The best cruises to Alaska from Seattle for every type of traveler

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What are the best Alaska cruises out of Seattle ? It depends on what kind of traveler you are.

If you're a parent traveling with teens and tweens, you'll probably want to pick a voyage on one of the big, family activity-filled cruise ships operated by Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line that sail out of Seattle each summer.

If you're looking to get away from families with young children — maybe you're a retiree looking to travel with people your own age — you'd want to check out the itineraries operated by cruise lines that cater more to couples without kids, most notably Holland America and Princess Cruises.

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Other cruises might be best for solo travelers or travelers on a tight budget.

Here we list our top picks for the best Alaska cruises from Seattle for six different types of travelers.

Best for families: Ovation of the Seas

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean

It isn't easy picking the best Alaska cruise out of Seattle for families. There are four world-class family-focused cruise ships in the market, each of which is a contender for the best for families title: Royal Caribbean 's Ovation of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas, and Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Encore and Norwegian Bliss.

All four ships are loaded with all sorts of gee-whiz family attractions, from bumper car pavilions and skydiving simulators on the Royal Caribbean vessels to go-kart tracks and laser tag courses on the Norwegian ships.

Unlike the Royal Caribbean ships, the Norwegian ships also have epic waterslides on their top decks, which in theory, might put them over the top in any listing of the best cruise ships for families based in Seattle.

However, keep in mind that Alaska can be chilly, even at the height of summer, and rainy, too. For that reason, we discount the value of some of the family-friendly attractions on the Norwegian ships, which are open to the elements, and consider the Royal Caribbean ships the best of the bunch for Alaska cruises from Seattle.

Both of the Royal Caribbean ships sailing to Alaska from Seattle are loaded with attractions that are protected from the elements, including those bumper car pavilions and skydiving simulators. In fact, both Ovation of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas were specifically built to operate in areas of inclement weather.

Of the two ships, which are nearly identical and part of the relatively new Quantum class of vessels, we give the 4,180-passenger Ovation of the Seas the nod for best Alaska family cruise ship sailing from Seattle only because it's a couple of years newer. Newer is almost always better in the cruise world.

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A cavernous indoor activity area on each of the two Quantum-class ships called the SeaPlex is home to the aforementioned bumper cars, as well as such family-friendly activities as roller skating, basketball and even trapeze lessons. The two-level complex also has upstairs nooks for playing Xbox, ping pong and foosball. It's like one big play zone for families that will keep your kids busy for hours.

Each of the ships also offers one of the most unusual attractions you'll find at sea: A glass-enclosed capsule mounted on a mechanical arm that will take you and your family soaring into the sky for bird's-eye views. It's called the North Star ride.

All the above come in addition to many of the core Royal Caribbean attractions you'll find on most of the brand's ships, including pools, rock climbing walls, casinos, spas and Broadway-style shows, plus lots of eateries and bars.

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Of particular note, given Alaska's weather, is that one of the two main pool areas on each of these Quantum-class ships is enclosed.

Best for budget travelers: Eurodam

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean

Our pick for the best Alaska cruises from Seattle for budget travelers may come as a surprise to many cruise aficionados. That's because it's not the Alaska voyages from Seattle offered by the North American cruise line best known for budget sailings — Carnival Cruise Line .

Carnival does offer cruises to Alaska from Seattle regularly with two ships: Carnival Spirit and Carnival Luminosa. However, while Carnival is the low-cost leader in many cruise destinations, that's not always the case in the market for Alaska cruises from Seattle. Often, the lowest starting prices you'll find on cruises to Alaska from Seattle, on both an absolute and per-day basis, are the cruises offered by Holland America .

For the coming year, for instance, as of this guide's posting, there were lots of Holland America sailings to Alaska from Seattle available for under $750 per person for seven nights — some as low as $429 per person for seven nights.

There were very few Carnival sailings available for under $750 per person, with most Carnival sailings starting around $800 per person or more for seven nights.

We suspect the lower starting prices for Holland America ships as compared to Carnival ships on Alaska sailings out of Seattle is because Alaska cruises from Seattle are round-trip voyages. Many Holland America fans who cruise to Alaska choose a one-way voyage to or from the state that lets them add extra days for touring in Alaska at the start or end of the voyage. Such one-way voyages only are available out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Holland America — the longtime leader in Alaska cruises, along with its sister company Princess Cruises — is particularly known for "cruisetours" to Alaska that combine a one-way cruise to or from the state with multiple days touring Alaska by motorcoach and train.

Holland America bases two ships in Seattle for cruises to Alaska: the 2,104-passenger Eurodam and 1,964-passenger Westerdam. Starting prices for both are relatively similar, but we give the nod for the best Alaska cruises from Seattle for budget travelers to Eurodam as it's a somewhat newer vessel.

Best for luxury lovers: Norwegian Encore

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean

No luxury-focused cruise ships sail to Alaska out of Seattle. Still, you can get a variation on a luxury cruise experience on a voyage to Alaska from Seattle on Norwegian Cruise Line 's Norwegian Encore.

Yes, the 3,998-passenger Norwegian Encore is a cruise ship that generally caters to the masses, not the luxury crowd. However, it has its own "ship-within-a-ship" luxury zone that offers a much more swanky experience for those willing to pay.

At the top front of the vessel, this private enclave, called The Haven, is home to dozens of upscale suites; a sprawling, two-deck-high pool area; a private lounge and bar; and a private restaurant. Only the deep-pocketed swells who can afford one of the suites get exclusive access to these areas.

The pool area, a true stunner, comes with comfortable padded loungers, a pool and whirlpools. Its retractable glass roof is perfect for cruises to Alaska when the weather is iffy. Guests can enjoy the deck, rain or shine.

If living large is your goal, you're not going to find anything better than this — other than with a cruise on a similar Norwegian vessel that also cruises to Alaska from Seattle. Norwegian Bliss, also based in Washington during the summer, is part of the same Norwegian Breakaway-Plus class of vessels and has a similar Haven enclave.

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Why did we pick Norwegian Encore over Norwegian Bliss as the ship offering the best Alaska cruises from Seattle for luxury lovers? Built a year after Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Encore offers one big improvement for the upscale crowd as compared to Norwegian Bliss.

On Norwegian Encore, there's a much bigger version of the exclusive, extra-charge Vibe Beach Club sunning area that's on Norwegian Bliss. Home to a full-service bar, cabanas and two hot tubs, the version of the Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Encore sprawls across both sides of the ship (instead of just one side on Norwegian Bliss) and extends upward to a partial deck above. It's just $99 or more per day to get in.

It's yet one more stylish and upscale area for cruisers looking for an upgraded experience to retreat.

Note that there is one other option for upscale Alaska cruises out of Seattle: A voyage on Oceania Cruises ' 684-passenger Regatta. While Oceania isn't considered a luxury line on the level of Silversea Cruises or Seabourn Cruise Line , it has an elegant feel. That said, given the ship's age (it dates to 1998) and limited venues, we're still in the camp that favors a Haven stay on a Norwegian ship.

Best for solo travelers: Norwegian Bliss

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean

Norwegian Encore and Norwegian Bliss are also our top picks for ships operating the best Alaska cruises from Seattle for solo travelers. Between these two, it's a tossup, though we put Norwegian Bliss in the headline above since, well, we already gave Norwegian Encore a turn in the limelight with the best-for-luxury category.

Notably, both Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Encore boast large private zones for solo travelers — something you won't find on any other cruise ship sailing out of Seattle. It's a hallmark of Norwegian's newest and biggest ships.

On each of the ships, the "studio" zones, as Norwegian calls them, are made up of 82 special solo cabins and a private Studio Lounge where solos can gather for happy hours and other events. Only the studio zone on Norwegian's 2010-built Norwegian Epic is bigger.

Passengers staying in solo cabins get exclusive access to the Studio Lounge (using their keycards), meaning a maximum of 82 people will share the space.

A special zone for solo travelers is a rare concept in the cruise world, where almost all rooms for vacationers are designed for two people and sold with per-person fares that are based on two people occupying the room.

The solo cabins in the studio zones are small (measuring 100 square feet) but are superbly designed to maximize storage space (something I learned firsthand staying in one on Norwegian Epic).

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Solo passengers on Norwegian Encore and Norwegian Bliss will also find a sometimes rollicking bar scene, with plenty of counter-style seating in bars that are a great place to meet other solo travelers and friendly guests. We recommend the Sugarcane Mojito Bar on Norwegian Bliss. There, the bartender will muddle your mojitos with raspberry, guava, passion fruit or even jalapeno pepper to spice things up when you're sitting with your new solo friends.

One warning if you're considering booking one of the solo cabins: They've become so popular that they often sell out far in advance and at prices that aren't much better than booking a cabin for two.

Best for multigenerational travel: Discovery Princess

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean

Looking for the best Alaska cruise from Seattle if you're bringing three generations of your family along for the ride? We can think of nothing better than a voyage on one of the two Princess Cruises ships that sail out of the city, the 3,660-passenger Discovery Princess and 3,560-passenger Royal Princess.

Both ships are almost identical, but we give Discovery Princess the edge only because it's newer than Royal Princess. The two vessels were built in 2022 and 2013, respectively.

Princess has long been heralded as one of the best cruise lines for multigenerational travel, in part because its ships offer a little something for travelers of all ages.

Unlike the Royal Caribbean and Norwegian ships mentioned above, the two Princess ships sailing from Seattle don't have top decks heavily skewed to family fun. Instead, their top decks offer lots of quiet and relaxing pool and lounge areas where you can enjoy the experience of being at sea without much hustle and bustle.

That makes these ships more appealing to an older demographic that doesn't necessarily want to be on a vessel that's loaded to the gills with children's fun zones and the younger family travelers drawn to that. Notably, the average age of Princess passengers is around 57, and you'll usually see many couples on board in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Still, unlike some lines that cater to an older crowd, Princess doesn't ignore the children's market. Both Discovery Princess and Royal Princess offer an extensive children's program that gets high marks from parents, with dedicated Discovery Channel-themed Camp Discovery areas where counselors supervise free activities daily for children ages 3 to 17.

When sailing to Alaska, these ships also offer other kid-friendly events, such as Puppies on Princess, when dog mushers and their newest sled dogs come on board for meet-and-greets (and photos!). In partnership with the Discovery Channel and Glacier Bay National Park, the line also adds such kid-friendly fun during Alaska sailings as a Junior Ranger Program, totem pole decorating and a "Deadliest Catch-"themed crab sorting challenge.

In addition, an onboard Klondike Festival brings added family entertainment, including gold nugget arts and crafts projects, a naturalist exhibition, harmonica music classes and North to Alaska dance performances.

In short, Princess provides an Alaska product specifically designed to appeal to a wide age range. It's the line you take if you want an affordable ship that'll appeal to your 70-year-old parents as much as your 12-year-old kid.

Best for retirees: Westerdam

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean

The best Alaska cruises out of Seattle for retirees, in our view, are the sailings offered by Holland America on both the 1,964-passenger Westerdam and 2,104-passenger Eurodam. We give Westerdam the slight edge for reasons we will explain below.

While Holland America draws some families with younger children, the passengers on its ships skew heavily toward middle-aged and older travelers, including many retirees. If you're nearing or already have hit retirement age and prefer to travel mostly with people who are at a similar stage in life as you, you'll feel right at home on a Holland America ship.

The top decks of Holland America vessels, notably, lack many of the kid-focused attractions found on the top decks of more family-focused ships operated by the likes of Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian. That often keeps families with younger kids from booking the ships.

What you will find on the top decks of both Eurodam and Westerdam are more serene sunning areas with pools and whirlpools. Depending on your travel style, that might be all you need.

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Both Eurodam and Westerdam mostly sail seven-night trips to Alaska out of Seattle. However, for 2024, Westerdam has added an epic new 28-night Alaska itinerary out of Seattle that will include calls in remote areas that most cruise ships never visit. The new itinerary is one reason we give Westerdam the edge among ships when rating the best Alaska cruises out of Seattle for seniors.

It's the sort of itinerary that specifically appeals to retirees with the time (and money) to book such a long trip.

Westerdam is also a slightly smaller ship than Eurodam, and as a result, its demographics on any given sailing are more likely to skew toward a retired crowd. To the extent that families with younger kids book Holland America ships, they are more likely to book one of its larger vessels.

In addition to Eurodam and Rotterdam, two other good choices for retirees considering Alaska cruises out of Seattle are the two Princess ships that sail on such itineraries: Royal Princess and Discovery Princess. Like the Holland America ships, they aren't loaded with kid-focused attractions that draw families.

Bottom line

Nearly a dozen major cruise ships operate Alaska cruises out of Seattle during the summer months, giving cruisers plenty of choice.

What is the best Alaska cruise from Seattle for you? That'll depend on your personal interests and travel style because there are cruises from Seattle that appeal to everyone, including family travelers, budget travelers and retirees.

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Royal Caribbean from Seattle


Discover the wonders of Alaska in 2025 with an unforgettable cruise experience offered by Royal Caribbean. Departing from the charming city of Seattle, these cruises are the perfect way to explore the breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders of the region. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Alaska's tidewater glaciers, which flow directly into the ocean and showcase powerful calving moments. Seattle, known as the Emerald City, serves as an ideal departure port for your Alaska cruise, offering a vibrant blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and a bustling urban atmosphere. Situated on the picturesque shores of the Puget Sound, Seattle seamlessly combines its maritime heritage with a cosmopolitan cityscape. As you embark on your Alaskan voyage, Seattle sets the stage for an unforgettable journey through the stunning landscapes of the Last Frontier.

Royal Caribbean

Renowned for delivering exceptional value, Royal Caribbean is a leader in the cruising industry. This world-class cruise line strikes a perfect balance between affordable prices and luxurious offerings. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, innovative features, and a vast array of entertainment options, Royal Caribbean delivers a unique cruise experience that exceeds expectations. Its reputation for stellar service, top-notch accommodations, and diverse itineraries make it an excellent choice for travelers. Whether you're a seasoned cruiser or a first-time voyager, a journey with Royal Caribbean promises a mix of comfort, excitement, and affordability. Take a memorable Alaska cruise adventure from Seattle onboard Brilliance of the Seas , Ovation of the Seas , Quantum of the Seas , Radiance of the Seas , cruise ships from Royal Caribbean.

Alaska cruise out of Seattle with Royal Caribbean 2025

Royal Caribbean offers a selection of routes that allow you to experience the best of Alaska's scenic wonders. Traverse the stunning Inside Passage, renowned for its captivating beauty, or set sail to Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier, Strait of Georgia, and Tracy Arm, where awe-inspiring landscapes await at every turn. While most cruises include visits to Ketchikan, Skagway, or Juneau, there are also rare opportunities to explore Haines, Hoonah, and Sitka, adding a touch of uniqueness to your Alaskan adventure. Embark on an Royal Caribbean voyage from Seattle and let the beauty of Alaska unfold before your eyes. Witness the majestic tidewater glaciers, delve into the rich cultural heritage of charming towns, and create memories that will last a lifetime .

Royal Caribbean Alaska 7-day route

7-day Alaska cruise from Seattle

Quantum of the seas, royal caribbean.

Date: May 6, 2024

Ports of Call: Seattle, Icy Strait, Skagway, Juneau, Victoria, Seattle; View Itinerary

Date: May 13, 2024

Ports of Call: Seattle, Sitka, Skagway, Juneau, Victoria, Seattle; View Itinerary

Ovation of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

Date: May 17, 2024

Date: May 20, 2024

Date: May 24, 2024

Ports of Call: Seattle, Juneau, Skagway, Dawes Glacier, Victoria, Seattle; View Itinerary

Date: May 27, 2024

Ports of Call: Seattle, Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Victoria, Seattle; View Itinerary

Date: May 31, 2024

Date: June 3, 2024

Date: June 7, 2024

Ports of Call: Seattle, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, Victoria, Seattle; View Itinerary

Date: June 10, 2024

Date: June 14, 2024

Date: June 17, 2024

Date: June 21, 2024

Date: June 24, 2024

Date: June 28, 2024

Date: July 1, 2024

Date: July 5, 2024

Date: July 8, 2024

Date: July 12, 2024

Date: July 15, 2024

Date: July 19, 2024

Date: July 22, 2024

Date: July 26, 2024

Date: July 29, 2024

Date: August 2, 2024

Date: August 5, 2024

Date: August 9, 2024

Date: August 12, 2024

Date: August 16, 2024

Date: August 19, 2024

Please note that port orders, dates, and itinerary details, including content, are subject to change. Verify specific details for your chosen sailing date on the Royal Caribbean website.

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Forever Karen

What Are The Best Alaska Cruises From Seattle? {2024}

Norwegian Bliss docked in Seattle, Washington

The best Alaska cruises from Seattle may vary from family to family, depending on their preferences. One group may want something budget-friendly, while another may lean towards a Glacier Bay National Park itinerary.

So, if you’re planning a cruise to Alaska, this article breaks down the different cruise ships, ports of call, and itineraries so that you can select your top pick. 

Remember, your decision and vessel choice may differ from someone else, and that’s ok. You’ll have hundreds of itineraries to choose from, but deciding on a priority will make your decision easier.

Looking for the best Alaska cruise from Seattle? Find it on Cruise Critic . It features thousands of cruise reviews, great information and money-saving tips from those who have already been to Alaska.

If you’re susceptible to motion sickness, you’ll want to select a cruise that sails the inside passage. Alternatively, you could  cruise out of Vancouver, which offers calmer seas.

These factors may influence your choice of cruise from Seattle: 

  • Do you want an intimate experience?
  • Are you traveling solo?
  • Do you want a ship with fewer children?
  • Are you on a strict budget?
  • Do you need lots of kid-friendly activities onboard?
  • Is there a priority for glacier viewing?
  • Do you want more ports and longer port times?

A Norwegian ship docked in Seattle, and a ship at Hubbard Glacier in Alaska

Cruises That Visit Glacier Bay National Park

If you want to cruise through Glacier Bay National Park, you need to choose a cruise line that goes there. Only two large cruise ships a day may enter the national park and must be accompanied by a park ranger.

For the 2024 and 2025 Alaska cruise seasons, you can choose from Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, America Cruise Line, and Holland America Line, which have sailings from Seattle.

These are the vessels that include Glacier Bay on their itinerary:

  • Holland America Eurodam
  • Holland America Westerdam
  • Royal Princess
  • Discovery Princess
  • Norwegian Encore
  • Norwegian Bliss
  • Norwegian Sun
  • American Constellation
  • Norwegian Joy (2025)
  • Cunard Queen Elizabeth (2025)

Cruising in Glacier Bay National Park

The larger Norwegian vessels (Encore and Bliss) have an indoor Observation Lounge, perfect for glacier viewing day. While it may get crowded, you’ll want to watch from here if it’s raining or bitterly cold outside.

Be aware that the Norwegian ships dock in Ward Cove in Ketchikan. Since cruise passengers require a shuttle to reach downtown, it’s a deterrent for some travelers.

Budget-Friendly Alaska Cruises From Seattle

If budget is your number one priority, avoid peak season, which commands the highest prices. A  cruise to Alaska in May  will score you a better price, although you’ll experience cooler but drier weather.

Alternatively, taking a  September Alaska cruise  saves money, and you could witness the northern lights. Again, expect cooler temperatures on a shoulder season cruise, and September departures experience much more rain.

Booking an inside cabin is a great money-saving tip, and selecting a mid-ship stateroom helps prevent seasickness.

By choosing an older vessel, you can stay within budget, although they lack the latest features on the newer ships. Smaller ships may provide relief on pricing, as they have fewer amenities.

Holland America Eurodam docked in Seattle

So, if you don’t need racing cars, climbing walls, laser tag, or bumper cars, look at these vessels for budget-conscious pricing:

  • HAL Eurodam
  • Norwegian Jewel

At the beginning and end of the season, some vessels depart from Seattle and end in Vancouver, British Columbia. Cruise lines often offer these one-way cruises at bargain prices. Taking one of these itineraries allows you to sail on newer ships at cheap prices.

So, check out the September departures on the Ovation of the Seas, Discovery Princess, and Quantum of the Seas. Also, the May departures on HAL’s Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, and Koningsdam. 

Best Alaska Cruises From Seattle For Solo Travelers

Cruising solo can often be expensive due to the single supplement. Since cruise lines price their cabins on double occupancy, you pay for two people when sailing alone.

However, some vessels have studio cabins, allowing you to forego paying for the second person. You’ll need to book early to secure one of these rooms, as ships have limited quantities.

Studio ocean view balcony stateroom

Select from the following vessels with studio cabins:

  • Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas – has 28 studios, 12 in the balcony category, and the rest interiors.
  • Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas – has 28 studios, 16 are interiors, and 12 with balconies.
  • Norwegian Encore – 82 studios, all in the inside category.
  • Norwegian Bliss – 82, all interiors.
  • Cunard Queen Elizabeth – 1 inside and 8 oceanview solo cabins.

While major cruise lines tend to have interior studio cabins, the two larger ships owned by Royal Caribbean International have some balcony studios. At 119 square feet, these are relatively small, with a double bed and no room for a couch.

However, you’ll enjoy the same-sized bathroom as the regular balcony staterooms and a 55 sq. foot roomy balcony.

If the studios are fully booked, the Quantum-class ships have virtual balconies (inside rooms) that are pretty nice. However, you’ll pay the single supplement, although one port fees, taxes, and gratuities.

An interior virtual balcony stateroom

While you can’t book a balcony studio with Norwegian, solo travelers in their studio stateroom have access to an exclusive lounge. This added feature allows you to meet other solo travelers.

Some studio cabins are adjoining rooms, giving two friends separate spaces but with connecting doors.

Best Alaska Cruise And Land Tours

Traditionally, Alaskan cruise tours were only offered from and to Vancouver. Alaska cruises from Seattle are favored by many US residents because they don’t need a passport to travel.

Recently, Holland America started offering cruise and land tours from Seattle, Washington. 

While these itineraries start and end in Seattle, you actually embark in Vancouver. These 10 to 13-day cruise packages begin with a coach ride to Vancouver and end with a flight back to Seattle. 

Holland America Koningsdam docked in Vancouver

All Alaska cruise options have a 7-day cruise with a land portion to visit Denali National Park. If you’re concerned about needing a passport, don’t worry. US citizens only need an enhanced driver’s license to cross the border.

If you select the reverse itinerary, you’ll fly to Anchorage, complete the land tour first, and cruise back afterward. However, these reverse cruises end in Vancouver. If you plan to fly home from Seattle, you need to arrange transportation back to Washington State.

The best itineraries are generally longer as you’ll explore more of interior Alaska. A 13-day cruise and land tour spends three days in Denali. It’s a chance to see the towering mountain, grizzly bears, moose, caribou, and other Alaskan wildlife.

These longer itineraries include the 5 to 6-hour incredible Tundra Wilderness Tour and the Riverboat Discovery excursion. While these cruises are pretty pricey, they include your coach transfers, train journey, and one-way flight between Seattle and Anchorage or Fairbanks.

Alaska cruises are lovely, but the land portion allows you to see the Last Frontier with different eyes.

Best Alaska Cruises From Seattle For Families

If you’re traveling to Alaska with family and seeking the  best cruise line, you’ll want a ship with plenty of onboard activities. Newer and larger vessels have laser tag, racing cars, bumper cars, indoor sky diving, and water slides.

Karen doing Ripcord by iFly

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class ships have the North Star, Flow Rider, and Sea Plex, which are great to utilize on sea days. The North Star offers a unique viewing experience of Endicott Arm and snow-capped mountains 300 feet above sea level.

While some activities incur an extra cost, your kids will never be bored on the largest ships.

So, book with:

  • Norwegian Encore or Bliss for the Aqua Racer, Speedway Racing Cars, and laser tag.
  • Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas or Ovation of the Seas for the FlowRider, Ripcord by iFly, bumper cars, North Star, and Sea Plex.

Quantum of the Seas Magenta Bear and climbing wall

Alternatively, those on a budget might prefer  cruising on the Carnival Spirit  or Luminosa. Both offer great kids’ clubs, Suess at Sea, and the Spirit has Carnival Waterworks.

Best Extended Itineraries From Seattle

While most cruises to Alaska are typically seven days, there are options to sail longer. If you want to add a few more days, the Norwegian Joy offers a fantastic itinerary of 10 days in 2025.

Some cruises visit Glacier Bay National Park, while others go to Hubbard Glacier. However, you’ll enjoy long port times in Skagway, Sitka, and Ketchikan.

Plus, instead of the four-hour stop in Victoria (typical of 7-day cruises), you enjoy 10 hours in British Columbia’s capital.

Carnival Cruise Line offers two 14-day itineraries in 2024 on the Carnival Spirit, and both are budget-friendly. Obviously, longer cruises mean more ports of call.

However, the prize for the best-extended cruise from Seattle goes to Holland America’s Westerdam. It offers only one sailing in June 2024 and one the following year, and it’s a colossal 28 days!!

Holland America Westerdam docked in Sitka

This itinerary has many unique ports and even cruises the Arctic Circle around the summer solstice. Imagine almost full daylight the whole day!

You’ll visit Dutch Harbor, Valdez, Nome, Kodiak Island, Homer, Wrangell, and Prince Rupert. So, if you’ll looking for the ultimate Alaska bucket list trip, this is it.

On sea days, this itinerary  cruises to Tracy Arm Fjord,  Hubbard Glacier, Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Prince William Sound, and Little Diomede Island.

With so many stops, you can enjoy unique shore excursions, such as whale watching, seeing Kodiak bears, riding the  White Pass & Yukon Route Railway, and much more.

Best Suites For Large Families

The Norwegian Encore and Bliss offer the best spaces for large families who want to stay in the same cabin. The Haven, their ship-within-a-ship experience, has incredible amenities, including a premium viewing area.

The Norwegian Bliss cruise ship

Their 2-bedroom family villas and deluxe owner’s suites can sleep up to six comfortably. Furthermore, you’ll have access to The Haven, an exclusive area for suite guests. These suites measure 495 to 971 sq. feet with large balconies.

The Haven includes a private swimming pool, hot tubs, lounge, bar, and Haven restaurant. The Horizon Lounge, positioned at the bow, provides unobstructed views on glacier viewing day.

Suites guests also enjoy bonus perks, such as a bottle of champagne, a Nespresso Coffeemaker, breakfast and lunch in a specialty restaurant, and daily soda and spring water.

A personal butler will be on hand 24/7 to cater to your needs while staying in your luxury accommodation. Plus, you’ll have access to a concierge.

Best Cruises For Multi-Generational Families

If you’re cruising with a group of varying ages, it can sometimes be hard to find a ship to appeal to seniors but have activities for children. While lines like Holland America appeal to older passengers, they don’t have amenities for youngsters.

Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises are great options for families aged 7 to 70. Princess Cruises mini-suites have bathtubs to bathe toddlers and roomy enough to sleep up to four. In 2024, Celebrity Edge starts offering itineraries to Alaska.

The Ocean Medallion lets you keep track of family members on board with an innovation person locator. Camp Discovery provides educational programs for kids aged 3 to 17.

Late-night babysitting services allow you to have a night out at a specialty restaurant without the kiddos. Princess’ signature event, ‘Movies under the stars,’ is suitable for all ages and comes complete with cozy blankets and popcorn.

Discovery Princess cruise ship in Alaska

So, for the Alaska 2024 and 2025 season, you can select from Seattle departures on the Royal, Majestic, and Discovery Princess. However, if you love to use the pool, it’s important to note the Discovery Princess doesn’t have an indoor or covered pool (a must in Alaska).

If you’re a fan of the upscale experience on Celebrity, the Edge offers sailings in 2024. It’s the first time an Edge-class ship has done an Alaska itinerary.

Its Magic Carpet, Eden, Rooftop Garden, and Camp at Sea make it a vessel suitable for all ages.

Best Intimate Alaska Cruises From Seattle

Oceania Cruises offers a somewhat all-inclusive Alaska itinerary from Seattle. They’re suited for travelers who want the best and are willing to pay more for the premium experience.

You can select from 7 to 12-day itineraries for the 2024 season. Oceania Regatta has a capacity of 684 cruise passengers, providing a more intimate experience.

Amenities include free daily soft drinks, unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi, sparkling and still water, robes and slippers, movies on demand, and specialty dining.

While the Regatta is much smaller than vessels owned by mainstream cruise lines, its itineraries are not unique. So, expect stops at Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, Icy Strait Point, Victoria, and Prince Rupert, depending on the cruise length.

Other Factors

Humpback whale in Juneau, Alaska

As you can see, finding the best Alaska cruise from Seattle for your family depends on many factors. While some may be open to cruising at any time, you might only be able to sail when the children are out of school.

If you plan to cruise this itinerary once, finding the perfect cruise may involve many factors. You may want to see bears, witness a salmon run, travel during the warmest weeks, or have a chance to see the northern lights.

You may be loyal to one cruise line and must select from their vessels that depart from Seattle, Washington.

Different cruise lines have different marketing strategies. Some provide onboard naturalists who give lectures on the Alaska flora, fauna, and history. These naturalists are a wealth of information, and having such a person on board appeals to first-time Alaska cruisers.

Be aware that when cruising from Seattle, most vessels sail along the west side of Vancouver Island, where the seas may be rough. Packing a motion sickness patch is advisable.

Also, plan to arrive a few days before your embarkation day. Seattle is a fantastic city, and you’ll want to explore Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture , and Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Depending on who you book with, Seattle has two cruise terminals, Smith Cove (Pier 91) and Pier 66 (close to downtown), used by Norwegian Cruise Line.

Ovation of the Seas cruise ship docked in Seattle, arriving in Juneau and cruising in Glacier Bay

Privacy Overview

Looking for more information about Events at Sea? Click here.

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on Anthem of the Seas

Find your perfect venue.

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean

Start Planning

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean

Press Releases

Royal caribbean opens 2025 alaska summer adventures.

Upcoming Seattle Resident Anthem of the Seas Will Make its Alaska Debut Alongside Returning Favorites

MIAMI , Nov. 1, 2023 – There’s a new summer anthem on the horizon. Royal Caribbean International revealed vacationers will have new ways to cross adventures off their bucket lists in the Last Frontier, with the popular Anthem of the Seas joining returning favorites Quantum, Radiance and Serenade of the Seas in summer 2025 . With Anthem’s Alaska debut, between May and September 2025 , travelers have in store a lineup of 7-night vacations that visit many of the state’s most-talked-about glaciers, parks, towns and more. All the ways to discover the Last Frontier begin from Seattle ; Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada ; or Seward , Alaska , and today, Crown & Anchor Society loyalty members can book the new adventures on Royal Caribbean’s website  ahead of the official opening on Thursday, Nov. 2 .

Friends and families can have their choice of vacations that will spotlight Alaska’s wildlife, majestic landscapes and local cultures, visiting picture-perfect destinations ranging from Sitka to Skagway, Haines to Juneau, Ketchikan, Hubbard Glacier , Alaska, and beyond. Matching the bold ways to adventure in the largest state of the U.S. are the experiences featured on all four award-winning ships, including experiences only on Royal Caribbean. On board, vacationers of all ages can put the action in action-packed and redefine memory making with highlights like the gravity-defying RipCord by iFly skydiving simulator , the deck-defying North Star all-glass observation capsule , the rock climbing wall , FlowRider surf simulators and ample ways to dine, drink and be entertained.

Summer 2025 Alaska Highlights

  • Anthem of the Seas – Sailing Roundtrip from Seattle For the first time, Anthem heads to Alaska – and it all starts in Seattle. Adventure seekers can choose from two different 7-night itineraries that include locales like Alaska’s Sitka and the Gold Rush-era town of Skagway. Travelers will have the chance to get up close to the awe-inspiring Endicott Arm fjord and Dawes Glacier , and enjoy unparalleled views as they head to the state’s mountain-framed capital city, Juneau, and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The thrills are taken to new heights on board, too, with adrenaline-pumping experiences like the RipCord by iFly skydiving simulator and the North Star glass observation capsule that can reach as high as 300 feet above the ocean.
  • Quantum of the Seas – Sailing Roundtrip from Seattle Marking its bold return to Alaska, Quantum is the 7-night adventure for vacationers looking to marvel at Alaska’s picturesque landscapes as they venture to Sitka, Skagway , Endicott Arm fjord, Dawes Glacier and Juneau, as well as Icy Strait Point and Victoria in Canada. Adventurers also have a bold lineup of experiences on board to maximize every minute of their vacation, from catching a wave on the FlowRider surf simulator with towering glaciers and snowcapped peaks right before their eyes to taking on friendly competition at SeaPlex , the largest indoor activity complex at sea, which features bumper cars , a basketball court , roller-skating rink and more.
  • Serenade of the Seas – Sailing from Vancouver Returning to Alaska for an encore following a standout summer in 2022, Serenade begins to make its way to Vancouver via a unique 16-night Panama Canal cruise to Los Angeles ahead of a 5-night coastal adventure. Vacationers looking to journey along the Inside Passage and see the captivating wildlife are in for an adventure. In destinations like Haines, Sitka , Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan, Alaska, it’s about discovering the local cultures. And from town to town, adventure seekers can enjoy front-row seats to coastal gems like Hubbard Glacier , North America’s largest tidewater glacier, and Tracy Arm fjord, with 30-plus miles of narrow passageways, cliffs and waterfalls. Guests can always stay close to the action with the ocean views through 3 acres of expansive windows or the rock climbing wall on board, and when it’s time to refuel, they have their choice of restaurants, bars and lounges like American steakhouse Chops Grille , Giovanni’s Table for Tuscan classics and Izumi for sushi and sashimi.
  • Radiance of the Seas – Sailing from Vancouver and Seward A returning favorite, Radiance is the choice for vacationers who seek even more immersive experiences to explore Alaska. The lineup of alternating northbound and southbound adventures starts from Seward and Vancouver, and along the way to Juneau , Sitka , Skagway, Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point and Hubbard Glacier are photo-worthy landscapes. Before or after their 7-night cruise, travelers can extend their adventure with a Royal Caribbean Cruisetour that visits popular landmarks like Denali National Park . On board, there still are ways to take in breathtaking views, whether that’s poolside or even from the rock climbing wall . And making memories over shared meals is always on the menu at Giovanni’s Table , Izumi and more.

About Royal Caribbean International Royal Caribbean International , owned by Royal Caribbean Group (NYSE: RCL), has been delivering innovation at sea for more than 50 years. Each successive class of ships is an architectural marvel that features the latest technology and guest experiences for today’s adventurous traveler. The cruise line continues to revolutionize vacations with itineraries to 240 destinations in 61 countries on six continents, including Royal Caribbean’s private island destination in The Bahamas, Perfect Day at CocoCay , the first in the Perfect Day Island Collection. Royal Caribbean has also been voted “Best Cruise Line Overall” for 20 consecutive years in the Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards.

Media can stay up to date by following @RoyalCaribPR on X and visiting . For additional information or to make reservations, vacationers can call their travel advisor; visit; or call (800) ROYAL-CARIBBEAN.

Related Videos

Anthem of the Seas Overview B-roll

Overview b-roll footage of Royal Caribbean's innovative Anthem of the Seas.  The game-changing thrills guests have in store on board the award-winning Quantum Class ship include the RipCord by iFly sky diving experience, the signature FlowRider surf simulator, North Star, the all-glass observation capsule that extends 300 feet (91 meters) above sea level; indoor and outdoor pools; and SeaPlex, the largest indoor activity space at sea. With show-stopping entertainment, dedicated spaces for kids and teens, a variety of restaurants serving up a world of flavors and more, Anthem is the ideal getaway for travelers of all ages.

Anthem of the Seas FlowRider B-roll

Related Images

Anthem of the Seas offers a lineup of thrilling experiences. From the RipCord by iFly sky diving experience to the North Star glass observation capsule that takes vacationers more than 300 feet above the ocean, to robust culinary experiences and the Bionic Bar robot bartenders, there are adventures for guests of all ages.

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By the Numbers: Anthem of the Seas

By the numbers: Quantum of the Seas

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Dive Into Thrills—On and Off the Ship—in Alaska

The Best Animal Sightings on Alaska’s Inside Passage

The Points Guy

The Points Guy

6 best Alaska cruises for families

Posted: October 19, 2023 | Last updated: October 19, 2023

Families have great choices when sailing up north, including a ship full of Disney characters, one with laser tag and a go-kart race track and many with expansive play spaces for kids, waterslides and family-focused onboard activities. Look for bigger ships with plenty of amusements; smaller and older ships might not have as many kid-friendly attractions.

I’m not mentioning luxury cruise ships here because they are geared for adults, but families looking for a more upscale, smaller-ship cruise to Alaska should know that many high-end lines will put on some kid programming during summer-break cruises to Alaska with a higher-than-usual number of children on board.

For cruise news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG’s cruise newsletter .

If you’re ready to cross Alaska off your bucket list, here are our recommendations for the best Alaska cruises for families.

7-night Alaska Adventure cruise on Quantum of the Seas

The 4,180-passenger Quantum of the Seas is not one of Royal Caribbean ’s largest-in-the-world Oasis Class ships that boast zip lines, ice skating rinks and AquaTheaters. But it still offers a great mix of activities, including a skydiving simulator, high-tech theater with robotic “dancing” screens, an escape room, indoor basketball court/bumper car pavilion and dedicated spaces for both kids and adults.

Kids can gobble up hot dogs and pizza at themed eateries, while adults can enjoy date night at Wonderland with its imaginative molecular gastronomy or Jamie’s Italian, created by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Seven-night Alaska cruises sail round-trip from the easily accessible port of Seattle and visit Sitka, Skagway and Juneau, Alaska; as well as Victoria, British Columbia. One day is spent cruising through the scenic Endicott Arm to Dawes Glacier. Sailings depart between late April and September.

Related: Alaska cruise packing list: What to pack for a sailing up north

7-night Alaska cruise on Disney Wonder

Disney Cruise Line ‘s 1,754-passenger Disney Wonder (which can carry 2,713 guests when completely full) is the perfect size ship for a family cruise to Alaska. It’s smaller than many of the megaships catering to families in this part of the world, so guests can view glaciers and enjoy shore excursions without feeling too crowded.

The ship is full of Disney magic — photo ops with Mickey and friends and Disney princesses, restaurants themed to “The Little Mermaid” and “The Princess and the Frog” and a musical stage show of “Frozen.”

Cabins are thoughtfully designed for families, with plentiful bunkbeds and split bathrooms so two people can get ready for bed at once. Waiters assist with cutting up food for little cruisers or bringing pureed baby food, and the imaginative kids clubs keep little ones happily occupied when you’re not exploring in port.

Disney Wonder’s weeklong Alaska cruises sail round-trip from Vancouver, so all Americans, even kids, will need passports to fly in to the departure port. The ship visits Juneau, Ketchikan and either Skagway or Icy Strait Point, with glacier viewing at the Stikine Icecap. Seasonal sailings run May to September.

Related: Alaska cruise guide: Best itineraries, planning tips and things to do

7-night Alaska cruise on Carnival Spirit

Carnival Cruise Line ’s Alaska cruises aboard the 2,124-guest Carnival Spirit might not be the cheapest sailings the line offers, but you get a lot for your money. Families will appreciate not having to pay extra for kid-friendly eats at the onboard pizzeria, Mexican outlet, Guy Fieri’s burger joint and all-day soft serve ice cream station. Comedy shows (both family-friendly and adults-only), an onboard water park, mini-golf and kid, tween and teen clubs are also included in the fare.

Cabins are no-frills but tend to be roomier than comparable cabins on competitors’ ships. Many rooms sleep four, but connecting cabins will get you more space and an extra bathroom while still keeping the family together.

Carnival Spirit spends summers in Alaska from late April to mid-September. It sails round-trip from Seattle and visits Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan and Victoria, BC, with scenic cruising in Tracy Arm Fjord.

Related: Best time to cruise Alaska

7-night Glacier Bay cruise on Norwegian Encore

Norwegian Cruise Line offers one of the longest cruise seasons in Alaska, and Norwegian Encore is based in the region from April through October each year. This might not help the typical family, but if your kids are young, you homeschool or have atypical breaks, a shoulder-season deal might be waiting for you.

The 3,998-passenger ship is NCL’s biggest, and families will be amazed at how much there is to do on board (though be prepared to pull out your credit card for the best activities). The ship features a laser tag arena, go-kart race track, virtual reality pavilion and water park.

Norwegian is also known for its entertainment, and after a day hiking on glaciers or chowing down at salmon bakes, you can take in the spectacular “Choir of Man,” sing along to the Beatles tribute show at The Cavern Club, or laugh yourself silly at The Social Comedy Club.

Like many of the best Alaska cruises for families, Norwegian Encore sails round-trip from Seattle, stopping in Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Victoria. The standout day on this itinerary is scenic cruising in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve , which only a limited number of ships can visit each year. Save more by taking advantage of Free at Sea perks , which often include a free beverage package, Wi-Fi, shore excursion credit, specialty dining and — perfect for families — free third and fourth guests in each cabin.

Related: Alaska cruise mistakes you never want to make

7-night Voyage of the Glaciers cruise on Royal Princess

Families with a little more vacation time might want to tack a visit to the Alaskan interior before or after their cruise, either independently or with a cruisetour. For this, you’ll need a one-way cruise that begins or ends in an Alaskan port.

A top candidate for this kind of family vacation is a seven-night cruise on Princess Cruises ‘ Royal Princess sailing between Vancouver and Whittier, Alaska. The ship stops in Ketchikan, Juneau and either Skagway or Sitka, with scenic cruising in Glacier Bay and either College Fjord or Hubbard Glacier, depending on the itinerary.

It’s then up to you whether you spend you pre- or post-cruise time in the Kenai Fjord area, in Anchorage or traveling north to Denali National Park, Fairbanks or into the Arctic.

Royal Princess is known for its fan-favorite Alfredo’s pizza, Movies Under the Stars (when the Alaskan weather permits) and snacks and entertainment in the central Piazza. With its special North to Alaska activities, families can cuddle some adorable sled dogs on board the ship and meet Iditarod winners and other notable locals. Kids can become junior rangers with the help of the park rangers who come aboard the ship in Glacier Bay.

7-night Kids in Nature cruise on Wilderness Legacy

Suppose your family isn’t into the big-ship lifestyle and wants a small-ship, off-the-beaten-path experience that’s also geared toward families with kids and teens? In that case, the best family cruise to Alaska for you might be the “Kids in Nature” departures of UnCruise Adventures ’ 86-passenger Wilderness Legacy.

The ship sails round-trip from Juneau on “Glaciers & Wildlife” itineraries. These seven-night cruises include hiking and biking on Chichagof Island, daytime and evening kayak and skift tours in places like Patterson Bay and Robert and Crow Islands, exploring Glacier Bay’s less-visited “Outback” and visits to the LeConte and Baird Glaciers.

On three departure dates in June and July 2024, the Wilderness Legacy will staff up with “Kid Wranglers” who will lead the kid-focused activities. The minimum age to sail is 8 years old, but plenty of tweens and teens join the fun as well.

Bottom line

You no longer have to wait until you’re retired to explore Alaska. Take the kids on a weeklong exploration of the 49th State, and you’ll have plenty of cruise ships and itineraries to choose from. The best Alaska cruises for families combine action-packed itineraries with vessels designed for family fun, but we’re sure your family can find a way to have a great time up north no matter which cruise ship you choose.

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  • The ultimate guide to choosing a cruise ship cabin

SPONSORED:  With states reopening, enjoying a meal from a restaurant no longer just means curbside pickup.

And when you do spend on dining, you should use a credit card that will maximize your rewards and potentially even score special discounts. Thanks to temporary card bonuses and changes due to coronavirus, you may even be able to score a meal at your favorite restaurant for free. 

These are the best credit cards for dining out, taking out, and ordering in to maximize every meal purchase.

Editorial Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

6 best Alaska cruises for families

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Norwegian Escape

2024 Cruises From Seattle: See Glaciers in Alaska

Norwegian Encore near downtown Seattle

With the year just beginning, it's time to start thinking about booking a cruise vacation for 2024. This can be the perfect way to unwind and explore new places, all while traveling in style and comfort with Norwegian Cruise Line. One of Norwegian's ports that offers a variety of exciting cruise options is Seattle, Washington , located in America's Pacific Northwest. Here's some awesome stuff to know about cruises you can take with Norwegian from Seattle in 2024.

Ready to start planning? Explore all 2024 Seattle cruises .

Norwegian Bliss, Ketchikan, Alaska

Explore Alaska in 2024

It's no secret that Alaska is home to some of the most spectacular views in the world. With Norwegian, you can explore some of the state's most breathtaking destinations, including glaciers, mountains, and bodies of water. There are also plenty of shore excursions to enjoy once you get off the ship, such as the Alaska Bears & Silver Bay Homestead experience and the Whale Watching & Seafood Fest. Norwegian offers cruises during various months throughout 2024, so you can cruise to Alaska for a summer or winter getaway.

Heaps of options are available, so you can be sure to find a cruise that fits your schedule. Here are a few of the ports you might check out when taking an Alaskan cruise with Norwegian in 2024:

  • Juneau, Alaska.
  • Skagway, Alaska.
  • Haines, Alaska.
  • Hubbard Glacier.
  • Icy Strait Point.
  • Sitka, Alaska.
  • Ketchikan (Ward Cove).
  • Victoria, British Columbia.

RELATED CRUISES: 7-Day Alaska Cruise: Glacier Bay, Skagway & Juneau 7-Day Alaska Cruise: Dawes Glacier, Juneau & Ketchikan 10-Day Alaska Cruise: Hubbard Glacier, Skagway & Juneau

Galaxy Pavilion on Norwegian Encore

Best of Seattle Excursions

If you have time before or after your cruise and want to spend more time in Seattle, Norwegian has excursions that can keep you busy on your family vacation. You can take two exciting jaunts right in the city, both of which end at the airport, making it an easy bonus to add to the end of your cruise.

The first excursion is the Best of Seattle tour, which allows you to visit Seattle's most notable attractions. This includes visiting the Space Needle, where you can get an overhead view of Seattle. You can check out Pike Place Market, which is the oldest farmers market on the West Coast.

Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

The second tour of Seattle that Norwegian offers as an excursion is the Best of Seattle With Observatory and Airport Transfers tour. This journey takes you to the same locations as the first tour but adds the exhilarating perk of ascending to the Sky View Observatory on the Columbia Center's 73rd floor. Here, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the city and take in its splendor from above. There's no better way to see the beauty all around.

Port of Seattle Highlights

While waiting to board your cruise, you can enjoy the comfort of the Port of Seattle. All cruises depart from this port, running on Pacific Standard Time. If you're interested in visiting the famous Pike Place Market or Pioneer Square nearby, you can book an excursion and get taken directly to your destination. Buses, taxis, bicycles, and ferries are also available if you want to get around on your own.

Seattle Skyline

These are just a few of the most riveting options for cruises in 2024. As you plan, remember to subscribe to Norwegian's emails to stay informed about the latest cruise deals and special offers sent directly to your inbox.

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teens rock climbing 1920 800


The Best Cruise Vacation For Teens

How to enjoy the best cruise for teens.

By Mary Luz Mejia | Published on January 29, 2024

For families looking for an easy, carefree vacation, there's nothing like a cruise. And for parents looking for the best cruises for teens — packed with enough activities and entertainment to keep them happy while catering to family members of all ages — Royal Caribbean cruises are tough to beat.

That's especially true of Icon of the Seas ℠. With the largest waterpark at sea and other amusement park-style features, the ship is destined to become one of the best vacations for teens. Sailing seven-night eastern Caribbean and seven-night western Caribbean cruises, the itineraries each feature a stop at Royal Caribbean's private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay®, which also has its own exciting waterpark and other adrenaline-pumping experiences teens are sure to embrace. Read on for everything you need to know about Icon of the Seas , designed to offer the best cruises for teens.

Wow-Worthy Thrills

Icon of the Seas Category 6 Waterpark and Sports Court Render

If you have thrill-seeking adolescents in your family, you know that jaw-dropping attractions make fun vacations for teens. The Category 6 Waterpark onboard the ship is home to a whopping six record-breaking slides, including the Frightening Bolt, a vertical drop waterslide that's the tallest at sea. Teens can also test their courage on the Pressure Drop℠, the first open free-fall slide at sea, for some gravity-defying fun.

Have a teen who is competitive by nature? They'll head directly to Storm Chasers℠, a racing duo slide designed with mats. Even better, wrangle the whole fam together to tackle Hurricane Hunter℠ or Storm Surge℠ together. These two new raft slides are designed to thrill the whole gang.

Teens can further indulge their inner daredevil with the Crown's Edge℠ . This combination of skywalk, ropes course and thrill ride is a test of bravery — and a total rush. Staff strap riders in before they step onto the ship's walkway, where brave souls can look down at the crashing waves below while they walk along. At any time, the floor beneath might collapse and leave adventure-seekers literally hanging over the ocean!

Located near the waterpark, the ultimate rock-climbing expedition — aptly named Adrenaline Peak — awaits anyone who likes to test their limits. The impressive climbing wall offers a craggy course with breathtaking views from the top of the ship. As a bonus, climbers can choose their difficulty level. Then it's all about scaling to the peak at top speeds. With new racing lines, teens can challenge siblings, new friends...or you.

Icon of the Seas Surfside Water's Edge Render

Fun For The Whole Family

Icon of the Seas  is home to Surfside℠ , a neighborhood designed with all-day entertainment for families to ensure teenage-friendly vacations with a pool. While little ones head to the carousel, teens can make a beeline to the Arcade at Surfside for some retro-style games, a round of air hockey or some fun with the classic claw machine. And, since the best vacations for teens feature a space they can call their own, there's Social 020. This teen-only club is designed for chilling out with new friends and isn't too far from Surfside.

Teens can also round up their crew and head over to their choice of fabulous ocean-view pools . The Royal Bay℠ pool offers plenty of room for a dip as the largest pool at sea. Teens will also love the Hideaway Pool, the first suspended infinity pool at sea. With a resident DJ and waterside day beds, this pool offers the ultimate beach party vibe.

Cruises for teens would be incomplete without the all-important food factor. When they've had their fill of swimming, rock climbing and water slides and are ready to refuel, it's time to head over to Pier 7℠ . During breakfast, lunch and dinner, this restaurant offers a laidback ambiance serving family faves. Take a bite out of comforting classics or twists on tried-and-true favorites. Love brunch? You can enjoy it here all day, every day. Turn any day of the week into your family's own Taco Tuesday with surf 'n turf tacos or mango shrimp tostadas. There's also the Surfside Eatery℠, which serves a bountiful buffet of tasty choices designed to suit kids, teens and parents alike.

On tap at Surfside Bites℠ and Basecamp℠ are the sweet and savory snacks and grab-and-go lunches that appeal to kids — and adults — of all ages. Or you can pick up something refreshing at The Lemon Post℠. While this is an all-ages bar, there are two distinct menus — an adults-only menu featuring creative cocktails for the 21-and-over crowd, and one for teens and kids that offers groovy, color-changing drinks in funky souvenir cups.

If your growing kids have a serious sweet tooth, head to Desserted℠ on Thrill Island for decadent milkshakes. Towers of toppings, delightful drizzles and frosty shake mashups make for Insta-worthy photos. Boozy options are also available there for parents.

Cool Cruises For Teens Include Perfect Day At Cococay

Adventure Pool Thrill Water Park Pefect Day at CocoCay

Fun vacations for teens typically include a new adventure, and an epic day at Royal Caribbean's private destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay , hits the mark. This tropical oasis in The Bahamas offers an incredible vacation day for families with teens. Perfect Day at CocoCay has something for every teen's mood, from chill vibes on white sandy beaches beside calm turquoise water to a day racing down the waterslides at Thrill Waterpark® — including the tallest waterslide in North America.

Extroverted kids can take part in a variety of friendly sports competitions, from volleyball to soccer. Or gather the family for a quiet moment 450 feet above the ground in the Up, Up and Away helium balloon ride. Cool down with an icy drink at the swim-up bar and people-watch at the largest freshwater pool in The Bahamas. Or splurge for the day and soak up the rays in your own private overwater cabana. Whatever you do, don't forget to reapply sunblock during your day at the beach.

Icon of the Seas AquaDome Acrobatics Render

Family-Friendly Spectaculars

The best cruise for teens features awe-inspiring moments that they likely wouldn't come by on land — think world-class shows and spectacles in state-of-the-art venues. Consider the AquaDome℠ , which showcases advanced robotics and a shapeshifting waterfall. Here, AquaTheater performers display feats of agility and strength under a towering cascade of water. Or watch Olympic-style performances on ice in Absolute Zero℠ , the largest ice-skating arena in the fleet. During the shows, high-resolution digital images projected from the ceiling to the rink transform the surroundings and transport viewers into the story. Skaters, take note: While the rink is home to shows at night, during the daytime you can bundle up, strap on a set of blades and make figure eights to your heart's content.

Icon of the Seas Infinity Balcony Ocean View Render

Sweet Dreams Are Made At Sea

When you're making the most of family time, even downtime is important on a vacation.  Icon of the Seas  offers rooms designed specifically for families, featuring options to suit different fams' unique travel styles. The Family Infinite Ocean View Balcony staterooms are a great choice for teens who want their own room with a TV and personal space to unwind. With the push of a button, these staterooms allow you to transform your living space into an extended oceanscape, fresh sea breeze included! Or you can choose to upgrade to a Panoramic Suite, where floor-to-ceiling glass windows deliver the wow factor with a clear line of sight to the dazzling AquaDome. Looking for something even more extra? Consider a Sunset Corner Suite with a wraparound balcony for seemingly endless ocean views.

Other family accommodations to consider include a Surfside Family Suite, designed with a spacious split-bathroom layout plus extra room for your teen. And there's the first-ever Ultimate Family Townhouse, a decadent three-story suite that has a wraparound terrace with a hot tub, a cinema room and direct access to all the memory-making fun that Surfside offers right from your private patio. Other townhouse perks include Royal Suite Class Star status, which provides access to exclusive experiences like your family's personal Royal Genie, priority access everywhere onboard and loads more.

alaska cruise itinerary from seattle royal caribbean


Colombian-born, Canadian raised Mary Luz Mejia is a twice NATJA nominated freelance food/travel journalist, Gemini-nominated former food TV producer and Level II Certified Chocolate Taster. Her work has been published in Saveur Magazine, the Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, The Latin Kitchen, Rodale's Organic Gardening and Toronto Life to name a few. Former Saveur Editor-In-Chief James Oseland calls her "One of Toronto's most passionate food journalists" and her personal goal is to master iconic Latin American dishes, one plate at a time. And por supuesto, se habla Español!

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    Alaska cruises depart from both Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia each year, with the fleet's Quantum Class cruise ships sailing almost exclusively from Seattle. If you have an Alaska cruise booked on a Quantum Class ship next summer, here's what you need to know about cruises from the Port of Seattle. In this guide:

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    7 Night Alaska Experience Cruise on Anthem of the Seas Find your Perfect Venue Departure Dates # of Nights Destination Ship Name Meeting room capacity Any Amount Results shown are based on search criteria, not availability Start Planning Request A Quote From the massive glacial fields to the stunning scenery, everything in Alaska is breathtaking.

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    Sitka Ketchikan Haines Icy Strait Point Victoria All roundtrip sailings from Seattle must include a port stop in Victoria, British Columbia, thus visiting three ports in Alaska. One-way cruises, on the other hand, are not required to stop in Canada and have four port stops in Alaska. Related: Alaska cruise ports guide

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    To extend your Alaska vacation, Royal Caribbean's Alaska CruiseTours adds on a two- to six-night land-based tour from Seward, the start or end point for many of Royal Caribbean's weeklong north- and southbound Alaska sailings to and from Vancouver. From Seward, you head north into Alaska's wildly beautiful interior via luxury motorcoach and ...

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    09 Nov 2022 By: Matt Hochberg Are you ready to book an Alaska cruise in 2024? Royal Caribbean has released its Alaska cruises for the 2024 season. The cruise line will send four cruise ships to Alaska in 2023, matching the amount of ships it has been sending to the region in the years prior. The new sailings are posted on Royal Caribbean's website.

  19. Royal Caribbean releases new 2025 Alaska cruises to book

    Anthem of the Seas will sail from Seattle and offer 7-night Alaska cruises. Quantum of the Seas will also sail from Seattle, sailing 7-night cruises. Both ships will visit popular Alaska ports, such as Skagway, Juneau, Sitka, and Icy Strait Point. They also feature glacier viewings of Dawes Glacier, weather permitting.

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    Royal Caribbean ships depart from Pier 91, which is located around three miles from downtown Seattle. I recommend taking a Lyft or Uber to the cruise port as opposed to a hotel shuttle service, as it's easier to leave on your schedule rather than wait for a shuttle to arrive. Related: Guide to Seattle cruise port for Alaska cruises

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    7-night Alaska Adventure cruise on Quantum of the Seas. The 4,180-passenger Quantum of the Seas is not one of Royal Caribbean's largest-in-the-world Oasis Class ships that boast zip lines, ice ...

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