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Unforgettable Views: Why a Hot Air Balloon Ride for 2 is Worth It

Imagine floating gently above the world, with breathtaking views stretching out as far as the eye can see. A hot air balloon ride for two offers an experience like no other, combining adventure, romance, and unmatched beauty. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a unique adventure with your loved one, here are a few reasons why a hot air balloon ride for two is truly worth it.

A Romantic Escape Above the Clouds

There’s no denying that hot air balloon rides have an inherent romantic appeal. Picture yourself and your partner aboard a colorful balloon, rising gracefully into the sky as the sun begins to peek over the horizon. As you soar above the clouds hand-in-hand, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

The serenity of floating through the air provides an intimate setting to connect with your partner and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With only the sound of silence and occasional bursts of flame, you’ll both feel completely at peace as you enjoy each other’s company in this serene environment.

Spectacular Views from New Heights

If there’s one thing that sets hot air ballooning apart from any other aerial activity, it’s undoubtedly the unparalleled views it offers. From up high in the sky, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas that showcase Mother Nature’s beauty in all its glory.

Whether it’s rolling hills, picturesque landscapes dotted with vibrant colors, or even urban skylines twinkling in twilight; every moment spent in a hot air balloon will take your breath away. The slow pace of flight allows plenty of time to soak in these magnificent sights and capture stunning photographs to cherish forever.

A Unique Adventure for Special Occasions

A hot air balloon ride for two is not just an ordinary excursion; it can also be an exceptional way to celebrate special occasions. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, or even a marriage proposal, this unforgettable experience will create memories that you and your partner will treasure for years to come.

Imagine surprising your loved one with a romantic hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset, complete with champagne and a gourmet picnic. These personalized touches can elevate the entire experience and make it even more magical. It’s no wonder that many couples choose hot air balloon rides to celebrate their love and create cherished moments together.

A Safe and Thrilling Experience

Safety is always a top concern when embarking on any adventure activity, but rest assured that hot air ballooning is considered one of the safest forms of aviation. Pilots undergo rigorous training and follow strict safety protocols to ensure passengers’ well-being.

While hot air balloon rides provide an adrenaline rush, they are inherently gentle and peaceful experiences. Unlike other adventure sports that might require physical exertion or intense thrills, hot air ballooning offers a tranquil yet exhilarating ride suitable for people of all ages.

In conclusion, a hot air balloon ride for two is undeniably worth it for those seeking an unforgettable experience filled with romance, breathtaking views, unique adventures, and utmost safety. So why not take to the skies together and create memories that will last a lifetime? Embark on this magical journey and be prepared to be captivated by the beauty that unfolds before your eyes.

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alice springs hot air balloon tours

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Outback Ballooning

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An experience not to miss. Take flight and experience Central Australia gently waking to a new day.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Outback ballooning.

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Hot air balloon rides Alice Springs

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With a hot air balloon Alice Springs experience, you’ll discover the beauty of the Australian outback from dazzling heights. Choose between a 30 minute or 60 minute balloon flight from RedBalloon or gift this once in a lifetime experience to someone special. Discover our entire hot air ballooning range for flights across Australia.

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Alice Springs Hot Air Ballooning with Sparkling - 60 Minutes

Hot air ballooning Alice Springs

The Red Centre and RedBalloon create elevated magic with a mesmerising range of sunrise hot air ballooning over Alice Springs. Take to the sky to enjoy breathtaking views of the Australian outback and all it's beauty. You'll enjoy picturesque scenery as the world wakes up below including the famous Australian wildlife like Kangaroos. Your hot air ballooning Alice Springs adventure is designed to last a lifetime. It's also the perfect gift idea for any occasion or for a couple looking to celebrate an important milestone.

Where is Alice Springs?

Alice Springs is a remote outback town in the Northern Territory that is halfway between Darwin and Adelaide (with 1500km in either direction). It is also the gateway for exploring the Red Centre desert region, which features one of the world’s greatest natural wonders: Ayers Rock or Uluru.

How does a hot air balloon work?

As we all know, hot air rises, and this is what propels hot air balloons in flight mode. Hot air ballooning is conducted by heating the air inside the balloon with a customised burner. This causes the balloon to rise, much like the sensation of floating on water. Once the air within the balloon is allowed to cool, your hot air balloon will drift slowly back to earth, and you will be all the richer for the knowledge and experience.

What is included during my Alice Springs hot air balloon experience?

Your Alice Springs hot air ballooning experience includes either a 30 or 60 minute sunrise flight, as well as return transfers, a fully qualified pilot on board and a souvenir flight certificate for all participants. Following your unforgettable hot air balloon flight, you will enjoy a smorgasbord of fresh fruits, packaged muffins and other tempting slices, an assortment of cheeses and biscuits, served with fruit juices and sparkling wine.

What will I see hot air ballooning?

The Australian outback, with its upwardly mobile red kangaroos, wallabies, birds and other native wildlife, are a sight to behold in their natural habitat. These arresting sights, amid the ancient rocky outcrops and contrasting red and green landscape, are what you are destined to ascend upon as you embark on sunrise hot air ballooning adventures over Alice Springs. From a skyward perspective, you will view the majesty and vast splendour of the MacDonnell Ranges, including eye-catching spinifex grasses, mulga scrub and remote cattle stations dotted throughout this breathtaking desert region.

How do I find my flight information?

You could firstly look at the details listed under every experience offered online at RedBalloon. This will provide a clear overview of what’s expected of you and also what to expect when you book your hot air ballooning experience. If you have further queries prior to reserving your package at RedBalloon, a helpful online chat service should be able to efficiently fill in any gaps. Your hot air ballooning operator will also contact you to reconfirm weather and departure point details the night before your scheduled event. Don’t forget to provide proof of confirmation for your RedBalloon hot air ballooning experience on the day of your unforgettable flight in the making.

What if my hot air balloon flight is cancelled?

If your hot air balloon is cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions, rest assured your tour operator will contact you at the first available opportunity to reschedule your much-anticipated event. Every effort is made to guarantee that you take to the sunrise-emblazoned skies in Alice Springs hot air ballooning, when the time and outlook are in sync.

Why choose RedBalloon?

RedBalloon is an adventure-seeker’s dream, with thousands of experiences to choose from hosted by leading suppliers at Australia’s best destinations. RedBalloon has been an online experience-gifting retailer for more than 18 years and regularly ranks on the lists of best Australian employers. So it’s a leading site to set your sights high, from all viewpoints. You can also order gift vouchers online at RedBalloon to purchase every experience on offer. RedBalloon vouchers start from $25 and are valid for 5 years. They can be emailed to the gift recipient or pre-ordered to arrive in RedBalloon’s signature red envelope.

If you loved our range of hot air balloon rides over Alice Springs, you can also discover plenty of flights in other cities and regions. Explore our range of hot air ballooning in Perth , Sydney , Brisbane and Melbourne .

Looking for more flying experiences? RedBalloon offers a variety of sky high adventures perfect for those looking for an exhilarating experience. Explore our range of skydiving , hot air ballooning , paragliding , gliding and more!

Spinifex Ballooning

You are collected approximately one hour before first light from your accommodation house in Alice Springs.

We then drive to the launch site, which is determined on the morning by the wind direction.

We have about 20 different launch sites within 30kms of Alice Springs, and these locations are individually chosen due to their picturesque and unique settings.

Balloon Tours in Alice Springs

Today is the day. You’re up early, and the sun is rising on the Central Australian Outback. The journey to the launch site is in full flow, where the burners on the balloons are turned up to the max, and the basket is ready to board. You arrive, and it’s time to soar to the skies. 

What better way to start your day than with a flight over the glorious surrounds of the Australian Outback with views of the spectacular MacDonnell Ranges? This fun for all ages adventure is packed with blissful backdrops and sensational sights, including spinifex grasses, mulga scrub, cattle stations and you may even be lucky to spot some wildlife. And after a fun-filled flight, how about a glass of bubbly to bring the experience to a close? Lovely. 

Ballooning outback views

View from hot air balloon basket

Hot Air Balloon Tours

Outback ballooning.

With over 35 years of experience, Outback Ballooning sure knows their stuff when it comes to Alice Springs ballooning. Kick back, relax and take in the sights of the Australian Outback and MacDonnell Ranges, as you journey over spinifex grasses, mulga scrub and cattle stations. Whether it’s a 30 or 60-minute flight, it’s guaranteed to live long in the memory of everyone involved — as you immerse yourself in all things Central Australia. And how about a glass of bubbly or fruit juice to wet the whistle after the trip of a lifetime? Yes please. 

Outback Ballooning has a large fleet of balloons suitable for 2-4 people, up to 24 in one balloon, depending on number of bookings on the day. Exclusive charters are also available on request. 

Outback Ballooning bus

Outback Ballooning bus meeting with hot air balloon

Spinifex Ballooning

Start your day right with views of the spectacular MacDonnell Ranges. But this is no ordinary flight. This is 30 minutes of pure bliss. Float, glide and soar over the vast open spaces of the Central Australian Outback. Epic views, native wildlife and plenty of memories to share with the grandkids — what more could you want? I know! How about a glass of bubbly when you land. The only way to end your trip. 

Spinifex Ballooning flies in Alice Springs every day, weather permitting. And they can accommodate up to 16 people in their balloon.

Balloon in distance

Central Australia landscape from hot air balloon

Important Information

Here are a few pointers to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip:, what should i wear, is there anything i should bring, when and where do i meet for my flight, what happens if the weather is bad, do i need to be physically fit to fly in a hot air balloon, is there an age limit on flying in a hot air balloon, what does it feel like in a hot air balloon, is there a weight limit on flying in a hot air balloon.

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alice springs hot air balloon tours

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alice springs hot air balloon tours

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Outback Ballooning

alice springs hot air balloon tours

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alice springs hot air balloon tours

Early Morning Ballooning in Alice Springs

alice springs hot air balloon tours

Outback Ballooning - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Outback ballooning information.


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