C t corporation system dallas tx

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With the tenth largest GDP in the world and the second biggest economy in the U. However, doing business in Texas requires compliance with many federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Registered agent services - includes a registered agent location within the state to receive legal and critical business communications and a dedicated team to receive and route all service of process legal notifications.

Name availability check - verification and reservation of desired business name with the state. Incorporation services - completion and filing of all legal documents and Articles of Incorporation with the state.

Foreign qualification services - preparation and filing of all qualification documents with the state. Our incorporation experts are here to help you start your business with a solid and smart foundation. Legally register an existing business in another state Foreign Qualification. A registered agent should be reliable, accurate, and consistent. They must always be available and physically present at the registered office during normal business hours. This ensures any hand-delivered legal documents get proper attention.

They must also know all business entity and compliance rules, have professionally trained staff with expert knowledge on how to properly handle and forward SOP papers, have state-of-the-art processes in place to deliver crucial documents to you, and to follow-up with you regarding delivery. It is also important to have a registered agent that has the coverage and expertise to support your business as it expands into other states where additional registration is often necessary. Having a professional registered agent ensures that things such as personal emergencies, vacations, business trips, and meetings never leave your company without this physical presence.

Keep in mind, a lawsuit can proceed against you, even if your registered agent is not available to receive service. You may lose the opportunity to defend yourself in court or incur extra legal fees.

The right professional services company can help you stay in compliance and make sure all of your documents are handled correctly. Senate Billeffective September 1,amends the Texas Business Organizations Code provisions governing corporations regarding, among other things, voting agreements, two-step offer-mergers, ratification of defective acts, notices of redemption, shareholder lists, and nonprofit corporation directors.

Senate Billeffective September 1,amends the Texas Business Organizations Code to provide for the ratification of defective corporate acts of a nonprofit corporation. JudgeNo. The U. He waived his right by proceeding with the court action for over two years before seeking to compel arbitration. The Texas Court of Appeals held that an officer of an LLC, although not a d attorney, could file a notice of appeal on behalf of the LLC because the Texas Supreme Court has held that the prohibition against non-attorneys representing business entities does not apply to ministerial tasks such as perfecting an appeal.

BurkNo. The Texas Court of Appeals held that limited partners do not lack constitutional standing to assert claims individually for damages based on the reduction in value to their limited partnership interests. Standing to Sue Pike v. The Texas Supreme Court held that a limited partner has constitutional standing to sue for an alleged loss in the value of its interest in the limited partnership.

Assumed Name Filing Requirement Pennington v. The court also ruled the trial court erred in concluding the corporation lacked standing to sue rather than lacking capacity to sue. Thompson Excavating, Inc. The Texas Court of Appeals held that a corporation whose charter was forfeited and not reinstated lacked standing to file a bill of review challenging a default judgment. The appointment and maintenance of an in-state registered agent is required With the tenth largest GDP in the world and the second biggest economy in the U.

Safeguard your business with America's most reliable registered agent service Registered Agent package options:. I strongly recommend CT as a reliable corporate compliance partner. What to look for when choosing a Texas registered agent.

The importance of having a Texas registered agent. You can rely on CT Corporation to:. Legislative updates. Case summaries. Other notices. There are no notices at this time. Business compliance requires global expertise. Expect more. Trust CT Corporation to navigate compliance anywhere you do business. Contact CT Corporation Today. Price includes online discount automatically applied at checkout.

C t corporation system dallas tx

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