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Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

Category: Travel

Date: August 18, 2023

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

Creating a successful travel marketing campaign can be a challenging task for most of the travel marketers. With numerous travel agencies, airlines, and hotels in line, there is fierce competition for brand awareness.

A lot of travel marketing campaigns try hard to capture the curiosity of travelers, but fall flat. So, our expert digital marketers at ColorWhistle wanted to give you a little inspiration for your own travel and tourism marketing in 2023 and beyond.

From social media, video content, display, we searched for some of the most compelling travel marketing campaigns that inspired people to go on their next travel adventure.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most famous travel and tourism marketing campaigns you should check out.

Best Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

We have segregated all the travel marketing campaigns into social media, video content and display ads. This will help you to frame a multi-channel strategy.

14 Best Examples of Travel Video Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of the most innovative travel videos.

1. KLM – Live Hologram Bar

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has built a hologram bar where people can meet to exchange local tips when they are waiting for flights. These holograms are placed in the airports of Amsterdam, Oslo and Rio de Janeiro.

2. Turkish Airlines – The Journey

Turkish Airlines released a short film called ‘The Journey’ where 90% of the film was airplanes and scenery. This short film has done a brilliant job promoting the airline and the destinations.

3. Iceland – Explore the a-ö of Iceland

The A-Ö of Iceland, a marketing campaign uses Icelandic alphabet to increase awareness of Iceland as a good place to visit; a great place to do business; and a place that provides great food and experience.

4. Cheapflights – Drag, Drop and Go

Cheapflights and agency Uncle Grey designed an ad banner that appeared on articles about sports, art, music events and relevant publications. The user had to simply drag the article image into the Cheapflights banner and it will instantly find the best tickets. Rather than focusing on destinations, it promoted experiences that people were already interested in.

5. Van Gogh’s Bedroom – Let Yourself In

To promote the Art Institute of Chicago’s 2016 van Gogh exhibit, Leo Burnett built Van Gogh’s Bedroom and listed it on Airbnb as a place for people to stay for a night. The campaign was a tremendous success.

6. Switzerland – Yodel Ay Hee Hoo

This ad campaign encouraged busy city people to visit the countryside. A live video feed was placed in the train station where a man was sharing information about his village and even printed train tickets in real-time.

7. Tourism Ireland – Fill your Heart

Tourism Ireland asked a married couple to wear a custom-made technology which had head-mounted cameras during their holiday in Ireland. The technology tracked their response to various experiences. They wanted to use this data to show the ‘heart-filling’ effect that Ireland has on visitors. This campaign has combined storytelling with technology.

8. Airbnb – Let’s Keep Travelling Forward

Geo-politically, 2018 was not a good year. When Donald Trump imposed a travel ban during that year, Airbnb immediately released a video highlighting the brand’s belief – “to limit travel is to turn back progress.” This campaign helped to voice the brand’s message to the world while staying relevant.

9. Hong Kong Tourism Board – VR Time Travel

When the Hong Kong tourism board launched a VR time travel experience with Timelooper, it wanted to show people that this will be an engaging experience. This VR experience enabled viewers to see the 1960’s Hong Kong, the battle between two kung-fu fighters on Hollywood Road, aircraft landing at Kai Tan airport and more. This campaign showcased the location in an innovative and engaging way.

10. British Airways – Safety Video

Safety videos are usually boring. But, British Airways turned it into a marketing opportunity. They made a safety video with actors Sir Michael Caine, Olivia Colman and comedian Chabuddy G. This video created a great online buzz for British Airways.

11. Easyjet – Imagine

Easyjet launched a £12m pan-European campaign in 2018 called ‘Imagine.’ It was a TV ad which showed the many wonders of air travel. Along with this, the company also ran ads across print, digital and social. This ad campaign helped viewers associate Easyjet with imagination and experience.

12. SNCF – Europe, It’s Just Next Door

The French National Railway operator wanted to encourage people to take the train to visit nearby countries. It placed blue doors in and around Paris. When a person opens the door, it will give an immersive digital experience of what they could see ‘next door’.

13. Tourism Quebec – Blind Tourist

Quebec is a place known for its outdoor lifestyle. But, Tourism Quebec wanted to show people that traveling can be more than just visual experience. They wanted to offer a rich experience to the senses in such a way that seeing things was only a small part of the picture. This ad has a very rich narrative.

14. Northern Ireland – Doors Of Thrones

Northern Ireland used the hit show Game of Thrones to draw tourists in. They took destroyed remnants of battered trees and carved them into 10 intricate doors. All these doors resembled the 10 episodes of season 6.

15. Helsinki Airport – Life In Hel

Helsinki was voted the best airport in 2016. They leveraged this success by running a campaign featuring Chinese actor Ryan Zhu. He lived in this airport for 30 days and shared the experience across social media and other video channels.

11 Best Examples of Creative Travel and Tourism Print Ads

Here are some of the most innovative print ads.

1. LATAM Airlines used the rainbow flag in a series of print ads

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (LATAM) - ColorWhistle

2. Norwegian Airlines utilized the Brangelina split to its advantage

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Norwegian) - ColorWhistle

3. Kielo Travel – Dreaming of a Holiday?

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Kielo) - ColorWhistle

4. Detroiter Travel Center – You Made It

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Detroiter) - ColorWhistle

5. CVC – The World Is Outside

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (CVC) - ColorWhistle

6. Cruise Ship Centers – Dreaming of a cruise?

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Cruiseshipcenters) - ColorWhistle

7. Flight Center – Forget Work

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (FlightCentre) - ColorWhistle

8. WWF – Exploring the ecosystem also threatens lives

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (WWF) - ColorWhistle

9. TBWA Buenos Aires – Medical assistance for travelers

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Medicus) - ColorWhistle

10. Shchusev State Museum of Architecture – Discover the full story

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Muar) - ColorWhistle

11. Staedtler – Where it begins

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Staedtler) - ColorWhistle

13 Best Examples of Travel Social Media Campaigns

Here are some of the most innovative travel social media campaigns.

1. Eurostar

This Instagram campaign from Eurostar turned heads by trying something new. They wanted to promote train travel from London to Paris. So, they split an illustration of a journey from London to Paris into 200 Instagram tile images. Some tiles were videos and others were hidden offers.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Eurostar) - ColorWhistle

2. Alaska Airlines

At the end of the year, many companies give gifts to customers and employees. Keeping this in mind, Alaska Airlines launched a fun promotional Twitter campaign by partnering with Starbucks. They gave a free Starbucks gift card to their guests.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Alaska) - ColorWhistle

3. Hawaii Tourism Department

The Hawaii tourism department wanted to give first-time visitors an idea of Hawaii’s beauty and culture. Plus, they also wanted veteran vacationers to visit the island again So, the tourism department collaborated with travel Instagrammers to get users to share their favorite Hawaii memory by using the hashtag #LetHawaiiHappen. The campaign was a huge success because ordinary users shared their own experiences.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Hawaii) - ColorWhistle

4. WOW Airlines

WOW Airlines launched a Snaptraveler program where 4 winners would get to tour across all 28 of the airline’s destinations for free. In exchange, they have to post a Snap story about all the locations they visit. The idea of this summer Snapchat contest was to create a reality television-like experience, target their main demographic and share relevant content in WOW Airlines’ Snapchat account. Here is a short video of the campaign.

5. National Geographic

National Geographic launched a wanderlust contest for aspiring travel and nature photographers. They have to submit their own photographs with the hashtag #Wanderlustcontest. The idea behind this campaign was to improve National Geographic’s reputation as the leading source for beautiful travel photography.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (National Geographic) - ColorWhistle

6. Kenya Tourism Board

Kenya Tourism Board partnered with Expedia to promote Kenya and an incredible destination to travelers. They choose a famous travel blogging couple and sent them on a one week trip to Kenya with no fixed itinerary. The people following this couple on Instagram can decide the itinerary by voting through an Instagram Stories poll. Throughout the week, the couple broadcasted their journey to their Instagram followers. The content was also repurposed on a microsite. This campaign was a huge success. Here is a short video of the campaign.

7. Cheapflights Facebook Messenger

Cheapflights Chat launched the world’s first Facebook Messenger bot which allowed people to search for flights and hotels. The bot utilized seven APIs. To promote this chat, videos of fictional conversations were created and shared across Facebook. Here is the chat demo.

8. dedicated an entire Facebook ad carousel to promote its “Gift $50, Get $10” holiday deal. Each slide focuses on the deal and also shows the different types of trips that people can take. This is a simple and memorable ad.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Hotels) - ColorWhistle

10. Visit PA

Visit PA wanted to push Pennsylvania as the perfect summer getaway. They used Facebook’s carousel ads format to show one panoramic photo in parts.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (VisitPA) - ColorWhistle

Airbnb created a unique Instagram video ad that showed users how the experience of discovering each activity in the Airbnb app will look like.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Airbnb) - ColorWhistle

12. Air Canada

Air Canada ran an ad in the US during the night of the 2016 presidential election. That night, Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship site had so many visitors that it crashed. Air Canada learnt this sudden interest and targeted the ad towards people who are looking to fly outside the country.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (AirCanada) - ColorWhistle

13. Explore Georgia

Explore Georgia wanted to position itself as the most pet-friendly state in America. So, they created a social media strategy targeting millennial pet owners. They shared lots of posts with the hashtag #ExploreGeorgiaPup to show that Georgia was the perfect place to visit with a dog. This campaign generated lots of traffic to their website and also helped them to reach 10,000+ followers on their pet-friendly travel Pinterest board.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (ExploreGeorgia) - ColorWhistle

7 Best Examples of Travel Email Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of the most innovative travel email marketing campaigns.

1. Air Canada

During email sign-up, Air Canada asks new subscribers to tell their home airport and the destinations they are interested to travel. By using this information, they send personalized emails according to the interest of the subscriber.

For example, this email was sent to a subscriber whose home airport is in Montreal.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (AirCanada) - ColorWhistle

2. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic proved that it can promote activities that focus on the journey and not just the destination. The company created a memorable customer experience by sending them email offers for virtual reality skydiving. The name of the campaign was Virgin Experience Days.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Virgin) - ColorWhistle

3. Fairmont Hotels

Loyalty is hard to find in the travel business because travelers always search for the best deal rather than a specific brand. However, if there is a reward program, it will encourage loyalty and repeat business.

Fairmont Hotels wanted to persuade their subscribers to sign up for their loyalty program through an easy sign-up form which included a call-to-action. Here’s the attractive email.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Fairmont) - ColorWhistle

4. Flight Centre

Limited period offers always create a sense of urgency and encourages people to take action. Flight Center used this idea and offered cheap deals to New York City. To convey that this was a limited-time offer, they added a countdown clock at the bottom of the email.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (FlightCentre) - ColorWhistle

5. Southwest Airlines

Subscribers will feel good if you send emails appreciating them. Southwest Airlines sent an email to its subscribers by adding their customer’s name, travel history and reward points they earned. This ‘thank you’ email also had smiling faces and diverse employees.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Southwest) - ColorWhistle

Holidays are the time when flight tickets might go up. Mostly, people book tickets at the last time and when the rates are high, they often get disappointed. To avoid this, Hipmunk sent a simple email announcing that prices will go up.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Hipmunk) - ColorWhistle

7. Memphis CVB

Memphis CVB wanted to improve awareness of Memphis by showcasing its many attractions and key events they must attend. Here is one of the custom emails they sent to their subscribers.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Memphis) - ColorWhistle

Drive Conversions and Boost your Business with Expert Travel Website Development.

It’s time to start your next travel marketing campaign.

We hope that the above travel marketing campaigns will inspire you to kickstart your next one. All of these ads have gone beyond the typical boring list of destinations, images and pricing. They show the power of timing, relevance and personalization – all of which are important to create a great campaign.

To create such ad campaigns, all you have to do is get creative, think big and dig deep to find inspiration in the destination you represent. The ideas you come with today will continue to inspire travelers for years to come.

If you need any help to create a travel marketing strategy, our experts at ColorWhistle are eager to assist you. Contact us today. We will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Have you seen a better online travel marketing campaign? Do share them in the comment section below.

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About the Author - Anjana

Anjana is a full-time Copywriter at ColorWhistle managing content-related projects. She writes about website technologies, digital marketing, and industries such as travel. Plus, she has an unhealthy addiction towards online marketing, watching crime shows, and chocolates.

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3 types of capacity planning strategies (with examples)

3 types of capacity planning strategies (with examples)

  • Xola University

6 ideas for travel and tourism advertising campaigns (with examples)

Carla Vianna

Want to create eye-catching travel ads like Expedia, Southwest Airlines, and KAYAK?

As travel starts to pick up again, it’s time to get serious about your advertising. Tour operators can hugely benefit from paid ads — but with so many forms of advertising available across different platforms, you may be wondering where to start.

In this post, we’re sharing actionable strategies to build better ad campaigns that appeal to your target audience, plus top-level examples from the brands who do it best.

Top factors to consider for travel advertising campaigns

Want to see more positive results from ads? Keep these strategies in mind when crafting your future marketing campaigns .

1. Define your target customer

Do you know who your customers are? Before you begin crafting an ad campaign, you need to know more about your guests.

Building a buyer persona is a strategic way for tour businesses to get to know their customers. A buyer persona is a visual representation of your ideal customer: Dig into their demographics, study their behaviors on your website, and send surveys to your email list to find out more.

The takeaway? You’ll find a much higher ROI with ad campaigns that specifically appeal to your target audience.

2. Understand the travel customer journey

It’s difficult to sell a tour to someone who hasn’t decided on a destination yet. Ideally, you want to show your ads to people when they’re most likely to book.

Understanding the travel customer journey can help you pinpoint when that is. Google defines the travel search process in four stages:

  • Dreaming: Guests are looking for destination inspiration.
  • Planning: Guests are researching potential travel dates, hotels, and activities.
  • Booking: Guests are booking flights, hotels, etc.
  • Experiencing: Guests have arrived and are searching for activities and attractions to experience.

Tour operators are likely to see more conversions in the “booking” and “experiencing” stages. For example, if you’re investing in Google Ads, it’s better to target narrow search terms like “best hiking tours in Colorado,” which is what someone in the booking or experiencing stage would search for.

People in the dreaming stage, on the other hand, would likely be searching overly broad terms like “best summer destinations.”

3. Choose the right platform

There are several different platforms to launch your advertising campaigns, and choosing the right one matters. Where is your audience most likely to see your ad? Where are they already hanging out?

Here are five popular travel advertising outlets:

  • Google Ads: Show up at the top of Google search results for relevant keywords.
  • Social media ads: Target specific demographics on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Yelp ads: Appear to people searching for similar experiences on Yelp.
  • Tripadvisor ads: Target people planning a trip to your destination.
  • Email marketing: Offer discounts to your email list, one of the more cost-effective ways to advertise.

4. Pay attention to seasonality

Timing is one of the most important factors in travel advertising. Keep seasonality in mind when crafting your campaigns, and remember to edit previously launched campaigns as needed.

A skiing ad won’t make sense at the beginning of summer, so make sure to pause seasonally irrelevant campaigns.

5. Stay true to your brand

airbnb experiences

Your ad campaigns should reflect your brand identity. People who click on your advertisements are expecting to find the same tone of voice, visuals, and customer experience on your website.

6. Use geographic targeting 

Rather than making your ad visible everywhere on the planet, you can target specific locations your guests are likely to be in. For example, you can target other tourism websites in your state to lure in tourists who are already visiting.

By narrowing down your ad’s geographic reach, you can maximize your budget and focus on the areas that’ll bring you the most return.

7. Promote your sales and special offers

What better way to entice someone to click on your ad than to present them with an unbeatable offer? Advertisements are an effective way to promote your sales, especially seasonal offers. You can send out an ad offering a great discount during the low season to help replenish your bookings, for example.

Pro Tip: One of the simplest ways to do this is by creating coupon codes. Here is how easy it is to create a new coupon code in Xola.

8. Leverage user-generated content 

intrepid travel instagram post

Sometimes you can generate an ad campaign with user-generated content alone. It’s another cost-effective way to bring more eyes to your tour company.

You can start by encouraging guests to use your brand’s hashtags, share their photos with their own followers, or even submit photos on your website. Apps, like Fotaflo , which integrates natively with Xola, make the process of curating UGC photos and videos easier. Tour operators can also offer incentives for anyone who posts on social media about your tours, such as hosting a giveaway for everyone who uses a hashtag related to your brand.

Tour operator Intrepid Travel asks guests to share their experiences on Instagram with the hashtag #BeIntrepid , for example, which has garnered over 50,000 posts.

Guests typically love seeing their content reposted on other accounts. Still, make sure to always credit the original owner. To avoid serious copyright issues, many brands ask followers to agree to a disclaimer about how and where the images will be used before re-posting them.

Reviews can also be considered user-generated content — but tour operators need to be very careful when it comes to encouraging guests to leave positive reviews. Tripadvisor prohibits brands from offering incentives in exchange for testimonials “because they can hinder the validity and accuracy of reviews.”

9. Use images and videos

Images and videos are the most powerful form of advertising in the travel industry. High-quality images of your destination and scenes from your tours can entice hundreds of clicks. An expertly crafted video can drive even more engagement.

Instagram and Facebook are great places to start experimenting with image and video ads; see a couple of great examples below.

6 examples of great travel advertising examples 

Ready to see these strategies in action? Here are six travel brands that have nailed their travel marketing — including examples of general ad campaigns, paid search ads, and social media ads.

Expedia’s campaign: “It matters who you travel with.” 

This Expedia campaign wants travelers to feel confident booking with the platform in a post-pandemic travel world. The tagline “It matters who you travel with” frames the company as a trusted travel partner rather than just a booking platform.

The company created a playful and very relatable video of a solo traveler who runs into several hiccups on her trip. That is until actress Rashida Jones steps in, embodying Expedia, and makes the trip more memorable.

The company chose a video to expertly convey its marketing message to travelers: Expedia promises a seamless trip and memorable experiences you can’t find on your own.

Southwest’s Transfarency campaign

Southwest Air Lines’ new campaign targets the controversial topic of ticket prices. The company has always billed itself as a transparent brand that cares about employees and customers alike. The new campaign called Trans fare ncy , a play on the words transparency and airfare, builds on that reputation.

The campaign promises customers no unexpected bag fees, change fees, or hidden fees. It’s a great advertisement because it fits perfectly within Southwest’s brand identity, and the airline delivers on the promise.

TourRadar’s travel and destination Facebook ads

Vienna-based TourRadar launched a Facebook campaign to increase bookings from people who had visited its website. The company used visually stunning travel ads to promote relevant tours to people who had browsed the same tours online.

The company also promoted relevant destination offers and tours to people who hadn’t visited their website yet but had shown interest in the destination. The campaign focused on the company’s core markets, including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

It was a success: TourRadar doubled its conversion rate over a year.

KAYAK’s video ads on Instagram

Kayak facebook ad example

KAYAK ran video ads on Instagram to bring more people to its website, including one that shows how simple it is to filter flights by airline, price, number of stops, and destination.  

The company played around with ad placement in both Stories and the News Feed, and each ad had a “book now” or “learn more” call-to-action button that linked back to the KAYAK website.

The ads were shown to a lookalike audience based on the travel search engine’s existing audience, which increased the likelihood of clicks. As a result, KAYAK saw a 5x increase in incremental sales conversions.

Airbnb Experiences search ad

Airbnb experiences search ad

Airbnb is targeting people who search for outdoor activities in Colorado to promote its local-led tours. In this example specifically, Airbnb’s paid search ad for a hiking tour shows up under the search for “best hiking in Colorado.”

The title “Hiking in the Rockies – Year Round” quickly answers the questions of “where” and “when,” two details that directly impact the customer’s trip. The wording of the title narrows down the search for the searcher. The description focuses on Airbnb’s unique offerings — “hosted by expert locals,” “experiences vetted for quality,” and “small group sizes — further enticing readers to click.

It’s a great example of Airbnb using a feature other than its main accommodation services to bring people into its website.

Viator’s Brooklyn food tours search ad

viator search ads

Here’s another effective Google Ad example. Viator is promoting its food and wine tours in Brooklyn under the search term “Brooklyn food tours.” 

Unlike the other search ads that pop up, Viator specifically mentions the keywords that the customer will be skimming the page for and includes another enticing offer.

Viator includes “Book & Save Money” in its title, directly appealing to money-conscious travelers visiting a destination known for being very expensive. Therefore, this ad specifically speaks to budget or mid-range travelers who appreciate a good deal.

As you can tell from these examples, an effective ad campaign is crafted around your ideal audience. Top travel companies like Viator and Southwest use words, images, and videos to appeal to their target customers, and your campaigns should follow suit.

Now it’s time to implement these strategies into your own campaigns. Then sit back, relax, and watch those bookings soar.

Writer Carla Vianna

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The Ultimate Playbook for Travel Advertising: Taboola’s Data-Backed Creative Strategies and Recommendations

The  global tourism industry grew by over 40%  in 2022 after steep drops in 2020 and 2021. And it’s expected to rise another 14% in 2023, reaching nearly $2.29 trillion.

Now, how can advertisers take advantage of this travel boom and increase revenue? By reaching consumers with optimized campaigns that speak to their needs and wanderlust.

That’s where the  Taboola Creative Playbook: Travel  comes in — built just for advertisers of booking sites, airlines, hotels, tourism boards, and travel products.

The Taboola Creative Shop  — a global team of experts and strategists — pulled readership trends, insights, and engagement data from our network of over 9,000 premium publisher properties and 5.6 billion travel pageviews. And they compiled it all into the ultimate creative guide for travel marketers.

Download Taboola's Travel Creative Playbook

Here’s just some of what they found:

  • Convey ease and inspiration for travel.  Use your ads to share how your product or services can make the travel experience easier and more convenient, and share tips and offers for specific trips.
  • Write first-person headlines.  Craft ad titles written from the perspective of a real traveler, often in the form of a review.
  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) to increase clicks.  DKI automatically customizes ad copy  to each user based on specifics like their location or device. For example, you can use DKI to personalize headlines like “People in [Los Angeles] Love These Weekend Travel Tips.”
  • Include suggested calls to action (CTAs).  Taboola recommends travel advertisers use CTAs like “Book Now,” “Get Offer,” and “Read More” to drive ad clicks.
  • Make it all-inclusive.  Put pricing and saving opportunities front-and-center by highlighting actual travel costs, savings opportunities, and added benefits. For example: “These Affordable All-Inclusives Are Under $400 Plus Bonus Perks.”
  • Add visuals and social proof to your landing pages.  Improve on-page engagement with moving images, GIFs, and videos. Also, add testimonials and featured press snippets to build trust and credibility.

Ready to help your travel ad campaigns take flight with data-backed strategies for enhanced performance? Download the  Taboola Creative Playbook: Travel to learn more.

Create Your Content Campaign Today!


Effective Travel Advertising Strategy for 2022 + 16 Ad Examples

Ana Predescu

You can’t rely solely on people’s wanderlust when advertising travel services because while it may keep your business afloat, it’s not enough to help you make waves in the industry.

Besides, people’s appetite for traveling is dependent on many factors and may decrease as a result of unforeseen events.

We’ve seen this happen when traveling took a hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is reflected in the industry’s spending data on digital advertising from previous years. While things are improving, a lot is riding on travel ads performing well.

For your vacation advertising efforts to be truly successful, you need a combination of good strategy and creative ads .

Stick with me as I walk you through the steps of building an actionable travel advertising strategy, including identifying your target audience, knowing the customer journey, setting your campaign goals, and measuring ads’ effectiveness.

We’ll also look at 16 travel ad examples from big names in the industry that will surely inspire your future campaign creatives.

If you’re more interested in the ad examples rather than the strategy, use the summary below to jump to that part.

Create Ad Campaigns 1

A. Steps for the perfect advertising strategy 

1. Identify your target audience

2. know the traveler’s customer journey.

3. Set campaign goals

4. Create ads with seasonality in mind

5. Choose the right advertising platform

6. measure your ads’ effectiveness.

B. Inspiring travel advertising examples and templates

A. Steps for The Perfect Advertising Strategy

Advertising takes time, money, as well as other resources, so needless to say, the end goal is to maximize ROI.

The surest way to achieve this is by devising a strategy beforehand, meaning a step-by-step plan to reach the right audience and persuade prospects to choose your travel services over those of your competitors.

On top of giving you a precise course of action, having a strategy also provides a reference to assess your results along the way and re-evaluate the plan if need be.

Here are the key steps you must check to build a strong tourism advertising strategy:

A well-defined target audience is the foundation of any good travel advertising strategy. 

Just think what a waste of resources it would be to target users with no potential to become customers. Narrowing down the group allows you to focus your efforts on reaching those who would benefit most from your travel services.

Plus, with a clear target audience in mind, you can create travel ads that double as personalized customer experiences, proven to be more successful in converting to sales.

To define your audience, make a list of different attributes you’d like your ideal customer to have, a.k.a. build a buyer persona. These attributes can be geographic, demographic, psychographic, or behavioral. 

  • Geographic : anything related to location, including customers’ country, region, city, or even postal code;
  • Demographic : population-based attributes, such as gender, age, education, income, marital status, and so on;
  • Psychographic : personality traits, values, interests, hobbies, and lifestyle aspects;
  • Behavioral : online behaviors according to browsing patterns, spending and purchasing habits, and many others.

The customer journey sums up all interactions a prospect has with a brand during the purchase process, from the first encounter, up until a transaction is completed. 

Commonly, it’s divided into three main stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

However, a traveler’s customer journey differs from the typical model because booking a trip isn’t an easy-to-make purchase decision; quite the opposite—a lot of thought and planning is put into it. 

I mean, would you buy plane tickets as quickly as you would a chocolate bar? Me neither.

So, the customer’s travel journey can be split into the following four to five stages: 

  • Dreaming: whether it’s picturing themselves in a gondola on the canals of Venice or sunbathing in Greece, all soon-to-be travelers begin here.
  • Planning: even the most spontaneous people make some sort of arrangement for their trip, even if it only implies picking a hotel to stay at.
  • Booking: prospects are ready to buy plane tickets and book accommodation. 
  • Experiencing: travelers are enjoying their vacation and making lasting memories.
  • Remembering: this is an optional stage that comes after the traveler’s journey is completed, where you can consolidate the relationship with your brand .

Understanding this customer journey allows you to time your travel advertising to the most favorable moments, specifically when prospects are in the planning and booking stages.

3. Set your travel campaign goals

Goals or objectives give your travel campaigns a clear direction and help you measure progress along the way, so you don’t lose sight of the value of your work.

To yield the best results, you should set your campaign goals according to the S.M.A.R.T. criteria. The acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, all qualities your goals should have.

A few of the most common goals that can aid your campaign’s success are the following:

  • Increase brand awareness by getting your travel services on the radar of potential customers;
  • Grow website traffic or attract new visitors to your company’s website;
  • Drive consideration through campaigns that promote different travel services;
  • Generate leads , whether that means new subscribers to a newsletter or prospects filling out a form to find out more about an offer;
  • Boost conversions , a.k.a. make sales.

4. Create travel ads with seasonality in mind

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain . 

Well, not really. It falls along Spain’s northern coast and mountains. But the country has its meteorological particularities, as do all travel destinations .

Tourism is highly dependent on weather conditions. As a general rule, there are three seasons in the travel industry: peak season, shoulder season, and off-season.

Demand usually hits an all-year high in summertime (mid-June through August), known as the peak season or high season.

From April to mid-June and from September to October is the shoulder season, during which people still travel, but not as much as they do during peak season.

All travel businesses experience a decline in sales from November to March during what is known as the off-season.

However, seasonality isn’t necessarily a negative thing for travel marketing as it allows you to have a clear perspective over the following months.

Try to stay mindful of seasonal patterns and trends as you will understand when prospects want to purchase plane tickets, accommodation, or all-inclusive offers to specific destinations. Timing your creative ads and tailoring your messaging according to these seasons might help you influence purchase decisions.

There are numerous advertising platforms available, and the easiest way to identify the most suitable ones for your brand is to look where your customers are spending time.

Generally, the following three platforms are obvious choices for most businesses:

Google Ads: Running search or display campaigns on the Google ad network allows you to leverage Google’s massive reach and advanced targeting options to get in front of potential customers exactly when they are looking for travel services.

Social media ads: Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, advertising on social media helps you increase brand recognition and reach a wider audience at the same time. Plus, it gives you the chance to experiment with a wide range of ad formats, including image and video ads.

Email marketing: Email offers a direct communication channel with customers that you can use to send personalized messaging, as well as discounts and special offers. Besides, it’s a cost-effective marketing method that provides easily measurable results.

Even with a killer strategy up your sleeve, things might not go as expected. And even if they do, measuring the success of your travel campaign is vital to understanding how your vacation ads are performing. 

If everything is going well, you’ll know what to repeat with future campaigns, and in the opposite scenario, you’ll figure out how to optimize ads for success.

Luckily each advertising platform, including Google and Facebook , offers relevant metrics known as KPIs (key performance indicators) to track for the most popular campaign objectives. Hence, you know exactly what to look at.

Things work differently for email marketing campaigns, as you need third-party tools that also enable email automation to measure campaign performance.

B. Inspiring Travel Advertising Examples and Templates

On to the part everyone has been waiting for, here are 17 travel ad examples that succeed in capturing audiences’ attention in one way or another:

Expedia: Chase new experiences

expedia display ad sea

Let’s kick things off with an industry giant—Expedia. These two creative ads from the same campaign work so well because they promote experiences tourists can have in Marocco rather than the destination itself.

The font pairing is a match made in heaven, and the copy conveys a powerful message when teamed up with the beautiful scenery photos.

Kayak: Group trip without the drama

kayak group trip ad

This Kayak display ad gets the struggle of planning a trip with a large group of friends. No matter how tight the relationships are, it’s bound to be a bumpy road.

While design-wise, the ad might not be too impressive, the copy makes audiences feel understood, which is why I think it deserves a place on this travel ad examples list.

JetBlue: Stretch your legs, not your wallet

JetBlue leg room static ad

Moving on to a different traveling pain point, we have this witty JetBlue Facebook ad that promotes the airline’s extra option to have up to 7″ more legroom in coach class.

The simple illustrated design is elevated by the ad copy that manages to capture viewers’ attention and say so much with so few words.

As this is one of my favorite travel ads on this list, I couldn’t resist including a second Facebook ad from the same campaign, a video one this time.

Once again, the funny ad copy is the star, suggesting you don’t have to be a billionaire such as the likes of Jeff Bezos to get to space, which is a clever way of saying JetBlue travelers can get more legroom at an affordable price.

Carta Travel: Tailor made travel experiences

creatopy travel ad template carta travel

Edit this template

Pictures have the power to transport viewers to different locations, so many travel ads use them to do just that. This template is no exception, using a photograph of a beautiful sunset as its main focus.

If you’d like to create similar designs for your business, open this template in Creatopy and customize it with different elements from our extensive library.

Lufthansa: The joy of flying

lufthansa display ad

The view from an airplane window has become representative of traveling. Many people pay extra money to sit in the window seat when flying or rejoice when randomly assigned to it.

The German company Lufthansa chose this specific image to evoke the joy of flying and invite viewers to click this half-page display ad promoting the over 200 worldwide destinations in their portfolio.

Air France: Le Rendez-Vous

This animated Air France display ad compares a trip in business class to an anticipated first date, embodying the french elegance and romantic spirit. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from France’s flag carrier.

The ad is also a lesson in consistency, as the brand’s distinctive personality is instantly recognizable thanks to the blue, white, and red color palette, as well as the emblematic logo.

Tripadvisor & Visit Orlando: Explore Unexpected

tripadvisor and visit orlando facebook ad

The Tripadvisor Facebook ad above encourages users to take a different kind of trip from the comfort of their own home—an interactive voice tour of Orlando.

The different shades of teal used for the ad’s design help it stand out on the Facebook feed, while the choice to use a single font ensures the text’s high readability.

Delta Air Lines: Your ticket to more travels

Delta Air Lines uses footage of an idyllic destination to catch the eye right before inviting users to learn more about the miles reward program through the CTA of this Facebook video ad.

The copy aims to persuade by linking the reward card to states of wonder, serenity, and inspiration, all of which can be achieved through traveling.

Hilton: Where the pets stay

hilton hotels facebook ad

Now, this ad will make a lot of pet owners go aww . I mean, it can’t be just me swooning at the idea of traveling with my cat.

It’s true Hilton is targeting a niche audience with this adorable Facebook ad that announces pets are welcome in their hotels. Still, even travelers outside the ad’s target audience are likely to smile at the cute animal photos and the pet-away wordplay in the copy.

Traveloom: A great stay is a happy memory

creatopy travel ad template

Is there a more effective way to advertise for hotels and resorts than by using actual pictures from the location? I don’t think so, as all travelers want to see where they will stay before booking accommodation.

This fully customizable Facebook template can be adjusted for any use case by adding and replacing design elements in Creatopy’s drag and drop editor. Find your perfect somewhere knows how important compatibility between a tourist and its booked hotel is. So much so that they compare it to that between lovers, stressing the importance of choosing the right hotel.

The hotel description narrated in the first person by the personified boutique hotel immediately draws viewers into this upbeat ad. It is reminiscent of about me sections on match-making websites, further supported by the tagline Find your perfect somewhere , which sounds similar to Find your perfect someone . Overall, a great example of video storytelling.

Airbnb: Turn the world into a field trip

airbnb newsletter ad

This colorful newsletter ad promotes Airbnb’s Field Trips, a collection of online experiences from around the world targeted at kids. 

This time around, the visual part outshines the ad copy, as the bright-colored background catches the eye instantly, and the exciting collage image prompts viewers to click the CTA button that invites them to Explore Field Trips .

Vacasa: Make check-in a breeze

vacasa newsletter ad

The vacation rental company Vacasa aims to increase app installs with this clean and sharp-looking newsletter ad that promises a stress-free trip experience where travelers needn’t worry about aspects like hotel check-in, home entry codes, or wi-fi connection.

Viewers get a glimpse of how the app looks thanks to two mobile phone screens placed on a color block backdrop, which is a great selling point.

Visit Greece: All you want is Greece

The classic problem and solution approach works here because the ad’s characters are so relatable that viewers can easily identify with them. 

Wrapping It Up

As seen from the strategy tips and ad examples in this article, understanding and connecting with the customer is key in the travel industry. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new that you can implement when planning your future travel campaign or designing ads for it.

Let us know what you found most helpful, and feel free to share your own travel advertising tips in the comment section below.

Ana Predescu

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Pathfndr Blogs

20 Powerful Marketing Ideas For Your Travel Agency

  • Post author By varun
  • Post date October 10, 2022

Discover 20 best powerful and proven travel agency advertising ideas to scale your travel business and provide it with the necessary boost

creative travel agency ads

When it comes to running a travel agency, becoming the best in today’s market is no easy thing. Apart from a solid business plan, various other things must work effectively. One such thing is your agency’s marketing. While successful advertising for travel agency can take your business to new heights, any small wrong step can also lead to its downfall. However, worry not, as there are several creative travel agency advertising ideas that can keep your business going. 

Today’s market is indeed quite competitive and always changing in nature. But such travel agency advertising ideas can ensure that you always stay on top of every upcoming challenge. Through this article, we are going to cover such travel agency marketing ideas for your travel agency. 

20 Powerful Travel Agency Advertising Ideas

1. understanding the market and target audience.

As a travel agency owner, it’s important for you to have an image in your head of the dream audience. Moreover, questions like ‘who is my audience,’ ‘what’s their favourite destination,’ and ‘what’s their preference while booking tickets’ should be clear from the first day. Exploring answers to such questions will not only define your market but also sharpen the image of your perfect travel and target audience. 

2. Monthly Emails and Creative Newsletters

A small yet creative newsletter for your audience can be one of the best travel agency advertising ideas for your business. Such monthly or weekly emails can keep your audience engaged with your content and are the best way of communicating with customers regularly. Through such emails, your travel agency can easily pitch about upcoming trips, special discount offers, frequent giveaways, etc. 


3. Diversifying Your Social Media Posts

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook aren’t the new marketing tools for any business. However, by publishing your content in different formats, your travel agency can truly leverage the full potential of social media platforms. Apart from posting consistently, make sure to post eye-catching short videos on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Sharing common itineraries and trip guides on social media is one of the most famous travel agency advertising ideas.

4. Immerse Your Business in YouTube

Travel vlogs are some of the most popular and searched content on YouTube’s platform. And as a travel agency, your business can easily capitalise on such opportunities by posting regular travel vlogs. The platform’s endless potential isn’t hidden from anyone. Through its data, travel agencies can easily find their audience’s favourite destinations or emerging trip plans and convert this information into potential sales. Moreover, YouTube is one of the best platforms for advertising for travel agencies.  

5. Local Advertisement and Business SEO

Indeed, the recent digitalisation has made 90% of the audience go on the Internet, but traditional marketing is still one of the most creative travel agency advertising ideas . From putting on those giant billboards to publishing your latest discount offers on pizza boxes or pamphlets, all such ideas can easily boost your sales revenues. In addition, such traditional marketing campaigns can also help improve your travel agency’s public relations image. 

6. Budget-Oriented Pricings

As a traveller, the first and most important thing is to find the right pricing plan for the upcoming trip. Hence, for any travel agency, it becomes crucial to compete with other travel agencies by pricing standards. Although such adaptations aren’t possible for luxury or business-class segments, offering budget-friendly pricing plans for ordinary trips can become one of the most successful travel agency advertising ideas.

7. Keeping an Eye on Competitors

While focusing on advertising for a travel agency, it’s equally crucial to keep monitoring your competitors’ progress as well. For instance, if one of your competitor travel agencies is performing quite well in the market, check what’s making their services so popular. Moreover, while comparing with others, you can easily run a SWOT analysis as well that can determine the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your travel agency. 

creative travel agency ads

8. Partnering with Local Established Businesses

Business partnerships are among the most common yet powerful travel agency advertising ideas . Let’s suppose a ‘Trek to the Himalayas’ is one of your agency’s best-selling tour packages. In such cases, partnering with local restaurants, cafes, or lounges that fall en route can offer sustainable growth to your business. Moreover, through such partnerships, both parties can easily promote each other and help increase each other’s revenues. 

9. Optimising Your Website and Its Content

Other important travel agency advertising ideas include regularly optimising your website and its existing content. An attractive web layout with easy navigation and eye-catching features can easily grab your audience’s attention. Moreover, it’s always necessary for any business to update its content regularly and ensure it doesn’t involve any copyright infringement. Remember, every photo or video posted on your travel website should relate to your visitor’s past or upcoming journey experience. 

10. Investing in Content Marketing

Having some content on your website and distributing your website’s content smartly are two different things. While working on your travel agency advertising ideas , it’s necessary first to create a blueprint of your content marketing strategy. For instance, make sure each and every published blog targets a specific set of audiences from the sales funnel. Moreover, while it’s good to have your content carry that spark, make sure it does not sound overly promotional. 

11. Keeping Up With SEO

While a smart content strategy can keep your website’s SEO going, there are a few more aspects to it that might require extra attention. Besides getting backlinks or finding keywords, the standards of search engines also include many technical aspects. Moreover, platforms like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc., can easily determine your technical SEO performance.

In addition, such platforms can also detect errors, wrong page redirections, irrelevant meta tags, etc. SEO might not seem like a big step that adds to your company but it really is one of most favoured travel agency advertising ideas that people often highly consider.

Recommended Read: Guided Steps on How to Create a Travel Website

12. Customer Service Through Social Media

Customer retention is the key to success for any travel agency or other business. Additionally, customer services are also one of the best travel agency advertising ideas. Further, it’s common for travel agencies to receive some negative feedback on such platforms. However, as a travel agency, it’s important for you to have a customer executive or PR specialist who can instantly deal with such feedback. The faster a resolution is given from your end, the better your public relations image becomes. At the same time, you can also use positive comments to promote your services. 

13. Educate Your Audience Through Hacks and Guides

It’s pretty obvious that most of your audience members are going to be travel enthusiasts. Even many other people who aren’t your followers/subscribers are always searching for general travel hacks or guides. Hence, creating detailed guides and standard itineraries or sharing common travel hacks can easily attract more traffic. Such travel agency advertising ideas can help your customer engagement and connect your business to new potential customers.

creative travel agency ads

14. Equal Importance to Web Advertisements for Your Travel Agency Advertising Ideas

Apart from advertising your services on different social media platforms, don’t forget to utilise web adverts as well. With an intelligently written and well-placed Google Search Ad, your travel agency can start attracting the right audience in no time. In fact, among all travel agency advertising ideas , web advertisements are perhaps the most successful ways to promote your business.

15. Destination-Based Promotions is Among Strategic Travel Agency Advertising Ideas

When working on travel agency advertising ideas , it’s pretty natural for a travel agency to focus more on its services. However, remember that your audience wants to learn more about their next destination rather than your services. Hence, ensure that your advertisements aren’t only promoting your services but also the destination itinerary, its hidden gems, cafeterias, possible activities, etc. 

16. Cover Extra Mile For Your Customers

When an organisation pushes off its limits for customer care, it ultimately improves its public relations image greatly. Such travel agency advertising ideas can include plugging extra services like car rentals, spa or massage facilities, and additional places to visit when the customer is already onboard. 

17. Exclusive Deals, Discount Offers & Loyalty Programs

To take care of your existing or loyal customers, you can start offering exclusive deals or discount codes as part of your travel agency advertising ideas . Moreover, you can also add time limits or other specific conditions that force your customers to take action as early as possible. Apart from this, you can also offer additional perks or benefits to some of your oldest customers for becoming members of your agency’s loyalty program. 

18. Dedicated Landing Pages for Target Deals 

Another of the amazing travel agency advertising ideas is to create a dedicated landing page for your destination deals and offers. Further, while writing content for them, focus on the keywords that people use to find these deals. Doing so will help the robots to find your page easily and rank your content higher. Additionally, on the page, you can also add product ratings, a booking interface, calendars, and more. 

creative travel agency ads

19. Partner with Metasearch Engine

Next in the list of travel agency advertising ideas is partnering with a metasearch engine. Finding a metasearch engine as your partner is going to be a significant step toward getting your services more visible. Metasearch partners such as TripAdvisor, Trivago, Kayak, and more are going to help your agency stand out from the rest. It creates a strong distribution channel, specifically if what you offer is more focused on price differentiation. Typically metasearch helps people to find numerous deals with the same niche that they can compare just on one page. 

20. Start a Referral Program

Lastly, marketing by word of mouth is also among the most successful travel agency advertising ideas because that demands less effort and is cost-friendly. You can boost their sales by asking your clients to refer to their friends about your travel business or simply mention you when there’s a talk about travel. Additionally, offer an incentive along with your referral program. For instance, you can add a gift voucher for every successful referral. 

Your audience is continuously seeking the latest and most relevant news about the destinations that fascinate them. So, the more you deliver targeted content to them, the more they will look for your guidance. Check out Pathfndr to learn how to further expand your online travel business. 

creative travel agency ads

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4 Creative Travel and Tourism Marketing Campaign Ideas

  • January 25, 2018
  • Facebook , Infographic

AdParlor Blog Post: 4 Travel-Inspired Campaign Ideas

It’s no secret that travelers rely on digital and online channels to make their purchasing decisions—especially during the planning stages of a big trip.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, travelers are searching far and wide for the best deals on their next expedition.

And the numbers don’t lie; travelers seek inspiration for their adventures on social media. A few fast facts:

  • 52% of Facebook users said friends’ photos inspired their travel plans
  • 51% of those surveyed said that Twitter content influenced consideration of a travel brand
  • 65% of leisure and 69% of business travelers agree that they turn to the web early on in the travel-planning process for research

These figures could mean big business for travel brands as 2016 comes to a close. But this isn’t a kept secret— travel brands must be as creative as possible to stand out in the crowded social conversation. Here’s how.

Mockup Campaign #1 – Relationship Status

Whether you’re a newlywed, married or single (and ready to mingle), there’s always a journey yet to be taken. Use the basis of relationship status to drive users to your brand’s best getaway.

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - With Friends in the Water

Newlywed/ Engaged:

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Walking on a beach

Mockup Campaign #2 – Graduation Year

Are your ideal customers college students ready to party on Spring Break? Maybe they’re recently graduated and ready to see the world? Or maybe they just wish they were still in college… Whatever their status, activate creative based on college graduation, and drive users to a hotspot tailored just to them.


Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Playing on the Beach

Recent Grads: 

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Beach Bonfire

Older Generation College Graduates:

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Waterpark

Mockup Campaign #3 – Traveler Personas

Frequently travel for business? Or maybe you are just looking for a little rest and relaxation. Activate creative based on types of jet setters, and drive users to a relevant destination for their lifestyle.

Business Travelers: 

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Business Travel

Leisurely Travelers (International):

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - World Travel

Leisurely Travelers (Domestic):

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Vacation at Home on the Patio

Family Vacations:

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Water Park Resort

Mockup Campaign #4 – Change of Season

Use changes in temperature, cloud condition, precipitation (including rain, hail, sleet, snow) and more to activate creative that gets people dreaming of the escape you’re offering.

Heat Index: Lower than 45 Degrees

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Too Cold. Vacation Somewhere Warmer

Heat Index: 45-60 Degrees

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Mountain Hiking

Heat Index: 60-80 Degrees

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Golf Course

Heat Index: 80+ Degrees

Travel Guide - Instagram Video - Couple at the Waterpark

Campaign Optimization Best Practices

Like the most experienced travelers, you’ll need the right approaches under your belt to grow your social media campaigns. Here are two things you absolutely should be doing to make your campaigns better:

  • A/B Testing can help you optimize campaign performance at the creative level. Imagine you are featuring a campaign with creative assets showing activities to do at an all-inclusive resort. Use A/B testing to optimize spend toward whichever creative performs the best based on your unique KPIs.
  • Leveraging ad intelligence can help you understand how elements like object position within images, background colors, the number of people, or even specific products perform within an ad. Use this understanding to identify exactly which elements produce the greatest results.

Like the most experienced travelers, you’ll need the right tools under your belt to customize experiences for the best possible experience. That extends to the creative that is featured in paid social media advertising. Consumers want and respond to personalized messaging – and that’s why we introduced  Creative Blueprints  for paid media advertising.

With Creative Blueprint technology, our team can hundreds (if not thousands) or video and static imagery for your campaigns. This will allow you to mass-personalize ads and turn mock-ups like the above into real life media buys. For instance, you can:

  • Customize videos to highlight countries and famous & unique travel destinations
  • Customize images to feature unique historical facts and stats to drive users to book online
  • Outdoor / Recreation in a certain city
  • Drinking / Nightlife in a certain city
  • Family activities in a certain city

The possibilities are endless.

Want to learn more? Check out our  Creative At Scale  website to see how you can bring your social media campaigns to life.

Original Publish Date: Oct 18, 2016 @ 11:18.


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Ready to level-up your social media game?

If you’re interested in speaking with one of AdParlor’s experts on how we can scale your next campaign, just complete the form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

10 Best Ad Copies for Travel Agency

creative travel agency ads

When starting a travel agency, getting and retaining travel clients and making travel bookings takes work. The more effort you put into marketing your travel agency to your target audience, the higher the success rate and profit margins will be.

Placing your advert on the right platform is essential in order to reach, and grab the attention of your target audience. Facebook and Google AdWords are particularly renowned for this purpose. As most people travel for the sake of business or recreation and leisure, they are likely to search travel agencies that have a suitable mix of price, facilities, and regions of travel that cater to their needs. This demographic usually belongs to young people who are likely to google it or come across an ad on Facebook and click on it for more information if it is attractive and informative enough. 

The right ad will not only seem appealing but it will also distinguish the business from its competitors, giving it a reputed and unique brand image.

Moreover, these days you can target your audience based on interests, behaviors, demographics, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages on Facebook. You can even target your competitors’ fans or remarket to people you have already interacted with. With such a wide range of perks to benefit from, it would be a wise decision to advertise on the aforementioned platforms. 

Here are 10 Ads Samples for Travel Agency

Ad Copy 1: Primary Text: Wake up to the sun shining on the horizon and start your day with your favorite travel agency, getting you to the destination you desire. Contact us at (Name) Heading : A Different Light to Your Life! (Name) Travel Agents

Ad Copy 2: Primary Text: Bored of your life being a repetition of the same activities? Your heart and soul deserve a rest. Embark on a journey with us, too (Location) and have the best time of your life. Reach out to us at (Number and Address) Heading :   A New Sky, A New Life – (Name) Travel Agents

Ad Copy 3: Primary Text: Travelling helps you to not only discover the world but to rediscover yourself. Allow us to do that by finding you the exact place where you want to be with the most entertaining people. Let’s all rediscover ourselves. Contact us at (Name) Heading : Adventure Awaits, Come Find It! (Travel Agency Name)  

Ad Copy 4: Primary Text: Have a business that you need to travel for? With an experience of more than 30 years, we know exactly what you need! Book a meeting today with our professional Travel Agents: (Number) Heading : All Aboard for Abroad!

Ad Copy 5: Primary Text: Ever wondered how it would feel to travel to diverse places at the most minimal price? Avail our discounted packages and get the recreation you deserve. Contact us at (Name) Heading : Awaken to A Different World; Every Day!

Ad Copy 6: Primary Text: No complications. We keep it simple with you. It’s as easy as a visit to our office. We handle all the work, you rest. Contact us at (Name) Heading : Book A Ticket & Just Fly! (Name of Agency)

Ad Copy 7: Primary Text: We are here to help you create the memories you can look back to when you’re old and cannot move. Let’s go right now. Contact us at (Name) Heading : Collect Moments! (Name of Agency) with Tour Guides and Deluxe Packages.

Ad Copy 8: Primary Text: Sick of your boring routine and need to feel new again? Worry no more, we are here for you. With a vast range of places to travel to with the best quality service, we got your back. Contact us at (Name) Heading : Book with Us and Book It Out of Here! (Name)

Ad Copy 9: Primary Text: Relieving you of the stress of everyday life, we will give you the satisfaction that might as well be equal to revival. Travel the world with (travel Agency Name) and feel alive! Special discount packages on a date! Call now (Number) Heading : Better to See Something, than Being Lazy! Travel the World with us!

Ad Copy 10: Primary Text:  Want to stand out from the crowd? Travel with us. We take you to all the places only the daring can embark on. Special Packages and discount rates! We are just a call away: (Number) Heading : Be an Adventurer, and seek the World! (Name) Travel Agents

With the right use of advertisement, a big client base is surely yours. You can use these ads as they are or modify them up to your needs. Stay tuned for more creative ideas and articles!

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23+ Effective Travel Agency Marketing Ideas in 2022.

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Each one of us likes to travel and explore different parts of the world. Traveling helps us to escape from the monotonous activities of our daily life and spend memorable moments with our family members and friends.

How to promote your travel agency

  • Enlightening the people can be done when you make the choice of putting up banners and posters everywhere in ample. This is perhaps the easiest way to let people know about your business.
  • Distributing leaflets among the people with all the relevant details about your business and the tours you are going to organize will be the most effective method of promoting your business.
  • Your travel agency will become more distinguishable than the rest in the market when your agency has a unique name and an amazingly designed logo. Make sure you have both.
  • The business directories will be of great help since they are the most helpful way of promoting a business. Ensure that your travel agency is enlisted in the business directories.

A travel agency can be a profitable venture only if you know how to promote it among your target audience. Effective marketing is the most important way to survive in a competitive market.

Here are a few marketing ideas for a travel agency that helps you get more Customers and Increase Awareness of Your Business.

-Talk to People

Inform people about your travel agency business through casual conversations. You meet different kinds of people each day when you step out of your homes like your friends, neighbors, or the owner of the store from where you buy grocery items.

Ask them if they are planning to go on a tour in the near future if you get a positive reply then offer them the services of your travel agency. Keep a business pitch ready that will help you to explain the advantages of choosing your travel agency to a potential customer.


Customers will think of choosing your travel agency only when they know about it. Let your target audience know about your travel agency through advertisements.

Use print media like newspapers and magazines for advertising your business. Also, advertise your travel agency in TV commercials and radio.

Customize your advertisements in a way that it appeals to the target audience. Place banners and billboards in strategic locations like railway stations and airports.

-Create a Mobile App

Most of your customers will be mobile users and for their convenience, you need to create a mobile app that is dedicated to your business. You can hire the services of a software development company to design a mobile app for your business.

22+ Actionable App Development Company Marketing Ideas

This will help you to technologically outsmart your competitors. Customers can book trips through the app and also check the status of their bookings.

-Create a Brand Identity

You are bound to face tough competition as there are numerous travel agencies operating in the market. What will set you apart from your competitors is your unique brand identity. You need to think about the specialties of your travel agency that can attract a potential customer.

Offer a unique experience to your customers through your services, packages, website, and deals.

-Offer Excellent Services

You should aim to offer excellent services to your customers at affordable prices. This should be your top priority. Offer lucrative deals and packages to your customers which are not easily available in the market.

Try to bring variety to your services and add more travel destinations to your menu. You can also plan business trips for corporate houses. If customers are pleased with your services, they are likely to recommend it to other people whom they know.

-Business Cards and Brochures

Design attractive business cards and brochures that will feature all the important details of your business. Offer them to people who show interest in booking tours with your travel agency. Place the logo of your travel agency on all the business cards and brochures. Mention your contact details in them.

-Discounts and Deals

Attract customers by offering different kinds of deals and discounts. The best time to offer discounts for a travel agency is during the holiday season when people decide to visit tourist spots with their family and friends.

Discounts and Deals are playing a huge role in travel agency marketing

You can also offer honeymoon packages for couples. Offer coupon codes to customers which they can use to avail of discounts on their bookings.

Design a user-friendly website to make your online presence strong. You can build a website on your own with the help of templates that are available online.

The website should contain all the relevant information related to your business. Customers will get to know the terms and conditions of your services when they visit the website. Mention the names of the most sought-after travel destinations on your website.

Upload photos and videos of popular tourist spots. Customers can book tours online with the help of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered to be an essential online marketing tool for any business.

If your website is registered with online search engines and directories, then customers can gain access to it when they go for an online search with keywords that are related to your business. This helps in increasing the traffic to your website.

An Ultimate SEO Guide For Small Businesses

Promote your business by posting creative content on your blog. For many people traveling is a hobby and they like to go through articles that will provide them with valuable information about popular travel destinations in the world.

Inform travelers about famous tourist attractions in a particular city like a waterfall, lake, religious shrine, etc.

Customers will visit your website if they are impressed by the quality of your content. So, blogging can help you to reach out to your target audience.

-Social Media

Advertise your travel agency on popular social media websites. Create a business page on social media websites and interact with your customers on a daily basis.

Post promotional content on the pages like new deals and offers to attract customers. Ask customers to review your services on social media pages.

-Email Marketing

Request the customers to sign up on your website with their email addresses as that will entitle them to receive promotional notifications via mail.

You can send personalized promotional offers to specific customers and recommend packages to them based on their previous bookings with your travel agency. Stay connected with your customers by sending them monthly newsletters through email.

Request loyal customers to refer your travel agency to their friends, relatives, and family members. Reward the referring customers with gifts, special offers, and discounts for each successful referral.

-Participate in Local Events

Consider participating in local events to connect with the local community. You can hire a stall in fairs and trade shows that take place in and around your locality.

This will help your business gain exposure as you get the opportunity to inform more people about your travel agency. Distribute business cards and brochures in such events.

-Reviews and Feedback

Ask customers to rate your services on the website and social media pages. Utilize the opinion of your customers to improve the quality of your services.

Leverage Customer Reviews and Feedback to give a boost to your travel agency marketing campaigns.

Positive reviews will enhance the credibility of your business among potential customers.

How to drive up the sales of your travel agency

  • The sales will be driven up when the people will know about it. To reach out to a greater number of people, make proper use of the social media platform and watch your sales go up.
  • The traditional methods of advertising in newspapers and TV channels will be extremely fruitful in driving sales up significantly.
  • The price of the service that you will charge is one of the most important factors in determining the sales of your travel agency. A thorough study of the market is required before setting up the charges of your service for higher sales.
  • The customers will be more inclined towards using your service when they can have sufficient discounts. Make sure that you are discounting the services frequently.
  • The reviews from some of the previous clients who are happy with your service will ensure a rise in sales by many folds by making your business more trustworthy in the eyes of the new customers.

here are some important faqs about Travel Agency marketing to get more detail and grow business

Commissions have historically drawn the bulk of their revenue from travelling companies. Airlines and hotels would pay certain fees to agencies when booking a customer to use their businesses. However, as reservation technology, including Google Travel, travel apps and company websites, has recently expanded, these companies are more consumer-friendly and are no longer relying on traveling agencies to promote their services. With this reason, the payments of travel agencies by airlines and hotels have largely stopped. This has forced tour operators to adapt, relying less on basic reservations and more on negotiating complicated routes and travel legalizations in different areas or countries. 

Most new owners come from a new agency and have a customer book. You will advertise your services if you don’t start with an existing agency. Links are the safest source for customers. Agencies that are the most successful are specialty shops. A travel agency, for example, may specialize in medical or business travel. In the current market it will be hard for a general agency to compete.

Most small travel agencies are started as home-based businesses.  A conventional office model is followed by bigger organizations. Agencies can be operated as a single company or as an organization with multiple employees.

 Most new owners come from a new agency and have a customer book. You will advertise your services if you don’t start with an existing agency.  The best sources for the clients are the referrals. Most clients and customers are people who want to travel to another country.  The needs of the client range from simple holidays to medical retreats.

Travel agents primarily book corporate travel. Typically corporate customers try corporate vacations or retreats. Many business customers require special attention, with complicated reservation schedules covering all accommodation, local travel and entertainment. Medical tourism is a very specific sector of the industry’s niche. Such organizations investigate countries for patients who are pursuing either non-existent or overpriced care in their country of residence. For instance, a patient may pursue experimental cancer treatment in a specific country only.

Business traveling helps this business to extend to a new level. we’ve found that business travel can mean BIG business.

For example , in-person meetings can yield a 40% conversion rate compared to a 16% conversion rate without a face-to-face meeting.

That thing increases the traveling for Business. Here is the infographic which gives you ideas about how much business travel has potential . Read More

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The largest airline in Canada, has been a long-time partner with Expedia Group Media Solutions. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, Air Canada wanted to stay top of mind with travelers looking for deals during some of the most important sales events of the year.

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Looking to rebuild and renew, VisitScotland embarked on a tourism marketing campaign to highlight the unique experiences it offers travelers.

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In a competitive market, visibility is key to filling room nights and Blinkup wanted to help Place of Charme connect with more travelers. To reach travelers worldwide, the marketing consultancy partnered with Media Solutions to showcase Place of Charme’s six properties on Expedia Group sites.

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creative travel agency ads

10 best travel ads that will make you book your next vacation in seconds

November 10, 2023

Header_ Best travel ads article (2)

As the world recovers from the pandemic, travelers are keener than ever to find their next vacation spot. And the companies’ and countries’ tourist offices are wasting no time trying to attract as many visitors as possible to their destinations. 

To show you some of the true gems in travel advertising, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best travel marketing campaigns that will make you want to book your next holiday ASAP. Plus, a little background on tourism marketing.

So let’s dig in!

What is tourism marketing?

Tourism marketing refers to strategically promoting travel destinations, attractions, and services to potential visitors. As part of tourism marketing, companies from the various aspects of the tourism industry develop targeted marketing campaigns on various channels to spread compelling messages to attract tourists.

Each tourism campaign aims to increase awareness, generate interest, and ultimately drive visits from local and international visitors.

10 best tourism marketing campaigns

Here are the ten best tourism campaigns and ads:

1. Switzerland – Yodel Ay Hee Hoo

Is there a better way to promote the countryside than by inviting various people from a train station to spontaneously take a day off from work and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful Alps?

That’s exactly what the Switzerland tourist office did in one of their endearing tourism campaigns and sent the important message of how often we forget to take a step back to relax from our busy daily schedules. 

The creators made the travel ad even more authentic by live streaming from the Alps, with an elderly man inviting everyone from the Zurich train station to come join him. 

Intending to inspire travelers, this innovative approach caught daily commuters off guard and made them question whether to take a free daily ticket to the Alps or to continue their regular trip to work. 

2. Travel Oregon – Only Slightly Exaggerated 

Whether you’re watching an ad for the latest toothpaste or a fantastic new trip destination, they all have one thing in common – they exaggerate how great they are. 

Travel Oregon used this common motive in their “Only Slightly Exaggerated” tourism campaign to paint Oregon as a unique, dreamy, cartoon-like destination. 

The ad shows that Oregon mountains are more magical than anywhere else, rivers hide secrets never seen, and the streets offer entertainment like nowhere else. Just like in your childhood dreams! 

3. Iceland – OutHorse Your Emails

Being able to disconnect from work when on vacation is something that many of us struggle with these days. Luckily, Iceland found a perfect solution for the problem – outsourcing your emails to Icelandic horses. All you have to do for that is come to Iceland, and the rest will be taken care of.

This quirky ad is an amazing example of how creative and funny countries can get in attracting new tourists. 

4. Sweden – Spellbound

Have you heard of Dark Tourism? If you’re a fan of horror stories and mystic movies, then you certainly did! And you’ll absolutely love what Visit Sweden released this year as an attempt to attract a specific target audience with their unique tourist marketing campaign.

Their Spellbound campaign invites mystique lovers to Sweden to explore beautiful nature while enjoying the unique experience of listening to a chilling audio story. The campaign was set up so that a Spotify playlist would only become available to visitors once they came to a specific location. 

This way, they had to visit the location to get the unforgettable and scary experience. Who would’ve thought that horror stories could be such a great way to advertise a country?

5. Tourism Ireland – What Fills Your Heart?

You can never go wrong with a heartwarming tourist marketing campaign that celebrates good spirits, brings nostalgia, and connects people to the nature and the culture of one place. Tourism Ireland managed to do all that in one of their recent campaigns titled “What Fills Your Heart?”

In a series of ads with famous Irish actresses in the main roles, including Derry Girls and Sharon Horgan , the Irish tourist board told the story of Irish history, culture, and customs. 

creative travel agency ads


6. Vienna – What Does A Belly Do In Vienna?

There is no better place for a hungry and heartbroken belly to indulge in life’s beauties than Vienna. That’s the story Vienna’s tourist board told in their highly creative and surrealistic short film. 

As the belly walks through the streets of Vienna, trying to forget his dear human who didn’t treat him well, we get a glimpse of what tourists can see and enjoy during their next visit to the city. 

The creator’s unique approach to promoting Austria’s capital wins the creativity award and is an excellent magnet for new tourists. 

7. Only in Scotland – Why Scotland Needs You

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries struggled to attract tourists. People were concerned about their safety and if the location could provide memorable experiences despite numerous restrictions. 

At that time, Scotland released a beautiful ad showing why Scotland needs people while showing tourists why they’re the ones who actually need a holiday in this astonishing place. The ad is in the spirit of hope, serenity, and relaxation – everything people needed during the pandemic. 

8. KLM – Live Hologram Bar

Imagine spending hours at the airport talking to almost anyone in the world. You could learn about different cultures, what to visit in your next destination, or chat to make the time go by faster. 

In their 2019 marketing campaign, KLM placed hologram bars in airports around the world and allowed travelers from different parts of the world to connect and exchange their stories. Not a bad way to spend your time waiting for your next plane. 

9. Croatia Full of Life – Ode To Joy

What is a summer vacation in Croatia other than your own yearly ode to joy? 

This famous symbolic motif is what Croatian Tourist Board chose for the promotional campaign in 2012, and earned a prestigious travel industry ‘Oscars’ award, ‘Das Goldene Stadttor,’ at the International Tourism Film Festival. 

Beethoven’s inspiring music narrative, led by cellist Ana Rucner carries the video highlighting the rich cultural, historical, and natural heritage of Croatia as well as many Croatian beauties. 

10. Chicago Not in Chicago

In 2022, Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot announced the launch of the “Chicago Not in Chicago” campaign to show how Chicago has inspired many other iconic cities worldwide. 

This creative campaign featured city tour buses across major US cities where people got a tour of Chicago instead of the city they were visiting. And by first confusing and then entertaining the visitors, the campaign sent a powerful message that every city has a story – a Chicago story. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to travel marketing campaigns, the sky’s the limit. Countries and companies can use many different sources of inspiration to tell unique stories about a location or a travel service. 

And these travel marketing campaigns are a great example of how creativity combined with emotional appeal is a recipe for success. The only question remains: “In which of these locations did you book your next vacation?”

Nika Prpic


creative travel agency ads

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Katie Garrett

creative travel agency ads

OOHs and ahhs: 18 best billboard ads that made the world stop and stare

Out of home advertising (OOH) can be a breath of fresh air in the constant chatter about data, social strategies, and geotargeting tactics. And when looking at the best ads of all time, billboards take up many of the top spots. Because billboard advertising is created for everyone passing by, it has no choice but to be strikingly simple. And that’s one of the key components of a great ad. 

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creative travel agency ads

19 best Christmas ads to get you in the festive spirit

They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Well, for brands and marketers, it’s also one of the most lucrative.

creative travel agency ads

How to create banner ads in 13 bitesize steps

Looking to delve into the world of display advertising? I don’t blame you! Banner ads are a fantastic and cost-effective way to reach a vast online audience, boost your brand’s visibility, and deliver targeted messages to potential customers. 

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Creative Travel, Inc

Explore the World

For over 40 years, the owner of Creative Travel, Inc has been providing travel services for people traveling the world.  Let us help you navigate worldwide destinations.

We offer luxury travel worldwide on private jets

We offer family and friends vacations on land or sea

We offer you vacations to all worldwide destinations including Cuba

We offer all inclusive vacations for couple, friends and family.  Honeymoons and destination weddings too

Countries we've visted

Awards we have won, customers we've served, creative travel.

It’s more than a company name, it’s a way of travel.  We offer some of the best vacations and luxury travel there is for everyone’s tastes and budgets.

We service America by phone, web or email and have a store-front office in Newark, Delaware. Choosing Creative Travel, Inc., offers you industry expertise, personal attention and exceptional value on vacation travel. Speak with an experienced travel professional to save you time, energy, and money on all your travel needs. Look for our online help service for immediate assistance.

Creative Travel offers you the best in customer service. With over 30 awards and  40 certifications in services and destinations, the travel professionals at Creative Travel can plan the best custom package or pre-packaged vacations to exceed your expectations while keeping you below your budget. No matter where you are located in North America, we can provide you with exceptional travel arrangements to any worldwide destination.

Call us and let us work for you to provide you with the best trip you can have to create ever-lasting memories. We do not charge you any fees to book your complete vacation package.


Last Minute Deals and Sales

We have ever changing last minute deals and special sales to destinations worldwide.   So that we don’t have stale information, the most up-to-date specials and sales can be found with us directly.  Email us [email protected]; call us 302-658-2900 or use the chat feature in the lower left corner of the website.

We have a variety of legal programs to Cuba that focus on the Support of the Cuban People.   Being one of the first US companies to stay in private homes and offering programs in private restaurants we have been supporting the people of Cuba for 12 years.

Our Cuba programs are from 2 people and up.

For some ideas, call us or check out  click here

Sandals & Beaches Resorts on Sale

We offer great prices to resorts all over the world.  Every week, however, we have a new sale on Sandals and Beaches resorts.   Call us 302-658-2900 for the latest sales.

Join our VIP Sales night each month and get more deals and amenities if you book within 2 weeks of the events.   We are going to offer these event live in our office in Newark Delaware and on ZOOM for those outside of the area.  check them out on our FB page here

Don’t Wait Call us to

Book your memories.


Privacy Overview

creative travel agency ads

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Free PSD travel and tourism instagram and facebook story template

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  1. The best travel agency ads to get inspired by

    August 02, 2023 | 7 min read At first glance, it would seem easy to get users to click on an ad for a travel agency that promised easy access to gorgeous white sand beaches and stunning snow-capped mountains. In reality, though, many businesses struggle to create strong travel agency ads that manage to snag both the click and the conversion.

  2. Creative Travel Marketing Campaigns Around The World

    1. KLM - Live Hologram Bar KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has built a hologram bar where people can meet to exchange local tips when they are waiting for flights. These holograms are placed in the airports of Amsterdam, Oslo and Rio de Janeiro. 2. Turkish Airlines - The Journey

  3. 6 ideas for travel and tourism advertising campaigns (with examples

    1. Define your target customer Do you know who your customers are? Before you begin crafting an ad campaign, you need to know more about your guests. Building a buyer persona is a strategic way for tour businesses to get to know their customers.

  4. 13 Best Travel Agency Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

    1. Use content marketing and effective copywriting with What if I told you that you didn't have to write anything on your travel agency website to drive leads and sales? Yes, it's true. Why? Because it's the 21st century and artificial intelligence is here to stay.

  5. 10 examples of great travel marketing campaigns

    2. Visit Britain's GREAT campaign. The four-year, £100m campaign began in 2011 and focused on culture, heritage, sport, music, countryside, food and shopping, as well as tying in with the Bond movie, Skyfall. A pre- and post-2012 Olympics push was also key to the ongoing campaign. The video below shows some of the many highlights.

  6. Travel Advertising Creative Strategies and Tips from Taboola

    The Taboola Creative Shop — a global team of experts and strategists — pulled readership trends, insights, and engagement data from our network of over 9,000 premium publisher properties and 5.6 billion travel pageviews. And they compiled it all into the ultimate creative guide for travel marketers. Download Taboola's Travel Creative Playbook

  7. 15 Marketing Ideas for Travel Advisors in 2021

    15 Marketing Ideas for Travel Advisors in 2021 by Alex Temblador Last updated:: 8:00 AM ET, Sun January 17, 2021 Travel agent working at the computer. (photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / Viktoriia Hnatiuk) (iStock / Getty Images Plus / Viktoriia Hnatiu)

  8. Travel Advertising Strategy Tips for 2022 and 16 Ad Examples

    Here are the key steps you must check to build a strong tourism advertising strategy: 1. Identify your target audience A well-defined target audience is the foundation of any good travel advertising strategy. Just think what a waste of resources it would be to target users with no potential to become customers.

  9. 20 Powerful Marketing Ideas For Your Travel Agency

    By varun October 10, 2022 Discover 20 best powerful and proven travel agency advertising ideas to scale your travel business and provide it with the necessary boost When it comes to running a travel agency, becoming the best in today's market is no easy thing. Apart from a solid business plan, various other things must work effectively.

  10. 4 Creative Travel and Tourism Marketing Campaign Ideas

    But this isn't a kept secret— travel brands must be as creative as possible to stand out in the crowded social conversation. Here's how. Mockup Campaign #1 -. Whether you're a newlywed, married or single (and ready to mingle), there's always a journey yet to be taken. Use the basis of relationship status to drive users to your brand ...

  11. 10 Best Ad Copies for Travel Agency

    Here are 10 Ads Samples for Travel Agency Ad Copy 1: Primary Text: Wake up to the sun shining on the horizon and start your day with your favorite travel agency, getting you to the destination you desire. Contact us at (Name) Heading: A Different Light to Your Life! (Name) Travel Agents Ad Copy 2:

  12. 12 game-changing tactics to boost travel agency marketing

    1. Know your market Getting the lay of the land will let you know how to compete in the market. Start by understanding who the leading players are (even if they are not direct competitors). Analyze the average travel budget and how much clients are willing to spend annually on travel businesses.

  13. Creative Partnerships for Travel Advertisers

    Our creative solutions are designed to enhance the traveler journey and create compelling media experiences. Motion + Video Production Videos to tell your story and showcase your brand. Interactive Digital Platforms Digital experiences designed around your brand. Brand Partnerships Co-branded marketing initiatives to amplify your message.

  14. Exploring the Pinnacle of Creative Travel Advertising Agencies

    Welcome, fellow travel enthusiasts! Today, we're taking a delightful journey into the world of travel advertising agencies — the creative minds behind those captivating vacation ads. Join us ...

  15. 23+ Effective Travel Agency Marketing Ideas in 2022

    Customers will think of choosing your travel agency only when they know about it. Let your target audience know about your travel agency through advertisements. Use print media like newspapers and magazines for advertising your business. Also, advertise your travel agency in TV commercials and radio. Customize your advertisements in a way that ...

  16. Dana Communications: The Travel Marketing Agency

    For decades now, our full-service lifestyle marketing agency has dreamed up—and delivered—experiential marketing ideas for premier hotel, resort, travel and lifestyle brands. The kind of branding, advertising and communication expertise that is based in ahead-of-the-curve technology, is honored with prestigious awards and, most importantly ...

  17. Travel Advertising & Marketing Services

    Our advertising solutions help you inspire, engage, and convert hundreds of millions of travelers — everywhere in the world. Sign up for our Travel Marketing Insider Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest travel industry trends Unmatched global inventory that travelers access every day

  18. Travel Ads

    1. Travel Banner Ads Template 2. Travel Agency Magazine Ads Travel Advertisement comes in many forms like banners, print media, social media, online promotion, and others. This article will cover examples, templates, and sample related to different kinds of travel ads. Travel Ads Examples & Templates 1. Travel Banner Ads Template Details

  19. 10 Best Travel Ads to Inspire Your Next Vacation

    Luckily, Iceland found a perfect solution for the problem - outsourcing your emails to Icelandic horses. All you have to do for that is come to Iceland, and the rest will be taken care of. This quirky ad is an amazing example of how creative and funny countries can get in attracting new tourists. 4. Sweden - Spellbound.

  20. Travel Marketing Strategies and Tips For 2024

    Unleashing Creative Travel Ads In a sea of advertisements, creativity is your secret weapon. Explore unconventional approaches to design, incorporate storytelling elements, and focus on the unique ...

  21. 77 Best Creative Travel Ads ideas

    Jul 15, 2021 - Explore Ragadive's board "Best Creative Travel Ads" on Pinterest. See more ideas about travel ads, ads, travel.

  22. Creative Travel, Inc

    Last Minute Deals and Sales We have ever changing last minute deals and special sales to destinations worldwide. So that we don't have stale information, the most up-to-date specials and sales can be found with us directly. Email us [email protected]; call us 302-658-2900 or use the chat feature in the lower left corner of the website.

  23. Travel Agency Ads PSD

    50% OFF Freepik Premium, now including videos. Get discount. ADS. ADS. ADS. Find & Download the most popular Travel Agency Ads PSD on Freepik Free for commercial use High Quality Images Made for Creative Projects.