Star Trek: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Andorians

One of Star Trek's most iconic aliens weren't fully developed until Star Trek: Enterprise.

Andorian Female Talas Star Trek Enterprise

The Andorians debuted in the now classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode Journey to Babel , as one of the many species sending dignitaries to a diplomatic conference. With the possible exception of the Gorn, the Andorians, with their blue skin, white hair, and antennae, resembled the pulp science fiction concept of the bug-eyed monster more than any other Star Trek alien. The time and expense that went into creating this now iconic look limited them to a handful of appearances until 2001 and the arrival of Star Trek: Enterprise .

Star Trek: Enterprise’s executive producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman initially decided to bring back the Andorians when thinking about who should appear as antagonists in the episode that became The Andorian Incident .

According to Braga, their goal was to take a silly-looking alien and make them both look cool and a believable culture. With each subsequent appearance on Enterprise , the writers further fleshed out their initially vague culture and history.

On Enterprise , the Andorians became passionate warriors, rivals with the Vulcans, and founding members of the United Federation of Planets along with humans, Vulcans, and Tellarites. With that in mind, these are 10 things you didn't know about the Andorians.

10. Their Makeup Design Was Created By Fred Phillips...On Very Little Notice

Andorian Female Talas Star Trek Enterprise

Makeup artist Fred Phillips was given very little notice that he'd have to design the Andorians for their first appearance. He ended up working overnight so they'd be ready in time for filming. Phillips based his design on writer D.C. Fontana's broad description of their appearance in the script. She described them as tall, slim humanoids with delicate antennae "curling from the head."

Phillips created the Andorians' blue skin with a combination of Max Factor Aqua Blue cream stick makeup for the base and a darker blue cream liner for shadows and details. He sculpted the antennae from modeling clay and then, according to Star Trek archivist Richard Arnold, topped them off with the ends of thread spools. The antennae's supportive stems were made from a rigid material and attached toward the back of the actor's white wig to hide the connection.

Creating the Andorians was time consuming and expensive. According to actor William O'Connell, who played Thelev in Journey to Babel , it took nearly two hours to apply his makeup. The time and expense limited the number of appearances for the Andorians to only three more episodes of the series after Journey to Babel .

Frank Chavez is a freelance writer, playwright, and screenwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. They live in the Census Designated Place outside the small city, outside of Oakland with their wife and numerous cats.

Memory Alpha

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Talla was the daughter of former Andorian Imperial Guard Commander Shran and Jhamel . She was born in 2156 .

As the hybrid offspring of an Andorian and Aenar , Talla had a skin of a paler blue than that of a regular Andorian. Unlike the Aenar, however, Talla had seemingly fully functional eyesight.

In 2161 , Talla was kidnapped in the middle of the night by former "associates" of her father. Her father enlisted the help of his old friend Jonathan Archer in rescuing her. The mission was successful, and Talla was unharmed during the ordeal. Once safely aboard Enterprise , she thanked Archer personally, calling him " pink skin ". ( ENT : " These Are the Voyages... ")

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Appendices [ ]

Background information [ ].

Talla was played by Jasmine Anthony .

In the final draft script of "These Are the Voyages...", Talla was referred to as an "Andorian girl", with no reference to the Aenar side of her genetic makeup, and was noted as being four years old during her rescue. Talla thanking Archer wasn't scripted, despite the fact she does so in the final version of the episode.

Apocrypha [ ]

While the Star Trek: Enterprise continuation novel series established early on that much of the ENT -era events of " These Are the Voyages... " had in fact been fabricated by Section 31 , the actual non-holographic Talla makes an appearance in The Good That Men Do . She also has a counterpart ( β ) in the mirror universe , seen in " Age of the Empress ".

She was given the full name "Anishtalla zh'Dhaven" in To Brave the Storm .

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  • Anishtalla zh'Dhaven at Memory Beta , the wiki for licensed Star Trek works
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Both Starfleet

The symbol of Andoria as a comm badge

Andorians are a humanoid race native to the frozen moon of Andoria . They were one of the founding races which created the United Federation of Planets , along with Humans , Vulcans and Tellarites . Andorians are a playable race in Star Trek Online , and belong to the Starfleet and TOS Starfleet factions.

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Physical features [ | ]

Andorians have a typical humanoid structure but have several distinguishing characteristics to their species. They have antennae on the tops of their heads, blue skin and white or silver hair. Some female Andorians tend to have very elaborate hair styles. The default style for Andorians is that seen in Star Trek: Enterprise .

TOS style [ | ]

Andorians are one of the four available races for the TOS Starfleet and, in keeping with the aesthetic of Star Trek: The Original Series , those characters have the TOS head model for Andorians available. Once a TOS character has completed “The Battle of Caleb IV” , those options become available to standard Federation characters also.

DSC style [ | ]

Andorians in Star Trek: Discovery -era missions use the style seen in that show. However these parts are not available to players as of 2018.

A 25th century Andorian Male

A 25th century Andorian Male

A TOS-style Andorian Female

A TOS-style Andorian Female

A DSC-style Andorian Male

A DSC-style Andorian Male

Culture [ | ]


An Andorian Ushaan champion

Andorians are a militaristic species, yet despite this are very emotional and passionate. They are known for their artistic touch and their works are highly valued. Their art academy is known to be one of the best in the Federation. Due to their militaristic nature they have a strong sense of honor and value honesty.

Andorians traditionally fought ritualistic duals to the death known as the Ushaan . While this is now outlawed in the Federation, they still practice non-lethal duals.

Traits [ | ]

  • On Ground: +Bonus damage for each point of missing health. This bonus increases greatly as your health nears zero.
  • +10% Exploit Damage
  • +25% Resistance to Flanking damage

Accurate icon

People [ | ]

Duty officers [ | ], see also [ | ].

  • Playable Andorian Starships
  • 23rd Century Andorian Outfit

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  • Andorian at Memory Alpha , the Star Trek Wiki.
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Andoria (also known as Andor ) is a frozen class M moon of a gas giant in the Andorian system , inhabited by the Andorians and seat of the Andorian Empire , a member of the United Federation of Planets .

Jonathan Archer was the Federation ambassador to Andoria from 2169 to 2175 . Andorian cities are underground, taking energy from geothermal activity. ( ENT : " In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II ", " The Aenar ")

The Andorian homeworld was visited by the USS Exeter in the 2260s , where it was found that Klingon agents had infiltrated the population. ( EXT : "The Savage Empire" )

Jean Sinclair was a junior officer at the Federation Embassy on Andoria in the early 2360s . ( Star Trek: Pendragon )


The USS Odyssey -A approaching Andor.

Andoria was visited by Captain Lewis and the USS Odyssey -A in 2390 to investigate vanishing livestock on the surface. ( The Ice of Andor )

Geography [ ]

Andoria surface atlas

Surface of Andoria

Andoria has four continents divided into two landmasses. Covering the northern pole is the Issa ice cap, a continent of its own. Covering the south pole is the Tlanek ice cap, which links to Voral , which links to Ka'thela . The three primary bodies of water on Andoria are the La'Len and Anshim oceans, and the La'Vor sea. ( RPG guide: The Andorians: Among the Clans )

According to another source, Andoria has two continents, with Zhevra being the largest of the two. ( Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel: Andor: Paradigm )

Facilities [ ]

  • Laikan Naval Yards - in orbit ( Starship Webster )
  • Thuruthelf Shipyards - in orbit ( Star Trek: Thagard )

External links [ | ]

  • Andoria article at Memory Alpha , the canon Star Trek wiki.
  • Andoria article at Memory Beta , the non-canon Star Trek wiki.
  • 2 USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) (Excalibur class)

Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

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Andor class

Ship image.

The Andor -class was a type of Federation starship , a cruiser in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century , named for Andor , homeworld of the Andorian peoples . ( FASA RPG module : Federation Ship Recognition Manual )

  • 1 History and specifications
  • 2.1 Connections
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History and specifications [ ]

The first class of Federation starships built as a " missile cruiser", the Andor was unique among Starfleet vessels of the time due to its having large broadsides of torpedo tubes rather than phasers as the ship's primary weapon system. Although phasers were included in the design, they were fewer in number and intended as a supplement to the torpedo tubes. The class was built at the strong request of the Andorians, who resented that Starfleet had created science vessels crewed primarily by Vulcans and wished to have a vessel intended for Andorian crews and philosophies . [ citation needed ]

Almost a century later, the concept of having torpedoes rather than phasers for a starship's main weapon was later revisited by Starfleet engineers in the successful Akira -class heavy cruiser. [ citation needed ]

Appendices [ ]

Connections [ ], background [ ].

Presumably, a ship named USS Andor would be the prototype of this class, although such a vessel has yet to be mentioned. Such a ship would be the successor in the name after the Engle -class USS Andor of the 2250s decade .

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Andor is the name of the gas giant that the moon Andoria orbits. On this frozen moon the Andorian species evolved. Andoria is one of the strongholds of the United Federation of Planets expansion because the Andorians were one of the founder species of this powerful faction.

In Andoria surface you can find nothing, as the Andorians and most of their cities remain underground in order to survive the quick ice storms that hammer the moon.

In north the north of Andor, a subspecies of the Andorians lives, only that these subspecies are capable of great telepathy (the Andorians have no telepathy abilities) and have whitish skin instead of blue, but putting that apart, they are very similar to Andorians, these subspecies are all the contrary from the Andorians, they are not aggressive and will not harm anyone, that is why they remain in their homes and do not participate of the Starfleet operations.

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Andor (2022– )

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A Guide to Andorra, the Under-the-Radar European Ski Spot to Visit this Winter

By Lane Nieset

A view over the mountains at Grandvalira ski resort in Andorra.

“If you’re lost with someone in the mountains, you want it to be Sergi,” says Prisca Llagostera, referring to the chef and hunter-gatherer leading us on a hike through the U-shaped Incles Valley in northeastern Andorra, near the French border. “This can be an aggressive little valley.”

Similar to how the principality of Monaco integrates aspects of France and Italy into its culture, the landlocked Mediterranean microstate of Andorra blends the best of its French, Spanish, and Catalan neighbors. Nearly 92% of the nation—one of the world’s smallest, measuring about 2.5 times the size of Washington, DC—is blanketed in forest, the occasional Romanesque church crowning valleys like a star on a Christmas tree. Given the harsh weather in the petite principality—which you can drive across in less than an hour—agriculture is limited. Valleys can feel as remote and cut off from the world as parts of Patagonia. Modern-day gauchos—who moonlight as ski outfitters in winter—zip along trails by motorbike tending to their cattle, and chefs like Sergi, who cooks at Prisca’s four-bedroom mountain lodge and restaurant, L’Ovella Negra , are a one-person show—hunting, fishing, foraging, and fermenting.

A Guide to Andorra the UndertheRadar European Ski Spot to Visit this Winter

A three-hour drive from Barcelona or Toulouse—the capital of France’s southern Occitanie region —Andorra is becoming more popular in summer for those who would rather skip the crowds on Costa Brava’s beaches in favor of fresh mountain air and empty hiking trails where you’re more likely to spot grazing cattle than another trekker. Cyclists and mountain bikers train on steep stretches along peaks staggering nearly 9,800 feet high (Andorra hosts the Mountain Bike World Cup in summers), some of which double as ski slopes and snowshoe paths in winter.

The same well-heeled crowd that spends off-season in Ibiza or lives in Barcelona jet over to Andorra for weekend winter après-ski events and gastronomic pop-ups along the slopes. “We don’t have the French, Swiss, or Austrian culture of après-ski—it’s something that’s newer here,” says Andorra-born Prisca, who managed an igloo-style ice hotel for three years before opening her lodge. “Things have changed over the past 10 years and the quality has really improved at the ski resorts—they’re doing something different than other places in Europe. Everything is a little more low-key, more exclusive.”

Below, a guide to Andorra—and why the under-the-radar principality is poised to be one of Europe’s most exciting après-ski spots this winter.

Where to Stay

A Guide to Andorra the UndertheRadar European Ski Spot to Visit this Winter

By Chloe Malle

10 Meaningful Pieces in the Princess of Wales’s Jewelry Collection That Belonged to the Late Queen

By Emily Chan

Looks Like Someone Dressed as the Heart of the Ocean for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Birthday Party

By Hannah Jackson

When Prisca first visited the borda (mountain home where families once stored cattle and dried tobacco from the ceiling) that would become her lodge, it was winter and there were only two ways to reach the end of the valley: snowcat or snowshoe. “I've lived in Patagonia where everything is also challenging to access, so that wasn’t really a problem for me,” she says. Envisioning a contemporary take on the traditional dark wood-and-stone building, Prisca converted the bottom floor into a homestyle restaurant and living room-like space. Communal tables, cognac-colored armchairs, and plum velvet couches are positioned around the centerpiece fireplace—which is lit all winter long. The only design-driven lodge of its kind in the country, L’Ovella Negra’s four upstairs bedrooms look out over the valley’s surrounding snowcapped peaks, which can be explored via guided snowshoe hikes, ski mountaineering, or dog sled. At the restaurant, fill up on venison Wellington and lamb shoulder slow-cooked on spits over an open flame. In the winter, warm up with soup and wild boar stew at a communal table in the seasonal pop-up wooden shack.

A Guide to Andorra the UndertheRadar European Ski Spot to Visit this Winter

In nearby Grau Roig, at the foot of Grandvalira ski resort­’s lifts, the 42-room Grau Roig Boutique Hotel & Spa is designed with mountain materials (oak, iron, and leather) and luxurious touches like hydromassage tubs or a wood barrel bath perfect for soaking after a day on the slopes. Pop off your skis and break for classic Andorran cuisine near the Grandvalira chairlift at lunch-only La Vaquería , where firepits warm tables on the al fresco terrace. Also in Grandvalira in the town of Soldeu, the wellness-focused luxury lodgings at Hermitage Mountain Residences are styled more like private chalets, with nine residences scattered across five floors. The closest to what you’d find in ritzy resorts in France’s Val d’Isère or St. Moritz, alpine-chic rooms are outfitted with double-sided fireplaces in the dining and living rooms, outdoor terraces overlooking the slopes, and luxe extras like butler service and private chef-cooked meals. Another option is the new four-suite villa Hermitage Mountain Lodge , which sits on the slopes of El Tarter.

A Guide to Andorra the UndertheRadar European Ski Spot to Visit this Winter

Andorra’s 70 mountains are dotted with simple wooden refugios , or shelters. In the southeastern valley of Madriu-Perafita-Claror, the six-room Refugi de l’illa is among the highest in the country and only reachable by helicopter in winter (not surprisingly, cell service is limited in the area). A former house for construction workers, the 1930s building has been converted into a modern mountain hut with Scandinavian-inspired light wood interiors and shared bunks with windows showing off views of the surrounding snow-drenched scenery.

Where to Eat and Drink

Zero-kilometer cuisine isn’t a trend here—it’s a way of life in Andorra’s patchwork of valleys, where seasons dictate what’s on your plate. In winter, hearty escudella (a vegetable, meat, and sausage stew) and trinxat (which some consider the national dish), a latke-like pancake of mashed cabbage, potatoes, and bacon, are staples. Trekking along the nearly 200 miles of high-altitude trails, you’ll notice wild blueberries, chanterelle mushrooms, and stinging nettle—which is crushed into pesto, blended as soup, or dried and sprinkled on venison or lake trout—sprouting along the well-groomed paths. In March, as the snow melts, a local dandelion plant called xicoies —which is only in bloom for about two weeks—is plucked and pan-fried with bacon and pine nuts.

A few dozen bordas across Andorra now open up as restaurants serving traditional dishes like sauteed favetes (broad beans) with ham and mint and venison carpaccio. Book a table at Malandra , a favorite for its Argentine-style grilled meats, or rest your legs after skiing in Grau Roig at the scenic Refugi del Llac de Pessons , whose outdoor terrace sits on the edge of the namesake lake. Dishes here range from classic to contemporary Andorran fare with a heavy focus on chargrilled meat like Wagyu beef. For fine dining, try wine-focused Beç or head to Kökosnøt in the capital Andorra la Vella for a seasonal menu of elevated takes on regional favorites, such as embutidos (house-cured sausage) and 42-hour-cured cow tongue dipped in activated charcoal that’s served on a pine sprig-topped slate platter.

A Guide to Andorra the UndertheRadar European Ski Spot to Visit this Winter

Pop into Atelier by Aitor Estela for a whimsical nightcap like an AeroPress negroni or Pyrenees Mule with pineapple-infused vodka, celery and lime juice, ginger beer, and elderflower cordial. An afternoon favorite in summer for its umbrella-shielded riverside terrace, 13,5 ° Winebar doubles as a cozy après-ski spot with its antique Louis Vuitton trunks-turned-tables, large selection of by-the-glass wines, and tapas like mini croque-monsieur sandwiches.

The Grandvalira , Ordino Arcalís , and Pal Arinsal resorts offer skiers and snowboarders nearly 200 miles of marked runs that cater to all levels, plus three World Cup slopes, themed children’s ski areas, and snowmobile and mushing circuits. If you want to go off-piste, heli-ski on more extreme runs, or helicopter to a wine-fueled picnic on one of the surrounding peaks with bottles from some of the highest-altitude vines in the world (family-run Casa Auvinyà’s pinot-syrah blends are worth seeking out).

The Grandvalira ski resort.

The first and only true après-ski spot in Andorra and now the largest scene in southern Europe— L’Abarset brings the spirit of Ibiza’s clubs (and its DJs)—plus events thrown by open-air nomadic festival Brunch Electronik —to Grandvalira. On weekends, start the morning at L’Abarset’s alpine-chic restaurant with a filling breakfast of dry-cured Catalan pork mini baguettes or sausage with beans; snack throughout the afternoon on tapas like stuffed olives and anchovies on ciabatta; or go for something more gastronomic in the evenings, like Galician steak tartare or lobster tacos.

When you’re ready for a break from the slopes, Caldea is a spa version of après-ski, with champagne sessions on the weekends, live music, and acrobatic performances. Designed by French water architect Jean Michel Ruols, the hydrotherapy playground is fueled by the area’s thermal springs. The bell tower-inspired building (a nod to Andorra’s many Romanesque churches) is the tallest in the country, and everything from the panoramic lagoon—which feels like it’s suspended in air—to the transparent floor of the outdoor terrace brings elements of the surrounding mountains indoors (you can even stargaze from the jacuzzis).

Get your cultural fix browsing contemporary art galleries like Taranmana , which champions mixed-media pieces from a range of Andorran and Spanish artists, or stroll through a traditional village like 12th-century Sant Julià de Lòria, home to the country’s handful of wineries. In Andorra la Vella, Gallery is a boutique curated with brands like Missoni and Isabel Marant, while vibrant concept shop ..STAY features a mix of housewares, coffee table books, and jewelry. For sneakers and streetwear, Pollyanna blends Parisian brands like ba&sh and VEJA with under-the-radar labels like Copenhagen’s Rabens Saloner, known for its handmade, Balinese artist-designed tie-dye prints.

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  1. Andorian

    Andorians are a fictional race of humanoid extraterrestrials in the American science fiction franchise Star Trek. They were created by writer D. C. Fontana. Within the Star Trek narrative, they are native to the blue icy Class M moon, Andoria (sometimes referred to as Andor [1] ).

  2. Andoria

    Andoria or Andor was an inhabited moon orbiting a ringed gas giant of the Andorian system. Andoria was the homeworld of the Andorians and the Aenar, and was an important world to the United Federation of Planets. A planet called Andoria Prime was mentioned in Star Trek Into Darkness.

  3. The Andorian Incident

    " The Andorian Incident " is the seventh episode (production #107) of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise, and was written by Brannon Braga, Fred Dekker and Rick Berman. Roxann Dawson served as director for the episode.

  4. Andorian

    English Andorian Sign in to edit Multiple realities (covers information from several alternate timelines) Andorian Shras, an Andorian male ( 2268) Type: Humanoid Language: Andorian language Place of origin: Andoria, Andorian system ( Alpha Quadrant) Talas, an Andorian female ( 2153) " Andorians, yes.

  5. Andorian Empire

    1 History 2 Territory 3 Government 4 Military 5 Appendices 5.1 Apocrypha 5.2 External link History Main articles: Andorian history and Federation history The Andorian Empire was one of the allies of United Earth during the Earth-Romulan War and had previously assisted Earth during the Xindi crisis.

  6. Andor (TV Series 2022- )

    178 17 Play trailer 0:31 25 Videos 99+ Photos Action Adventure Drama Prequel series to Star Wars' 'Rogue One'. In an era filled with danger, deception and intrigue, Cassian will embark on the path that is destined to turn him into a Rebel hero. Creator Tony Gilroy Stars Diego Luna Kyle Soller Stellan Skarsgård

  7. "Star Trek: Enterprise" The Andorian Incident (TV Episode 2001)

    45m IMDb RATING 8.0 /10 2K YOUR RATING Rate Action Adventure Drama Archer, Trip and T'Pol are captured by the Andorians at a Vulcan monastery on P'Jem. They believe that the monastery is being used to spy on Andoria. Director Roxann Dawson Writers Gene Roddenberry Rick Berman Brannon Braga Stars Scott Bakula John Billingsley Jolene Blalock

  8. Aenar

    1 Physiology 2 Society and culture 3 History 4 People 5 Appendices 5.1 Appearances 5.2 Background information 5.3 Apocrypha 5.4 External link Physiology The Aenar were physiologically very similar to the Andorians. Like Andorians, they had two antennae, although those of the Aenar had small indentations in the funnel-shaped tips.

  9. The Dual Paths of the Orions and the Andorians

    The third season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, "That Hope Is You, Part 1," introduced viewers to the 32nd Century.This is the farthest point in the Star Trek timeline to be explored in a weekly series, and it's proving to be a much more hostile environment for the crew of Discovery.The Federation is a shadow of its former self, and unexpected alliances have risen in its place.

  10. Andorian Empire

    The Andorian Empire, also known as the Andorian Star Clan and Epsilon Indii Star Empire, was the name of the Andorian state. Centered on the moon of Andor, the Andorian Empire was one of the five founding Member States of the United Federation of Planets, having signed the Articles of the Federation on 12 August 2161. (ENT episode: "Zero Hour", ST novel: Articles of the Federation) In 2382 ...

  11. Andor

    Laikan Gravity: 1.0 G Diameter: 10,084 km Length of day: 30 hours Andor, also known as Andoria, was the Andorian homeworld and capital of its empire —a founding member of the United Federation of Planets. A satellite of a gas giant in the Beta Quadrant, its capital city was Laikan. It was also home to the Aenar, a minority sub-species.

  12. Star Trek: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Andorians

    With that in mind, these are 10 things you didn't know about the Andorians. 10. Their Makeup Design Was Created By Fred Phillips...On Very Little Notice. CBS Media Ventures. Makeup artist Fred ...

  13. Star Trek: The Andorian Race, Explained

    The episode is best known for introducing Spock's dad Sarek. It follows a conference in which representatives of multiple species discuss admitting a new system into the Federation. An Andorian ...

  14. Talla

    Active ( 2161) Born: 2156 Father: Shran Mother: Jhamel Played by: Jasmine Anthony Talla was the daughter of former Andorian Imperial Guard Commander Shran and Jhamel. She was born in 2156. As the hybrid offspring of an Andorian and Aenar, Talla had a skin of a paler blue than that of a regular Andorian.

  15. Andorian

    For the mirror universe counterpart, see Andorian (mirror). The Andorians were a sentient species from the world Andor. They were distinguishable by their blue skin, white hair and antennae. The Andorian state was the Andorian Empire, one of the founding Federation Member States. (ST reference: Star Charts) The blue hue of the species was the result of a high concentration of cobalt in the ...

  16. Andoria System

    The Andoria System is a system located in the Vulcan Sector of the Beta Quadrant. It contains the planet Andor and its moon, Andoria, which is the homeworld of the Andorians and Aenar as well as a founding member of the United Federation of Planets. Andorian system at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki. Andorian system at Memory Beta, the non ...

  17. Andorian

    The Andorians were a blue-skinned species from Andoria, and one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. One of their most recognized physical features were their antennae and white hair. (Star Trek: The Original Series) The original Andorian homeworld is the natural satellite Andoria, which orbits a gas giant in the Procyon, or Alpha Canis Minoris, system. Andoria's ...

  18. Andorian

    Andorians are a humanoid race native to the frozen moon of Andoria. They were one of the founding races which created the United Federation of Planets, along with Humans, Vulcans and Tellarites. Andorians are a playable race in Star Trek Online, and belong to the Starfleet and TOS Starfleet factions. Andorians have a typical humanoid structure but have several distinguishing characteristics to ...

  19. Andoria

    Andoria (also known as Andor) is a frozen class M moon of a gas giant in the Andorian system, inhabited by the Andorians and seat of the Andorian Empire, a member of the United Federation of Planets. The Star Fleet Technical Manual implied that the Andorian system was Epsilon Indi, which is 12 light-years from Earth, whereas the more recent Star Trek Star Charts has stated that Andor orbited ...

  20. Andor class

    The Andor-class was a type of Federation starship, a cruiser in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century, named for Andor, homeworld of the Andorian peoples. (FASA RPG module: Federation Ship Recognition Manual) The first class of Federation starships built as a "missile cruiser", the Andor was unique among Starfleet vessels of the time due to its having large broadsides of torpedo tubes ...

  21. Andor

    Andor is the name of the gas giant that the moon Andoria orbits. On this frozen moon the Andorian species evolved. Andoria is one of the strongholds of the United Federation of Planets expansion because the Andorians were one of the founder species of this powerful faction. In Andoria surface you can find nothing, as the Andorians and most of their cities remain underground in order to survive ...

  22. Andor (TV Series 2022- )

    David Meanti ... producer (24 episodes, 2022-2024) John Gilroy ... co-producer (12 episodes, 2022) Tony Gilroy ... executive producer (12 episodes, 2022)

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    The Big Picture. Ronald D. Moore discusses For All Mankind Season 4 venturing into unexplored territory and introducing sci-fi elements. The show aims to stay grounded while incorporating science ...

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    The first and only true après-ski spot in Andorra and now the largest scene in southern Europe—L'Abarset brings the spirit of Ibiza's clubs (and its DJs)—plus events thrown by open-air ...