hotels to single & multi-day trips.

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    New York, NY 10016. (917) 832-1342. ( 0 Reviews ) S & J Tour & Bus Inc. located at 185 Canal St, New York, NY 10013 - reviews, ratings, hours, phone number, directions, and more.

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    S&J Tour & Bus Inc. is a leading tour and bus company that is committed to providing the safest, most reliable, and finest charter services to you and your party. We provide extensive services ranging from group transportation to and from airports & hotels to single & multi-day trips.

  9. S & J Tour & Bus, 185 Canal St, New York, NY, Federal ...

    S&J Tour & Bus is an extremely unprofessional company. It is unreliable and slow in responding to concerns about... More. Rated 0.5 / 5. 10/13/2021. Sun M. As a current student using the bus services to go to school, I wish that I could give this a 0 star review if there was this option.

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