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black sabbath born again tour dates

Keep It Warm: Black Sabbath’s Born Again At 40

Looking back on the metal legends’ sole album with Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan

black sabbath born again tour dates

Remember in the old cartoons, when the coyote would run off a cliff and stand confused in space, not falling until he realized that there was no solid ground beneath his feet?

That’s exactly where Black Sabbath found itself in 1983, when they recorded their 11th studio album, Born Again. 

Knowing that the master tapes for Born Again were found in 2021—and that a Super Deluxe Edition with a full remix could be imminent—makes celebrating this record feel a bit premature. But then, nothing about Born Again went according to plan. Even its 40th anniversary was celebrated a month early, because an apocryphal release date of August 7, 1983 had been making the rounds for decades. Only over the last few weeks did Sabbath scholars and internet sleuths determine that the official UK release date was actually on Sept 12, with the U.S. edition being birthed either on the same date, or sometime after.

Regardless, this is the last “great” Sabbath album for many fans, especially those who weren’t interested in the band’s subsequent decade, during which Tony Iommi was (usually) the only original member in the group. 

Born Again boasts everyone from the classic lineup except Ozzy. That’s Iommi, Butler, Ward and oft-overlooked keyboardist-behind-the-curtain Geoff Nicholls. Lead vocals came courtesy of Ian Gillan of Deep Purple Mk II, leading many to call this lineup Deep Sabbath or Purple Sabbath. After a few reinvigorating years of Dio fronting the group, with Vinnie Appice on drums, Iommi and Butler were happy to have an all-British lineup once more.

black sabbath born again tour dates

Much has been written about the schism during the mix of the 1982 Live Evil concert album. Whatever happened, Dio was ready to kick off a tremendously successful solo career. Egos (enflamed by de rigueur cocaine usage) made it impossible to continue. The good news is that this brought a newly sober Bill Ward back into the fold on drums. And after a long night of pub drinking in a meeting set up by Sabbath manager Don Arden, Tony Iommi offered Ian Gillan an equal share as partner and vocalist.

Gillan had been leading his own eponymous band, who released six studio albums. After a few months off to treat his vocal nodes, he unceremoniously broke up that group to join Sabbath. Born Again was written and recorded at Richard “Virgin” Branson’s Manor Studio. There the band took up residence, though the eccentric Gillan set up camp in a tent outside. 

All manner of hell broke loose during the sessions, thanks to band pranks, which often involved explosives prepared by Sabbath’s expert pyrotechnic crew. Gillan took to visiting the pub in a boat, in order to avoid drinking and driving, though he still managed to wreck the car that was rented for Bill Ward.

That accident was the inspiration for the album’s lead track, “Trashed.” When Gillan sings, “the ground was in my sky” he’s being literal. This song is clearly modeled on up-tempo, barnstorming album openers like “Neon Nights” and “Turn Up The Night,” and fits favorably among them…except for the inexcusably muddy mix.

After two legendary albums with Iron Maiden (and Deep Purple) producer Martin Birch, Sabbath returned to self-producing, with engineer Robing Black getting a co-producer credit. His work on Sabotage yielded some of the finest audio in the band’s catalog. Unfortunately, no one really knows what happened to the final Born Again sound picture. Supposedly Geezer Butler was left in charge at the end, and some say he pushed the bass louder in the mix. He vehemently denies this, though. Somewhere further along, the mix was ruined. The first time the band heard Born Again, while out promoting the record on tour, they were appalled. By then the album was #4 in the UK charts, and there was nothing to be done. 

black sabbath born again tour dates

“Trashed” also received a nonsensical, low budget music video that combines concert footage, Night Of The Living Dead homage, and scantily clad women. Despite the obvious anti-drinking and driving message, the song still landed on the PMRC’s “Filthy Fifteen” list.

Two minutes of atmospheric soundscape called “Stonehenge” follows “Trashed” on side one of Born Again. The band spent hours creating a mysterious sound by submerging a bell in water. Years later, Iommi lamented that the same effect could be done with a keyboard in a few minutes now. Regardless, that sort of studio experimentation is a bit like using a practical effect instead of CGI, and still sounds cool today. The Deluxe Expanded Edition of Born Again includes an extended version of “Stonehenge” that is nearly five minutes long.

On the Born Again tour, someone (reportedly Geezer) suggested a Stonehenge stage theme. Supposedly management mistakenly wrote meters instead of feet, and the band ended up with stage scenery so large that it was only usable at two outdoor concerts. The oversized triptychs physically would not fit into any of the arenas Sabbath played in 1983. If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because the anecdote was shared with someone in the Spinal Tap camp, who used an inversion of the story in their own hilarious, undersized Stonehenge scene in the classic 1984 mockumentary. 

Track three is one of Born Again’s finest moments, a hefty slab of metallic doom called “Disturbing The Priest”. Black Sabbath had left a door to The Manor open, while the priest next door was trying to have choir practice. There was no actual conflict, and both parties were polite and civil. They worked out a scheduling compromise, and the issue dissolved. Regardless, the scenario inspired Butler’s lyrics. Iommi married them to one of his archest riffs, creating a foreboding and cataclysmic tune that is one of the heaviest in the band’s catalog. 

Even on the first album, Black Sabbath had given names to their interludes, and even movements of songs. Originally that was for publishing reasons, because having a certain number of tracks on the album yielded better royalties. Whether or not that was still the case in 1983, a short instrumental called “The Dark” follows “Disturbing The Priest” and was even used in concert at the band’s set at the Reading Festival that year. 

Breaking up the two best and heaviest songs on the album was likely a good idea. Side one concludes with the absolutely massive “Zero The Hero”. As long as you can overlook the ridiculous lyrics, which find the usually earthy Gillan going in an uncharacteristic fantasy direction, it’s often considered Born Again’s best song. Guns ‘n’ Roses must have agreed, because they lifted the main riff, sped it up a bit, and used it in their smash hit “Paradise City.”

As seriously as I take this fantastic song, I will never not laugh at the lines:

Your life is a six lane highway to nowhere

You’re going so fast you’re never ever gonna get down there

Where the heroes sit by the river

With a magic in their music as they eat raw liver.

Though side two brings diminishing rewards, there are no duds on this album. As far as songwriting is concerned, Iommi still had it. By 1983, metal had proven hardy enough to survive the punk and new wave explosion. In November of that year, Quiet Riot’s Metal Health became the first heavy metal album to reach number one on the Billboard charts. A few months prior, they were playing support to Black Sabbath on the Born Again tour. Born Again, on the other hand, peaked at number 39. 

“Digital Bitch” could easily be a Diamond Head track, or a standout cut from any other NWOBHM act. Which is to say that it’s a hard charging, decent outing for Sabbath. I don’t know that any of the band members have gone on record to state who the digital bitch is, but it is widely considered to be a dig at Ozzy’s manager Sharon. Her father Don Arden was managing Sabbath at the time, and father and daughter were not on speaking terms. 

The album’s title track is also its longest, a melancholy dirge of a power ballad. “Born Again” gives Gillan ample occasion to show off his voice’s volume and versatility.  

black sabbath born again tour dates

In the album’s boneyard position appears “Hot Line” which wouldn’t be out of place on a Motley Crüe or W.A.S.P. album from the same period. This could easily be a throwaway track, except that Black Sabbath really knew how to write songs. So the arrangement, the interplay, the bridges, all make something greater than the sum of its parts…even if the lyrics don’t really add up to much.

The original Born Again album concludes with a rare love song. Of course that’s bread and butter for Gillan, but not a subject that rears its head much when Osbourne, Butler, Dio, or Tony Martin are penning the lyrics. “Keep It Warm” lurches and stomps, keeping Gillan’s feelings grounded. And of course the song (like all Sabbath songs) really elevates when Iommi’s epic lead break comes along. 

Expanded editions of Born Again include one of the best studio outtakes in their entire catalog, “The Fallen.” There’s also a spirited recording of their Reading Festival performance, which features ELO’s Bev Bevan on drums. Ward celebrated the completion of Born Again with some drinks, and fell so heavily off the wagon that he was unable to participate in the tour. 

The Born Again era ended unceremoniously with Gillan rejoining Deep Purple for their highly successful Perfect Strangers reunion album. At this point, even Geezer Butler left to attempt a solo career, and Iommi tried to do the same. Much to his chagrin, Warner Brothers forced him to release his next album as “Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi” which did no one any favors.

There are some early mixes of Born Again floating around, sometimes called “demoes” and sometimes bootlegged as “The Manor Tapes.” For fanatics, they’re worth a listen. But let’s hope Rhino is actually going to give us a proper remix of this killer record now that the master tapes have been found. Of all the post-Dio Black Sabbath albums worth rediscovering, this is the best of them.

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black sabbath born again tour dates

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black sabbath born again tour dates

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Nathan Carson is a writer, musician, and MOTH StorySlam Champion from Portland, Oregon. A founding member of the international doom band Witch Mountain, Carson is the host of the FM radio show The Heavy Metal Sewïng Cïrcle, owner of boutique booking agency Nanotear, and author of the weird horror novella Starr Creek. More about his music, music writing, fiction and graphic novels can be found at

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I told Nate: Live at Last is my favorite Sabb album. It’s them warts exposed

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40 Years Ago: Black Sabbath Releases Their Only Album With Ian Gillan

Black Sabbath issued Born Again , their 11th album and first to feature former  Deep Purple singer  Ian Gillan , on Aug. 7, 1983. But this intriguing rock 'n' roll match-up was not fated to last.

There was certainly reason for excitement, given Sabbath's resurrection behind Ozzy Osbourne 's first replacement, Ronnie James Dio . Gillan's career was more impressive than Dio's, as were his album sales and, in its equally spectacular way, his voice.

Still, the demons that had been consuming Black Sabbath over the past few years loomed heavily over guitarist Tony Iommi , bassist  Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward like the grim reaper. Whether you want to blame the baggage or just incompatibility with Gillan, the bottom line: Born Again  was no Heaven and Hell .

Some fans found things to like about the pile-driving opening number "Trashed" or the cleverly worded "Disturbing the Priest," but others took issue with everything else – from the clunky songwriting drudgery of "Zero the Hero" and "Keep It Warm" to the LP's wind-tunnel production and its famously heinous cover art.

Listen to Ian Gillan Perform 'Trashed' With Black Sabbath

Others simply couldn't get their heads around Gillan's tongue-in-cheek, frequently double-entendre lyrics, which – when wedded to one of the most serious bands on the planet (they were the lords of doom and gloom, don't forget) – birthed a true Frankenstein of an album. So, no matter which faction you align yourself with, you'll probably agree that Born Again  remains one of Sabbath's most divisive records.

When dismal sales, Ward's deteriorating health and Spinal Tap -inspiring tour debacles (namely, the infamous Stonehenge stage set) expedited Gillan's return to a newly reformed Deep Purple, this new version of Black Sabbath never even had a chance to hone their chemistry into something special on a follow-up album. Instead, Born Again  gave way to the most confused and uncertain phase of the band's long career.

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Real Gone

Listen: Black Sabbath Live – Born Again Tour

In a perfect world, Black Sabbath’s relationship with Ronnie James Dio wouldn’t have soured quite so quickly and the band would have followed their excellent ‘Mob Rules’ album with a world-conquering classic.  Then again, in that alternate universe, Dio wouldn’t have released ‘Holy Diver’ – one of the most perfect metal albums ever – so, maybe, things worked out for the best.

That was certainly the case for Dio.  Black Sabbath’s immediate fortunes were less perfect.  Their 1983 release, recorded with Ian Gillan, was a hit and miss affair that came housed in one of the poorest album sleeves you could ever (not) hope to see. Their Reading Festival headline slot later that year bordered on a car crash, culminating in a terrible rendition of ‘Smoke On The Water’, further cementing fan feelings that the short lived musical union between Tony Iommi and ex-Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan probably shouldn’t have happened.

Such feelings are amplified by the fact that that Reading performance remains the only live document of that line up to surface officially.  The tour wasn’t a complete disaster, and various fan sourced recordings actually show a new band that could have had so much potential.  Most of these live recordings are horribly thin sounding and often sourced from the back of cavernous venues, but here are a couple from radio sources that really put the listener right in the centre of the show.

For the Worcester gig, especially, there’s something of a huge sound being explored. Geezer Butler’s bass playing is especially on point and hearing Iommi launching into the lead breaks during ‘Iron Man’ and ‘War Pigs’, he plays like a man who knows his band may well be the underdogs, so he’s more than out to impress.

The Paris radio broadcast is incomplete, but still gives a hint of a better night than most fans experienced via the live material on the ‘Born Again’ deluxe set. Although Gillan sounds most at ease on the then brand new material, there are times where you might just wonder what the next album and tour might have sounded like, had he been given time to settle…

This is Black Sabbath’s most maligned era, ready to be revisited.  You’ll still encounter unnecessary maulings of ‘Smoke’ as part of the then new Sabbath experience, but with a great ‘War Pigs’ and powerful ‘Zero The Hero’ somewhere along the way, we hope you enjoy at least some of it. logo

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black sabbath born again tour dates

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Black Sabbath’s “Born Again” Turns 40

black sabbath born again tour dates

Born Again is the strangest album in Black Sabbath’s career and the product of their strangest era. It might be the most bizarre album in heavy metal’s 50-plus-year history. Unsurprisingly, it started with a night at a bar. 

Sabbath was without vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who left the band after recording two Decibel Hall of Fame classics: Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules . Vocalist Ian Gillan — best known for fronting Deep Purple — went out drinking with Sabbath. Towards the night’s end, they asked if he wanted to join Sabbath. Gillan agreed but was so drunk he forgot he said yes. After a scolding from his manager, he was the frontman of the second great band of his career.

Cataloging the weirdness and rock lore associated with the Born Again era could fill a small book. In the interest of time, we’ll share some highlights:

  • Born Again was recorded at billionaire Richard Branson’s country estate in England, conveniently close to a monastery (hence the song “Disturbing the Priest” ). 
  • The song “Trashed” recounts Gillan taking out a go-kart while wasted and wrecking it on Branson’s property. 
  • The cover art of a devil baby (designed by Steve “Krusher” Joule ) is one of the top five most memorable album covers in metal history, despite or because of an utter lack of taste.
  • Some in the Sabbath camp nicknamed the devil baby “Sharon” after Sharon Osbourne. Sharon was managing Ozzy, and her father, Don Arden, was managing Sabbath. There was bad blood.
  • The devil baby is a reconfigured version of the same infant on the cover of Depeche Mode’s “New Life” single and, earlier, a cover of Mind Life magazine. 
  • Gillan claimed he “puked” when he saw the cover. 
  • Born Again birthed two of the most incomprehensible and ludicrous music videos in the idiom’s history. The videos are so bad I wrote an essay about them years ago.
  • The short version: the videos combine Jim Morrison’s student films and The Curious Dr. Humpp , an Argentine exploitation flick involving a hunchback creature with a guitar. 
  • Sabbath built a Stonehenge model for the Born Again tour. It didn’t always fit on stage. Geezer Butler said this in his memoir Into the Void : “When we rehearsed at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, the stones were set up on the floor and actually looked really expressive. But when we did our first gig of the tour in Norway and put the stones on the stage, they were almost touching the ceiling.”
  • Many of This Is Spinal Tap ‘s most outlandish stories are sourced from Born Again era Sabbath. Butler has confirmed this . 

  • Manager Arden liked the devil baby so much that he decided a dwarf would dress up as the baby and crawl on top of the Stonehenge model.
  • During a dress rehearsal in Canada, the dwarf fell off the fake Stonehenge onto a pile of mattresses. Mercifully, the devil dwarf did not tour extensively.  
  • Gillan could never remember the words to classic Sabbath songs or didn’t take them seriously (or both). Gillan wrote the lyrics down in a cue book for the stage but couldn’t see them because of the dry ice. He fell to his knees often to read the cues. Somehow, the shows sounded good — check out the “Purple Sabbath” bootlegs and the live recordings on the Born Again deluxe set .

Mind you, this isn’t every story from Born Again , just some of the best. Somehow, Sabbath birthed a career worth of absurdity, folklore, and rock myth in under a calendar year. They also recorded an album in the middle of this chaos. 

Considering this history, how does one evaluate Born Again , which turns 40 today? Born Again is one of Sabbath’s most divisive albums. Scores of fans consider it a masterpiece worthy of the band’s top ten, and many consider it dreck. The truth is somewhere in between. Born Again isn’t close to the first six Sabbath albums or the three (OK, four) studio albums made with Dio. Anyone who claims this is trolling or deaf. But Sabbath left many riches over their long and complicated career, and Born Again is a great, if flawed, metal album.

Born Again has many strengths. The album contains some of the best ’80s Sabbath songs. Born Again has a distinct ’80s feel, unusual considering Sabbath’s ability to create music that exists outside of chronology. “Trashed” is a fast and fitting opener and oozes sleaze and bad decisions. “Disturbing the Priest” highlights Gillan’s banshee wails, and “Zero the Hero” contains one of Tony Iommi’s career-best riffs. Less than a decade later, Guns N’ Roses conquered the world with a similar “Paradise City.” Cannibal Corpse also covered “Zero the Hero” on their Hammer Smashed Face EP.

Born Again ‘s production is uniformly dreadful, and different mixes have surfaced. If anything, it doesn’t hurt that this album sounds like it was recorded in a cave. Many fans have said in forums that this album sounds genuinely “evil,” and part of that is the dissonance.  The original mix is the way Born Again should be heard.  If anything hurts Born Again, it is inconsistency. The first side is much stronger than what follows. “Digital Bitch” is forgettable pseudo-glam, and “Keep It Warm” is tepid.  If side two of Born Again was as strong as the first, we could consider this a peer of Sabbath’s landmarks.

Instead, we have Born Again , the flawed gem with countless footnotes, tall tales, and garish visuals. In some ways, Born Again ‘s maligned cover has reached much further than the music. There are doubtless many fans wearing Born Again T-shirts who’ve never heard the album. Metal fans love boundary-pushing and tastelessness, and there wasn’t much that could compete with baby Sharon in 1983 outside of emerging underground bands like Venom. There are, however, also those fans who get Born Again and wear the shirts out of genuine admiration. Born Again will never compete with the stories of what was happening around it. The album, however, is still an exciting glimpse of a timeless band in transition. What you gonna be, what you gonna be brother?

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black sabbath born again tour dates

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black sabbath born again tour dates

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black sabbath born again tour dates

BLACK SABBATH's 'Born Again' Deluxe-Expanded-Edition Reissue Was Remastered, Not Remixed

Joe Siegler of the unofficial BLACK SABBATH web site has revealed more details about the forthcoming deluxe-expanded-edition reissue of BLACK SABBATH 's "Born Again" album, which is due in the U.K. on May 30 via Sanctuary . He writes, "It's been heavily rumored for some time now that 'Born Again' was getting a little extra treatment. In the Universal Deluxe Edition series, they went from 'Heaven And Hell' / 'Mob Rules' / 'Live Evil' to the release batch that had 'Seventh Star' and 'Eternal Idol' (November 2010). Then in February 2011, they did 'Dehumanizer' . 'Born Again' got skipped over. I was told earlier in 2010 that 'Born Again' was going to be skipped (even before its turn in the original release order came up),because they were doing some extra work on it, hence the extra time, or 'delay.' I later came to believe from a couple of sources that it was because it was finally getting the legendary 'proper mix.'

"You've all heard the stories about Ian Gillan 's hearing the final mix and throwing up. Well, the rumors go that the 2011 release of the album would do away with Mr. Gillan 's propensity for vomiting in regards to the final mix.

"When the news broke of what is going to be on the 'Born Again' two-CD Deluxe Edition a couple of days ago, I decided to look into the status of the original album's representation in the package. Much to the disappointment of several people, I was told that the album was not remixed — it was just remastered. When I inquired why, I was told that they couldn't find the original multi-track master tapes that would be needed to do a remix. This was the primary reason for the delay, that they kept trying to track down the multi-tracks to do a remix, but could not. They couldn't delay the release indefinitely, so instead, they opted for a completely new remaster. The only other time the album was remastered was in 1996 for the Castle remaster series.

"It's disappointing yes, but all is not lost.

"[ BLACK SABBATH guitarist] Tony Iommi 's manager did go on to say this: 'The tapes have been held by a number of labels — Vertigo , Castle , Sanctuary , Universal , and moved around, which is why we still have hopes that they have simply been separated.'

"They haven't completely given up hope on the 'proper remix' project, which is good news."

Read more at .

Official press release for BLACK SABBATH "Born Again" Deluxe Expanded Edition:

Following the departure of lead singer Ronnie James Dio and drummer Vinny Appice after the studio mixing of the "Live Evil" album, BLACK SABBATH were once again on the lookout for yet another lead vocalist to fill the significant void left at stage front. The band turned to ex- DEEP PURPLE lead singer Ian Gillan .

The resultant album and live touring certainly made for one of the more curious associations in the world of heavy metal. Much of this era of BLACK SABBATH has passed into rock folklore and was actually the source for much of the material used in the rockumentary movie "This Is Spinal Tap" . From the replica stage production of Stonehenge, which was too large for some of the venues on the world tour, to the employment of a dwarf to dress up and play the part of the "devil-baby" from the LP front cover, the world of BLACK SABBATH took on a distinct air of the surreal.

Whilst the well-received "Born Again" album and live dates succeeded in stoking the embers and kept the SABBATH flames burning, this would ultimately be a marriage built more on friendship and respect as opposed to any long-standing and compatible musical association. After one tour, Ian Gillan would eventually bid farewell and re-join his old sparring partners for the Mk. II reunion of DEEP PURPLE and leave BLACK SABBATH once more gazing into the crystal ball hoping the face of yet another lead vocalist would reveal itself.

For Iommi , Butler , Ward , Gillan , and keyboardist Geoff Nicholls , work would swiftly commence in May of '83 at the Manor Studios in the village of Shiptonon-Cherwell, Oxfordshire. Produced by BLACK SABBATH and co-producer Robin Black , who had also worked on 1975's "Sabotage" , 1976's "Technical Ecstasy" , and 1978's "Never Say Die" , SABBATH 's eleventh studio release would represent a radical departure from the gloomy atmospherics and blackened lyricism that had forged their identity and spawned innumerable descendants.

Gillan 's approach to song-writing bespoke a lighter-hearted approach to what had, until then, been the primary concern of Butler . Album opener "Trashed" , for instance, was inspired by Gillan 's boozed-up race around the Manor 's grounds in Bill Ward 's car that ended in near-catastrophe and a wrecked vehicle. "Disturbing The Priest" was the result of a door in the studio having been left open during playback, and a local vicar appearing in the doorway asking for the volume to be turned down as it was disturbing choir practice in the adjacent village.

For all of its off-kilter appearance however, "Born Again" was still SABBATH through and through. Musically twisted and possessed with more than a whiff of brimstone, the album is a thrilling glimpse into an alternative world.

For this re-mastered Deluxe Expanded Edition, a second disc containing two bonus tracks is included, with "The Fallen" being a previously unreleased studio outtake recorded during the original album session. Also included are nine tracks from the BBC "Friday Rock Show" broadcast of BLACK SABBATH 's appearance at the Reading rock festival in August 1983, which also includes a performance of DEEP PURPLE 's classic "Smoke On The Water" .

BLACK SABBATH "Born Again" Deluxe Expanded Edition track listing:

Disc 1: ("Original Album")

01. Trashed 02. Stonehenge 03. Disturbing the Priest 04. The Dark 05. Zero The Hero 06. Digital Bitch 07. Born Again 08. Hot Line 09. Keep It Warm

01. The Fallen (previously unreleased album session outtake) 02. Stonehenge (extended version)

Recorded live at the Reading Festival on Saturday, August 27, 1983 (BBC "Friday Rock Show" broadcast):

03. Hot Line 04. War Pigs 05. Black Sabbath 06. The Dark 07. Zero The Hero 08. Digital Bitch 09. Iron Man 10. Smoke On The Water 11. Paranoid

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black sabbath born again tour dates

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black sabbath born again tour dates

Black Sabbath announce final tour for 2024

black sabbath born again tour dates

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They said it was The End in 2017 but it would appear that only death will be the true end for the Godfathers of heavy metal! Today, it’s been announced that Black Sabbath will reunite for one final tour in 2024. There’s no word on venues, cities or even countries but we’d imagine it will be less expansive than The End tour and will be taking place in arenas, if not stadiums. Could we even see them at the odd festival or two?

If you like what we do, consider joining us on Patreon for as little as £1 per month!

There’s also no confirmation on who will be sitting behind the drum kit, if Bill Ward will have a chance to say goodbye in the live arena like Ozzy Osbourne, Toni Iommi and Geezer Butler did during 2016 and 2017. Given Ozzy’s recent announcement of returning to performing live with LA’s Power Trip festival and him collaborating with Iommi on his most recent solo album, as well as no band truly retiring (see: Mötley Crüe), this news doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Check out o ur review of the “final” Birmingham show from 2017 and you’ll get an idea of how emotional it will be for everyone involved.

But don’t just take it from us, let’s hear it straight from the band themselves whilst we wait for more news to come.

Don’t fancy Patreon? Buy us a one-off beverage!

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Born Again Master Tapes Found?

BIG NEWS! It appears the multi-track master tapes for Born Again have been found!! #KeepItWarmRat

If you’ve been following me for any time you’ll remember that when Universal was doing the Deluxe Edition series of CD’s between 2009-2011, they were doing them in order (from Sabbath 1970 through Eternal Idol).  However, Born Again was skipped, and done last.  The reason for this was because the multi track master tapes were lost. Those were needed in order to do a remix of the album, which everyone in the band wanted to do.  In the end, they did a simple remaster of that album vs a full on remix, because the tapes were gone.

Over the years they’ve tried to find them, but apparently this has been done!   In this interview with Tony Iommi about the Sabotage Deluxe Edition, he mentions this amongst other things…

I’m also thinking of remixing the album “Born Again”, the one with Ian Gillan, now that we have found the original tapes.

That is AMAZING news.  The tapes have been thought lost for nearly 40 years now.  It would be seriously spectacular if they could put together a Super Deluxe box for the summer of 2023 for the album’s 40th anniversary.  Of course we all want it done tomorrow, but Tony has plenty of other things on his plate.

As much as I love the original mix of Born Again, I would love to hear what they’d do with this.

black sabbath born again tour dates

Yes! Good news, indeed! Hopefully they release that next year, I’d love to listen to that newly mixed album which would actually be born again. Zero the Hero, Trashed, great tunes to be reborn.

' src=

I went back to the bar and hit the bottle again….but there was not tequilla!

' src=

Wow that is some crazy news! I’ve always thought people’s distaste for the original mix was a bit overblown but it would be SO COOL to hear a nice clean remix. Some of the performance is bogged down under a cloud of thick brown ectoplasm which works on tracks like Born Again, but to hear Zero The Hero or Trashed in full range HD would be magical. Really looking forward to this!

' src=

Thanks for posting this, Joe. Hopefully Tony will be inclined enough to remix BA at some point though as you stated above, he has many other things to contend with. I’ll reiterate here that it would be great if a DVD could be included with the remix with video footage of Sabbath’s Reading Festival performance w/Ian from 1983. I read on the Deep Purple Appreciation Society website a long time ago that Tony didn’t really want that performance to be released (on video); if that was the case way back when, I would love if Tony has changed his mind.

' src=

Good to hear the news…but I have a thought. The original mix is amazing, totally sick, and is what IMO gives the album the uniqueness and that eerie vibe. Unfortunately records sound all the same today, so it’s sad that younger generations won’t be able to have these experience with all these remixing going on….one thing is to remix “Forbidden”, one is to remix “Born again” which is a legendary Lp.

' src=

Is there any demo from “Born Again” session with Bill Ward on drums? Or any gig with Bill Ward this time around? Thanks in advance for your attention!!!

' src=


' src=

Demos yes, gigs no.

' src=

Hello Fellow Sabbath Heads! first post in this forum.. I was fortunate enough to get to see the Born Again tour 7th row on Tony’s side at the Nassau Coliseum. It was the first concert I ever saw. I think i was 13.. They Blew Me Away.. It was so loud! loll .. I was a bit let down when I noticed it wasn’t Ward behind the drums.. Great show though.. I have recollection of Trashed, Disturbing the Priest, Zero, Digital Bitch, Keep it Warm, Fairies, War Pigs, they even played Smoke On The Water. It was so loud during Children of the Grave I had to go out in the hallway and gather my senses for 5 or 10 minutes! loll

Awesome, this was my first show as well! At the Cow Palace in SF!

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black sabbath born again tour dates

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black sabbath born again tour dates

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    black sabbath born again tour dates

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    black sabbath born again tour dates

  3. Born Again

    black sabbath born again tour dates

  4. Born Again

    black sabbath born again tour dates

  5. Born Again Tour

    black sabbath born again tour dates

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    black sabbath born again tour dates


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    [1] Meanwhile, between 7 and 14 August 1983, the band used the National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham, England, to rehearse. The first leg of the tour consisted of seven European shows in August, followed by a second European leg in September and October, featuring 16 shows.

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    1983-1984 Born Again Tour World tour to support the "Born Again" album. Dates and research compiled by Joe Siegler & Robert Dwyer. If you'd like to use any of this text for non-commercial purposes, please obtain permission first. Commercial utilization of this work in whole or in part is prohibited!

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    An Intro by Rob Dwyer Welcome to the Tour Date Archive! Our mission here is to document every known gig date that Black Sabbath performed from their earliest incarnations as Polka Tulk and Earth to their most recent and sadly final THE END tour in 2017.

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    Nov 5 1983 Black Sabbath Setlist at Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA Edit setlist Tour: Born Again Tour statistics Add setlist Setlist Supertzar Children of the Grave Hot Line War Pigs Disturbing the Priest Supernaut Drum Solo Rock 'n' Roll Doctor Stonehenge Iron Man The Dark Zero the Hero Heaven and Hell Guitar Solo Orchid (guitar solo continues)

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    In July 2021, guitarist and founding member Tony Iommi confirmed that the long lost original master tapes of the album had been finally located, and that he was considering remixing the album for a future re-release. [6] Origins Following the departure of vocalist Ronnie James Dio and drummer Vinny Appice in 1982, Sabbath's future was in doubt.

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    Black Sabbath re-enlisted drummer Bill Ward, and, along with ex-Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan (who agreed to join the band whilst heavily intoxicated), released Born Again in 1983. It reached a respectable #2 in the UK music charts, a success not seen since Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, ten years previously.

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    1 Typical Setlist 2 Tour Dates 3 Songlist 4 Personnel 5 References Typical Setlist Tour Dates Songlist Personnel Ian Gillan: Vocals Tony Iommi: Guitar References Black Sabbath tours Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Born Again Tour was the tour for Born Again. Ian Gillan: Vocals Tony Iommi: Guitar

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    Legendary BLACK SABBATH live performance with Ian Gillan on vocals. The video/audio quality is not up to the band in this video. Although it is the only reco...

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    Born Again Tour. (1983-84) The Mob Rules Tour, by the English rock group Black Sabbath, began on 15 November 1981 in Quebec City and ended on 31 August 1982 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois .

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    Black Sabbath Born Again, Warner Bros. Records 1983. Much has been written about the schism during the mix of the 1982 Live Evil concert album. Whatever happened, Dio was ready to kick off a tremendously successful solo career. Egos (enflamed by de rigueur cocaine usage) made it impossible to continue.

  12. 40 Years Ago: Black Sabbath Releases Only Album With Ian Gillan

    Black Sabbath released 'Born Again,' their first and only album with Deep Purple's Ian Gillan, on Aug. 7, 1983. ... Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper and Ministry Announce 2024 Tour Dates.

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    Neon Knights (added in Jan 84) Children of the Grave Supernaut Drum Solo Rock 'n' Roll Doctor Disturbing the Priest Keep it Warm (only played once or twice) Heaven & Hell Smoke on the Water (Encore) Paranoid (Encore) [gigpress_shows sort=asc scope=past tour=16]

  14. Black Sabbath Concert & Tour History

    Black Sabbath Concert History. 1,965 Concerts. Black Sabbath was an English heavy metal band formed in Birmingham in 1968 by guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward, bassist Geezer Butler and vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. They are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music. The band helped define the genre with releases such as Black Sabbath (1970 ...

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    Listen: Black Sabbath Live - Born Again Tour Posted on April 22, 2021 by Real Gone In a perfect world, Black Sabbath's relationship with Ronnie James Dio wouldn't have soured quite so quickly and the band would have followed their excellent 'Mob Rules' album with a world-conquering classic.

  16. Born Again

    Released August 7, 1983 ( false, US) Re-Released April 22, 1996 Re-Released May 30, 2011 (Deluxe) [ Lyrics | Tour Dates ] 2011 Deluxe Edition CD [ Amazon US | Amazon UK ] MP3 [ Amazon US ] | Deluxe MP3 [ Amazon UK ] 1996 CD [ Amazon US | Amazon UK ] | iTunes ( US) Track Listing Trashed Stonehenge Disturbing the Priest The Dark Zero the Hero

  17. Black Sabbath Average Setlists of tour: Born Again

    Average setlist for tour: Born Again Note: only considered 62 of 80 setlists (ignored empty and strikingly short setlists) Setlist Supertzar Children of the Grave Hot Line War Pigs Supernaut Disturbing the Priest Drum Solo Rock 'n' Roll Doctor The Dark Zero the Hero Iron Man Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell Guitar Solo Digital Bitch Encore:

  18. Black Sabbath's "Born Again" Turns 40

    Watch on Manager Arden liked the devil baby so much that he decided a dwarf would dress up as the baby and crawl on top of the Stonehenge model. During a dress rehearsal in Canada, the dwarf fell off the fake Stonehenge onto a pile of mattresses. Mercifully, the devil dwarf did not tour extensively.

  19. TONY IOMMI Urges BLACK SABBATH Fans To Be Patient For 'Born Again

    The second track on "Born Again" was a brief instrumental called "Stonehenge", and on SABBATH's 1983 tour, the band hilariously had to shelve a Stonehenge stage concept because the scenery was ...

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    Joe Siegler of the unofficial BLACK SABBATH web site has revealed more details about the forthcoming deluxe-expanded-edition reissue of BLACK SABBATH's "Born Again" album, which ...

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    Digital Subscriptions > Classic Rock > March 2024 > Tour Dates. Home My Library Love Magazines My ... 1984 was a worrying time for Black Sabbath. Far from Born Again, they were almost obliterated. MARILLION FUGAZI. ALAMY Marillion's debut album, 1983's Script For AJester's ...

  23. Black Sabbath announce final tour for 2024

    Given Ozzy's recent announcement of returning to performing live with LA's Power Trip festival and him collaborating with Iommi on his most recent solo album, as well as no band truly retiring (see: Mötley Crüe), this news doesn't come as too much of a surprise.

  24. Born Again Master Tapes Found?

    BIG NEWS! It appears the multi-track master tapes for Born Again have been found!! #KeepItWarmRat If you've been following me for any time you'll remember that when Universal was doing the Deluxe Edition series of CD's between 2009-2011, they were doing them in order (from Sabbath 1970 through Eternal Idol).