Are sam and colby dating

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Colby Brock is the most loved and the most handsome 23 years old American Youtuber. So, naturally, a question arises who is Colby Brock dating?

But before going to the intimate life of Colby. He is famous for making horror videos with his friend Sam. So, basically, we can say he has a fan following for terrifying people, and yes, that pays off. Colby Brock has around 22 million followers and a very concrete fan base. Initially, Sam and Colby started making Vines. But they shifted to Youtube later. Coby also makes funny short videos on Instagram. But Colby keeps his personal life private, which leaves fans in a lump. Even with sam. Fans started suspecting that Colby is gay and he and Sam are a thing.

But the real question stands here Are they? Once, he posted a video with the title meet my girlfriends. Credits: Youtube. It turns out that Colby was joking about the title.

Fans are very curious as to who is Colby Brock dating. So, they are starting assuming and connecting Colby with every person he is seen with. Amber is 26 years old American YouTuber, and her name was connected to Colby after she posted a video on her official Instagram Channel.

After the video went viral, fans through Amber and Colby are madly in love. However, they were never seen holding hands or were never caught in an intimate act. Then in a YouTube video where Colby googled himself and read the articles that said many things about him.

In that video, he clarified that he is not with Amber, and they are very good friends. As of now, Colby Brock is not dating anyone, and he is single. In the same YouTube video where Colby googled himself, he read articles that suspected he was gay.

He also read the Rumours that say that Colby is dating Sam. So we again stand in the midway of assumption. In the same video, he read an article that says Colby is not ready for a relationship as he is focusing on his career and himself. As he clarified every rumor that was present on the web about him. Over than the Gay rumor.

Some fans say that Colby is hiding his real feelings behind sarcasm, and he is in love with Sam. But some say he is just trying to keep his business to himself. I am Tanvi. I hail from the city of lakes. I find the latest update on your favorite celebrity. Want to know a whisper about your favorite celebrity I can be your gossip buddy. Contact me Tanvi Otakukart. Patrick is the Also, we will talk about his ladylove whom Michael Rainey Jr. He has ruled the entertainment industry for almost a She is Whether you are a kid or a parent of three kids, you must be pretty familiar with the cartoon show Dora The Explorer.

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Are sam and colby dating

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What happened between Sam and Colby?