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These are not submissions written by this member - they are some of his or her favorite Literotica submissions and people. Add to favorites 26thNC Click on username to send feedback to member. DG Hear. Just Plain Bob. Tx Tall Tales. Mr Robert. The Wanderer. Aussie Bard. Rob Conner. Travel Girl. The Style Guy. Pyro Petey.

Another Love: Lost. GeorgeAnderson 4. Burning Bridges. DFWBeast 4. The Bridge.

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RichardGerald 4. Talk About in Tx Ch. Tx Tall Tales 4. The Middle Case. Long Drive Home. Deathbed Confession. Mainefiddlehe 4. Amy Does a Black Trainer. GotBacon 3.

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Tea and Sympathy. Sheila Pays the Tab. Kippy 4. Cheating Spouse. DG Hear 4. Innocent Text Messages Pt. Just Plain Bob 4. I Started Out Roasting a Pig. Badge of Betrayal. Clarissa Gets Served. No Remorse. Patience Pays Off. Hooked 4. Jumping Ship.

Hands on the Wheel Ch. Nine Inches Beats 20 Years. In the Air Tonight. What's The Worst? SemperAmare 4. My Step-Son's Wife A Cheater? BaMuoiBa 4. Don't Poke The Sleeping Bear. JimBob44 4. God Laughs Ch. Yapping Dogs Ch. Jidoka 4. Rob and Amy. Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. LewdLuke 4. A Rich Fetish. Cheating is Murder. Vandemonium1 4. Playing Kissy Face. The Long Walk Down the Aisle.

The Cuckolds Retreat Island Ch. Then Surely We. Malraux 4. America's Watching. NorthernStorm 4. Statute of Limitations. White Wife Black Balled. Two Birds with One Stone. Death of a Marriage. Nobility 4. Zapped by The Martian Slut Ray. PiperHamlin 4. Law of the Heart - My Alt. A Lifetime of Revenge. Audit Surprise Ch.

My Wife Deserted The Army. Ephesus14 4. The Bachelorette Party. Getting Even. Naked Corpse. Strike Three. You're Out! MaxiMilf 4. Late Night Delivery. Colinthedog 4. Hero's Revenge. I Never Learned My Lessons. Dazed and Confused. PtTgrs 3.

Unintentional Betrayal. Writewinger 3. Talk of Betrayal. The Wrong Man. Nurse Jackie. Balladeer 4. Zero, Fifty, or One Hundred. Ahazura 4. Escape to Las Vegas. Nighttime Confessions 2nd Thoughts. BlBones 4. How Are You? Vulcez 4. Sailing to The Bottom. Shattered Ch. Azpiri 4. Cross Passage. My Wife Goes on a Date. Dave and the Sociopath.

Cheating wives in Fountain valley CA

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