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Planning a Galapagos Islands Vacation? Here’s Why a Cruise is Your Best Bet

The Galapagos Islands are a treasure trove of natural beauty and unique wildlife. If you’re planning a vacation to this stunning archipelago, one of the best ways to explore all that it has to offer is by taking a cruise. A Galapagos Islands cruise offers unparalleled access to the diverse ecosystems and allows you to visit multiple islands during your trip. In this article, we will explore why a cruise is your best bet when it comes to experiencing the Galapagos Islands.

Access to Remote Locations

One of the biggest advantages of taking a Galapagos Islands cruise is the opportunity to visit remote and secluded locations that are not easily accessible by other means. These islands are protected areas, and many of them have limited or no infrastructure for tourists. By embarking on a cruise, you can reach these hidden gems and witness untouched landscapes that few people have seen before.

For example, Bartolome Island is famous for its iconic Pinnacle Rock and breathtaking panoramic views from its summit. However, reaching Bartolome Island independently can be challenging due to its remote location and lack of visitor facilities. On a cruise, however, you can easily include Bartolome Island in your itinerary and enjoy its pristine beauty.

Flexibility and Variety

Another advantage of opting for a Galapagos Islands cruise is the flexibility it offers in terms of destinations and activities. Each island in the archipelago has its own distinct features and wildlife population, making every stop on your journey an exciting adventure.

Whether you’re interested in snorkeling with sea lions at Gardner Bay or observing giant tortoises in their natural habitat on Santa Cruz Island, there’s something for everyone on a Galapagos Islands cruise. The itineraries are carefully planned to maximize your experience, allowing you to explore different islands throughout your trip.

Expert Guides and Educational Opportunities

A Galapagos Islands cruise is not just a vacation; it’s also an educational experience. The guides on board are experts in the flora, fauna, and geology of the islands. They will accompany you on excursions and provide valuable insights into the unique ecosystems that make the Galapagos Islands so special.

These knowledgeable guides will help you spot wildlife, explain their behaviors, and answer any questions you may have along the way. They are passionate about conservation and sustainability, and their expertise will enhance your understanding of the delicate balance of nature in the Galapagos.

Comfortable Accommodations and Onboard Amenities

While exploring the Galapagos Islands is undoubtedly an adventure, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Most cruises offer comfortable accommodations with private cabins, en-suite bathrooms, and air conditioning. You can relax after a day of exploration in your own cozy space while enjoying breathtaking ocean views.

Moreover, many cruises provide onboard amenities such as dining areas, lounges, sun decks, and even swimming pools. These facilities allow you to unwind and socialize with fellow travelers while taking in the beauty of your surroundings.

In conclusion, if you’re planning a vacation to the Galapagos Islands, a cruise is undoubtedly your best bet for experiencing everything this enchanting archipelago has to offer. From accessing remote locations to enjoying flexibility in your itinerary, from learning from expert guides to indulging in comfortable accommodations – a Galapagos Islands cruise provides an unforgettable journey through one of nature’s most remarkable destinations.

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3 island day trip

athens day cruise positive rectangular logo

What's Your Cruise Mood?

3 island day trip

Love Exploring

3 island day trip

Love Swimming

3 island day trip

Admire Tradition

3 island day trip

Admire Monuments

3 island day trip

Admire Churches

3 island day trip

Taste Pistachios From Aegina

3 island day trip

Taste The Traditional Greek Cuisine

3 island day trip

Taste The Unique Greek Coffee

One day cruise to three saronic islands. a full day of fun, culture and culinary discovery.

One of the beauties of traveling to Athens is a captivating cruise to the magical islands of the Saronic Gulf. Athens Day Cruises offers you the beauty of a day cruise to three islands, Hydra, Poros and Aegina with the promise of a world of pleasures on board. Your Greek island cruise from Athens begins with the colors of the sea, fresh salt air and the gentle breeze of the Saronic Gulf to heighten your senses. Imagine a day filled with golden moments on a day cruise from Athens, island hopping from Hydra, Poros and Aegina, aboard Athens Day Cruises, spacious, 3-deck cruise ships with every comfort and convenience to meet your expectations.

Our live orchestra welcomes you on board with traditional Greek music and international favourites. You’ll enjoy an optional breakfast on deck and delight in our well-balanced menu with Greek local products, including fresh fruit, yogurt and local honey. Lounging on our decks is an exceptional experience surrounded by the legendary blue waters of the Saronic Gulf. You’ll appreciate many activities on board, such as listening to music while sipping your special cocktail, dancing and the fun of taking a Greek dance lesson. Our lunch buffet offers you an exceptional culinary experience featuring a variety of authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by local wines (optional).

You can shop in our Tax Free store with a wide selection of prestigious Greek and international brands. If a day trip from Athens to the Greek islands is top on your wishlist, Athens Day Cruises 3 island tour is the perfect match for your cruising enjoyment.

Our special interest tours led by multilingual guides introduce you to the history and culture of Hydra and Aegina, with all the fun to suit your mood. We welcome you to join us for a unique journey of the senses on Athens Day Cruises one day cruise to three Saronic Islands for a full day of fun, culture and culinary discovery.

3 island day trip

Organize your Cruise

3 island day trip

Explore the moments of your Cruise

Moments from hydra.

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  • GR +30 210 428 5 500
  • [email protected]


  • One Day Cruise from Athens to 3 Islands Aegina – Poros – Hydra
  • Crucero de Atenas a 3 Islas Aegina, Poros, Hydra
  • Μονοήμερη Κρουαζιέρα στα 3 Νησιά – Ύδρα, Πόρο, Αίγινα
  • Athens One Day Cruise to 3 Islands – All Inclusive VIP Class!
  • Crucero de Un Día de Atenas a 3 Islas – PAQUETE VIP!
  • About Hydra Island
  • About Poros Island
  • About Aegina Island
  • La Isla de Hydra
  • La Isla de Poros
  • La Isla de Aegina

The Famous Greece's Athens Day Cruise to 3 Islands

Sail towards the day of fun and leisure, athens one day cruise to 3 islands hydra – poros – aegina.

On this Athens One Day Cruise to 3 Islands, Aegina – Poros – Hydra, upon arrival at the cruise ship you will receive a warm welcome from our Officers and Hostesses who will assist you with boarding on one of our Luxurious Cruise Ships and invite you to proceed either to the Main Lounge, where our Live Orchestra has already started putting you in the right mood with its international music repertoire, or to one of the spacious open decks where you can enjoy the fascinating view as the ship leaves the port.

One of our stops is Hydra Island, where nothing disturbs the peace and quiet that surround the old traditional stone houses. The 500 hundred years of history will unroll before you as you stroll around the little stone paved streets either by foot,or on the back of a donkey who are considered the main transport here on the magical Hydra Island! Stop by one of the little cafeterias by the sea front where the owner himself will pour you a cup of a traditional Greek coffee or refreshing lemonade.

We will also visit – Poros Island, a tiny beautiful island. While on our way, come down to the main lounge for an open buffet with a lot of different food choices and a lively chat with your fellow travelers! Visit the enchanting town of Poros Island and walk by the citrus trees and windmills.

Time will fly quickly…and soon we shall arrive to our last port of call – the Island of Aegina! Aegina Island is the perfect destination for the independent traveler who yearns to experience the reality of a real living and working island!

After staying on Aegina Island we once again hop on board of the Cruise Ship to sail back to Athens City. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze on one of the open decks or join us for a party that continues at the main lounge at the bar with live traditional music, dances and showman’s imaginative surprises. The party goes on until you disembark from the most wanted attraction in Athens City “One Day Cruise to 3 Islands“.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are new to the cruise or a returning visitor there is always something new to experience on this One Day Cruise from Athens City. Let us lead you to your next adventure on this Athens One Day Trip!

Athens Day Cruise Boat

The “Athens Day Cruise” Destinations

  • Islands We Visit

 Traveler’s Reviews

I visited the islands with my family on my birthday. I appreciated how kind and helpful the... More to Read...
The guide was well informed, the food was very tasteful and I actually joined in to dance ... More to Read...
Η Ύδρα είναι πανέμορφη. Το γεγονός οτι δεν έχει το καυσαέριο και την φασαρία απο τα αυτοκίνητα... More to Read...
Les îles étaient magnifiques, l'équipage était merveilleux etJ'étais très satisfait
The tour felt very efficient, the guide was very kind and knowledgeable and it was really ... More to Read...

Traveler Photos

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3 island day trip

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Greek Three Island Tour - Hydraiki Athens One Day Cruise

  • Europe    
  • Greece    
  • Attica    
  • Athens    
  • Athens - Things to Do    
  • Hydraiki Athens One Day Cruise

We went on this 3 Island Cruise approximately 3 weeks ago from Athens, to Hydra, Poros and Aegina... read more

3 island day trip

I think reviews about this one day cruise are negatively impacted based on the time of year and... read more

3 island day trip

Greek Three Island Tour

We took the tour on Sunday 5/17 and the boat was packed but the boarding and departure was smooth. Also the food was very good and unexpected. Knowing that we were able to visit 3 islands in one day, take a dip in the Mediterranean, ride a donkey, listen to great music, and just relax was 100% worth it! When in Hydra - take the the time to walk to the swim area and you can swim into a cave with birds. I ran out of time but was told it was VERY cool.

This tour goes to Hydra, Poros and Aegina. It seemed like a great deal, three islands for 98 euro/person, 'wait, we will give you a deal for 75 euro/person!' Boy, was I wrong. First of all, they were late picking us up at 7:15 am. May seem like no big deal, but when I have to wake up early on vacation for a tour and they are super late... I resent missing out on sleep. :) We get to the boat and it is pretty run down and crammed full of folks. This matters because you spend most of the day on the boat ferrying between islands and it can be tough to find a seat. We don't get off at the first island, Hydra, until almost noon. Up until that point, they have served no food, no drinks, not even water. You have to pay extra for all that and (as is usually the case with a hostage audience on a boat) it's all expensive and not very appealing. As we are getting off at Hydra, they tell us that our group doesn't get lunch until after the second island. Since we've already been with this tour four five hours with nothing, we go to a place in Hydra and have (excellent) lunch. But, since we are only on the island for little more than an hour, that is all we can do there. Too bad, looked like an interesting place. Back on the boat to Poros. Bad news, only 30 minutes on Poros. We grab gelato, never get out of eyesight of the boat and we're back on. By this time, it's 2:45-3:00 and they finally feed us lunch. We were pretty full from Hydra, but thought we'd grab some salad or fruit and were surprised to find neither in the buffet. An attendant approached our table and asked what we wanted to drink and I was a little surprised when he charged us 7.50 euro for three cans of soda. Apparently, the price of lunch did not include drinks of any kind. We get to Aegina, our last stop, and actually had two hours on this island. There's a beach nearby, but it was off season and closed. We got in the water anyway. I wish we had spent less time there and more on Hydra or Poros which both seemed more interesting. And back to Athens around 7:30pm. I highly suggest you just take a ferry or water taxi to Hydra or Poros and spend the day there without doing a tour like this. Unless, you can find a better one than this. Overpriced, shabby, greedy on basics like... water, just lame, lame, lame. Very unhappy with this. But, the islands were gorgeous! Just find a better way to get there!

The opportunity to see 3 islands with completely different vistas was the best part of the day. Hydra was like a post card. The only downside was the staff of the boat smoking at the rear of the upper lounge which made me cough and feel unwell.

We loved this tour! The boat was not crowded, the islands were beautiful, the food was great, and the final Greek folk show was wonderful. Even the audience participated. We would give this tour a five star rating, except for the tour experience on Aegina. We chose the "classical tour" in order to see the Cathedral. It cost us an extra 25 euros apiece. There were three guides on the tour. At the first stop, two of guides stayed in the gift shop, smoking with the driver. The other guide, could not control the group at all and finally gave up and left us on the site! As we did not have any idea what we were seeing, it wasn't a very enjoyable experience. And, though the tour was billed as "in English", one of the tour guides attempted (very poorly) to provide a Japanese translation. Her reading of Japanese was so poor that it was grating on other passengers. We have no problem with bilingual tours at all, but the guides MUST be proficient in the language and must also know the correct information! This tour was a disaster and a waste of money. Stay away from it and just wander around Aegina.

I took the I day trip to the Islands of Hydra, Poros, Aegina on May 4th. My hotel got me the tour at a discount from printed prices and this included the excellent buffet meal on set tables to sit at, but not drinks which were very reasonable prices. The bus was absolutely on time and I was upset to be told he would not allow coffee on board, but that was my major irritation of the day actually. The tour was not full as it was a Monday in May, it was very well organised the tour manager gave a talk in several languages to different groups and there was a band cheesy maybe but an excellent mandolin saxophone and keyboard players. Dancing and entertainment between islands. I was impressed how hard everyone in the crew worked to make the day enjoyable. It was the only way that I could have seen all the islands and we had 90 mins on Hydra,( where no motorised vehicles are allowed except the garbage truck) to walk the bay, look at the boats and the donkeys, maybe a ride as well and enjoy the colours of the sea. Poros stop was shorter at 40 mins beautiful sea and more boats and scenery. Aegina stop was 2 hours had organised tours I did the Classical (25 E) bit of a rush, but managed to see the temple and Church. It was good, but to get on a bus straight from the boat was pressured and I wondered if a swim would have been better, but then wouldn't have seen anything . It was a lovely long day from 0700hrs to 20.30hrs but a really good time, met lots of interesting people , enjoyed the meal and the beautiful scenery. Well done all the staff and I highly recommend the tour.

3 island day trip

This one day cruise was great. The islands that we visited was wonderful and beautiful. Hydra was great, Poros was amazing ( the best place for panoramic pictures atop the clocktower), and Aegina was good. The hospitality on the cruise was amazing and the greek food buffet was awesome. The free time in between islands was somewhat boring but when the entertainment began, it became fun. I highly suggest bringing some stuff to get you by if you get bored.

Athens Tours Greece Tours

Athens Tours Greece

Athens Day Cruise to 3 Majestic Islands Aegina, Hydra, Poros

The Athens one-day cruise to 3 Islands: Hydra, Poros, Aegina is one of the most memorable and unique experiences you will have in Greece.


The cruise ship sails early in the morning (8.15 am) towards either Poros – Hydra – Aegina or Hydra – Aegina – Poros. Keep in mind that the itinerary and the duration of stay on each island cannot change and are not customizable.

Highlights of the Athens Day Cruise to 3 Majestic Islands Aegina, Hydra, Poros

  • The island of Hydra, which is one of the most picturesque islands you have ever seen. It is protected by UNESCO.
  • The natural landscape of Poros with its shores and coves
  • The hospitable atmosphere of Aegina and its tasteful pistachios!

Description of the cruise from Athens to Aegina, Hydra and Poros islands


The cruise will start early in the morning. You will be received at the Port of Piraeus by the hostess and a warm welcome from the crew of the ship and you can either enjoy a soft drink at the lounge or stay at the open deck to watch the departure.

Soon after the departure, you will need to assemble to the main lounge where you will be given all the information you will need for the islands and your stay on the ship during the cruise.

The green island of Poros

poros island near athens

Two hours after the departure the cruise will take you to the island of Poros , which is the smallest of the islands you will be visiting, but also the greenest, with the most interesting coastline.

Poros is separated from the mainland of the Peloponnese Peninsula by a narrow strait that creates a truly unique landscape. The leisure time in Poros is approximately 50 minutes and you have ample time to walk down its small streets and take as many pictures as you like.

Hydra, the island with no cars

hydra island near athens

Continuing the cruise, you will be arriving at the port of Hydra , almost an hour and 15 minutes later. We recommend you to be on the deck to watch the arrival because the island of Hydra is amphitheatrically shaped and offers a unique view when entering the port.

The landscape of the island of Hydra is dramatic and is adorned by the traditional mansions and stone houses that reflect the richness of the island and its old citizens. You will notice right away that there are no cars on the island. Indeed, no vehicles are allowed, so you can only walk, take a bicycle, a donkey, or hire a water taxi to visit one of the more remote villages of the island!

Hydra is the ideal island to stroll; beautifully paved streets, quite many stairs, and a truly captivating seaside promenade. This is probably the island you will adore due to its uniqueness. You will be staying for an hour and a half in Hydra and when you return on the ship you will have a nicely prepared lunch that will give you a full idea of what the Greek cuisine tastes like.

Aegina, the largest of the Saronic islands

the greek island Aegina

Two hours later you will be arriving at Aegina, where you can choose what you want to do. Aegina is the largest of the islands and has a number of interesting sites to explore.

Classical tour on Aegina (optional)

There is a guided bus tour on the island that takes you to the Temple of Athena Aphaia , one of the best-preserved temples in Greece, which is built on a lovely hill and offers spectacular views to the entire island, as well as the Saronic Gulf and even Piraeus. On the way back to Aegina’s port you will make a short stop to the Byzantine Church of St Nectarius.

Panoramic tour on Aegina (optional)

The second option you have is the Panoramic Tour that will take you across the island to get an overview of the natural landscape. You will not get to see the archaeological site with this tour though. The tour will end with a stop by the seaside where you can enjoy a small meal with Greek meze dishes and ouzo!

NOTE. You can buy the tickets for both optional shore trips on board so that you do not need to worry about it.

When you return to the cruise ship, do not think that the cruise is over. The best is yet to come! The crew of the ship along with dancers and singers will dress in their original Greek costumes and offer you a Greek Traditional Folk Show on board, to animate you during the return to the Port of Piraeus. The main goal is to feel rejuvenated with this cruise, but also entertained!

The cruise from Athens to Poros, Hydra, and Aegina is by far the most popular cruise in Greece: elegant boats, delicious food, live music + dance, and a sea of happy faces from all over the world on a wonderful voyage to three Greek islands. Let’s sail together! You only need to bring your camera… we’ll bring a good mood!

With transfer pick up from Athens to/from the port (Flisvos): €155,- per adult

With transfer pick up from athens to/from the port (flisvos): €104 ,- per child (03-11).

N.B. Clients staying in hotels or a friends addresses and are not included in our pick up list, during the booking can choose the Arethusa Hotel, ideally located just next to Syntagma (Constitution) square and Plaka (old town of Athens) in 6 – 8 Mitropoleos street, street of the Athens Cathedral rite in the center of the city. Our guide will ask for you. Pick up for Clients staying out of Athens; please contact us

Athens best, Athens cruise, Delphi and Peloponnese 6 days

Tours from Oban

3 island day trip

Three Isles Tour - Mull, Iona & Staffa

Adult £94 | Child £47

3 island day trip

Mull and Iona

Adult £54 | Child £28

3 island day trip

Tobermory, Treshnish, Staffa

Adult £109 | Child £55

3 island day trip

Tobermory and Staffa

Adult £97 | Child £48

3 island day trip

Wildlife Tour

Adult £99 | Child £49

3 island day trip

Three Isles Early Bird

Adult £88 | Child £44

3 island day trip

Iona Day Trip Winter Special

Adult £27.90 | Child £14

3 island day trip

Tobermory Day Trip Winter Special

Adult £19.90 | Child £10

In and Around Mull

Explore the island on our local bus routes

The insider's guide to Mull, Iona, Staffa and the Treshnish Isles.

Tours from Mull

3 island day trip

The Three Isles Tour (Departing from Craignure, Mull)

Adult £71 | Child £35

3 island day trip

Mull and Iona (Departing from Craignure, Mull)

Adult £38 | Child £19

3 island day trip

Tobermory, Treshnish and Staffa (Departing from Craignure, Mull)

Adult £81 | Child £40

3 island day trip

Tobermory and Staffa (Departing from Craignure, Mull)

Adult £69 | Child £35

3 island day trip

Wildlife Tour (Departing from Craignure, Mull)

Adult £75 | Child £37

3 island day trip

Three Isles Early Bird (Departing from Craignure, Mull)

Three isles tour – mull, iona & staffa.

Duration: 10 Hours

Discover the wonders of three Scottish islands in one day! 

Journey through the stunning scenery of the Isle of Mull, delve into the ancient history of Iona then onto the unique Isle of Staffa to see the geological wonders of Fingal’s Cave and, until early August, the opportunity to see its nesting puffins.

The Three Isles Tour departs at 0955 from Oban Ferry Terminal on the CalMac ferry, crossing the Firth of Lorn to Craignure on Mull where you join your coach.  On the coach journey you’ll hear fascinating commentary about the beautiful scenery you’re traveling through and the history of the island. The route through Mull is via Glen More to Fionnphort where you board the ferry for the Isle of Staffa. After landing on Staffa and visiting Fingal’s Cave, we sail south to the Isle of Iona. Visit Iona Abbey, the Benedictine nunnery and the Reilig Oran – the burial place of kings.

Trying to book tickets for tomorrow? – Our online booking system requires at least 24 hours’ notice, however, we may still have tickets available.  Please call us on 01586 552319 to check for last-minute availability or pop into the West Coast Motors Tour shop, located in George St, Oban.

**  You can pre-book tickets for Iona Abbey here **

Your itinerary

Before you set off, please pick up your tickets from our West Coast Motors Tour Shop at 17 George Street, Oban, PA34 5RU. We are open from 0830 am – 5.30 pm 7 days per week. . Our shop is just five minutes from Oban ferry terminal.

** Please note that very occasionally, itineraries may be subject to change on the day due to circumstances outwith our control **

  • 0925 Arrive at Oban ferry terminal ready to board
  • 0955 Ferry sails from Oban to Craignure, Mull
  • 1041 Arrive in Craignure, Mull
  • 1055 Depart Craignure by coach for a tour of Mull
  • 1215 Arrive at Fionnphort

One hour on Staffa and approx. two hours on Iona

  • 1715 Depart Iona (no later than)
  • 1745 Depart Fionnphort
  • 1900 Arrive Craignure
  • 1925 Boarding at Craignure for Ferry back to Oban
  • 1925 Ferry departs Craignure
  • 2015 Ferry arrives back in Oban

** Please note that on Sundays, due to a later ferry time, arrival back in Oban will be 2105 with the ferry departing Craignure at 2015 **

  • Departure times may vary on Saturdays due to ferry capacity limitations, with the tour leaving on the 0800 sailing rather than at 0955. Our team will keep you informed through email of any changes to your tour itinerary.
  • Sailings and landings are subject to favourable sea and weather conditions.
  • We strongly recommend bringing your own food, snacks, and refreshments.  Food and drink are available on the Oban to Craignure ferry crossing and on the Island of Iona.

Head over to our FAQ section for more information on how to pick up your ferry tickets and useful tips to make the most of your day trip!

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I took a Day Cruise from Athens – My experience

After traveling for one and a half years in Asia , it was time to go back home. Since we had a layover in Athens, we decided to book a hotel for a few nights and explore the city. I ended up loving Athens and one of my favorite activities was the day cruise to Poros, Aegina, and Hydra.

Athens day cruise to Aegina

These three islands are beautiful and I only wish I could stay longer and explore each one of them for a few more hours. If you’re planning to visit the capital city of Greece, you have to take a day cruise from Athens. You can sit back and relax while you sail to some of the most incredible islands.

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know if you’re considering a 3-island cruise from Athens. 

1. How to prepare for a one day cruise from Athens

Greece is a country with more than 6000 islands and you’ll have the chance to visit three of them in just one day. All Athens cruises start early in the morning from Flisvos Marina ( book your tour now ).

Day cruise from Athens

To get there you can use public transport (we took a bus from our hotel) or a taxi. Honestly, I recommend taking a taxi since buses in Athens are not very reliable. 

Once you get to your ship, make sure to present your reservation (some of the cruise companies require a printed reservation) and then you’ll be ready to board a massive ship that will take you to the beautiful islands of Poros, Hydra, and Aegina.

No time to read now? Pin it for later!

Athens day cruise to 3 islands - Aegina, Poros, and Hydra

The ships are very comfortable and all day cruises from Athens include a delicious buffet lunch, Greek performances, and live Greek music. I had a lot of fun and I loved listening to traditional Greek music while sailing the sea.

Other AWESOME things to do in Athens:

  • Enjoy the view of Acropolis from  Aeropagus Hill
  • Eat something sweet at the quirky Little Kook Cafe
  • Take a  day trip to beautiful Meteora  and admire the breathtaking views
  • Take a  day trip to Delphi , the center of the Ancient Greek universe

Day cruise from Athens

If you want extra food or drinks, you can always buy whatever you need from the bar. Keep in mind that the prices are a bit higher than in supermarkets. I recommend bringing a bottle of water and some snacks with you.

While getting ready for this 3 island tour from Athens , don’t forget to bring the following cruise essentials:

  • sunscreen – trust me, you’ll need it especially if you’re visiting Athens during the summer
  • a hat – the sun can be very harsh during the summer
  • comfortable shoes – if you want to explore as much as possible of these three islands, make sure to bring some comfortable shoes
  • camera – these three islands are incredibly beautiful and you’ll want to take lots of photos

2. Athens day cruise – itinerary

The final itinerary will be decided by the cruise personal on the morning of departure, depending on sea conditions. This means that you’ll visit all three Greek islands but probably in a different order than the one below.

Athens day cruise to Aegina

Before pulling into the port of Aegina, we were presented with the option to buy a guided bus tour to the Temple of Aphaia and the Agios Nektarios Monastery or a tour of the island scenery. If you choose one of these tours, you will have to pay extra.

We decided to explore Aegina on our own and we spend the time walking on the seashore and exploring the narrow streets full of souvenir shops. When in Aegina, you have to try the ice cream – it’s delicious and there are so many flavors to choose from!

Athens day cruise to Aegina

For the best view over the city, head to this place . If you decide to skip the guided tours and explore Aegina at your own pace, you can also visit the Ekklisia Isodia Church. If you have time left, head to some of the smaller streets. Here you’ll find many local shops selling beautiful souvenirs.

In total, we had about one hour and a half to explore Aegina. Fun fact – did you know that Aegina is the first capital of modern Greece?

-> Book your Athens cruise here .

Poros front view - colorful Greek houses

Our Athens day cruise continued with a stop to beautiful Poros. Make sure to check out the views as the ships makes its way into the port. The buildings are layered over the hills and create some stunning views. 

You’ll only have 45 minutes here. Therefore, you’ll have to decide what you want to do – you can either explore the city or climb to the clock tower for a panoramic view of the city.

Since most of the people on our cruise ship headed directly to the clock tower, we decided to explore the city. I prefer going to places with fewer tourists.

Poros Island near Athens colorful houses and boats

We ended up walking on a long pontoon bridge which had the most incredible views. We admired the houses, the exotic trees, took some photos, and then headed back to our ship.

It was time for our buffet lunch! A Greek feast was waiting for us with lots of delicious food and yummy desserts. We enjoyed our meal while listening to Greek music and continued our journey to our last stop – Hydra.

Athens day cruise to Hydra

Hydra, the last stop on our 3 island cruise from Athens, was my favorite. Hydra is the only island in Greece with no cars. Therefore, people mainly use donkeys as a means of transportation. 

I loved this island. The beautiful houses, the charming restaurants, the luxurious yachts and vessels – everything was like a summer dream. I wish I could spend a few days here.

Athens day cruise to Hydra

I spent my time exploring the city, walking through the maze of alleys, and taking photos. Lots of photos. After we enjoyed the beauty of this island, it was time to head back to the ship and back to Athens.

On the way back we were entertained with Greek music and performances. I haven’t been on many cruises, but this Greek island cruise from Athens was one of the best experiences of my life.

Athens day cruise

3. Where to book your day cruise from Athens

You can search for a tour agency in Athens or you can book your cruise online. I recommend booking your cruise online, a few days in advance. This is the tour that we booked and we loved it!

Hydra town panoramic view

4. Athens day cruise – FAQ

How many hours does a day cruise from Athens last?

Usually, the cruise takes 10 hours and it starts at 8 in the morning.

What islands will I visit on a day cruise from Athens?

You will visit the following islands – Poros, Hydra, and Aegina.

Does the buffet lunch include options for vegetarians?

Yes, the buffet lunch includes options for vegetarians.

How many passengers are on the boat?

A cruise ship can accommodate up to 800 passengers. It depends on the season if the ship will be full or not.

5. Where to stay in Athens

If you’re planning to spend a few days in Athens, I’m here to help you. I’ve been searching for the best hotels, for each budget and these are my recommendations:

  • Budget – Bedbox Hostel –  excellent location, clean rooms, friendly staff, good amenities, fun activities
  • Mid-Budget – Evripidou Suites –  excellent location, clean and spacious rooms, beautiful design, excellent amenities
  • Luxury – The Pinnacle – amazing rooftop terrace with view towards Acropolis, spacious and luxurious rooms, breakfast included, friendly staff, excellent amenities and location

I loved cruising around these 3 incredible Greek islands for a day. If you’re planning to visit Athens, a day cruise is a must! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments section below.

May the travel bug bite you!

3 island day trip

Aurelia Teslaru is a professional travel blogger and the writer behind Daily Travel Pill. With a 4-year experience as a travel writer and photographer, Aurelia only shares travel guides about destinations that she visited.

She has been to more than 40 countries during the past 10 years and aims to explore 50 countries before turning 30 years old. Aurelia is a digital nomad who transformed her passion for travel into a lifestyle. Read more about her here .

To follow her adventures, check out her Instagram and Facebook pages!

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3 island day trip

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Athens Island Cruise – Hydra Poros And Egina Day Cruise From Athens

Looking for the best Athens island cruise? The Hydra Poros And Egina Day Cruise From Athens is for you. Read more about Greek island tours from Athens.

Olympic Cruises Three Island day trip from Athens

Greek Island Tours from Athens

Many people that visit Athens, do so with limited time. Spending two or three days in the city, they tend to see the main attractions such as the Parthenon, Archaeological Museum , and Ancient Agora . They often include a day trip out to the wider area as well.

One such popular  day trip from Athens , is the Olympic Cruises Three Islands trip. This cruise takes in the nearby islands of Hydra, Poros, and Aegina all of which are in the Saronic Gulf.

Note: Olympic Cruises changed their name to Evermore Cruises a little while after I took the Hydra Poros Aegina tour.

This Greek island cruise from Athens offers a neat introduction to island life, architecture, history, and culture. You also get to enjoy great food, music, and unmatched views along the way! 

Check out this Athens day cruise to 3 islands here: Full-day Tour of the Saronic Islands from Athens

Hydra Poros And Egina Day Cruise From Athens

The Olympic Cruises Three Islands Tour departs from Marina Flisvos. This is about 6km from central Athens, and is classed as a ‘mega-yacht' port.

You can reach the marina from central Athens by a combination of metro and tram, and Olympic Cruises (now Evermore) also provide transfer services. I found that the easiest way was by taxi. From central Athens, the cost is about 10 Euros.

Athens Island Cruise

The boat, is the Kassandra Delphinus, and can carry a maximum of 344 people. We were nowhere near that capacity though, as our day trip from Athens with Olympic Cruises took place in the quieter month of November.

We were perhaps 50 people on-board, including the crew. This made it quite a relaxed atmosphere, and there were plenty of places to sit when the boat departed at 08.00.

Leaving port with Olympic Cruises. Taking a day cruise from Athens to visit three neighbouring islands.

This small cruise ship acts solely as a tourist vessel for exploring these 3 Saronic Islands . If you want to do more Greek island hopping, look up ferry timetables on Ferryhopper .

Day cruises from Athens, Greece

Anyone that knows me, will already be aware that I am not a terrific sailor. Despite having sailed from Panama to Colombia , and Malta to Sicily, I pretty much just have to look at a boat and my stomach turns!

OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture! I'm happy to say though, that I didn't get sick at any point of the journey, despite some pretty rough seas towards the end.

Pro-tip – Consider taking some travel sickness medication if you are not used to the sea.

Olympic Cruises Three Islands Tour Review

Once seated, the guide gave us a quick introduction to the islands, and the intriguing history behind them. Due to our position on the boat though, it was pretty difficult to hear.

I would suggest sitting a little closer to the bar area on the outdoor deck just in case. (And there is nothing wrong with sitting closer to the bar!).

An hour into the cruise, musicians started playing some well known Greek songs. This was timed perfectly for navigating close to some interesting looking small islands and cliffs, with the Greek music lending extra atmosphere.

Hydra Island near Athens

First port of call on our day trip from Athens with Olympic Cruises, was the island of Hydra . A walking tour was available here for an additional fee.

I would suggest though that if money is tight, this walking tour is not essential. A  little prior research will enable you to see all the highlights of the town in an informed manner.

A view of Hydra from the Olympic Cruises boat

Hydra reminded me somewhat of Santorini , a place I had visited just the weekend before.

The main aspect of this island though, is that there are no vehicles allowed, apart from the three ‘official' vehicles. (These are the ambulance, fire truck, and rubbish truck!). This means that the centuries old tradition of moving goods around through the narrow streets by donkey remains.

Donkeys on the Greek island of Hydra

Sightseeing in Hydra

We spent an hour on the island of Hydra, before going back to the boat. Once we were under-way again, it was time for the included lunch, which was a buffet lunch style affair.

A large plate of roast chicken, Greek salad, and potatoes was just what I needed! I didn't say no to the pie for dessert either!

Poros Island near Athens

The next stop, was at the island of Poros. In my mind, there was little point in including this island on the itinerary, and a Two Island Cruise may have been better.

Stopping for just half an hour allowed us to climb to the clock-tower, take a few photos, and get back down again. Personally, I would have preferred to use that time on the previous island instead of just such a short visit on this one.

Aegina Island

Back onto the boat, and the Athens one day cruise continued on to the island of Aegina. The main point of interest here, is the Temple of Aphaia .

This is reachable by another guided tour at an additional cost, or you could arrange a taxi. My advice, is to go for the guided bus tour, as this is the easiest option, and you get the benefit of a guide.

The Temple of Aphaia on Aegina. Said to be one of the Sacred Triangle Temples.

Sacred Triangle in Greece

This is a temple I hadn't heard of before. It is also said to be part of the Sacred Triangle. (The Sacred Triangle is formed between the Temple of Aphaia in Aegina, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion , and the Parthenon in Athens ).

All these temples were constructed at the same period in history. Were they deliberately positioned to form the shape of a triangle? If so, why?

Of course, if you plot any three points on a map, they make a triangle! Interesting, nonetheless.

We then would have had an extra hour on the island for ourselves. As the weather was bad however, the Captain made the decision to return earlier. Wise decision Sir! The sea was choppy enough even then!

Final Thoughts on the Olympic Cruises Three Island Tour

Although the day at times seemed a little rushed, the Olympic Cruise Three Island day trip is ideal for anyone spending just a brief time in Athens or Greece.

In one day, you get to experience a luxury yacht, music, fine food, and three Greek islands. On our way back, we got the view of a great sunset as well! Keep in mind, that any guided tours you take on the cruise will come at an additional cost.

Conclusion – A good tour for people seeking to maximise their Greek experience in a short amount of vacation time.

3 Island Tour Athens Tips

Useful Info – This was a full on day, with an early start. Lunch is provided for the trip, but drinks and other snacks are additional purchases you will need to make at the bar. I would suggest bringing a day-bag with some snacks and water. I would also recommend you bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock.

To take a look in more detail including prices about cruises to the 3 islands, take a look here – Hydra, Poros and Egina Day Cruise .

The Olympic Cruises Three Islands cruise, is a great day trip from Athens. Visiting the three nearby islands of Hydra, Poros, and Aegina, in one day, you have a full Greek experience of culture, cuisine, history, and beauty.

Have you been on the Olympic Cruises Three Islands Day Trip from Athens, or are you thinking of going? Please leave a comment below.

Further Information About Athens

Here are some other guides on Athens that you might find useful when planning your trip.

  • A Day in Athens – A 1 day Athens sightseeing itinerary.
  • 2 Days in Athens – A guide on what to see and do during 2 days in Athens
  • Hotels near the Acropolis – Stay at one of the hotels near the Acropolis and make the most of your time in Athens.
  • Hiking from Fira to Oia in Santorini – A lovely half day hike that takes in glorious views of Santorini.
  • Places to visit near Athens – There's some fascinating places around Athens you should see!

Which one is Dave Briggs and which one is the donkey on Syros

Dave is a travel writer who's been living in Greece since 2015. In addition to writing this guide to taking a tour from Athens to 3 Greek islands nearby, he's created hundreds of other travel itineraries and blog posts about Greece which you can find here on Dave's Travel Pages. 

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1 thought on “Athens Island Cruise – Hydra Poros And Egina Day Cruise From Athens”

the day cruise is always a suggestion of mine to anyone with a few days more in Athens. Personally I’d pick one island and spend the day there! I haven’t visited that temple in Aegina, but I know the place from a children’s book called Vagia’s Treasure. Saint Nektarios monastery is also pretty in Aegina especially in the springtime!

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