Christian help for blended families

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Blended families are on the rise in America. Therefore, learning how to successfully blend a family is a must. According to the Step-family Foundation, 2 out of 3 blended relationships will end in divorce. In order to survive these odds; it is essential for couples to understand the central issues that will help bridge the distance between them and bring harmony that will keep their marriages intact.

Issues for couples to consider. Establish biblical priorities.

If you are presently in a blended family, establishing biblical priorities is where you must begin. Therefore, which priorities will help to establish and build up your home? On the vertical plane, your highest priority must be Christ and your relationship with Him. If He is the Lord of your life and the wisdom of His Word rules in your heart, you can rest in His strength and guidance when the conflicts come.

If Christ is not Lord of your life, then you are! Can you affirm without hesitation that Christ is Lord of your life? Do your actions demonstrate the truth of your profession? Jesus wanted His disciples to understand that they could not acknowledge His Lordship without actually obeying Him and doing as He commanded.

Why do I bring up this Christian help for blended families Because the lack of a committed Christian walk is the most fundamental reason a blended family, or any family, self-destructs. My hope is that you will choose this day to make Jesus Lord of your life, and by His wisdom you will build your house by doing what He taught. As Christ must be the highest priority on the vertical plane, your marriage partner must be the highest priority on the horizontal plane.

The one flesh relationship must be the most important priority, even above your own natural children. If your spouse believes that he or she has been given a second or third position, and your job, your parents, or your children have the priority, your spouse will feel betrayed.

This violation of your marriage vows will naturally place your entire marriage in serious jeopardy. These two priorities are the surest foundation upon which to build a secure and lasting relationship. The humility to bend. Why must I change now? If you find stubbornness and strife in Christian help for blended families relationship, ask God to help you humbly bend. The changes that are necessary to bring harmony in your home will come naturally if you will ask God for this humble heart. He longs to teach you His ways. This fear naturally inhibits the companionship and trust needed for a successful marriage.

Why is this important? Has your partner truly repented and received Christ? Does the fruit of his or her life reveal this fact? Has biblical action been taken to resolve all outstanding conflicts with the spouse? Has he or she acknowledged personal faults in the marriage and made changes that are clearly evident? This is extremely good counsel. Go forward! Resolve any guilt or resentment. If either of you have been ly married, each must question his or her own heart to be sure that no guilt or resentment is being held on to.

Unresolved issues here will greatly hinder the future of your marriage. If you have failed to resolve such issues, you are laying a sure stumbling stone for your present relationship. Do people really hold on to past issues like this?

What happens when a person holds resentment? At some time in the future, that resentment will cause that person to take an evil action as it did Herodias. She simply waited for an opportunity to strike out at John. Ultimately, she had him killed. You need to accept that your history has been blotted out, washed clean Acts Resolve these issues once and for all, and go forward! Have a game plan. Blending a family takes a great deal of wise planning because there are many potential minefields that you can avoid if you talk these issues over. This game plan should ideally begin before you get married by discussing such things as:.

You need plenty of time to truly get to know one another.

A sufficient length for courtship allows you time to establish and deepen your friendship with each other. Friendship is the basis of any lasting marital union. Have you established this friendship with your prospective mate?

It is essential that from the beginning you work hard at establishing a real friendship and relationship with the children of your prospective mate prior to engagement. You may be in a hurry to get married, but children take time to come around to the idea of having a new parent. If you try to rush the children, you will regret it. If you fail to take the time to establish a real friendship with the children, you start off your new marriage with them believing that they are really not important.

You must look for every way possible to develop each stepparent-child relationship. Some steps toward accomplishing this goal would be to first establish regular conversations with each. As you show respect for their concerns, relationship will grow.

Offer to include them in the things you are doing and show support for them in their hobbies or sports interests. Speaking from personal experience, as one who grew up in a single-parent household, children are very idealistic. Many are still hoping and praying no matter how hopeless it looks that their moms and d will get back together, which makes you a very real Christian help for blended families. Knowing this, it would be wise to make friends from the beginning and go slow with the wedding plans.

There is no shortcut or substitute for true relationship. The battles that result from these turf wars can tear two adults apart. There is a simple solution to this dilemma. I have found that you can alleviate this conflict altogether by simply starting out fresh in a totally different home.

Consequently, everyone is starting out new with no turf to protect and no history or memories from the past. With all these issues and many others, it is essential that you have a game plan for what you will do. Agreement on which church you will attend is also very important. This is not easy. This settles a potentially touchy subject early in your relationship. Your commitment. One thing that blending a family will require is an absolute commitment. This is true for any couple, blended or not, because a successful marriage requires hard work to experience the companionship that God intends.

Christian help for blended families, blending a family is even a tougher job. As I mentioned earlier, the statistics of failed blended marriages are staggering. However, you can beat these statistics by making an absolute commitment before God and to your spouse. Declare to your mate that the word divorce will not be used in reference to your marriage. Then go before God and ask Him for the grace to keep your commitment. He will honor this! But, when the conflicts come, the emotions of love disappear very quickly. What keeps you together when this happens? Because as you keep your commitment to Christ, your one-on-one relationship with Him brings the fruit of His Spirit and the power of His love into your heart Gal.

Love will cover a multitude of sins 1 Peter Therefore, if you want to keep your commitment to your mate, be sure your relationship with Christ is alive and personal. Feelings come and go, but your commitment must remain in spite of your feelings.

Christian help for blended families

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