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An accessory they can take off. But Black and Brown women took to social media with their disapproval. In some African and Asian countries, women painted their bodies, they mutilated their bodies through scarification, piercings, foot-binding. So, having studied the impact of Eurocentric standards of beauty in both undergrad and grad school, I guess I chose to view the issue through a lens of shifting the narrative on beauty standards.

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Traditional and social media platforms have shifted to acknowledge this beauty. More Black women are featured on the covers of beauty magazines.

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Blogs like For HarrietMadame NoireHappy Black Womanand new lifestyle magazines continue to pop up sharing stories that exemplify this beauty and normalize Blackness. Imitation is the best form of flattery. So what then is the problem when White women imitate our culture? One Instagram model who is mixed-race and identifies as Black says what these women are doing takes away from actual Black creators on the site.

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And although Black women have struggled to have their beauty recognized, Blackness is more than an aesthetic. Race classification and racism have made it so that in whiteness there is—or at least the appearance of—freedom and liberation.

I want to challenge White women, even the Hallbergs of the world, to try on our struggle, our sorrows, our resistance. That look, I imagine, would be longer lasting, more fulfilling, and more beneficial to us all. Why you can trust us.

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Any big beautiful white women

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