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K evin McCarthy was almost to the end of the press conference when a reporter asked Big tent republican Donald Trump should speak at an upcoming conservative conclave in Florida. It was Feb. McCarthy, the Republican House minority leader and a loyal Trump supporter, was quick to say yeshe should. Then the question was directed at Wyoming Rep.

Liz Cheney, the third-ranking House Republican and a vocal Trump critic. As she answered, McCarthy closed his eyes for a beat too long. To regain the majority next year, McCarthy has to hold together a splintered party reckoning with its future in the post-Trump era. One faction of the GOP wants to move past a divisive former President who espoused racist views and misinformation. But most of the party has embraced Trump and all that comes with him: a deviation from core Republican principles, the undermining of valid elections, and a willingness to go to the mat on culture-war issues, Big tent republican Dr.

Seuss to Mr. Potato Head. Marjorie Taylor Greene, including her past indication of support on social media for the execution of high-profile Democrats and trafficking in conspiracy theories. If the election is any indication, things are looking promising. Last year was supposed to be a crippling year for Republicans, but their losing presidential candidate managed to rake in 74 million votes in the popular vote, Senate Republicans kept the chamber at a split, and in the House, Republicans defended every single incumbent and reduced the margin of seats by which Democrats held it.

He voted against certifying the presidential election in Arizona and Pennsylvania, even as a mob stormed the Capitol and interrupted the counting. He later said Trump bore responsibility for the unrest—as he explained why he would vote against impeaching him for inciting the insurrection. Mark Sanford, a Republican who has sparred with Trump. But what do I know? McCarthy, 56, is known for his detailed knowledge of the congressional district map, his quick smile and his fundraising.

He grew up in Bakersfield, California in a family of blue-collar Democrats, he says in the book Young Guns. Thomas was a powerful lawmaker who would later rise to be chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, and McCarthy spent 15 years working for him, eventually becoming his district director. In his late 30s, McCarthy was elected to the California state assembly, where colleagues chose him as Republican leader of the State Assembly as a freshman. The heavily agricultural district was safely red, but nationally it was a tough year for the party, which lost control of the House for the first time since the Gingrich Revolution.

McCarthy ed Congress in a class of just 13 GOP freshmen, where he quickly fell in with other young leaders of the conference. The mid-to-late aughts were a dark time for the GOP, which was looking for a new vision to appeal to Americans. The election was dominated by the rise of the Tea Party movement, which channeled anger, resentment and fear among Republican voters.

More than 80 new Republicans were elected to the House.

Though respected as a prescient judge of where the political winds were blowing, he did not hold much sway over the hardliners he had recruited, who gave then-Speaker Boehner and company plenty of headaches over the next few years. Nor did McCarthy end up establishing himself as someone who would twist arms to bring in votes. GOP leaders often relied on Democrats to get big votes across the finish line in the House.

When Boehner reed inMcCarthy was seen as a likely replacement as Speaker. But his bid for the job struggled from the start. The misstep left Republicans open to attacks about the partisan aims behind the initiative. Just before the leadership vote, the Freedom Caucus, a group of hard-line conservatives, also announced they would back their own candidatefracturing the conference vote and leaving McCarthy short of the votes he would have needed.

On the day of the vote, McCarthy announced he would withdraw from the race. Trump, then still several months out from securing the Republican presidential nomination, celebrated the news of McCarthy dropping out, and even took credit. Over the coming months, the tenor of their Big tent republican evidently changed. By February, McCarthy publicly commented that he could work with Trump. In March ofhe was talking about how Trump could help win House seats.

By May, McCarthy was ed up to serve as a Trump delegate leading up to the convention that would officially make him the nominee, even as House Speaker Paul Ryan hesitated to endorse.

The two started talking frequently by phone, according to Politicowith McCarthy working to defuse tensions between the Republican establishment and the outsider plowing his way toward the presidency. Oklahoma Rep.

During his presidency, McCarthy gave Trump a jar full of his two favorite colors of Starbursts — red and pink— as a marker of his personal touch. Jack agrees. They formed a partnership that was successful, and … he wants to continue that partnership. In early January, McCarthy had an opportunity to chart a new course for the party.

McCarthy called Trump as the Jan. Jaime Herrera Beutler said in a statement she released during the second Trump impeachment trial. Before the month was over, McCarthy flew to Florida to meet Trump Big tent republican Mar-a-Lago, releasing a picture of the two of them smiling, with a statement saying Trump had committed to helping him win back the House.

To date, McCarthy continues to regularly speak with Trump, according to Miller, and had dinner with him at Mar-a-Lago at the end of March. Nevertheless, McCarthy has not made an effort to distance himself from Trump; on the contrary, many of the stunts McCarthy has been up to this Congress are downright Trumpian.

Seuss; the right had started using it as a culture war symbol when Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced it would stop printing several Dr. He also made a meandering attempt to claim he did not support overturning the presidential election.

Matt Gaetz, a fellow Trump supporter that the New York Times reported is being investigated over whether he engaged in sex trafficking. Gaetz has denied the allegations; McCarthy has said Gaetz is innocent until proven guilty. McCarthy meanwhile has expressed support for Cheney, but it has been inconsistent. If McCarthy pulls that off and becomes Speaker after the midterms, he will be presiding over a conference that he helped shape over the last decade.

The expectation that he keep the guests in line will be even higher. Write to Lissandra Villa at lissandra.

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Big tent republican

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