How to see the best of Greece in 10 days

Sep 12, 2022 • 6 min read

Milos island, Greece - June 12, 2018: Group of tourist sitting on top of the hill in Kastro to watch an amazing sunset. Kastro is the highest spot of Plaka, the capital of Milos.

Here's how to make the most of your trip to Greece in 10 days © borchee / Getty Images

You can see a lot of Greece in under two weeks and get a real feel for its history, ruins, beaches, food, late-night revelry and a few of its many iconic islands. Ferries link many of the best places to visit , and lazing away the hours on deck gazing at the passing turquoise water is an irresistible interlude to more storied sights. 

We’ve put together a detailed ten-day itinerary to show you the best Greece has to offer. Don’t have that much time available? Never fear – you can also curate your ideal locations from our picks to plan a blissful long weekend.

People dining outside on the stairs in the Plaka district of Athens

Day 1: start in Athens, the nation’s cradle

Don’t delay; climb the hill in the center of Athens to the magnificent Acropolis . Descending back into the land of mortals, wander the ancient Agora neighborhood before joining the merry mobs hopping from one taverna to another in the  Plaka  district . For extra credit, pause at some point at the extraordinary Acropolis Museum .

Go from Athens to Mykonos: Catch one of the many ferries that make the run from Piraeus , the main port of Athens, to Mykonos. The fast times are on speedy hydrofoils, while the slower runs are on traditional boats, with their broad and sunny decks.

How to get around Greece

Day 2: sail the Aegean to Mykonos

Burn off your pre-trip stress on the island of Mykonos . One of Europe’s fabled party destinations (St Tropez and Ibiza are rivals), this small island has just enough to keep you occupied by day. Explore the maze of covered lanes, boutiques and flower-bedecked cafes in the old town of Hora . Head to nearby beaches for your first dip in the ever-blue Aegean. But save some energy for well after dark when the notorious clubs like to party until dawn – or later.

Go from Mykonos to Delos: Boats to Delos make the run in a quick 30 minutes starting in the morning. 

ruins of classical greek architecture carved in marble on the island of delos near mykonos in greece

Day 3: walk with the ancient Greeks in Delos

Fight off any after-effects of the night before and catch a morning boat to Delos , the mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The entire island is a sacred shrine – ruins stretch across the sunbaked landscape. Let your imagination run wild as you reconstruct this once magnificent center in your mind. Make the quick return to Mykonos by boat and cool off at a beach. Then get lost in Hora until you stumble upon the perfect seafood dinner.

Go from Mykonos to Paros: Several ferries a day make the run in about one hour.

Marina and harbor on the Greek Island of Paros

Day 4: relax on Paros

Something of a ferry hub for the Cyclades, Paros – the group of islands that in many ways defines Greece – literally has something for everyone. Flower-draped tavernas in the port town of Parikia make great post-ferry lunch spots.

Get a rental car and drive the circumference of the island. This can be an all-day adventure and includes plenty of beach access along the east coast. The island is also noted for its produce – especially the tomatoes – so enjoy something delicious in the oh-so-cute mountain village of Lefkes or the locally popular beachside town of Aliki.

Go from Paros to Antiparos: Car ferries link the adjoining islands in under 15 minutes.

Day 5: slow down on Antiparos

Almost touching its much larger neighbor, the diminutive island of Antiparos really is the anti-Paros. Parts of the island qualify as sleepy, and there’s an unhurried vibe across its narrow, windy roads. Take the quick boat ride to Despotiko, a restored ancient sanctuary, then enjoy a seafood feast in Agios Georgios at a waterfront taverna. If you’re feeling sporty, join the windsurfers taking advantage of some of the most reliable winds in Greece.

Go from Paros to Santorini: Ferries take 2–3 hours.

Overhead shot of donkeys climbing a set of stairs on Santorini island, Greece

Day 6: join the throngs on Santorini

With its polychromatic cliffs soaring above its drowned caldera, Santorini  is the definition of a ‘Greek island’ for many. Steep and narrow lanes are lined with brilliantly whitewashed houses topped with cerulean domes. Beaches dot the curving coast, and gentle hiking paths follow the island’s spine, offering sweeping views. Sunsets are mesmerizing. Take in the spectacle from tiny hillside Oia , which offers a choice of tavernas serving deeply traditional Greek fare (expect grilled meats, creamy tzatziki and more).

Go from Santorini to Crete: There’s usually one speedy ferry daily, making the two-hour run to Iraklio in Crete.

Day 7: get lost in Greece’s best palace at Knossos

The island of Crete is so big that it almost feels like its own country. The main city of Iraklio is best enjoyed for a quick lunch in a café and as a place to secure a rental car. Then charge south for barely 20 minutes to one of the top ancient sites in a nation of ancient sites. The Palace of Knossos was built by the Minoans and is a vast and somewhat restored ruin that can easily absorb half a day or more. If you have time to take a tour, there are more than a dozen wineries nearby that make the excellent local wines you’ll enjoy with every meal.

Go from Iraklio to Hania: Rental car prices on Crete are competitive, and distances are manageable. The run between the island’s two main cities takes only two hours, although endless stops and diversions to admire incredible views can greatly extend that .

Day 8: revel in the stunning beauty of Crete

Crete’s second city of Hania is really the island’s first city in the hearts of those in the know. The old town and harbor combine the legacies of the Minoans, the ancient Greeks, the Venetians and countless other influences from occupiers and others who just happened to sail by. The food here is extraordinary, and the chefs put Crete’s fabled produce to remarkable use. Two excellent detours are the absorbing ancient port town of Rethymno and the grand and glittery Orthodox churches in the hills, such as Moni Arkadiou .

Go from Hania to Elafonisi: Driving direct will take about two hours, but, as always, detours and myriad excuses to pause and enjoy the scenery will extend that greatly.

Two blonde women are walking on the beach in Crete. They look happy and carefree in the sun, holding cameras.

Day 9: hit the beaches of Crete

The Samaria Gorge is the most famous of southern Crete’s many gorge walks, which start high in the craggy hills and follow often-lush, stream-fed canyons down to little villages and beaches. If the crowds at Samaria are daunting, consider the Agia Irini Gorge instead. Finish your day at sublime Elafonisi Beach , where the sand has a pinkish hue in a certain light, and the swimming is superb.

Go from Hania to Athens: Frequent flights to Athens take under an hour from Crete’s second-largest airport.

Day 10: stroll around Athens

The Acropolis is never far from view as you stroll the compact and endlessly fascinating center of Athens. Catch the changing of the guard at the center of government (and Athens) in Syntagma Square . Choose from sights such as the antiquity-stuffed Benaki Museum , the lush National Gardens , the ornate Hadrian’s Arch and the grandiose Temple of Olympian Zeus .

Finish your time in Greece with a languid session in the upscale neighborhood of Kolonaki and cafe-lined Plateia Kolonakiou.

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10 Days in Greece: The Ultimate Greece Itinerary Guide

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FYI: Affiliate links may be sprinkled throughout the awesome, free content you see below. I’ll receive a small commission when you purchase from my links (at no extra cost to you), which I’ll totally blow on adult things like boba tea and avocado toast. As always, thanks for the support.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below!

AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

We chose Greece as our honeymoon destination (it was a close call against Bora Bora which we thankfully made it to the year after), and couldn’t have picked a better country! Since then, we’ve visited Greece a few more times, and honestly can’t wait to head back for more island hopping.

From the turquoise Mediterranean Sea to all the olives and feta you can eat (ooooh the feta), it’s never a bad idea to visit this little slice of paradise.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

This 10 day Greece itinerary is broken up into different parts and will show you the best of both worlds; a few highlights on the mainland and then about a week or so of island hopping!

You’ll see archeological sites in Athens and Delphi , ancient monasteries in Meteora , jaw-dropping caldera views in Santorini (plus those iconic blue domes in Oia ), and those famous windmills and boisterous nightlife (should you choose to take part) in Mykonos . Planning a trip to Greece will never be easier!

Psst – many people head straight to the islands when visiting Greece, but I highly recommend venturing a bit north to Delphi and Meteora. Yes, while the islands are downright stunning, seeing other parts of the country are valuable as well. Variety is the spice of life, especially on a trip to Greece!

But first, a pre-travel guide to Greece to learn a bit about the country and what to expect when you’re there.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide


  • Delphi + Meteora
  • Cyclades Islands (Santorini and Mykonos)
  • Extra Islands: Crete, Ios, Milos, or Hydra

This itinerary starts in Athens (which is where most international travelers arrive in the country), heads up north to Delphi and Meteora , and then continues even further south to the stunning and ever-so-popular Greek Islands of Santorini and Mykonos (with possible additions of Crete , Ios, Milos , or Hydra to round out a complete 2 week Greece itinerary).

You’ll find tons of options for getting around Greece – a mixture of buses, ferries, and flights, which I’ll explain in more detail as this itinerary progresses.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

Important Info for this Greece Itinerary

When to spend 10 days in greece:.

The short answer: The shoulder seasons of May and September. Everything is open (and the weather is pleasant) but the hordes of tourists have either not yet arrived (May) or have just all gone home (September).

The longer answer: While many visitors to the country choose to come in the summer months, know that it’ll be ridiculously crowded, most likely scorching hot (heat waves of 100°F/40°C are not uncommon in July/August), and you’ll pay much more for accommodation than during the off-season.

But if summer’s the only time you can go, don’t fret- the waters are at their warmest (so plan some time for swimming), nightlife really kicks off this time of year, and everything will be open and ready for business. Take tons of sunscreen and a hat, understand you’ll be sweaty more than half the time, and you’ll be good to go.

9 day trip to greece

Visiting in the off-off season (November to early-April) is a whole other story, especially if you’ve got your heart set on visiting the islands. Hotels, many restaurants, and most shops are closed during these times, so you may find that there’s really not tons to do on the islands in the winter months.

Your call, but I’d opt out of visiting Greece during this season. Stick to late-April to early-October and I’d say you’re golden.

And thankfully, if that just makes you even more confused, I have a full article on when to visit Greece , including all the festivals, weathers, and crowds.


I swear by Skyscanner and Google Flights and almost alllways find the cheapest possible flights on one of those sites. The option to watch prices and get email notifications are top notch and one of my favorite features of the two.

Always check budget airlines that may not be listed, especially if you are coming from other areas in Europe with much shorter flight times. A great list of budget airlines can be found here .

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

You can typically find airfare from New York to Athens for roughly $8-900, although costs will vary wildly depending on season and if you’re traveling over a holiday period.

I’ve seen flights as low as $~650 in the off season months and during flight seat sales (just gotta get lucky!). Expect to pay $200ish more if you’re coming from the West Coast.

Most international flights arrive in Athens, although you may have difficulty finding non-stop flights to Greece if you’re coming from the States.

If you’d like, you can take advantage of this by extending your layover and checking out another country! Just depends on your preferences – but just know that once you get to Europe, it’s fairly inexpensive (within reason) to get around to neighboring countries.

Once you’re in Europe, check out low-cost airlines like Aegean and EasyJet in order to make it to Greece (but be sure to take into account those pesky bag fees before making your ultimate decision on a budget airline!)

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!


Greece, like many other parts of Europe, uses the Euro, with the exchange rate being approximately 1euro = $1.05USD (at time of this publication, June 2022). I recommend using a currency converter (such as XE Currency on your cell phone or a currency converter on the web) to get the most up to date currency exchanges for all forms of currency.

Note that Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted cards in Greece, and your beloved American Express may in fact get rejected at most places. If you’re planning to visit towns in the countryside (and not on the typical tourist track), you’ll want to keep some cash on you at all times.

Top tips for visiting the beautiful Delphi, Greece! So much history here!

How to get the best exchange rate: I always suggest you take out local currency at ATMS upon arrival and never ever through an exchange desk or beforehand in your home country. ATMs provide the best exchange rate, always. I always take out cash at an ATM at the airport upon arrival in the new country I’m visiting.

Health and Safety:

You can drink the water in Athens (and other large towns), however you should stick to bottled water on the islands (including Mykonos and Santorini) and in smaller towns (should you be visiting any of those).

It’s not to say that the water on the islands/small towns will 100% make you sick, but if you have a weaker stomach, bottled water is recommended. Feel free to ask locals for their advice, but I’d rather drink bottled and not ruin my trip over a few dollars.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Also, while we’re at it, do your best at not flushing toilet paper in Greece. The sewage system is very narrow in diameter, and the pipes tend to get clogged quite easily. So where should you dispose of your toilet paper?  The garbage bin located next to the toilet. 🙂

Greece is a relatively safe country, but in more recent years, there’s been more reports of cars broken into, pickpockets, purse snatchings, etc. Use normal precautions to keep yourself and your family/friends safe.

Always keep your valuables at your side, don’t leave cameras, phones, or other expensive gear visible, and don’t leave any precious belongings unattended at the beach.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

I always recommend purchasing travel insurance before your trip. You never know what might happen (flight delays, lost baggage, illness), and travel insurance definitely helps with all of those unfortunate unexpectancies.

I highly recommend the company SafetyWing (which even includes pandemic coverage — something most don’t cover). We ALWAYS buy a short term plan (depending on how many weeks we’ll be away) before we leave for any trip! Even if you don’t end up using it, peace of mind is 100% worth it in my opinion. Find plan options and pricing here (and at only a few bucks a day, there’s no excuse not to!) I always say, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford your trip. It’s that easy.

Not convinced you should be using travel insurance? Check THIS out, I explain it in much more detail over there.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

No visa is required for U.S. citizens traveling to Greece as long as a valid tourist passport and proof of onward travel is in possession, and you’re traveling to the country for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. Note that your passport needs to have at least six months of remaining validity in order enter Greece.

Where to Stay:

*More info on each one below in full Greece itinerary

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Athens : Athens Gate Hotel (affordable luxury) or City Circus Athens (artsy hostel)

Santorini : Astra Suites

Mykonos : Belvedere Hotel or Cavo Tagoo


Although you will most likely have wifi at your accommodation, it’s a good idea to bring along a pocket-sized personal WiFi hotspot , to keep you connected during your time in Greece.

WiFi hotspots are a cost effective option to ensure you can use GPS apps like Google Maps, check your emails, and catch up with friends and family while away. With this portable device , you’ll have WiFi wherever you go (even if your phone doesn’t have service), unlimited internet (on up to five devices at a time!!!), and it’s fast and reliable. At less than $9 a day, this device can’t really be beat.

Note that some cell phone plans allow for international use, but many of these are costly. I accidentally turned on my phone service for LESS THAN 2 MINUTES and got charged $150 by my phone carrier! I desperately wished I had a personal WiFi hotspot with me then!

Find more information and plan options here . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially when you don’t speak the native language of the country you’re visiting. A true life saver.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

A (few) Notes on Ferries:

You’ll undoubtedly need to take a few ferries if you’re planning a trip to Greece which includes some island hopping (which yes, of course you should be).

The ferries can be a bit tricky to those who’ve never taken them before (those schedules and port names are all kinds of annoying), so I’ve made a list of things I wish I’d known before visiting Greece the first time. And you betcha I was as anxious as ever about missing my scheduled ferries (it was also 7 years ago before I started traveling like a mad woman).

→ We like to use  to search and book our ferry tickets in Greece. The site shows all the schedules (direct and those with connections), prices, timing, and more. Those Greek ferry websites can be so confusing and clunky (especially if you don’t know Greek)! Thankfully,  Ferry Hopper  makes it super easy; it’s what we use each and every time and we’ve never had an issue. Always opt for a direct ferry if at all possible (like I said, the ferries are super chaotic – a connection is the last thing you want).

  • 1. I like to have our travel schedule all planned out before initial take off, which makes it much less stressful once we arrive in our destination.
  • 2. We were traveling during peak season and didn’t want to possibly have our preferred ferry of choice sell out.
  • 3. We wanted to ensure that we could travel on the fast ferries, ultimately getting to the islands faster and spending more time on the beach.
  • There are a ton of different ferry companies, each with their own schedule, pricing, and ferry options, but Blue Star ferries and Hellenic Seaways are known to be the most popular. We bought high-speed ferry tickets prior to putting our Greece itinerary to work. (High-speed ferries will cost you the most, but will save you ample time and are the least likely to be choppy).  


  • Many of the ports are not named what you’d initially think. For example, the port in Athens is not just named “Athens”, but Piraeus, and the Santorini port is entitled Thira. If you’re not following my itinerary and choosing to head to different islands, make sure you do research in advance so you know which ferry route to book. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you can’t find Athens as a departure port on the ferry website when searching for it. Just use Ferry Hopper — they make it super easy for you.
  • Not all islands are interconnected via direct ferries, especially during the off season. Because of this, you may need to fly from Athens or between islands.

And now what you’ve been waiting for, a perfectly planned out 10 days in Greece (which you can easily extend for the ultimate 2 week Greece itinerary as well).

In a nutshell: Athens (1 day) → Delphi (1 day) → Meteora (1 day) → Santorini (3 days) → Mykonos (3 days) → OPTIONAL additional island (3 days) → Athens (for departure)

Day 1: Athens

Everyone always says that Athens isn’t worthy of much time when visiting Greece, but I beg to differ. I spent a full 3 days in the city a few summer’s back, and never found myself bored (let’s face it – I was the girl stuffing her face with loukoumades and blocks of feta like there was no tomorrow #noshamehere).

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

It’s true, Athens is most definitely on the grittier side of Greece, but the history alone is staggering and the food is to die for. And plus, you’ll appreciate those luxurious islands (later on in the itinerary) if you see how the country actually runs and operates.

HOWEVER, if you’ve only got 10 days allotted for your Greece travel itinerary, it’s best to keep your time in Athens to a minimum. And don’tchu worry, you can fulfill all your ancient-marbled fantasies with just one (long and tiring) day in Athens. Luckily the sun sets quite late in the summer months (8:30ish or so), so you can really get a lot in with only one day.

Read Next: 2 days in Athens (a super complete itinerary!)

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

Choose from plenty of these popular highlights below:

  • Acropolis : don’t miss the Parthenon (obviously), the Propylaea (gateway to the Acropolis), the Theatre of Herod Atticus, Temple of Athena Nike, and the Erechtheion. In order to save some time (and avoid waiting an hour+ in the hot sun for admission), I HIGHLY recommend getting a skip-the-line ticket to the Acropolis in advance before your trip. If you’ve only got a day (or two), why waste it on line? And if you wanna beat the crowds, consider getting there as early as 8:30am, when this tour (tickets excluded, just FYI) starts.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

  • The New Acropolis Museum (you can also book a combo Acropolis and Acropolis Museum guided tour if you want to keep it all easy-peasy and ensure you don’t miss any of the super important stuff). And if you totally want to cram it all in and are getting into Greece this morning, you can book an afternoon tour of the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum (skip-the-line of course as well).

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

  • The Plaka : Being the historic center of Athens, filled with winding alleys, steep staircases, and tons of cafes and restaurants, you’d be a fool to miss this picturesque neighborhood. And plus, it’s a wonderful place for some lunch: grab some gyros, chocolate covered coconut sticks, loukoumades, and call it a day. Up for a bit of shopping? Stroll around the streets of Adrianou and Kydathineon, full of boutiques, art galleries, and color.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

  • Syntagma Square : Being the epicenter of modern Athens, Syntagma Square is complete with the political center and transportation hub, and is an all around fantastic place to people watch (any time of day). Catch the changing of the guards at the top of every hour.
  • Monastiraki : strolling along the Ermou (a famous pedestrian shopping street) and wandering around Monastiraki market surely makes for a great afternoon.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

  • Search for Anafiotika: Craving the islands already? Well, this is as close as you’ll feel until we actually get there! Anafiotika is a neighborhood hidden against the slopes of the Acropolis, and it’s actually pretty easy if you know where to look. To find it, head up Erechtheos Street, (towards Pritania Street), make a right and across from Metochi Panagio Tafou (a church) start heading up hill. And all those little cul-de-sacs and private-property looking-esque twisty staircases – that’s Anafiotika!
  • Watch the sunset from Mount Lycabettus : if you’d rather get your heart pumping and go on a little hike (for unparalleled views of the whole city), skip some afternoon wandering and head on up to Mount Lycabettus instead! Just depends on your interests!
  • Athens by Night via Segway : if you arrived into Athens this morning or just have a thing for segways, consider signing up for a segway tour of the city ! In just a few hours you’ll see ancient monuments and modern landmarks, illuminated after dark, and discover hip neighborhoods that are at the heart of Athens’ nightlife. Sounds like a decent night out to me.
  • Wander Psirri neighborhood : bars and DJs, tavernas, meze and live music, you name it, it’s one hell of a good time. Pittaki street, the areas famous alley, is decorated with lamps and artifacts donated by citizens to give new life and light to the neighborhood. It’s really something special when you sit down and think about it.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

  • Night food tour (plus wine!) : Looking for an expert foodie guide to help decide what’s for dinner?! Sign up here → enjoy stunning views, visit hidden bars and family taverns, and learn the culinary traditions of Greece. Oh, and of course stuff your face with tons of mezes and wines.
  • E-bike Tour: Want even more sightseeing?! If all you’ve got is a day you may as well make the most of it! So hop on that bike (it’s electric!) and experience the city sans crowds! On the tour you’ll get dramatic views of the Acropolis from the Hill of Nymphs, cycle the picturesque streets of Plaka, and listen to the street musicians.

***Note that you’ll most likely have a few hours in Athens on your last day in Greece (dependent on the timing of your flight home of course), so you can leave some of these activities until then.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

A few notes on Athens:

  • Athens is easily explored on foot, so be sure to wear extra comfy shoes today! If walking’s not your jam (that intense heat in summer is no joke), there’s a hop-on hop-off bus that will take you to the highlights within the city, including the nearby beaches as well.
  • You may want to consider purchasing the Athens City Pass ahead of time if you have at least 2 days in the city, as it will provide skip the line tickets to the Acropolis Museum, free admission to Athens’ top museums and major sites, and numerous discounts on shopping, gastronomy, and entertainment.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

  • Get the skip-the-line ticket to the Acropolis in advance before your trip. What would you rather do? Sweat in the blazing sun waiting for a ticket or having a leisurely lunch later on at a cute cafe complete with gyros and feta? No brainer, right?
  • I’d also recommend taking a guided tour ( this tour comes with a skip-the-line ticket as well ) to really get a feel for ancient Greece. If you’re not a major history buff and haven’t spent hours reading your guidebooks, it’d be a shame to wander around the magnificence of the Acropolis with no general understanding of it’s significance. Looking back, I really wish my husband and I partook in a tour- while the marble was pretty we honestly didn’t really get exactly what we were staring at.

If you have an extra day or so, definitely consider checking out the three-island tour from Athens (link is my review and experience) which travels by boat to Hydra, Poros, and Aegina (all wildly beautiful). Might as well start that Greek island hopping right away (after you see the main highlights of Athens that is…)!

Where to Sleep: Athens Gate Hotel

We chose to stay at the Athens Gate Hotel which is located in the center of the city, opposite the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and offers panoramic views from it’s rooftop restaurant. The breakfast spread overlooking the Acropolis in the distance was the perfect way to start each morning in Athens.

If you’re looking for an upscale hotel with Acropolis views (that won’t break the bank), Athens Gate is your place.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

When I visited Athens solo for a few days on a different trip, I stayed at City Circus Athens , which was quite frankly one of the raddest hostels I’ve ever booked (and I’ve stayed at my fair share of hostels). Located in the artsy neighborhood of Psirri, there was wacky street art all around and I loved wandering down the alleyways in search of cool findings. Plus, the location was great, only steps from the Monastiraki Metro.

Day 2: Delphi

Next up on this 10 day Greece itinerary, the ancient ruins of Delphi !

Top tips for visiting the beautiful Delphi, Greece! A great day trip from Athens! So much history here!

Delphi is the 3rd most visited archaeological site in all of Greece, and an especially popular day trip from Athens! I mean, it was regarded as the center of the Earth during ancient Greek times, so i guess it’s kiiiiinda important. 😉

If you’re a history buff (or just wanna see it all and do it all during your 10 days in Greece like me), you’ll want to make sure you schedule a trip to Delphi into your itinerary. From the moment I got picked up for my tour to the minute I arrived back in Athens, I soaked in as much history as my (summer-crazed) brain could handle.

And thankfully, this place is just full of it – the history of Delphi is older than old, dating back to ancient Greece, 510-323 BC. Whoaaaa. Talk about crazy and a hell of a long time ago. Book tour to Delphi here.

Top tips for visiting the beautiful Delphi, Greece! So much history here!

When visiting, make sure you don’t miss the pillars of the Sacred Way, The Temple of Apollo (the most popular site in these parts), the Treasury of the Athenians (which still stands in its entirety today), and the impressive Delphi theatre.

Be sure to wear extra comfy shoes and take plenttyyyy of water (especially if you’re visiting in summer – it’s hotter than hot!), as you’ll be walking uphill for most of the day while exploring.

Top tips for visiting the beautiful Delphi, Greece! So much history here!

How to get here: Note that it’s possible to drive yourself, but considering it’s a 2.5 hour drive into a fairly remote part of Greece (each way), you may want to consider hopping on a private or group tour.

This tour not only includes tickets to the main archeological site of Delphi, but includes entrance to the highly sought after Delphi Museum as well, complete with impressive artifacts and stunning scenery.

Additional tours to Delphi to look into:

Local buses from Athens also frequent Delphi, but note that if you’re visiting in summer, book way ahead of time as they fill up quite quickly.

Wanna just take the easy way out (like I did – no shame)? Just book yourself on a tour; they’re not super expensive, and you’ll get your driving, navigating and narrating all things Greek history and mythology done for you in one swoop.

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Top tips for visiting the beautiful Delphi, Greece! A great day trip from Athens! So much history here!

But wait, before you book just any old tour, decide if you want to travel even further north to Meteora (more details below), as Delphi is on the way. It’d be plain silly to come back to Athens just to head north again the following day (and day trips to Meteora aren’t really a thing anyways). I took a 2-day tour extremelyyy similar to this one , and it saved me a ton of logistical headaches.

Where to Sleep: Kalampaka , the small city under the towering rocks of Meteora (or Athens if you’ve decided not to visit Meteora)

Note that accommodation is usualllyyyy included on tours from Athens to both Delphi and Meteora since an overnight is necessary. If you’re booking yourself on this tour to both Delphi and Meteora , your hotel stay is part of your tour fee.

And don’t worry, the tour isn’t as pricey as you probably think (around $200), especially considering it includes transportation to both sites, hotel accommodations, and a few meals. You’ll definitely pay more taking 2 separate day trips from Athens, in addition to an extra night in Athens. The 2-day tour is the way to go if you wanna see it all (like me).

Day 3: Meteora

Meteora . Wow. What can I say? Spiritual, inspiring, magical, breathtaking, mystical, immense, and impressive. There really are no words to truly capture the effect the Meteora monasteries have on its visitors. This majestic spot in Central Greece is surely unlike any area I’ve ever seen. And lucky you, it’s up next on this Greece travel itinerary!

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

After spending the previous afternoon exploring the ancient ruins of Delphi , head off to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meteora. And if you’ve booked the combo tour I gushed about on Day 2, your comfy chariot bus will transport you right to the base of Meteora before you can even finish your feta and tomato salad.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Since getting from Delphi to the Meteora monasteries is known to be difficult on one’s own (there is literally no public transportation between the two), I opted for an organized tour originating in Athens .  It really couldn’t have been more convenient, and I’m glad I made the most out of my limited time in Greece. #timesaver that’s for sure, and our guide was such a fun character to hang with!

During your day in Meteora you’ll gawk at unique rock formations (formed by numerous earthquakes and floods), visit a few monasteries, and possibly even witness some praying monks (pleaseeee be respectful and quiet if you do encounter any).

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Back in the day there used to be 24 monasteries, but only six remain today, and all six are open to visitors throughout the year! Do note that each monastery is closed one day of the week to give the monks compete respect and privacy when praying.

Be sure to bring your camera –  the landscapes were truly remarkable, and I had an exceptionally difficult time putting my camera down. Again, like in Delphi, be sure to wear comfortable footwear as you’ll need to climb a whole lotta steps to visit certain monasteries (they’re built on those towering rock formations, afterall).

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

It’s hard to remember that a visit to the Meteora monasteries is more than exquisite landscapes and overwhelming rock formations.  The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meteora is a holy place for all Christians around the world, and many make the far pilgrimage to the area to visit and pray.

However, visit the Meteora monasteries even if you are not deeply religious.  You’ll find yourself super inspired regardless of your religion or lack thereof. I was- that’s a fact.  And I was pleasantly surprised by how much we were able to see with just one day hanging around!

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Before you visit any of the monasteries, please understand the dress code.  You will be required to cover your shoulders and knees out of respect when entering the monasteries.  If you do not have proper coverings, you’ll be provided with them at each entrance free of charge (which I appreciated and took advantage of).

Summer is hot hot hot in Meteora, so I was glad I wear appropriate summer attire and opted to use the provided coverings.


If you want to visit Meteora (like I did and highly recommend), THIS is the tour to book. First you’ll do a deep dive into the history of Delphi and all it’s impressiveness (day 2 of this itinerary I’ve planned out for us), then you’ll head to the stunning rock formations and historic monasteries of Meteora.

Like mentioned earlier, there’s no public transport between Delphi and Meteora, so if you want to visit both, an organized tour is the way to go.

IF your Greece itinerary only allows for either Delphi or Meteora (what a shame), and you’re looking to head to Meteora, there’s trains that run straight from Athens to Meteora. I suggest booking a tour to Meteora which will ensure the timing of the day runs smoothly and you don’t have any logical hiccups.

The end of the day will be spent traveling back to Athens. Yes, it’s a long drive, but those monasteries in Meteora are worth it, for sure.

Where to Sleep: Athens

Day 4: Arrival in Santorini

And just like that, off to Santorini we go!

No matter how you get there, Santorini is the definition of paradise . Easily. And even with these 3 short days in sunny Santorini, you can still fulfill all your idyllic whitewashed Greek Island fantasies in a short amount of time.

SPANAKOPITA. SAPPHIRE AEGEAN WATERS. CANDY COLORED HOUSES. GLEAMING WHITE BUILDINGS. THOSE ICONIC BLUE DOMES IN OIA. Oh, just a few things that make up the wonderful-ness that is Santorini. I’ve been back twice and it’s still that place I find myself dreaming about time and time again (yes, it’s that perfect).

9 day trip to greece

Santorini is an island that has it all – hypnotic sunsets, volcanoes rising out of the blue Aegean Sea, cave house accommodations, and of course those stereotypical (but equally as beautiful) blue-domed churches amidst whitewashed stone buildings.

Getting to Santorini from Athens

We opted for an early morning flight, but you’ve got a few different options when it comes to getting yourself from Athens to this stunning white-washed island.

Nonstop flights to Santorini (from Athens) take approximately 45 minutes, while ferries vary in duration between 4 and a half and 7 and a half hours (depending on the ferry type). It’s really up to you, but I highly recommend flying.

You’ll only need to purchase a one way flight from Athens to Santorini, which will most likely be under $50 if you book far enough in advance on a budget airline like Ryanair.

oia santorini

In addition, if you’re worried about cost, just realize that if you do decide to take a ferry (whether it be fast or slow), you’ll first need to get yourself to the port of Piraeus, which is on the opposite side of Athens from where you’ll likely be staying. Ferry frequencies are dependent on the season, with the max number per day occurring in the popular summer months.

Psst – if you’ve had your heart set on ferrying throughout the Greek island (honestly, why though?), you’ll get your chance in a few days.


Your first day in Santorini realllly depends how much time you’ve got left in the day after you arrive and get settled into your hotel (or drop your bags off).

If you take an early morning flight, you can definitely squeeze in a wine tour around the island . And what better way to get introduced to Santorini then by personally taste-testing it’s wine? Hint – not much.

Santorini wines are some of the best in Greece, and this half-day wine tour takes you to three of the best wineries on the island. Not only will you sample 12 different wine styles (yes, really 12!), but you’ll be served cheese, salami, and Greek olives as well. Can you think of a better afternoon (for the record, I cannot).

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Wine’s not your thang? Whaaaat?! Consider hiking the foot path from Fira to Oia, a surefire way to see some of the Santorini’s epic views from the very beginning of your trip, while making room for some calories you’ll undoubtedly be consuming during the rest of your time in Greece.

The walk takes about three hours, but the views are 100% worth it!  Be sure to take a decent amount of water with you, as the stalls are few and far between.

And in all reality, if you choose to just hang at your hotel, that’s totally fine too. Just make sure you’ve booked sweet accommodations with caldera views. That’s an absolute must (no ifs, ands, or buts).

oia santorini

Night: Sunset Dinner Catamaran Cruise

If you really wanna plan out your 10 days in Greece to the absolute max, I guessss you could technically book yourself on a sunset dinner catamaran cruise for your first night. Just know that many companies start picking guests up at 3pm, so if you couldn’t get yourself on an early morning flight or chose to ferry it over from Athens, be mindful of the timing.

Greek mezes and bbq right away? Fiiiiine by me. This sunset catamaran dinner cruise has rave reviews.

Note that many sunset cruises also include additional stops around the island, some including snorkeling and hiking, so make sure to read up on the one you choose to know what to bring along!

Be sure to watch the sunset tonight and every night of your visit (either via catamaran cruise or from the island itself). And if you don’t wanna sit amongst the masses watching the sunset in Oia (trust me, although it’s a pure magic, it’s not romantical at all), head to Imerovigli. The sunset here is just as spectacular, but with way less crowds.

9 day trip to greece

Where to Sleep: Astra Suites

Tourists choose to stay in four main villages of Santorini (Oia, Imerovigli, Fira, Perissa). However, wherever you do decide to stay, I highly encourage you to opt for a hotel with an infinity pool overlooking the caldera.  

We based ourselves in Imerovigli at Astra Suites during our time in Santorini, and couldn’t have been happier. Offering some of the best views of the caldera, private balconies with breakfast, and an absolutely stunning sunset each night, it was the perfect honeymoon hotel for us. Many luxury hotels boast private hot tubs, butler services, fine-dining, and other top-notch amenities.

If you’re gonna splurge at some point during your trip to Greece, Santorini’s the time to do it. Truuuuuust me. The luxury hotels ain’t cheap, but boy are they impressive.

infinity pool santorini

Next time we visit we want to check out Grace Santorini (just wow, look at it), Katikies Hotel (that rooftop terrace OMG), Canaves Oia Suites (traditional cave houses!), and/or Mystique (it’s so hard to choose – they’re are so many great hotels here).

Be sure to book waaaaaay ahead of time (6-10 months, yea, it’s no joke) if you’re visiting during high season, as hotels tend to book up super fast in this area of the world. Aka – if you’re visiting during June, July, August, or September, get on it, fast.

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Day 5: The Highlights of Santorini

Next up: spend a full day in Santorini by renting an ATV (short for All Terrain Vehicle and also known as a quad bike) and navigate the island at your own pace.

And because Santorini’s not too large in size, it’ll only take about an hour or so to get from one side of the island to the other. But remember, there’s a whole bunch of stops to make, so plan to spend the the entire day rolling around via ATV.

9 day trip to greece

Note that you can also rent a dune buggy, scooter, or car (lame) and explore, but we absolutely loved the simplicity and ease of the ATV. Plus, we felt extremely safe on it, and LOVED having the fresh air on our faces when driving all over the island.

Tip #1: Don’t rent your ATV in Oia – it’ll likely be way overpriced (it is the most touristy area on Santorini afterall…). A typical price is roughly 35 euros per 24 hours – it shouldn’t cost more than that (feel free to bargain as well). You will need to show proof of driver’s license, and don’tchu worry, an international license is 100% accepted over here.

Tip #2: Not all ATV’s are created equal. ATV’s have a limited amount of power, especially when going uphill. You’ll want to make sure you basically rev up your engine before attempting climbing a hill, as the ATV might not clear it without doing so.

We actually had to push our ATV up a mini mountain (I’m being a tad dramatic – it was probably a 2% radiant hill) the first time we rented one, which was both slightly terrifying and especially embarrassing at the time.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Tip #3: Always wear a helmet! Just do it. Oh, and be sure to slather on the sunscreen as there are no shady roads in Santorini and the sun is strong!

A few spots to visit during your self-guided ATV tour of Santorini:

  • Red Beach: One of Santorini’s most unique spots, and not to be missed!  Note that the sand is full of volcanic pebbles and you will need to take a 15 minute mini-hike to reach the beach down below.  I suggest stopping for a few photos and then moving on. Those azure blue waters are just aching to be photographed. On our first trip to Santorini we opted to walk down to the beach, laid on the rocky (and therefore uncomfortable) sand for about 20 minutes than called it a day – there’s much better beaches to relax on.

9 day trip to greece

  • Perissa Beach: This is one of Santorini’s black sand beaches, and a good place to pop down for a bit and savor the Greek sun.  The black volcanic sand is extremely hot hot hot, so take your sandals with you if you go into the water (or run back miserably like I did…)  This stretch of sand is lined with restaurants and bars, and be sure to grab a gyro and a cocktail here!

9 day trip to greece

  • Kamari : This little(ish) seaside village, located on the east coast of Santorini, is known for its rugged volcanic landscapes and it’s black sand beaches (yup, more black sand beaches, can you believe it?). And being only about 30-45 minutes away from Perissa via ATV, there’s no excuse not to visit both. Stroll down the cafe-lined promenade and treat yourself to some souvlaki, a Mythos or two (local beer), and feta. Ancient Thira, with its Roman baths and Greek agora (main square) is not too far from here as well.

9 day trip to greece

  • Oia : You cannot come all the way to Santorini (yes, it’s kind of a pain getting here) and not witness the charm of Oia yourself.  More details below, but Oia is a great last stop on an ATV tour of the island. However, beware: the area gets over-crowded and disgustingly hot during the summer months of July and August. But I promise you, even if you’re visiting during these months, an afternoon in Oia is still one of the best things to do in Santorini.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

  • Profitis Ilias Mountain Peak: Welcome to the highest spot on the island! And Profitis Ilias, translated to Prophet Elijah, is the name of the Monastery on its peak as well (yes, it’s confusing). But once you reach the vantage point, you’ll have a striking viewpoint of the entire island.
  • Santo Winery: If wine’s reallllly your thang, you can also visit Santo Winery, which is quite popular and basically on the way to everything on this list. HOWEVER, please use caution and do not drive the ATV if you’ve had a few too many. It’s probably wise to designate a few people in your group to be DDs (and maybe let them have a few extra beers later on).

If navigating the island via ATV scares your socks off, consider joining a bus tour to all the hot spots in Santorini. Not only will you visit Santorini’s most popular sites and learn about its history, but you’ll also visit traditional villages, volcanic beaches, and witness one of those spectacular Oia sunsets everyone raves about!

If you want to guarantee you see the island and have enough time for the beach (on another day), I highly recommend joining this tour in order to get it all in. Read reviews and book your full-day bus tour here.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

And if large bus tours ain’t your thing (I completely understand), this private car tour with a local is a much better option. On this 5-hour private tour, you’ll have the van and local guide all to yourself, while admiring architectural wonders, spectacular views, and learning all about the rich culture of the island.

I’m sure your local expert will even take some incredible photos for you as the tour visits Oia, the Akrotiri excavation site, the highest point of Santorini at Profitis Ilias mountain, and a black sand beach. And since this is in-fact a private tour, you can choose to customize the itinerary and go wherever you’re little Greece-loving heart desires. Read reviews and book your private tour of Santorini here.

Day 6: Choice Day in Santorini

You have a few options on this Greece itinerary as to how you’d like to spend your last full day on Santorini (cue the sad face). I’ve planned out what I feel is the best use of time and as Santorini-like as possible, but I’ve included other options if you’re not feelin’ what I suggest.


Option 1: Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs

Why not spend the day aboard a catamaran visiting the volcanic island of Nea Kameni and then taking a dip in the nearby hot springs? Since Santorini was in fact formed by a volcano, it’s a quite appropriate way to spend the day if I do say so myself!

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

You’ll have the opportunity to walk up the ascending soil path, and approach the crater of the active volcano. Yes, it’s active! Your guides will make sure no one gets too close to the steam!

Your second stop will bring you to the second lava island of Palea Kameni, where you can swim in the green sulphur waters of the hot springs. Make sure to wear your bathing suit! Read reviews and book your 4-hour boat cruise here.

If you’d like to visit the villages of Thirassia and Oia as part of the tour as well, be sure to check out this organized catamaran cruise , too. An extra few hours will allow you to properly explore.

And psst – if you’d like to witness an absolutely spectacular sunset in Oia, you can add that onto the catamaran cruise tour as well. For an extra few bucks (I think like $5), you’ll be given a few extra hours aboard the boat and won’t need to take the sunset dinner catamaran cruise suggested later on in the day’s itinerary. What a great value for the money! Read reviews and book here .

Definitely one of more active things to do in Santorini, and a good option if you like being on the water and/or are exhausted from laying out at the pool (should that ever happen…).

Option 2: Go scuba diving

If you’re keen on viewing the Greece underwater world, why not try out scuba diving? We opted for a morning dive on our honeymoon, and it was by far one of the most thrilling things we’ve done to date (besides bobsledding in Park City and skydiving in Hawaii ).

Santorini boasts crystal clear ocean waters, so put on your gear and get below the water!  Never been scuba diving before? Don’t fret – there are numerous companies offering Discover Scuba lessons (ask your hotel), who will teach you all the necessary requirements before suiting up and getting into the waters.

You’ll see plenty of colorful fish, a shipwreck or two, all while swimming in some of the most beautiful waters of the world.

9 day trip to greece

Option 3: Santorini Cooking Class and Wine-Tasting Tour (starts at 10am), goes for 6 hours

If you didn’t have time to do a wine tour upon arrival in Santorini, now’s your second chance! And since there’s even more time today, consider taking a Santorini wine-tasting tour and cooking class, all-in-one! I love taking cooking classes to learn secrets of the local food, and it surely sounds like this one doesn’t disappoint.

Alongside a local chef, you’ll cook and prepare a 3-course meal of typical Santorini signature dishes → But not before visiting two traditional Santorini wineries to taste their crisp volcanic wines (don’tchu worry, you’ll have enough time to sober up before putting things in the oven). Read reviews and book cooking class here.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Day 7: Arrival to Mykonos + Old Town and Windmills

Say goodbye to stunning Santorini, because now it’s off to Mykonos ! Don’t be too sad about leaving your first island – Mykonos is full of tiny white-washed alleyways complete with fuchsia bougainvillea, super-luxurious resorts, and even more delectable cuisine (Greek, of course).

Book yourself an early morning ferry from Santorini to Mykonos , which will take roughly 2.5 hours on the fast ferry.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!


EARLY AFTERNOON: Get Lost in the Old Town (Chora)

Old Town is basically a giant labyrinth of narrow whitewashed buildings with bright blue and pink balconies, not only providing color to the otherwise blank space, but alluding to the character of Cycladic towns. Since many of the houses look identical, don’t fret if you get confused! This is the place to get lost; stop at cute cafes and shops, admire churches, and just people watch amongst the cobblestone streets.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

A few must-do’s in Chora:

  • Eat at Kastro’s restaurant : famous on Instagram for it’s narrow alley leading to the sea)
  • Panagia Paraportiani Church : whitewashed church, photographed a lot because of it’s unusual shape and architecture
  • Look out for Petros III : Yup, it’s true island living – there’s even a resident pelican over here! He’s usually wandering around Little Venice/the windmills/Old Town. I didn’t see him but hopefully you’ll get luckier than us!

MID-AFTERNOON/SUNSET: Kato Mili Windmills at Little Venice and sunset drinks

Once you’ve had enough of the cosmopolitan life over in Chora, head on over to the windmills. Being an iconic feature of Mykonos (it’s a windy island after all – always keep a sweater handy!), you just can’t miss them.

There are 16 windmills in total around the island, with 5 being located on a hill near Chora (Mykonos Old Town). As with any landmark attraction, the windmills can get a little touristy so be prepared to wait patiently to get that perfect photo.

I suggest popping over to them quickly after wandering Old Town, grabbing a drink/snack/food, then heading back once the sun starts to set. We had cocktails at Veranda, and the view of the windmills was perfect. Those windmills against a pink cotton candy sky? Dreams do come true.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

If you want to ensure you see and do it all over here, why not take a walking tour of Mykonos Old Town ?! Although we loved just wandering and admittedly getting lost quite a bit, a walking tour with an experienced guide would have been ideal in order to learn the history and secrets of the island.

This 3 hour walking tour will take you basically everywhere – including the popular Mykonos Town, Manto Square, the district of Matogianni, traditional Gioras bakery, the 5 windmills, castle of the Chora, Little Venice, church of Panagia Paraportiani, Folklore Museum, and the famous church of Agios Nikolaos.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

Phew, told you that was a lot. You won’t even have to navigate! It’s a great way to learn your way around the island on your first day. And just remember – if you get all this done with a guide in 3 hours, you can go back to all your favorite spots and/or just relax with some vino and Greek food for the remainder of the evening.

LATE NIGHT: Party?! Sunbathe all day, party all night!

If you’re looking for that iconic nightlife of Mykonos, look no further than Cavo Paradiso, Skandinavian Bar and Club, Astra, Super Paradise Beach Club, Babylon, among many others. With dance floors and free-flowing cocktails, don’t expect to make it back before the wee hours of the morning.

Just remember that the clubs don’t get going until 11pm, so you may have to force yourself to stay awake if you wanna join in on all the fun. Plan to party until sunrise as that’s when the parties tend to end.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

A note on Mykonos’ Devilish Nightlife: Similar to Ibiza, Mykonos is known globally to throw some crazy parties. Around the island (from late June to mid-September), you’ll find tourists flocking to hotels and hostels for crazy shenanigans that go into the wee hours of the morning.

Mykonos attracts some of the biggest DJs in the world during peak season, which in turn attracts the wildest tourists. Don’t feel like you have to partake in the fun if it’s not your thing. We chose to skip the wild nights and simply relaxed with some Greek wine instead. While experiencing the night life is fun, don’t force yourself if that’s not your idea of a good time.

Although Mykonos is known for its crazy beach parties, you’ll also find a bunch of smaller pubs and bars scattered throughout the cobblestoned streets of Mykonos Town. They’re way more low-key than the parties mentioned above, but still involve dancing, singing, and drinking (ouzo, anyone?!) This is where the locals go to hang out.

A note on the cats in Mykonos: They’re everywhere. Everywhere. You’ll see. Greece as a whole has a large population of stray cats, and Mykonos is no exception. There’s stray cats scattered throughout the island, which at first seems cute, but in reality, is pretty upsetting as they’re particularly hungry.

If you wanna help them out, grab some cat food at any corner store and feed the strays you see. Whatever you do though, don’t pet or play with them as a lot of them don’t have their shots (they are strays afterall) and can pass any illnesses they may have onto you.

Heading to Greece and looking for the best things to do in Mykonos? Click through for the best way to spend three days in Mykonos!

Where to Sleep: Mykonos Town ( Belvedere Hotel or Cavo Tagoo )

I recommend staying in Mykonos Town (Chora), but many chose to stay near the beaches of Ornos or Platis Gialos as well. Why is Mykonos Town so desirable → it has the most nightlife, restaurants, and shopping!

Although we stayed near the beach, next time we visit, I have my eye on Belvedere Hotel (super chic with sunset views), Cavo Tagoo (that infinity pool, whoa!), or Theoxenia Boutique Hotel (located right next to the windmills). Worried getting to the beaches will prove difficult if you’re staying in Mykonos Town?

Don’tchu worry – there’s loads of buses than run quite late (and frequently) ushering guests to the island between the two.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

However, ff you want to stay in a luxury hotel right on the beach, Branco Mykonos (in Platis Gialos) comes highly suggested, and we chose to stay at Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa , and got upgraded to a sweet villa upon arrival (perks of being honeymooners).

Day 8: Mykonos

For your second day in Mykonos and day 8 of this Greece itinerary, you’ve got a few different choices here, depending on if you partied hard last night.  

Option #1: Beach Day

Comfy sunbeds. Crystal clear turquoise waters. Delectable cocktails. Take your pick, because Mykonos is no stranger to those beautiful golden beaches you’ve dreamed about for oh so long. If you’re looking to continue the party from the night before, or start your own fun in party-like atmosphere, head to either Paradise or Super Paradise, both located on the south side of the island. Want a more relaxed and unspoiled afternoon?

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

Choose to venture to Lia Beach or Ornos Beach (perfect for families and/or those looking for some peace and quiet with a good amount of amenities), or to Agios Sostis (breathtaking but note that there’s usually some skinny dipping going on over here).

Fokos Beach is the most secluded beach on the island, with a restaurant but no chairs or umbrellas. Platys Yialos Beach is arguably the most popular beach not only in Mykonos or Greece, but in all of the Mediterrean Sea! Basically, you’ve got tons of choices.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

Option 2: Mykonos Cooking Class

If you missed out on a cooking class in Santorini, now’s your chance to prepare some favorite Greek dishes and enjoy the meal with the chef. And this cooking class in a traditional home looks like the place to do it.

Learn how to make tzatziki and spinach pie (my all-time favorite), stuffed peppers and tomatoes, beef with orzo, and more. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also be presented with some local snacks to try, including dakos with kopanisti cheese and tomato, louza (sun dried pork fillets), wine and Cretan raki.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

The cooking class starts at either 10am (for lunch) or 4pm (for dinner), so you can choose to spend the morning at the beach and then get to cooking if you so please! Read reviews and book class here.

Option #3: Experience Authentic Mykonos on a Full day Jeep Safari

Up for a full day of fun exploring the hidden secrets of Mykonos? Want to explore the rugged landscapes, access parts of the island other vehicles can’t reach, and laze in the sun? This full-day jeep safari is for you, mah friend.

Not only will you get breathtaking views as you drive to beautiful beaches and rural villages, but you’ll also stop along the way for swims on quiet beaches, visit lighthouses, Venetian ruins, churches, and visit the remote corners of the island. And plus, you can even drive the jeep if you please! Sounds like a good day to me. Read reviews and book jeep safari here.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

Note that this last activity lasts all day, and won’t give you much time to visit the popular beaches. However, you can use your last morning in Mykonos (Day 9) as beach time if you’ve got yourself on a night flight.

Day 9: Mykonos and fly back to Athens


You’ve got a few options for your last morning. You can choose to head back to the beach, take the morning cooking class as listed above, or simply wander around Old Mykonos if you’re craving more cobblestone streets and charming little shops full of photo ops. We loved our villa and private pool overlooking the sea and took dips as often as we could.

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

Note that can you also visit Delos from Mykonos, but if you’re like me and have had enough of ancient ruins after visiting both Athens and Delphi , skipping Delos is completely fine. Plus, more beach time!

However, if you’re an archaeology buff and the idea of missing out on exceptionally well-preserved monuments kills you, there are guided tours in the morning that last about 4 hours or so. If you’ve got a flight later in the day, you can easily squeeze in a short trip to Delos. Read reviews and book morning tour to Delos here.


I guesssss you could technically wait until tomorrow morning to get back to Athens (as long as your flight back home is at night), but I always like to get back the night before – juuuust in case anything gets delayed or cancelled. Better be safe than sorry, especially when we’re dealing with pricey international flights from Europe to the States. 

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean and looking for the best 10 day Greece itinerary?! You’re in luck, my Mediterranean-loving pal, I’ve got the perfect 10 days in Greece planned out for you below! AND if you want to extend your trip even further (aka see even more stunning islands), follow my advice for a complete 2 weeks in Greece!

In order to make it back to Athens at a reasonable time, you’ll want to book a flight from Mykonos (JMK) to the mainland, taking just over 30 minutes. Ferries just take oh so long, and why waste precious time on your 10 day Greece itinerary if that’s all you’ve got?

My advice – book the latest flight possible in order to savor your last day on the Greek Islands. You’ll find direct flights back to Athens on Aegean Airlines (Olympic Air), Ryanair, Volotea, and Sky Express. You’ll want to book this one-way ticket far in advance in order to get your preferred date and time, as well the best deals of course.

Where to Sleep : Athens

Day 10: Athens and/or Depart

Wake up in Athens one last time, and tick off all those spots you missed on your first day! If you managed to get through everything already (you probably rushed!!!), consider a gourmet food tour of Athens , a trip to the Temple of Poseidon and Cape Sounion , or go sailing to a few islands off the coast (if you’ve got time for that of course).

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Unfortunately this 10 day Greece itinerary has come to an end, and it’s already time to say goodbye to this stunning country. Be sure to grab some coconut sticks and gyro on our way to the airport!

But wait! There’s more → if you’ve got more time that is!

OPTIONAL Days 11-14: Additional Island Hopping!

Have a few extra days? Don’t wanna leave after your 10 days in Greece is up? I feel ya; no amount of time is too much time in Greece. And with an abundance of other islands to explore, you could easily turn this into a 2 week Greece itinerary. After Mykonos, continue your greek island hopping extravaganza and head to either Ios, Crete , Milos (our new favorite) or Hydra (tough choice, but they’re all beautiful).

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

I always suggest returning back to Athens the night before your international flight back home, as ferries can unfortunately be delayed and unpredictable at times (weather and season dependent). Wouldn’t wanna be late and possibly miss your flight!

My top picks to continue on with the Greek island hopping itinerary and complete your 2 weeks in Greece:

If you’re looking for a few days at the beach, definitely choose Milos . All the beaches we visited in Milos were absolute stunners, and we honestly NEVER wanted to leave. And plus, Milos is much quieter than both Santorini and Mykonos, so you’ll truly be able to relax here.

9 day trip to greece

We did a lot in just two and a half days — we visited the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko (don’t miss it!), swam in super-clear waters on our catamaran tour around the island (of course stopping at Kleftiko, an old pirate lookout !), and checking out a few traditional fishing villages. I honestly can’t wait to go back, and we literally just got home!

Read Next: All the Best Beaches (and Swimming Spots!) in Milos!

Dreamy Ios, with its sparkling white hillside houses and blue domed rooftops, is undeniably one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands in Greece. Known for its vivacious nightlife, and an affordable destination for students on summer break, it’s also a great place to kick back year-round, with sunshine and views around every turn.

Aside from joining the student parties (you do you), there’s a ton to do on Ios island. Head out to the countryside to visit some historic Greek gems around the town of Chora, Skarkos archaeological site, and Homer’s Tomb. Alternatively, kick back at the popular Mylopotas Beach and relax for a day by the glimmering sea.

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

Most people who visit Ios stay in Chora, the main town on Ios. Chora has a large variety of restaurants, shops, and a buzzing nightlife (if you’re into that kind of thing). In Chora, the Liostasi Hotel and Suites has excellent reviews and a beautiful terrace pool. For a more boutique, local feel, the Yialos Ios Beach Hotel is a fabulous option with beautiful rooms in a traditional Ios house.

You can get from Mykonos to Ios on a ferry , which takes ~2 hours one way. There are a few different companies that operate trips every day.

Crete is the largest Greek island (at a length of 260 km!) and, by many sources, is one of the most beautiful. Here, you’ll find idyllic villages, stark mountains, and of course, the beautiful deep blue seas that surround the Greek islands. A visit to Crete not only gives you the opportunity to experience its tourist attractions, but also its distinct local way of life.

9 day trip to greece

There are four prefectures in Crete and, because of its size, you’d need quite a bit of time to see everything. But the highlights are pretty obvious: learn about the fascinating history of Crete, explore some of the small villages, and of course, visit the incredibly beautiful and unique beaches on the island.

Don’t miss the famed “Pink Sand Beach,” Elafonisi Beach, where the pink tinted sand glows brightly against the beautiful turquoise water. It was actually one of my favorite beaches on our honeymoon to Greece.

9 day trip to greece

In Crete, Chania is the most popular and developed place to stay, with great access to some of the island’s best beaches and lots of things to do in the city as well. TheJoy Hotel is a fantastic, boutique-style hotel option that’s really centrally located. Alternatively, the Elia Kentron Hotel is a well-rated local hotel that has charming, traditional rooms.

You can get to Crete from Mykonos by ferry , which usually takes ~5 hours to arrive (yes, it’s a long time, but well worth it)! There are daily departures for the Mykonos-Crete route. You’ll want to fly back to Athens for sure, as the ferry back takes foreverrr and a day (it’s the farthest island from the mainland).

If you wanna get back to the mainland but stillll wanna feel like you’re on island time, head to Hydra, right off the coast of Athens . Originally, the island was named Hydrea after the natural springs that dot the whole island.

Needless to say, Hydra is a fabulous destination for water-lovers and people who want the laid-back vibes of the Greek islands. You won’t feel like you’re anywhere near the city (even though you can get back to Athens in less than 2 hours).

10 Days in Greece: MASSIVE Greece Itinerary Guide

When I visited, the crystal clear water, the traditional craft shops, and the cantaloupe gelato won me over (yes, cantaloupe!)  And plus, with no vehicles allowed on the island, Hydra is the perfect place to go for a long stroll around the Port admiring the boats and watching the tourists and locals go by.  

Be sure to climb up and up to get views for days, as well as wander the streets to admire the unique architecture of the old homes. Head to one of the local museums, or lay out at one of the island’s beaches, like the secluded, tranquil Agios Nikolaos.


The best place to stay in Hydra is, well, Hydra Town. Being centrally located, you can get everywhere you’d want to go quite easily, and thankfully, there’s a whole slew of hotels to choose from! Nereids Guesthouse and Piteoussa Guesthouse are two well-rated local guesthouses that travelers seem to love.

To get to Hydra from Athens, take a ~1 hour ferry from the port at Piraeus, which is a 20-minute metro or car ride from Athens. Ferries leave several times per day.

Hopefully this (ridiculously detailed) Greece itinerary made planning your trip a bit easier and actually somewhat enjoyable! Are you headed to the country soon? How are you spending your 10 days in Greece?

Did you know that …

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June 15, 2020 at 9:59 am

When traveling to Greece, there’s much to do it can be hard to find the best options. This is a nice option for an itinerary that can easily be accomplished in ten days!

' src=

February 8, 2022 at 8:36 pm

I would to have some guide tohelp us to plan our self guide for 10 t0 11 days . We want to go Athens, Delphi-Meteroa by rent a car then go to Santorini and Crete. Within our budget leaving on April 9th to 19th or 20th. Any suggestions and tips where to find reasonable rent a car. And etc

' src=

February 9, 2022 at 10:49 pm

Hi There, Sounds like an amazing trip! I don’t recommend a car in Santorini unless you feel like you really need one. Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendations on exact spots to rent a car, but I always make sure to check a few different websites to make sure I’m getting the best deal! Also, make sure you don’t need to get an international drivers license beforehand.

' src=

March 7, 2022 at 1:14 pm

Really love this itinerary! Thank you so much for sharing!

We have a 3 year old, planning on visiting this year in June. Is this itinerary “child friendly”?

March 7, 2022 at 5:59 pm

Glad you enjoyed it! As with every trip, it really depends on your kid and how they do in new environments! Overall I feel Greece is very child friendly, although you won’t see many young kids at the luxury resorts, as it’s a lot of couples and honeymooners. Have the best trip ever!

' src=

June 7, 2022 at 1:16 pm

This is an incredible resource post! Thank you so much! I’m in the early planning phase and this is giving me so much help defining where to go/what to do/where to stay. Yay! Thank you!

' src=

August 24, 2022 at 5:39 am

Great iterinary and tips to make it a fun holiday. Just one question If i want to eliminate mykonos and go to chania from Santorini, whst are the travel options and time taken? Also any idea if there are there daily ferries from Santorini to chania?

August 24, 2022 at 10:26 am

Hi Sharmila,

I’m not 100% sure if there are any direct ferries from Santorini, I think you’d need to head to Heraklion and then make your way to Chania from there. I like to use the website below to easily check ferry schedules and possibilities. Hope that helps! Have a great trip! 🙂

' src=

September 7, 2022 at 8:06 am

This is a great 10 day itinerary so we’ll planned. We intend to visit in last 2 weeks in Oct. We intend to make a 12 day trip. Can Peloponnese be included on this itinerary? is it worth and if we do your 10 day trip where can we go from and what is the best transport means. Thanks again for an excellently planned trip.

' src=

December 2, 2022 at 4:04 pm

Thank you so much for such fabulous details and insights on a 10 day itinerary in Greece.. Much appreciated!!

' src=

April 30, 2023 at 1:01 pm

Wow great details for this trip! Did you utilize a travel agency at all for your trip?

April 30, 2023 at 8:19 pm

Hi Allyson,

No, we hardly ever use travel agents — we like being able to book everything ourselves and make changes easily on the fly if need be without needing to go through a third party. Let me know if you have any specific questions about Greece!

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9 day trip to greece

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Itinerary for Greece & Greek Islands

Greece › Itineraries by Santorini Dave • Updated: March 7, 2023

  • Athens – where to stay
  • Corfu – where to stay
  • Crete – where to stay
  • Hydra – where to stay
  • Milos – where to stay
  • Mykonos – where to stay
  • Naxos – where to stay
  • Paros – where to stay
  • Rhodes – where to stay
  • Santorini – where to stay
  • Zakynthos – where to stay
  • Greek Islands – where to go
  • Mainland Greece – where to go

Top sights in Athens, Greece.

The Acropolis and Plaka neighborhood in Athens , Greece.

Best of Greece for First Time Visitors Best Places to Visit: Athens • Santorini • Mykonos • Naxos • Paros Best Tours: Santorini Wine Tours • Santorini Boat Tours • Mykonos Boat Tours • Athens Historical Tours Best Ancient Sites: Delphi , Meteora , Delos (near Mykonos), and the Peloponnese are some of the historical highlights of Greece. Best for Honeymoon: Santorini is a marvelous honeymoon destination . On Crete, Chania is also great. Best Restaurants: Most towns and every island have several good restaurants. Athens , Naxos , and Santorini are loaded with great places to eat (both modern and traditional). Best Beaches: Naxos has the best beaches in Greece . Best Nightlife: Santorini • Mykonos Most Fun Activity: The Fira-Oia Hike along the caldera in Santorini. (Bonus: It’s free!) Best Hotels: Athens , Santorini , and Mykonos have the best luxury hotels. How Many Days in Greece: For most tourists, I recommend a visit of 10 to 15 days. This allows for a few days in Athens; a day trip to Nafplio, Delphi, or the Meteora; and a few nights on 2 or 3 Greek islands. Of course, trips of more or fewer days are possible. Can you visit Greece for only two or three nights? Yes, it’s possible, but in this case limit your visit to just Athens or one Greek island.

Greek Island Itinerary – The Basics

Itinerary for the Greek Islands

5 Days in Greece Athens – 1 Full Day Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, or Naxos – remainder of time 1 Week in Greece Athens – 1 Full Day Mykonos, Paros, or Naxos – 3 Days Santorini – 3 Days 10 Days in Greece Athens – 1 Full Day Mykonos – 3 Days Paros or Naxos – 3 Days Santorini – 3 Days 2 Weeks in Greece Athens – 2 Full Days Nafplio or Delphi day trip – 1 Day Mykonos – 3 Days Paros – 2 Days Naxos – 2 Days Santorini – 4 Days 3 Weeks in Greece Athens – 2 Full Days Nafplio, Delphi, or Meteora – 1 or 2 Days Mykonos – 3 Days Paros – 2 Days Naxos – 3 Days Milos, Folegandros, or Sifnos – 2 Days Santorini – 4 Days Agios Nikolaos (Crete) – 2 Days Chania (Crete) – 3 Days Greece Itinerary: Top 5 Highlights 1. The Santorini Caldera Santorini is the most magical and unique Greek island. Boat tours of the volcanic caldera are a highlight of any trip to Greece. 2. The Beaches of Naxos (and Many Greek Islands) There are many Greek islands with fantastic beaches (Mykonos, Milos, Paros, and Crete) but no island has a better beach scene than Naxos. 3. The Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens Athens has lots to see in a compact area. The Plaka, Acropolis and Acropolis Museum are where you should spend most of your time. 4. The Beach Clubs & Nightlife of Mykonos Mykonos is the place to go for an ideal mix of great beaches , beach clubs , and nightlife . 5. The Town of Chania in Crete Chania is a charming town on the island of Crete (the largest Greek island). Both Chania and Heraklio have many international flights to other cities in Europe which make it a great place to start or finish your holiday vacation. And Crete has many amazing tours . Read More Where To Go in Greece Mykonos Travel Guide Santorini Travel Guide Greece Travel Guide Best Hotels in Greece

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10 Days in Greece: The Ultimate Itinerary (First Time Visit)

The best itinerary for 10 days in greece.

You’re planning to spend 10 days in Greece and you’re looking for the best itinerary?

That’s perfect!

In order to help you plan your stay , I have prepared for you this 9-10-11 days itinerary in Greece .

A quick note before starting: This itinerary is about a trip to Central Greece. If you prefer to visit Greek islands, you should rather read my 2 other articles: “ The best 10 days Greek islands itinerary ” and/or “ One Week in Greece (Athens + Santorini) “.

Now let’s get back to this itinerary!

During your trip, you will discover some of the country’s best places to visit such as Athens , the Peloponnese region , Delphi , the Meteora and Thessaloniki , the 2nd largest city in Greece.

In addition to the must-see attractions for each stage of your itinerary, I will also give you all my best tips and accommodation suggestions depending on your budget.

So, how to spend 10 days in Greece?

Let’s find out!

Where to stay in Athens

Where to stay in nafplio, where to stay in mystras, where to stay in olympia, where to stay in delphi, where to stay in meteora, where to stay in thessaloniki, greece tours, renting a boat in greece, cyclades (greek islands), 1) athens (3 days).

For your 9-10 days itinerary in Greece, the best is to land in Athens. You will spend your 3 first days in Greece’s capital city.

During your stay in Athens, you won’t need a car, as most tourist attractions are located in the city centre and it’s easy to get around the city on foot.

However, you will need a car for the rest of your 10 days trip to Greece, so you will have 2 options:

  • You can rent your car directly when you arrive at the Airport
  • Or you can rent your car on the 4th day , when you will be leaving Athens.

In any case, if you want to rent a car in Greece, you should use   website. I’m using this website everytime I need to book a car, whether I’m traveling to Scotland , Sicily or even Thailand !

Here is why:

The website is very user friendly, it allows you to compare prices between all the rental companies located at Athens’ airport. You can also check customers reviews.

Rentalcars  also offers a Full Protection Insurance. If you purchase it, you will get complete excess refund in case of damages or car accident. It can be really useful, as you can be charged for every tiny scratch! To be honest, it’s the most effective insurance I have ever used, they have already refunded me more than 1200 euros.

If you already know your travel dates for your 10 days itinerary in Greece , you should book your car right now to get the best price.

It doesn’t commit you to anything, as you can  modify or cancel your booking for free.

Just click the button below to compare car rental prices:

If you haven’t rented your car, the fastest option to reach Athens’ city centre from the airport is the Metro. Just take the line 3 to reach Syntagma Square.

You can also get a taxi (for around 40€), or take the bus (the cheapest option, but also really slower than the metro!)

It’s now time to discover Greece’s capital!

Start your day with a visit to the Acropolis Museum. There, you will learn everything about Athens’ most iconic landmark.

If you visit the museum first, you will understand the historical context before going to the Acropolis. You will also enjoy a great view of The Parthenon from the top floor terrace!

To avoid waiting in line, you can directly get a skip-the-line ticket for the Acropolis Museum here:

Then, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Acropolis. During your tour, you will be able to admire the Parthenon. This marble temple, dedicated to the goddess Athena, is the best preserved monument on the site.

You will also see 2 other temples, a theatre and an amphitheatre. 


It will now be time for lunch. You’re lucky: you’ll find everything you need in Plaka district, located at the foothill of the Acropolis. How about a chicken or pork gyros? I must admit that it was my daily lunch during my trip to Greece!

You can also try an authentic Greek restaurant. One of the best in the neighborhood is the Liondi Traditional Greek restaurant, located right next to the Acropolis Museum. It offers a typical and tasty Greek cuisine, much better than most of the tourist traps you can find in Plaka.

After your meal, take a stroll in Plaka district. The place still looks picturesque, even if there are many souvenir shops.

Then, walk to Athen’s other must-see place: the Ancient Agora. There, you will admire the Temple of Hephaestus, Greece’s best preserved Doric temple. On the site, you can also visit the Museum of the Ancient Agora to picture what the site looked like in Ancient times.

The Agora is located in Monastiraki district, another place worth a visit. With its many shops selling clothes, shoes or jewelry, it feels a bit like the Arabic souks!

Right before sunset , you should go to Philopappos Hill. There, you will enjoy the panoramic view over the Acropolis and the city.

And if you want to celebrate the 1st day of your 9-10-11 days road trip in Greece , go to Gazi district. With its trendy bars and night clubs, it’s the best place to have a drink or party all night!

Spend the night in Athens.

The ancient Agora and The Temple of Hephaestus in Athens

The next day, continue your 10 days itinerary in Greece and spend a  2nd day in Athens.

Start your day at the Panathenaic Stadium. It was built in the 4th century B.C, to host the ancestor of our modern Olympic Games. During these sporting events, athletes were competing in wrestling, track and field and chariot races.

You have to pay 5€ to access the inside of the stadium and the track. If you don’t want to pay, you can also enter the park located right next and reach the top of the bleachers to admire the view of the Acropolis.

After that, have a brief stop at the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Then, go to Zappeion Park and the National Garden (they are actually the same park). You can wander in the shaded alleys to reach Syntagma Square.

Every hour, the Changing of the Presidential Guard takes place on Syntagma Square. You will see the evzones (the guards) and their traditional uniform with skirts, white tights and pompom shoes! It’s one of Athens most touristic attractions.

Even if this show fascinates you, don’t forget to look at the main building on the square: the House of Parliament.

From Syntagma Square, reach Ermou street to do a bit of shopping. You will find here most big international brands, like Zara and H&M.

Ermou street goes straight to Monastiraki district . As you’ve already seen it the day before, you can continue with a visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. One of its most famous artefacts is the Golden Mask of Agamemnon, found in Mycenae. You will be amazed by the museum’s incredible collection, from the Neolithic era to the end of the Roman period!

End your day on Mount Lycabettus, one of the best places to admire the sunset over the Acropolis. You can take the stairs or use the cable car to reach the top.

Spend another night in Athens.

Syntagama Square

For the 3rd day of your 10 days trip to Greece, you will discover Athens’ surroundings. 

You can choose between these 2 one-day trips from Athens: 

  • From Athens – Visit the Temple of Poseidon and Cape Sounion to see the Temple of the Poseidon, and admire the view of the Saronic Gulf.
  • From Athens – Visit the Saronic Islands   to discover Hydra, Poros and Aegina.

Spend a last night in Athens.

If you want to know more about the things to do in Athens, you can read my article:  Visit Athens: the definitive guide.

You can buy a 30€ combined ticket to visit the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora and other ancient sites such as Hadrian’s Library, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Agora and more.

It’s the cheapest option and your ticket is valid for 5 days.

To get this combined ticket, it’s very simple, you just have to book it by clicking on the button below:

To make them most of your visit to Athens, you should opt for the Athens City Pass. It includes all the must-see attractions , such as:

  • The combined Acropolis ticket mentioned above
  • The Acropolis Museum entrance ticket
  • An audio guide for your visit to Athens
  • A 10% discount on all other attractions in Athens

To book it, simply click here:

And if you want to learn everything about the Acropolis History , the best is to opt for a guided visit (it’s also a skip the line ticket).

The best guided tour in English is the one from GetyourGuide Originals. It’s so great that they will give you a full refund if you don’t enjoy your time!

To book it, you just have to click on the button below:

  • Bedbox Hostel:  A Youth Hostel located 300m from Monastiraki Square, and 700m from the Acropolis. Dormitory room starting from 18€ per night. Strong points: the location, the really kind staff and the cleanliness!
  • Evripides Hotel:  Located 400m from Ermou Street and 500m from Monastiraki. The rooms are simple but comfortable, starting from 70€ per night, with breakfast included. What I loved: the breathtaking view of the Acropolis from the rooftop, the location (perfect to visit Athens on foot) and the friendly and helpful staff!  A great choice in Athens for its exceptional value for money!
  • Amalia Hotel:  Located on Syntagma Square, just in front of the National Gardens. The double rooms are modern and spacious. Some of them even have a balcony with a nice view of the gardens. The price starts at 155€ per night with breakfast included. Strong points: The comfort, the generous breakfast, and the location in the centre of Athens.
  • Wyndham Grand Athens:  5-star Hotel located 1km from Ermou Street and 1.5km from the Acropolis. You’ll love the elegant and design double rooms here, starting from 200€ per night. Breakfast will cost you 16€. Strong points: the outdoor pool on the roof, the view of the Acropolis, the spa center, and the location right next to a metro station!
  • Electra Metropolis:  This 5-star hotel is located only 200m from Syntagma Square and 600m from the Acropolis. The price for a spacious and comfortable double room starts at 270€ per night, breakfast included. What I loved: the ideal location, the view of The Acropolis from the rooftop, the amazing restaurant, the pool.  The best choice for a luxury stay in Athens.

Electra Metropolis - 5-star hotel in Athens

2) Mycenae / Epidaurus / Nafplio (1 day)

Now that you’ve seen Athens and its surroundings, it’s time to leave the city to discover Peloponnese.

There are 3 points of interest you can visit during your day:

  • Corinth Canal, located around 1-hour drive from Athens. This impressive and narrow canal was carved into stone to avoid the boats a 400 km detour between the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. Just stop for a souvenir photo, it won’t take long. And if you are looking for a unique experience, you should really try a bungee jump over Corinth Canal! (click here to book it)
  • Mycenae , only 40 minutes away from the Canal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the oldest in Greece, and the former home of the Trojan War hero Agamemnon. There, you can discover the Palace, Tholos Tombs and an Archaeological Museum. I must warn you: the site is mostly in ruins and you won’t see many remains. As the entrance ticket costs 12€, if you’re not an History lover, just go to the next place.
  • Epidaurus, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is worth a visit for its very well preserved theatre. You will be amazed by the exceptional architecture and acoustics of this theatre built in the 4th century B.C. If you drop a coin in the middle of the scene, someone sitting on the last row will hear it! On the site, you can also discover a temple dedicated to the god of Medicine Asclepius and a small museum. It takes 45 minutes to go from Mycenae to Epidaurus.

Epidaurus Theatre

Then, drive for 30 minutes to reach Nafplio.

Nafplio is a lovely seaside town. There, you can take a stroll in the old town’s picturesque alleys and admire the Bourtzi Castle, located at the port entrance. And if you want a nice view over the city, just go up to Acronafplia Fortress.

Then, end your day at Arvanitia Beach. You can relax, have a drink and rent deckchairs on this nice pebble beach!

Spend the night in Nafplio.

If you want more information about Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplio, you can read my article about Peloponnese:  The 15 best things to do in Peloponnese.

  • Agamemnon Hotel:  Located in Nafplio’s old town, just in front of the Bourtzi Castle. The double rooms, with a balcony and sea view for some of them, are starting from 55€, with breakfast included. Strong points: the location, the view, the kind staff.
  • Amymone and Adiandi Hotel:   Located 5 minutes away from the beach, in the old town. You will love the elegant double rooms, starting from 75€ including breakfast. What I loved: the delicious breakfast, the location on a pedestrian alley, the rooms’ original and nice design.  It offers the best value for money in Nafplio!
  • Amalia Nafplio Hotel:  Located about 2km away from the city centre. The luxurious and comfortable double rooms are starting from 110€ per night, with breakfast included. Strong points: the pool, the free private parking, the quietness, the varied breakfast.
  • Nafplia Palace Hotel & Villas:  This 5-star hotel is only 5 minutes away from the beach and 15 minutes away from the city centre. The rooms are large and modern, with balconies and the offer a great views of the sea and the castle. Price starts from 260€ per night. If you want an even more luxurious stay, you can sleep in a villa with its private pool, starting from 570€ per night.  It’s my favorite hotel in Nafplio, perfect for a luxury stay!


3) Palamidi Fortress / Monemvasia (1 day)

After your night in Nafplio, continue your 9 or 10 days in Greece itinerary with a visit to Palamidi Fortress, located outside Nafplio.

You can drive to the fortress and park your car near the entrance. The entrance ticket costs 8€, and you have to plan at least 1h30 or 2 hours to visit the site. I personally really loved that place, with its many strongholds to contemplate the view over Nafplio and the sea.

Then, take your car and drive for 3 hours to reach Monemvasia. Don’t worry, time will fly by, as the landscape on the road is really gorgeous!

This village is located on a small island , only connected to the mainland by a dike. Park your car on the parking lot right after this dike, and take the 1€ shuttle to reach the city. You can also walk there, as it only takes 15 minutes.

From the mainland, Monemvasia is completely undetectable. The village is located under a cliff, and surrounded by an heavy fortification wall. You won’t see it until you cross the main gate of this natural stronghold.

It was built to protect the inhabitants during the Barbarian invasions and the numerous wars against the Franks and the Turks.

Inside the walls, you will enjoy your walk in Monemvasia’s nice paved alleys, with many traditional shops, bars and restaurants. Take a stroll and reach the main square,  to admire the church and the cathedral.

Then, you can follow one of the walking trails to go to the fortress, at the top of the cliff. It’s the best place to admire the view over the village and the sea!

At the end of your visit, get back in your car and drive for 1h30 to go to Mystras. Spend the night there.

Start your day early in the morning, as you will have to drive quite much!

Going to Mystras at the end of the day is more convenient for your next day’s program.

  • Byzantion Hotel :  Located just across Mystras’ main square. The simple but comfortable rooms offer a view on the Archaeological site. Price starts from 55€, breakfast included. Strong points: the pool, the view, the private parking lot.
  • Mazaraki Guesthouse:   Located close to Mystras’ Archaeological Site and surrounded by nature, this place offers large and warm suites with balcony, starting from 115€ including breakfast. What I loved: the pool, the environment, the decoration, and the breakfast served in your room.
  • Arxontiko Taygeti:  This Guesthouse is located only 5km away from Mystras’ city centre. The duplex suites, with a kitchen, a living room and a balcony with a beautiful mountain view are starting from 160€, with breakfast included. Strong points: the calm, the kind staff, the environment. You will also find everything you need for breakfast in your fridge!
  • Mystras Grand Palace Resort:  This 5-star hotel is located only a 5-minute drive from Mystras. This brand new hotel offers rooms with stone walls, exposed beams and terrace, starting from 180€ per night including breakfast. What I loved: the pool, the hot tub, the sauna, the comfortable rooms, the calm.  It’s the best choice for a luxury stay in Mystras.


4) Mystras / Olympia (1 day)

For the next stage of this 10 days road trip in Greece, you will visit one of the places I enjoyed the most during my trip in Greece: Mystras. It only takes 5 minutes to get there from the village.

Mystras is divided in 2: the upper town and the lower town . There are parking lots and ticket offices at the 2 entrances.

Start with Mystras’ upper city: park your car in the upper parking lot and buy your entrance ticket (remember to keep it, as you will need it at the other entrance). This ancient fortified city,  now a UNESCO World Heritage Site was the former capital of the Byzantine Empire.

In the upper city, you will see a fortress , and enjoy a magnificent panorama on the surrounding plain. You will also discover the Agia Sofia Church, the small palace and the Palace of the Despots.

Then, get back in your car and reach Mystras’ lower town.

There, you will visit many churches, monasteries and covent . The best monuments to see are:

  • The Pantanassa Monastery
  • The Peribleptos Monastery
  • The Brontochion Monastery
  • The church of Agios Theodoros

Mystras is located in the heart of nature, and the monuments are really well restored. It’s clearly one of the most beautiful places to see during this 10 days in Greece recommended itinerary.

Plan at least 3 hours for your visit. The site is really big and it’s not flat!


Let’s continue this road trip in Greece with Olympia , another famous site to visit.

From Mystras, you will drive for 2 hours to reach Olympia.

If you visited Mystras during 3 hours, then drove for 2 hours, you should arrive in Olympia around 3 or 4 p.m . You will have plenty of time left to visit the archaeological site . In the afternoon , the site is less crowded, as most of the tourist buses already left. You will also get a perfect lighting for your pictures!

Olympia is also one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Site in Greece. The Ancient Olympic Games were hosted here from 776 B.C to 393 A.D . During the games, the athletes were competing in many sporting events, including wrestling, discus throw and chariot racing.

On the site, you can discover the Gymnasium, the Temples and some sports facilities. I must warn you, the site is mostly in ruins, and you will only see a few columns and remains.

Right next to the archaeological site, you can visit the Archaeological Museum . The entrance is included in your 12€ entrance ticket. It’s even better if you start your visit with the museum, to help you picture what the site looked like!

If you still have some time at the end of the day, you should visit the Museum of the Olympic Games . There, you will learn everything about the Olympic Games’ History and sporting events. The entrance is also included in your ticket.

Spend the night in Olympia, to recover from this long day.

Don’t forget your hiking shoes (or at least good sneakers) to visit Mystras.

If you’re looking for a good restaurant in Olympia, you should go to Dimitra restaurant.  The food is way better than in Olympia’s many tourist traps. Their pasta was delicious!

  • Leonidaion Guesthouse:  Located only 10-minute walk from the Archaeological site of Olympia. The large and comfortable double rooms are starting from 55€ per night, including breakfast. What I loved: the free private parking lot, the location close to the site, the quietness.  It’s the best value for money in Olympia!
  • Amalia Hotel Olympia:  Located at the city’s entrance. The large and bright rooms, with balcony or terrace are starting from 80€, with breakfast included. Strong points: the pool, the very tasty breakfast, the kind staff, the free fruit basket and water in your room.
  • Arty Grand Hotel:   Located on a hill overlooking the city, this 5-star hotel offers modern double rooms, with a small living room and a balcony, starting from 95€ per night including breakfast. Strong points: the huge outdoor pool, the indoor pool, the environment.  It’s the best hotel for a luxury stay in Olympia!


5) Delphi (1 day)

It’s now time to continue this 10 days itinerary in Greece with the ancient site of Delphi.

Delphi is located 3h15 away from Olympia. Don’t worry, there are many places worth a visit during your journey, and time will just fly by!

  • Kalogria Sandhill: you can have a nice walk on this large sand beach, surrounded by pine trees.
  • Gianiskari Beach: a beautiful and quiet sand beach you can access by a dirt road.
  • Nafpaktos:  a small village on the seaside with 2 large beaches, bars and a small port. This is the perfect place for lunch. There is a castle on the hill above the village. You can visit it, and enjoy a beautiful view over the bay and the Charilaos Trikoupis bridge. (entrance fee is 2€)
  • Galaxidi,  an other small seaside village. You can take a stroll along the harbour and in the pine forest. There are also many cafés and restaurants.
  • Between Nafpaktos and Galaxidi,  the road is beautiful, with several beaches to take a dip!

You will arrive in Delphi in the afternoon . There is no need to rush, as the site is less crowded at the end of the day and the light is also better. The ancient site of Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located outside the city, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. You can park your car right next to the entrance.

Delphi was considered to be the centre of the world by ancient Greeks . The Pythia (the Oracle of Delphi) , transmitted Apollo’s directives from the gods to humans. The interpretations of these prophecies shaped Greece’s History during 6 centuries.

During your walk, you will admire the Temple of Apollo, the theatre and the stadium . The viewpoints of the mountains and the valley are breathtaking!

In my opinion, Delphi is one of the best ancient site in Greece.

After your visit, don’t miss the Archaeological Museum, located right next to the site. There, you will see some ancient objects and statues found in Delphi.

Spend a night in Delphi.

For dinner, you can go to  Taverna Vakhos . The menu is different than in the other restaurants. It’s also more upscale, copious and delicious for an identical price! It’s better to book it in advance, as it’s really well known and often full.

  • Fedriades Delphi Hotel:   Located a 10-minute walk from the ancient site of Delphi. The modern double rooms with balcony are starting from 55€, and you have to add 8€ for breakfast. Strong points: the panoramic view, the high quality beds, the kind staff.
  • Kastalia Boutique Hotel:  Located only 5 minutes from Delphi. You’ll enjoy large and modern double rooms, starting from 62€ including breakfast. What I loved: the terrace, where you can have your breakfast, the warm welcome, the location.  It’s the best value for money in Delphi!
  • Nidimos Hotel:  Located only 1km from the archaeological site. The bright and comfortable double rooms with balcony are starting from 65€ per night, with a 10€ breakfast. Strong points: the various and copious breakfast, the free parking lot, the beautiful view.
  • Amalia Hotel Delphi : Located 800 meters from the archaeological site. Modern and bright double room offering a nice view up to the sea starting at 90€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the large swimming pool, the view. The most high-end hotel in Delphi!


6) The Meteora (1 day)

Now, your 10-11 days itinerary in Greece will take you to one of my favorite place: the Meteora.

As the site is located 3 hours away from Delphi, don’t get up too late so you can visit it in the afternoon.

Before visiting the site, you can stop in Kalambaka (the closest city) for your lunch break and ask for your map of Meteora Monasteries at the Tourist Office.

Then, follow the road to the Meteora. You’ll be amazed by these monasteries built on top of huge rocks! The scenery is really unique, and the Meteora are clearly one of the best places to see in Greece.

Even if the Meteora is quite far from the other tourist attractions of the country, it’s still one of the must-see places during your road trip in Greece.

You can visit 6 monasteries, and the entrance costs 3€ each time. You don’t need to visit all of them, 1 or 2 is enough! The Monastery of Great Meteoron is the most famous, it’s really huge and impressive.

  • Pyrgos Adrachti: Located in the village of Kastraki, only a 5-minute drive from the monasteries. The double rooms, with a beautiful view of the Meteora are starting from 60€, with a 7.50€ breakfast. Strong points: the magnificent view, the quietness, the amazing big breakfast.
  • Meteora Hotel at Kastraki: Located in Kastraki. The modern and bright double rooms are starting from 80€ per night, with breakfast included. What I loved: the pool, the location in the countryside, the spectacular view. It’s the best value for money in Meteora!
  • Hotel Meteoritis: Also located in Kastraki. You will love the spacious and comfortable double rooms, with a balcony and a view of the Meteora, starting from 125€ including breakfast. Strong points: the kind staff, the location, the private parking, the varied breakfast.

The Meteora Greece

7) Thessaloniki (1 day)

For the last full day of your 10 days in Greece itinerary, you should go to Thessaloniki . It’s the country’s 2nd largest city , after Athens.

If you want to spend 1 day in Thessaloniki, you can:

  • Go to Modiano market, to buy the best local products
  • Take a stroll in Egnatia street and its many shops
  • Stop by the Roman Agora
  • Visit the church of Agios Dimitros
  • Walk in Ana Poli district to see the Ossios David church and Vlatadon Monastery
  • Walk along the city walls to reach Trigoniou Tower
  • Admire the view over the city from the Agios Pavlos church
  • Relax in Pasha Gardens
  • Take the Elenis Zogafrou Street, and take a short detour by the Nikolaos Orfanos church
  • Discover the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda
  • Admire Thessaloniki’s most iconic landmark: the White Tower
  • End your day in Thessaloniki Waterfront, where you will find many bars and restaurants
  • And how about spending your last night in Greece partying in Ladadika and Valaoritou districts?

If you want more details about the best places to see in Thessaloniki, you should read my article: The 12 best things to do in Thessaloniki.

Spend the night in Thessaloniki


The next day, your trip to Greece will already be over! It will be time to drop off your rental car, and take your return flight.

Don’t forget to choose a rental company that won’t charge you if you take your car in Athens and drop it off in Thessaloniki! If you use  website to book your car, you will directly see all the “drop off at a different location” fees, if any.

If you are going 9 days in Greece, you can remove the 1-day trip around Athens (day 3).

If you’re doing an 11 days itinerary in Greece , you can add a day to discover Thessaloniki’s surroundings. You can choose between:

  • A 1-day tour to discover Vergina and Pella
  • A cruise around Mount Athos
  • A cruise in Chalkidiki including lunch – My favorite!
  • Stay Hybrid Hostel:   This youth hostel is located around Ladadika and Valaoritou districts. Dormitory rooms starting from 10€ per night only! Strong points: the price, the modern rooms, the ideal location to go out at night, the rooftop.
  • Plaza Hotel, Philian Hotels and Resorts: Located in Ladadika district, only 50 meters from the seaside. The warm double rooms, with comfortable beds are starting from 60€ per night, with breakfast included. What I loved: the ideal location, if you want to get around Thessaloniki on foot, the great breakfast, the kind staff. A great choice in Thessaloniki for its exceptional value for money!
  • Astoria:   Located 300 meters from the port and 500 meters from Modiano market. The double rooms, with a balcony for some of them, are starting for 100€ per night, with a 10€ breakfast. Strong points: the location, the good breakfast, the kind staff.
  • Electra Palace Thessaloniki: This 5-star hotel is located on Aristotelous Square, in the heart of the city. You will love its large rooms with a classical decoration and wooden furniture! The price starts at 200€ per night, including breakfast. What I loved: the swimming pool and the restaurant on the roof, with a great panoramic view, the location in the city centre, the hotel services. The best choice for a luxury stay in Thessaloniki!

On , I give you all my best tips and itineraries to plan your trip to Greece by yourself. (Click here to read all my articles about Greece)

However, if you prefer to book a Greece tour with a travel agency , I recommend you to check the 10 best Greece tours by clicking the button below:

If you want to rent a boat for a nice day at sea during your trip to Greece, you should book it with Samboat.

Motorboats, sailboats, yachts, small boats without a license, with or without a skipper: they simply have the most complete offer for boat rental.

So, what are you waiting for to book your boat trip in Greece? 😊

Greece travel guides

  • Buy the Lonely Planet Greece guide on or on
  • Buy the DK Eyewitness Greece guide on or on

You’re traveling to Greece ? These articles will help you !

Discover all my articles about Greece : All my articles to help you plan your trip to Greece are listed there.

  • The 20 Best Things to do in Greece – The Ultimate Bucket list!
  • The 15 Best Things to do in Peloponnese – All the must-see attractions
  • Athens: The 20 Best Things to do and see
  • Thessaloniki: The 12 best places to visit
  • The 15 Best Cyclades Islands to visit – With all the must-see attractions
  • Itinerary: 10 days in Greek islands – The definitive guide to visit the Cyclades in 10 days!
  • Amorgos: The 8 best places to see
  • Andros: The 7 must-see attractions and activities
  • Naxos: Top 10 things to do
  • Paros: The 10 best places to visit
  • Santorini: The definitive guide
  • Tinos: The 10 best things to do
  • Rhodes: Top 12 best places to visit

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10 days in Greece

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Tova Cohen

Vincent, thank you for your 10 days in mainland Greece. I would like a re commendation for a company who makes reservation for this itinerary, we need help with this aspect of booking.


Hello Tova,

Thank you! I’m glad that my itinerary makes you want to go to Greece.

It’s the 10 day trip that I did myself when I visited Greece. So there is no travel agency that offers exactly this tour and can make the reservations for you. However, in my article I put all the links to book the hotels, the rental car and activities very easily.

If you already know your travel dates, you can click on the links in this article and book everything you need. It will cost you a lot less than booking with a travel agency, as there are no intermediaries.

Have a nice evening and enjoy your trip to Greece!

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Gems And Islands Of Greece Tour

Gems and Islands of Greece

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Explore the beautiful walkways of Santorini

Greece Island Hopping

  • Visit Athens, the capital of Greece
  • See iconic landmark in Athens
  • Visit the charming town of Naoussa
  • Relax in Paros' beautiful beaches
  • Capture the famous Santorini sunset
  • Sample local wines in Santorini
  • Enjoy the beauty of Santorini

Hydra Island, Greece

Sicily & Greece

  • Ride a donkey on Hydra
  • Visit Sicily's archaeological sites
  • Explore historic Pilos
  • Discover Gozo, a diving destination

Greece Travel Guide

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  • Adriatic Sea

Favorite Greece All Trips

  • Classical Greece
  • Jewels of the Cyclades
  • Antiquity to Byzantium

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  • Corinth Canal
  • Mediterranean

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3 Incredible Itineraries for Travelers Heading to Greece This Year

Three Greece travel experts weigh in on how to craft the perfect trip — top hotels, informative tours, and Cycladic islands included.

Paul Brady is the news director at Travel + Leisure and the brand's expert on cruise travel. He has been covering the travel industry for more than 15 years for outlets including Condé Nast Traveler , Skift , and The Huffington Post .

9 day trip to greece

Monica Farber/Travel + Leisure

In the past few years, tourism to Greece has boomed. With the summer high season only a few months away, now’s the time to lock in your own plans, whether they call for a tour of the classics or something a little more adventurous. Here, a collection of trips from the three Greece experts on Travel + Leisure ’s A-List .

A Classic Crowd Pleaser, Arranged by Petros G. Zissimos of Hellenic Holidays

Ian Dagnall/Alamy

This quintessential itinerary includes visits to some of Greece’s most iconic destinations, Zissimos says, adding that “it’s our most popular trip for 2023 so far.” Touch down in Athens, where you can hit highlights such as the Acropolis and Areopagus with a guide, then explore neighborhoods like Kolonaki and Plaka on your own. Zissimos recommends staying two nights at the well-situated Electra Metropolis before heading off to the Cycladic island of Mílos, accessible either by air (45 minutes) or by ferry (from three hours).

Seux Paule/Hemis/Alamy

“Mílos has dozens of beaches to visit, with different combinations of sand, stone, and shells,” says Zissimos, who’s especially partial to Sarakiniko. He also recommends a sailing excursion to Kleftiko, where volcanic rock formations make for spectacular photos, and an evening in the town of Adamantas, where tavernas line the waterfront. The seaside Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa , on the northeastern tip of the island, is a go-to for Zissimos.

Matteo Colombo/Getty Images

You’ll need a morning for the four-hour ferry ride to Naxos, an island offering a solid combo of archaeological sites and contemporary adventures. “There’s a beach for everything here,” Zissimos notes. “Agios Georgios is known for windsurfing, while Mikri Vigla is the place for kitesurfing.” In between, Zissimos can arrange guided visits to the Temple of Demeter and the Portara, the 2,500-year-old marble gate that stands at the entrance to Naxos Harbor. His preferred place to stay is Villa Marandi Suites , with its whitewashed ocean-view rooms.

Courtesy of Auberge Resorts Collection

After breakfast, catch a high-speed ferry (90 minutes) to Santorini, then check in to the cliff-top Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection . Spend the next day on a sailing excursion, complete with snorkeling stops. Zissimos can also set up wine tastings and recommend hikes, like the coastal path from Fira to nearby Imerovigli, with its jaw-dropping views of the caldera. Zissimos suggests leaving time for dinner in the ever-in-demand village of Oia, known for its sunsets. From there, ferry or fly back to Athens for the trip home.

Something Less Expected, Planned by Christos Stergiou of TrueTrips

P Tomlins/Alamy

The capital is a must-see, Stergiou says, “because its classical history has so distinctly influenced modern thought.” He suggests a guided tour that takes in both the ancient and the contemporary, with visits to the Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Olympian Zeus as well as landmarks around central Syntagma Square, including the Greek Parliament. Conveniently, his hotel pick, Hotel Grande Bretagne, a Luxury Collection Hotel , is located on the same square. “It’s the grande dame of Athenian hotels,” Stergiou says.

Izzet Keribar/Getty Images

From Athens, head for Patmos, “an island that exudes a unique aura thanks to its seemingly untouched natural beauty,” Stergiou says, adding that it’s a Christian pilgrimage site, as it is believed to be the place where the Book of Revelation was written. His favorites include the village of Chora, a UNESCO World Heritage site and “one of the best-preserved medieval settlements in the Aegean.” Stergiou can also arrange for private boat excursions for sightseeing, swimming off uncrowded beaches, and dining in a hyperlocal family-run restaurant. His go-to hotel is close to his heart: the Petra has been in the Stergiou family since 1989. The 11-suite inn is now part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Courtesy of Cosme, A Luxury Collection Resort

After a late checkout, hop aboard the overnight ferry from Patmos back to Athens — in a private cabin, of course. In the morning, it’s an easy one-hour flight to Páros, a place Stergiou calls “up-and-coming, or maybe already there.” Make your way, with a guide, to the island’s north and the Environmental and Cultural Park of Páros. The area “is filled with fascinating attractions, including the old shipyard and the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis, built right above the sea.” Check in at Cosme, a Luxury Collection Resort , where Stergiou likes the Aether suites, with their sea views. Spend the rest of your time either lounging on Páros’s sandy beaches or making day trips to nearby islands like Antiparos, before taking the ferry (from 90 minutes) over to Santorini.

Ståle Eriksen/Courtesy of Canaves Oia Epitome

“It’s not exactly under the radar,” Stergiou notes of Santorini, “but with the right guides, you can still tap in to the more traditional side of the island.” He recommends spending one day exploring Assyrtiko vineyards, such as Domaine Sigalas; he also suggests a guided walk through Oia, the picturesque if popular village that still conceals a few lesser-known corners. As for where to stay, the Canaves Oia Epitome strikes the right balance between proximity to the island’s best restaurants and seclusion — particularly when you’re booked in a one-bedroom pool villa. Stergiou suggests one last night back at the Grande Bretagne before your flight home.

Off the Tourist Trail, Recommended by Mina Agnos of Travelive

Joanna Kalafatis/Alamy

Start in Athens, Agnos says, “but unless you’ve never been to the Acropolis, I’d suggest instead a tour of the stunning archaeological site of Cape Sounion, south of the city, where there are spectacular sunsets.” Spend another day on a guided tour of the city’s cafés and ouzeri, low-key bars that serve the anise-flavored spirit along with platters of meze. Agnos loves the centrally located and newly opened hotel Xenodocheio Milos , from the group behind the Estiatorio Milos restaurants.

Spiros Papadakis/iStockphoto/Getty Images

Your next stop is Sérifos, “a Cycladic island that has some of the most stunning beaches in Greece, including sandy Psili Ammos, which is often on lists of Europe’s best,” Agnos says. More rugged and lesser-known than nearby spots such as Mílos, it’s nevertheless easily accessible by ferry (from two hours). Agnos suggests taking time to explore the island’s mythological sites, such as the ancient construction known as the Throne of the Cyclops, before spending time swimming or hiking. She recommends the Hotel Rizes overlooking the port.

Emi Cristea/iStockphoto/Getty Images

From there, it’s onward by ferry (from 6 1⁄2 hours) to Naxos, the beachy island that’s also a favorite of Zissimos. For her part, Agnos recommends the island’s many hikes (like a half-day round-trip from the village of Chalki) and can also arrange for cooking or pottery classes. Stay at the hilltop 18 Grapes , with its two pools and views of the sea, or Naxian on the Beach , which has 10 seafront suites.

Athina Psoma/Alamy

From Naxos, it’s an easier ferry (from 90 minutes) west to Sífnos, a less-visited Cycladic island with a growing reputation for food. “It’s famous in Greece for having some of the country’s best culinary experiences,” Agnos explains, as it’s the birthplace of distinctive dishes such as revithada, a chickpea stew, and mastelo, red-wine-braised lamb. The island also has its share of hikes, from easy three-mile loops to challenging nine-milers. Agnos recommends a stay at the Elies Resorts , on Vathi Beach.

A version of this story first appeared in the February 2023 issue of Travel + Leisure under the headline "The Best of Greece, Three Ways."

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Greece Packing List: What to Pack for a 10-Day Trip to Greece

This post is about a Greece packing list for a 10-day summer trip to the country. I have included some packing basics, tips for the weather, dressing habits in Greece, what clothes to pack, and toiletry/medicine/electronics/ hiking/ documents lists.

Greece Packing List: A woman in Mykonos Island sitting and looking at Little Venice

You will also find a shortlist of the best areas to visit in Greece .

Finally, I have added a few items that you shouldn’t bother adding to your Greece packing list.

9 day trip to greece

If you think I have forgotten an essential item, please leave a comment at the end of the article so that I can add it for other travelers. Thanks!

*Some of the links below are affiliate links.  That means I may make a commission if you click and buy . The commission comes at no additional cost to you.

Greece Packing List Basics

There are specific items in your Greece packing list – or any country packing list – that you mustn’t forget behind:

  • Your ID, passport, wallet/purse, cards, cash, visa (if needed), travel insurance
  • A copy of your ID & passport in case of any loss
  • Any medication you take at home or that you may need during the trip (allergies). Keep copies of prescriptions and the names of medicines. Take photos of the drugs’ packages and also write down their names on a notepad 
  • Travel itinerary and receipt of ticket payment on air flights/tours /ferries saved on your mobile/cell drive or print it

What Luggage is Best for Overseas Trips?

Greece Packing List: small dog and large suitcases

If you already have a nice suitcase or whatever you use for your travels, skip this part. If not, read on!

I love large suitcases with hard-side carry-on where I can stack literally everything in without stressing out that something may break during traveling.

Greece Packing List.Evgenia hiking

I also love hiking so I often use a backpack for my hiking adventures and trips. Visiting a Greek island like Andros or Kea and not hiking even on a short trail seems like a lost opportunity to explore all the hidden but very exciting areas of the island.

If you don’t hike, take a smaller backpack or large purse, handy for exploring during the day.

Greece Travel Packing List: What to Wear in Greece?

Greece Packing List: Delphi Oracle Temple

What should you wear in Greece?

  • You can pretty much wear whatever you want in Greece. Greeks are very cool about what you wear, we have seen it all! (exceptions are all Greek Churches and Monasteries ( Meteora is a good example), you need to wear modest clothes, no shorts or mini skirts or deep cleavages t-shirts. The Casinos also would not allow flip-flops and shorts)
  • Choose loose lightweight clothes, Greek summers are hot, 30 – 38 C, but can go up to 45 C if there is a heatwave. Islands are also quite humid and the Cyclades can get very windy

9 day trip to greece

  • Prefer layers and comfortable shoes (cute flats), no heels are allowed inside any of the archaeological sites anyway. Acropolis for instance has marble steps that can be slippery. Most of the roads on islands or the mainland that you will be walking are cobblestone paths and you might as well get a sprained ankle if you try to walk on them with high heels
  • Do you have more questions about what to avoid in Greece and where you can drink tap water? Read my related post First Time Traveling to Greece
  • If you’re wondering when is the best time to travel to Greece and what to pack for your summer vacation in Greece, this post will be of great help to you!

Essential Items for Greece Packing List

Travel antitheft wallet.

I usually carry a Blocking Stash Wallet across my body, under other garments, when I visit new places, or when I have to carry a large amount of cash in the Athens metro. Keeps me stress-free that I have done the best I can, to avoid pickpocketing.

What to Pack for Greece: Clothes

Best Things to Do on Ios Island, yachting Ios

  • 3-5 pairs of soft, travel socks
  • 2 bras and 10 underwear
  • 5 Short-Sleeved Blouses/t-shirts
  • 1 Casual Capri Summer Grey Pants
  • 1-3 Capri, shorts, skirt
  • 1 sundress and 1 evening dress
  • 1 long shirt and 1 jacket
  • 2 swimsuits & a coverup
  • travel shoes, flip flops, sandals, water shoes (for those urchins)
  • 1 sun protection hat
  • Microfiber Beach/Travel Towel (if you are staying at an all-inclusive hotel , don’t take any beach towels with you. The hotel will provide towels).

Greece Packing List: Toiletries

Greece Packing List, toiletries

  • Hair products like hair gel
  • Hairbrush, good old-fashioned comb, hair ties
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • Cotton, ear cotton buds
  • Face Cosmetics: moisturizer, cleanser
  • Make-up, lipstick, lip balm

Evgenia showing a church in Agisitri

  • Deodorant (a lot, Greek summers are scorching)
  • Your own washcloth if you use one, hotels very rarely supply them
  • Body cream – Archipelago Morning Mint
  • Tweezers and Nail Clippers
  • Bring your own feminine products. Alternatively, you can buy sanitary pads or OB tampons from local stores
  • Coola After Sun Lotion with Aloe Vera Agave and Lavender Oil for the strong Greek sun
  • Travel Mirror
  • Hairdryer: Leave it at home , all hotels have one. And your hair will dry in 5 minutes in Greek heat.

How to Pack for Greece: the Medicine List

Greece Packing List, pharmacy on Greek island

In Greece, you can buy simple painkillers or allergy ointments and generally speaking, all the “light” medicine from pharmacies but not antibiotics or more serious medicine like sedatives. For those, you will need to go to a public hospital or a private practice and they can subscribe then for you. More for your Greece Packing list:

  • All the necessary medication you take back home
  • Mosquito Repellent (you can buy it from the Greek local store unless you prefer your own brand)
  • Bandaids (you can find them in both pharmacies and supermarkets)
  • Ammonia for insects sting
  • Allergy medication
  • Pills for jet lag/ seasickness or Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband. You can see it here on the Amazon store

Greece Packing List: Electronics

This checklist for packing electronics will definitely help you not to leave behind any useful devices:

  • Your mobile & 3-port super fast wall charger
  • Waterproof Phone Pouch : Keep that Greek sea away from your iPhone/mobile
  • World Travel Adaptor Ceptics : Greece has a usual European plug configuration so you better have an international adaptor that will have you covered for every country, not just Greece.
  • Portable Power Bank : All-in-one, portable power bank that keeps all of your electronics charged no matter where you are and how long your trip is.
  • Laptop. You are not supposed to take it with you, you are going on vacation to Greece 😀
  • Headphones with relaxing music while you take the ferry to Mykonos
  • Travel Camera
  • Memory Cards : Pack at least 2 spare memory cards

Hiking Gear Checklist

9 day trip to greece

Greece is full of hiking opportunities being 80% covered by mountains.

What to Pack for Greece Hiking:

  • Comfortable walking shoes – preferably you have broken them before you wear them in Greece. Mind you, the Greek Mountains are rough and steep
  • Hiking socks
  • Travel backpack, to keep your back dry such as Osprey Hikelite 18 Hiking Backpack
  • Round-brimmed hat (but not bulky, something easily folded like this one )

Best Things to Do on Sikinos Island, old building

  • Salty Snacks to keep your minerals stable in the Greek heat (along with 2-3 lt of water)
  • Walking sticks. The Cyclades Islands are always windy and if you hike on the ridge of a mountain you will need support from the gusts
  • Buy/Use Paper Maps. You can buy them anywhere in Greece, and probably much cheaper than buying them on Amazon.
  • Upload the trails on your app.
  • Take with you a hands-free Garmin Navigator

Travel Documents Checklist

Greece Packing list, a woman looking at Acropolis walls

Keeping your essential travel documents in order and organized can really take the stress out of travel. Use a simple folder to put them all together and be handy. Don’t buy anything with many pockets and zippers because you will be spending a lot of time tracing the documents.

  • Personal ID, Passport –  make sure to have an electronic and paper copy in case yours gets lost.
  • Internation drivers Permit : if you come from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Gibraltar you do not need it . You can rent a car in Greece with your national driving permits as long as you are over 18 years old ( Article 94 of Greek Law No. 4850/2021 – November 5, 2021) .
  • Visa: Check here to see if you need a visa for Greece
  • Credit /Debit Cards & Cash (carry cash with you, some smaller islands may have only 1 or 2 ATMs). We do not usually take American Express.
  • Boarding Pass – Keep it handy on your mobile or print it.  
  • Emergency contact information.

The small travel extras make a big difference!

  • Reusable Collapsible Water Bottle: In the global battle against plastic and sea pollution, you can help by using an insulated high-quality reusable bottle that keeps water cold or warm for hours like this one .
  • Eye Mask and Ear Plugs : I find eye masks invaluable for shielding me from any light inside the plane. If you don’t have one, you can simply use a garment to cover your eyes.
  • Compression socks : Great value-for-money socks, if your feet hurt easily.

9 day trip to greece

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones:  If you want to get any sleep on a plane these are essential. 
  • Books that you have been intending to read for a long time but you never have the time. However, don’t take more than 2, they are bulky, heavy and Greece has English books everywhere that you can buy if you need one. Or invest in Kindle.

What Not to Bring to Greece

  • Travel Pillow s like Supersoft Neck Pillow Head are a great support but they may be bulky, so take them only if you have a lot of space in your luggage.
  • Expensive Jewelry – you don’t want to worry about them all the time, so leave them in your safe at home.
  • Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hairdryer. Buy some at the local supermarket but you may don’t need to as almost all hotels provide them for free.
  • I am also not very fond of airtight bags, or vacuum packs that squeeze your clothes and you save space. The thing is that they don’t last too long and your clothes will be so wrinkly afterwards, especially the viscose ones.

Best Places to Go in Greece

Whitewashed port and houses in Naousa Paros

  • Athens : The Ancient Capital
  • Meteora Monasteries
  • Delphi Archaeological Site
  • The Cyclades Islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Milos, Naxos, Paros …)
  • The Argosaronic Islands (Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Aegina, Salamina, Agistri )
  • 10-Days in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos
  • Chania Crete

Evgenia at the Temple of Zeus in Nemea Greece: Best Packing list for Greece

  • Peloponnese
  • Thessaloniki
  • Mamma Mia Locations

Greece in Winter

9 day trip to greece

If you would like to escape from the colder weather of your country and celebrate Christmas, enjoy hiking, and visit archaeological sites at half price with no crowds then I suggest you visit Greece between December, January, and February. Check out here what to do in the warmest place to be in Greece, Crete Island in winter .

Plan My Trip to Greece

Do you need a custom travel itinerary for Greece ? Are you traveling solo, with your family or your friends and you need a tailor-made multi-day tour or a transfer within Greece?

If yes, please visit my dedicated Plan My Trip Page for a free itinerary!

How to get to Athens Port (Piraeus) from Athens Airport

Bus X96 Peiraias Port to Athens Airport

  • Bus: If you are arriving at Athens International Airport you can travel straight to the port by taking the X96 express bus (€5.5, children <6 yo, free entrance) , which departs every 40 minutes and the average trip lasts 1 hour – runs 24/7.
  • Metro : (€9) is easily found across airport arrivals (blue line – M3) going directly to Piraeus port. The average trip to Piraeus lasts 1 hour.
  • Taxis are available in front of the airport (around €40 to Athens, €55-60 to Piraeus (depending on the traffic in Kifisos), and take up to 3 or 4 people with small luggage)
  • Rent a car with Discover Cars to rent reliable new cars at affordable prices
  • You don’t like driving but love hassle-free solutions? Book a Private transfer with an English-speaking driver from Athens International Airport to Piraeus Ferries, or anywhere else in Greece
  • Check out an entire post on Lavrio Port in Athens

Some of my Favorite Travel Resources for Greece

  • ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ in Greek: “Ya sou” and “Efharisto”
  • I use because I can get the best deals on both hotels and apartments, free cancellations, and great prices!
  • Find Long-Term Rentals in Greece: You will find the best prices in Flatio
  • All-Inclusive Resorts in Greece
  • FerryScanner to book f erries to the Greek Islands
  • Rent an Affordable Car in Greece
  • Athens Metro Website (timetables and ticket info)
  • Map of Athens Metro
  • Trains (Hellenic Train)
  • Public Buses KTEL
  • Get Your Guide : For all your day or multi-day tours and city guide needs, I use Get Your Guide
  • Emergency Numbers Anywhere in Greece: AMBULANCE 166 – FIRE 199 – POLICE 100 – EMERGENCY NUMBER 112

All rights reserved © Travel the Greek Way. Republishing this article and/or its contents (photographs, text, links) is strictly prohibited.

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Evgenia Mataragka

Hi! I am an Athens-based Greek obsessed with exploring Greece and bringing you the best travel experience ever!

Latest posts from Evgenia Mataragka

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  • What is Best to Wear in Greece in November - 10/20/2023
  • 9 Things to Do in Monodendri Greece: A Hidden Gem in Zagori - 10/11/2023

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For very early spring (March – April), especially if hiking, I always take some warm clothes such as a thick wool sweater, waterproof jacket with a hood and a wool hat because there will always be a couple of storms with cold wind and rain.

' src=

Thank you for the very useful tip, Fred! You are absolutely right, March & April in Greece are still cool months and the weather can be unpredictable, volatile and at times cold. Good tip!

' src=

Shirley Màrtin

Plan on living in Greece near the beach need 2 bedroom something very comfortable simple and furnished on a budget

Hi Shirley,

You first need to decide where exactly you would like to stay as the whole of Greece is near a beach and then you can check the local ads for long term accommodation. A good site for this is spitogatos dot gr.

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Tours & Top Tens

5 Best Day Tours in Greece

Last updated on October 13, 2023 by Touropia Editors - Leave a Comment

An overview of the most popular day trips in Greece:

Day Trip from Athens to Delphi

Ancient Theater in Delphi, Greece

If you’re eager to explore the ancient history of Greece, there are few places more suitable than Delphi. In millennia past, Delphi was considered to be the center of the world, highlighting its incredible significance. A day trip from Athens to Delphi lets you explore ancient archeology, legend and culture in a comfortable and convenient way.

Ancient Delphi

You’ll meet your tour guide in Athens and begin a two-hour drive to Delphi on a private bus. Along the way, learn that Delphi was where the eagles of Zeus reportedly gathered, and hear ancient tales about the incredible city. Out the window, you’ll pass the charming towns of Levadia and Arachova. When you arrive in Delphi, head straight for the archeological site. This is the hub of tourism in Delphi, and it is easy to see why. You’ll have the freedom to walk around the ruins, spotting iconic landmarks like the Temple of Apollo and the Ancient Theatre.

Arachova town

The next stop will be the incredible Delphi Archeological Museum. The extensive museum boasts 15 rooms filled with historic artifacts, all of which are laid out in chronological order. Start with the 15th century BC and work your way forward, admiring famed pieces like the Charioteer of Delphi made from bronze or the Sphinx of Naxos.

Lunch will be at a Delphi hotel, allowing you to try the local culinary delights with a spectacular views of the ruins as well as of the surrounding hills. On the bus ride back to Athens, a brief stop in the town of Arachova is the perfect time to grab a coffee or just admire the colorful carpets for which the town is so well known.

Check prices and info on this day tour

Day Trip from Athens to Hydra, Poros and Egina

Poros island in Greece

One of the best ways to see Greece is by boat. With so many spectacular Greek islands to choose from, it would be a mistake to spend your entire trip on the mainland. From Athens, it is possible to set sail on a one-day boat cruise that makes stops at three separate Greek islands near Athens: Hydra, Poros and Egina. Prepare for unparalleled views, incredible history and a wonderful day at sea.

From Athens, take a 20 minute ride on an air-conditioned coach to the port of Piraeus. From there, you’ll cruise to the first island destination of the day: Poros. On Poros, you’ll have an hour or so to wander and explore independently. Make the most of your time by checking out the 19th century Russian dockyard called Trinzia, or just relax at a taverna overlooking the waterfront and soak in the views.

Hydra island port, Greece

It’s back on the boat for the next section of the cruise, where lunch will be served at the onboard restaurant. After a Greek feast, you’ll arrive at Hydra. Two hours in Hydra will fly by as you use the time to tour the Cathedral of Hydra, admire the Hydriote mansions overlooking the water or browse the shops in search of souvenirs.

The Temple of Apollo at the top of Kolona in Aegina island, Greece

Back on the boat, it’s another scenic cruise to the third and final island destination of the day: Egina. You can choose to take a brief excursion to the Temple of Aphaia, or you can relax closer to the port. Egina is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine in a charming taverna. On the return journey from Egina to Piraeus, you’ll be treated to a Greek folklore show with traditional music and dancing, a wonderful way to pass the time as you head back to Athens.

Santorini Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

Oia Sunset

If you’ve only got a short time in Santorini, this tour is a great option if you want to cover a lot of the sights. It comes complete with a knowledgeable guide, so you’ll get to learn all about the history of this island.

This tour of the island takes you through ancient history, local history, and iconic viewpoints for a well-rounded and balanced exploration of Santorini. It’s very extensive and very long – nine hours, to be exact!

Akrotiri museum

But it’s all very convenient; you’ll be taken by coach directly from your hotel to the ancient Acrotiri Minoan Archaeological Site. The Minoan culture predated what we know as the Ancient Greeks by over 1,000 years! It’s a super interesting place to visit.

Stop off at the black sand of Perissa Beach for a refreshing swim in the Aegean Sea. You can also stop for lunch at a restaurant near here, complete with delicious fresh fish dishes.


Visit the traditional Greek village of Oia for charming, winding lanes. If you’re a wine lover, you’ll appreciate wine-tasting at Santo Winery. There’s even a restaurant here where you can have a few drinks as the sun sets.< With much more packed in besides, it might be a long day, but it's an amazing one.

Mycenae and Epidaurus Day Trip from Athens


From Athens , it is possible to spend an entire day exploring ancient ruins and historic landmarks . Step back in time and tour hilltop ruins, fortified cities and ancient tombs, not to mention world-class archeological sites, in Mycenae and Epidaurus.

The day begins with a pick up in Syntagma Square, Athens. A comfortable coach ride awaits, driving you along scenic spots like the Saronic Gulf until you arrive in Mycenae. This hilltop city was once ruled by King Agamemnon, and in the second millennium BC it was a powerful, rich settlement in ancient Greece. In Mycenae, you’ll be able to see incredible landmarks like the Mycenae Palace, the Temple of Agamemnon and the famous Lion’s Gate. After the tour, head back to the coach for a brief drive to Nauplia, a charming seaport with exceptional views over the water.

Epidaurus Amphitheater in Greece

The next stop on the itinerary is Epidaurus. In ancient Greek mythology, Epidaurus is important because it was the birthplace of the god of healing, known as Asklepios. Many of the relics in the city of Epidaurus are in ruins today, but they are still a stunning place to explore. The Sanctuary of Asklepios may contain buildings that are crumbling, but they simply set the scene. Strolling through the ruins of such a mighty city is a surreal experience, and one that definitely warrants a lot of photographs.

Ruins in Epidaurus

One Epidaurus landmark not in shambles is the breathtaking ancient theater. Constructed over 2,400 years ago, this enormous theater is renowned as one of the most beautiful on the planet, and it has served as a model for countless other theaters that try to recreate the spectacular acoustics. Believe it or not, performances are still held in the Epidaurus theater to this day. The return journey winds back along the Saronic Gulf, providing 90 minutes of scenery through the beauty of Peloponnese.

Ancient Delos Tour

Lion Statues on Delos

Learn about myths and legends with a fascinating day trip to Delos . This is a perfect trip if you’re a history lover or if you’re visiting Mykonos with children; it’s a captivating trip that’s bound to spark anybody’s imagination, young and old.

Head down to the port of Mykonos, where you’ll catch a boat to the uninhabited island of Delos. Even before you get onto the island, you’ll see the ruins from the boat. Jump off the boat and meet your tour guide, who will take you around some of the amazing sights on this storied island.


Delos is one of Greece’s most important historical sites; it is believed to be the birthplace of the Greek god Apollo, as well the goddess Artemis. Amongst other sites on the island, you’ll see the ruins of the Temple of Apollo.

Ancient Delos

These are some of the most well-preserved ruins of Greece and make for a great way to escape the beaches and partygoers of Mykonos for a day of culture. There’s also a museum that you can wander around, complete with amazing ancient artifacts; you’ll be able to grab a drink and a snack at the museum, too.

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Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest

The Best Time to Visit Greece, According to a Local

Posted: November 10, 2023 | Last updated: November 10, 2023

Think of a Mediterranean vacation, and Greece is sure to make your list of must-visit destinations. Its blend of seaside escapes, history, culture and mouthwatering cuisine make it one of the best places to travel for all types of tourists. And let's not forget its islands! They're prime honeymoon hot spots, consistently serving up some of the most romantic getaways . I can fully appreciate the draw—I loved it so much that I moved here, after all. And I'll tell you this: It pays to know the best time to visit Greece before booking your trip.

Greek vacations are more popular than ever. In fact, a recent report from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, found that Greece was one of only six member countries to receive more flights in September 2023 than it did in September 2019. In other words, Greece is bouncing back to pre-COVID-19 levels. And that means you'll have to contend with other tourists if you take a trip here.

As a local who's lived in and written about this eclectic country for more than a decade, I know from experience that it's impossible to avoid tourists entirely. It's all about timing. Whether you want to beat the crowds, bask in the best weather imaginable or travel on the cheap , here's the best time to visit Greece for the ultimate European vacation.

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What is the best time of year to visit Greece?

It's hard to pinpoint a single best time to visit Greece, and that's because it all depends on your priorities and how you weigh crowdedness, cost and climate. To spend the least amount of money, you may need to visit when temps are on the cooler side. For peak sunbathing weather, you'll shell out more cash and contend with greater crowds.

If you want to avoid a Greece overrun by tourists, skip the summer months. In June, July and August, beaches are typically crowded, though it's possible to find hidden coves even during this peak season—especially if you take a small boat tour from or around some of the islands or the Athens coastline.

No matter when you land on Greek soil, you'll have to deal with some tourists. According to Bank of Greece data, 5.76 million international travelers visited the country in the first five months of 2023, proof of Greece's ever-growing popularity. Still, there are quieter times to explore the country, such as during the shoulder-season months of September and October, early November and late March through May. Whether you're discovering ancient ruins, exploring mainland destinations or bopping around little-known islands, you'll find fewer crowds, mild temps and cheaper-than-high-season prices.

For me, the best time to visit Greece is from September until the end of October. The weather on a lot of the southern islands, such as Rhodes and Crete, is still warm enough to swim, with average daytime temperatures of 75 and 73 degrees respectively. Plus, the crowds are gone, as children have headed back to school.

Springtime is also a great option, and I recommend timing your visit so you can experience Greek Orthodox Easter. It usually falls in April or May (in 2024, it occurs on May 5), and it's the most important holiday on the Greek calendar—more so than Christmas even. Expect to eat plenty of delicious lamb and join in neighborhood celebrations and street processions to the local church.

What time of year is the cheapest to visit Greece?

While a Greek getaway isn't necessarily cheap, there are ways to save money when traveling to the country. For starters, avoid the high-season summer months of June, July and August. The winter off-season sees prices drop considerably, and this tends to be the best time to find hotel deals. On Tripadvisor, for instance, the same Athens hotel costs about $52 more in April than in January—and though summer rates aren't available yet, it's safe to bet that the price will rise in June, July and August.

Traveling during the winter will serve you well when booking your flight too. The cheapest airfare from the United States tends to occur during the winter months. When I searched Expedia for flights for a two-week vacation, I found a round-trip ticket from Newark, New Jersey, to Athens in early December going for $473. A round-trip ticket from Newark to Athens in June comes in at $992.

When is the weather the best in Greece?

Best weather is subjective, depending on where you're traveling from and if you like your vacation to be hot. Without a doubt, the summer of 2023 set records. As the Guardian reported, the country had the hottest July in 50 years, with temperatures in Athens repeatedly exceeding 104 degrees. So if you're here for the Mediterranean island sunbathing, you'll need to account for these levels of heat (and maybe plan some indoor activities, just in case).

As a local, I think the best time to travel to Greece for great weather is September, when daytime temperatures are a balmy 82 degrees and sea temperatures 77 degrees, making swimming still possible. The fall months of October and early November average 64 to 72 degrees, so it's pleasant to sit outside at a cafe, sipping the staple drink of a Greek frappe (cold coffee milkshake).

December through February are the country's coldest months, with daytime temperatures averaging 54 to 57 degrees. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, winters can be mild—but they're also wet. You may even see snow on the mainland in the mountainous areas to the north and on some of the islands, such as Crete. It creates good skiing opportunities, and while they can't compete with some of the world's more famous ski resorts, there are a handful of ski resorts in the country that locals (and in-the-know tourists) use yearly.

When packing your suitcase , think layers for all seasons. And be prepared for high humidity, which makes it feel sticky in the summer and chilly in the winter.

What is the best time of year to go to Athens?

The best time to visit Greece if you're planning to stop in the capital city is during the fall or spring shoulder seasons. In April, May, September and October, daytime and nighttime temperatures aren't uncomfortably hot or too cold. The spring and fall months offer plenty of opportunity to wander the Athenian streets, discovering the small neighborhoods. Plus, the cooler weather makes climbing up to the Acropolis a much more pleasurable experience.

It's also worth mentioning that crowds in the shoulder season and off-season are considerably smaller, so lines to enter the Acropolis are shorter. In fact, the wait to view this ancient monument gets so long in the summer that Greece had to set a cap of 20,000 visitors daily to shorten lines during the dangerous heat. By visiting in the off-season, you won't be waiting in line in the sweltering heat, and there won't be a mad rush to buy a ticket before the cap is reached.

If you're looking for even more things to do in Greece , visit on Ohi Day. The national holiday occurs on Oct. 28 and commemorates the day in 1940 when Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas rejected Mussolini's ultimatum to have free passage through Greece for his Italian troops. You'll find street parades all over the country on this holiday, but the one in central Athens is particularly impressive, with its added military parade and marching band.

What is the best time to visit Santorini and the other Greek islands?

Greece is famous for its islands, especially Santorini, with its blue-domed churches and sugar cube houses, so atypical for the Cycladic island chain it's located within, and Mykonos, with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, cobbled alleyways and hidden coves. They tend to attract visitors during the summer months, but that may not be the ideal time to vacation here.

If you're looking for a beach vacation away from the crowds, my advice would be to book a trip for September. It'll still be warm enough to swim and get a nice tan, but you won't have to deal with a ton of tourists.

Don't rule out wintertime for your trip to the Greek islands. Admittedly, much shuts down in the off season, but you'll get to experience the real Greece, have frequent sunny days and still find places to eat traditional Greek food, such as souvlaki (the locals need to eat too!). The lack of crowds allows you to roam the islands at your own pace.

Besides, temps aren't too bad even in the winter. Santorini's caldera entices with morning mists floating over its surface. And with average winter temperatures of 55 degrees, it's not too chilly.

There are several flights from mainland Greece to the islands that are cheaper during the spring and fall, but my favorite way to travel is by ferry. The lack of competition on ferry routes means this method of transportation isn't cheap at any time of the year, but Greek ferries resemble mini cruise ships and offer lovely cabins on longer routes. Make it a part of the whole experience: Take a weekend break in Athens followed by a journey by ferry to the islands. Note that ferries have a reduced schedule in the spring and fall months, with more connections in the summer.

How many days in Greece is enough?

Just as you would when planning a trip to destinations like London and Hawaii , start by considering where you'll be flying out of. The ideal number of days to spend in Greece depends on where you're traveling from. If you're flying from the United States, you probably want to spend longer in the country than if you're adding a stop in Greece after visiting nearby Italy.

Also consider how much of the country you want to see and the type of tourism you're interested in. Do you want to stick to a few days in Athens exploring the ancient sites, then head to an island for some fun in the sun? Do you want to just connect in Athens before flying immediately to a Greek island, or would you rather make the city your home base for the entire trip? Or are you interested in heading to the Greek countryside to experience traditional villages?

Most trips start and end in Athens, where you can experience the city in at least three full days. Visitors then tend to hop on a ferry or fly to a popular Greek island like Santorini or Mykonos, either basing themselves there or ferry-hopping between two or three others. You can reach mainland destinations by train or by hiring a car—factor in travel times between destinations when planning your vacation.

For a decent taster of the country, plan for a 10-day trip: Athens, plus one or two islands. Two weeks can provide a lovely combination of a city break and countryside getaways, plus swimming and sunbathing around the Greek coast.

One thing's for sure: Don't try to see it all in one trip. Greece is a country to savor and explore at leisure, with time to wander the charming cobbled streets and sip a frappe in a local cafe, watching local life unfold around you. Greece and its monuments have been around for centuries—they're not going anywhere.

Places to stay in Greece

Most vacations in Greece will commence in Athens, and there are many neighborhoods to choose from when booking a stay. While not a sprawling city by U.S. standards, it is one of the bigger European cities.

If you've never visited Athens before, a hotel located smack dab in the center, near the Acropolis and its accompanying museum, is a great choice. The upscale Herodion Hotel attracts visitors with its rooftop-bar views of the famous monument. Plus, it offers airport transfers.

Boutique hotels such as Asomaton (don't miss its relaxing plunge pool) and Altar Suites have cozy vibes in lovingly renovated centuries-old buildings. They're within walking distance of all Athens's main sites, as well as the contemporary old gasworks district of Gazi, where you'll find nightlife, tavernas and the industrial museum.

Heading to Santorini, base yourself at either Voreina Gallery Suites or Zannos Melathron Hotel . Both properties were renovated to their former splendor in the less-busy village of Pyrgos. You still get the magnificent Caldera sunset views without the crowds.

In Mykonos, Mykonos Town makes the best base if you don't mind being in the thick of it all. Hotels such as Semeli and Myconian Korali Relais & Chateaux have sleek Grecian lines and unfussy furnishings. Both have pools and airport transfers.

Book your visit

  • Eurostat : "Commercial flights in the summer still below 2019 level"
  • Enterprise Greece : "Greek tourism on track for record-setting year"
  • Schengen Visa News : "Greece to Introduce Caps on Daily Visitors to Acropolis"
  • The Guardian : "Heatwave set to be Greece's longest as extreme weather continues in Europe"
  • World Bank Group : "Climate Change Knowledge Portal–Climatology; Greece"
  • Greek National Tourism Organisation : "Athens"

The post The Best Time to Visit Greece, According to a Local appeared first on Reader's Digest .

The Best Time to Visit Greece, According to a Local

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9 day trip to greece

Greece Vacations & Trips

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Customize your vacation with ease all in one place

Your Greece Vacation

Get away to Greece on a vacation full of beautiful beaches, awesome ancient history, and taste bud-tantalizing cuisine. This laidback Mediterranean gem, one-time home to thinkers Aristotle and Hippocrates, can be a relaxed beach vacation or an educational family adventure on an Athens vacation package . You could level up the romance by watching the sunset over magical blue-and-white Santorini or eating fresh seafood on a Mykonos beach. For hiking or sailing, a Greece island vacation package would take in Corfu’s kaleidoscopic coastline and Amorgos and Andros , both super-popular walking destinations. A vacation package to Greece in 2023 will be one you remember.

Top destinations in Greece

Firá showing a coastal town and general coastal views


Venetian Port

The Latest Greece Vacation Packages

Santorini Dreams Villas

Santorini Dreams Villas

Reviewed on Oct 18, 2023

The Pinnacle Athens

The Pinnacle Athens

Reviewed on Nov 11, 2023

You And Me Suites

You And Me Suites

Reviewed on Aug 31, 2023

Theano Cave Suites & Villas

Theano Cave Suites & Villas

Pleasure Beachside Studios

Pleasure Beachside Studios

Greece beach vacation packages.

With some of the world’s most beautiful islands and a warm Mediterranean climate, Greece is the ultimate beach destination. You’ll find an awesome range of Beach Hotels & Resorts to add to your vacation package to Greece, whether you’re planning to sprawl out on famous shorelines like Navagio Beach ( Shipwreck Beach ) in Zakynthos , Kamari Beach in Santorini or Platis Gialos in Mykonos .

Visiting Corfu ? Add TRYP by Wyndham Corfu Dassia to your Greece package deal. Moments from the golden sand of Dassia Beach and with an outdoor pool and hot tub, you’ll be on island time here. If you’re planning a Santorini Greece vacation, Stelios Place is a budget-friendly option just a walk from the black-sand shoreline of Perissa Beach . Want to experience those breathtaking sunsets the Santorini village of Oia is renowned for? Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa has amazing Aegean Sea vistas. When searching for your dream property, filter the results by ocean views, popular locations and more. Then, read verified reviews from fellow sunseekers and find your beach bliss!

Adults-Only Vacation Packages

If you’re seeking an adults-only adventure, our vacation packages to Greece promise plenty of peace and quiet — plus romance, if the mood strikes! Get away from it all (particularly the crowds and kids) at one of our Adults Only Resorts & Hotels in Greece . On the island of Zakynthos, Keri Village & Spa by Zante Plaza is a top pick offering a spa, hot tub and honeymoon suites.

If you’re putting together a Greece package deal on the mainland, check out our Adults Only Resorts & Hotels in Athens . With luxurious rooms, some with an outdoor hot tub, Athens 1890 Hotel & Spa - Adults Only is a favorite. Use our handy filters to find stays offering special extras like an on-site spa and hot tubs. When you’re ready to book, bundle your hotel, airfare and a car rental into a vacation package to Greece for a truly relaxing and affordable break.

Where to Stay

From bustling cities to breathtaking islands, you’ll have your pick of places to stay when putting together your vacation package to Greece. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Athens : Greece’s capital is rich with history. Base yourself here to experience its many historical ruins, along with its operas, ballets and dramas and excellent dining.
  • Santorini : With its iconic architecture, magical sunsets, dramatic ocean vistas and wineries, this island is a couples’ paradise.
  • Mykonos : Mykonos has enough bars and nightclubs to keep even the most avid partygoer entertained! While it’s famous for its party scene, there are plenty of beaches to relax on after dancing the night away.
  • Naxos : Choose this easygoing island for its pristine sandy beaches, lush green mountains and archaeological sites. Shallow-water beaches make it ideal for families.

Top Things to Do

There’s so much to see and do during your Greece vacation. Immerse yourself in the rich history, culture and landscapes of this Mediterranean wonder with these ideas:

  • Iconic sights : No Greece vacation is complete without visiting landmark attractions like the Acropolis , Parthenon , Temple of Olympian Zeus and Syntagma Square .
  • Nightlife : Dance from dusk till dawn at parties on Mylopotas Beach on Ios island, or hit the epic beach bars and clubs at Super Paradise Beach on Mykonos. In Athens, club-hop through the Monastiraki area or join The Original Pub Crawl.
  • Food : Head for Heraklion Port on Crete to eat your way through the many traditional restaurants and tavernas. Add foodie activities to your vacation package to Greece, like a Private Greek Food Tour with 10 Tastings in Athens .
  • Nature : Lace up your hiking boots and explore Samaria Gorge in Crete and Mount Olympus in Thessaly . Don’t miss the incredible landscapes of Meteora , also in Thessaly.

How to Find Cheap Greece Package Deals

With Greece vacation packages starting from $1,589*, exploring this amazing country doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can save up to 21%** on your vacation in Greece just by bundling your hotel and flight. To find cheap vacation packages for Greece, simply browse our tempting offers or enter your destination and travel dates and sort your results by price. Another tip? Consider taking your Greece vacation in the low season (November through March) or the shoulder season (April through Mid-June, Mid-September through October). Peak season (mid-June through mid-September) is perfect for hitting the beaches, but expect higher hotel prices and large crowds.

*Prices and availability are subject to change. Additional terms apply.

**Savings based on all package bookings with Flight + Hotel made on Expedia from 2019-04-01 - 2020-03-31 as compared to the price of the same components booked separately. Savings will vary based on origin/destination, length of trip, stay dates and selected travel supplier(s). Savings not available on all packages.

Top Vacation Destinations in Greece

An image of athens

Visit the ancient capital with Athens vacation packages

Athens is one of the oldest cities in Greece, dating back to the ancient world, and you can still see much of its history on display through well-preserved ruins like the Parthenon. Several museums are available throughout town, but your best bet is simply visiting the ruins themselves. Additionally, you'll find modern attractions, too, like stunning world-class restaurants and a bustling nightlife.

An image of crete

Visit the island with Crete vacation packages

Crete is a massive island southeast of the mainland near the border of north Africa. On this island, you'll find welcoming towns and cities along with ruins of a historic culture known as the Minoans, who built a massive palace complex that you can still see the remnants of. Plus, the natural features and mountains here are good for outdoor adventurers looking for a satisfying hike.

An image of greek islands

Island hop on a Greek Islands vacation

Much of Greece is comprised of islands scattered throughout the Aegean, and each one has something special to offer to its visitors. When you visit the islands, you'll find stunning examples of Greek architecture as well as a more laid-back atmosphere compared to the mainland cities. Plus, the viewpoints from many of the islands make watching sunrises and sunsets unforgettable experiences.

Greece Essential Information

Prepare for your greece vacation with our essential travel info, greece hotel deals.

Grand Hyatt Athens

Reviewed on Nov 13, 2023

Athens Gate Hotel

Explore other types of vacation packages

9 day trip to greece

All Inclusive Vacations

9 day trip to greece

Beach Vacations

9 day trip to greece

Kid Friendly Vacations

9 day trip to greece

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9 day trip to greece

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9 day trip to greece

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9 day trip to greece

Ski Vacations

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LGBTQ Friendly Vacations

9 day trip to greece

Adventure Vacations

Frequently asked questions, discover the most popular places to visit in greece.

The ancient Greek city rises like a phoenix from the city center of modern Athens, lighting up at night in splendid glory.

Learn about the history of Meteora, a well-known monument in Kalabaka. Discover the mountain views and temples in this quaint area.

Syntagma Square

This square was built in ancient times and remains at the center of political and social activity in modern Athens.

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Vacation Packages

Discover greece, the astonishing achievements of an ancient civilization take center stage. shopping, beaches, food and wine, and much more complete the experience..

The unrivaled Acropolis of Athens and the whitewashed charm of the Greek Isles may bring you to Greece. The local olive oil, ouzo, music, dance and outdoor adventure will bring you back.

  • Central Crete
  • Netherlands

Featured Deals

Athens, santorini and mykonos: your way.

Daily Breakfast Additional Executive Member Benefit at Select Hotels

Athens and Mykonos: Your Way

Daily Breakfast Executive Member Benefit at Select Hotels

Rome and Athens: Your Way

Daily Breakfast

Athens and Santorini: Your Way

Athens and central crete: your way, central crete: your way.

Daily Breakfast Roundtrip Private Transfers

More About Greece

It takes no more than a few hours to realize that Athens is a city of dramatic juxtapositions, in which archaeological sites lie adjacent to steel-and-glass office complexes. Residents joke that you don't want to dig too deep here or you might uncover a lost ruin and find your house taken over by a museum. This dichotomy between the ancient and the new is alluring. So is the scenery. The land is dotted with cypress groves, vineyards, and olive trees; carved into gentle bays or dramatic coves bordered with startling white sand; or articulated into hills and mountains that plunge into the sea. Indeed, you can't travel far across the land without encountering the sea, or far across the sea without encountering one of the roughly 2,000 islands. This natural beauty, combined with plentiful archaeological treasures, make Greece a truly rewarding destination.

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Before You Go

  • To make it easier to replace your passport if it’s lost or stolen, in addition to your passport, take a photocopy of your passport information page (keeping it separate from your actual passport).
  • Carry only a limited amount of cash, just enough for gratuities and incidental purchases. Major credit cards are widely accepted and can be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Always lock your hotel room door (including patio and balcony door on any level of the building) and use the peephole before opening the door.
  • Store your valuables (such as cash, credit cards and airline tickets) in the hotel’s in-room safe or front desk safety deposit box.
  • If you must carry valuables on your person, do so in a pouch or money belt concealed under your clothing. Purses and backpacks can be easy targets for thieves.
  • For complete and current safety and security information, including travelers' tips, public announcements, travel advisories and more, please visit the website of the U.S. Department of State at
  • December through February: 55° to 53° (Winter)
  • March through May: 56° to 69° (Spring)
  • June through August: 77° to 81° (Summer)
  • September through November: 75° to 61° (Autumn)

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A 9 day itinerary for a feel-good Greece vacation

Delphi English Day Trip from Athens

The perfect 9 day Greece honeymoon itinerary


Epic 9 day Greece Trip Package from Ahmedabad

For beach bums: a 9 day Greece itinerary

For beach bums: a 9 day Greece itinerary

For those in love: a 9 day Greece honeymoon itinerary

For those in love: a 9 day Greece honeymoon itinerary

The tantalizing 10 day Greece itinerary for friends

The tantalizing 10 day Greece itinerary for friends

For families: the ideal 9 day Greece itinerary epic vacations

For families: the ideal 9 day Greece itinerary epic vacations

The perfect 8 day Greece itinerary for fun family vacations

The perfect 8 day Greece itinerary for fun family vacations

For adventurers: the best 8 day Greece itinerary

For adventurers: the best 8 day Greece itinerary

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  • A 9 Day Itinerary For A Feel-good Greece Vacation


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₹141,750/- ₹152,419/-

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  • 9 Days Greece Tour With Airfare

9 Days Tour Package To Greece With Airfare Rated 4.4 /5 (based on 77 reviews) 9 Days Tour Package To Greece With Airfare

9 Days Tour Package To Greece With Airfare 9 Days & 8 Nights

Greece is amazing

Greece is amazing

Have fun in Greece

Santorini Island bathed in soft sunlight

Relax on this trip to Greece

Hotel included in package:

  • Athens (4D)
  • Mykonos (2D)
  • Santorini (3D)

Starting from:

Per Person on twin sharing

Price For The Month

TravelTriangle has served 4720 + travelers for Europe

Let’s pack the bags and grab the boots to enjoy the most amazing international tour and take the turn towards one of the peaceful and history filled country. Book our Greece Itinerary 9 Days and spend these days to fulfill your adventurous and archeological desires.

Greece is said to be the most loving place for all the tourists around the Globe. A lot of people visit Greece for their vacations including, summer vacations, honeymoons, and groups holidays. A perfect destination for all kind of vacations and luxurious stay overs. Tourists love to enjoy wonderful evenings of Santorini in the exotic rooms of the grand hotels. There are Ancient Ruins in Athens, where travelers love to explore and spend days learning about the history and the ruins. Thousands of archeologists travel to Greece for learning and discovering purposes.

Awesome experience of being a part of a country where you can chill out and get all the fun you need on this 9 Days Itinerary for Greece  with us. You will have the best time of your life at this place and especially with the professional team.

Join our tour team of experienced travelers, you will love the transparency of the program and enjoy the destination.

  • Exceptional visit to Ancient Delos
  • Wonderful experience at Volcano Tour
  • Breathtaking views at Hot Springs
  • Mesmerizing rides of high-speed ferries.

Athens: Welcome to Greece

  • Leisure Day

Other Benefits (On Arrival)

Starting off your exotic days of holidays

After your safe landing at Athens Airport. One of our best agents will pick you up from the Airport and will take you to the dedicated hotel. He will help you with check-in and will take you to your rooms. After that, you will be free to go anywhere you want. You can take rest to get the jet lag off or you can go sightseeing on your own. You will find a lot of places to go around nearby. Later at night, you can come back to the hotel and stay there overnight.

Athens: Sightseeing

You will be thrilled to see the ruins of thousands of years ago

2nd day will be a day full of historical stories of the ruins. After a delightful breakfast, we will take you on a tour that you would never forget. We will start by going to the Contemplate Athens’ main attractions under the splendor of morning light. Where you will be able to explore many historical spots like Ancient Greece´s ruins, Acropolis, Parthenon, and Arch of Hadrian. The ruins of Greece will leave an impact on you that you will take back with you. Acropolis is a place that towers over the city below. Later by the evening, we will get back to the hotel through a private transfer. We will stay overnight there to get charged for another adventurous day ahead.

Athens: Ferry to Mykonos

  • Leisure Time

An ultra-perfect day at the Ferry Ride

Today after a scrumptious breakfast, we will check-out from the hotel and get aboard on a ferry ride towards Mykonos. You will enjoy a high-speed ferry ride and the breeze that will be blowing hard. After arrival at Mykonos, our agent will take you to the hotel and help you with the check-in process. The will be at your leisure. Either you can have rest in your rooms or you can go for walks and wander around the markets of the city. Later, when you will be back to the hotel, you can stay and take rest overnight.

Mykonos: Sightseeing

  • Island Tours
  • Ancient tour

A fantabulous voyage to the homes of the artists of history

On the 4th day of our Greece tour, we will take you to one of the oldest places in Greece. We will travel to Ancient Delos. It’s a sacred Island which also has the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. This will be a great half-day excursion to an island replete with history and legends.

Start/opening time: At 10 am

End/closing time: 2 pm

After closing time we will meet up at our fixed pick-up point and travel back to the hotel to stay there overnight.

Mykonos: Ferry Ride to Santorini

  • Relaxing experience

Let’s get contented on the wonderful voyage for the beautiful destination

After breakfast, we will proceed to check-out from the hotel of Mykonos. Later, we will get on board for a high-speed ferry ride to Santorini. One of the beautiful places on earth. After arrival, our agent will escort you to the hotel and help you with the check-in process. The will be at your leisure. Either you can have rest in your rooms or you can go for walks and wander around the markets of the city. Later, when you will be back to the hotel, you can stay and take rest overnight.

Santorini: Sightseeing

  • Hot Springs

A day with different and unique qualities at Hot springs

In the morning after a delicious breakfast, we will proceed for a unique journey to visit Volcanos and Hot Springs. We will depart from Athinios Port where you will embark the cacique with your guide and sail to the Volcano.

After the tour, we will get back to the hotel and take rest for the night.

Santorini: Ferry ride to Athens

Let’s head back to the wonderful ancient city and roam

Today we will say goodbye to Santorini. After breakfast, we will check-out from the hotel and our agent will take us to the Ferry station. We will then take a ferry ride to Athens. One of the peaceful and exotic cities of Greece. After reaching safely in Athens, we will proceed to the hotel and check-in the hotel with the help of our dedicated agent. The rest of the day will be at leisure. You will have the liberty to go around and have a feast upon the city of nightlife. We will stay overnight at the hotel of Athens.

Athens: Leisure Day

  • Adventure Activities

You have got the pace to ease around all day

After a mouthwatering breakfast, you will be free to go around the city. There are a lot of places that are not included in the planned tour. You can go there and explore. You will also have an option to go shopping in the market. There are a lot of fun and adventurous activities to do and also you can have a nightlife glimpse as well. Later, when you are free and tired, you can head back to the hotel and stay there overnight.

A wonderful and notorious Greece tour will end today

On the last day of our tour, we will check out from the hotel. Our agent will escort you to the Athens Airport. You will be taken to boarding your dedicated seat and will depart for your destinations. Though a tiring but a refined journey you can enjoy. Hope you had a wonderful vacation. The memories we created along with each other will bring you back to us to travel again soon.

Note: Our agents will provide you these or similar hotels depending on availability

Days 8, 1, 2

Pythagorion hotel

Pythagorion hotel

28 Agiou Konstandinou Street Omonia, Athens - 10437, Greece

Trip Advisor

  • Air conditioning
  • Elevator/lift
  • Concierge services
  • Laundry facilities
  • Safe-deposit box at front desk

Days 7, 5, 6

Hotel solaris

Hotel solaris

Fira Firá - 84700, Greece

Hotel mykonos beach

Hotel mykonos beach

Megali Ammos, Mykonos Town 846 00, Greece

  • Station/Airport Pick and Drop
  • Visa Assistance
  • Sightseeing
  • Travel Insurance
  • 8 Nights’ Accommodation at the hotel
  • Ferry tours
  • Parking fees
  • Government Tax
  • Service charges
  • City sightseeing
  • Personal Expenses
  • Driver allowance
  • Guide charges
  • Personal Travels
  • Entrance fees

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FAQs for Europe

Do we get insurance while traveling to greece.

  Yes, we offer 30,000 euros worth insurance per person while being on the trip.

Can we find halal food in Greece easily?

  You can find halal food hardly because mostly they offer only non-halal food products. But, still, we will arrange halal food for Muslims.

What type of accommodation we can have in Greece?

We will accommodate you in a luxurious 3-star hotel for the whole tour so that you can have the best night time there.

Can we extend our stay in Greece?

We wouldn’t be able to stay more than the plan, but if you want to stay further, you will have to carry all the burden and responsibilities yourself.

Does the tour amount cover the Airfare in such Switzerland tour packages from Kerala?

Yes, your tour amount for this package includes Airfare and it includes tickets for the parks and entrances.

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3 Europe Tour Packages

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Shreeja's 9 days trip to Europe

Vikas's 9 days trip to greece.

58, 3rd Cross Rd, BHBCS Layout, Stage 2, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076, India

Gaurav's 9 days trip to Greece

Gaurav Goswami

Xier, Thayer Street, London, UK

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Splendid Singapore Malaysia Thailand Tour Package From Mumbai

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  • Florence (2D)
  • Venice (4D)

Splendid Singapore Malaysia Bangkok Tour Package From Mumbai

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    If you have 9 days in Greece, you can truly immerse yourself in your interests without having to move around too much—whether that means island life, traditional culture, history, or active adventure. Get outdoors in Northern Greece and Corfu or hit the highlights of Crete, Greece's largest island and nearly as far south as you can get in Europe.

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    1. The Santorini Caldera. Santorini is the most magical and unique Greek island. Boat tours of the volcanic caldera are a highlight of any trip to Greece. 2. The Beaches of Naxos (and Many Greek Islands) There are many Greek islands with fantastic beaches (Mykonos, Milos, Paros, and Crete) but no island has a better beach scene than Naxos. 3 ...

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    Cyclades (Greek islands) Dodecanese 1) Athens (3 days) For your 9-10 days itinerary in Greece, the best is to land in Athens. You will spend your 3 first days in Greece's capital city.

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    Luc made the trip a great experience.". We offer 23 great 9-Day Greece tours and itineraries in 2023/2024. Our 9-Day itineraries and tours in Greece are offered by some of Greece's best tour operators. We promise you a quality 9-Day Greece itinerary.

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    Explore Athens, Classical Greece & Santorini - 9 Days Can't choose between Greek antiquity and picture-perfect island sunsets? This 9-day itinerary, offering a mix of both, is for you. You'll start in Athens, spending a few days sightseeing and touring the Acropolis.

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    Day 1: ATHENS - Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Nightlife in Athens You can't proudly say you've been to Athens if you skip the Acropolis. This iconic ancient site is a quintessential landmark of western civilization and one of the greatest architectural structures of all time.

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    Days 1-3 The Plaka district of Athens. Ian Dagnall/Alamy This quintessential itinerary includes visits to some of Greece's most iconic destinations, Zissimos says, adding that "it's our most...

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    Culture and crystal blue seas— a memorable holiday in Greece 9 Days & 8 Nights. Culture and crystal blue seas— a memorable holiday in Greece. 9. Days &. 8. Nights. Customizable. Call Us for details 1800-123-5555. Greece is amazing.

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    At 5th day spend the morning at the Meteora and at afternoon take the train from Kalambaka to Litochoro (less than 2 hours), it's the nearest village to Mountain Olympos. At 6th day hiking at Olympos. At 7th day take the train from Litochoro to Thessaloniki (about 1.5 hour) and stay there until 9th day.

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    1 long shirt and 1 jacket. 2 swimsuits & a coverup. travel shoes, flip flops, sandals, water shoes (for those urchins) 1 sun protection hat. Microfiber Beach/Travel Towel (if you are staying at an all-inclusive hotel, don't take any beach towels with you. The hotel will provide towels).

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    An overview of the most popular day trips in Greece: Day Trip from Athens to Delphi If you're eager to explore the ancient history of Greece, there are few places more suitable than Delphi. In millennia past, Delphi was considered to be the center of the world, highlighting its incredible sign.

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    For a decent taster of the country, plan for a 10-day trip: Athens, plus one or two islands. Two weeks can provide a lovely combination of a city break and countryside getaways, plus swimming and ...

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    Aquarium of the Pacific Tours and Tickets. Blue Lagoon Tours and Tickets. Burj Khalifa Tours and Tickets. Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) Tours and Tickets. Check out Viator's top rated Greece Day Trips with reviews, photos & free cancellation.

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    There's so much to see and do during your Greece vacation. Immerse yourself in the rich history, culture and landscapes of this Mediterranean wonder with these ideas: Bundle your Greece flight + hotel & save up to 100% off your flight with Expedia. FREE cancellation on select hotels .

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    The astonishing achievements of an ancient civilization take center stage. Shopping, beaches, food and wine, and much more complete the experience. The unrivaled Acropolis of Athens and the whitewashed charm of the Greek Isles may bring you to Greece. The local olive oil, ouzo, music, dance and outdoor adventure will bring you back.

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    Epic 9 day Greece Trip Package from Ahmedabad ₹106,075 / Person. For beach bums: a 9 day Greece itinerary ₹95,330 / Person. For those in love: a 9 day Greece honeymoon itinerary ₹93,800 / Person. The tantalizing 10 day Greece itinerary for friends ₹112,066 / Person.

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    9 Days Tour Package To Greece With Airfare 9 Days & 8 Nights Customizable Call Us for details 1800-123-5555 Greece is amazing 1 of 5 Hotel included in package: 3 Star Cities: Athens (4D) Mykonos (2D) Santorini (3D) 3 Stars Sightseeing Breakfast Stay Included Transfers Starting from: ₹141,750/-₹152,419/- Per Person on twin sharing

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    Greece is a great travel destination with a lot to do and see, but sometimes you need to get away and explore the surrounding areas. Book the best day trips from Greece, Europe directly on Tripadvisor and take the stress out of planning. Read 9,617,330 traveler reviews and view photos of different trips from Greece to various destinations. Find day trips to take today or this coming weekend ...